Goya ~ Episode 3 Review


Goya ke us bomb blast ne na sirf aas paas ki buildings ko hila kar rakh diya but also left quite an impression on the burgeoning undefined something between the self-assured journo Mohini and our angst-ridden hero Omar. For both this episode represented a turning point in the way they had viewed each other. Where Mohini is gradually realizing this young man might be more than a mere cliché, Omar is coming to recognize emotions more complex than the all too familiar one of self-pity. Too early to call them lovers and bit late for mere acquaintances, to my mind they are in a zone where both are learning as much about themselves as they are about each other. From vastly different backgrounds, with personalities as different as chalk and cheese, hamarey hero and heroine have taken their first conscious step towards each other.

Omar is wooing Mohini without a real sense of what is it about this girl that fascinates him, challenges him, makes him defy restrictions that have been in place for as as long as he can remember. It is only when Ali brings up the question that he thinks about this bond he feels with Mohini. Is this love? Is this how being in love feels like? Well, hero sahab certainly thinks so and it is to this label that he latches on. Whether he is more attracted to the notion of being in love rather than actually being in love, will or can this relationship stand the test of time, or more importantly survive the wrath of Sr. Hashmi is something only time can tell.

Mohini has always been sure of herself, confident, very comfortable around men, all in all she’s a sensible girl with her feet firmly planted on the ground. Nonetheless there is something about Omar that has her thinking about him in a way that is foreign to her, something that makes her pause and think. Despite giving him, and perhaps herself as well, a reality check about class difference, she still can’t bring herself to lie to him – yes, he does disturb her and his entry has complicated her hitherto straightforward life.

Complications ka zikr ho aur Sr. ka na ho aisey tau haalaat nahin … Following his lifelong practice of laying down the law for his only son, he’s gone ahead and arranged a suitable marriage for Omar. Ab yeh alag baat hai ke the suitable part is questionable, kyonke woh uncle ji kaafi kuch shady se lag rahe hain. Khair, my trepidation about uncle ji aside, Zara on her own merit is lovely. Ab Jr. ko koi aur pasand hai woh alag baat hai, but I thought Zara and Omar made quite a striking pair. Both lost souls, her fragility showing whereas he perhaps is better practiced at hiding his feelings. Given they both have a lot in common, dictatorial dads for starters, I hope Jr. will prove to be a better man than his father and not use Zara to further his own agenda, i.e, use her to make Mohini jealous.

This episode was also interesting in the way it revealed Jr.’s spine, not quite the jellyfish he appears to be at first glance. The way he held his nerves together, calmed Asma’s fears, used his resources to find Mohini, took on the responsibility for her medical care, and ensured the safe return of Mohini’s car, all point to a man who has inherited more than good looks, and the penchant for wearing blindingly bright shirts, from his father. Mohini too showed us a more introspective aspect of her personality today. She is confident in and of herself, true, but she is also a realist. Class differences might seem like a trivial matter to a pampered man, whose had everything handed to him on a platter, but for her, raised by a single parent, these differences are very real. In their own ways both are just as right as they are wrong, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how they deal with these very real issues.

In terms of writing I am enjoying the gradual peeling away of layers. Jr.’s coming-of-age arc is happily on track here. Similarly Mohini’s character too is slowly fleshing out, just wish her wardrobe was showing similar growth as well. Osman and Sana have great chemistry and their scenes together are a lot of fun. Both are negotiating their ostensibly simple yet complex characters really well. The scene with Omar and the chamkeeley suit wala slow guy was great. I just wish they had better, more believable actors for the minor roles. At this point I am just not buying into the myth about Zara’s family; sorry they don’t look ameer at all. I was not a Hira Tareen fan before this, but she impresses as Zara. The garden scene was nicely done. I am waiting to see more of her story unfold. Ali is a great sounding board for Omar; Furqan Qureshi and Osman compliment each other very nicely and their bhai chara chemistry is convincing. I just wish the director had shot their scenes in different locations. At this point it seems like all their scenes were shot in one go, on the same set and the same juice glasses in front of them. Aur kuch nahin tau they could’ve switched seats… kuch tau different lagta. Yes, apologies for sounding like a broken record but really disappointed by the low budget look and feel of this project.

Overall this was quite a happening episode in terms of moving the story forward. For now only Mrs Imtiaz knows about the new entrant in her charge’s life, how long before Sr. finds out? What impact will Jr. and Mohini’s relationship have on Asma’s career? Where and how does Zara fit in to Omar’s life? Questions, questions, questions … looking forward to getting answers.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hi SZ, just checked fb comments for this review n it was gr8 to see Osman Khalid Butt commenting as to how he kept.refreshimg DRNR.page to check the review. This is self explanatory of how good a reviewer you are. WOW

    At the same time, it also reflected upon OKB’s love, passion n seriousness for his work.

    i haven’t started watching Goya yet but I am definitely going to do so now after reading this review.

