Thanks For Giving ~ Time To Thank All

CP_Giving_Thanks_ContestIMAGEAs an immigrant, consciously and unconsciously, there is always a compare and contrast going on in my head, an ongoing evaluation of things as they are here vs how they are back home. Needless to say most of the time home wins hands down, a home where everything was/is always perfect, no frustrations, nothing bad, no nothing. The fact that such a perfect “home” never did or does exist outside of my head is a whole other matter. But khair, I digress …

The long and short of what I am getting at is that while this very real “here” will never be able to compete with my fantastical “there,” there is one cultural celebration here that has left a deep impression. Thanksgiving. The idea that an entire country takes one day off a year – to spend with their family and loved ones, to acknowledge those who mean so much – is an incredibly powerful one.

Yes, we are all good and polite and say thank you, please and sorry to all and sundry all day long, to the extent that these words don’t even register anymore – rendered meaningless, almost trite. But again, perhaps it is not really our fault. We lead such crazy lives that there is rarely ever the time to take a moment and appreciate how blessed we are. It is with these sentiments in mind, in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, that I thought to take a moment and express my heartfelt gratitude to you – my readers, my friends, my virtual family – all of whom make up the DRNR gang.


Two and a half years ago if somebody would’ve asked me about the possibility of my own blog I would’ve laughed my head off. Then, when I did start, thanks to a serious push from a couple of dear friends, I wrote my first review thinking nobody would read. After all why would anybody even be interested, forget about taking what I wrote seriously?

Nobody could’ve been more surprised – shocked would perhaps be a better descriptor- at the notification for that first comment.

Main akela hi chala tha janib-e manzil magar
Loag sath aate gaye aur karavan banta gaya

And here we are today … I may no longer track stats and comments, but I do still continue to be just as pleasantly surprised, to say nothing of immensely gratified. For every comment, every new friend who joins us, every celebrity who drops by to share their thoughts – I am truly humbled.

The thought that you all take the time, to not only read, but also seriously engage with what I and others here have to say, that you follow my recommendations, means more than I can say. You all thank me for this platform, jab ke I should be the one thanking you all for the love and continued support.


You don’t know this, but you all have been a constant source of strength as I’ve gone through personal and professional highs and lows. From writing blocks, midnight panic attacks, looming deadlines, chronic migraines, career changes, long commutes, delayed flights, from mainland US to Hawaii to UK to South Asia to the Caribbean,  you’ve been through it all with me.


As a safar this one has been quite a ride and you’ve all been fabulous humsafars, no matter what the mode of travel. Be it a dhaka start story or one speeding like a bullet train, we’ve held hands through them all.

If Zindagi Gulzar Hai and its crazy timeline messed with my concentration, then Talkhiyan kept me up at nights as I tried to do an iota of justice to Bee Gul’s script. Who can forget our tsk-tsking over crazy Natasha of Silvatein and our yes/no/maybe on the relationship between Wali and his vani? Falak’s spiritual journey and our conversations after, made us re-think so much of what we took for granted. Ashk on the other hand taught us to not think at all.

One of my most memorable blog related moment has to be that of the first episode of Aunn Zara, which I watched and wrote while waiting in a transit lounge. After suffering through a seemingly endless layover, I almost missed my connection as I struggled with the last two lines of the review, finally hitting publish with the security person standing on my head – thank God he had no clue of what I was so desperately trying to finish!

Needless to say such craziness and this level of commitment does not happen in a vacuum – far from it. DRNR continues to exist because of you and your support. All this to say, friends, give yourselves a huge round of applause! You guys are the best cheer leaders a girl could ever wish for!

Acha ji, so before you go:


This post would be incomplete if I did not account for, and offer thanks for, what brings us all together – Pakistani Dramas (okay, if you insist, let’s give some credit to Fawad Khan as well). It is our shared interest in the stories of Ashar and Khirad, Zaroon and Kashaf, Aunn and Zara, Falak and Mummy Jani, Appo Ji and Bibi, Saniya and Qabacha, Ruqqaiya and Pari, Nusrat and Mutmai’n, even the bromance of Imroz and Roomi, that renders borders and boundaries meaningless. So, allow me to also extend my heartfelt thanks to the Drama Industry of Pakistan.


But, okay wait … let’s not get too carried away … not everything that we watch is good, quite the contrary in fact. Out of the 1001 dramas that run in any given quarter only a few are worth mentioning. Just this year alone for every Pehchan, Sannata, Tamasha Mere Aagey, Gar Maan Reh Jaye, Jackson Heights, Sadqay Tumhare, Goya, we got doozies like Laa, Rubaru, Qudrat, Ahista Ahista, Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai, and Uff Yeh Muhabbat. Falling somewhere in between these extremes are serials like Shukk, Mere Humdum Mere Dost, Firaaq, all which seem to have split personalities, and we as viewers were/are never quite sure as to whether to call these good or bad.


 No, don’t worry… I’m not going to climb on my usual soapbox and lament about the inverse relationship between quantity and quality, no I promise I am not, not today. Because this is a touchy feely kinda post and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy, tau chalo let’s offer a ba-jam’at shukriya for all the bad dramas as well. This is a post for giving thanks after all.

