Goya ~ Episode 1 Review


Goya ~ from the Persian verb guftan ~ Saying, speaking, as you (or as one) would say, as it were, thus in this manner, so to say.
Goya hona
~ to speak, to begin to speak.

Very rarely it is that we come across a serial so aptly named. Goya is the story of Rahat Hashmi, a terse, authoritarian rich businessman. On the other hand, this is also the story of Omar Hashmi, Rahat’s only son, a pampered young man with no real purpose in life. As a pair the father and son are a study in contrasts. Where his father is confident, unhesitating, unafraid of voicing his sky-high expectations of his only son, Omar is immature, unassertive, lacks a sense of self. He rebels here and there, but by and large remains docile and compliant. A lifetime of conditioning has rendered him effectively mute. It is only when he is with close friends that we get glimpses of a more serious Omar, a man in his own right, chomping at the bit aching to free himself of his father’s shadow.

Mohamed Ahmed’s Goya is, therefore, a story about the importance of speaking, voicing all that goes unsaid in any relationship. It is a story of unlearning and re-learning, to break silences and breach gaps in communication. Rahat is not an unkind father, on the contrary he wants nothing less than sun, moon and the stars for his only child. The problem lies in the way he talks to his son, less like a father and more like a general commanding his troops. Omar starves for his father’s attention and affection, but has learnt the hard way that his father expects nothing less than full compliance. Hence, he too has given up on taking the first step and reaching out. Theirs is not a relationship where Omar can hope to share his dreams and ambitions with Rahat.

What makes Goya work is the manner in which Rahat and Omar’s strained relationship is skillfully juxtaposed against the easy going, loving relationship shared by Mohini Mirza and her single mom Asma. Nothing called communication gap here in this family. Now this what I call a perfect pairing of opposites! Where Rahat’s dominating ways have turned Omar inwards, Asma’s confidence in her daughter has made Mohini a confident girl, one with a clear sense of who she is and where she is headed. In sharp contrast to Omar’s hesitant and unsure ways this girl is bold and is not afraid to speak her mind. Their first meeting was crackling with chemistry and I can’t wait for more of their story to unfold.

As first episodes go, this was a solid opening from Team Goya. Mohammed Ahmed is a seasoned writer and his flair for penning relatable and real stories is on full display here. With no black or white extremes, a simple story on the surface, Goya appears to have layers of meaning embedded within crisp and meaningful dialogues. The director, Farrukh Faiz, has done a great job translating words from paper to screen. The narrative pace remained engaging throughout and the introduction of main characters and their defining personality traits was fluently accomplished.

Among the actors, Usman Peerzada and Shamim Hilali were the pick of the lot for me. It was a delight to see Farah Shah play an age appropriate role, but I was not swayed by her take on Asma, will wait to see how this character develops. Among the younger actors, Osman Khalid Butt impressed as he continues to show growth from Aik Nai Cinderella to Aunn Zara to now Goya. I am looking forward to seeing his more serious side here. Sana Javed also made her mark. Furqan Qureshi, Tara Mehmood, Asad Siddique, Hira Tareen, all marked their entrances. The one person who totally failed to impress was the very mediocre actress playing Aiza. I hope we don’t have to see more of her.

The one thing that stood out was the attention to detailing in terms of characters. We saw Omar wearing brightly colored t-shirts, reflective of his immaturity and youth and from the promos it seems that there will be a gradual progression towards a relatively sober palette and more formal wear. Similarly Farah Shah’s dressing and her house interior was reflective of her upbeat attitude towards life and her colorful personality. Mohini was also appropriately dressed, as were Hashmi Sr. and his young wife and the housekeeper Mrs. Imtiaz.

Sticking out like a sore thumb among all these positives was the low budget approach to the overall look of the project. The cafes/restaurants where Omar and Ali met were really dark, but even the dim lighting could not help disguise the shabby set up. Rahat Hashmi is presented as a hi-fi businessman, but the interiors of his house looked like they were designed on a shoestring, and woh bhi puraani wali. The bedrooms in particular were a disaster zone, aesthetically speaking. And where was the butler who is now a must-have for all uber rich TV families… tsk tsk, Hashmi sahab, itni kanjoosi?! 

