Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 5 Review


If last week we traveled on a bus then this week’s narrative pace felt like a leisurely tanga ride, from Shano’s ghar ka darwaza right up to the hustle n bustle of androon shehr. After a long safar, both literally and metaphorically, out from the tanga jumped a fresh as a daisy Khelu, his clothes whiter, brighter and more istree-ed than they were when he had left home earlier in the morning, no signs of tiredness on his glowing face. Ji, aap sab ko mubarak ho, after much ado our hero sahab finally met his heroine sahiba and had his first one-on-one meeting with her. 10754824_394131680743183_134179353_nAb kahan ki thakawat and kahan ka ghussa. Now its all about counting down hours and minutes, till she sends her jawab, and pilao-ing meethi si doodh patti to the postmaster to convince him to deliver his personal mail personally to him. Yes, Khelu is well and truly smitten. His lady love was all that more than he had expected. Shano was no jahil gaon ki ganwar gori, quite the contrary. His bachpan ki mangetar has grown into quite the girl, with a mind all her own.10749552_10104443273261649_1366111497_n

Be it her merciless bhai-zoning of her cousin Fayyaz, her halting but kuchankhon-se-kuch-zuban-se-sab-keh-diya conversation with Khelu, or her standing up to her parents, Shano is no shrinking violet. In a time where we see one roti dhoti heroine after another, it is great to see a leading lady not afraid to assert herself and make her choices known. What is fascinating about this beautifully written character is that even as she has a spine, she is at the same time as naazuk and as sharmili as they come. Mahira might not look like a 12th grade student, but she is the perfect Shano. Her understanding of her character’s various dimensions shows in the way she portrays Shano.10749450_394131664076518_574897787_n

From a girl who cannot even stand to look at her reflection because she sees her lover reflected there, who blushes at her friend’s mere mention of Khelu, to the one who respectfully but firmly reminds her mother she is only following a path with which they, her parents, had marked out for her all those years ago – all facets of this girl’s character have been beautifully essayed. Mahira, sadqay tumhare!

10749450_394131654076519_1688582266_nWhile on the one hand Sadqay Tumhare is Shano and Khalil’s love story on the other hand it is also, if not more so, Rasheeda’s adhoori muhabbat ki kahani. Whether she’s onscreen or not just her name is enough to send a shiver up my spine. Her malevolent smile, the hatred in her eyes, fleeting expressions – blink and you miss them – all point to a woman who has spent an entire lifetime planning and plotting her revenge. That her daughter might get caught up in this revenge saga is a price that I think she is quite willing to pay. Such is this multifaceted emotion called love. We usually associate it with feelings of happiness and joy and a measure of accompanying sadness and pain, but here what we see is the flip side. This is absolute love turned into pure hate. And it is in his exploration of this aspect of love that I would deem Khali ur Rehman’s S10805461_10104443273211749_1848214228_nadqay Tumhare in a class by itself. And, doing full justice to this very complex character is a phenomenal Samiya Mumtaz – brilliant!

Playing the perfect foil to menacing mommy is thandey thekedar sahab. Rehan Sheikh is so 10749406_394131634076521_1817165523_nfabulous that I wait for his scenes. All his little touches: the way he tears himself away from whatever non-existent thinking his head is doing to question his wife’s slips of the tongue, his raised voice when talking on the phone, his expressions at the end of that phone call, the way he drives, his unquestioned love for Shano, all make him such a memorable character. Little does he know that after all these years of being married to her, Rasho remains a stranger to him. 10755054_10104443273077019_1686093739_nWhether she loves him or hates him, her ex-mangetar is the only man who has ever really touched her soul. It is this understanding of the power of love that had Rashida smiling today. Yes, using her daughter she will make Khelu, and through him his parents, suffer, just as much as she did and still is. With more of an insight into Rashida’s mindset, I am now onboard with this serial. I may be totally off with my 10805401_394131694076515_355770593_nreading of Rashida but that is for time to tell, for now I wait in anticipation.

