Firaaq ~ Episode 9 Review


Allow me to begin with a nihayat hi ‘aajizana si request to MD Productions and HUM TV: Could you please, please stop turning the profession of mental health into a huge joke. First we had Kadoorat and now Firaaq. Why? Why is it so hard for producers and channels to recognize the fine line the separates artistic license from outright disparagement. In a country like Pakistan where mental health education is desperately needed and where such ailments are frequently joked about and commonly referred to as pagalpan and its practitioners derogatorily termed as pagalon ke doctor and/or khud bhi pagal, why would a leading production house be so irresponsible as to continue promoting and propagating this very problematic stereotype?

Fine, if you think educating masses is not a part of your job description, theek hai, magar tau bhi a little research never hurt nobody. If ever there was an issue that we needed to educate our masses about, it is this one: People suffering from mental ailments are not pagals, those who treat them are not pagal themselves. On second thought, you know what, forget about responsibility to the public and all that jazz. Just send a memo to Dr. Imroz: Bhaijan sahab aap khud ko psychologist kehna aur kehlwana chor dein, aap se kuch nahin kaha jayega. Shukriya! 

Now if ever there was chalta phirta ishtihar for what a j’ali degree holder looks and sounds like, it is apney Imroz bhai.  Bhai jaan, aap ki daktari pe mujhe pehle hi shuk tha, pichley haftey I cast doubt on your degree granting institution, now I am questioning YOU. What the heck was this latest episode all about??? Na sar na pair na aaga na peecha bas foran samajh liya ke AIDS hai– say what?? And if you had already self-diagnosed and made up your mind, then why bother going to a doctor? Bekaar mein unka bhi time waste kiya aur apne paisey bhi? Honestly, if this would have happened in a movie I would’ve thrown andey and tamatar at the screen.. yaani ke had hi ho gayii!!

There was so much off today ke I don’t even know where to begin. Should I talk about Imroz pouting like a baby because there was no food in the house? Bhai sahab khoon naak se nikal raha hai ungliyon se nahin- phone milayen and home delivery karwayen, or should I fume about his brilliant logic as he jumped from A = B = Z = Payman responsible for his ‘AIDS’?? *Bangs head on the nearest deewar* Sorry, Mohib, you are a great actor, but there is no way you can get me to empathize with Imroz.

Now if Imroz is sair tau apne Roomi bhai is sawa sair. From bak bak-er extraordinaire to painter to marriage councilor to pop psychologist to agony aunt to teacher to … dil thaam ke baithain … extreme makeover expert. Payman, girlfriend, take my muft magar anmol mashwara and go back to Maa ji. Don’t know how she knew beforehand, but this is precisely the kind of situation she was trying to save you from! Please, baji ji , leave while you still can#fikarmandforyou 

From sister to brother, poor Shams! How is he ever to start mending fences with his wife if she is still holding on to the socks gum issue? Bhabhi ji, its been over two months, I’m sure by now bhai ji has found new places (oven, refrigerator, etc) for storing his laundry, please move on! Meanwhile, after getting the no-go signal from his wife it’s back to Maa ji’s for Shams. Have to say sirf  parents ka hi dil gurda hai ke no matter what their children say or do (or wear for that matter – what was that yoked white shirt all about??), they still take them back with open arms and hearts. And that’s exactly what Tabassum is doing. Just the sight of her son in her house is reason enough to make her happy.

Finally the only sane moments in the episode – the lovely conversation in the park with Uzma Gilani and Mazhar Ali. They are such class acts ke I watched their scenes twice. Love these two!! Please, younger actors, take note, this is acting done right. The flashback scene, though, didn’t leave an impact and Tabassum ki jawani and Haider ka Kala Kola even less so.

At this point the story has gone completely bonkers, bonkers as in:


Ab aisi be sar-o paa story ko review karney ke liye jin qualifications ki zaroorat hai mujhe nahin lagta ke I have those… so I leave it up to you all. Aap batayen firaaq hona chahiye ya nahin?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Lol SZ , I haven’t watched this episode yet but I will now just to get a good laugh as I did reading your review !!!
    Seems like you’re totally fed up with the stupidities .Hang in there SZ abhi to mazeed bewaqoofiyaan hon gee 😂


    • @Deeba: So true! I am indeed very fed up generally with whats happening with our dramas these days, but this one’s gone especially haywire … do watch it and come back to share what you thought… I’ll be waiting for your comments!


