Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 3 Review


Where last week we got an up close and personal look at Khelu and his akkhar mizaajithis week the narrative zoomed out to pan all that followed from our anokha ladla’s khaaney par takrar. 

s30In what is fast becoming a signature feature of this serial, this latest episode too opened with a long drawn opening sequence, where our angry young hero sahab’s khaaney ke baarey mein ghussa refused to abate. So severe was his naraazgi that even Shano’s haath ki pakki hui roti could not placate him.Ultimately, like all fussy children who behave similarly, our hero sahab went to bed still angry and hungry. Thankfully he woke up the next morning in a much better mood sparing us further tantrums over nashta.

Though Khelu woke up in better s14spirits, his akkhar mizaaji was still very much in evidence as he made no effort to meet and greet Shano’s parents, his khaala and khalu.  I don’t know about you all, but so far Mr. Khelu is not seeming like that great a catch and I don’t really blame the girl’s parents for having second and third thoughts about this match. Come to think of it, isn’t apne daktar sahab a better match for her then the attitude and ghussey se bhara Khelu

s4Khair, regardless of whether I or her amma n abba approve of Khelu or not, one look at her hot bachpan ka mangetar and apni Shano was totally smitten. Their first takra was a beautifully done sequence with the light bathing Adnan in an almost other worldly glow – very nicely executed indeed! Clearly Shano had found her sapnon ka shehzada. Such was the power of their pehli baar nazron ka milna, ke our soft and compromising Shano had no problems standing up to her mother.

The showdown between the mother and hers29 once compliant daughter was a powerful scene and both Mahira and Samiya did really well here. Samiya Mumtaz, Rasho, has not had much to say so far, but I am mesmerized by her performance to date. The hate in every face and the suppressed anger in her body language every time anybody mentions Khalil’s rishta with Shano, or her coldness when she was talking to Khalil, her conniving smile when she tells her husband to let Khalil’s parent’s come to their house for Shano’s rishta, or her venomous tone s26when scolding her daughter, all very fleeting moments but ever so exquisitely performed, giving so much insight in to this otherwise quiet woman’s character.

s33If Samiya Mumtaz is magnificent as Rasho then Rehan Sheikh is not lagging far behind. Again, like in his wife’s case, I feel appearances are deceiving and Khalu Amin is nobody’s fool. He might appear like a bumbling seedha saadha baleela driving bewaqoof, but the way he fended off the rishta talk was very sharply done. Earlier too, when talking to another rishtedar, the way he had inquired about the Kuwait wala nephew was quite indicative that while Rasho might have her own issues about this rishta, khalu ji bhi thekedaar hain kuch kam nahin. Love the little nuances he’s added to his character: the constant finger in his ear is so fabulously annoyings20, as are his car and his car driving skills, the tightly held steering wheel is a great touch. Not so great though is his croaking voice.

While the begining of the shaadi festivities was all about greeting Khelu, the ending was signified by a another drawn out meet and greet session, this time saying khuda hafiz to Shano. One of the most fun sequences had to be the race between Khalu and Khelu.  s21Loved how ammi ji gave instructions from the side – kraas maar!

The episode ended with one last exchange of hot n heavy nazars between the aashiq and mashooq. Ab waiting to see to see when then the next takra happens. Going by ammi ji and aaba ji’s khatarnaak iraadas it seems like despite Khelu’s airy assurances there will quite a few khaddas waiting for him on this path of true love.

s11So yeah, overall a much better episode than last week as the serial is gradually coming into its own. The pace picked up appreciably and things seemed to moving quite smoothly. That said, I would still like to see tighter editing, the opening scenes in particular need to be trimmed quite a bit. Similarly the shaadi scenes were fun, but all needed to be just a tad bit shorter. While the story is gearing for take off what is keeping me hooked is the colorful ambiance of the rural landscape. The marching band at the shaadi, baraat going from one gali to another, various rasams, fluttering jhandis, string lights, the ubiquitous shaadi mubarak sign, men sleeping on s12khaats on terraces, all were very nicely done. Even though the diya lit stairs and Mahira going up the said stairs had me thinking abhi aag lagey gi, it did make for a stunning shot. Kudos to the director, art director and DOP for getting the feel and the atmosphere of a village shaadi just right.