In terms of this episode, acting honors were shared equally by Mahira, Samiya and Rehan Sheikh. What a fantastic trio these three make – all their scenes are magnificent!  Among others, Adnan is doing well considering this is his debut. There were a couple of places today, though, where I felt he went overboard – that singing scene, although the ghazal was lovely, felt unnecessary. In his scene with Mukarram, 10385132_10104443273266639_1651306764_ntum chup rahtey ho ya tumhen chup lag gai hai, I felt Adnan was a bit too flamboyant, and by the end of it all Khelu came out looking like a bit of a chichora. That said, I did like the symbolic marking out of territory and dispatching his rival over the boundary. Mukarram Kaleem, his 21st century beard not withstanding, was a lot of fun to watch. His shikayati phone call to khaalu was a lot of fun. S10808035_10104443273121929_298005165_nimilarly, scenes with Saniya Shamshad and Mahira were nicely done as well, needed some trim there though.

What I did not quite get today was how did Fayyaz’s brother/friend know of Khelu’s writings? This was the first time ever that we heard anything of this sort. Shouldn’t Shano have brought it up earlier? Or perhaps somebody at the shaadi?

10748644_394131704076514_1280812076_nIt is in the visual presentation that Ehtishamuddin shows his skill as a director. Khalu’s car breaking down, Shano was sitting, hiding behind a pillar, Khelu at the pillar and Fayyaz literally on the outside, Shano and her parents, androon shehr aerial shots, overhead shots of the intersection of the roads, POV shots of khalu’s stalled car, Khelu patao-ing the postman, all were very lovely scenes.10748710_394131587409859_1963247773_n What did not quite gel with me were those never ending gazes exchanged between the lovebirds – Itney lambey!

Finally, just want to give a shout out to the people in charge of the background score – thank you! Not only was the music softer but some of it actually worked really well – the one for the car scene was a great match up. Baqi, overall I would still like to see tighter editing and have the narrative pick up a bit of pace. Other than that, yes, took me a while but finally sadqay tumhareab please MD, please don’t disappoint!!!

Written by SZ~ 

Thought I’d share the ghazal that apna Khelu was singing for Shano today. This version is sung by the late Asad Amanat Ali – enjoy!

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  1. Shukranay kay nafil perhain. Firstly because finally there is a drama that has more positives without going OTT than those aired in the recent past. Secondly, I love Shaano’s character…what a lovely girl she is. Your description of her is spot on. I am loving her! What a balanced character and MK has done justice to it.

    I have no complaints with the long scenes between Khalil and MK. Kuch chemistry tu set honay dein…;) Khelu is, in a good way, all over the place and I actually like that about the character and AM’s performance. I think they have got it right. I can never digest lip-sync in drams but khair hai, when have we seen anything which is perfect? Abhi tu aur lip sync aana hai.

    Fayaaz & Khelu’s scenes were as enjoyable as were Shaano’s and Fayaaz. I have a personal connection to this storyline lol. Wonderful!! Visually the drama is a treat.

    I have to add, the car is the star. Sahi waqt par rukti hai hamesha! I love it!


  2. @SZ was eagerly waiting for your review…U write so in love with dis drama.I just love everything abt dis drama…accha what is d meaning of chichora..I love the words written in the letter that Khalil gave shano…such pure feelings.The last scene where rasheeda slaps shano..mahira’s expressions were superb.I love the way shano answers her mom neeche dekh ke to show respect..shano’s friend is such a sweetheart….i agree with you the director really deserves applause for presenting the 70/80 era beautifully… BTW just wanna ask you a question as am following Pakistani dramas since a year is cousin marriage a common thing in Pak……


    • @Manju re chichora : its a difficult one! a quick look at couple of dictionaries and this is what came up : cheap, indecent, petty, puerile, immature, shallow, showy.


        • @Manju @Farah. S, @Samrita @AK: : Haha!! OK, ladies I’m outvoted and out numbered here 😉 Aap ko aap ka not a chichora khelu mubarak 😉 Now I can see if he’s that attractive to you guys phir tau Shano ka koi qasoor hi nahin hai 😜I guess that makes me team Rashida .. chalo ji .. ab lets sign up how many on each team .. and how often are we gonna switch sides 😉

          More later!


          • @SZ lol @ team Rashida.. I thought Khelu did come across borderline chichora.. but I blamed that on AM this time round lol.. and I’m certainly not team Rashida!!! Rooting for Shano and Khelu all the way!

            btw for those who watched PA, doesn’t Khelu have some of Afzal’s traits.. The doston mein discussion yet maintaining the izzat pehlu, the ghussa, the akhar mizaji, the cricket..