  2. Hahahah SZ that was honest and hilarious review.. Too good..

    Ek tou i cant understand cheezon ko logically dikhane me kya jaata hai.. The biggest turn off was Imroz doubting on Payman being HIV.. What the heck yaar.. Of all the things.. Terrible :/ and then asking these symptoms from her… They both look a rookha sukha married couple.. In se ache tou Tabasum and Haider hain… Wah i love them.. No doubt their scene was only one to watch with fondness 🙂

    Baaqi tou firaaq aa hie gaya jie… And yes Shams ki shirt ko dekhte hue i thought ye tou kurti lagrahi he *rolls eyes*…


    • @Rehmat: Hain na! Why? Just why is it so difficult?? I wish we could somebody from the team to come answer this masoom sa question.. and to think this is precisely the moment, with our dramas being watched worldwide, that the producers should go pull up their socks and work harder. Magar yahan tau ulti ganga beh rahi hai …. rather than improving the quality is drastically going down the drain. Whats the point in airing 1001 dramas daily when they cant even do justice to one or two? If there was an iota of sense in the higher-ups heads they would look at we the people are saying loud and clear and go back to the drawing board and figure out where they are going wrong and fix those issues rather than expanding without any thought or planning….


  3. Story has gone haywire. It does not make any sense what so ever. Something seriously wrong with writer and director. Haad hoe gai, Khuda ki panaah. I’m watching this drama only for Tabassum and Haider, the rest is all junk.


  4. Sorry I’m back again. This drama is doing down hill for weeks but latest episode is most annoying and mind boggling. Story has gone completely tipsy turfy. Are they turning this into some parody or third rate horror.
    I won’t to bang Imroze head against the wall. Rumi is Faarigh and too intruding..I dislike such characters. Paiman was so terse and upfront with her mother, brother and Bhaabi..but now she has undergone character transformation, she looks dull, depressed and blank.
    All these new developments simply don’t gel. New developments are unbelievable, non convincig, and weak direction and acting making it worse. Thanks to Tabassum and Haider for wonderful class act otherwise this drama is not worth watching.


    • @Farah. S: Aww! Why are you being sorry? Nahin yaar. this ep itself was so infuriatingly bad ke even I had to write it right away because I was literally fuming. After all what do these production companies think – hum log itney bewakoof hain ke just because they have good actors and good production qualities we would just follow along blindly? None of these characters even remotely resemble the characters we met in the first two three eps… its like they’ve entered some kind of alternate universe … and imagine it took only 7 weeks for the project to derail! Ab tau I;m seriously worried about Sadqay Tumhare as well .. are you following that one?


      • Yes I’m loving Sadqey Tumhare. Characters, feel, ambience….I love all that. Mahira khan’s Shaano is endearing, newcomer Adnan is good as Khailu. Mein iss dramey koe full time enjoy kar rahi hoon.
        But I’m not fond of Dr Rizwan. He is too old to be a medical student LOL. More importantly, is he a friend, or brother or nanny or counsellor??..perhaps ALL IN ONE. His fixation on Khalu’s bhook,his sleep, his tantrums, his engagement!!! Has this old medical student got any life of his own?? But despite all this I really love this drama and want to ignore any minor flaws here. I wait for Friday’s because I love ST and I like Jackson Heights for reality check. Mein aap Ke reviews Ki silent fan hoon. I still remember your disgust on drama Shukk and how you stopped reviewing that drama and rightfully so. Well enough for today I feel I have delivered a lecture here. Keep up constructive criticism and good work.


        • @Farah. S: Haha! High five my friend! Same here! I am equally unable to understand this no-lifer Dr. Maqsood.. bhai us bacche ko choro apni fikar karo! But yeah, with you that given the randomness we are seeing on TV these days, it seems almost churlish to nitpick.. lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this one dosen’t derail like Firaaq.

          And thank you for reading 🙂 Accha laga you took the time to comment — dont be a stranger now, aati jaati raheya ga 🙂