Overall I would say this was an entertaining first episode … not wow-worthy, yet, but definitely worth watching. Here’s to hoping it stays the course!

Written by SZ~

For those who asked ~ Shamim Hilali, Mehreen J, Nazia Hasan and Muneeza Baseer 🙂 


38 replies

  1. @SZ a spot on review!
    Ok my first issue with this play : we see the most eligible bachelor , featured on a magazine cover sleeping in a very average looking room.. sleeping on red polka dot pilowcase- phleeeaaase!!!!! .. that was enough to put me off…. but khair i decided to give it a go and carry on.. and im glad i did…

    As the episode progressed it started enjoying the two parent-child relationships juxtaposed against each other, although, to be honest i found both parents a bit OTT.. Im not sold on Rahat and Asma yet. Rahat in particular, i found very hard to digest.. for a fairly modern, forward thinking, industrialist, he’s way too conservative… Abb itna bhi kia?.. no need for a good education?? really? …I think i was comparing him to Bare Sahab from Numm, who was very conservative and dictator personified, but we never saw him dictating wali about what not to wear, and even he let him study abroad!!… Rahat is just as filmy a characer as Asma lol
    coming back to goya, I did enjoy how it affected the personalities of the kids though.

    Hashmi jr. had a frustrated Aunn feel every now and then, but i can live with that. i liked our anokha ladla lol .. the friend was good fun to watch too.
    Shamim Hilali for me was the star of the show. She is such a great performer! Loved the chemistry between her and OKB.
    The takra was fun… good chemistry.. kahan se dhhondi thi woh painting!! lol

    Spot on about everyones characters, their dressing etc. (minus the very average hashmi residence ofcourse).. not so sure about Mohni’s kotis.. i know its pbbly supposed to go with journalism, but after having seen a koti on MK recently.. i rest my case!

    ROFL @ the missing buttler and lets not forget the pool!.. aik aur step neeche girr gaye Hashmi sr. on how-rich-one-is-scale.

    And can we pleeeeaaase ask for a good hd version!!! Can Ary upload crisp hd versions like express or aplus? It adds so much more to the overall experience.

    Im watching this one for MA. Love his simple, relatable stories with witty dialogues. Dunno why i felt that his hallmark was missing here, especially when it came to Rahat hashmi. I wonder if that’s because the original script is diluted?

    Overall so far so good.. like u said, not wow-worthy, but def worth a watch.


    • @FA: LOL!!! Meri behen ho tum bhi! Honestly what was up with those polka dotted pillows and the very mediocre decor .. senior Hasmi’s bedroom was a no go as well .. and then as @Tinni said those creepers … konsi sadi ka ghar tha yeh? And then we had Asma hanging those plastic flowers wali bails … uff!!

      As for the pool! LOL I hear we have a pool coming up, ab us mein paani hai ke nahin, us ke guarantee nahin .. after all Baray Sahab ke gharon mein to pool khali hi hotay the .. 😉

      Re: kotis, yeah I hear you .. I like the concept and the thought behind styling each character, but like you dont want to see her in a koti in every scene, but so far that is what seems to be the case .. and lets not even begin to discuss MK and her koti… that woman can wear a sack and make it look hot!

      Re: The HD quality videos have passed on your request and it will be looked into ..ab aap dua karen ke koi hamari request sun ley 🙂


  2. Oh btw forgot to mention Sana javed. I enjoyed her performance in PA. She was more fun to watch than the lead AK there. Glad to see her making her mark in a lead role here.


  3. Watch just first 2 scenes and realize what they are doing.
    Goya main camera bhatak gay ya ha , khushee kay maray samaj nahie aa ree kahan tahray from first scene framing is mashallah so crap that …..tareef kay leya ilfaz nahin mil rahay
    .Scene 2 :
    1.No Camera to Audiance relation is established
    2.No one know what is where located. Allah kay banday fish eye he laga latay , per scene to establish kartay, aaik shot ko master shot kahtay han woh kahan ha ?
    3. Frame main spacing name ke bhe aaik cheez hotee ha.