  3. @Manju, yes, for years there have been inter marriages (what you would call cousin marriages). While withint my world it hasn’t happened in some time, it is something that is very common still.


  4. Hi SZ, I watched this episode earky morning today n since then kept checking for your review. See, what you have done to all of us that now, just watching a drama isn’t enough n reading your review n other’s comments has also become a must for us.

    Still in love with the drama n its cast. Mahira was awesome in this episode as well. I am getting to like her more with each passing day. The way she handled Fayyaz n then her parents was great. At d same time her softness, nazaakat n her expressions when Khalil was around: WOW. This drama is making me fall in love with the concept of love once again.

    As for Khalil being a Chichora, I would beg to differ.I found him very cute n real as he belongs to the times when there were no mobile phones or internet to get in touch with your lover. It was quite natural in those days for girls n boys to find excuses to meet n talk and exchanging letters was d only means to express their feelings. He was quite flamboyant but I think that worked for me as a viewer. In a way it reminded of some personal memories n I am just loving his character.

    I must applaud you for explaining d two different facets of love so beautifully vis a vis Shano and Rashida. Hats off to you.

    Am waiting eagerly for d next episode n then your review on it.


  5. Oh wonderful review! I specially loved that part where you talked about the many facets of love. The story writer deserves credit for introducing this angle so brilliantly into the story and you, for picking up on it. Clever!

    Now that I think about it, this ‘love’ story of Rasheeda’s is running almost parallel to Shano’s love story. But it is so subtle so as to be almost unnoticeable – a barely controlled under current of an emotion that nonetheless, is going to be the driving force behind the plot of this serial. It also makes for such a stark contrast. The innocent love of Shano: hopeful, full of doubts and fears versus the bitter love of Rashida: angry, resentful and vengeful. Rashida probably believes that “revenge is a dish best served cold”, which would explain why she waited years before breaking off the engagement. And is Samiya Mumtaz phenomenal or what! Thank you for pointing it all out – as I said before, these points you raise make the serial much more interesting to watch 🙂

    I agree, Mahira is doing full justice to the role. Shano is a girl I can like in real life, sensitive but with a spine of steel. Thank God we have a heroine who’s not a carpet – with the sole purpose of her life being inviting people to walk all over her. But you know, whenever she says “main mar jaon gi!” I have such an urge to laugh – that is so purely purane zamaney ki heroine! She manages to pull it off, though. Almost 😉

    I found Adnan Malik to be much more likeable in this episode probably coz he showed a softer side of Khalil. Now that was good to watch – “tumhari qasam” wala scene. And now we know he’s a writer already – tou heartbreak wali theory can be ruled out (What does he write, though? I’m very curious). No sad ending, please!

    I have a confession to make – I like reading your reviews more than watching the drama itself 😀 They explore all the underlying meanings and themes and are so well-written! Keep up the good work 🙂


  6. @SZ, thanks for yet another brilliant Review. I beg to differ with you on Khalil being bit Chichorah. I think he was rather cute, being happy and flamboyant. I loved this episode, almost everything about it.


  7. Great read SZ, enjoyed your insights into Rasheeda’s r’ship with hubby or his being unaware of her inner thoughts (aren’t many hubbies like that?). Saw Samiya Mumtaz at this exhibit today in Lahore (yahan woh nazar aati rehti hai) and obviously the poor woman looks nothing like the rotay dhotay oldy characters she has to play everytime. Thankfully atleast in ST she has been shown a stronger woman.
    I met her many years back, when she used to do theater and I remember we were all taken aback when she told us that she doesn’t have a TV in the house- doesn’t feel the need to see it or let her kids see it. Hum toh sub sharminda ho kar chup ho gaye.


  8. Exactly my thoughts! Liked Shanno and her ama aba. Ama Aba dono hee kamal hyn.
    Found Khelu annoying in this episode. Second u on the paragraph about Adnan Malik n Khailoo.