    BTW, I am also refreshing DRNR page quite a few times every day for d review of ST episode 8. Please karam karein ham pe bhi 🙂


  2. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Finally, finally, there is a drama serial on air that I look forward to, and enjoy thoroughly – for now at least.

    You’ve pretty much said it all SZ but yes this low-budget approach to an amazing script and direction is bothering me too. But then I think that they had another female lead before Sana Javed so maybe they had to redo everything from scratch. Who knows? But SJ did mention on SB’s morning show that her clothes were provided by Six Sigma so yes whoever has done her wardrobe probably didn’t give it much thought. (Honestly, I cannot imagine Ushna wearing kotis LOL!)

    Liking the developments so far. No rona dhona, no mazloom aurat saga, and thankfully NO DUSRI BIWI 😀

    Looking forward to the next installment already!


  3. Thanks for the review SZ.
    I’m loving Goya a lot. Writing is so fresh & all the characters are so nuanced. Best thing has to be Osman & Sana together. Rest of the cast & direction is good as well.

    I do agree with low production value, but what can we expect from Six Sigma? Honestly! ( I read your & DB’s conversation last week, about the hashar-nashar they did to KPKP, an otherwise brilliant play).

    I loving this girl Zara as well so far. But the guy in Mohini’s office, don’t know his name & don’t care,I’m not getting a good feeling about him. I hope he doesn’t cause trouble between Omar & Mohini, there’s already enough they have to work on.


  4. Enjoyed this episode more than last 2 installments… And your review was cheery on cake.. Loved it 🙂

    I like how the story is written.. Layers are pealing slowly and gradually which don’t even bother you.. Omer and Mohini attraction towards each other was shown beautifullly.. Really loved that.. Even the things building up parallel to their story is exciting… I too liked Hira Tareen’s Zara very much.. I am so intrigued to know about her character..

    Hahaha @ scenes between ” Ali and Omar shot in one go. And setting hie change kardete” yaar ye bhi shukar k drinks hamesha change hoti hain :p… And glasses bhi 😉

    Goya is coming like an absolutely entertaining package 🙂


  5. Great review 🙂 aur ye episode main nay last 2 episodes say kahin ziada enjoy ki…jis kaa matlab ye hai k Goya her guzerti episode k sath behter say behter hota jaa raha hai …ye episode start say end tak OKB k naam rahi …ji mujhay yaad hai first episode per main nay hi in k expressions/acting per kuch shikayut ki thi lekin mujhay andaza nahi tha k ek episode k baad hi ye apnay kaam say mujhay itna impress kren gay k main aur kisi cheez per concentrate ker hi nahi pai lol…handsome tou wo masha-allah hain hi lekin inki acting aur expressions har scene/situation k hisab say perfect thay pehlay ye akser over-expressive lagtay thay lekin aaj wo masla bhi khatam ho gaya …main bol bol ker thak gai lekin end main phir kahoon gi well done OKB 🙂

    dosri highlight jo sirf iss epi ki nahi bulk Goya kaa strongest point hai wo hai wo hai Ahmed sahib ki be-missal tehreer..main nay oon ki khatir ye drama dekhna shuru kia tha aur unhon nay bilkul disappoint nahi kia 🙂 …story bohat smoothly aur steadily agay berh rahi hai aisay k viewers ko bhi lag raha hai jaisay wo bhi iss safer main humsafer hon 🙂 …. real believable characters ye nahi k hum sochen ye kon si dunya k log hain ..Asma bhi aaj kal “asma zone” say bahir hain is liay normal lag rahi hain… shuker khuda kaa…

    Usman tou jub atay hain screen per ek hi line nazer ati hai..itni smoking?…ager chain smoker hain bhi tou baar baar dikhanay ki kia zaroorat..ye ab ajeeb lag raha hai…..hira kaa first drama hai jis main mujhay achi lag rahi hain kiunk shayed first time inko koi positive character mila hai…zara bold confident honay k sath sath cute bhi lagi..dekhen agay jaa ker ye oont kis kervat bethay gaa

    baqi bachin aap janab 😉 …ab aap ki tareef main kia kahen….kis tra kahen?…aap hi bta dijiay


  6. You don’t miss a thing SZ, juices bhi dekh liye repeat hotay? seriously? becharay drama walay karen toh kya karen? 😉
    Enjoyed the ep…but yes, direction could be better in places. Farah Shah’s ‘look’ is somewhat distracting…her hair, blank expression didn’t seem to go with the dire situation she was in.


  7. This one is turning out to be a good weekend watch. Not AMAZING but definitely worth watching for all the reasons you mentioned of no mazloom aurats, biwis, baajis, with weird shape contours etc.
    It is really good to see Sana Javed in the lead role. She’s a much better actress than Ayeza Khan.
    I just wish OKB had a bit more baritone in his voice but that ain’t going to change 😦


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