Goya ~ Episode 2 Review


Goya ke is serial ki doosri qist us rang birangay aur mazedar golay ganday ki tarah fit rahi, woh gola ganda jis ko dekh kar sakht sardiyon ke mausam mein bhi munh mein paani aa jaye .… yes, there were a mess up or two along the way magar itne nahin ke permanent daagh reh jayen …. all in all, like Omar Hashmi and Mohin Mirza I too am enjoying this fit respite from the routine, the mindless monotony of  crying women and cut-paste dragged out stories.


Picking up from last week, this second episode delved deeper into Sr. and Jr. Hashmi’s relationship or lack thereof. I am so glad we have an experienced actor like Usman Peerzada playing the very complicated  Rahat. What he thinks, and at times wants to say, is very different from how it sounds to those around him. He cares about Mrs. Imtiaz and inquires after her health but in a very detached manner; he respects and appreciates his wife but then decimates her feelings for him as being economically motivated. Undoubtedly harsh as he is towards the two women, it is for his son that Rahat reserves 3his worst.

In his efforts to ensure Omar never has to struggle, to face difficulties like he did, Rahat has gone too far the other way. Smothering him, never letting the boy take a single breath of his own choosing, the father is now frustrated at the way his son has turned out – a compliant, yes-sir-no-sir-three-bags-full-sir kinda man/child – someone who lacks confidence, has no independent thought in his head, and has never really though about tomorrow, forget about what he wants out of life. All he knows is what he is told, his attention easily diverted to the nearest shining object. His big plan to “escape” was 10808236_10153364958273662_1741501194_nnot his – it was Ali’s. More importantly, would it really have been an escape per se if the first class ride was being funded by daddy dearest? Hard question, one that Omar had undoubtedly not even thought about for a minute. Later when his grand escape flopped miserably he pouted for a bit, threw a short-lived pity party for one and that was that.

To give him the benefit of the doubt, Omar might have reacted differently had it not been for the timely entry of Mohini Mirza in his life. Polar opposites, these two are clearly attracted to each other. Omar, who has never before seen someone like apni mauj mein mast Mohini, is totally smitten. Be it her 22khataara, kharab horn kharab AC wali gari or her penchant for gola gandas and making plans on a whim, he is bitten by the lurve bug. So much so ke ab Ali’s idea of yet another escape is easily sidestepped. Bas ab tau sirf Mohini ki baatein karni hain hamare hero sahab ko …

When watching Omar it is very easy to dismiss him as a spineless man, who can not even look his father in the eye, who feels out of sorts in the midst of his father’s friends, is spoilt and pampered, but it is not so simple. There is a lot of his father that remains untapped in the son. Like Rahat, Omar too is a complex character and it is to the director Farrukh Faiz and his actor, Osman’s credit for giving Omar that subtle spine, a faint hint of a yet to be developed strength of character.5 He is weak, cannot speak up for himself, forget about others, but still he squares his shoulders and asks his step-mother to speak to Rahat about Mrs. Imtiaz. Similarly, even though he’s grown up in the lap of luxury he still finds it difficult to fire people on his father’s behest. The fact that he is easily distracted after a mention of Mrs Mirza shows ke abhi waqt lagey ga

After getting a flavor of it today, I look forward to the process of seeing Omar grow,be able to square his shoulders and look his father in the eye. I hope by the end of the serial we get to see the two men meet on equal terms both equally proud of each other.

10799293_10153364958228662_69512399_nEven as the spotlight remained squarely trained on the Hashmi household we got a quick glimpse of the easy going, casual relationship between amma and beti Mirza. While I enjoyed Mohini’s candor and her easy banter with her mother I am no fan of this trend of calling parents by their name and find it a needless annoying distraction. Apart from that, I am thoroughly enjoying Sana Javed as Mohini. Her upbeat character brings a much needed spark and energy into the story and Sana is doing very well without going over the top. And speaking of tops, could someone take Mohini shopping and add a few koti-less kameezes to her wardrobe. Farah Shah was much more pleasant today with her reigned in Asma. Tara Mehmood I am liking here as the calm step-mother. Of all the ladies, it is the very dignified understated Shamim Hilali who is outstanding as Mrs. Imtiaz.27

Ultimately it is Mohamed Ahmed’s writing which sets this one apart from the others out there. The script is meaningful without being pretentious and the infusion of humor at just the right moments helps keep  the underlying darkness at bay. Director Faiz understands the intricacies of the script and does a commendable job in conveying the various shades of the story.