One final thought, typically our dramas are based on a writer’s imagination or his/her s23observations, but in this case given this Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s own story, I can’t help but wonder if we would have found the hero quite as charming had he not been written with such panache, to say nothing nothing of the writer’s indulgent affection for this character, would our heroine have appeared just as guileless, or would Rasho have seemed quite as cold and venomous? I wonder what the real life Rasheeda and Amin would have to say about their portrayals? Would we be watching a very different story if we were to see it from their perspective?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Once again a very well written review, this is exactly how I saw the episode.
    Everything was great if not perfect ( talking about cinematography) the haveli and Village shadi, band baja baraat , all done in a pleasing to eye way. Mahira is doing very well , Samia Mumtaz is the best , as I have never seen her in this kind of role before. Rehan Shiekh looking so “CUTE” , a rolling football , in a lovely way as we can’t say Kay weight loose Karo bhai . A very filmy story and am surprised to know that it’s a real story ! Looking forward to next week a sits a good feeling to have as non of the other shows around is giving that feeling . JH was good in first 2 episode , now I am loosing interest, Firaaq is all about Uzma Gilani and Sania Saeed for me .
    Keep it up SZ , enjoy your review so much as its unbiased and very objective even if one doesn’t agree


    • @Sheema: totally agree with you and specially what you said about unbiased reviews here… Very much true.. Its always fun and insightful to read SZ reviews…


    • @Sheema: Thank you for your encouragement and kind words much appreciated 🙂

      Agreed, for me too Samiya M and Rehan S are the big draws, along with the period – although it is too dreamy to be the 80’s but khair lets not quibble on the details 😉

      And what are your thoughts on the latest twists and turns in Firaaq? Sure, as compared to JH, things are moving along at breakneck speed, par ab aisa bhi kya?? Looking fwd to reading your take on that one!


  2. Great review SZ! Really enjoying this show. I think the ensemble cast is very well selected so props to Momina and Nina Kashaf. I think Nina really knows how to capture the mood of a setting. She did it beautifully in Humsafar and here too you can see the attention to detail. Not to discount Etheshaam’s work – the dreamy look and feel, the first encounter so beautifully shot esp. Considering that the actors are emoting to the camera if we get into the technicalities of things. So far the editing hasn’t bothered me much because of the setting. The rich culture, the happy people are just so much more fun to watch than the Same house and horrible furniture in big mansions. I am taking it all in. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to keep those diyas lit thru out that stairs sequence! So props to the person who had so much patience to keep on relighting the diyas 🙂 Adnan Malik was looking handsome in the sherwani 🙂
    Interesting point about perspectives! I am pretty sure from anyone else’s POV Khelu won’t be considered a very good rishta. If I did not say salaam to a close relative at a wedding I would hear about it for the rest of my life!


    • @Annie: Im with you in that I too am enjoying the setting, ambiance and the attn to detailing so am on board… but given that this at least 26 eps, with a built in potential for 30, I am not sure if all this sho sha is gonna keep us interested for 7 months.. so keeping my fingers and toes firmly crossed!
      I think, for me at least at this point, the khala khalu track seems to hold the most promise.

      LOL! So true abt not salaaming to rishtedars .. these are serious issues – the kind that can make or break rishtas, particularly at an occasion like a shaadi. Khelu’d better watch out – he’s treading on pretty thin ice as far as Shano’s parents are concerned! As they say na in Urdu, ek tau karela oopar se neem charha 😉


    • @Annie: Oops, forget to agree with you on the technicalities, leaving the story aside, it is hats off to the art director, the director and the DOP for shooting in such adverse circumstances in small villages, and then of course the actors who make it all look so effortless .. I’m sure shooting with the dust, sun, lack of facilities, and those ssatiny clothes in the heat must not have been an easy task, and us sab mein romance karna .. zordar salute to all concerned! 🙂


  3. A huge round of applause for your reviews SZ!! 😀 I really enjoy reading them. The timeless and dreamy settings, props, and emotions of this drama are simply beautiful. This drama really gives us a break from all the depressing and sick dramas which have family fights and other issues. As for the candles lit staircase scene, I was thinking the same as abhi her dupatta is going to catch fire! 😛 I couldn’t agree with you more on Khelu’s character as he is full of attitude and anger and didn’t greet Shanu’s parents properly. This love story is definitely going to have a lot of obstacles and trenches if Shanu and Khalil are meant to be together forever.


