Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 7 Review


 Acha ji, so after suffering through last week’s jhatka denay waley potholes – kaun kis ka mehram aur kyon and khala khalus ka jhamela – our tange wali sawaari is happily back on track again. Despite the fact that I can’t relate to the circa ’40s and ’50s waali aahen bharti muhabbat and scent waley khaat, there is something about the poetic ambiance of Sadqay Tumhare that drags you willy-nilly into Shano and Khalil’s fairy tale world.

Theirs is an enchanted world – one that exists outside of time and space – a world where emotional intimacy trumps physical closeness, words are rendered superfluous, what happens to one is just as keenly felt by the other, everyday, commonplace occurrences take on a meaning all their own. Shano and Khalil are now inseparable – both at a point where what people say or do holds no meaning for them. Be they abba ji’s cautionary words, Dr. Maqsood’s mashwaras,  Shano’s taya’s dhamkis,  Fayyaz’s boastful threats, maulvi sahab’s gentle censure, or even ammi ji’s mars – nothing is going to change the minds and hearts of these young lovers.

If the youngsters are stubborn then their elders are even more so. Rashida’s hatred for Khalil seems to grow with every breath she takes. While it is yet to be determined whether it was Inayat marrying Rasho’s mangetar, just days before their marriage, or something to do with her ill-advised affair with Inayat’s louse of a first husband, the fact remains that the key to Shano and Khalil’s future happiness is lost somewhere in the baggage of Rasho and Inayat’s cobwebbed past. Meanwhile in the present it is apni bechari Shano who is getting beaten up for every word she utters in support of Khalil. Aur tau aur even the elderly maulvi sahab failed to sharminda karo Rasho. Aunty ji kahan kisi ke roab mein aaney wali hain.

And if you thought Rasho was stubborn, well then Inayat bhi kisi se kam nahin – after all behen kis ki hain! After being turned away empty-handed, her ladla son’s proposal coldly refused, rather than saying tu nahin tau aur sahi, aur nahin tau aur sahi to her younger sister’s family, Inayat aunty turns around and assures Khelu ke come what may, beta tu fikar na kar, Shano teri hi hai tujhe hi milegi ….

By the end of the episode, after reading Shano ke dil ka haal,  apney hero sahab is all charged up for a one on one with his raqeeb Fayyaz. What happens when the shehr ka parha likha ghunda means the gaon ka gun toting baddie remains to be seen. Rest assured though, going by the promo it seems like we are in for a bloody good, maar dhaar wale action se bharpoor episode next week.

Overall as an episode this was a smoother, more even paced episode, the relative calm after last week’s heavy storm; aisa toofan ke jis ne na sirf bechare maluvi sahab ko hila diya, balke bechari Shano ko bhi neela peela kar diya. Ab its a whole different matter ke both are survivors. Maulvi sahab found the wherewithal to confront Rasho and tell her off in his own way and Shano too refused to give in to her mother’s patented ek thapar ke saath do aur muft brand of pitai. While Qavi sahab is great as the soft spoken maulvi it is Mahira who shines as our lovelorn, very filmy heroine – her singing while looking in the mirror, addressing her beloved as it were, was fabulously done.

Not to be outdone by his lady love, Adnan Malik was great as the lovelorn Khelu. His expressions, particularly the tight closeups, as he read Shano’s letter were excellently done. Samiya Mumtaz is in a class all by herself – her Rasheeda is so dark and her smile so sinister; she seriously gives me the creeps every time she smiles. Mukarram Kaleem is doing well as the big talker ghunda Fayyaz. The two Bffs, Saniya Shamshad and Shamil Khan remain as likeable as ever, although now I am seriously concerned about Dr. Maqsood’s no-life-of-his-own track. Yaar, bhai jan, kabhi kabhar, just for a change, Khelu ka peecha chor kar kisi ek adad classmate se hi baat kar liya karen kabi kabhi … 

A major reason why Sadqay Tumhare works is Khalil ur Rehman’s lyrical style of writing. Though I have yet to come across anybody who speaks such flowery language in real life, it is, nonetheless a treat to hear his beautifully penned outpouring of emotion. And it is to Ehteshamuddin’s credit for creating a visual narrative that does justice to the written word. The scenes are beautifully framed and nicely edited to maintain viewer interest, particularly some of the longer scenes are handled very well. Among all these positives, the use of Dastaan’s background score stood out like a sore thumb today. Surely the editors could have come up with a different track to match the mood of the scenes? Please have somebody look into this – thanks!

So what about you guys? Anyone fall off the tanga?

Written by SZ~

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  1. No still on the tanga ride or maybe we should se mailman’s bicycle 🙂 beautiful review once again SZ. Not sure why they blatantly used Bano and Hasan’s music. It reminded us if Dastaan and we had to go watch our favorite scenes again b4 tragedy struck. With multiple soundtracks for this drama, the editors cannot slack of like that.
    Apart from that enjoyed the funny moments today with the maulvi, mailman,crow and mirror 🙂 next week looks super intense Bachan style.


    • @Annie: Hahaha! True that! Seems like @FA was spot on when she said this serial shoud’ve been named Rishtay aur Raastey …It does seem to be a serial about all the various modes of transportation and how people used to travel in those “olden days” 😉

      Haina! Even I went back to Dastaan .. and then we are told ke audiences dont move on and that this is nothing like Dastaan .. ab koi batlaye ke hum batlayen kya

      Yes! Loved that crow scene and Rasho taking out her frustrations on the bechara bird… the mailman scene was cute in theory, but it made for a strange visual, a grown man wrestling with an older gentlemen pushing him to the ground and then literally sitting on him .. kuch ajeeb .. I was afraid ke postman uncle bechare guzar hi na jayen!😱😱


      • LOL @ Rishtey and Rastay and mailman bechara guzar na jaaye 😀 I have to keep on reminding myself that Khelu is supposed to be around 18-19 years old – buss zara lamba jaldi ho gaya 😉


      • @SZ haina! honestly rishtey aur rastey is all i can think of! lol
        re Dastaan: i spotted that in previous eps as well. and its not just dastaan, there was also some humsafar bgs in previous eps too..


  2. Hi SZ, liked what I saw but couldn’t really go gaga over this episode. But, the next episode, for sure is going to be Bachchan style action packed drama.

    Mahira was looking beautiful as usual n with all those aahen n mirror mein dekh ke gaana, she reminded of 60s heroines. Very filmy indeed but enjoyed that part as it all looked quite cute.

