Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 4 Review


Ecstasy and Agony ~ flip sides of the emotion known as love ~

Mercilessly bounced around between these extremes is the ‘ashiq, the unwitting fool who dares fall in love. Unwitting because falling in love is not what the one afflicted chose, love chooses its own victims. Fool because once ensnared in this silken web called love, the ‘ashiq offers nary a complaint. Pain and suffering embraced just as warmly as are the rapture and euphoria of this multifarious feeling called love.

Such is the state of Shano’s mind. Glowing in the aftermath of a newly affirmed belief in the rightness of her feelings- yes, he is worthy of  all and more of her affections – she happily shares not only the minutest details of their first meeting but also confides her fears in Humera. She knows this rishta is a hard sell, Rasheeda has an older score she wants to settle with Khelu’s father. Exactly why should a broken engagement from years ago continue to cast its shadow on today’s affairs remains a mystery, the details of which Shano is not privy to as yet.

What Shano does know, however, is that whatever happened then was serious enough that her otherwise straightforward mother is still unable to come to terms with the humiliation she suffered. She is still bitter and angry. Such is Rasho’s desire for revenge that she is willing to lie, unafraid to extent that she is willing to drag a venerated pir into this purani khandani jhagra.

For his part, Khelu is a changed man. Where Shano’s love was affirmed at their nazron ka milna, his has only just begun to make itself felt. New though he maybe to the ways of love, like Shano he too is sensing the path to their union is an unpaved one, uneven and rocky. Unlike Shano, who can only talk about love in the confines of her bedroom and is restricted in the ways she can convey her displeasure, Khelu not only expresses his love and voices his fears openly, but also makes known his desire for a one-on-one meeting with Shano. Where his mother gently calms him, his friend offers a metaphoric shoulder to lean on, Dr. Maqsood, very well played by Shamil Khan, stands out as the voice of reason, giving Khelu a much needed reality check. Though Khelu appears to pay heed, his next move is to show up at his love’s doorstep. What happens next is open to speculation till next week.

Four weeks in, and I am happy to report that this episode actually worked for me. Bar one lingering question mark, most of my complaints were addressed this week, as in better editing, shorter scenes (except the Dr. Maqsood and Khelu on the chhat scene, which went on forever, but the lines were meaningful enough to save it from feeling dragged), mercifully lowered volume on the background score, and the judicious placement of the OST. While all this is well and good, it is Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s beautifully written lines, and the overall ambiance, the richness of detail that set this serial apart. Shots of the inner city, cricket match, cchat conversations, bus ride, and tanga ride, all were very well done, the filmy pardas in the bedroom not so much. And then of course there are the actors.

Director Ehtashamuddin is to be commended for understanding the characters and allowing the narrative to unfold at its own pace, resisting the temptation to over tell this story. The little, seemingly unimportant, gestures his actors add on to their characters leaves a lasting impression, at times more than the dialogues themselves. Rasho’s vehement biting off of the thread, and then forceful knotting of the leftover thread added so much more meaning, explaining visually her state of mind – yes, Shano’s bachpan ki mangni would be broken off just like that and there was no going back on her word.  For his part, Amin, provided a much need lightness to Rasho intensity with his back-scratcher. I, and I think Rasho did too, loved the way he immediately jumped in to save Shano in the khyali pulaos that his wife was cooking. LOVE, LOVE the Samiya Mumtaz and Rehan Sheikh pair. The way Samiya can convey so much even in a seeming flub is quite amazing. Does any one else here also think that Rasho’s calling Shano and Khelu’s rishta najaiz was no mere slip of the tongue? Methinks there is a story there, one I can hardly wait to know more about.

Not to be left behind are the leads themselves, Shano and Khalil. Their second takra was just as spell-binding as their previous one. Khelu’s taking off of his sunglasses to gaze straight into his lady love’s jheel jaisi aankhen was a gesture as filmi as they come, but seemed just right for this very dreamy love story. Before that however, we saw Khelu displaying his hot temper at the cricket match, which made for a nice contrast against Shano’s much more controlled, but equally strong, response to her mother’s planning. The noise at the door, the banging of tray and her body language and expressions, all made for a very effective protest, one which was most definitely not lost on her mother. Needless to say Mahira Khan has proven once and for all she is not a mere pretty face. Adnan Malik too has impressed so far in his debut outing.

Mukarram Kaleem, not quite fitting in to the visual landscape. and Irfan Khoosat made their entries today and left a mark. Khelu’s reaction to the old tange wala knowing who was priceless. Adnan Malik was excellent in that moment. And this brings me to the my lingering question: Unlike Khelu, I get why the tange wala knew his name, and yes he is hot and hunky, but putting that aside, pray tell me why does everybody around think he is the cat’s whiskers? Aisa kya hai us mein? Even if he had all the tameez in the world and he salaamed and khuda-hafized me every time we met,  and he came to meet me every month, I would still have doubts about his eligibility as the perfect match for a daughter as sughar and haseen as Shano (yes, ‘her’ hair needs a serious trim ASAP but lets not go there). More so, when there is a still single although slightly boring but almost as hunky, Dr. Maqsood hanging around? Why aren’t the rishtedars equally concerned about getting Dr. Maqsood’s rishta fixed? I know this is his own story, but still wish that outside of the fact that he is the hero, the writer had provided some rationale for us to like Khelu and/or root for him.