Think about it, if it weren’t for those innumerable mind-numbing serials would we have learnt to appreciate quality stuff and value it as we now do? Nahin na?! So yes, a thank you, albeit a kamzor, be-dila sa, to the mazloom aurat and her non stop ansoos, zaalim shohar, khaufnak saas, doosri biwi, chalaak behen, 3-4 betiyon ki majboor amma  … agar yeh sab na hotey tau is blog ka naam kuch aur hota….Can’t really rant about good dramas now can we?

On a serious note, a sincere heartfelt thank you to all those creatives who refuse to give up and give in to the maddening demand to produce TRP worthy works, continuing to strive to bring us something worthwhile to watch and discuss. It is thanks to all your efforts that we can balance out our irate rants with some well-deserved, well-earned raves as well.

As I sign off, kyon ke rasm-e duniya bhi hai mauqa bhi hai dastoor bhi hai, I hope you too will take a moment to count your blessings and thank all those who matter to you. Enjoy today and I hope you will join me in this effort to appreciate our drama industry; share your drama related stories, anecdotes, funny moments, anything …. and then come tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled program, rants ‘n raves n all!


Written by SZ~

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    • @deeba: Awww! Thank you! 😘
      Come on you need to share a funny drama related story as well … perhaps a drama that was so crazy ke you still laugh when you think about it?


  1. Thank U Thank U Thank U for this beautiful blog..
    Aap ye sb kuch naa keh ker bhi keh chuki hain, when u changed the subtitles from “My take on. . . ” to “OUR take on …” Now its time for us to say Thanks to u..
    I moved to Jeddah last year, and with no job, zero social life, huby busy from 7am-7pm, Paki friends busy in their routines, it is ur blog which never lets me feel alone.. and most of all our new friends from India have made this blog even beautiful.. It feels great that v all share similar taste, v enjoy same things…


    • Hi Atty, its very sweet of you n all other Pakistani friends to acknowledge n accept us as your friends with such open arms. This proves that borders n politicians can never prove a hindrance if people have love n respect for each other.


  2. Hi SZ, let me confess that when I read d title of this post, my heart just sank as I thought you are quitting writing the blog n thus thanking your readers. But then, to my utter relief my fears turned out to be unfounded.

    I, as a relatively new member of this family, would like to thank you for giving me this chance to make new friends with whom I can share my POV on various dramas n actors (though most of d times it was about a particular actor i.e, Fawad Afzal Khan 🙂 ). Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all these beautiful people for accepting me without any bias. Love to you all.

    Like I’ve said earlier also that DRNR gave me a chance to do something not to please anyone else but myself for a change. I love visiting this blog as it has become my own stressbuster what with all d health issues n personal losses I had to go through recently.

    Now, coming back to you SZ, you write so beautifully that at times it makes me rethink the way I understood a particular scene n makes me wonder how differently can a particular situation be interpreted by two different people n still there is a possibilty that both are right. I don’t know whether I am making any sense here but to say it in simple words: THANK YOU SZ FOR MAKING MY LIFE “GULZAR”. Loads n loads of love n bear hugs:)


  3. @SZ, thank you thank you thank you for the reviews and so much more. I don’t think I have to tell you here how you have ‘added’ to my life at least. Its been a great journey and I am so glad i stumbled upon your blog…after stumbling upon ZGH after years of not watching any play. Thank you to all the people with whom I have been able to shamelessly share my love for FK 😉 Keep on rocking and have a wonderful holiday.

    P.S. aap manain ya na manain, abhi bhi FK kay liye soft corner hai ;P


  4. Let me add “abhi bhi hai”

    and in news today ” J ‏@jiteshpillaai “There is also speculation that fawad khan may star in the Amrita pritam imroZe love story which now reportedly stars Sonakshi sinha”


  5. Hi SZ! How are you? I had an OMG! moment similar to Samrita’s fearing you were bidding us all goodbye!! Reading further, was relieved to find that you were just keeping up an incredibly beautiful tradition of your adopted country! Great going, SZ!!👌👍

    This blog is a real stress-buster. Week after week I come here to read your reviews. Life has become so busy that I am unable to add my views here. I need to catch most of these dramas online barring a couple of them, so I lag behind others in keeping up with the episodes. Always promise myself that one day I shall be regular here again like NUMM days. Inshallah! Will be back!

    I, in turn Thank You for this forum where we Desis from both sides of the border can Rant n Rave to our hearts’ content about these amazing dramas. Never ever stop writing, SZ, its a God given talent. May you go from strength to strength. God bless you.


  6. Hi SZ, thanks for your wonderful reviews and warm welcome given to everyone, it felt wonderful reading the reviews even though I stumbled upon this blog very much later after ZGH was aired on zindagi channel, your Rants N Raves opened a new world for so many of us….especially for FK fans like me, and like AK who has written above I too will always have a warm feeling for Zaroon urf FK and Kashaf urf SS , thanks to you Zindagi will continue to be Gulzaar for all visiting this Blog, A big thanks to you. All the best to you and good luck.