    Khelu again was his super confident self, akele hi maidan-e-jung mein jaane ko taiyaar. Again reminded of Mr.Bachchan’s angry young man jo saari duniya ko akele hi fateh kar lega. But the way Adnan Malik delivers his dialogues, you want to believe he can do it.

    Samiya Mumtaz really gives that creepy feeling n she makes you hate Rasheeda with her superb performance.

    SZ, lol @ Maulvi sahab ko hila diya aur Shano ko neela peela kar diya. Lekin apni Shano bhi maa pe hi hai, poori dheet.

    Btw, what does Ilhaam mean?


    • @Samrita: Haan ji bilkul filmi ishtyle maar dhaar khoon shoon ke saath .. next week will certainly be “bloody” interesting 😉

      Re: enjoying but not going gaga .. I think herein lies the difference between watching in one go or daily vs. watching 37 or so mins per week (See I’m still trying to argue my case for why I found ZGH lacking hahaha! 😉 ) but yeah things do seem to move slowly or as in the case of this story one day at a time.. and also could be as @RJ aptly put it to the writer’s style of writing long “talking” scenes with not much action.. but yeah I hear you … and so like you I too am looking fwd to a more action filled ep next week ..

      “Lekin apni Shano bhi maa pe hi hai, poori dheet.” So true! Very well put indeed!


  3. Beeeaauutiful, wholesome review SZ, thanks a lot. Agree with you. It’s poetic narrative, good direction and MAHIRA KHAN’s presence that makes each episode a real treat. Mein iss dramey ko full time enjoy ker rahi hoon. Having said that I haven’t recovered from last weeks jolt. They could have used better ways to unearth those skeletons from Mohinjo-Daro caves. Waiting for next Friday.


    • @Farah S: “I haven’t recovered from last weeks jolt. They could have used better ways to unearth those skeletons from Mohinjo-Daro caves. ” Wah! tussi chha gaye thaa kar ke! 🙂


  4. kya baat he janab apki..bohat aala review. As much as enjoyed the episode, equally enjoyed the review 🙂

    Amazing episode i must say.. Its so refreshing to see this kind of love story.. Where you can actually feel the madness of love and how the lover hearts are soo content.. Poor Shano mar kha kha ke bhi yun hans and sharma rahi thi as she conquered something…thats the power of love.. I like how shano still have tht respect n love for her mother after all this.. Talking about mother.. Uff uff Rasheeda you the dangerous villain.. Thes kind of villains make you scared like abhi tv se bahar aajayen gen:p every scene between Samiya and Mahira is killer in terms of acting.. They both complement each other so amazingly… Love their scenes..

    On the other side… Khalil ko qasm dedo apni shano ki.. Spinner tou kya kisi ko bhi century laga dein The way he just ran after hitting century and grab the postman was too good.. And somehow shano ka letter zyada acha tha as compare to Khalil.. Adnan Malik’s expressions particularly on tht scene were bang on.. Specially when he read the word Ghuroor..

    Moulvi Sahab bhi bare maze ke hain.. First insists k batao kya baat he.. Baap ka darja do.. And when humaira tells tou poor fellow got so embarassed.. The background music when he did Sajda and dua reminded me of SeZ.. (‘Illahi teri chokhat pe) and i soooo missed falak and Nani 🙂

    Next week tou bhayee khoon shoon bahega.. Lets see how it goes


    • @Rehmat: great yaar moulvi sahib per mere aap k khayalat bilkul ek jaisay hain ..time bachanay kaa shukria 🙂 ..aur haan shano kaa khat waqai ziada acha tha..aur mohabat ki taqat aur deewangi per kia kia khoob likha..mujhay drama say ziada aap ki lines pasand ayn 🙂


    • @Rehmat: Loved reading your comment and your fun take on all that happened … And kiya yaar SeZ yaad dila diya … remember all our discussions and kaisa mahol ho jata tha … I think ab its time that we have something like that again .. I find myself returning to my Falak ways again 😦

      Btw, I have to say, you all write so well and your comments are so much fun ke I think I should ab just start a thread by posting pics and let you all write your various POVS… aap ko aaye na aaye mujhe tau bara maza aayega 🙂


      • Please SZ aisa zulm na karna, aapke review ke bina drama adhoora hai. First thing I do in d morning after watching d episode is to check your review. Ab toh yeh haal hai ki whilst watching d episode, I keep thinking what ur take would be on a particular character or a scene.

        SZ, you simply ROCK


      • @SZ: talking about Falak and SeZ. I literally first listened OST and then read some of your reviews and our discussions on it.. Read HB, MK and NA comments.. Enjoying my trip to memory lane 🙂

        Arey that would be so much fun … ever ready into such ideas:)


    • @Rehmat agree with you about Samiya-Mahira scenes – they are bang on – probably the power of rehearsals. Also helps that they do look like mother-daughter physically.


  5. Wonderful review. I agree with you – the tanga ride is back on track! I enjoyed this latest installment very much and the next one looks quite promising as well. So we’ll get to have two good ones back to back.

    Mahira was superb once again and so was Samiya Mumtaz. Kya thappar pe thappar lagaye hain bichari ko. And that scene with the mirror…Shano is so lovesick that she enjoys even the pain that comes with her love for Khalil. And then there is Khalil himself, equally in love with her. That scene where he ran after the postman, shedding his cricket kit, then tackling him to the ground so he could finally read Shano’s letter conveyed all his wait and impatience.

    Like you, I cannot really relate to letters, scented or otherwise, but it didn’t stop me from sighing a little at the charm, the romance of it. It made me nostalgic for old times where there was no phone/email and nobody was practically a click away. Didn’t that allow for a much more personal, deeper, meaningful connection? “Mohabbat mein ilham” is true for these two. Dil ko dil se raah kaise hoti hai..ask Shano and Khalil. It sometimes strikes me as too idyllic – this love of Shano and Khalil – but the romantic in me loves this beautiful love story. Theirs really is an enchanted world.

    One of my favourite scenes today was when Shano’s friend confided in Maulvi Sahab about Shano’s feelings for her fiancee – and that too, at his insistence – only to have the poor man thoroughly flustered. Itna sharma gaye Maulvi Sahab keh he didn’t know what to do, what to say or where to look. That was so cute! 😀

    And the next episode features a full fledged fight for the heroine, ending with the hero being taken care of by the said lovelorn heroine herself. It gets better and better 😉

    Puts me in mind of…

    Ibtida-e-ishq hai rota hai kya
    Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya.


    • @Nashra: Haan yaar, Rasho should really just stop with all those thapars 😱😱 If she wouldve been here, in the US, she would’ve surely be behind bars by now for parental abuse!