    • @S.A: Thank you .. glad you’re enjoying them just as much as I am enjoying writing, and then the cherry on top reading all of your very interesting comments .. keep them coming!

      Haha! yes, def lots of trials and tribulations yet to come their way.. don’t quite know if they are able to be together together … waisey aapas ki baat hai, do you think KUR would’ve penned such an ode to their romance if he had ended up getting married to her?


  4. Ummm!!
    One problem, her name is not Rasho it’s Sheeda! Last week I thought I might have misheard it.

    Drama is Great and ur reviews as well!


    • @HAJ: Hello – thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the drama so far .. any thing in particular that you are really liking here?

      Re: Sheeda/Rasho, as @Atty said her name, Rasheeda, is variously shortened in the serial, I chose to go with Rasho, b/c I personally find Sheeda very coarse, more so when used for women. So yeah a conscious choice 🙂


  5. What an insightful review Sz! It’s become a ritual of mine to watch a drama and then read your reviews. It really makes TV watching more meaningful, lol.
    Unfortunately, I’m feeling like the odd one out because I’m not yet on the Sadqay Tumhare bandwagon. Khelu’s over the top bratty-ness and Shano’s premature husband complying ways are just not sitting well with me. But, I shall stick it out because through your reviews and the discussion in the comments. it looks like ST has more to offer in future episodes. Here’s to hoping that another drama won’t disappoint!
    But man, Samiya Mumtaz is doing so much justice to her character. The subtle changes in her expressions have me mesmerized! I’m glad she has finally got a role in which she is not bemar or mazloom. Loving her antagonist role!


    • @UM: Hey! Glad you’re watching this one with us 🙂 Don’t worry you’re not alone, I am enjoying this one but not to the extent of going haye main sadqey tumhare…

      Re: Khelu’s brattiness and Shano’s OTT compliance, ordinarily I too would have the same issues, but if you were to keep in mind that this is the writer’s own love story then these things are relatively easy to understand. Forget about him, if any of us were to write abt the our pasts, we too would visualize ourselves such that all negatives come across as positives and the lover would appear to be equally fida .. I dont know if I am making much sense here, but thats the only way I can watch this one. That said, I too am not crossing any tees and dotting the iii’s just yet .. way too many dramas have flattered to deceive in the recent past ..


  6. You’re right SM is great at her role but most of all I love Rehan Sheikh’s portrayel of the father!
    And advice for Shanno- marry the Doc!


  7. bhai hum tou khoob enjoy ker rahay hain 🙂 first episode k baad umeed nahi thi k aisa ho gaa..lekin main annie say agree karoon gi k editing say mujhay bhi filhaal koi issue nahi..aur main choti choti cheezon ko bhi bohat enjoy ker rahi hoon…jo humen dosray dramas main nazer nahi atin…pace per bhi last week indepgal nay mere pov ko bohat precisely aur beautifully expalain ker dia tha..ab kia repeat kerna…MK ko tou hum jantay hi thay lekin adnan nay acha khasa surprise kia hai..abhi tak bohat impressive rahay hain…khelo jaisay character ko potray kerna asan nahi wo bhi ek debutant k liay..aur plzz guys humen desperately new actors specially male actors ki zaroorat hai…tou ager kuch kami bhi hai tou berdasht ker lo..main is new slightly raw actor ko ahson/sami/meekal etc per terjeeh doon gi

    jin ko dekh dekh ker hum puk chukay hain…Khalil sahib suspence ki khatir yaa pta nahi kiun lekin situation ko exaggerate kerna pasand kertay hain jub tak in kaa point ba-bang-e dehul bolna na shuru ho jye…phir in kaa haan repetitiveness bhi hoti hai..pta nahi tight editing ki surat main 23 episode drama kum ho ker kitna reh jye gaa…mere khayal main ye in kaa style hai jis ko berdasht kerna parhay gaa…phir hum hi tou shikayut kertay hain k writer aur director kaa vision different hai..jis ki waja say viewers confuse ho rahay hain..ager ziada bura lagay tou aap dekhna chor den jo main piyaray afzal main kia tha..yahan kia ho gaa waqt hi bataiy gaa ..lekin umeed hai main dekhti rahoon gi kiunk MK aur aiza main zameen aasman jitna ferq hai


