Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 6 Review


Lagta hai hamari tange wali sawari ko kisi ki nazar lag gai… the so far pleasant safar on picturesque rural roads, through charming gaons with oonchi havelis and glittery band baje wali shaadis thereincame to an abrupt stop as our tanga hit a major pothole… bas phir kahan ke nazarey aur kahan ka maza … yaad raha tau sirf khalas aur khalus ka jhamela … kaun kis ki biwi aur kaun kis ka shohar … 

In a story that has been pretty well narrated so far the long unbroken sequence with Shano and maulvi sahab came 10807970_10153346384203662_1722308461_nas quite a jolt. Director Ehtishamuddin who had so far earned quite a few brownie points for his filming of long sequences, even today the minute by minute recap of Khalil’s mulaqat with Shano was beautifully shot from various angles and expertly edited, seemed to fall far short of the standards he has set with this serial. Why choose to convey such pivotal information in one go? Why not break it up? Or narrate it in a series of flashbacks?

10806968_10153346384268662_694843108_nThat said, the director does deserve applause for getting his actors to deliver the goods. Qavi sahab and Mahira deserve a standing ovation for keeping the audiences’ attention riveted to the screen. Loved how maulvi sahab seemed to literally double over as he tried to make sense of the sordid details of Rasho’s past. His facial expressions: squinting eyes, raised eyebrows, grimacing, shaking his head, all were very naturally delivered. 10804951_10153346384198662_264969498_nFor her part, Mahira conveyed Shano’s hesitancy, discomfort and subsequent relief  superbly. By the end of it all, not just maulvi sahab but Shano too had earned herself a glass of water.

Before we get to the details of what all was discussed, we had yet another 10808253_10153346384388662_163507124_nmessy opening sequence, with Mahira’s very distinctive voice replaced with somebody else’s. I get that there must have been technical issues, but still these little things make a world of difference to the overall presentation of the story, to say nothing of diluting the impact of that particular scene as well.

In an episode filled with various versions of the younger pair’s 10805205_10153346384173662_1498927913_ndo din pehley ki mulaqat, Shano to Humera, Khalil to Dr Maqsood, Fayyaz to his cronies, the scenes that really stood out were those connected to the 10799642_10153346419168662_1227407878_nunfolding of Rashida’s less than innocent past. According to Shano, her mother’s refusal, for Khelu’s rishta, stemmed from way back, back when she Rasho been held responsible for breaking up her older sister Inayat’s marriage.

As per the details Shano gave to maulvi sahab, all this happened when khala Inayat was pregnant with Khelu and had sent for her younger sister Rasho to help her out with her other four elder kids. It was at this time that Inayat’s husband succeeded in seducing Rasho and having his way with her. This would have perhaps continued but they were caught by another khala, who threatened to blow the whistle on them. It was at this time that Inayat’s unfaithful husband promised to mend his ways and Rasho was sent packing.

Pregnancy had not hampered Inayat to the extent that she could not 10754968_10153346419103662_75805265_nfigure that something had gone very wrong somewhere along the line and so she sent for Rasho to get to the bottom of the story. Again, despite his promises to the contrary, her husband continued his dalliance with his 15 year old saali. Hell broke loose once Inayat found out the truth and she moved to her husband’s nephew house, who was also Rasho’s mangetar.

10815637_10153346384278662_374635401_nFar from being repentant, the unfaithful shohar took Inayat’s moving out as  khuli chutti and soon after married another woman. The cat was now out of the bag and everybody heard about this, as did Rasho’s mangetar, Abdul Rehman, who in turn got so infuriated that he broke off his engagement and married Inayat after her iddat was over.

While this story makes sense on its own merit, it did not quite gel with the later events that happened in this episode. If Rasho was actually guilty of all that 10799367_10153346418133662_112713943_nShano made her out to be, then why would Inayat be so eager for her son to get married to the daughter of the woman who played a huge role in destroying her marriage. Similarly, why would Abdul Rehman want to have anything to do with Rasho’s daughter, don’t we in the subcontinent tend to look to a mother’s character to ascertain the kind of woman her daughter would grow up to be? More importantly, how did such a sordid past explain Rasho and her entitled, angry attitude towards Khelu and his family – almost as if they owed her?

Instead, in rather sharp contrast to what we would expect, 10816223_10153346419198662_1241557859_nin a fabulously directed sequence, we saw a thrilled Rasho come out to greet Inayat and her husband, Abdul Rehman, also her ex- mangetar. Her deliberate insistence that he bless her like an older brother would, her body language as she deliberately positioned her seat such that her face and body was turned away from Abdul Rehman, her contemptuous slights, making them wait for Ameen, him just “happening” to bringing his elder brother to 10807885_10153346419058662_1833906815_nreject the rishta – all pointing to a story yet to be told. What Shano heard, and discussed with maulvi sahab, may well be the truth, but only a part of it. There is a lot more yet to be revealed. A person as experienced as naani would not be so gung-ho on the rishta, if things had really happened the way as they did in Shano’s story.

10799684_10153346418068662_545939807_nSo far all we’ve heard is a young 18 year old girl’s understanding of what she has been told, and who told her this story is something that is still a mystery. It will be interesting to wait and see how Rasho remembers the past. I am expecting her version to explain the hate and bitterness that we see in Rasho today. How does a girl who is in love with her mangetar, get so easily swayed by her older married man? Surely glittery bangles and glitzy earrings are not enough to sway a girl, no matter how young she might be, to enter into a relationship with her behnoi?