      And yes agree with you and everybody the maulvi sahab scene was a lot of fun … I have never really liked Saniya Shamshad, but here she is the perfect BFF – a no-lifer but still more colorful than the boring Dr Maqsood …

      Waisey do you ever wonder when amd how does Dr Maqsood ever find the time to study… saara din tau he’s listening to Khelu’s love story and the little time that is left over is spent discussing Khelu’s rishta with various relatives, and agar phir bhi time bachey tau he’s chaperoning relatives from one gaon to another,… no wonder abhi tak second yr mein hai! For his sake I hope Khelu’s story comes to an end quickly taake bechare Dr sahab ki bhi ruki hui zindagi aagey barhey!! 😂


      • Yes, I wonder about it! I also wonder about ways to talk myself into believing that Dr. Sahab is indeed, a 2nd year med student 😉

        Hahahah 😀 Dr. ki kashti Khelu ki love-life mei sukoon aane tak waqai paar nai lagne wali. Somebody should’ve mangni-fied him at a young age, too, even if for no other reason than to give him a life of his own 😉


      • @SZ: About Adnan Malik’s interview and the discussion that followed:

        I read the comments on fb. I’ll ask you to take time out for a more detailed take on it here as well, if you can. Bohat interesting discussion hai. For my part, I’ve definitely felt from the beginning that Khalil’s character is larger-than-life (these exact words came to my mind 😉 ). Then I wondered if it was the past or the version of himself in the past that KuRQ idealizes. Because the serial drips with nostalgia, each and every episode. It makes me nostalgic when I watch it! On the other hand, the writer also put it bluntly that he did not add a thing for the sake of “drama” so this “faction” viewpoint does not seem to apply (if we take KuRQ’s word for it, which I am). Yes, the bias is there but still, we have to give it to the writer for making even the negative characters so nuanced and complex that one does not right out completely hate them (as of now). And well, I want to see how the rest of it unfolds before forming a very, very definite opinion. But the various views on it would be very fascinating to read.


      • @SZ funny that, that’s exactly what I was thinking throughout the ep.. child protection and social services lol
        ROFL @ Dr Maqsood.


  6. “5 minute bhoolti hoon..10 minute yaad ata hai”…how cute 🙂 ..aur mahira oos scene main killer killer killer…start say lay ker jub ainy say batein ker rahi thi…(mujhay wo gana yaad aa gaya “mere khayalon main sanam khud say hi batein kerti ho gi naa” )…phir rashida k sath honay wali conversation….sheeda ko koi taker day sakta hai tou sirf shano…akhir beti kis kis ki hai..rasheeda/sheeda vs rukhsana/shano…naam bhi ek jaisay…aur khoon tou ek hai hi 🙂 ….performance wise mere khayal main ye Mahira kaa best scene tha..full marks 🙂

    aur jahan Mahira ko full marks milay tou humari SZ kub peechay hain…. mujhay lagnay laga hai ab aap poori tra ST ko enjoy kernay lagi gain aur iss ki jhalak hum aap k reviews main dekh saktay hain…pehlay feel hota tha jaisay zaberdusti dil ki khahish k khiaf likh rahi hain 😛 …

    aur “dil say jo baat nikalti hai aser rakhti hai”..humari girya zaari bhi kaam aye aur iss baar khelu ki khinchai nahi hoi 😉 …dekhein main aap ki baat samajh rahi hoon lekin ager drama enjoy kerna hai tou shano/khelu ko heroine hero samajh lain bus.. ab wo is qabil hain yaa nahi is per ziada sochnay ki zaroorat nahi 🙂 ..

    waisay mujhay khelu ki akher mizaji aur nikammay pan say ziada aitraz iss baat per hai jis tra oos ko hawwa bana dia hai k aan ki aan main kushton k pushtay laga day filmy..ab is ko poetic tou nahi keh saktay is per mujhay objection hai..”perha likha ghunda” koi fakher ki baat nahi Khalil sahib..ghunda ghunda hota hai chahay aap oos k actions ko kitna hi heroic bana ker pesh ker dein aur shano k parents sirf yahan tak ghalat hain k wo shano ki khahish k khilaf jaa rahay hain lekin khelu kaa huq nahi k wo apni ghunda gerdi say oon ko harass kray phir bhi wo parents hain aur khelu sirf fiancé ..jis tra Khalil kaa character takhliq kia gaya hai oos main hum writer ki clear biasness dekh saktay sawal tou baad man uthay gaa k kis hud tak objective yaa neutral ho ker Khalil sahib nay apni kahani ko likha hai

    aur sheeda ki pitai..touba allah ki panah..such ppochein tou main ab in thaprhon say kafi disturb ho rahi hoon ..bohat umeed hai iss episode k baad audience per rahum kia jye gaa aur iss maar kutai say jaan chootay gi humein samajh aa gai sheeda bohat zalim hai shano ki mohabat atal …ab bus kren

    Khalil sahib k baray main aap nay thik kaha ink poetic dialogues inki pehchan bun chukay hain…lekin poetic yaa ghinaiyut aur cheez hai kabhi kabhi in main ottness aa jati hai jo yaa in k dialogues poetic aur style filmy hai aur in dona k combo kabhi kabhi tabiyut per giran guzerta hai ..kher lekin Khalil sahib mushkil writer hain matlab in k characters complex nahi hoty lekin inkaa style aisa jis ko screen per pesh kerna asan nahi hai is liay in k mamlay main UA ki tra director per bohat depend kerta hai k wo ink intahi lambay likhay hoay scenes ko kis tra dikhata hai k audience kaa interest qaim rahay..phir in k haan guftagu ziada aur action kum sath hi repetitiveness bhi hai..ek hi cheez ko different characters ki zubani pesh kena in ka mehboob mashghula hai

    so main yahan ahtesham sahib ko credit doon gi iss behtareen kaam k liay..kitnay arsay baad hum koi aisa project dekh rahay hain jis per waqai mehnat ki gai hai..dosray dramas ki tra nahi k digest say koi kahani uthai aur bus do kamron k ander hi poora drama shoot ho gaya..


