Firaaq ~ Episode 8 Review


Right from the get go the story of Firaaq had been leaking worse than a sieve, but it was the characterization, execution, and more importantly the actors, two brilliant senior actors in particular, who were helping keep this leaking boat afloat. Come week eight fast forward the story two months for no apparent rhyme or reason, subtract one senior actor, add in some X-files kinda weird sci fi twist, and if that was not enough then chalo ji koi nahin let’s throw in a desi ghee ka tarka or two in the form of some good old fashioned shuk, and there you have it – perfect recipe for a perfect disaster. Bas aaj nahin tau kal is serial ki naiya doobi ke doobi. The countdown has begun…

10728803_388511414638543_372968464_nTo begin with, I have watched the episode twice and still fail to get the reason for the leap in time – why?? Rather than helping anything all it did was make an already shaky story seem totally whack. So going by what we saw, it took two months for a brother to inquire about his sister’s whereabouts – really? So much for his much-vaunted brotherly love and so much for his much-touted desire to save Payman from Maa ji’s sitam. Bhai jan, is se tau behtar tha behen13 ko maa ji ke paas hi rehne detey... no matter how cold and heartless she might have appeared, at least she knew right from day one where her daughter was!

But what to do…bhai jaan tau ek alag hi sample hain. Forget about his sister, its been two months and he still has no clue where his wife is – say what? I guess now that he knows the hiding places for his socks and sundries he has no further need for a wife. *Note to self: Key to a successful 7marriage is to hide hubby’s laundry in strange place and never tell him the whereabouts of his socks, kyon ke as seen here once bhai jaan found his matching socks he had nothing else to say to bhabhi jaan.* Ab do mahiney baad the loser that he is, bhai jaan aka Rip Van Winkle is finally waking up from his slumber and asking Roomi about his behen and biwi and making inquiries about his late father’s murky past.

In an otherwise crazy kooky episode, Haider uncle and Sham’s sequence was the one that made the most sense and stood out for its logic and coherence. In a sharply written sequence, I liked how Shams started off with referring to her as woh aurat and by the end was calling his mother Maa ji – very nicely done! A huge thank you to all concerned for at least keeping Mazhar Ali around for this episode. In Uzma20 Gilani’s absence, Mazhar sahab’s calming presence provided a much needed anchor to an otherwise wayward episode.

And on wayward, what the heck was that shuk thingy all about? I already had my doubts about the validity of Imroz’s degree, but now I am convinced ke he’s earned it via some shady 3fly by night ‘varsity. I don’t know of any self respecting psychologists who go around listening at doors, not once but twice! Wait I’m not done ranting yet! Adding insult to injury he once again offered lame duck mashwaras to his patient and then being the naam ka therapist that he is, starts projecting a completely different scenario on to his own khud sakhta shuky situation- wah miyan Daktar Professor sahab kiya kehne, bas wah!

Seems like the Firaaq team thought all this craziness was not quite enough – yeh shuk waghaira tau hum sab bohot saarey draamon mein dekh chuke hain, been there done that – so we were thrown yet another crazy twist, and not just any ole’ twist, but one inspired from all those12 bad sci fi serials with mysterious viruses and people waking with unexplained lesions on various parts of their bodies, tau bas apney Imroz sahab also fell prey to a strange disease. Ab dekhtey hain how many yarns Daktar babu is gonna spin to hide this beemari from his wife. Methinks being the good desi shohar that he is, he will try to “spare” his wife the trauma and disappear under some false pretext or another, leaving Payman in Roomi’s “safekeeping.”

One reason, among many others, that this episode was a no go for me was the lack of 10growth in Payman’s character, particularly since we were specifically told two months had passed since her marriage. It had initially made sense for her to leave Maa ji, because she was fed up of living a be-jaan, be-rang zindagi. Pray tell me what has she done since then to add color in her zindagi? Apart from wearing some brighter colors, the lady is still cooking, cleaning, and watching daytime talk shows. Arrey yaar, go get out of the house, make some friends, take driving lessons, get 9enrolled in a school … bibi, sirf chamkeeli lipstick lagane se zindagi mein rang nahin aatey! Where is the therapist when you need him? Daktar sahab, waisey tau aap sab ko foran mashwarey detey hain tau phir Payman ko kyon nahin?  Yeh chiragh taley andhera kyon?