Sadqay Tumhare, for me, is as much Shano’s story as it is Rasho’s story, and hats off to both Samiya Mumtaz and10807845_10153346384333662_92366148_n Mahira Khan for playing their characters so well. Samiya Mumtaz in particular is simply magnificent. Where Shano is simplicity and innocence personified, Rasho is complicated and layered, nothing alike temperament wise in these two ladies, but that is all today… what happened way back when? Was Rasho once a Shano too, dreaming of her very own swashbuckling hero, a larger than life man , one who would not hesitate to knock down anyone who stood in his way? Where then did it all go wrong?

10814236_10153346384183662_1646519836_nThe fact that I have theories galore but don’t know what happened when and where and to whom, makes this serial a great watch, and apart from the dubbing glitch and the over long maulvi scene, this episode delivered the goods. While the two leading ladies are exceptional, the men are no slackers either. 10799768_10153346417893662_1223161687_nRehan Sheikh in particular is fabulous. Adnan Malik is doing well as the swaggering, tell-all Khelu, Shamil Khan is good as Dr. Maqsood, but please! Can someone find this guy a life? Doesn’t he have better things to do than listen to a much younger cousin’s dastan-e ishq? No wonder he’s still stuck in second yr med school!

Mukarram Kaleem is a great Fayyaz. All that talk about wasting each other away was pretty funny, especially when hearing it two perspectives, Khalil and Fayyaz. Farhan Ali Agha has really made his presence felt, even with a few dialogues, he and Samiya Mumtaz were particularly great in that rishta scene. Among the ladies, Tahira Imam, Khelu’s mom, is quiet but an effective foil to the other show stealers. If there are any layers to her character, I cant see them as of yet.

10806990_10153346418018662_1489603547_nIn Humera, we have a female version of Dr. Maqsood, the friend par excellence. No life of her own, always available to hear even the minutest details of Shano’s life. I have to say this is Saniya Shamshad’s10805087_10153346417868662_1426635978_n most likeable role so far. Naghma ji is an absolute delight as naani, and it will be interesting to see what role she played in the past and what she will do now that Shano has openly taken sides. So yes, all in all quite a happening episode, opened up a whole Pandora’s Box worth of questions ab lets wait and see jawab kaisey, kab aur kahan se aatey hain...

Here’s to hoping for a smoother ride next week!

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ phew so many theories! 😉 I actually found it pleasant to have the past (if not all) brought up in one go. I’d rather have that then a couple of episodes just spent hoping and praying for the story to move on. At least, part of why Rasho is the way she is with her sister & brother -in-law is being understood. This is revenge time for her – a lovely Shanno liked by everyone yet can’t be had because Rasho is the one in control this time.

    Qavi Sahib was brilliant…one could feel his discomfort in his gestures and expressions. I also liked his lines…very refreshing to hear a maulvi sahib being portrayed as a reasonable man willing to give rightful respect to girls especially in a small town 🙂 These little things make me appreciate the play more. I like the way it is set in the 80s yet it manages to hold my interest in some liberal moments.

    Farahn A Agha in the morning show said that he plays an important role in the play and now I can see why. The way he talked about his “tayka” and how he handled the taya ji was fabulous. I like the straight forward approach of this play. Khelu was fabulous with Doctor sahib and the entire scene ad you pointed out was shot and executed brilliantly. Even after having seen the Shanno and Khelu’s mulaqaat, it was still a delight to watch Khelu repeat it.

    Humaira as the friend is also very likeable. Yes, the friends of the pair don;t seem to have a life of their own but then isn;t that what friends are for? Plus if the friends weren’t around then one would really miss out on some lovely scenes of Shanno and Khelu.

    All in all, I am loving the play. All hell will break lose and while I strongly feel this will have a tragic end, I am not ready to give up on the play. MK rocks, AM is impressive in his first outing in a serial. Special mention for the casting director.


    • @AK: Yaar, the problem was not so much with all in one go, but in tems of breaking up the tedium of the scene so as to give the viewers some time to wrap their heads around all the developments .. not all are watching online so as to rewind and rewatch ..

      Re: Qavi as the maulvi, yes we are on the same page 🙂 but what is funny is that he is playing the exact same kind of maulvi in Gar Maan Reh Jaye as well .. pretty much the same get up. only his beard is snow white there rather than the greyish shade here LOL!

      Yes, def a tragic end … but theek hai as long as they end logically and rationally Im ok with it .. I wil be very annoyed if they kill off somebody only because xyz “requested” that he do so .. as it happened with his Pyare Afzal


      • Yaar, why do you think it’s a tragic end??

        Khalil sahab, lived to tell the story. I am curious to find out though whether Shano became his wife?!!

        Was it foreshadowing that Shano said “mohabbat mein shaadi kahan hoti hai”. I guess she’s alluding to your typical Laila-Majnu, Shireen-Fahad tragic love story.


        • @Nur – Khalil sahab said that he’s paying tribute to Shano in one of his interviews via this drama. Then he also said how death is a happy ending – zinda rehna is quite boring – something along those lines.