    • @RJ: LOL! Yeh kiya kaya palat ho gayi in a couple of weeks! Kahan tau na shakal pasand thi na hairstyle pasand tha aur kahan yeh haal ke koi kuch na kahey Khelu ko! Arrey baba, fikar not koi kuch nahin keh raha, thandi ho jayen .. and agar mujh naacheez se ghalti se agar is serial ki burayee ho jaye tau aap beshak mera boycott kar dijeya ga 😉

      Glad you’re enjoying this one and ever so passionately at that … ji bikul that food issue was about establishing Khelu’s personality, but unlike you I think it couldve been done in a tighter fashion .. and I do wonder ke if the serial was taking place in today’s time, would we have been so patient with the lethargic pace? I think so far the ambiance and the richly detailed scenes have worked overtime in keeping us glued, ab lets see what happens next.

      Re: the length of the serial, nahin ji, ab tau 23 eps ke bhi zamaney gaye … this one has been shot as 26 eps, with the inbuilt capacity of stretching it to 30 (if we make the mistake of liking it a bit too much)… so don’t worry plenty of romance and Khelu for you for the next 7+ months – ji bhar ke enjoy kijeye and aisey hi mazedar aur passionate comments likhtey raheye ga .. like adding garma garm samosas to an already mazedar chai party 🙂


      • before i move on to the latest ep, just had to stop here..
        first of all @SZ what a mazedar review!
        secondly.. fire hazard galore!!! this week’s latest installment’s choolha flames reminded me ke i can’t go ahead until i stop here and play my part of a responsible citizen and announce the caution.. i mean honestly i was seriously worried about the choolha flames and the diyas all over the place, and highly flamable materials causing some serious damage.. aag ab lagi ke tab!
        @SZ re writer’s perspective: i was thinking the same thing. I do wonder what others really thought about khelu, and khala and khaloo, even khelu’s amma and abba.. .. and yes a very valid point abt why we dont mind with the otherwise lathargic pace..
        @RJ i watched PA and loved it to startoff with but my oh my what a drag it became later on!!! i really hope they dont go down that route here. Adding extra episodes (only to catch the on-going ratings) killed it for me. lekin yaar abhi se @SZ ko dekhna chor dene ka mashwara na dein. half the fun is in the reviews 🙂 .. i’m liking ur mumkin.. shano ke hath ki bani roti ka anjam vs shano ka possible anjam.. but somehow i dont think apne khelu bhai jan will be munh-phering to shano just like that. Shano ke liye tou bazat-e-khud papar belne ko tayyar khare honge.. 🙂


  8. aur aap ko nahi lagta k “roti issue” sirf khanay kaa masla nahi tha bulk is k zeriay humen characters ko understand kernay kaa mouqa mila..ager wrtiter director nay itna screen time sirf ek issue ko dia hai tou between the lines wo kuch aur convey ker rahay hain..khelo akhar mizaj /zidi aur egoistic hai .. ego hurt honay ki waja say shano k hath ki bani roti khanay say inkar ker dia..shano ki paki hoi roti jo pehlay khahish phir zid bani phir ek stage per oos say bhi thukra dia…udher amin aur rasho ki bhi egoes hain…salam nahi kia etc

    tou kia future main aisa naa ho ..shano pehlay khelo ki khahish phr zid banay aur phir is zid k agay amin rasho jhuk bhi jyn lekin sirf ego ki waja say khelo shano say dustberdaar ho jye..ab is paglay ko koi samjhai k mohabat main ana nahi hoti bulk ana hi mohabat ki sub say bari dushman hai


  9. aur khelo k akher aur berhum mizaj ki ek hi waja samajh ati hai k writer Khalil k “fall” ko fall of baghdaad fall of Dhaka bulk history main jitney bhi fall guzray hain oon say kuch ooper hi dikhana chahtay hain..faiz kaa sher bhi hai

    jo rukay tou koh-e giraan thay hum jo chalay tou jaan say guzer gai
    rah-e yaar hum nay qadam qadam tujhay yaad gaar bana dia

    hum sub nay is koh-e giraan ko dekh lia last 3 epi main..ab in k jaan say guzernay kaa manzer dekhnay ki baari hai….bus dil thaam lijiay kiunk ye merhala asan nahi ho gaa naa humaray liay naa shano khelo k liay
    P.S. lol dekh len main kitna enjoy ker rahi drama nay mere ander ka romantic mizaj shair ko bahir nikal lia hai


  10. The rural landscape, the location of this serial actually, is what attracts me much. Plus the OST is ufff so good! ❤ Enjoyed reading your review. Fun and detailed, as always. 🙂 Khaloo's croaky voice though, zehar lagti hae.