Khair, never fear, Roomi aka Agony Aunt was quick to present a solution to Payman’s boriyat ka masla – paint a mural on the living room wall. Errrrr… painter bhai jan the house is rented, pehley 17maalik makan se pooch lain! And on Roomi, Imroz too seemes to be just waking up from the same slumber that overcame Shams. Its been two months since his marriage and he’s just now realizing that he needs to thank his bak bak BFF – was anybody else bored to death by his non-stop talking in the car? No wonder Imroz’s nose threatened to start bleeding again – kitna bardasht kare koi!

Ji, as you can see this episode, despite the good acting, was a total miss for me. Here’s to hoping for a better, tighter, to say nothing of a more plausible story line next week. Fingers crossed, warna firaaq tau aaya hi lagta hai… 

Written by SZ~

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  1. shert-e awal qadam aanst keh majnoon formula hai jis per amal ker k firaq dekh aur enjoy ker saktay hain lol…baqi thoro der main


  2. SZ I guess you didn’t watch the episode properly inspite of watching twice how can you suggest anything which is already there in drama. Like imroz suggest paiman to go out and start yourlife etc….
    I am afraid I will take it as a spoiler rather then a review.
    So its a bad review.
    its the second time I found lame things discuss in your review. Initially it was about Maa Ji’s big house.

    it was a good tight episode with a progressive story and a very very bad review infact a spoiler indeed.


    • Agree totally AS, I do agree that there is a leap of time and Paymaan’s character has changed but everything about this story is perfect. It has a unique story with the fastest pace I have seen. Every episode is filled with action and thrill and wonderful dialogues and direction.


    • @AS: Bad review or not, I’m glad ke you took the time to read and comment – much appreciated.

      Even though they didn’t quite work for me, I’m glad you’re enjoying the latest turn of events in this serial. Ab lets see what next Saturday brings .. who knows we both might be on the same page then 🙂 Will look forward to hearing from you on this week’s episode…


  3. Hahahaha.. I laughed so much reading this review.. Kabhi kabhi aisay reviews b likha karen, tanz-o-mizah sey bharpoor…
    I somehow missed “2 months later” caption and as @RJ said ‘watch firaaq without analysing the story’, so i enjoyed watching it even today.. Except that Shukk part, but i m sure after knowing about Daaktar sahab’s past iska b koi logic nikl hi aye ga..
    Actually that nasal bleeding and bruises seem interesting to me.. What is it? Physical sign of depression or HIV or something else?


    • I’m not 100% sure but it seems to be signs of cancer. Possibly leukemia, I have a family friend that was recently diagnosed with it and she mentioned nose bleeding and random bruises showing up. So maybe?


    • @Atty: Nawazish .. glad you enjoyed the humor… bas ab yeh is ep ka kuch kamal tha ke aisa review likha gaya .. dekhen what other masala the makers have in store for us and who knows what impact those masaledar twists will have on my writing … woh kehtey hain na ke tu teer azma hum jigar azmaiyen … so lets see 😉

      Re: Imroz’s condn, I agree with @Pepsi, has to be some form of cancer(hamarey drama makers ki fave beemari).. I googled the symptoms and came up with forms of leukemia as well .. ab dekho .. yeh tau dramaland hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai!


  4. Hi SZ.
    i wanted to ask have you seen drama serial sanjha by samira fazal. if yes can you tell me how was it? was it worth watching?


    • Hi Shumaila, I have also seen Sanjha and let me tell you that it was a wonderful drama indeed. It is very good for the first 3 parts but the later half falls apart as it gets really really slow when Noman Ejaz makes his entry. Resham, Imran Aslam and the other girls including the sweet small role of Fahad Mustafa makes this drama a treat to watch.

      Here are he HD links:

      Other parts on youtube also, from 1-6


    • @Shumaila: Hey!

      yes, I have watched Sanjha and, as @Aisha said, it started off really well and was a compelling watch till about halfway. The serial took a nosedive after Sanjha moved from Resham’s kotha to Nauman Ijaz’s house. From that point it was like watching a whole other serial. I remember Samira Fazal, the writer, telling me that she had to rewrite the latter half of the story because she started getting a lot of msgs from producers to change the kotha track, because they were concerned abt audience backlash resulting in low ratings .. so I guess you can watch the first half and really enjoy it and then quit once she moves out, cause it is a completely diff story after that.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