  2. Bapre very complicated relationship. Now Khalil’s step father also had a first wife? What happened to the children elder to Khalil? Somehow the complication ruined the effect of the twist atleast for me 😦


    • @Tinni: Exactly! and its not just you, almost everybody was confused … and yes all your questions are equally valid .. aside from all this what got my head really spinning was that Khelu’s mom had 5 already (including Khelu) then she has 4 more — 9 kids??!! And the woman has time for fancy braids in her hair???


      • She had four more?! I thought she had 5 and then just the daughter with Abdur Rahman. Not that I could keep track of how many kids were in the house. I’m assuming that Khelu’s elder siblings are and might remain off screen.

        Yes is was quite confused by the whole sordid tale!

        Another question, who calls her Rasho? I have heard most people call her ‘Sheeda.

        I liked when Amin stepped in and prevented Sheeda from hitting Shano. You could finally se that he does have a soft spot for his daughter – something you haven’t seen Sheeda display at all. In fact from the very first scene when little brother was whining about food all I saw was Sheeda scowling with that squinty-eyed glare.

        Sheeda is a woman scorned who has made it her mission to exact revenge on her sister and brother-in-law/ex-mangaitar!

        I don’t know that there is a second side to this story though. Probably some more details are forthcoming, but I don’t think that Shano’s version is much of a deviation from the actual truth.

        It’s impossible to imagine that someone would make up such “sangeen” allegations. I am shocked that Sheeda got away with it. Obviously Amin is not suave and debonair like Abdur Rahman, but he is a thaikedaar, and she got married. Many a girl is disowned for something so serious. I think the whole family was probably involved in the coverup. And yes it makes absolutely no sense why Abdur Rahman or Inayat would be so eager to wed Shano to their “chaheeta” son.

        I guess we wait and see… I’m assuming they do get married as there are scenes in the promos that show him and her in the same room as he teaches her English. I can’t fathom that happening under current circumstances so I’m assuming after they run away they get married. Of course that begets the question- what happens to disrupt their life if they do manage to run away.


      • @SZ: exactly main bhi kal say hairan preshan thi k akhir inayut k kitnay bachay hain…aap keh rahi hain 9 tou main maan laity hoon kiunk wapis jaa ker wo scene dobara dekhnay ki himmat nahi hai lol…aur khelu Abdul rehman kaa beta hai? yaa inayut k ex-husband kaa aur maqsood bhi kahin iss kaa bhai tou nahi…aur baqi bachay kahan hain..inayut is epi main jin k baray main keh rahi thi “perh rahay hain sub”…wo kon say bachay thay…khelu ager Abdul rehman kaa step son hai tou sirf wo hi kiun in k sath rehta hai….

        aur sheeda Abdul rehman ki first wife ki baat ker rahi thi yaa ex-fiancé yaani apni..lekin wo apni hi baat oon k samnay kaisay ker sakti hai..ager nahi tou shano nay Abdul rehan ki first wife ki tou koi baat hi nahi ki thi…bohat ghapla hai boss


      • @SZ: aur ab mujhay lagta hai jitni story shano ko pta hai amin /khelu sub ko pta ho gi official version hai oos actual story kaa jis ko daba dia gaya…lekin ab shayed samnay aa jye..aur sheeda k “na-jaiz” word ki guthi tou abhi tak nahi khuli..kiunk is story k mutabiq tou shano aur khelu k nikah main koi problem tou bohat obvious hai kiunk dono k fathers different hain…sheeda k na-jaiz kaa matlab kuch aur hai..ya shayed oos nay na-jaiz word inappropriate k maani main kia ho…kiunk ager itna bitter past hai tou future main koi positive relation banana dono families k liay mushkil ho gaa kabhi naa kabhi mazi ki koi baat nikal hi sakti hai aur amin k poochnay per sheeda ko na-munasib laga ho ye poori story liay oos nay baat badal di


  3. Hi SZ, very detailed review once again, not leaving any stone unturned.

    Loved this episode as well. As for the scene between Shaano n Maulavi sahab, when I was watching this episode n YT last night there were quite a few viewers commenting upon how confused they were with the story Shaano told. One really had to be very attentive to understand d whole narrative. But one good thing that came out of this gol gol jalebi story was the confirmation that Khelu-Shaano rishta is not “Najaayaz” as claimed by Rashida in an earlier episode.

    Even I was intrigued as to why would Inayat n Abdul Rehman want to keep any sort of relation (let alone get their son married to her daughter) with the woman who once broke their hearts so badly. Lets wait for the explanation.

    Acting wise, everyone was excellent with a special mention for Mahira(with Maulavi Sahab n also d last scene), Rashida (all excited meeting her sis n behnoi, obviously delighted thinking about their beizzati with the inkaar). My heart was in my mouth waiting for Shaano’s reply to her father’s question though somewhere I knew d answer. I think d credit here goes as much to d director as his actors.

    Whilst watching Khalil describing his meeting to Maqsood, for the first time in this drama, I started visualizing Fawad in this role n felt FK should try something like this, a passionate lover ready to go to any extent for his love. I know he has played a loverboy in most of his dramas but not this no holds barred, brash to d extent of being called “akhhar” kind of a character. Sorry, again went in FK direction.

    Excited to see how d drama unfolds in d coming weeks with Shaano clearly showing her determination.