So yeah, overall a much better, tighter episode and am enjoying the ride so far … what about you guys? Still on board ya utar gaye pichley stop par?

Written by SZ~


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  1. Gari taap o taap aai hy, na utarny ka time mila na dil kia! 🙂
    Great drama and great review as usual. Liking Rehan Sheikh and Samiya Mumtaz a lot. + Shano k abba ki khurdari awaaz!

    Have a question for u, why do u call Shano’s ama “Rasho”? Sheeda naam hy unka!

    • @HAJ: Sorry! Confuse karney ka irada nahin tha .. I think in the first ep some ppl were referring to her as Rasho, isliye bas main ne woh naam paka kar liya 🙂

      Haha!! Achhi baat hai .. bas isi tarah sawar rehaye ga .. maza aayega aap humsafar rahengey tau 🙂

  2. @SZ haie sadqay tumharay…kiya review likha hai 🙂 I am following only ST these days and loving it to bits. Nothing has bothered me much about the play except maybe Rehan S’s voice but then I do appreciate that he has made it a convincing part of his character. Samiya is fabulous, all the gestures and expressions conveying the controlled yet malicious hatred beautifully. I have seen a lot of Pakistan while growing up and later when working. Its a ride down my memories and I love the way nothing seems out of place, every detail is taken care of beautifully. What a refreshing experience it is to revisit your past but thankfully in real locations…not trying to pull off Turkey as US kind :p Credit to the team on making that effort to find relevant, believable locations and ambience. I read that it was shot on different locations which were hard to find given the urbanisation of small towns and even smaller localities within urban centers. I want to go for a tanga ride too!!

    The only character I find annoying is the bhai…uff kitna bechara bhooka aur saroo hai.

    I love MK as Shanno. What a spirited, clear headed and I must say courageous girl we have in Shanno. Shukar Khuda ka! Imagine SJ from MSKSH playing this character! Everything about Shanno has been convincing so far and the beautiful lines make you want to fall in love again! I actually like the akhroo Khelo. Again, as a first play (I believe) AM seems to have pulled off the role. I have seen such akhroos’ in my family and what’s funny is also a couple of Doc’s as a sensible side kicks rishtadar from a small town living with relatives. Like I said, there’s much about this play that makes me nostalgic and i love it! 🙂 Having spent some time in smaller town during holidays, I can understand the fascination with Khelu.

    AM on twitter replied to someone that most love stories in the sub continent have had sad endings but we should wait for this one to unfold….i so hope its not Rasho’s “najaiz rishta” that makes it sad 😦 anything else I can deal with!

    Forgive me for a disjointed feedback. Too much going one…but I plan to ride along this tanga journey of ST for the weeks to come 🙂

      • @Sarah Shah: Hey! Glad you enjoyed the review and could relate to it 🙂 Ab dont fall off the tanga/bus ride here .. aakhir tak saath rehna 🙂

        Haan like you and @AK: I too am hoping they dont go that route, but there was definitely an inflection in her tone .. let see!

    • @AK i agree with u on nostalgia.. thats what sells it! i think nostalgia is captured and balance out quite cleverly with the land far far away feel..

    • @AK: and sadqay tumhare for coming back! Missed you a lot and tum ko bara yaad kiya a week or so ago on this thread … poocho kyon? Is liye ke we were all trying to figure out Shano and Khelu and Dr bhai jan’s ages… and aap hain hamari resident mathematician so thrilled to have you back, and ab zara lagao hisaab and tell us kaun kitni umar ka hai 😉 🙂

      Yes, like you I too have spent a lot of time in these smaller town and so do think they got quite a few things right, but overall I think its more accurate to call what we are seeing as an era gone by, rather than fixing a specific time period to it.. because as @Ranjan said, it does look a lot like say Dastaan or Pinjar.. but khair overall it was the ambiance and nostalgia that carried me through the first couple of episodes.. the jhandis and shaadi mubarak signs were very early 80s, as was that marching band – much fun!

      And LOL! dont even go there in terms of comparing SJ and MK – koi comparison nahin yaar!

      Chalo good, glad to have you on this tanga sawari with us .. lookingh forward to a lot of maza and masti 🙂

      And plz dont ever apologize for comments, hum konsa yahan teer maar rahey hain? 🙂

  3. I found Samia mumtazs exchange with the hubby interesting. On breaking off the engament, she says they’ll convince the granny by saying that the rishta is not ‘jaaiz’, a statement she quickly retracts. A Freudian slip???? Maybe? Ooh I love me some scandal. If this were a noor ul hada drama, I would’ve totally anticipated shano to be Samia and khalooz secret love child that even the khaloo isn’t aware of ( like ishq gumshuda) and hence khaloo and shano half siblings…..