    • @RJ: LOL at I was earlier writing against my desire and now writing dil se .. Ab aap ko kiya laga woh aap ko pata, but I know I write only when I feel it – ab woh feeling exasperation ki ho ya appreciation ki – feeling to behrhal feeling hi hoti hai and I dont ever write marzi ke khilaaf (shukar hai aisi koi majboori nahin )… ab yeh alag baat hai ke you and I were on different pages earlier 😉 You loved the romance and for me the first few episodes did not make the cut, at least story wise. It was the ambiance and acting alone that held my interest. The Romeo Juliet wala ‘ishq was just not doing it for me and it still doesn’t as I mentioned above. It was only after Rasheeda’s story started that I felt the substance and responded accordingly. Can’t add substance when there is none – at least from my POV – ab aap ki marzi jo chahein number de dein :p

      Re: Khelu and us ka hawwa banana .. I agree about your comment abt the writer’s bias. I dont know if you read our convos a couple of episode back abt this being a POV story … unlike regular fiction where the author creates his characters and shades them in various colors according to the demand of the story, here this is KUR’s own story so there is a marked tendency to idealize the past and we see a definite slant towards certain characters in that they appear larger than life … as I had noted earlier, in real life nobody would ever consider Khelu a hero, rather it would be Dr Maqsood who we would want for our sisters and daughters ( thora boring hai, no-lifer hai but at least job prospects acche hain 😉 ) but here we see everybody going gaga over Khelu, who really seems to be doing nothing at all… Similarly, Shano is presented as a paragon of virtue.. she is stunningly beautiful, loves poetry, and is head over heels in love with our hero sahab … jaan ki baazi lagane ko taiyar … in short a kind of woman that probably every man desires …
      So if we follow that line of reasoning then we see why Khelu and Shano appear as heroic as they do ( and why Shano has to get beaten up in every episode) and everybody else appears painted in only shade…


  7. SZ beautiful detail review . Loved it. Sanno ‘s letter was better than Khelu. Very sweet. When I see rasheeda I get nervous !!!(think about mere zaat zara Benisan, how uncle beat Saba . ) Khalil ur rehman writing is exellent . But SZ when you have time do read books. By GULZAR . He is so brilliant . See his interview . And there is another movie “Arth” by Mahesh Bhatt. That is his own love story .it was his best movie ,songs were beautiful. Sorry about side track.
    Help understand these words. mukatif, chapaki,


    • @Ranjan: hey .. chapaki means an allergic skin disorder that is characterised by the appearance of raised rashes, redness and itching. It can happen anywhere on the skin including the scalp, lips, palms, soles.It may occur due to indigestion, overeating or because of eating food unsuitable for the body.

      And is that other word Mutakif by any chance..because Mutakif means to agree with what someone said 🙂

      Hope this helps:)


      • @Rehmat: mutakif kis zuban kaa lafz hai?…mujhay lag raha hai Ranjan nay sahi nahi suna…aur aap “mutafiq” ki baat ker rahi hain..jis kaa root word itefaq hai..mutakif Urdu main aitkaf kernay walay ko kehtay hain…lekin mera khayal hai ranjan nay kisi aur word ki baat ki hai kiunk hindi song main in words kaa hona mushkil lagta hai 🙂


        • Rj thanks for explaining, sahi mei I might be wrong listening the word .this old hindi song “. Ek husna pari dil mai hai aur unse mukatif hai “” hope u know this song .still I might be writing wrong . I donot remember the name of movie. But mukesh sing that song. Thanks so much RJ


        • @Rehmat: Like @RJ I too thought of it as onset of chicken pox or perhaps measles, ’cause I have heard of giving patients dum wala paani so that they get well quicker and more importantly there are no disfiguring marks left behind.. also its considered contagious in the first couple of days, hence Shano’s laughing remark to Humera to not hold her hand …

          That said, your explanation is right in that the symptoms you describe are what we could call chaapaka in Sindhi. But then I have never heard of doing dum for that, nor would it leave marks or be considered contagious .. so I am pretty confused .. but khair jo bhi beemari thi aayi and aa kar chali gayi .. so sanoo ki 😉


    • @Ranjan: Here’s the song and the word you’re asking about is mukhatib:
      Kuch shair sunata hum mein jo tujh se mukhatib hain …
      I am [going to] recite a few couplets which are addressed to you ….

      EK husn pari dil mein hai yeh un se mukhatib hain
      A beautiful fairy is in [my] heart [and] these are addressed [talking] to her


        • @Ranjan: Aww! I know I speak not only for myself but for @Rehmat and RJ as well when I say its our pleasure 🙂 Never hesitate to ask … remember we all are also getting educated in this process of responding to various queries 🙂


      • @SZ: thanks a lot teen logon ko “misery” say bahir nikal lia aap nay 🙂 …aur mukatif…mutakif…mutafiq say hotay hotay ye “Mukhatib” nikla..hahaha ye toy bara latifa ho gaya…..lekin kal say main soch rahi hoon k Urdu say na-waqif honay k ba-wajood humaray ye friends kitni koshish ker k Urdu dramas dekhtay hain aur ek ek word k meaning samajhnay k liay kitni mehnat kertay hain ..ek main hoon “chapaki” samajh nahi bhi aye tou koi effort nahi bhi nahi k yahan kisi say pooch hi loon..bus ye hi samjha lia dil ko..kon saa such much nikli 🙂 …

        humaray dramas k sahi fans yaa Urdu main kahen qader daan tou ye log hain…so in sub ko mera dil say salam 🙂


        • Hi RJ, its entirely our pleasure and I am not talking only about watching Urdu dramas but also about these convos we have with all you wonderful people here.

          As I’ve spent a large part of my life in Jammu &Kashmir where Urdu is the official language (though wasn’t taught in my school so can’t read it), I understand most of what is said in these dramas and if still there are some difficult words, you all have always been gracious enough to help.

          Lots of love n hugs from an Indian friend 🙂


        • RJ thank you so much . I really appreciates it. As school teacher I am learning Spanish .but I am at initial stage . And in india also we were supposed to learn four languages. So it helps a lot .i think whereEver you go you should learn the local language. (Sorry I said too much .) aur hamari madad kerne ke lye bohat sukriya . ( did I write correctly)


          • @Ranjan: so great to know about your interest in learning languages:) like @RJ said its indeed so nice to see you all showing enthusiasm about words and their meanings..
            Yes you wrote that v.much correctly 🙂


  8. The only problem I have with Mahira is that she has this weird smile when she is talking to her mom. I mean I do understand that she is in love but always the same expression is getting on my nerves.


    • WKA: LOL! Let’s see if it gets better with time .. abhi tak tou Shano’s not really come into her own ..

      On another note, its good to hear from you .. been a while!


  9. Did anyone notice shano used the word “ofcourse ” when she was talking to humera. Lol it was very out of character. And out of the time period too I think..


  10. @All:
    Here is a link to Adnan Malik’s latest interview, where he’s responded to questions as Khelu … Would love to hear your take on the interview as well as the ensuing convo 🙂


    • Oops. Posted this at the wrong place (no delete option, why oh why?)