    • @Samrita: LOl @ going in the FK direction …lets hope that he finds new challenges in his filmy career, cause he did say he was quite fed up of playing the same roles again n again …

      Re: Najayiz, methinks that is an angle yet to be explored .. Rasho is not the kind of woman who lets things slip just because … and also notice how she treats Shano with almost a step motherly kind of a disdain .. and shes not afraid of using her daughter as a pawn in this game that she is playing .. so I think abhi picture main bohot kuch baqi hai 🙂


      • Lol SZ,aik Rasho hai who doesn’t let anything slip, aur aik aap hain- you’re in the same category! Your theories make me think if KuQ hasn’t already sent you the script pehle se 😉


        • @Afia: Haha! I wish!! Then I could’ve spared myself the charting of all the rishtedaaris and who said what to whom when 😉
          Waisey dont you think Hum is weirdly biploar .. ek taraf you get these mind numbing dramas where everything is repeated 500 times and then reiterated through flashbacks and doosri taraf you have this where everything is just blurted out in one go .. and the audiences are just supposed to get it in … yaa aar ya paar .. I seriously wish they could find a middle ground in terms of story telling … also I really think MK deserves an award for delivering that monolgue without any bloopers .. becharey maulvi sahab to sirf sunney mein hi chakra gaye ..


          • yes, it was way too fast to tell all….and hard to comprehend if one didn’t remember all the names. I was surprised they couldn’t come up with a better way to narrate.


      • Yes, that mention of Naajaaiz stuck out to me like a timebomb. That was revealed Last episode and at that time the only info we had was that Sheeda and Abdur Rahman were once engaged. My immediate thought (which made me sick beyond words) was what if Shano was Abdur Rahman’s daughter. Often if girls were found to have illicit affairs and subsequently pregnant they’d be married off to hide the shame and pass off the child as someone else’s. Yes, the thought makes my stomach turn. Although if she was their daughter she would have different parents than Khelu. Actually thinking more about it they are showing Shano as a few years younger than Khalil so timeline doesn’t work.


  4. SZ!!! Finally! Was eagerly waiting for your review.

    I dunno why ppl are saying they didn’t understand the complicated revelation made last nite. I did. In one go and that despite the fact I am not familiar with the various relationships as defined in pak society. All the khaala khalus and other rishte go over my head. I actually liked the fact that shanno reveals the big dirty family skeleton in a monologue. More effective than doing so in flashbacks. With this revelation this drama has become very interesting. From a straight forward love story it has now gathers many layers and become an interesting window to human relationships , played out in that period.. How everything went, shit happened but was hidden under the proverbial sharam ka pardah.

    I am not surprised that khelus mom has forgiven her young sis. She appears to be the sorts. Then again she seems to be happy in her marriage and with her husband and hence it seems has successfully moved on from her sordid past. Same goes for her hubby. They seem to be a contented couple until now. Not so rasheeda . She seems to have been burning in hell ever since . Mumkin hai she was forcibly married to her thekadar Saab post the scandal by her mom ,who seems like a tough nut, who may have forced her to choose from lean pickings and she thus has ended up with someone far removed from the person of her dreams. Mumkin hai she was not seduced but taken advantage of by her bro in law but no one heard her side of the story ( although I doubt that) and hence she has been waiting her chance to get back at khelus parents all this while and now is a good time coz she has the upper hand unlike then when she had no say. Mumkin hain she truly is a very selfish self centred woman with malice and hatred in her heart although her kids seem to be pretty sorted.

    Khelu describing his shanno visit and his emotional ups and downs there to the doc was v sweet. So the man has a sensitive side that he isn’t embarassed to show- truly metrosexual I say to be aware and acknowledge how totally in her power he is.

    Loved how shanno declares her love for Khelu openly and resolutely. First to his mom and later to her Nani and entire family. I seriously hope this ain’t a tragic love story with shanno dying in the end. We need strong girls like her to live-onscreen as well in real life.

    Eagerly waiting for the next epi…


  5. I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise but i think Mahira is bland in this series-trying too hard to look innocent makes her quite expressionless most of the time! she is being epically saved only by excellent dialogues she has! Everyone else is doing a great job with the acting!


    • @sharon: thanks for joining us and sharing your views 🙂 Re: Mk’s bland expressions, I see where you’re coming from, but don’t you think that’s its more cause shes not really had to much to do except be the coy daughter… I think we will see Shano come into play a bot more as the story moves on … that said, I did enjoy MK in her confrontation scenes with SM … baqi lets see aagey kiya hota hai ..

      Hope we’ll continue hearing from as this serial progresses and the tanga picks up a bit of speed 🙂


  6. Though I loved the narration, I did not understand many things for the urdu was a bit too much for me. I was under the impression Khalil’s step father was about to marry Shano’s mother initially. Now he already had a wife(his first wife) or had been married so what was the necessary to marry a girl with already married man? Then Rasho commented something saying men of your family are cursed and talked about the first wife, the comments went over my head. Despite everything how come Shano was chosen as a hand for marriage with their son? Ask the doc not to bask in the love life of his cousin instead get a life of his own. He is supposed to be 6 years older than Khalil and still studying in 2nd year. I am becoming a huge fan of Rasho, she is a charmingly evil.