    • @Soniakhawaja: Spot on and a very astute observation, but given that this is KUR’s own story I think we will be spared that tangent, but still yeah, I too am eager to find out what is so najaiz about this rishta … Looking fwd!

  4. SZ great review as usual . I like meaningful conversation between Khalil and dr . And shamiya is different this time. This time she is not crying too much .i have a question is this story about 50s or 70s . I can figured it out . The dress and car and all. Thanks

    • @Ranjan Its set in the late 70s , early 80s. The clothes are hence not as “outdated” as the 50s. Plus it is set in the rural setup hence, the less modern feel. If you ask me, its a very good depiction of the time.

        • @Ranjan: Yes, it is mostly accurate in its depiction of that era, but I do think they’ve played around wit hte exact time to give it an old times feel .. hence sometimes it looks oddly incongruent with what I remember of the 80’s

  5. SZ, what a boring, god-awful review…not paying any attention to detail, are you? 😉
    Forgive me but I’m just so bored with my ‘great review’ line…ab toh aap bhi us se bore ho gayee hon gee?

    • @Afia: Hawww!! Nahin pasand aaya?? 😥 OK, agli baar promise I will pay even more attention and try to write better 😉
      Ab waiting to read your take on Firaaq .. kiya se kiya hogaya wahan!!

  6. Nahin ji still on board and all thanks to your review… Pehle aap ka review parha phr episode dekhi and enjoyed it lot more 🙂

    Indeed a very good episode with some great scenes.. i like how khelu and dr maqsood have that bond… Even if khelu dont say anything or just expresses with eyes.. Doc can easily understands him.. The scene on terrace was too good.. Love Dr’s reasonable and sensible talk..Shaamil Khan is doing an excellent job as Doc…

    Rasheeda-Ameen scenes are treat to watch… The one that i loved most was the last where ameen khalu was busy scratching his back and Rasho busy in making plan.. He looked too cute doing that.. Yes saw rasho’s reaction after saying naajaiz word.. This makes all more interesting..

    Mahira khan was brilliant in that scene.. And she looks killer in doing such gusse wale scenes..last scene was beauty and full of love… Cant wait for dhamkedar next epi 🙂

    • @Rehmat: Agreed, though I found that roof top scene a bit too talk heaby, but yes both guys acted really well and the lines themselves were lovely. And haan. for me that SM and RS and MK scene was brilliant – the best one of the episode!

      Ab after the disaster called firaaq lets hope and pray ke this one too doesnt go down the drain 😦

  7. A beautiful review!
    my fav scene.. SM’s dhaga torna.. she said so much in that one gesture! the steely nerve, the hatred, the animosity, the grudge, the authority, the relief .. it was all there. and later on : rashos frame for embroidery, with RS’s back scratching.. shano’s khamosh ihtajaj, Khelu marr jae ga, & rishta jaiz nahin hai.. so much drama packed right there in one scene for us!
    the dr bhai jan and khelu scene had some beautiful lines. waise what would khelu do without dr bhai! na khana milta na muhabbat… btw how is he related to them? is he another khala’s son?
    re mukarram: all i could remember was the bromance from aunn zara. i just couldnt take him seriously lol.
    now the whole route and the numbers of busses and tangas and all the rights and left turns i didnt really care about. But i liked irfan khoosat’s entry. i thought i had spotted him in the first ep when the girls were coming back from college, but i wasnt sure then.. perhaps he’s like our nosy imran bhatti the cab driver (from JH) , evesdropping and interfering… maybe he overheard the girls talking about khalil?? some things never change lol ..
    dhakka start ke baad now on its way.. was on board then and def on board now!

    • Agree with you on Mukarram’s character. I couldn’t take him seriously either with his neelay peelay clothes in Cinderella and all his awful advice during AZ 🙂

      I haven’t watched the first part of the epi but I am guessing the ‘najaiz’ thing could be a lie and Rasho is going to fake that she nursed Khelu when he was a baby while his mommy was maybe sick or something.

      • @Annie: Ooh thats a good mumkin! But looking at how angry Rasho is after all these years cant really imagine her nursing Khelu, and Khelu is older than Shano, and Shano is her oldest daughter … lol Im confusing myself here, but hopefully you get what I am saying 😉 Another possible mumkin that you comment has me thinking about is it could be possible that both kids shared the same wet nurse in the gaon or something like that … but lets see …

        And if you havent watched this scene – you must! It was brilliant!

        • I don know it makes any sense or not but let me share my perception on “najaiz rishta”.. Sheeda was in love with khelu’s father as madly as shano, and she takes their relation as “atoot bandhan” till now.. Thats y unintentionaly she said that… Devdas ka ek dialogue yad aa raha tha when Paro says “tum tau jhoot moot ka sindoor lgati ho mano didi! Pati kia hota hai, tmhen pata hi nae”

          • @Atty: Like this scenario as well! Would be very intriguiging if they put it on those terms, but then how do you think becharey thekedaar sahab would feel, and how would this affect Rasho’s so far seemingly happy marriage?