    4.when he call Umar and throwed that mag toward protagonist , he was looking at his friend and delivering dialogues but friend was out of frame and no activity in frame. Camera to Audience relation was really burried not ruined.

    the most eligible randwa bhe aisa nahien ho ga ……….bachalor ka room………

    ok leave it , we will discuss some other, in same dramay bazee , when farah shah asked her daughter to cover her event and girl exit from frame, this is called CONTINUTY KEY FROG JUMPan ? what is she doing and whom she is talking at the edge of frame ?where is camera movement. ????? I think jo camera operator tha woh aaik aank say sahie dakh nahien sakta tha . khuda kay leey aachee filmain dakh loo , youtube per nahien to dailymotion ya vimeo per he dakh loo , short film dakh loo , kam say kam framing aa jiay geee. ya zero kata kay khanay ban kay frame bana lee ya karo .

    lastly, isnt Goya mean ‘pa-theee’ ,gobar , in urdu ?


    • @Asad kazmi are u aDOP or what? U just focus on camerawork.. Ur comment on some other drama was also related to photography…
      That must b really bothersome.. Probably u cant concentrate on story because u r pre-occupied with details of camera work


  4. I’m glad you’re reviewing this serial. I was hoping you would. Judging from this first installment, I am prepared to give it a shot. I find Mohini’s character quite interesting. Sana Javed will do a good job of playing it, I think. Not very sure about OKB although he wasn’t too bad here. The contrasts between Mohini and Omar are very striking as of episode # 1. These two characters need to find a middle ground of sorts to come together as a couple…hmm, let’s see how they go about that task. Looking forward to reading the reviews here 🙂


    • @Nashra: Hey! Lovely to have you on this thread as well .. maza aayega 🙂 Yes, the first ep has raised expectations and OKB and SJ look good together so looking fwd to seeing how their relationship unfolds .. baqi, lets hope there are no khalu khalu chacha chachi issues here 😉


  5. Every one else is more concerned with the story and they are expressing it well enough then no point to write. if @SZ install any Lexical Analyzer to review the desi Rants language contents graphically you will be able to compare graphs of what is being discussed in Words context. ?

    initially i am more concerned with what i am looking at TV, secondary issue is what i am listening to.I want to see story in pictures or am I watching RADIO ?

    so, I am not reviewing story in this particular discussion. where as other reviews is concerned , she did the job well she deserve well and not only she and Mahmood sb and Wasi are professional writer. @SZ is very expert in story review and i don’t think i need to compare with her. Anyway, Qasoor director or DOP ka ha na kay writer ka. It is related to camera work.

    Framing sahien nahien ho gee to story kay baray main kia likhon main, ? aap khud socho.
    I know you disliked the way i am criticized , but the best part is you did not liked to argue with the person who was wrong and asked me to change my approach.

    This is not some competition review, in low budget, i understand with limited resources every one try to deliver good content , but not that much exceptional work kay frame say he out kar do.
    that was the reason i specifically mention about MJ that she pay attention in visual contents , although she is also working with limited budge and less resources. but at least kam dakh kay relax hotay hain. kushee hotee ha.

    can you refer me link , how many people at dasi rants… web site post/discuss camera work ? and how many discussed story. or just vist JH page and count total person discussed story and camera.

    I intentionally pointed out Mehreen Jabbar shots , reason was that , that other beginners at least think to learn from good camera work. woh mahnat to kartee ha. infact i request all senor directors to post their pre- production work on their web on and off so that novice can learn.

    Lastly DOP is a key person in storytelling,but i love to be a DOP, story jitnee bhe aacheee ho gee or frame main kuch bhe nahien ho gay to koi faida nahien.Next time inshallah will review the story. 🙂


    • @Asad Kazmi: Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Appreciated your in depth comments abt camera work .. made for very interesting reading.


  6. Amazing review SZ, Thankyou.

    Yay! OKB is back after a long time so I’m happy. Loved the first episode of Goya. It has MA sahib written all over it. Screenplay is simple yet dialogues are witty. It reminded me of Coke Kahani & Khoonkhat.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Faiz, the director after the soap Dareecha, ( although I watched it with fascination because of the suspense) , because the scenes were too long, but he has impressed me here by keeping the scenes short & interesting.

    The star cast is the main attraction for me, so many young, hot, talented guys in this play is going to make it fun to watch.