Among things that did not work well, the driving scene stood out for obvious reasons. The old school technique used to film that sequence reminded me of all those black n white Lollywood classics.

But more than that it is the overall bad lighting and the atrocious (sorry, no other way to describe it) decor of the Hashmi residence that is undermining Team Goya’s sincere efforts to tell a compelling story. Last week I bemoaned Junior and Senior’s bedrooms, this time around the living room rendered me speechless. Six Sigma, surely you could’ve done better than this?


To wrap it up, goya ke despite a few daagh dhabbas here n there, I’m still happily on board, thandey golay ganday aur garam rolls samait… what about you all?

Written by SZ~

Goya Soundtrack ~ Complete 

44 replies

  1. @SZ On the mark as usual. A little too much screen time for Hashmi Sr. Er…we get it, he’s rich, powerful and authoritative…yawn! I’m more interested in seeing the Jr. Hashmi character develop and come to his own. After Aunn Zara I’m expecting some expressive, quirky portrayal. Loved his expressions when he had the ‘goll ganda.’ Great acting all round. The background music was ear-drum splitting! Pls. SZ how about an op-ed piece on this issue?
    Also I notice that the families/characters are getting richer and richer in dramas. Are these dramas universally popular in Pakistan? Or are they made for/popular with the upper-middle class urban/Non-resident Pakistani demographic?
    Was hoping Omar would NOT succeed in running off to the U.S. I’m kinda tired of the foreign locations eg., Firaaq’s multi-million $$$ water-front homes for these seemingly middle-class people. If an ethnic store/restaurant gets you this, I’m in the wrong line of work!
    I love Sadqay Tumhare’s real setting, real people feeling, though I’m tired of the central, manipulative, evil woman motif.


    • @JR: Re: the background score, I hear you….In the three or so years I have been doing this I think I have complained so much about it ke I feel like a broken record complaining about it for pretty much every Pakistani – bar a few like Talkhiyan, Pehchan, SeZ, Dastaan, DeS, and a couple of amazing telefilms. I dont know how to convey our complaints in a manner that is comprehensible to the editors etc.. 😦

      Re: Foreign locations, yes this has been a common complaint of all those of us who live here .. and its perhaps in some part due to this serials and the images they convey that people like Jamshed (from Jackson Heights) think that this is how all desis in the US live .. and actually even in real life I’ve met people in Pakistan who think I kid when I tell them about our crazy on the go lifestyles …

      In so far as why these crazy rich lifestyles and mansion like houses are shown I think the producers do it to add glamour to their serials (particularly those shot abroad), also visually it then becomes easy to mark the difference in lifestyle without having to say too much about it. For instance in Humsafar or ZGH it was very easy to see why Khirad felt like a fish out of water in Ashar’s house or why there were concerns abt the class difference b/w Zaroon n Kashaf ( ab thats a whole other story ke in their efforts to drag serials we get this reiterated through dialogues as well).

      Re: why are the characters getting richer, I think in some ways it is a reflection of the segmentation in our societies, where the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, but in other ways these are extremely problematic images because in this race to add glamour to serials, the middling classes have been almost completely erased … rarely it is that we see a story set in apartment buildings…. hence presenting a very skewed picture. I know a ton of rich ppl back home but indoor swimming pools are not as common as they would appear to be, and I am yet to meet somebody who has a butler in their house!

      Re: the target market and consumers, these dramas are very much made for the local masses… and I dont have to tell you the long list of problems that can and do arise from such problematic representations.

      Re: Wrong career choice: High five! Im totally with you on that! In fact its not just in Firaaq, what was Adnan Siddiqui’s profession in Ahista Ahista that he was able to afford not just one but two mansions and the fancy cars and sab kuch … I think this is where a serial like Jackson Heights scores big time. Where we do see a whole different clas of desis than what we are accustomed to seeing. and for this credit must go to Mehreen J, who lives in NYC so has first hand experience of what life abroad is all about.