  5. Maza aa gya!.. A brilliant, fun review after a very disappointing and totally illogical episode!! had a blast reading it! but honestly episodewise what a waste of time, effort and talent! kia se kia karr diya!
    ROFL @ daktar bhai’s jaali degree.. waise jab se professor lage hain bilkul hi sathya gai hain!! honestly the less said the better here!
    Maaji is more door andesh than i thought.. not just in recognizing imroz, but abb look at how she phasao-ed haider in his youth! … wth was that all about? either i was totally gobsmacked after dr imroz’s aqal-bandi that i totally missed the point or was there any sense in that at all? kia hua sub sarr pe se guzar gya! UG and MA are great actors but unfortunately this week even their tracks didnt do anything for me..
    and roomi painter bhaijan! the jack of all trades… abb next week hes crying ke nobody appreciates his help.. abb learn ur lesson and stop meddling for once!!
    abb koi aik issue ho tou… shams bechara going through major wardrobe issues.. seems like only thing he could find washed and ironed in his refrigerator was his wife’s oversized blouse.. i mean wth was that all about!
    sarah, she sounded so robotic on the phone.. when she said meri battery khatam ho rahi hai i just burst out laughing!
    and wth with the almost spooky sound effects.. i mean was this episode supposed to be the halloween special?
    and payman: u mentioned last week about lack in her character’s growth.. iss hafte tou ulti ganga chal gai.. joining @SZ in #fikarmandforyou .. def go back to maaji baji ji!

    now in contrast to ST’s tanga this bullet train seems to have totally gone off track.. i guess slow and steady does seem to be winning the race! like u said makes perfect sense in twilight zone.. i can’t see how they can recover from here.. firaq was the highlight of my weekends a few weeks back .. such a shame!


    • @FA: haha yaar your comments are so much fun to read.. Good one on ST’s tanga and this bullet train Emaan se yaar this is going absolutely crazy..
      LOL@ halloween special.. Tou suspense bhi tou create karna he k akhir vo kau he jis ko calls arahi thi.. Fuzooll


    • @FA: And I was laughing as I was reading your comment 😂😂

      Honestly what has this come to? Ab tau I cant even laugh at these idiocies only feel like banging my head against the wall at how badly this has derailed 😦

      And dont even talk abt Imroz being a prof, makes me want to burn my degrees and change professions – kiya yaar! har cheez ka mazaq bana diya hai!

      ROFL @ aqal bandi hahaha I just might have to steal that one from you 😉

      LOL at the tanga vs bullet train comparison .. pata nahin yaar now Im worried abt the tanga as well 😦

      hahahaha @ meri battery mar gayi .. qasam se! If ever there was a dialogue written with the actress and situation in mind this was it! KURQ will have to pen some more tan extra ordinary lines to top this one!

      So what say you? Ho jaye firaaq? Should we give it a break and give it a shot after a couple of weeks?


      • @Sz lol @ burn your degrees.. i know ke abb review carry on karne ke liye koi professor sahab jaisi degree bhi leni parein gi, but no need to burn the old ones yaar! lol

        uff the meri battery marr gai hai summed it up for me! KURQ is facing some serious challenge! hahaha

        well i might sound crazy but i might just watch the next ep too just to bid it final farewell and get off this bullet train on the next station.. magar without such a fun review kuch khas maza nahin aae ga..


  6. Will you believe I am laughing madly reading your review….
    loving it especially yorked shirt of Shums.Even I noticed it btw why the hell he was wearing that?
    Frankly I love watching this show and in fact appreciate it till
    till I read your review. It shows me everything in new light. You are always bang on.
    PS I love your comment of storing things in oven etc lol


    • @usha nigam: Glad you enjoyed it! I cannot describe how annoyed I was but at the same time laughing at the sheer stupidity of this ep – fuming and laughing at the same time kuch ajeeb dhoop chaaon wali haalat thi – result aap ke saamney hai .. ab what do — jaisa bakwas ep utna hi be tuka review aaye ga na 🙂

      Hahaha! you got the oven/refrigerator joke – had to be said after they told us ke Sara routinely keeps her folded laundry under the bed and/or behind the couch!

      P.S. Where do you store your folded laundry? 😉


        • @usha nigam: God job! Ab don’t let yor hubby know of this hidey hole – you remember na ke Shams stopped calling Sara after he figured out her hiding place 😉

          P.S. Aapas ki baat hai I was a refrigerator user, but ab with winters coming I will switch to the oven as well! 😀


          • @SZ @usha nigam .. dil me jagah through the stomach.. ghar mein jagah through the refrigerator and ovens…. good advice ladies! hahahaha .. apne jack bhai ko chahye payman baji jan ko yeh advice karein, ziada kam ai gi.. i bet he must’ve told bhabhi jan about this trick of the trade in the first place!