    • @randomly abstract: Hey! Good to hear from you – been a while! 🙂
      Haha! yes, me too .. not liking Rehan S’s voice .. waisey I do wonder abt the issue with Khalu’s voice you think its a real medical ailment or just a put on to give this character a ‘diff’ feel?


      • Not a real med ailment. xD The way he’s carrying it is superb, actually. Itni ajeeb awaz bhi mushkil se banti hy. 😛
        Let’s see what happens in today’s epi. Shano’s gonna be like *aap jaen yahan se warna mae mar jaungi* and her mom would be like janaza zara jaldi rakhwalena subah. 😀

        And, I read in one of your comments ye 26 to 30 episodes pe hae? Don’t you think that’s too long? I really hope iska charm rahy itne arsaaaay….


        • @randomlyabstract: LOL! loved your comment abt Shano and Rasho ..waiting to read your thoughts on this latest ep!

          Haan, thats what they said on the JPJ show, 26-30 eps, and thats precisely why Im already concerned … Much as I loved Humsafar even that seemed stretched and that was only 23!


  11. You reviewed the episode wonderfully 🙂 Your final thought is very interesting: how exactly would a perspective other than that of the writer show the characters to be? It is quite possible for the “good guy” to turn into a bad one and vice versa. Would Khala Rasheeda still be the villain? Would Khalil still be the hero? I think we should keep this in mind while watching the show and draw our own conclusions. That would make for a more interesting watch, wouldn’t it? 😉

    The pace has picked up this time, I hope they keep up the good work.


    • @Nashra: Hey! Lovely to hear from you – welcome aboard!
      Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated 🙂

      I agree with you totally ke that would be the way to watch this one, it would make for not only interesting viewing but also add that much more spice to our discussions, because it will be like two completely diff scenarios – fun!

      Bas ab taiyar ho jao … ep 4 is just around the corner 🙂


  12. so glad u r still on the St bandwagon SZ…pls dont fall off..

    I am finding ST a delicious feast. lubb lubb the whole filming of the gaon ki shaadi…the pace of this show takes me back to my childhood when we had time to smell the roses… we had the ability to focus on one thing and be patient..didnt have numerous things swirling around us demanding immediate attention like today. We would sit back , fold our legs under and sip on a sweet drink whilst being with family, friends . This drama encourages us to go back to those times as we wait patiently for the story to unfold…. so i dont mind the long opening shots, the leisurely almost self indulgent pace coz i feel it sets the mood.

    Lubbed the first meeting, the mother daughter face off as well as the parents-khelu faceoff at the end..but whats really piqued my interest is the moms equation with khelu’s dad- her bro in law…there is some story there for sure…felt that also when father was pompously telling her that ” no daleel ever works on him” the look she gave him made me think that could be she was forced into marriage with him after he took a shine to her…did he take advantage of her? hmmmmmm

    so yeah…waiting and watching-patiently and in anticipation…..until next week



    • @Indepgal: No worries, abhi tak tau I’m very much here and lets hope that we can make through the next 7 months with just as much enthusiasm 🙂

      Aha! You caught it too! Yes, me too thinks there is a little bit mire between them than meets the eye, and if you think abt it, they do make a more plausible couple than her pairing with Ameen, although he is a teddy bear 🙂 So, yeah I think there is more to her opposition to the rishta than merely Khelu’s badtameezis. Btw, I was told that Samiya Mumtaz’s character is the surprise pkg of the drama and hers was the role that every actress wanted to do, so I think we’re thinking along right lines ….ab lets see what unfolds next … filhal tau Im very concerned abt the youngest child and I guess another young daughter that Rasho has left behind … wonder who’s taking care of them??? #fikarmand!!