        • @SZ finally got to see the first part of the epi so I take my comment back. It looked like she was trying to make up a lie by bringing the Pir thing in. So yeah no wet nurses involved here 🙂 Oops!

    • @FA: mine too!!! kiya actress hai Samiya bhi, and what a crime these producers are committing by typecasting her as the rondhoo maa!!

      LOL @ what would Khelu do without Dr bhaijan .. true that! sochne ki baat hai waqaii…. waisey Khelu is so self centered .. kyon nahin kabhi Dr bhai jan ke liye bhi koi larki dhoondta? Isnt it weird that here is this 6 yrs older bhai spending so much time smoothing out the folds in Khelu’s love life and ek dafa bhi nobody’s asked ke bhai tum shaadi kab karoge, tumharey liye larki dhoondhen?

  8. Hi SZ, I am here again. I chanced upon Sadqay Tumharey by chance yesterday and saw the four episodes back to back. I was watching Firaaq but due to the festival season here I got busy. This story is somewhat like Remeo Juliet to start with. The lazy pace of the 70s is so much welcoming when little signs and gestures still made sense and sparing us the headache of constant phoning and texting romance. Though I must confess I am having a bit of difficulty in accepting Maria Khan as a teenager, I am loving Khalil though I failed to comprehend the nakras of his food habits in a shaadi bari?! Why was everyone bending their back to please him. The supporting actors are also very good. Last but not the least, can you tell me the meaning of Sadqay please, I can guess but I want to know the exact meaning…once again loved your analysis, Love Tin

    • @Tinni: Hey! Welcome back! Good to hear from you, been a while 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying this one … ab lets all hope and pray that it doesnt unravel quite as badly as Firaaq has done – if you ever manage to catch up with the latest ep (8) do share your views,

      Re: Sadqay Tumhare: the exact meaning is kind of difficult to convey in English, but it would be akin to saying willing to give up all for your sake or as they say in Urdu/Hindi: qurban ho jana…sacrifice myself/everything whole and soul for your sake … hope that helps!

      Re:Mahira not looking young enough, lets just give up on that 😉 ‘Cause if we start nitpicking then Adnan doesn’t look like a tween either and our Dr sahab does not look like a med student either. I am still lost tryin to figure out the math here, ’cause if Maqsod is 6 yrs older that Khelu then how come nobody’s worried abt his shaadi etc.

      And as for Khelu and his nakhras and why everybody is pampering him … yup you and me both stuck on the same thing …the only possible reason I can think of, and I raised this point and we discussed it a bit last week, is that this is the writer’s own story and so we are hearing it from his perspective and I guess if we all look back, our memories do tend to place us at the center of all that happened … again this is my read, perhaos there is another reason, one which will be explained later on in the story .. would love to hear more from you on this …

  9. HI, SZ. Great review! It’s more of a critique, really, which makes it all the more interesting to read. One leaves with a lot of food for thought 😀

    I agree with you – even though I kinda like Khalil, some solid facts are needed to believe in his eligibility. I’ve only ever seen him play cricket. Can we safely guess Khalil is a writer or works in some such capacity since we know the actual writer KuR Qamar based the character on himself? The parents would be justified in rejecting his suit if he proves to be unworthy. This they do plan to do but again, based on skewed reasons based on purani khandani ranjishain.

    Overall, a good episode. Adnan Malik’s acting showed a definite improvement. Looking forward to the next one, the promos look great!

    P.S. I don’t know why the tanga wala knew his name, please enlighten me? 😉

    • @Nashra – we think the tangay wala is the same who gives the girls ride back and forth from school so he is the official “ghar ka bhaidee” 🙂 Reminded me of those old movies where the taxi driver or some random person the hero meets turns out to be their long lost mother’s neighbor’s best friend lol

      • Hahaha thanks! That is very plausible. Nice little touch about a gaon, isn’t it? Everybody knows everything about you. No privacy at all 😉

    • @Nashra: Thank you, glad you’re enjoying this discussion just as much as I do … so much fun to come back and read all the fab points everybody raises!

      Interesting! I love your point abt Khelu being a writer .. you know I keep talking abt this being the writer;’s own story, I somehow never connected the writer angle tell you brought it up! Great point! 👏👏
      And now that I’m thinking abt it, I guess might be his heartbreak after this affair that compelled him to write.. otherwise so far I dont see this pouty, akkhar Khelu penning flowery romantic lines .. and most certainly not when he plays with a Shahid Afridi kinda aar ya paar mindset …. anybody else with other thoughts?