    So far, so good.
    Ary channel: please don’t ruin this one.


    • @Mona: Hey! How’ve you been?

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I must confess that as I was writing I was hoping you would comment, ’cause its so much more fun to do an OKB serial with your comments to go along with the reviews .. so, yes welcome back .. hoping you will be around for this journey 🙂

      And, yes, Amen to your plea to ARY to not ruin this one for us ..


  7. Gosh the house is awful…it seems there is serious fund crunch…creepers and money plants around the pillars in the drawing room eiiiiiiksssss


  8. Very much entertatining start with good actors and so far nicely written story.. After watching first promo my expectations were really low.. But it was much much better than that.. Sana and Osman were really nice and their first interaction was lovely and funny.. They look good..
    Coming to our most versatile actors Usman Peerzada and Shamim Hilali.. They are amazing in whatever they do.. Specially love SH.. She comes across so naturally in any character..

    Like the actor playing umer’s friend..they both shared very clicking chemistry..

    I loved how you rationalised the title name of drama.. Seeing Umer in first episode and then watching the rest of the promos it will be indeed interesting to see serious side of umer… Just hope it doesn’t disappoint us 😊


    • @Rehmat: You didnt recognize Omar’s friend from Dareecha? The baddie from the gaon?
      Doesnt it seem like a Dareecha reunion almost? so many of the cast members are the same .. I wonder if Kaif Ghaznavi, Salma Hasan, Sonya Husain and Fazila Kazi will show up as well .. the one person who I hope doesnt show up is Sana Askari!


      • Arey no I didn’t… Infact can hardly remember the gaon track.. I remember Munni though…hayee it would have been awesome to see these ladies 🙂
        Lol yes behn sana ko dour hie rehne dete hain 😉


  9. Forgot to mention about the video…thank you for sharing..😊 never knew such movie was also made
    Both Usman and Shamim looked great.. Shamim Hilali with that hairstyle looked soo pretty But i couldn’t find Mehreen Jabbar lol.. And also cant recall how nazia hasan’s mom looked like 🙂


  10. Thanks for suggesting I watch this drama. Found the first episode gripping and now looking forward to the next. Sana Javed looks spunky, Osman has still not grown on me, Farah Shah was cute and Mrs. Imtiaz, Young Mrs. Hashmi and Hashmi Senior were all convincing…BTW I haven’t watched too many Pakistani dramas but it seems as if Usman Peerzada has a thing for playing Sergeant-Major type of characters.

    Loved the juxtaposition of the two parent-child relationships. I hope they maintain the lightness of the treatment…not make it heavy and dark as the show progresses.


    • @Sanchita: Hey! Glad you gave this one a go one my recommendation .. ab keeping my fingers crossed ke this one stays the course warna you’ll never try anything I recommend 🙂
      LOL at UP playing similar roles, true .. the producers seem to want to continue casting him in these kinds of characters,.. I guess they must think he plays the older rich dad well ….


  11. Nice start…OKB ko apnay expressions per bohat ziada kaam kernay ki zaroorat hai ..ye oon kaa third serial hai aur kuch ziada variation nahi nazer ay oon ki acting main bulk Aun aur Omer dono twin brothers lag rahay hain jubk dono characters k background main zameen asman kaa ferq hai…friend bhi mukharam ki yaad dila rahay hain imean in dono k scenes..almost same lagay…phir OKB hamesha seedhay sadhay bholay hero kaa role hi kertay hain..I think ab in ko kuch different try kerna chahiay ..kiunk ek jaisay characters ko differently potray kerna difficult hota hai

    Kher main bhi aap ki tra ahmed sahib k liay dekh rahi hoon…low budget per main aap ki hum khayal hoon bulk main hairan hoi kiunk ye drama tou BM k baad say news main tha apni cast aur production ki waja say…lekin yahan tou kuch hi special nahi tha phir itni hype kiun create ki hoi thi samajh nahi ay…kaafi der lagi mujhay ye digest kerny main k production wise ye average drama hai