  7. i like the episode , now this is the kind of drama our TV industry is famous for and we poroud of . As non of the other BAKWAAS these days on TV can claim to be the Pak TV industry gems , they are rubbish and degrading to our public and our women in general .
    Coming to the episode , I had to really spend 10/15 understanding the , Khala , khalo, Ammi, khala, lahore wali Khala Khichdi , though it reminded me where even I use to ask my nani about any rishtay daar she use to give me a same kind of jalaibee jawab !!
    I am truly liking this drama . And seeing Mahira doing so well here , it’s breaking my heart to hear that she is going to work in a Bollywood movie … A big sigh to this … If only our film industry flourish for our actors to stick with meaty roles they get here ….
    Great review as usual . Love reading it and the comments afterwards .


    • @sheema: jalebi jawab is an excellent way to describe that convoluted khalu khalu story … lets hope this coming ep brings some clarity to he confusing kon kis ka beta and kon kis ki beti


  8. @SZ lol at khalas aur khalus ka jhamela…Was so confused abt the khala khalu relationship but now its clear….was thinking if shano n Khalil turn out to be half siblings..I just hope aisa na ho……waise I agree abt humera being d female version of Dr.sahab hahaha.Me too would love to listen rasheeda’s version abt the past that would give us an insight into the full story..the way everyone tells their dialogue in st I feel as if am listening to some poetry…so pleasant to the ear.Am loving the relationship between shano n rasheeda not the perfect mother daughter but kuch toh hain Jo mujhe bohut accha lagta hain….poor shano aur kitne thappad padege…expressions of shano every time her mother slaps her…just so waiting for next week.Khalil aur fayyaz ka aamna samna…would be interesting


    • @Manju: Yes, we are in the same boat it seems .. for me the Shano- Kheu story is more like a tangent jab ke Samiya Mumtaz is the true heroine at this point in the story and I think as we move ahead more and more it will the mother-daughter relationship that will be under the spotlight … like you waiting to see what happens next …


  9. Thanks for clearing up the rishton ki jalaibee, as Sheema had called it, I thought I’d got it but was waiting for your confirmation 🙂 I didn’t remember if Khalu AuR was farhan ali agha or not, didn’t even recall Khelu’s mom’s name so it was all guessing, more confusion!

    I was fortunate to meet Qavi Sahab at my kids’ school’s Ghalib Night y’day…my 9 yr old had no clue who he was. I was trying to make her recall Dur-e-Shahwar but no luck…. This morning I was watching ST with her and the minute the masjid scene came she started pointing to the screen “Mama dekhen ye kon hai” … felt great 🙂
    Thank God she didn’t ask what was being said between the two 😉


  10. SZ you aynalize it so well but what can I tell you , this whole thing went like NUM . Num also has all confusion !! But at the end with your Help I got the point. Mahira khan is exellent . And what can I say about Samiya. . I love her .Shanno is very brave girl. this the thing about drama that I like ,they show the brave and courageous girl, not afraid to hide what is her feeling . Qavi sab was brilliant . See the veteran actor presence for a few minutes makes so much difference , his expression , the eye and the way he looks , no need to use words ,you get the message. Hope you donot mind me using veteran . Thanks Sz.


    • @Ranjan: LOL! Why would I mind you using veteran .. in fact its so much more respectful of their experience and points to the time they have spent polishing their craft, so that theyve been around for so long .. I look at so many newbies these days and there is hardly anything memorable abt them … even though they’re all on tv in so many dramas at the same time ..


  11. Hey SZ. Great review, once again. And about the episode..well well. That was one sordid back story. I agree with you – flashbacks would definitely have been better. Qavi Khan was very perfect as Molvi Sahab – certainly appeared to be the kind of person one could go to and confide in without being paralysed by reservations.

    Samiya Mumtaz was the scene stealer for me. What was that in her demeanor with Khalil’s father? Totally blew me over! Rashida is one carefully crafted character. But what I want is to hear her side of the story from her – secondhand narration of past events is so removed and can turn out to be quite different from what and how things actually happened. I do wonder though..since it’s all based on real life events – it was a very daring act by the writer to reveal all those details about his family.

    Waise ab is this issue of jaaiz/najaaiz completely solved? Coz I read a recent interview of the serial’s writer and he said he married his “mamu’s” daughter when he was 19 and she was 16. And this interview on : “He admits that though opening up his story to others was difficult, he felt the need to acknowledge this girl. He wistfully reflects, “Mein shayad uske samne gunegaar tha (Perhaps I let her down). I wish to give tributes to her.” ”

    I keep trying to guess what would happen next, how will the story end and now I hope that the writer had kept the fact that it is his own story to himself! Lol. I really don’t want to be caught off-guard in case KuR Qamar once again decides to pull a Pyarey Afzal on us.


    • @Nashra: Exactly! Samiya Mumtaz is brilliant here! And thiugh her character is negative, she somehow manages to get us to understand her POV also, without saying a word herself abt her past ..
      Re: the najayez bit ..for me at least the question mark is still there .. and there has to be a reason why Rasho treats Shano the way she does .. its almost like she sees somebody else reflected in her face .. lets see what happens next ..

      Re: the mumkinats.. lol true, I too have wracked my brain with diff theories, but nothing seems to quite fit.. but while it is frustrating it is also fun to have an opportunity to try and second guess the writer .. all those novel inspired stories had gotten really boring with all of us knowing what was gonna happen.. so yeah, keep the theories flowing ..who knows, working together we all might come up with the right scenario 🙂


      • Oh sahi.