      LOL @Annie gave you the jawab, hopefully that answered yours and @Tinni’s query 🙂

      • Haye, that will be too sad. Their love story’s barely begun but I’m rooting for them already. You’re right though – only something as cataclysmic as heartbreak will turn this “akkhar” Khalil into an adeeb. But I’m still not giving up hope of them ending up together 😉

  10. Loved the episode! So much fun to watch! Since I had read all the reviews, I was focusing on random stuff while watching it. So I like how the director broke up some reallllly long scenes by moving them inside/outside (Khelu/Dr saab) or doing longshots and close ups (Humaira/Shano). As we learned from Pyare Afzal, KurQ likes to write reallly long scenes and since you cannot change his script around much being that he has a lot of nakhras (ahem ahem) I am glad Ehteshaam was able to work around those restrictions and keep our attention.
    Why does Shano wear such fancy clothes around the house? They look gorgeous on her but it just reminded me of all the cooking show channel aunties who deck to the nines while making biryani.
    Enjoyed the cricket moments. I think the Captain is inspired by Inzimam 😉 hehe
    And really enjoyed Irfan Khoosat’s surprise entry and cameo. We know Sarmad’s Abba has a bigger role than this 🙂

    • @Annie: Haha! I hear you abt keeping writer sahab happy 😉 Yes! I was thinking exactly the same thing in the Dr Maqsood and Khelu scene, the Shano Humera scene I was distracted by those filmy pardas that I didnt note much of the movement .. but yeah you;e absolutely spot on .. that’s one way of breaking up the tedium. I remember Sarmad using this technique to great effect in SeZ.
      And on those long flowy curtains, wish somebody could tell these art directors that these pardas do not exist anywhere out of their imaginations, and most certainly not in gaons! Very recently I’ve seen these in at least three Hum TV plays: Mehram, Digest Writer and now this one ..

      Haha! If only the captain sahab spent as much time on his workout as he does on his shaped eyebrows! So not the ’70s/’80s!!!

    • @Annie: Shano’s fancy clothes are as uch a part of her character as Khelu’s permanent pout is .. how else would we know who the hero and heroine are 😉

  11. @All: For those wanting to know about the Punjabi song that played right before Khelu knocked on Shano’s door, as per Ehtashamuddin, the director, it is called “Nimi Nimi” and is the second OST for Sadqay Tumhare … It has been written and sung by by Akmal Khan and the music is by Sohail Haider…

    I dont think HUM TV has released it officially but whenever that happens I will post the link here and on FB as well 🙂

    • thanks SZ for finding that out! I am guessing we’ll get a lip sync of that soon maybe 🙂 and lol @ Shano’s clothes and Khelu’s pout.

  12. Best drama ever. Its a superhit ,a blockbuster also in India. Mahira is outstanding and Adnan Malik is doing full justice to his role as the angry young man…reminds us of Bachchan saab. Good that Fawad Khan was not cast as Khelu…needed a fresh face for this role. Mahira has once again proved her STAR POWER! Way to go…

    • @shubhr: Hey! Glad to hear from another like-minded friend – welcome 🙂 Would love to have you join in our discussion and hear more from you abt what you think of the other characters and the setting etc

      • Hi SZ, you never disappoint n this is d reason i am completely hooked to this blog.

        Watched all d 4 episodes at one go n LOVED every bit of it. Just hope this one doesn’t nosedive like Firaaq.

        Liking Mahira Khan in this serial more as compared to Humsafar though she is very good in HS as well (sorry Afia). She is playing this lovestruck but a very determined girl beautifully. She looks luminiscent n fits d role perfectly.

        What to say about Adnan Malik, its hard to believe this is his first drama and that speaks volumes for this young man’s talent. This sure seems to be turning into a passionate love story with explosive chemistry between the lead pair.

        As for “Najaayaz Rishta”, even I am of d opinion that they won’t show them as half siblings considering this is based on Khalil Rehman’s life.

        This drama has taken me back to my childhood when we used to go to our Nani’s village for summer vacations. Ahhh those were d days.

        Also, can someone help with a couple of things here? The taangewaala seems quite familiar (considering its been only a few months since i started watching Pak dramas again after early 90s. Did he act in an old series based on Police department.
        Also, does anyone remember the name of the singer with short hair who used to sing “Mathhe tey chamkan vaal” on PTV in 80s. I was reminded of her when they were singing this song during wedding celebrations.

        • @Samrita: Amen – from your lips to channel gods’ ears 🙂

          Re: your queries: okay these are easy 🙂
          a) the tangaywala is Irfan Khoosat, director Sarmad (Humsafar fame) Khoosat’s father .. he did indeed act in Andhera Ujala, a superhit drama from the ’80s …
          here’s a YT clip 🙂

          b) the singer for Mathey tey chamkan wal is Musarrat Nazir, a former film actress from the ’60s. After her marriage she moved to Canada, and then returned to PK as a singer

          and here’s a clip from her one of her films Gulfam (1961)

          • Thanks SZ for answering my queries n for d YT links. Love you for bringing back those beautiful memories. Koi lauta de mere beetey hue din!!!!!!
            even though we were kids at that time, still remember Andhera Ujala as one of the family’s favourite shows besides 50-50, Aangan tedha, Waaris etc. Going to watch these again if can find them online as Waaris came when I was very young n do not remember its story but have a distinct memory of markets closing early and barren roads in the border city I was living in. Such was the impact.
            Me n my brother still mimic a character from Andhera Ujaala saying “Sardar Poolse (police)” Lol.