  5. Rofl ( twice) seriously.. Thats much i laughed and enjoyed your review… This was Great review .. Specially your one liners like chamkeeli lipstick and imroze nose threatened to blame hahaha epic!! 😄

    Ok like @Atty i also didnt notice ‘2 months later’ caption .. Tou i was watching the episode as 2 ya 3 din guzre honge.. In that way it was making sense but thanks to review ab im thinking WHAT… 😳 2 months me Romi bhaisahab ek dafa bhi milne nh aaye and like you said SZ k thanku(s) bhi due raha itne arse… Khudaya.. Oh haan they utilized 2 months in changing Paymaan’s glasses na… Yaar aise thori karte hain.. Us me bhi time chahiyae hota he 😛

    I couldnt understand the case that guy came up with..i mean what a psychologist have to do with jeeth bhaisahab flirting with bhabhi.. Matlab k psychologist will help in treating the psyche of jeeth or husband?.. Please explain to me :/

    No doubt the best scene and only logical scene was Shams and Haider.. I am so much liking Haider’s charactet.. He is so real and talks so much sense… And then amazing acting by Mazhar Ali… Maza aagaya..

    I hope Tabsum comes back.. Flashback dekh kar aur miss kye unhe..


    • @Atty and @Rehmat: Ladies, you did the absolute right thing by not paying attention to that banner … because without it yes, the ep was crazy, but it still made sense in its own senseless way .. with the banner, the ep lost all semblance of logic and rationale and bas ek ke baad ek blooper hota ja raha tha …


      @Rehmat: Haha! Glad you enjoyed the review.. ab aisey ep ko seriously lena zara mushkil tha, even with my brain switched off!

      Re: the need for that particular patient: i can see why a person would want to go talk to a trusted therapist abt how to deal with such negative thoughts, but the way they showed it here was ludicrous! But, ab phir shukk ke liye base bhi tau banana tha na .. ab if the producer tells the writer ke shuk dalna hai story mein kyonke yeh “in” trend hai, tau phir bechara writer jaaye tau kahan jaaye ?
      Watching good writers being compelled to drag stories or add in unneeded twists is really sad 😦


    • @TS Bindra: Apologies I couldn’t get around to thanking you for your very generous comments on the last review ..

      “Curate’s egg” – wah, tussi chha gaye ttha kar ke!
      What a perfect way to describe not only this one but a whole bunch of other serias as well! I guess the good old days, when you could count on a serial to stay the course throughout its run, are pretty much gone 😦

      Hopefully this was a one off, and the serial can recover from this snafu and go back to being an implausible but still enjoyable watch 🙂


  6. 100% agreed- just no use of that 2 month later scenario infact it makes me question the writer and director’s capabilities even more…. V uninteresting turn of events wrt. the Shukk angle- just so boring…Thank God for the Mazhar Ali-Junaid Khan sequence though. Kuch toh acha hua.


    • @afia: You know the more I think abt it, the more it seems to me like it was an error on some editor’s part to run that “two months later” ticker, ’cause the leap makes absolutely no sense! Ab lets see what this latest ep has in store for us ..


    • SS: Haha! Shukriya ji 😉 But yeh kya?! Can’t have you not watching the drama.. aisa na karen warna review ka maza kaise aayega! Umeed qaim rakhen, hopefully we’ll get a better, more coherent ep tomorrow.. hope to hear from you on that review as well 🙂

      Are you watching Sadqay or Jackson Heights? Would love to read your take on those…


      • Hahahaha..
        couldn’t stop laughing whilst reading your review. Hit the bullseye.
        Though even I didn’t notice the 2months caption, the episode was a dud for me as well except for MA n Shams’ scene.

        Felt bad for Sanam Saeed, no scope for her to show any variations in her character.

        Daktar sahab (lol) himself needs a psycologist what with treating a patient who had actually come to seek solution for someone else’s problem n on top of that our dear Imroz gets the patient’s situation affect his own life.

        lets hope d next episode is better than this one.


        • @Samrita: if you think this ep was bad check out the next one. Also, keep a box of tissues handy — you will need them to wipe your tears!! 😜😜


  7. I think the two month thing was stupid coz otherwise it actually flowed. It just seemed a continuation.
    The shuk thing seemed inevitable due to how much they had gone on about Sara trying to get him to marry pay man so I knew that would come up at some point .
    I am wondering more about imriz has some terminal disease? Now that seems more intriguing !


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