      @SZ: About Adnan Malik’s interview and the discussion that followed:

      I read the comments on fb. I’ll ask you to take time out for a more detailed take on it here as well, if you can. Bohat interesting discussion hai. For my part, I’ve definitely felt from the beginning that Khalil’s character is larger-than-life (these exact words came to my mind 😉 ). Then I wondered if it was the past or the version of himself in the past that KuRQ idealizes. Because the serial drips with nostalgia, each and every episode. It makes me nostalgic when I watch it! On the other hand, the writer also put it bluntly that he did not add a thing for the sake of “drama” so this “faction” viewpoint does not seem to apply (if we take KuRQ’s word for it, which I am). Yes, the bias is there but still, we have to give it to the writer for making even the negative characters so nuanced and complex that one does not right out completely hate them (as of now). And well, I want to see how the rest of it unfolds before forming a very, very definite opinion. But the various views on it would be very fascinating to read.


  11. @SZ: this interview has stir up quite a things 🙂 good thought to share the link of discussion… I too think that writer have kept the story very much real but since its been visualised and to keep things more interesting there must be some fiction added in it.. Because else its really hard to believe on some instances being real..

    I thought he was serious about the end lol.. Remember Rasheeda said khandaan me har mard ne 2 shadyaan ki hui hain.. Something along this lines.. So kya pata … A happy ending would be just great


  12. @Nashra and all: I was trying to see if I could get the entire convo thread here but seems like I can’t so Ill just copy paste and we can take it from there 🙂

    RJ: ji..”thori haqeeqat thora fasana” wali baat thik thi…aur ab mujhay sakoon bhi hai pehlay main preshan thi kia waqai khalil sahib itni dishoon dishoon kernay walay insan hain?…phir directors/actors tou barha dertay hon gay in say…zara ink script k sath kuch gerh berh hoi aur khalil sahib nay 2-4 laga din..kaisay kaam kertay hon gay ye showbiz main?…lekin ager khalil kaa character “faction” hai tou SZ jo point aap nay uthaya tha about khala/khalu wo ek baar phir kharha ho jye gaa..sath hi ye khayal bhi aye gaa kia asli shano waqai itni haseen thi?

    SZ: Not fiction per se, but as I wrote in my response on my blog, enhanced as in larger than life as in mythologizing as AMsays.. and the answer for Shano being as beautiful, again the same thing and also about romanticizing the past and designating heroes and villains as per the writer’s POV .. as for Shano’s beauty, doesn’t the beloved always appear as the most beautiful person alive …

    RJ: literature main autobiographies specially travelogues main writers ek terminology use kertay hain “faction” yaani jis main fact aur fiction dono shamil hon..jin ko ilm nahi oon k liay likha hai

    SZ: Thanks for clarifying, I read it as fiction, my bad! So yes, if we treat this as a faction then why the question abt Shano’s beauty or Khala Khalu? that would self-explanatory, no?

    RJ: lekin mere khayal main ek acha writer ye kabhi wazay nahi kray gaa kia fact tha aur kia fiction..iss ko wo reader ki imagination per chorh day gaa aur main nay aisa hotay dekha bhi hai k kisi writer say poocha gaya kisi kitab yaa characters k baray main aur unhon nay wazay jawab nahi dia..kiunk iss tra tou sari khoobsurati hi khatm ho jati hai ….yahan hum andazay laga rahay thay imkanaat k baray main aur lutf bhi isi main hai k insaan kisi hutmi jawab per naa pohunchay lekin ab writer/actor ki terf say confirmation nay kafi maza kharab ker dia hai (mere khayal main)

    SZ: I think we are talking abt two different things here … One is the writer and his writing techniques, and the other is the actor and his read of the character (remember, AM never talked to KuRQ abt his character) so what AM ‘s saying here is purely based on his read of the character much of what he thought just as we are thinking .. KuR has not said anything other than to say this is his tribute to his love …

    Also, interesting to note the differences b/w faction (which you talked abt ) and the act of remembering the past in the present (which I had brought up) one is a conscious act and the other an unconscious act to a large degree.. and then add in to this mix the fact that this is written for commercial consumption to be disseminated through TV (diff to an extent from writing for the print media) it would be fascinating to hear Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s take on this issue .. perhaps after the serial has ended …


  13. So to build further on this and @Nashra’s comment and what I said earlier, above, in response to @RJ and what we had discussed on an earlier ST review ..

    Lets begin by saying that we have quite a few things going on here in terms of writing..

    a) its the writer’s own story so an autobiography if you will, where KuR has publicly said that he hasn’t added anything for the sake of the drama and everything that we see on screen, actually happened – its his tribute to his love for Shano… so we could call it a “factual” story;

    b) this is also creative writing, not fiction per se, but adding in dialogues etc, trying to figure out other person’s motivations trying to see things from their perspective, but obviously since there is no way to ever really know for sure what was actually going in said person’s mind the writer uses his imaginations .. hence creativity comes into play;

    c) There is also memory coming into play .. for a love that is being remembered very fondly, where the past is being looked back on with great fondness, hence nostalgia … Everything in the past is beautiful and romanticized. Shano and Khelu become the focus of everybody’s life. Nobody worries abt Dr Maqsood not moving past his second year in med school, the gaon ka dulha dulhan take a back seat to the whole khandaan’;s concern abt Khelu ki bhook and his lack of salaaming etc.
    Shano is much a fantasy as she is real … every man’s dream come true (as I had noted above in a response), Khelu is also larger than life ( a term we’ve used quite a bit in our discussions of this character), we’ve talked earlier about how all things that would normally be considered as -ves are shown as +ves here and even though any parent would think two or three times before handing over their daughter to a self proclaimed parha likha ghunda, here we have the girl’s parents turned into villains for wanting better for their daughter (let’s leave aside Rasheeda’s motivations and the sordid baggage of her past).

    d) If the three things were not enough, we also have the fact that this first and foremost a commercial enterprise… the producers’ and the channel’s goal is to make money, so even though what we see is based on the truth (going by KuR’s words) its a truth that has its sharp edges gently smoothed out, characters have been mythologized accordingly (as AM put it really well), a filmi touch given, flowery language used .. necessary ingredients to make a personal story a viable money making venture …

    To my mind what is interesting here is that given all these factors, it is kind of hard to categorize it simplistically as either fiction, fact, faction, pure nostalgia or even historic fiction (using the terms history very loosely here otherwise I turn into a dinosaur 😉 ) what we are seeing is a lot of slippage between categories and this where a relatively new literary genre known as “creative nonfiction”, seems to fit the bill the best:

    “Creative nonfiction (also known as literary nonfiction or narrative nonfiction) is a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create factually accurate narratives. Creative nonfiction contrasts with other nonfiction, such as technical writing or journalism, which is also rooted in accurate fact, but is not primarily written in service to its craft. As a genre, creative nonfiction is still relatively young, and is only beginning to be scrutinized with the same critical analysis given to fiction and poetry.