            I just showed a clipping of this drama to my daughter n she was quite excited to see Qavi Khan as she has only seen him as an old character in Noorpur ki Rani, MQMD and Durr-Shehwaar (Dhoop Chhaon on Zindagi).

            Thanks once again n I hope I am not troubling you with my constant queries on old shows n actors.

            • @samrita Aww ur daughter is so sweet, like u.. U have such a lovely company watching dramas..
              And ur list of dramas gave me nostalgic feeling.. I love 80s dramas.. Although i was born in 88 but i have watched almost all those dramas.. Recently watched Waris and enjoyed it so much

            • Samrita, When you write about the ’80s, it’s seems as if you were living your childhood in Pak and not India … power of media ( with some help from the border being near!)

            • @Samrita: No, absolutely no bother at all, on the contrary a lot of fun to go dig through some of these older shows 🙂 And the other shows you mentioned: Waaris, 50/50, Angan Terha .. all are uploaded on my YT channel .. so enjoy them whenever you got a chance.

              Re: Irfan Khoosat: He was in Ashk as well, if youve seen that disaster of a serial, he played the older sister’s father in law the chef who cooked the degs for Rohail and Zebu’s wedding …

        • @Samrita indeed “matric pass Direct Hawaldaar” in Andhera ujala was most popular character played by Irfan khoosat, but recently he played Zara’s grandpa in Aunn-zara

          • Hi Atty, thanks for that input. I thought this was d same guy from Andhera Ujala though do not understand why I couldn’t recognise him in Aunn Zaara.

        • Samrita, you broke my heart (!) everytime you say you don’t lke MK in HS, it’s like a dagger in my heart. Itna zulm acha nahin 🙂
          Hell, I liked her even in Neeyat- just love her simplicity in playing a role.

          SZ, Annie, Tinni, Nashra, Manju… enjoyed all the comments coming. While watching (listening) to ST, I was doing other stuff online and completely missed the najaiz talk. Now after all the various comments, I’ll have to go and rewatch that scene atleast :/

          • @Afia: hain?? you watched Neeyat and liked her in that too?? Shabash yaar! This must’ve been after HS, kyonke I think HS started soon after Neeyat and I thinking uff how will I sit through this love story .. even though I was drooling over the promos, specially the I love you Khirad one! 😉 That said, she looked stunning in Neeyat! And phir HS wali kahani tau you know 😉

            @Samrita: I was famously hard on MK during HS when everybody else was totally loving her as Khirad … calling her “average” and “ok” (and MK I don’t think has ever forgiven me for that — she talked abt it even on the ST show! ) but then she totally won me over in SeZ .. which you must check out (along with our discussion ) if you haven’t .. a very different story from all the typical love stories!

            • SZ, meri behen,I saw Neeyat as it was playing on tv, aik aik haftay ke intezaar se! It dragged but then, everything drags now 😦 Loved the cast – Humayun Saeed and Ahsan and MK…the OST is one of my favs plus MJ directed it. Infact some of the issues shown in it are present in Jackson Heights as well- visa issues, marriage of convenience…

              And just as well I didn’t read your MK bashing reviews of HS at that time…I liked her in it and thought she was acting fine. Waise my husband was playing your role and criticizing the poor girl…
              I did see MK on the ST show talking about the bad reviews and thought of you 🙂

          • Awww Afia, never meant to hurt your feelings. If you remember, I did mention in one of my earlier s on another thread that I was wrong about Mahira and I really liked her in HS but am just loving her in ST.

            As for HS, I really liked it and it is my second best on d list after ZGH.

            I have noticed one thing that most of the Indian viewers on the blog have loved HS but preffered ZGH more. The reason could be that when ZGH came we were not expecting anything and didn’t even know anything about Fawad or Sanam Saeed and d drama as a whole came as a very very pleasant surprise for us. People who had heard or read about Pakistan only through news channels saw a totally different picture and felt that we are the same people with similar lifestyles, culture, language, food etc. and it touched the hearts n helped change the perception people had. For someone like me who had grown up watching Pak dramas till early 90s, it was completely overwhelming. The other reason could be
            HS’s story was like something already seen on television n films with a love triangle, a simple bahu, a scheming saas and a shukky husband. Though due to excellent acting by everyone and a very good direction, it is being loved by almost everone. On the other hand, ZGH was a complete package with parallel stories n not just concentrating on the lead pair but still giving the feel of a terrific love story. Looked more real.

            I also remember SZ mentioning in one of her comments something on the lines that ZGH couldn’t give the high that HS gave because of the long wait and high expectations after HS.

            I hope you understand my point of view now and Afia, I am not saying this just to make you happy but I really love HS especially the last 9 episodes and must say you can feel Mahira’s pain n anguish as Khirad and this is a reflection of her growth as an actor. There is nothing to say about Fawad coz we all know he is excellent as Asher as well as Zaroon.

            Sorry SZ, it seems Afia n I have acquired this habit of hijacking different threads to discuss HS n ZGH.