        You’re so right about the novel based dramas..they take the fun right out of the watching experience. Besides, I always like novels more so the dramas unfailingly fall short of my expectations 😉


  12. LOl@ our tanga hit a major pothole.. thats exactly what it felt like after watching the latest installment. so far I’d been plotting the bus and tanga routes from lahore to daska to tooti chuk to bhopalwala and what nots.. and today we were hit by another challenge.. plotting the khandani shajra. i was struggling to keep up with all the ages and the rishtedars in the gaon ki shadi with khalas, and khaloos and khaloo ke abbas and abbe ka betas and what nots.. abb major complication with rahim yar khan on the map and not to mention the all important family affair!! Maybe they should’ve named this drama rishta aur raste! lol

    Aur jab Shano ka monologue kuch palle para, i got even more confused!! why oh why r they all hell bent on this rishta? The lahore wali khala, the khaloo and most importantly the nani…?? @SZ like u spotted out – very unlike the norms in our sub-continent! From what Shano narrated, Rasho only realized her mistake after her sister found out.. really? how? i mean a15 yrs old isnt that young to understand this… and if AuR was already married why engaged to Rasho at the same time? where are inayats other children fron her first marriage? who told shano this version of events? If it was a such big deal ke everyone knew at the time, how comes, in a world where even the tange wala knows about all the rishtas and raste, the thekedaar sahab doesnt know? or does he? aur pata nahin kia kia…and after all that we still dont know who is dakter sahab? konsi khala ka beta hai? lol
    Im with you there’s more to this story than what meets the eye. Id like to hear Rasho ki kahani, rasho ki zabani.
    So yes my mumkinat driven brain is working over time!
    SM was brill!! from her sarr pe hath rakh dein to all her loaded statements.. her evil smile ufffff!!!! absoultely brilliat!
    MK was great… but did why oh why we got that voiceover, woh bhi opening scene mein!!! As much as it got to me, brownie points for MK for memorizing the monologue..
    Maulvi sahab was dejavu from gar maan but much more fun here. I cracked up laughing at his I need pani to gulp it down.. i think we all needed that pani break! that was fantastic! .. It was just way tooooo much info to take in one go. Agree with @AK that it was good that it was good to get it all out of the way in one go, rather that having our tanga being stuck in the pothole for two weeks.. but at the same time it didnt have to be in one super-long, and very confusing monologue.

    For an episode filled with aik se barh ke aik qasams, and full on family affair, it was an engaging episode.. ceratinly got me thinking lol.. i just hope and pray there really is more to the back story! Waiting for more to unfold.


  13. Thx for the clarification! Kind of had an idea but yeah definitely needed flashbacks or some kind of break up of scene. Just too many names and scenarios going on lol.
    Still don’t know about how Khelu stepfather was engaged to Sheeda and yet also had a previous wife?!?
    Maybe will find out more in upcoming episodes and yes definitely need to hear sheedas take as she seems way too vengeful considering she seems the villain, what really happened must have more to it!!
    And definitely doesn’t make sense for inayat then coming for shanos rishta after what her sister did to her?!?
    As always looking forward:)


  14. Wow that was such a roller coster type of episode… Highs and lows, ups and downs..but at the end enjoyed so much..
    The back story from Shano’s perspective no matter how complicated or easy it was to understand.. But when we get the story.. I still dont find the link for Shano and Khalil to be ‘mehram’.. Khalil is son of Inayat and Saadiq.. Shano is Rasheeda and Ameen daughter.. They both are cousins..simple.. So why this point even arises.. Until and unless we hear the much awaited version by rasho herself.. Then yes there could be something.. So Khalil Ur Rehman had one wife already.. After that he got engaged to rasho and then married to inayat.. I Love these kind of confusing relationships specially when i am able to understand them too 🙂

    Hands down Rasho was show stealer.. The way she looks at shano… That khatarnaak killer guse se bhare expressions.. And then when she meet KuR.. Amazing.. Samiya mumtaz is simply mind blowing and as @Tinni said charming evil., so apt for her.. Everytime when she just cant control herself to slap shano.. And to make the scenes more sizzling Mahira khan is fab too.. Her coy smile and courage in her eyes makes it all a quality serial..

    The scene between Maulvi and Shano was one of the best scenes.. Qavi sahab was excellent throughout..the way he didnt raise her eyes to shano and talked to her so respectfully was awesome.. i like how dr.maqsood gets hyper excited when khalil shares his dastaan-e-ishq.. Hahaha.. Like he was saying ‘phir phir tum ne kya kaha” too funny.. Dono ko dost kaafi ache mile hain 😉

    Im all excited for up coming episodes and rasho’s past specially.. 🙂
    And SZ thank you for explaining the chain of khalas and khalus ..:)


      • @Rehmat : lol koi nahi…kia kren confusion hi itna hai..lekin mujhay lagta hai writer nay deliberately nay itna confusing likha hai like u said “chain of khala khalus” lol…I mean kia makers ko ahsas nahi hoa gaa k ye sub itna confusing hai audience k liay iss ko understand kerna diificult ho gaa..tou wo oos ko asan alfaz main likh laitay yaa iss tra dramatize kertay k samajhna asan ho…jo baat yahan her koi ker raha hai flash back technique etc …mera khayal hai suspense qaim rakhnay lekin sath hi interest develop kernay ki khatir aisa kia gaya