  7. @SZ awwwww how sweet!!!
    Thank you for providing such a beautiful platform for us to rant and rave!
    I have to extend a big personal thank you to Numm (& FK ofcourse) when I stumbled across your reviews and got seriously hooked straight away! That was my first drama in years that I was watching on a weekly basis, (warna tou i used to watch em all in one go..).. Waiting a whole week for the next ep was a right chore but thanks to a very lively gang, it used to fly by! ….. There were times, I used to fret ke agar SZ stopped her reviews on Numm tou kia ho ga! My hubby used to wonder if I had lost it completely when I’d suddenly burst out laughing my head off as I was typing away like a maniac.. The character sketches, our rants about empty pools, choti kameez, the endless maths on working out the ages and whatnots and the never ending mumkinats .. and last but not the least , like @AK says shamelessly confessing our love for FK (and sharing a kabab or two)… abb how could we drool over him so openly in public anywhere else?? lol I had never commented anywhere online and had certainly never even dreamt of commenting on a drama before that… lol ..Bus woh din aur aaj ka din… I’m still hooked!
    Then there were Sannata days where we submitted our lambe lambe courseworks… uffff!
    And it was through your blog that I learnt about Aunn Zara.. I remember staying up all night running a marathon, laughing my head off and commenting like crazy on old threads… U must be thinking I was nuts!..
    And it was through your blog that I came across gems like Talkhiyan.. So a big thank you for that!
    You have made me watch some no go-ers like Qudrat (that has scarred me for life lol).. but oh what fun that was in its own right! – ranting like nobody’s business.. well u know me by now I do love to rant a bit! lol
    Abb I have a thing for going over board.. so a big thank you to everyone who has taken time time out to read my be-sar-o-pa jhakk..
    And finally a big cyber hug to all my virtual friends out there who make this space what it is!! I wait for everybody’s comments just as eagerly as I wait for SZ’s review..


  8. I still remember how much i got excited when read your tweet about your new blog with SeZ review… And in that excitement i said your blog will keep me active.. Vo din and aaj ka din.. This is place where i get so many smiles, i am simply myself and it just keeps me happy because of your reviews, the comments and your replies on those comments 🙂

    So a huge Thank you for giving us such a beautiful platform with amazing virtual friends ever..

    Never knew k commenting will be this much fun.. Bohat khushi hoti thi jab koi comment karti and usper agr kisi ka reply aajata tou wah bhayee vo din tou aisa guzarta k kya kehne.. I used to tell very proudly to my cousins k pata he me ZGH drama per comment karti kun ek blog pe.. And used to send link to them.. One of my cousin after reading said wah rehmat you are such a professional writer.. ME: *hain.. Aheem acha*… She continues..but why u named urself SZ.. ME * WHAT….bursts into some serious laugh* i was like noooo.. Thats the reviewer who have written the review..mera comment neeche he..bht neeche.. She then read my actual comment and said haan ye saaf lagraha he tum ne likha he.. :p bezaiti kharab ;)… But ofcourse that was way back.. LOL

    I had some ROFL moments reading your Ashk non reviews.. Then have some serious thought provoking moments from SeZ, Talkhiyan and Pehchaan.. Had some really enjoyable ones like Silvatein, AZ, CK, TNS. And then there were some where i was mostly silent but loveeeed the discussions of Numm,ZGH.. Your review on Telefilms got me so attracted that during my work break i started to comment..couldn’t resist you see 😉

    Again thank you soo very much for acknowledging us and showing your gratitude.. I am sure we all feel the same way 🙂 stay blessed


  9. @SZ, Beautifully written. Thank you and thanks to all the writers who write in and flood our inboxes and enrich us. As an Indian, I discovered the blog through ZGH and Humsafar. Nothing quite touched the pristine love that HS evoked and this was a lovely place to chance upon and discuss and understand nuances.
    Now the best serials are over(in India at least), but I am addicted to this blog. I come back just to find out what others are writing about. Truth to tell I am addicted to the writing. I piece together people’s personality from their writing, I try and understand the reality of our padosi country from their posts and I marvel at the fact how similar we all are. I smile when you rave about the mazloom aurat syndrome, knowing how prevalent it is and how hard girls fight against their “bechari” status. I laugh when you dismiss impatiently all the saas bahu problems, because our tv programming would be dead and gone if there was no problem between those two. We are quite “same to same”( lifted from some creepy film dialogue).
    So I think, beyond any shared love for drama, there is a greater good that this blog is doing. It is building bridges between two estranged people. Atty wrote to me in another thread that she fears there can be no love between the common people of the countries. My reply to you Atty is that well, we all are the direct examples that there CAN be sharing and caring between people who don’t know each other haven’t met or are even likely to meet each other. Every time I feel welcomed happily and mutual respect for opinion is shown on this blog, we do our bit to build that bridge. We need to treasure that closeness. It is not as if this will drive away the haters or convert them to peace, but somewhere it will make a difference. Social Media is full of people who have venom for others. Evil-ness attracts other evil-ness. that is the nature of evil. It needs to unite to work its bad way. Good needs to join forces too now. There are hundreds of thousands who want peace and engagement. At the very least, this interaction turns them from being fence sitters to actively engaged.
    Thanks all.