            • Samrita- yaar I’m joking- jo marzi kaho HS ke baaray mein 🙂 And yes, I agree with all your comments about HS and ZGH (ref. their content) and SZ’s analyses that you mention as well. I did read your comment on the other thread too, so keep on loving ZGH!! I’m just happy India is getting to see some things from Pak like we’ve been watching from India all our lives.

  13. Am so enjoying sadkay tumhare that I just could not stop myself from commenting on ur wonderful review…the village scene n all reminds me too of my granny’s house.The director has shown everything in detailed like the buffaloes passing when they were going to d village.Mahira as shano is doing a great job and am loving the hero too.Even I enjoyed the bus scene too.Last but not the least Shano’s expressions when Khalil came to her home was just wow…

    • @Manju: Hey! Welcome aboard 🙂 Glad to have another friend join us on this tonga ride of a journey. Do join in our convos and feel free to share your thoughts on any and all aspects of the serial .. would love to hear more from you as we pick up pace on this safar of ours!

  14. @Afia: there was no space up there so carrying on our convo here …
    Re: Neeyat: I agree with you .. it had all the “it” factors, even the “issues” were relevant, bas ek nahin tha tau script nahin tha us dramey mein … And MK’s Siki Siki drove me nuts!

    Re: HS: LOL it was never bashing as such, but just couldn’t and still cant get on board with Khirad LOL but khair lets not go there and dig up old dead bodies 😉

    All in all its fun to see how some older dramas can still get us so passionate abt them and then we have the latest dramas jin ke baarey mein kuch naa hi kaha jaaye tau behter hai!

    • Afia, I think why I got so involved here was bcoz of the memories it all has brought for me n as in the 80s, my father was posted in border areas where the culture n language is almost d same as yours, I never felt the difference. If u remember it was d period of Antennas on d rooftop which we had to adjust to get the proper signal n somehow we got to see more of PTV than Doordarshan at times. So for me, its a deja vu kind of a situation.

      SZ, I have read quite a bit about Ashk n Numm on various threads on your blog n don’t think would have d courage to watch any of these (not even Fawad Khan being there can tempt me as of now)
      Btw, there is an upcoming show on Zindagi which is Madiha Maliha. Is it worth watching? And what abt Mata-e-jaan hai tu?

      • Yes Samrita, remember the times v well 🙂
        Madiha Maliha was the same old 2 sis saga- nothing special.
        Mata-e-jaan was good- definitely worth watching!
        @ Siki was the worst kind of name for a hero 🙂

      • @Samrita, thanks for bringing up all the goldies.
        Andhera ujala was fantastic! kia yad dila diya!
        Re Madiha Maliha: Like Afia said sister rivalry..nothing special
        Mata-e-jan is one my personal favs! pretty slow to start off with, but my oh my!!.. the emotional play later on is heartwrenching!! I have watched it so many times and each time it has had the same effect. Also watched it with my daughters and we were all crying our eyes out! yes we r an emotional bunch lol.. don’t wanna give away too much, but being a mother, it touched me big time! Hina Bhayat is absolutely fantastic.
        btw have u watched Daam? do check that one out. Only downside is there is no HD print online, but still well worth it!

        • I endorse ur recomendation @FA..
          Daam is a MUST WATCH play.. I just love it.. I count it in my Top 10 All-time favorite dramas..

      • @samrita i had a very bad experience watching Mata-e-jaan, becoz i read a huge spoiler comment on first episode.. It just ruined the drama for me.. So plz avoid all online comments and then watch mata-e-jan.. Waisay i don know about u, but i hate spoilers.. I never watch previews of next episode..

        • Thanks FA and Atty for your suggestions.
          I was watching an episode of Jago Pakistan Jago with HS cast n there a caller had asked Fawad if he was a part of Mata-e-jaan. He had mentioned he was supposed to do it but Adeel Hussain did coz Fawad had some date issues. I think he chose Ashk over this one at that time. Judgement error.

          @FA, achhe they naa woh din jab life was so simple. Thank God now I have some friends with whom I can discuss d old dramas n relive those memories.

          As for Daam, I’ll definitely check this one out and I remember SZ had also recommended this drama.

        • Rehmat, with such strong recommendations I will definitely watch Mat-e-Jaan. Also, will post my views on it on Mata-e-jaan thread if SZ has reviewed it.

          Right now loving Sadqay Tumhaare

      • @Samrita – thanks for the rooftop antennae memory 🙂 We would try and do that to get Doordarshan but it never quite worked! you’re right – simpler times.

    • @SZ btw I loved Neeyat…lekin mera khayal hai main is duniya main iss ki Wahid paristaar hoon kiunk abhi tak mujhay apna hum khayal koi nahi mila …koiiii haaaaaiiiii

    • SZ: “couldn’t and still cant get on board with Khirad “…lekin phir ye btyn Humsafer test main aap khired kaisay bun gain lol..waisay psychology kehti hai k insaan jo khud kerta hai baaz dafa wo dosron ko kerat dekh ker berdasht nahi ker pata ..kahin ye mamla tou nahi?…SZ ji aaj phir tum pe piyaar aya hai ..behud aur beshumar aya hai …haha

  15. Hi fellow bloggers, after Numm I had given up watching Pakistani Drama but use to read your reviews often because SZ’s reviews and all your comments were the only reason I saw all the Numm episodes. After reading all your takes on ST I decided to give it a try. Sat and watched all the 5 episodes in one day. Totally overdosed :), As much as I enjoyed the drama so far I must say Mahira Khan looks a little old for the part she is playing. But must also add she is gorgeously beautiful and a great actor.
    @SZ Looking forward to reading your episode 5 review.