        • @RJ: hehe shukrya 😉 haan quite possible k suspense kaim rakhney k lye flasback na dikhaya ho.. Or may be jab rasheeda agr khud apna version batati he tou flashbacks use hoon…


  15. Awesome with the reviews! :like: however I too among the rest, was not able to interpretate what shanno told the molwi saab. Is it possible for any of you, to write it in detail…well not in detail or long.. but just in short and precise? 🙂 That would be higly appreciated! Thanks heaps. 🙂


    • @Noorie: The back story was like that Inayat (mother of khalil) was married to Sadiq.. And when she was expecting Khalil.. Rasheeda ( inayat sister) came to take care of Inayat. Sadiq had bad eye on rasheeda and since rasheeda was just 15 years she couldn’t judge his intentions and got trap in his buttery romantic talks.. Rasheeda was already engaged to Sadiq’s nephew Abdul Rehman. When Inayat came to know about Rasheeda and Sadiq secret affair. She got mad and left the house and started living at Abdul Rehman place. Sadiq divorced inayat and married some other woman. When Abdul Rehman heard about all this mess in which his fiancee was involved.. He broke the engagement and got married to Inayat..

      Hope this helps 🙂


    • @Noorie: Welcome aboard! Lovely to have you join us 🙂

      I hope Rehmat’s clarification help clear some of the confusions 🙂

      Re: your comment on Gar Maan … yes, that second sister needs to have her head checked! But apart from beefs with her, isnt the story so fab? And what do you think of Hina as the paan chewing khala … kiya cheez hain yeh bhi!


  16. My interpretation is that Shanno is the daugther of Samiya mumtaz and inayats exhusband, the one who was bewafaa? Perhaps that is why the question arise as in whether or not they can get married (khalil and shanno) . Correct me please


      • Even I have a feeling this could be d case as this is d only explanation that comes to mind for Rasheeda calling Shaano-Khalil rishta naajayaz.

        But then if you come to think of it, will they really showit that ways Considering this is based on KUR’s own life story.


    • @Noorie: Yes, this is the writer’s own love story, and the character Khalil is based on the writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar … check it out


  17. thank you for trying to explain the whole khaala and khaloo’s stories 🙂 I couldn’t keep up (neither could my husband). I was too distracted by the fake beard, weird eye twitching and Shanno’s extra makeup. My husband was like “he’ll ask for water after this convoluted mess” LOL and we had a good laugh when Qavi Khan did. Besides that very long scene and the whole retelling of what happened between Khelu and Shanno by Khelu to Dr. Sahab (pretty unnecessary sequence), I enjoyed the rishta maang-ing scene. Well played by all the characters.
    Let’s see what happens next. This episode was barely ok.


  18. what nonsense..mujhay tou kuch samajh nahi…khala khaloo aur khul khel kaa ajeeb malghooba…allah janay poor MK nay ye dialogues yaad kaisay kiay hon gay aur kitnay retakes main ye scene hoa ho gaa…phir shano ko ye detail kis nay batai…jub k amin ko nahi pta aur kia kheloo ko pta hai..touba mera dimagh ghoom gaya is sub k baad


  19. SZ main aap say agree kerti hoon abhi is story k bohat say pehloo samnay anay hain yaa shayed poori story hi kuch aur hai aur jo sachai dunya k samnay hai wo haqeeqat main such naa ho

    jaisay ho sakta hai asal culprits sheeda/sadiq nahin bulk inayut/Abdul rehman hon…haan kiun nahi…kiunk dekhein inayut sadiq say naraz ho ker apnay maikay yaa mother k paas anay ki bajaiy Abdul rehman k paas jaa ker kiun rehnay lagi..ager wo victim thi jis kaa gher sheeda nay berbaad kia tha tou sympathy oos ko milni chahiay thi aur apni family ki support bhi..oos surat main phir sadiq k nephew jo oos ki sis kaa fiancé bhi hai k paas janay ki kia tuk thi?…ye bhi tou scandal ban sakta tha? akhir kis rishtay say inayut Abdul rehman k gher gai

    yaa tou pehlay say inayut/Abdul rehman kaa affair tha aur sheeda jo 15 saal ki immature lerhki thi wo inki planning kaa shikar ho gai …yaa sadiq waqai bura insaan tha aur inayut oos say tung thi jub oos nay sheeda per buri nazer dali inayut ko sadiq say jaan churhanay ka mouqa mil gaya….lekin is surat main Abdul rehman kaisay beech main aa gaya

    yaa waqai sheeda/sadiq kaa affair tha aur revenge k tor per inayut nay mazloomiyut card khel ker Abdul rehman ko oos say cheen lia

    mere kehnay kaa matlab hai ager inayut actual culprit hai..phir sheeda ki oos say itni nafrat justified hai aur jawab main inayut.abdul rehman kaa khelu k liay shano kaa rishta mangna..shayed wo ab compensate kerna chahtay hon jo ghalti oon say mazi main hoi

    aur sheeda ka kehna “sheeda k ander ki asal sheeda”…matlab sheeda ki reality tou abhi tak sub say chupi hoi hai….shano ki story k mutabiq jis sheeda ko sub jantay hain..sheeda nay khud oss ko jhutla dia hai

    jo bhi hai sheeda is waqt ST kaa sub say interesting aur important character bun chuki hai aur ab mujhay samajh aya hai samiya jaisi actrees nay is character k liay haami kiun bhari jis per main abhi tak hairan thi 🙂


  20. awesome episode! i did have to watch the long maulvi twice b/c i could not follow all the khalas and khalus in one go, but i finally got it! poor MK has gotten slapped in practically every episode, bichari! lol looking forward to the next episode.