    Sana outstanding rahin umeed k mutabiq 🙂 positive baat ye hai k in ki onscreen chemistry OKB k sath kaafi khoob rahi..mera fave scene bhi wo hi tha…baqi Asma kaa character hi ajeeb tha yaa over yaa kuch aur samajh nahi ay …aur Amtul /Manjoo k baad ye Asmaaa..ye kia trend chal parha hai kitni bhi frankness /friendship ho lekin parents ko naam say koun bulata hai… pk main ziada common nahi is liay kafi fake aur forced laga…haan JH main Mark kaa Bhatti kehna thik hai

    kia hi acha hota ager asma k fazool character ki jaga koi male character hota jis ko ahmed sahib ada kertay..maza aa jata…main nay promos nahi dekhay kia ahmed sahib koi character play ker rahay hain?..

    mere hisab say Omer aur Mohini (kia heroine kaa ye hi naam hai?…kher asma say tou isi ki ummed thi ahmed sahib say nahi ) ko ek dosray kafi kuch seekhnay ki zaroorat hai aur rahat aur asma ko bhi 🙂 …kisi nay kaha rahat conservative hain mujhay nahi lagta wo dominating hai “control freak”..kiunk in ki second wife kafi modern hain phir honay wali bahoo bhi…aur practical hain..omer aur oon k dermiyaan abroad jaa ker perhnay per honay wali discussion

    dekhna hai rahat jaisay serious/ dry nature aur practical insaan ki asma jaisi filmi mizaj rakhnay wali over personality aur oos ki out spoken beti say kaisi banti hai?


    • Agree with you RJ the mother daughter relationship seems a bit forced and too frank – kids love calling their mother Mom – unless it’s their stepmother. Also on the same page with you about the name Mohini lol


      • @Annie and @RJ: I agree with you guys abt Asma and Mohini’s relationship .. but perhaps the point was to make the contrast that much more obvious? That said, I do wish and hope that now that the diff b/w the two parent-child pairs is established pretty well, that they will tone it down a notch .. and more than that I wish Farah Shah takes it easy as well ..

        Re: Mohini: really? I thought the name was an interesting choice, particularly in the context of the story: mun ko moh lenay wali …. one who enchants, casts a spell.. but then another meaning is also one who is delusion personified ..I am intrigued to see which Mohini our heroine turns out to be 🙂


  12. as far as first episodes go I liked it. Good character establishment. OKB ki beard has a character of it’s own I think – kitna time lagta ho ga uss ko upkeep karnay mein 😉
    Really enjoyed Shamim Hilali in a different role. I wish Usman Peerzada would lose some weight. He does similar roles over and over.
    Agree about the production values – I thought it was the same producers as Dareecha but then I saw Six Sigma’s name and thought – hmm…guess they didn’t spend much money on this one. Khair kabhi kabhi hota hai – some projects are your stepchildren. Shayad iss ke saath bhi yehi ho 🙂
    Looking forward to how the story unravels. That will be the strong point here rather than the production. I just hope they don’t stretch this one.


    • @Annie: That stylized beard seems like ameeron ke chonchley .. lets see if its still gonna be around when he walks out

      Re: production values: yeah, yaad hai na it was Six Sigma that first passed off Turkey as London (in (Akbari Asghari ) and then as the US (KPKP) so I guess we should be thankful for now and hope they dont try to pull another one of these kinds of place switches again ….

      Re: Stretching: the good news here is that I hear this one wraps within 22 eps .. so fingers and toes crossed!


    • @Annie: I agree with you totally abt UP’s appearance, wonder whats up with some of our actors becoming seriously overweight.. Rehan Sheikh, Usman Peerzada, Manzoor Qureshi ..I dont know abt you, but I get seriously distracted when I watch them and start wondering abt cholestrol levels and what not!


  13. Hi SZ, chalo one more drama to watch!
    Good enough first ep. UP is getting really boring in these loud rich man roles surprised that MA sahib wrote this one for him. Shamim Hilali lends grace to any role she does. Leads were fine. The mom daughter relationship didn’t seem realistic to me- haven’t seen any maa beti like this one. But great if it works for them :/

    The other vid you shared was a great blast from the past! I couldn’t get which one was Nazia though? plz bata do. I did catch Beo Zafar there though. SH looked awesome with that eye makeup 🙂
    Did Javed Jabbar make this movie?


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