    For a text to be considered creative nonfiction, it must be factually accurate, and written with attention to literary style and technique. “Ultimately, the primary goal of the creative nonfiction writer is to communicate information, just like a reporter, but to shape it in a way that reads like fiction.”[1] Forms within this genre include biography, autobiography, memoir, diary, travel writing, food writing, literary journalism, chronicle, personal essays and other hybridized essays. According to Vivian Gornick, “A memoir is a tale taken from life—that is, from actual, not imagined, occurrences—related by a first-person narrator who is undeniably the writer. Beyond these bare requirements it has the same responsibility as the novel or the short story: to shape a piece of experience so that it moves from a tale of private interest to one with meaning for the disinterested reader.”

    Writers of creative or narrative non-fiction often discuss the level, and limits, of creative invention in their works, and justify the approaches they have taken to relating true events. Melanie McGrath, whose book Silvertown, an account of her grandmother’s life, is “written in a novelist’s idiom”,writes in the follow-up, Hopping, that the known facts of her stories are “the canvas on to which I have embroidered. Some of the facts have slipped through the holes – we no longer know them nor have any means of verifying them – and in these cases I have reimagined scenes or reconstructed events in a way I believe reflects the essence of the scene or the event in the minds and hearts of the people who lived through it. […] To my mind this literary tinkering does not alter the more profound truth of the story.” This concept of fact vs. fiction is elaborated upon in Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola’s book entitled “Tell it Slant.” They argue that “…memory itself can be called its own bit of creative nonfiction. We continually—often unconsciously—renovate our memories, shaping them into stories that bring coherence to chaos. Memory has been called the ultimate ‘mythmaker’…” as even one’s firsthand accounts are unreliable. Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi, authors of The Sugar Girls, a novelistic story based on interviews with former sugar-factory workers, make a similar point: “Although we have tried to remain faithful to what our interviewees have told us, at a distance of over half a century many memories are understandably incomplete, and where necessary we have used our own research, and our imaginations, to fill in the gaps. […] However, the essence of the stories related here is true, as they were told to us by those who experienced them at first hand.””

    P.S. For those wanting to know more about faction here’s a dictionary definition:
    1. ” A form of literature or filmmaking that treats real people or events as if they were fictional or uses real people or events as essential elements in an otherwise fictional rendition”
    2. A literary work or film that is a mix of fact and fiction.


      • Wakai SZ, mera to sir hi chakra gaya (lol), fiction-faction-non fiction. Itna confusion toh Shaano ki Khaala-khaalu-ammi ki jalebi story mein bhi nahin tha 🙂

        Hats off to you for going to such lengths.


        • @Samrita: Meri jalebi ki tarah seedhi baat ko you are likening to that crazy jhamela .. hahaha!! Blame @Nashra for inviting me to “give my detailed take” 😉
          Promise, ab no more lecturing – can’t have your head spinning so early in the am .. wouldn’t want to have your family banning you from visiting this blog 😜


          • As if they can :). SZ, my family has given up on me as far as these dramas n your blog is concerned though my husband keeps asking “tum yeh kisko aur kya likhti rehti ho”.

            poora din sabke liye jeete hain lekin the time I spend on your blog is something I do to make myself happy. Its my stressbuster n a BIG THANK YOU for that.


      • @SZ: I will! This is amazing 😀

        This actually makes more sense than anything I’ve read/understood before about the story of ST. So, be it the writer’s use of his trademark flowery Urdu or creating staggering lead characters etc, we can say that it was done with the intent to make the story palatable and more entertaining for the audiences. All of this – if we take KuR’s word for it – is not an embellished tale. Rather, combining all the reasons you mentioned, it is a hyperbolised narration of past events, so to speak.

        The problem with this kind of narration is that it cannot be taken as fully objective, exactly. The presentation of events is and will be such that the viewers’ sympathies will automatically tilt and shift towards our hero & heroine. So while we do get to witness apparent firsthand narration of Shano’s love, Khala and Khalu’s antagonism and practically every other person’s feelings on our screens, the fact remains that it is *not* a first-person POV for any of them, except for one person: Khalil. The major part (if not all) of what we get to see on our screens is in fact, KurQ’s own impression and understanding as well as necessary imagination, like you said, of people’s actions, and the motives behind those actions. I am not at all questioning his understanding or perception regarding what happened in his own life here, but what I mean to say is the same thing that you said: there is no way to ever have a complete understanding of what goes on in another person’s mind. What we are left with – ultimately – is what we perceive to be the truth. Now if we were to watch this serial the way it has been presented to us – the way the writer intended the story to be presented – we *will* take Khalil as the hero and Khala/Khalu as villains. If we don’t do that then…well, it will result in such mind-boggling, intense discussions 😀

        I recently read a non-fiction book – Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. It falls into the category of creative non-fiction books. Whatever you said about this genre seems to apply. Even though there are pictures and official documents and factual first person accounts of several characters in the story – basically a lot of research – that went into the book, it, too, presents only the experiences of the protagonist. Now I don’t mean to say that this one side is wrong or untrue but it’s just that I felt it was not completely impartial either. When I come out of a story feeling complete love for one side and undiluted dislike for the opposite side – no shades of grey at all – it makes me think and question things.