    Baqi drama kafa achi hy!!! Dont want a sad ending par hogi wohi! 😦


  9. @SZ A lovely review as always.
    Aap ko bhi mubarak ho! akhir kar mulaqat ho hi gai! Mahirah i looooved! she is playing Shano to perfection! Loved all her scenes!!! overall AM was good but i felt he was struggling in places. The smile, at times, came across more of a smirk.. I also felt that the ultra-flamboyance was border-line chichorapan. I dont think it was the screenplay or the dialogues. it was Adnan who was struggling to show the depth here.
    I was expecting a more fiery, more explosive, more flowery letter.. akhir kab se dekh rahe the this exchange of letter ke i dunno i was expecting a bit more .. but khair.. cant complain too much..
    Now likhne likhane se yad aya… I was thinking that too.. if the cousin of a cousin knows the geezer, then how comes Shano hasnt been reading these risalas? I would have thought, knowing her, she would have memorized all his stories by heart.. but chalo atleast we know ke KUQ was a writer from before..but judging by the letter, the nikhar in the writing pbbly came after the heartbreak lol

    Looooved the bg sound effects in the car scene.. it was such an entertainer! love this car and its driver!

    SM! what a performance! the aspect of love/hate you’ve highlighted is beautifully penned and played indeed!! The ‘Najaiz’ from last episode was reiterated by Shano in this ep as well… just short of calling Khelu her mehram … Rasho pbbly felt the same… hence unconsciously she considers this rishta najaiz..

    Btw where does the lil brother keep disappearing? I guess they thought kahin do bhuke phir ikhatte ho gae tou masala na ho jai.. waise itni lambi bus ride, then tanga, aur aaj aik baar phir shano ne sirf chai par hi tarkha diya Khelu ko!!! i guess guftugoo kia ho gai bhook hi marr gai! lol

    Khair once again.. loooved Mahira! her fayyaz ko tika ke hazir jawabi, and standing affirm to her mum even after that chaanta!.. and on the other hand there were scenes where i thought bechari kahin sharm se ab mari ke tab.. Although still not sold on the 12-hvin class,I still thought MK was absolutely spot on!!

    This tanga ride has a distinct charm.. I love the freshness and novelty about this serial.. the dialogues are witty and execution is smart!.. ST , as a package, is something we havent seen on screen in a long time!! Brownie points for the originality!!!


    • @FA: LOL @ more explosive letter and flowery one.. Yaar bechara abhi beginner he..struggling phase me he.. Thora bare hone do.. Aise aise dhamakedar letters likhe ga.. Kya tou humari soch hogi 😉


    • @FA Loved loved loved loved loved loved ur comment as always.. U know jitna wait mujhe SZ k reviews ka hota hai utna ap k comment ka.. U r sucha fun person, i wish to meet u some day…
      LOL-ed at ‘2 bhookey’ and ‘nikhaar in writing after heartbreak’.. Such me shano ka bhae kahan ghaib tha? Usay khalil se milnay q nae detay? Ghazab ka taakra hona tha dono me jinhen ‘shano ghussay wala kehti hai aur dunya badtameez’


      • @Atty like Shano would say ‘Na Kar!’ .. Honestly Im blushing.. kahan SZ aur kahan mere nonsensical se comments.. but im glad you enjoy them.. mein tou bass apne dil ki bharas nikal leti hoon yahan!
        Re the brother: shayad Shano ne kisi kaam se kahin bhijwa diya ho maslihat dekh ke lol.. do ghusse wale/badtameez hote aik jagah tou kia hota lol. Shano tou shayad rotian hi pakati rehti itni der.. Mulaqat kia hoti lol
        Re the nikhar. : It would be interesting to compare hi pre-Shano writing with post-Shano and current work.. no?


  10. SZ agar aapke reviews na hote tou drame aur zyada maze k na lagte 😊👌 love reading your take on Rasheeda specially.. As right now she is the only one that is keeping me hooked and intrigued at the same.. It could be the case that if some other have played that characters.. I might have not taken that seriously her side of story.. But maann Samiya Mumtaz is playing it fabulously.. Her eyes expresses so much hatred that i really wonder rasho must have been an extremist.. Love and hate both at extreme level.. Last scene between the trio was superb.. I like how shano after the slap remained calm and didnt forget her responsibility.. MK as Shano is awesome..the way she blushes is admirable.. I kinda more like the scenes between her and Rasho.. And ofcourse our Thaekedaar sahab.. He is too cute.. The way he rides the car and that voice he makes is enough to make him soo likeable 🙂

    Adnan Malik does very nicely in his scenes with his family or friends but i found him strictly ok in romantic scenes.. Shayad abhi tou shruaat he.. Aage aage kya pata dhamake shamke hoon.. 😉 and i am hoping that dhamake hoon.. His scene with postman was really cool.. Very natural..