  2. PS: About Firaaq’s setting. They might as well have moved a few miles off course and shot the whole darn thing at Disneyworld! At least we’d have a ‘fairy tale’ atmosphere.


    • @JR: Hahahaha!! So true!

      P.S. Since you are a telefilm fan I would highly recommend Khamosh, Gandi Gali and Tum Mujh Mein Zinda Ho … A review for these three is in the works, if only I could get my act together!


    • @JR Hahahahaha omg thats soooo funny!!!!!
      @SZ ur right about portrayal of rich/poor. But someone please tell Six Sigma that no pool or butler doesnt mean you opt for such a tasteless, dated deor.. I mean we, the viewer, still need a visually sound production to keep us focussed.


  3. Excellent review SZ, thanks.

    I enjoyed this episode more than the first one. Loved Umer H’s conversations with Ali, Mohini & his nanny. The only interaction he has with his step mother was well done as well. Thank God we finally have a step relation shown in our drama, where both sides are not out to kill each other.

    How sweet was the scene where we find out that Umer wants to run away from his dad, but only by first class ( which the dad would have to pay)? Aww!


    • @Mona: Thanks for reading and commenting – glad we’re on the same page so far 😉

      Yes, I too think this was a tighter episode, still had a few scenes that went on too long, but overall Im enjoying this one. Agreed, that scene was done very well .. it was easy to see and feel Omar’s hesitation and how hard it was for him to actually walk up to his step mom and ask her to run interference… well done OKB and Tara Mehmood!

      Haha! yes that was a classic moment!


  4. What basically interests me is the gender inversion trope that we see in Goya. We finally have a strong, capable woman who knows herself (yay!) and a weak & meek man who is clueless about the kind of life he wants and the kind of man he wants to be.

    I love your analysis of Omar’s character. Sr. Hashmi’s over-protectiveness has rendered his son so biddable that he man is now frustrated with the results of his own doing. Like you, I am looking forward to seeing Omar grow into the man he can be. He definitely has the potential and, as you mentioned, sparks in his personality that suggest he can be so much more. Now I only hope for that self-actualisation to be believably good.

    While I do have an idea about the kind of (positive) influence Mohini will be for Omar, I – as of now – fail to see what Omar will do for Mohini’s growth as a character. What will he contribute to their relationship and how will Mohini change because of him? Or are we in for an imbalanced relationship?
    And we have another role-inversion here with Mohini being a mentor to her romantic interest/student Omar – zabardast!

    I am starting to like OKB now (which will help since he’s going to play Wali in Dayar-e-Dil). He makes me sympathize with Omar rather than feel contemptuous of his weakness and general inability to take charge of his own life at the old age of 25. Sana Javed is perfect as Mohini – not over the top at all. Female leads who do not annoy are so few and far between that I simply love her right now.

    You mentioned the driving scene – that was so terrible. Achay khasay scene mei ye kya daal diya. And I wish Mohini would stop calling her mom Asma, too – I don’t understand the need for it as their easy relationship is, well, quite easy to get.

    I’m definitely on board – I really hope they do not disappoint.


    • @Nashra: Excellent point! Agree there is a lot of stuff going on under the surface of what many are calling same old same old. This inversion was also present in AunZara but there i was kinda disappointed in how we really didnt see Aunn’s growth to the extent that we had expected, or at least I was left with an unsatisfied kind of a feeling, so like yo I am hoping that we see the envelope pushed a bit more and we get a better defined character arc.

      Good to know you’ll be with us for Dayar-e Dil, ab lets do a ba-jamaat dua ke it can match up to viewers’ expectations 🙂

      Re: the driving scene: It had been brought it up during Sanam Baloch’s Morning Show, where OKB revealed that Sana J didn’t know how to drive so they had to resort to shooting the scene this way, so I was ready for it , but what I had not expected was that it would be shot so badly.. Did you check out the film song I posted? I was so reminded of this song when I was watching SJ pretending to drive!


      • Right, but I seem to have missed out coz I didn’t watch AunZara. I have read a number of recommendations for it here so I’m seriously considering sitting down to finally watch it, to get through the rite of passage, so to speak 😉

        About Dayar-e-Dil: Hope that happens. The wait and dread go hand in hand there 😉

        Hahaha I just did! ROFL. The black n white helps hide the horribleness. Unfortunately, SJ didn’t get to have that advantage.