  21. The drama is being dragged and nothing significant has happened in the last 3-4 episodes, except that Khelu went to Balgun and has come back after beating four young men with “Ghaibi” help and a small episode of “Chachora pan” while trying to help Shano in Maths…. drama is staged in 70’s and remember that no parent would allow her young daughter to sit all alone with her young cousin in her room (despite that Shano’s mother have been trapped and used by Khelu’s dad, how she would trust khelu with her daughter, khelu is trustworthy no doubt, but in the light of shano’s mother past it is unlikely). It did not happened back in those days and does not happen even these days in rural families. The whole village of Balgun knows about Khelu as if there was only one person living in Lahore named Khalil.
    Story is being dragged really slow through the episodes to earn more money commercially and viewers are being frustrated by this (unless you don’t have anything better to do and living in imaginary world). Conventional friends of protagonists (as the SZ said without their own life) and small time old fashioned bits and pieces are equally frustrating (Shano’s totally free to sing for her friend and mimicking her dad and Khelu’s cricket triumph despite he was not able to walk and feeling dizzy and even unconscious at times).
    Story is sounding great and unconventional but I think it can be to presented in far better way. Wasting time on small things that are presented in last 4 episodes, could be covered under one episode, I dont agree that it is very professional. Capitalizing over popularity is fine but not to the extend that they start getting bored and feel that the story is getting non-realistic. Pakistani Drama is popular for its closeness to reality so I guess it should remain like that.
    Mahira’s Hamsafar was presented in a far better way then this drama.
    Maulvi Sb is playing a good role for peace between the families, but he could also tell Khelu to go back (and stop being chachora) and send his elders once again to solve the issue. Dr Maqsood is now planning for a court marriage straight away, why? Abdur Rehman is portrayed as a very strong and wise personality, why is he convinced so easily for a court marriage, I think man like him can try to resolve the issues in a better way.
    Start was great and has attracted a lot of viewers but needs to maintain that class instead of dragging it and losing popularity. Drama is drama and not a bolly/lollywood movie so it should stay close to reality, I believe. I don’t agree that this is a true story, if there is any reality then I believe would be only referential. and rest of all is built on top of that true reference.


  22. Salam SZ! Was recently swayed into picking up another drama after taking a long sabbatical away from them and Sadkey Tumhare is where I landed (for no other reason than Mahira Khan’s consistent watchability). Just saw Episode 6 and came right here to check to see if you could decipher it, particularly the maulvi scene. Kept wishing Maulvi saab had a black board so that Shanu could have drawn a diagram, a family tree, explaining all the ins and outs, as it were. Using this excellent review and rewatching the scenes, I did end up drawing a diagram myself.

    So Khalil is not Abdul Rahman’s biological son, he’s the son of Abdul Rahman’s uncle, the letch, M. Sadiq. And Abdul Rahman was married before to some badsurat aurat before he married Inayat. Also there’s mention of Bhabi Suraiya from Abdul Rahman’s khandan and some marriage troubles there. The sense is that the men of that family are not to be trusted. Maybe Rasho didn’t have an affair with M. Sadiq, but was instead raped by him? Thus her disgust with Khalil, his son. And the matter of the affair being a rape could also explain Inayat’s love for Shanu and her wish to bring her home as her bahu… as sort of making amends for what her own husband did to her 15 year old sister. (ie Rasho isn’t a fallen woman with a fallen daughter)

    Right now, I am hung up on the fact of why: why, if Shanu’s parents were going to behave this way, did they tell her about the rishta with Khalil at all? Why put this idea of a childhood engagement into her head if they were against it from the beginning? See, I’m firmly on Shanu’s side, even though I see what you’re saying about Rasho having her own story, which we have yet to hear. The convoluted way the elders play with the emotions of their children, and use their children as pawns to appease the lingering wounds left by their own losses and heartbreaks, redemption (or continuation) for their own sins. Frankly, it’s disgusting. There’s a feeling of claustrophobia in a society when parents abuse their kids so, and all sanctity of family is thrown out the window for the sake of the dirty business of marriage. It would be a true miracle if this drama showed clearly that family and marriage should be mutually exclusive.


  23. This back story is tbh the only thing that carries any interest for me. The rest, I find infinitely insufferable, especially Shano; the “innocent girl” portrayal has gotten old, fast…poor Mahira Khan deserves a beter role. I just don’t get this whole Bollywood thing of Khelu one-handedly beating up a group of guys, on a regular basis.
    Thanks for explaining Rashida’s back story, I was so freaking confused!


  24. Sadqay Tumhary is a true love story. It is based on the love live of heroine Shaano and Hero Khalil. Shaano and Khalil are engaged since birth. Khalil’s mother Inayat is Shaano’s maternal aunt. Both Khalil and Shaano know about the engagement. Mahira Khan is a fabulous actress she played an awesome role in Sadqay Tumharay. Recently i watched her Indian movie Raees.


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