        • @Nashra: I have Unbroken sitting on my nightstand but somehow havent yet gotten around to it, but now that you’ve brought it up on this context I will read it with this discussion in mind and see what I come up with …

          Re: impartiality or bias or lack thereof: I have always held that bias is inherently present in anything that requires human inerpretation, no matter what kind of writing/re-telling/narrating .. Even when writing about “factual” matters (not taking abt hard sciences but social sciences like history poli-sci etc) bias exists in the way you choose and arrange your sources to tell the story as you see fit … my most favorite example is that of a glass half filled with water which can be described as both half full or half empty, both completely correct observations in and off themselves but ones which are bound to confuse a third person hearing these two varying descriptions of the same glass …

          That said, I havent read the book as yet so cant talk about it in that context, but as far as seeing ST in he creative non-fiction mode, and in response to @RJ’s comment: I think its fair enough if KuR wants to tell the story his way, more so because he has made his position vis a vis the story very clear .. so we as audiences are not left guessing what side the writer is betting on … so if sees himself as a hero he can..and actually this perspective then makes sense as to why we see the whole world only concerned abt Khelu and his bhook or his mangni or his reputation as a ghunda (what we would call a self-motivated go-getter in Western terminology) because after all it is being told from his perspective .. and to some extent if we can be honest with ourselves, we too do tend to see and understand the world through a narrow lens colored by our experiences 😉


    • @SZ: wow.. This was some very interesting take on various writing aspects.. Never knew k these things even exist.. Yahan per ye maza he .. You get some real knowledge and different perspectives:)


    • @SZ: Thank u so much “maha confuse” kernay k liay..mujhay almost 6 hours lagay ye understand kernay main k abhi aap kia keh rhi hain …pehlay aap kia keh rahi thin…oos waqt main kia keh rahi thi aur sub say bari mushkil k ab mujhay kia kehna hai 🙂 …SZ ji aap k paas time ki kami hai tou humaray paas dimagh ki….adab say guzarish hai next time short ker k likhiay gaa aur jin ko detail main jana hai oon k liay link / reference day den…shukria

      sari discussion perh ker intahi ghor-o fiker k baad main nay jo conclusion nikala pehlay wo hazir hai
      “ek cheeni dana (wise man/philosopher) kaa kehna hai k iss say koi ferq nahi perhta bili siyaah hai yaa sufaid…dekhna ye hai k wo choohay pakerh sakti hai yaa nahi”

      plz note ker len main nay ye baat be-hud sunjeedgi say kahi hai iss liay ko sanjeeda lia jye 🙂

      ab atay hain oon points ki terf jin per sub kaa consensus ho chukka hai..sath

      1- Ye “khud-nawisht sava-neh umri” (autobiography) nahi bulk “aap beeti” (memoir) hai aur isi liay non-fiction category main fall kerti hai

      2-Lekin ST ek Drama hai….aur Drama fiction ki category main ata hai kiunk iss main story bana ker pesh ki jati hai

      ab yahan main confuse hoi k ye kia hai?…yaa tou iss ko semi-fiction keh lain kiunk oos main kisi bhi true story ko fictionalize ker k pesh kia jye …aur actual events main zaroorat k mutabiq additions aur subtractions ki jyn ..jaisa yahan hoa writer kaa main focus khelu aur shano aur oon ki kahani per liay baqi characters (dono friends/relatives) ko sirf ink hawalay say dikhaya gaya hai aur oon ki apni life dosri details ko minus ker dia hai…isi tra different waqaiyaat main sirf in per focus hai jaisay shadi main aisa nahi tha k khelu k nakhray aur shano say nazrein milanay k siva kuch hoa nahi ho gaa lekin oon details kaa taluq main story say nahi hai

      iss liay writer in kaa ziker munasib nahi samjha ..waisay bhi ager wo aisa kertay tou ye oon ki writing kaa flaw samjha jata kiunk iss say audience ki tawajo oos main point yaani khelu aur shano ki love story say distract ho sakti thi isi liay abhi tak ye single track story k tor per samnay aye hai

      isi tra additions bhi hoi hon gi jis per baad main aaon gi…fiction kia hai? …simple words main kahen tou her wo cheez jo imaginary yaa imaginations per based hai …tou jo dialogues create kiay gai hain ek tra say wo bhi fiction hi hai

      3-Meri understanding k mutabiq writer ki statement oon “events” k baray main hai jo drama main show kiay gai hain k wo sub real hain lekin characters k baray main hum nahi jantay k sub bhi real hain yaa kuch imaginary jo story ki better understanding aur presentation k liay create kiay gai…sou iss ziman main kuch additions ho sakti hain

      4-locations/places/names sub real hain yaa real characters ko society main expose honay say bachanay k liay change ker dia hai..ab Khalil sahib tou okay hain lekin zaroori nahi k oon ki family/relatives bhi raazi hon..ager change kia hai ye bhi fiction k zumray main hi aye gaa

      5- Modern writing classic writing say totally different hai ab writers apni creative abilities ki bina per itnay experiments ker rahay hain k fiction non-fiction apis main blur ho chukay hain isi liay mera ye khayal hai ST ko kisi ek category main fix kerna munasib nahi….ye ek sath kai categories main fall kerta hai…iss per ziada roshini writer daal saktay hain kiunk ye oon ki takhliq hai

      iss k sath hi ye discussion khatam hoi k bili kis rung ki hai?…honestly speaking mujhay oos k rung say kuch lena dena nahi ..naa hi meri aap say discussion kaa main point ye tha ab oos per atay hain 🙂

      6-Nostalgic approach

      iss point per sub nay agree kia hai k ye writer ki apnay past ki terf ek “nostalgic approach” hai…Nostalgia ko Mushtaq ahmed yusafi nay jis tra explain kia hai wo main zaroor share kerna chahoon gi

      “jaisay kuch hosla mund aur jafa-kush log apna mustaqbil apnay zor-e bazoo say banatay hain isi tra nostalgic insan zor-e takhai-yul (imagination) say apna maazi khud bana laita hai…..aur maazi bhi wo nahi k jo waqa-tun tha bulk wo jo oos nay apni khahish aur pasand k mutabiq gherh ker arasta-o payrasta kia tha… maazi tamanai (yaani jis maazi ki khahish thi)….iss pastan tarazi k pus manzer main taaosi ana kaa raqas deedni hota hai k mor faqat apna nach hi nahi bulk poora jungle bhi khud hi paida kerta hai..nachtay nachtay ek aisa talismati lamha (magical moment) bhi ata hai jub sara jungle nachnay lagta hai aur mor khamosh khara dekhta reh jata hai Nostalgia oosi munjamind lamhay (frozen moment) ki dastan hai”
      (Abe-gum / Mirages of mind)

      ye nostalgia personal life/relations k hawalay say nahi bulk cultural level per bhi nazer ata hai…isi liay tonga / laari (bus) /scent walay khut/ songs/ shadi ki rasoom /village life etc jaisi cheezon ko itni minute details k sath dikhaya gaya k humari SZ keh parin kia her cheez dikhani zaroori hai? lol….

      kher main ye kehna chahti hoon k jahan nostalgia ho gaa wahan imagination zaroor ho gi isi ko explain kernay k liay mushtaq sahib ko quote kia hai…obviously insaan ye sub unintentionally kerta hai jis ki khaber oos ko bhi nahi hoti