    • @Molly: it’s been always a great pleasure to read your comments… Be it on ZGH thread or here 🙂 I totally agree with you that this blog is more than love for drama..the fact that we come here again and again is because the respect, the response and affection we get from totally unknowns is amazing…

      So yes a Big thank you to everyone here 🙂


  10. @SZ. Adding my thanks with all those above, SZ. Fairly new to this blog and I am impressed with the congeniality…in a virtual environment where lack of civility is the norm. And it is thanks to you for setting the tone. Thanks also for the personal emails and telefilm recommendations. This is my favorite virtual haunt.
    Looking forward to Rants N Raves on some of the best (…and not so best as well) dramas on the subcontinent. Bollywood can keep its oversexualized women, staggering violence and hypermasculinity…I’m heading across the border for better storytelling, textured characters, depth in dialogue and even better comedy. Cheers!


  11. SZ what a wonderful thoughts . Since last night I wanted to write to u . But was thinking how can do that , u will think I am crazy. But this morning open your blog and was sooooooo glad . Thank you so much for being a wonderful person . Since NUM I started reading your review,and thank god without you all I would not understand the meaning of urdu words. I learn so much from you all. Thanks you so much. Aap ki PEHCHAN jab se hui hai tab se mei apne aap ko luck sumjati hu . (Pata nahi urdu May lucky ko kay kah te hai :(.

    MUCHA Gracias to all my friends .


  12. @SZ thanks for lovely write up, so nice and so touching. Really grateful for outstanding Reviews you have given us upteen times. Your Reviews and later discussions make drama watching such enjoyable and wholesome experience. Aur aap Ka andaaz e biyan or phir literature kay reference bohat impressive hain. Wish you and all readers blissful Happy Thanks Giving. Meet you soon at sets of Sadqey Tumhare.


  13. Actually Thank You! I still remember when you first took a hiatus and tried emails which just didn’t seem to work and we were missing your writing tremendously. Your way with words is amazing and even though some days it gets busy and no time to watch or comment I still enjoy reading your blog and know it will be entertaining, so glad you continued to write awesome reviews, will never forget the days of HS, KPKP, BK, and then ZGH, SEZ and Talkhiyan which were all so memorable and now there are many more dramas and many more readers and friends who make it very interesting and entertaining.
    Keep it up and thx again:)


  14. Thank you SZ for such a great article- treat to read indeed. The Aun Zara ep1 story is a revelation- didn’t know that before 🙂

    Like Rehmat, I too, I think found your blog through twitter- (you were on twitter na before starting this, right?) Needless to say that I was so happy to have found you again after our SeZ journey began elsewhere.
    Unrelated to this, I still don’t get how I never knew of your HS and KPKPBT reviews, even though I’d ‘liked’ all the fb referances to those….patah hi nahin chala…Khair dair aaye, durust aaye…

    Anyway, like Samrita and our other friends from across the border are experiencing now, those shru shru ke din were awesome specially SeZ and then ZGH (drama se behtar discussions theen!) My kids and hubby used to wonder ke why I start laughing while looking at the laptop screen…. my kids were totally intrigued by this person called SZ…kon hai , kaisi hai, naam kyoun nahin batati, kahan rehti hai?
    So anyway Madam, you are a celebrity in your own right! Kinda like an international woman of mystery 🙂 who happens to write beautifully. That too about something which is v dear to us. You make our days so much more enjoyable. But the best thing about you is that you make everyone feel welcome, with a big open heart. And once or twice when some nasty people visited your blog , aap ne unko bhi itne pyaar se seedha kiya ke mazah aagaya. Remember that?

    And how I remember that morning when FK put a link to your Silk by FK wala article on his page. What a fun morning that was! Itni excitement 🙂
    Phir Numm ka shru was so exciting- I still think it could have been so awesome…loved the ‘short lived’ romance there.
    And another “SZ related highlight” was when I met HIna Bayat and told her (bragged?) about being a reader of ur blog (you know how much she loves you and your writings)…with Haissam Hussain and OKButt standing around listening….what a rush that was.
    But yes, the biggest “SZ highlight” was when FK thanked you for all your writings- you can’t deny it coz I have it on tape! (phir FK ne rula hi diya na?)

    Love you SZ, thanks for all the great writings. Stay well, stay happy and keep ’em coming!


  15. Hello friends 🙂 …Beautiful comments…lovely memories…funny stories…main nay aap k comments bohat enjoy kiay aur aap sub nay jis khoobsurat andaz main apni apni feelings share kin hain oos ki jitni tareef ki jye kum hai…oh mujh say tou kuch bola hi nahi jaa raha lol…
    main nay is article ki munasibat say ek video bana ker upload kia hai aur oos ko main dear SZ aur aap friends ko dedicate ker rahi hoon…..pasand aye tou tareef zaroor kren aur pasand naa aye tou aur bhi ziada tareef kren..acha 😉 …ji haan aisi hi zaber dusti hai lol …link day rahi hoon ..enjoy 🙂


  16. Nawazish, Karam, Shukriya, Mehrbani – thank you SZ a million times and more for creating this bridge that connects not just your readers from both sides of the border but also people from both sides of the screen! There is no other space where I feel so at home in interacting with our viewers – and yes Afia I clearly remember our meeting at Qaddafi stadium in Lahore (we were shooting for Aunn Zara that we all came to love so much). I also remember the first time I really connected with DRNR – it was a time of immense pain, frustration and depression yet also immense elation because Talkhiyan was on air and was receiving a raw deal from the channel itself. Channels had gone nuts swapping Pakistani content with Turkish soaps and amidst all that chaos DRNR became the driving force for that gem called Talkhiyan! I can never thank you enough just for that!! Once again you put your weight behind Aunn Zara – another jewel that would have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for you. Personally, I have always been indebted to you for your critique of every character I have played and lett me confess – I actually wait for your review each time my work goes on air!! 🙂
    Stay blessed and never give up your pen – you are truly gifted!!