    • @db: Hey!Hey! Kidhar ghaib? I was thrilled to read your comment and glad that you were back but aap tau ghayab ho gayeen.. come join us in our ep 6 discussions and then after that as well … cant let you disappear again – need the old gang back to inject more fun to the discussions — waiting! 🙂

  16. Extremely sorry for intruding. Have to say I loved reading the review. And I absolutely love this drama!!!! I am currently obsessed with the nimi nimi song . Been searching for it everywhere. Does anyone know ke full song kab release Hogi? 🙂

  17. janab hum bhi iss gari per abhi tak sawar hain aur uternay kaa koi irada nahi …ager aap jaisay humsafer mil jyn tou kon kambakht utray gaa bulk hum tou yahan tak keh rahay hain “gari ko chalana baboo zara hulkay hulkay hulkay… kahin dil kaa jaam naa chulkay..dil kaa jaam kahin naa chalkaaaay…samjhin aap…zara hulkay hulkay…holay holay..mitha mitha hath rakhen…bhala kis per?..khelo ghairb per…shukria 🙂 …
    mere liay kheloo bilkul kashaf ki tra hai naa aap isay completely pasand kertay hain naa hi na-pasand…phir oos ki akher mizaji yaa jo bhi negative traits hain inko writer nay justify nahi kia naahi sahi bana ker pesh kia hai..bulk ghalat hi kaha hai…jo hum sub ko umeed hai agay jaa ker thik ho jy gaa lekin oos waqt tak shayed der ho chuki ho gi …kiunk ye dunya gunah-garon ko maaf nahi kerti sirf khuda hi kerta hai..bulk Rashid ki ek nazam bhi hai “abu lahab ki shadi” ..kisi nay perhi hai..ager time mila tou share karoon gi

    acga pta nahi kiun per mujhay ye kahin say bhi dastan jaisa nahi laga..dono ki presentation aur over all feel main bohat ferq hai lekin kafi viewers start say hi isay dastan jaisa keh rahay ain pta nahi kiun?…shano/humera aur kheloo/maqsood k scenes mer fave rahay…samia bohat kamal acting ker rahi hain..khushi hsi inhon nay is character k zeriay apni versatility show ki hai….

    baqi “na-jaiz” word per meri theory aap sub k comments perhnay k baad kuch alag hi hai…k kheloo ki mother kaa kisi say yaa khaloo ji say hi affair ho gaa aur kheloo ji aham aham oos affair ki paida waar hain..well mujhay maloom hai ye khalil sahib ki story hai per kia ye zaroori hai k is drama main dikhaiy janay tmam waqiyaat aur halaat joon k toon haqqeqat per mubni hon…thori haqeeqat thora fasana ye bhi tou ho sakta hai … na-jaiz word shano kiun kheloo say mutaliq bhi ho sakta hai..nai?…aur ager wet nurses wali baat hoti tou sheeda ko chupanay ki kia zaroorat thi ..bulk ye baat chupti hi nahi ..naa hi khala khaloo itnay stupid hain k phir mangi kaa qissa paltay..kher sheeda ji ek lafaz bol ker farigh ho gain aur hum aur humaray gunday khayalaat lol…kal ko pta chalay kuch bhi nahi tha…

  18. hello! just began tuning into this one. Loving it so far. The cinematography, the ambiance, just the whole look of the drama is amazing! love all the inner city shots. definitely brings me back. actors are amazing! WITH the exception of the hero, for me. Hes still a big question mark. I just think someone more seasoned could have done a better job. Im not sure why he was picked to be amongst all these great actors. You can tell hes definitely green. I will say he is providing a better debut than a lot of other new actors, but i just wish someone else was there. Fawad Khan would have been awesome, he plays brooding like no other, but that goes without saying. And not to be mean, but in certain shots, and certain angles, he looks dorky. Like the the taking off the sunglasses scene, yeah filmy, but it was a good build up, and then he takes them off, and it falls flat for me. I would have rather him left them on. When he does his staring shots, he looks dorky and awkward to me. I really hope he gets better, bc he is the only part of the puzzle thats not fitting for me. The rest of it is a win!

    • @Masooma: hey! long time! Chalo jaldi jaldi catch up so that we can watch this one real time 🙂
      Re: the hero, Adnan M, I agree there are rough edges but I’d rather watch him that watch the same old tired faces, also Im liking that like MK his is not a face we see on every other channel!
      As for FK, arrey yaar, he’s moved on so lets move on as well 😉

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