      7-Objectivity…jahan tak writer ki understanding aur imagination k mutabiq dosray characters k portrayal kaa sawal hai ..obviously ye natural hai wo oos ko apnay perspective k hisab say likhen gay ..waisay bhi oon k liay impossible hai k ab wo jaan len k exactly oos waqt kon saa character kia soch raha tha naa hi oos waqt oon ko maloom tha k future mein iss per story likhni hai is liay sub kaa POV oon ki zubani maloom ker loon..isi liay jub 2nd yaa 3rd review per khala/khalu k hawalay say sawal uthaya tha main nay oos per baat nahi ki thi…kiunk ye drama/memoir hai documentary nahi jis main her party kaa POV oon k mutabiq pesh kia jye..aur phir ye mmkin nahi

      sou is hud tak writer kaa mukamal tor per objective naa hona samajh main ata hai..shano oon ki mohabat..nostalgic factor… phir oos k liay ye tribute hai is hawalay say bhi writer kaa bias hona samajh main ata hai..ab main swal jo aap k sath discussion main uthaya tha aur jis kaa jawab mujhay abhi bhi nahi mila

      mera sawal aur aitraz khud writer ki apni characterization per tha…yahan imagination ki koi zaroorat nahi wo achi tra apna POV tub aur ab jantay hain akhir insan sub say ziada apnay aap ko janta hai…insan apni zaat k baray main is tra nostalgic nahi ho sakta k 30 saal pehlay aap zero thay ab act of remembering ki waja say khud ko hero samajhnay lagen..aisa hergiz nahi hota…bulk waqt k sath insan apni haqeeqat/ weaknesses ziada behter tor per jan jata hai so past ko romanticize kernay main ye cheez shamil nahi ho gi

      kia Khalil sahib nay khud ko mythologized yaa jo bhi hai kia hai?….kia waqai wo apni weaknesses yaa -ve points ko positive bana ker pesh ker rahay hain…end main writer victim /hero yaa villain k tor per emerge kren gay… is k baray main meri rai main abhi hum hutmi tor per nahi jantay ho sakta hai wo angry young man type hi hon ab oon ki personality change ho gai ho shayed isi liay Khalil sahib nay AM ko khud say milnay yaani copy kernay mana kia ho kiunk is say AM confuse ho saktay thay…. writer kaa apna character kis hud tak real hai is baray main tou wo khud hi confirm kren gay abhi tak wo khamosh hain jo mere hisab say best hai…yaa humein iss k liay wait kerna ho gaa end tak..aur drama khatm honay per iss character ki poori journey samnay anay per hum behter tor per analyze ker sajktay hain k writer apnay baray main bias thay yaa nahi…

      mere khayal main apnay character per oon ko bias hona yaa khud ko fake heroic status dena oon ki writing kaa flaw ho gaa kiunk is koi justification nahi banti..phir ye kis tra ki factual story hai jis main writer apnay baray main facts say ankhein cura rahay hain..oon ki apni statement k mutabiq “main oos k gunah gaar tha” say lagta hai aisa nahi ho gaa aur jahan unhon nay khud ko ghalat paya wo oos ko waisay hi show kren gay…

      ye kahani Khalil sahib ki hai is liay pehlay din say main sub say ziada is character main interested hoon k ye kis tra evolve kerta hai aur khelu abhi tak zinda hai is liay is character nay is tragedy say kia khoya kia paya aur oos ki life per is waqaya k kia asraat hoay audience k liay ye matter kerna chahiay jo abhi shano main ziada interested hai..Mahira madness 🙂

      lekin end main oosi baat per karoon gi k dekhna ye hai k bili choohay paker sakti hai yaa nahi ..matlab ST humein entertain kerta hai yaa nahi jo abhi tak khoob ker raha hai 🙂


  14. Wow! now thats interesting! As I was reading the review itni sari batein karne ko thin.. but after tis analysis I’m in another zone!
    We had talked about KUR bias for Khelu and Shano and whatnot, but this made me look at things in a whole new way. So right about memory lapse, and brain being the ‘mythmaker’ and what a myth KUR has spinned right here!!!
    Coming to the episode, i didnt enjoy this as much as everyone seems to have. Perhaps thats because i squeezed it in a very busy schedule and just wasnt in the right ‘frame of mind”… The Romeo Juliet romance just wasnt going with the ten million deadlines i had to meet, and the tanga ride was just too slow for me for that day.. Abb i wanted to know a bit more about the past but all we got from Rasho was that yeh shadi na mumkin hai..
    Khair, thats just me on a bad day…
    Re the letter: Yes alot of credit for KUR writings go to Shano’s influence! Her letter was way better! Khelu ko shano mili na ya na mili unki writing ko ko nikhar zaroor mil gaya lol.. thanks to shano that we are getting such fiery and flowery dialogues now!
    @SZ Going back to ur creative non fiction, Maulvi sahab is just a prime example.. abb wahan kitne bare bare loophole bhare hain!!! lol.. that was quite funny..
    Liked ur take on khelu’s and Saano’s enchanted world..and that’s what it is and it only makes sense if its enchanted. That is the charm of ST…
    Amongst all that la di da, i did enjoy a slightly different take on love here. this pair, the hero heroine are not going out there to protect their beloved, but are all up for letting each other suffer in the name of ‘boasting’ for their love.. whether its letting Shano get the beats and go neeli peeli with her medallion scars, or whether its letting Khelu take on Fayyaz.. And all this when ”mohabbtaon mein shadian kahan hoti hain..” .. So Yes its circa 50’s and 60’s kinda scented letters era and sharmana muskurana, but this filmy heroine is cirtainly no gaey qurbaan ja-ing to bachao-ing her beloved…call it young jazbati blood if u may, but its more forward than some of our current door-mat-kinda-heroines…


    • @FA: Random comment: i noticed your commenting spree and then there was a sudden stop and then this and i read the first two lines and i burst out laughing (eveybody around me in the library giving me weird looks) ke yeh zaroor mere lambe ke baad so gayi and ab jaagi hai 😉


  15. oh btw forgot to mention, Shano ko ita na marein.. We’ve only just recovered from Imroz’s nosebleeds.. Waise yeh shadi nahin ho sakti kionke maybe Rasho met dr. Imroz and he told her shano has Aids..
    sorry bad joke but had to get that out of my system


  16. ab dekhein ager aap lamba likhein gi tou humein bhi jawab lamba hi dena pray gaa 🙂 …kher is k jawab main aap jo merzi kahen lekin plzzzz hath jorh ker guzarish hai ye mut kahiay gaa tumhein abhi bhi samajh nahi aye 🙂


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