    • Awww Hina apa (HIna doesn’t sound v respectful) you just made my day and more- totally elated I am. Though the first thing that came to mind when I read your note was how I wish I’d spent a little more time in writing my comment- had I known you might be reading it!

      You were a gem to meet and to this day whenever I go to Qaddafi Stadium, I do a quick look around- kya patah I might get lucky again! And thanks for introducing me to HH and OKB. I remember you told me that the drama you were shooting for, was called “Hisar-e-Mohabbat” and how we’ll love it. I came home home and checked what Hisar meant… “Aun Zara” was certainly a more catchy name, easily recognisable and hey, even the channel Zindagi didn’t feel a need to change it 🙂

      Thank you for being so large hearted, for being a fantastic actor and for the v meaningful shows you’ve done earlier in your career. Bless you.


  17. @SZ ji, Sabhi ke shukriyas’ kabul liye, toh ab humare hawaale se bhi ek sincere sa shukriya kaabul kar lijiy…..Waise hum aaye toh yahan kissi aur ke charche karte-karte thee, lekin ehsse dil-fareb mehfill jama rakhi hai aap sab ne ki ese apni “aadat” banane se hum bhi rok na sakey ….thankiu ki wajah meri bhi wahi hai jo sabhi ki hai ….Waise mein apke is suhaane safar ke tode late joiny huin and im no less DRNR love victim than others..I want to thank them more-thus…. Your write-ups-recommendations are just impeccably spot-on and what follows next, lends them(the dramas) a complete new character to our know-how about them…!!!!.. I have already headed across the border for all the amazing stuff and so far whatever I have laid my hands on are upon DRNR sanctions only (found here-n there on diff threads) I simply couldn’t resist reading some aweeeesome threads here ……great thoughts…..”the women in pak dramas” one and That telefilm thread !!! An absolute cracker (one-or-two more left to taste) …. !!!!Already, in India Zindagi runs have gone slack and unappetizing…..this blog is peppin-up my life…. ABSOLUTELY agree with Molly that there is a larger-larger good being practised here than just ranting about drama; “as if it was to only see the other sky below the world and much much more”….Dramas are no longer the “only” reason for my growin fondness for DRNR…… .And Above all I never-ever fancied myself blogging abt dramas….aur upper-se never imagined pak mothers’ doing it…. as seen so far I thught they preferred pen-n-dairy…Now I’m sure ranting makes the watchin experience more wholistic one ….!!!
    What a pleasure it has been folks…..thankiu thankiu alll ……
    lagta hai safar abhi toda lamba chalega …!!

    P.S. I read FK is starring opposite Sonakshi Sinha in some biopic…. i wont mind missing this one !!!!


    • I agree with Atty, pen ‘n diary was so Kashf 🙂 Didn’t know that it would have such a deep impact 🙂 Waise bachpan mein toh woh bhi kiya hai.


  18. I so agree with you Shubh. The current content on Zindagi is so boring. This blog has become our arbiter of taste for PK shows. If it dosent review well here, I wont even start watching it.

    what tele channels forget is that their shows become hit through word of mouth. aggressive advertising may bring people to visit to check out, but it is always when someone whose taste you admire or someone whom you trust, approves of a show that you go with the intent to watch. And it is only when u go with that intention is that you are ready to forgive niggling doubts and give the show a chance. So this is like the watering hole where a lot of us( and here I speak of your sarhad-paar viewers), where we come and listen to other viewers and make up our minds as to what to wait for.

    @Hina Bayat Khan, I admire the class you bring to each character you play. In the complicated human algorithm that decides if one wants to give any show a chance beyond whatever is going on the screen currently, I depend on who the actors are. Any project by you is always taken up notches by your performance, and that is why, one kind of is kinder to those projects. I hope your production houses realize that. 🙂


  19. Thank you friends for your love appreciation and support 🙂 mujhay lagta hai meri dhamki ko kafi seriously lia aap sub nay lol…

    aur SZ (” ji ” main nay huta dia hai…” ji ” main buzurgi kaa element aa jata main tou bilkul nahi aur aap tou kahiiiiin say bhi nahin ..hai naa 😉 tou SZ iss muoqa per main aap ko ek mushwara dena chahti hoon..aap FK k naam say ek separate thread start kren ..jahan hum sub oon k dramas/movies/career related discussions aur jo bhi kehna chahen keh saken..kiunk kabhi ZGH thread per kabhi yahan kabhi wahan baat hoti hai ….jis per kabhi nazer nahi bhi perti…is liay mera khayal hai ab ek separate thread hona chahiay sirf FK k liay naa sahi sub celebs k liay…ab wahan kitni gossip ho gi aap sochen…lekin ek baat mujhay pta chal gai hai aap k dil main bhi FK k liay ek “narm gosha” hai 😉 …blog per hoti snowfall achi lag rahi hai


    • Bechaare es “ji” ko baksh dein….. isse ese he laga diya tha….It was only for a little sprinkling of ‘respect’ that I suffixed this cute sa “ji”, irrespective of what I can guess of the virtual identies that we have here…. Aur aapne ese buzurgi ka he taaj pehna diya ….. kamaaal hai !!!! Had I known its comic timing, I would have suffixed it more often !!