    Regarding the rasala part where khelu writes..kya pata vo srf lahore me publish hote hoon😛 and fayyaz ke cousin ko lahore se koi aake deta ho ..LOL.. But that was indeed weired..


  11. Hello SZ, I follow your blog occasionally and am a fan of your writing. It is good to see that you are liking this play. One question I want to ask is that why did you not watch or if you have then why did you not review Pyarey Afzal till now?


    • @Ehsan: Hello back 🙂 Thank you for reading and your kind words – much appreciated 🙂

      Re: PA: Oh, I’ve responded to this question quite a few times before and as I had said then, it was not really one thing or the other, more like basically a shortage of time with bunch of stuff going on at the same time, then I was already in the middle of reviewing some other stuff, also not an Aiza fan, and finally when I tried the first ep I couldnt really get into it … so le it slide and then by the time everybody started really praising it I was too far behind and never found the time to catch up .. isliye it got left out .. waisey bhi this being a personal blog I can only review so many at a time .. As it there are dramas that I enjoy watching and want to review but cannot find the time to do so, like Gar Maan Reh Jaye and Rangbaaz… so yeah basically so much to do and so little time .. and then if you think abt it there are serials and dramas that I review that nobody else does, so I guess it all balances out in the end 🙂
      Waisey, other review sites did a great job of covering it, and I’m sure PA fans had a great time discussing the drama 🙂


  12. Great review!!! Spot on about shano and Sheeda ! I was also thinking along those lines. Love The serial, beautifully written acted and portrayed! Shano and Khalil are cute together, albeit don’t look 18 lol but will give that a pass!!! Love the little details of the gaons , and has been shot beautifully really they have captured villages that seem to be still in the 70s and the pace is leisurely enabling one to take in all the surroundings.
    Spot on about Shanno, she is a strong girl, no mazloom doormat here thank god. She is very sweet and innocent but also speaks her mind and talks without shying away, love that strength in her . At the same time she is respectful and in no way rude to her parents!
    Regarding Sheeda, I think she is just very bitter towards her sister, obviously there is a reason for her behavior, you can’t just be an evil person and hate your sister without due reason. Hope to find the back story soon to justify her actions? Maybe at one time she was like shano and in love with her fiancé and all was good and lovely and somehow her close family made other plans and basically her dreams got shattered. so yeah definitely intrigued by what she went through and samiya mumtaz is doing awesome as Sheeda.
    Can’t wait for the next episode


    • @SK i think Rasho was engaged to khelu’s father.. another bachpan ki mangni.. Rasho madly in love, much like Shano.. but i reckon in that case he pbbly didnt feel the same way back. He pbbly chose the other sister and hence the grudge (of being rejected). She pbbly wants him to feel the same pain and insult that she had to suffer. So far we haven’t had any awkward vibes from Khelu’s dad, and he seems like a sensible man.. thats why I have a feeling that he wasn’t aware of Rasho’s intense feelings.


  13. Hey SZ ,me onboard too ,I’m really enjoying this serial .
    I love how the 2 lovebirds are so cute together !!!
    Khalil is pretty good looking and his debut acting is up to the mark .
    Did anyone notice that Doctor sahabs glasses had no glass, only frame !!!


    • @deeba Lol i did.. But then i was like “nahi nahi mujhay ghalat lg raha hai.. Aisa nahi ho sakta.. Y would he wear glass-less frame when he knew that ppl r going to watch it in close up on TV?”


    • @Deeba, yes i noticed those too.. infact i’ve been noticing the missing lens for quite some time in our dramas.. There was also Imran Abbas in Dil-e-muztar.. and a few other ones i cant remember right now.. I wonder if its to do with the reflection or glare in the glass? Perhaps SZ iss pe roshni dal sakti hon..