  7. Uf ye kia ho raha hai? Ab tau bs Jackson heights aur ST ka sahara reh gya.. Kuch vo hi is ka dard kum kr den..
    Only scene i liked today was Haider singing “Tu mujh se khafa hai tau zamanay k liye aa, Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhanay k liye aa ” and Tabassum looking at him from window..
    Even i suspected HIV last week, but not as surely as Imroze.. It was a differential diagnosis.. Aur imroze sahb ney tau test k result se pehlay hi Payman ko source of infection b bna diya..
    Payman ko ho kia gya hai? I mean she was so rational in initial episodes, aur ab tau she looks dumb.. Dekhen Roomi k sath shopping kia change laati hai..
    I m not as irritated as u, tau i’ll continue watching it


    • @Atty: Waqai you did get it right! 👏👏
      Yaar, kahan se kahan pohonch gayee yeh story – beyond disappointed! I’ll watch it off and on and see if its worth watching/reviewing regularly …

      P.S. to respond to your comment from the JH thread: Yes, am gonna continue doing JH, IA aaj raat … just that after Firaaq I had to step awaybreak and take a from the ghanchakar world of dramas ..


    • @Atty yaar payman ko hi nahin balke Roomi ko bhi!! A=B=Z=Payman=Roomi..
      Paiman has been most disappointing character for me.. Dr imroz pe tou shuru se hi shukk tha, but paiman se yeh umeed nahin thi!


  8. Just watched this episode. Why is this story moving so slowly?! Random AIDS awareness through hum sabkey piyarey Bhai, Imroz. Seriously had hoti hai, an educated, open minded Imroz was shown in the first few episodes laikin, professor kia ban gaye, dimagh hi urh giya. And, what concerns me is that even if he, like a typical cliche of a jealous husband, is super adamant about Payman being the one who gave him AIDS (even after he asked her if she had the symptoms) and Roomi being secretly in love with Payman,he still lets them hang ou alone. This is a weird plot, indeed.


    • @HH: LOL! Weird is the right word! Ab I;ve totally given up on trying to make any sense of this … AIDS se pehley HIV hota hai magar yahan tau ajeeb hai foran AIDS.. I guess something as basic as googling his symptoms was too much for him, what with his headaches and nose bleeds… becharey bhai ji sathiya gaye hain!

      Complaints aside, glad to hear from you .. Can’t promise a review next week, but hopefully we’ll continuing hearing from you, if not here then on other threads 🙂


      • LOL…HAHAHA., had tears rolling down my cheeks as couldn’t stop laughing whilst reading your comments. How I wish I had read d review before watching this episode. I am sure I would have fallen off d bed laughing.

        Just loved your “chalta phirta ishtihaar” comment. I mean seriously, this daktar babu looks more like a quack n needs urgent treatment for his mental illness and in his case, it is “akalbandi” n not “akalmandi”. Puhleaze, stop showing him as a psycologist as it will put people off d idea of choosing this profession.

        What is d director doing to my favourite SS. Honestly speaking she started off with a bang n now her character has turned into a phuss patakha. My heart bleeds for her.

        Shams’ “yoked shirt” Lol again. Even I was shocked to see him wearing Sara’s kurti but then maine apne ko samjhaaya ki the poor guy is missing his wife so much that is wearing her kurti to feel she is with him.

        As you rightly said d only sensible n watchable scenes were d ones that had UG n MA in them.

        I am also thinking of filing for Firaaq from this drama for sometime n even if I watch it, it will be after reading your review.


  9. You guys have said it all ! Out of all the strange things in Firaaq, the most tired I am of scenes with Mohib shoving his finger/tissues into his nose….enough of those scenes plz!!


  10. I took a day off today ‘coz of high fever n nausea (& that tweet was not about firaaq’s AIDS n pregnancy wala joke :-p woh tu baad mai realize hua) !! Soocha Firaaq ke last 3 episodes he dekh loon… .. & im here as I promised “kya say kyaa ho gyaa” this song completely goes with the situation! I am still in a state of confusion…. where’s the fault? Is it only writer or Actor -who doesn’t know or research on the characters or situations jo woh dikhana chah rahay hotay hain… ya Acting is the problem. Idea and concept is different but the way portraying this is not only weird -pathetic too! Imroz bhai ke doctori mai differential diagnosis ke koe jaga nahe hai he only believes in spot diagnosis! Muhib bhai thora parh laitay – kuch na sahi House he daikh laitay.

    “Kon ho tum…. shaitaan ho…. farishta ho… ho kon tum” Uzma G jee… same writer same drama same direction! Is ka koe jawab hai? 🙂

    Aur Paiman ka character tu bs stuck ho gya… let see agay kya hota hai…. SZ ji no firaaq my side! & you know the reason. 😀 you too continue pls kuch nahe reviw he enjoy kar lain gay!