      … ….loved the vedio @RJ


  20. Hello Indian friends 🙂 ager Zindagi channel per iss waqt koi acha drama nahi hai tou meri terf say 2 recommendations hazir hain 🙂 ..plzzz watch “Vasl” …ager dekh lia hai tou “Jal pari” jis main Hina ji bhi hain 🙂 …yaa phir “ek naye Cinderella” aur “Bilqees kaur” bhi achay hain


  21. RJ “ji” 😉 great thought . A new thread on FK..such fun!

    BTW, I saw a lot of PK friends commenting on Bigg Boss telecasting currently here. So are you seeing that? We just watch it for Salman Khan, who is such fun on weekends.

    SZ.. nice first snow shower. Will it get more intense as it gets colder?


    • @Molly gaya.. hum ko sathi mil gaya lol…BILKUL main Bigg Boss dekhti hoon aur iss show ki bohar bari fan hoon…thik ai oos main bohat gossip /bitching/abusage etc hota hai lekin human behavior aur oos k utar charhao ko samjhnay k liay ye best show hai jis main entertainment bhi hai..werna aap iss topic per koi kitab perh lo…phir humari society/values/soch kaa behtareen aina hai..iss season main bhi dekha aap nay aurat/oos ki izzat/status say related kitnay issues humaray samnay aye phir masses aur classes kaa difference bhi…

      actually ye batein tou dil ki tasali k liay khud ko samjha rakhi hain….asal main tou mujhay gossip wossip hi pasand hai 😉 …Salman ki hosting mujhay bohat pasand hai bulk mera khayal hai acting chor ker hosting hi start ker den tou humara bara bhala ho gaa 🙂 …kahan comment kernay ki baat ki?…colors ki official site per?…nahi main wahan nahi jati…wahan bohat crazy fans hotay hain..ab aap nay dekha hai hum yahan kitnay sakoon shanti say baat kertay hain bus isi ki adat hai…lekin Bigg Boss per main daily visit kerti hoon..yahan daily har episode kaa review kia jata hai..aap zaroor check kren..phir show say related kuch aur kehna ho wahin keh den…kiunk yahan munasib nahi lagta

      Re: JI….I like it 🙂


      • The conversation never stops at DRNR – that’s what I love 🙂
        Afia thanks is due to u too for actually walking up to me and introducing yourself – trust me, it means a lot when someone does that!
        Thank you Shubh for your warmth and affection :y
        And Molly thank you for that respect you give to my choices, magar insaan hoon, kabhi kabhi ghalti bhi ho jati hai (waisay aik choti see ghalti aap ki tarha aur loag bhi kartay hai – mera naam Hina Khwaja Bayat hai 😉
        Thank you RJ ffor those recommendations – may I add some of my favourites “Tum Ho Keh Chup” “Talkhiyan” “Mata e Jaan” and the currently on air “Gar Maan Reh Jaaye” where my own mother cannot recognise me 😉 To quote her “mujhe tum main kahin Hina nazar nahin aayee”!!
        Thank you SZ – again – for allowing us to connect in this way!! 🙂


        • @HKB I said it on twitter as well…your role in BM was so unexpected. I would never have imagined you playing that role. That’s what makes one appreciate your choices. You transition from playing mom in FK plays to different roles is commendable. I shall too follow through on oyur list of recommended plays. All the best for the future.

          SZ, please make an appearance! Review on ST is much awaited and so is your response on all the thanks coming your way 🙂 Keep rocking.


        • @Hina: I finally watched Tum Ho Keh Chup after hearing so many tareefs.. And mannn i was like this lady know how to do wonders MashaaAllah…. The way you spoke persian, that grace in your body language, and your outfits were such a class.. You were flawless… Loveee Bibi Jonum.. And grave scene was done brilliantly:)

          Coming to Gar Maan Reh Jaaye.. The way khursheeda begum was crying for jehaz ka saman.. Uff i was a inch away from shedding tears.. U made it so real.. I couldn’t hate Khursheeda that time.. Tht desire of wanting that saman.. Dil karaha tha abhi koi kahen se saman wapas karjaye.. Bechari thanda paani tou pee saken 😉

          Stay blessed n keep doing amazing work 🙂


        • @Hina: A huge big hug from me and my DRNR gang for you … you have to be the coolest celeb we have here.. love having you and always look forward to hearing from you 🙂 Also, you have to know you’ve spoilt us rotten with all the BTS stories .. I’m hopelessly behind, but I have Jalpari half done and Gar Maan too is in the works … and one of my biggest motivations for writing/finishing those is to hear some more good stuff … particularly Jalpari since it flew under the radar while it was airing.