  13. Zabardast review of quite an interesting episode… Finally the love birds meet and there were such amazing sparkles of love around Shano and Khalil.. I am enjoying Samiya Mumtaz’s Rasheeda.. Oh she is damn good.. Soo great to see her in much needed different role.. Her expressions throughout the epi were top notch.. I liked how in end she gave sweet smiles to her sis n brother in law.. But deep inside its all poison.. Confrontation scene with Mk was superb and the we have Rehaan Sheikh.. He is portraying Ameen excellently.. The way he asked dumbly from rasho k kaun milne gayi.. Was too good.. So far find him under the shade of Rasho.. But then i am highly intrigued to know their side of story 🙂 The last. Scene where he asks khelu k kajan jarahe ho.. I so much enjoyed that too..

    Mujhe tou first scene me laga k ab ki ab aag lagi peele dupate ko… The flames were really high.. Thankfully we are done with dinner fiasco.. 😛


    • @Rehmat: Haan, I think we’re all pretty much on the same page as far as Rasho and Ameen are concerned .. loving both of them. His humor and lightweight approach to life is a perfect foil for his very intense wife. The immense hatred and malice that Samiya can convey with through her eyes and her expressions is quite amazing! I wish our newer lot could be made to watch these fabulous actresses (Samiya, Sania, Uzma, Hina) in action before they start appearing in 50000 serials at the same time… aajkal I’m so aggravated with Sanam Ch, uff! the girl is in every serial these days!


  14. Better editing. The romance between Khelu and Shano nicely shot. Khelu comes across as quite a jerk. Shano’s parents can’t be blamed for looking else where for their pretty daughter’s rishta. Initially he had even announced ‘ kay meri koi mangni waghera naheen…. and …. gaon ki shaadi waqt ki barbadi’ so his arrogance is quite evident. And on what ? I don’t think he has a great job or anything. Only because he resides in Lahore and is a shehri larka where as they are from a village. Very typical!
    Adnan was slightly better in this episode. The thing I like best in this serial is how they have captured the atmosphere of the villages in the 70’s. Well done. The clothes, hairstyles, ambiance and houses, each area has been looked into properly.
    This may turn out to be another ‘Humsafar’ of ZGH!


    • @RA: Hey! Good to have another like-minded drama lover on board for this one 🙂 Enjoyed reading your take on this and the last episode.. seems like we are pretty much in the same boat.. it has started off well, ab lets see if it can match up to a Humsafar or ZGH 🙂

      Now that you’re here, I hope we’ll keep meeting regularly on this thread and perhaps others … and please know that you need not always agree with me … its our various POVs, agreements or otherwise, that make these convos so much fun!


  15. @All: here’s an interesting point to think about: the different ways in which men and women remember… If you remember DeS, for her the past was black n white, all about hardships – her dukhi zindagi, class difference, inattentive shohar, fleeting moments of happiness, etc. For Khelu, on the other hand, the past is colorful, larger than life. All he remembers are his larger than life hero character, the alhar bhooli haseena, who saw him and bas love at first sight ho gaya, and then there are her pesky parents… class difference, the fact that he has not completed his studies, has no naukri, nothing of the nitty gritty of the situation seems to intrude upon his rose colored view of the past …

    Are these different way of remembering the past telling us something abt our social setup? Or are these more indicative of the diff ways men and women tend to remember, and a reflection of what they see as important to them .. the fact that DeS was written by a woman and had a woman protagonist and presented her POV whereas ST is written by a man and tells the story from his perspective makes this comparison all the more interesting …

    Would love to hear from you guys on this intriguing compare and contrast 🙂


    • wow! never thought of it like that.. but now that u put it like that, it is probably how men and women remember in our society. and now that i think of it, my dada’s youth does sound like Khelu (in his own words ofcourse) and my dadi would def be a DeS… but somehow i can’t picture my mum and dad like those characters. Perhaps these characters r from a different era and a different generation? I think so long as we are stuck in the mirat-ul-uroos mind set atleast our female protoganist won’t evolve.. (funnily enough mirat ul uroos was written by a man..)


    • @SZ: thinking to reply on this but then somehow slips off from mind.. Thanks to @FA for this 🙂

      Yes i think Men and women do have different things to remember in past.. Men mostly forget the bad part as compare to women they are less sufferers but then thats always not the case lol..

      I agree with FA that might be these characters were from different ers.. Like if i take my mom for example.. She remembers her past in both ways.. Not only the bad memories.. So yes the era makes a difference too but also depends on writer too..


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