        • @Nashra: Oh, you have to watch AZ.. its one of those must see ones.. funny and quirky, a quick watch. Jaldi dekho so we can continue this line of discussion 🙂

          Also, not related to this but to ST, if you have time do check out a convo that RJ and I were having today under the new Adnan Malik interview i posted on our DRNR FB page …. would love to know your take on the interview as well as the ensuing discussion.. feel free to add your two cents there or here under the ST thread 🙂


  5. SZ, long time! Finally, finally, there is a drama serial I can watch without resorting to banging my head against the wall… Love it so far! My only peeve – as you also mentioned – is this calling the mom Asma business. WHY? I mean, what is the point of this really?
    Waisay in terms of production this serial does have Six Sigma written all over it, if you know what I mean LOL!


    • @DB: Hey!!! *hugs* Fabulous to hear from you – long time indeed!! Kaisi ho, kidhar ho?

      Yeah this is indeed a type of lighthearted but meaningful story that has been missing from our screens for a while, so it is indeed go to see an intelligently done entertaining serial.

      Haan, seems like this Asma thingy is here to stay for the course of the serial so we’ll just have to get used to it. What will be interesting to see is what Omar calls her? Asma, Mrs Mirza, Amma, Saasu ma? Any guesses?

      Re: Six Sigma ki chhaap: Hahaha!! Yup, totally get you! I guess ke we should be grateful that here Karachi, Karachi hi hai not Hyderabad parading as Khi 😉
      Maaan! Now you’ve gotten me all nostalgic thinking about our exasperation with KPKP …. now those were seriously fun days, nahin?

      Chalo ab ghaib mat ho jana … do join us weekly and lets see if yeh KPKP ki takkar ka serial hai ya nahin 😉


    • @DB: Seeing your comment made me remind those beautiful reviews you used to write.. I always used to get confused between you and @SZ k kisne kaunsa drama likha.. Lol.. You both have similar way of writing 🙂 and now seeing you both together gives me so much pleasure 🙂


  6. * hugs back*

    I have been right here SZ! Reading but not commenting… Didn’t feel I had anything worthwhile to add. Was also caught up with some health-related issues but Allah ka shukr doing good now. Will catch you on Skype one of these days with the qissay kahanian…

    Oh yes, I still haven’t forgotten (read forgiven) Six Sigma for destroying KPKP… Hopefully they will fare better now. That background of the car scene was horrible. I was reminded of that old Waqar Electronics ad. Taubah!


    • Thank you ladies 🙂 It’s quite a pleasure to know people still remember me around here! Now only if we have some dramas that are worth talking about. The one ruling the roost if the TRPs are to be believed – Main Bushra – is such a Zindagi Gulzar Hai meets Dil Hai Chota Sa 😀 Well, at least it seems to be going down the DHCS route… Cut and paste as SZ says


  7. Enjoyed the ep and the review. I like the way OKB is smitten by the girl and even in adverse circumstances, manages to go meet her. But the hero of the ep was the secretary who’d keep coming up with great excuses for OKB 😉


    • @Afia: Wah! Kiya tez nazar hai! Secretary ko bhi taar liya 😉 😜

      Btw, so wanting a gola ganda since that ep, please have one on my behalf 🙂


      • Lol SZ I’ve never had a gola ganda in my life 🙂 Childood in Islamabad was pretty sterile. Aur jab Lahore aaye tub tak everyone was so concerned about clean water etc. Ab khana paray ga!
        Aur madam, thank you for the song but meri nazar secretary pe bilkul nahin!