          And, since we are sharing stories, and you talked about your association with us, allow me tell you about the first time you commented. I was woken up by a friend who was constantly msging to ask how I was doing. Since I had pulled an all-nighter, I was totally out of it, got really annoyed and told her to stop bugging me, but she stuck to her guns and insisted I check the blog and finally I did … and needless to say after reading your very kind and generous words, kaisi neend and kahan ki neend!!

          The thought that you were reading what I was writing was daunting enough but to actually hear from you was a thrill and a half. I was and continue to be a huge fan. And now that we know you it is not hard to see that you are just as gorgeous, if not more, on the inside as you are on the outside, and to me that makes you all the more special. xx

          A very warm hug to your mom as well ..Hope she’s doing well 🙂

          P.S. As @Rehmat said, Wow your Khursheeda Begum is something else!! Uff kya cheez hain … but I love how you’ve made her so human. I dont think we’ll get to hear her back story, but the way you’ve played her I sometimes feel very sorry for the hard life she’s lived and how she’s now disappointed in her son, that he hadn’t turned out to be quite the bari umar ka sahara she had expected him to be … and the way she was wailing abt her freej ka thanda paani .. zaalim loag! Chor hi jaatey! I hope you didnt lose your voice after all that tamasha!


  22. @All: Thank you thank you thank you !!!
    I am so overwhelmed and touched by all your very sweet words and sentiments..and now I feel so embarrased… but honestly it was not intended to be about me, rather about all of us celebrating the good things in life, the things that bring us together and hold us together. That said, I am truly humbled and bas ab bolnay ko kuch nahin raha … so shukriya once again 🙂 🙂

    Re: ST: I am so sorry but I still havent watched baith ke and dont want to write a review based on my chaltey phirtey impressions.. so I will ask you to excuse me for this week and IA we will have a two-fer on Fri…

    @Afia; LOL kiya highlights yaad dila diye!!! That FK posting and SFK showing up was fab and then the video … ab bas kya boloon! You’ve obvs been my humsafar since day one as have @SK and @ Rehmat…

    @SK: LOL yeah! I tried so hard to not get sucked back in to blogging resisted as much as I could and dekh lo .. almost three years and still at it .. should’ve stood my ground then! And remember our Fri night dates with @Rehmat and our ZGH vent fest .. I used to actually look fwd to those Fri nights .. so much fun!!

    @ Molly,@Shubh @Samrita @Laksh @JR: Thank you for all your warm sentiments … I agree with you that its the little baby steps that we take here that will eventually hopefully lead up to something bigger … might take time but umeed tau hai 🙂 and jab tak FK and MK and SS and HKB jaisey actors hain tab tak to hum bhi definitely juray rahengey 🙂

    @RR: Arrey hai aap ko bohot miss kar rahey hain … that Numm synergy was pretty amazing .. I was so used to waking up to 10 new comments every day .. ab I miss those crazy times .. all for a drama that I think most of us watched for the sake of joining conversations here … I know I wouldve stoppred reviewing it or missed out a few weeks in b/w if it wasnt for all you guys! Ab time nikalo and come! 🙂

    @FA and @AK: Aap donon are forever gonna be together because you both came around the same time and we had those crazy crazy convos and lol @ the kababs .. I think I should almost do a food post … somehow connect it with dramas !

    @AK: ST ab jumey ko (waisey where were you last week? ) and thank for sending me the image that is now forever imprinted on my mind! Yaar, serouosly I need to quit blogging and write such novel – all 451 pp!!!

    @RJ: thank you for the sweet video 🙂

    @Atty: Awww! thank you, aap ne yaad rakha about the title change … you’re too sweet … and thank you for sharing your story .. I think almost all of us who have moved to a different place have felt this same exact feeling and can totally understand your situation .. but koi nahin hum hain na … even if Im ghayab there is always somebody or the other; and thats the other thing I love abt online stuff ke har waqt koi na koi kahin na kahin jaaga hua hota hai 🙂 Stay connected and know you will always have us as your family no matter where you go 🙂

    @Ranjan: Hey! A big hug for you .. you are one of our sweetest readers .. you bring so much warmth and positive energy on the blog and I always look forward to reading to your comments. I hope you had a great thanksgiving and are staying warm 🙂

    @Farah, S: Thank you 🙂 Apologies is dafa ST par mulaqat nahin hui but IA we’ll have double the maza on this upcoming review .. kaafi kuch dhishoom dhishoom discuss karna hai 😉

    @All: Re: the “snow” on the blog .. sadly mera koi kamal nahin hai … its a wordpress feature that turns on automatically after Thanksgiving and I think lasts till the first of Jan … so enjoy it till then 🙂


  23. Awwwwwwwww SZ! what a lovely post!!

    Its been an absolute pleasure to be a part of ur DRNR journey! I discovered u on DB when u were reviewing HS. That u write beautifully is a given. What I like most about you is your positivity. Even your most critical reviews end on a positive note. You never get personal and are always open to alternate view points. These characteristics are what define DNDR and every person posting here. No one crosses lines here and there is mutual respect for each others opinions. Trust me, when i say, never once have I had to think twice about writing my honest opinion on this blog. I have visited other review sites and have cringed at the widespread prejudice and blind jingoism one witnesses there, esplly against the Indian entertainment indy. Also, there is no religious fanaticism to deal with here. As an Indian, I cringe at the outpour of intolerance ( even in ur dramas at times) against Hinduism and hindus. Never ever felt that on DRNR and thats what makes this blog so special and creditable. I guess that is also why so many of your artists visit this place as they know they will get unbiased and genuine feedback.