  14. SZ wonderful review . Agar aap na likhte to mujeh kuch nahi samaj Aati. Shamiya mumtaz is great . Her eyes expression are fabulous . It is so good to see the village that looks like in 60 or 70 . Again i am writing ,it reminds me of movie pinger the village the dress and the location . Thanks hope to hear from you.


  15. idher aa sitam-gar hunar azmayein
    tu teer azma hum jigger azmayein

    lo ji ab kheloo ko “chichora” bhi keh dia..ya allah SZ ji k dil ko kheloo k liay nerm ker day ameen ….mazaq ber-terf lekin mujhay tou adnan ek dum fantastic lagay is episode main…last 4 episodes say jo same expression oon k face per tha jis main rude aur kabhi kabhi psycho bhi lagtay thay ..wo khatum hoa..thanks to Khalil sahib…humein is character ki dosri side bhi dekhnay ko mili jo kafi normal lagi ..dosray insanon jaisi..mujhay tou kheloo kafi funny laga is episode main..aur handsome tou wo hai hi 😉 aur white color adnan per bohat suit kerta hai..even fk say bhi ziada

    lekin shano kaa character mere liay ab un-realistic hota jaa raha hai…itni maturity itni boldness aur itna confidence ek teen ager main hona wo bhi jo gaon main rehti hai i mean jis kaa itna exposure bhi nahi..phir itna eye to eye hero k sath..shano madam aap kheloo kaa naam sun ker sherma jati hain humera k samnay lekin jub kheloo samnay aa jyn tub bhi thora sherma lia kren…mujhay tou kafi awkward laga shano kaa eye to eye contact…too much nadeeda pan..aur koi khayal nahi aya mujhay oos waqt sivaiy iss k..sath hi khirad yaad ay aur asher kaa dialogue bhi “k jub main dekhta hoon tou meri ankhon main ankhein daal ker nahi dekhti”…ye natural reaction hota hai

    aur phir sheeda tak tou thik tha lekin amin apnay father k samnay aa ker is qism ki guftagu kerna….bohat hi ajeeb aaj kal asan nahi hai aur ye tou 70s 80s dikha rahay hain..totally un believable….pta nahi iss main character/actor kis kaa qasoor hai yaa dono kaa..abhi main kuch nahi keh sakti…SZ ji apna focus kheloo say huta ker idher bhi twajo kren…strong hona achi baat hai lekin mera khayal hai ye ab ziada ho raha hai

    sheeda ki story k baray main jaan ker ab main is character say relate kernay lagi hoon werna pehlay tou samajh nahi aa raha tha k kheloo say itni nafrat ki kia waja hai?..sorry lekin meri nazer main salam naa kerna yaa cricket khelna aisi koi “burai” nahi jis k natejay main sheeda ko kheloo say itni nafrat ho jye…lekin ab main samajh sakti hoon..rejection aisi cheez hai jo insan k ander zeher bher daiti hai…aur ye zeher sheeda ki baaton bulk poori body language main nazer ata hai…

    last episode k baad main soch rahi thi k ager sheeda ko kheloo say itni nafrat thi tou mangi kiun ki wo tub say planning ker rahi thi aur ager haan tou oos main apni beti ko bhi jhonk dia…ab ye wo sawal tha jis per mujhay yaqeen kerna thora mushkil tha lekin is episode k baad ab lagta hai aisa hi hai..phir tou hum keh saktay hain sheeda aunty fareeda kaa new aur advanced version hain…

    Khalil sahib nay BILU main bohat achay grey characters likhay thay..real aur jaan daar…yahan tou bilkul black and white characters hain sivaiy kheloo itna bhi grey nahi hai…kher mujhay ye pasand nahi..ager UA k drama main nahi pasand tou Khalil sahib k liay bhi wo hi asool hai


  16. last baat “chudi zeher ki kha ker mer jaon gi”..uff touba…fazool tareen dialogue…pta nahi Khalil sahib acha khasa likhtay likhtay ek dum itna over kiun ho jatay hain..isi qism k over dialogues PA main bhi thay..full on filmy emotional type…jo filmon main hi achay lagtay hain..dramas main thori realistic approach honi chahiay


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