  11. ROTFL this is turning out to be more of a sci fi comedy of sorts. I don’t even know if we can categorize this one into any genre – maybe that’s what the writer was going for. Considering that it is written by the Aseer Zaadi writer I was expecting some comedy but the whole I’ve got AiDs from my wife in just 2 months is Hilarious – while she of course is Zperfectly fine! I haven’t finished watching this episode cuz I kinda went WTHeck in the middle where dr sahab was self diagnosing. Should be some fun Comedy ahead for us to enjoy – more head banging moments coming up soon!


  12. Hey SZ, i see you gave up on this drama, and i dont blame you one bit. I on the other hand, tuned in recently and am trying to get thru it. Honestly, the one major component that has me hanging in there is Uzma Gellani. I dont think Ive seen her work before. But after this one drama, I am completely impressed and hooked. She is amazing! I get why you didnt keep with it, the story derailed completely. Such a waste of great Pakistani talent. Im confused by Mohib’s choices. He and Aamina are such a powerhouse couple, advocates of pakistani cinema, but some of his choices lately in dramas are questionable. They seem to start off strong, and then derail. I saw this with Kash Aisa ho and now this one. Hes such a good actor, but these productions are not doing him justice. Well anyhow, Im on episode 12 and I just wanted to let you know in case you didnt see it, Episode 12 has a great mother daughter scene that is worth tuning in for. Ive seen it twice myself. Uzma Gellani! I cant say enough. And Mazhar Ali is wonderful too. The senior actors are running this show for sure.


    • @Masooma: Hey! Happy new year 🙂

      See this is the difference between watching online in one go rather than waiting each week and then getting an ep that makes you wanna do somebody some real harm … yes Uzma G is a fabulous actress and so her scenes, no matter what the serial/story, will always be fab .. and I watch her scenes later . but for he sake of my own sanity I had to give up watching it weekly. Ad do let me know if you ever make it to the end! Firaaq made it to my year in review post because of the “innovation” it introduced to our dramas in the past year 😉

      This is where, I think,the producers and channel ppl are losing the plot. Given how tough the competition has become for things that need our attention at any given moment I dont know how they expect viewers to sit through weekly 40 mins of torture just for the sake one brilliant scene .. and if they have to drag it out this way then might as well just release thee serials online and we’ll all ffwd to see parts with our fave actors ..

      Sorry, for ranting but I am so annoyed these days ke had nahin … MM is a fab actor but as you rightly said its the projects which are pathetic .. and I dont know if I would blame the actor in this case for choosing bad projects rather I see it as a telling statement about the quality of the projects being offered to them …There have hardly been any good projects recently with strong or well-written male tracks .. the only two I can think of now are JH and Goya…

      And its not just the lack of good characters for men, look at Sanam … after Talkhiyan, and ZGH (no secret I had major issues with the story there) what other serials of hers have really done justice to her talent? Firaaq and Shukk both started off really strong but then even those flattered to deceive … and if these are the best projects among all that then I guess its easy to hazard a guess about the quality of those she rejected…

      Khair, rant over, let me recommend a relatively recent telefilm of Uzma Gilani, with Sania Saeed .. check it out of you haven’t already .. And she’s also got a new serial coming up, with Mawra Hocane, I think. Mazhar Ali is also in Sultanat-e Dil, check him out in it and you will wonder of its the same actor ..


      • Happy new year to you too! Thx for the link, will check it out. Im on board for Sadqay, up to date and loving it. Keep with the reviews pls!


        • @Masooma: Am behind on ST .. will catch up and write.. has it picked up speed? The last time I watched I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, hoping that it’ll be easier with two three eps in one go .. aajkal im really into JH so thats my first go to on Fris. but haven’t given up on S. that is reserved for serials like Laa Firaaq Shukk LOL a never ending list of bad dramas 🙂


          • OMG SZ! Whyyyyy did I keep with this drama??! You were very smart to stop watching. I really didnt think it would have turned out THIS bad! But what a train wreck. And i feel horrible saying that bc there were sooooo many great actors, and you could see that they really tried their best but this story was just horrendous. Im not sure if you heard how it turned out, but let me just say, after I last commented, this drama turned into a whole new drama. I swear for a while I was wondering if another drama got dubbed in or something. And the last couple of episodes they extended them to double length or something and they just went on foreverrrrr. Man, thank God its over. On to the next! and hopefully better.


            • @Masooma: Haha!! Bola tha na ke this drama introduced a new kind of story telling … as in BOGO … as in Buy One Get One Free!!! You should’ve read my 2014 dramas overview LOL!

              Yeah I know it was bad .. I watched parts of it as it ended .. but yeah didnt care for it at all after the last ep I reviewed!


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