    You have also been instrumental in furthering the popularity of your dramas n telefilms by recommending some gems that would have otherwise have been lost in the milieu of sub average fare…dramas like pehchaan, talkhiyan, ullu baraye: telefilms like tamasina meray agay, zindagi udaas hai tu, ghar and ghaata were watched purely on ur reco and what fine works those were! Thank you.

    Kudos to u girl, for creating such a unique space. Wishing u the very best. May you keep growing by leaps and bonds.

    Keep Raving and Ranting!

    lots of love


    • @indepgal: Hey! So its been almost a year and I am just now seeing that I had never responded to your comment – my bad!!!

      Sadly the dramas last year were so mediocre that we really didnt have much to talk about and so we didnt get to hear much from you either. I hope you’ve been well and had a good year.

      Its been a year but all that you’ve written abt intolerance and jingoism and sadly its all just as relevant today as it was then, and on both sides of the border … and here I think of Manto and all that he wrote in the 40’s and 50’s and how it all continues to resonate even today … I dont know if you had a chance to watch that movie but do do so if you ever get a chance and see how little, if at all, we have moved from where we stood so many years ago… really wish we could grow up, if just a little…. #NewYearGoals


  24. Oh! So nice of you to make time out of ur jam packed schedule of every day routine life and thank all the blog readers of DRNR…. You are so right that saying thank you, sorry, excuse me become so automated that one hardly realize the meanings of these phrases, but yes this Thanksgiving celebration become a point to express our thanks in which ever way for each other…. This country has to offer so many good virtues ( which once at back home was our pride). At Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers,s Day, Father’s Day( though all have become commercial holidays) still dedicate one specific day to do something special for your loved ones…it could be a flower, a scarf, a nice dinner or just spend the whole day. Food drive for the hunger, presents fo the the less privileged ones, a visit to unknowns in the hospital n orphanage.
    You are one special person that should me thanked again n again for dedicate ur time to write n bring back me to watch the Urdu dramas again. I Follow u n ur recommendations religiously… If I had not come across DRNR I would have totally be forgetting the dramas, I thank you, I thank all blog members for the ideas n positive criticism they bring in n make me see at things in a different angle then mine. Like you said
    Ram e dunyia bhi hey mauqa bhi hey dastur bhi hey….. So a huge thanks to all and stay blessed….
    I am waiting for ur next recommendation, for you my dua is
    Allah kere zoor e qalam aur ziyada
    Stay blessed n keep writing….. Chauo


    • @Shamim Hasan: Thank you, nawazish, karam shukriya, you are so sweet with all your comments and thank you so much for all the kind and warm words you’ve always had for not just me but others as well, and it is this grace and generosity of spirit – from you and all other friends- that makes DRNR such a special place.. where we all may not always agree but still respect each others’ points of view and listen and learn from each other and all this while having fun and without anyone feeling belittled – I hope!

      Thank you also for following my recommendations – It means a lot that you trust my choices… truly appreciate that.

      You had earlier asked about what I was reviewing next, so here I am with Preet Na Kariyo Koi .. I dont know if you’ve beeen following that one or not, but do check it out .. would love to read your thoughts and if you hate it after watching it tab bhi theek hai .. you have full permission to come back and daanto me for wasting your time!

      Take care and stay warm!


  25. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog but it instantly proved that this is -Zara hat ke – type blog. Haven’t been able to follow it quite regularly as I would have liked to but am never disappointed whenever I choose to return for a read.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and time with us as well.
    And for arranging the Q and A with the stars. Had a couple of my Qs answered by Wasay Chaudry. (That was exciting!). Only topped by the responses I sometimes get on twitter, once recently from THE Great Wasim Akram. (That was super duper awesome). Pardon my bragging..getting carried away here.
    Thank you again.
    May your blogs live long and prosper.
    (Is that star trek or Star Wars reference? I can never get them right!).


    • @Arisha: Hey! Welcome aboard- lovely to hear from you in comment form 🙂 Glad you were happy with your responses from Vasay .. he was pretty cool with his responses, wasnt he? And lol! I would be bragging too if I got a response from somebody like Wasim Akram, so yes the bragging is totally justified 😉

      You should sign up for email notifs for posts or like the fb page so that you can stay updated even if you cant read right away … and then you can comment whenever you want to share your thoughts or contribute to an ongoing discussion … the more the merrier!

      And thank you! Love the Mr Spock (yes its Start Trek and Leonard Nimoy) style of appreciation – totally up my alley since I’ve loved the series since forever! ❤


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