  8. Your reviews are seriously much needed to understand under laid meanings.. Nahin tou humare jaison ka kya hota.. Ache bhale drame ko kick out kardete k samajh hie nh aaya.. Per bhala ho apka.. shukrya behn 🙂 like the first scene between Omer and Mohini in restaurant.. I was looking forward k bhayee ab tou jung hui pakka.. But then suddenly omer gets distracted just on mention of Asma mirza tou i was like hain ye kya… But after reading your review i got it why it omer reacted that way..which makes sense..

    im really liking the character sketches for everyone.. From Sr. Hashmi to Mrs Imtiaz.. Whats make it more amazing is they all have grey shades.. I love the scene when Sr.Hashmi get losts in his past.. Too good..UP was just brilliant in that scene.. So far so good 🙂

    Attraction between the leads is too cute and really looking forward to get the story unfolds


  9. Really enjoying the story so far. Apart from the things you mentioned and the fluorescent orange shirt that Sr. Hashmi wore, I really am liking the way characters are being established. I LOL’ed when Omar’s friend said “undertaker” on the phone and Sr. Hashmi was listening. I wonder what role the other dude at Mohini’s office will play. Abhi tow bechara background mein kahin chup gaya hai.
    and yes that car driving seen was totally hilarious! 😀 I am guessing Sanam Baloch has read the script or maybe was offered Mohini’s role initially but she was all praises for it during her show.
    Really liking that we have some good stuff on our screen these days to catch up during the weekends. It was kind of funny when I was watching Goya’s epi on YT, the sidebar had all these other dramas listed and EVERY SINGLE one of them had a roti mazloom aurat face on it! Taubah!


    • @Annie: lol at SB has read the script.. It might be the case and may be thats the reason she wasn’t asking much questions from SJ 😉 but yes indeed she was all praises …
      Haha @ roti mazloom aurat face..


  10. Someone please pass me my sunglasses!!!! I mean what was that!!!???? Too right about the gola ganda! From the primary colours in the most eligible bachelor’s bedroom to the zebra print sofas and sunshine yellow shirt with white trousers.. the wee willy winky night suit agaist the jarring red blouse.. Honestly they have warnings against cigerette-noshi.. they need to warn us about colour blinding – like they have for flash photographies!!! I tell you i thought we were in rainbow land… lol .. and this is when the lighting was bad.. imagine if the lighting was right and bright!!!??? lol
    Lets talk about some seriously dodgy wardrobe!! Mohnis kotis gotta go but seriously Omer needs to sort his wardrobe out asap too! first we get a purple shirt, then a pink one with blue collars with silver jacket and black trousers), and when they thought that wasnt enough, we get the purple ‘and’ pink pinstripes with blue collar combo… and guess what, even that wasnt enough for them… we also got three suits aik se barh ke aik on a dinner table.. no wonder Omer couldnt take it anymore!!! whats with the metallic silver super shiny jacket yaar!!!??!!

    I mean honesty speaking, as much as i was trying to listen, and believe u me i was trying, i simply couldn’t focus!!!

    & the car scene!!!.. ufffff!!! that seemed like it was shot in Sindbad! bg tou aik taraf, It seemed like that steering wheel was gonna fly off in a sec! btw lol@ the vid. That was fun.. Where did they get a self drive automatic car in them days.. geezer is singing away on the roof and car is driving on its own lol… Six Sigma really need to catch up!!! lol

    Abb in all that mish mash i must say what did surprize me was how my opinion changed about Sr. Hashmi’s character. Last week i couldnt relate to him at all. But this week i can see his fears and frustrations and various shades in his personality.

    OKB and SJ (minus their wardrobes and the car ride) were fun to watch. Looking forward to see them grow. Shamim Hilali was fab as always.

    Have to admit ive never had the pleasure of having gola ganda..like @afia said Isloo was way too sterile for this kinda stuff and i was always reminded of the adverse affects lol… now when these two were sipping on that ice was seriously getting worried about food poisoning! so when i heard the secretary’s excuse ‘ washroom’ i just burst out laughing!
    and the undertaker on loudspeaker scene was good fun to watch.

    Last week i struggled to see the script and the depth, so this week i actually tried to focus. And all i can say is that yes there is wit and there is depth but it seems to have drowned under the loud and horrid background .. and thats such a shame!


    • hahahha!! Isn’t ‘Munni’ a treat to watch! I am looking forward to watching ‘Zaib-un-Nisa’ too!
      I’m so glad you found it enjoyable! 🙂 Everyone I interviewed has been very co-operative and accessible!


      • @Kokab: hey.. Hehe yes Munni is indeed treat to watch and as you said We loved to hate her.. Lets see what Zaib un Nissa brings for us 😉 Christina is an amazing actor..

        Oh yes definitely enjoyed it as your questions were very much interesting:)


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