Firaaq ~ Episodes 5-7 Review


Kyon ro rahe ho? Kya hua? [Tum ne socha ke main] mar gayi? Fikar nahin karo, itni jaldi jaan chornay wali nahi hoon….

And yes, she is alive! Haider uncle, waqai… aisi bhi kya ghabrahat ke unko saans letey bhi nahin dekha! Tabassum is one tough cookie and I for one am thrilled to see her not give up that easily!

Maa ji, you are the soul, the raison d’être  of Firaaq. Without you to hate and love there is no story worth mentioning. Uzma ji, it is you who breathes life into this serial, making it rise above the rest. It is you who makes Mustafa Afridi’s lines take on a life all their own and you who make me want to applaud Aabis for understanding the depth of this character and giving you the space to own Tabassum. Your eyes, facial expressions, body language, all come together to tell a story so compelling in its intensity that it needs no further explanation. I would not be doing you justice if I compared you to other world class actors, because like them you are one of a kind. A standing ovation is too small an appreciation for this ginormous talent of yours, and my words will do you no justice, so let me just say that a couple of hours after I am still awestruck.

Tabassum’s is a character so much larger than life that it would have been very easy for a subdued character like Haider’s to get lost somewhere along the line. It is, however, a testament to Mazhar Ali’s caliber as an actor that he makes it impossible to ignore this gentle man of a few words. For an ostensibly weak character, Haider has an understated dignity, a subtle steel to his spine such that he is is not merely a foil to mercurial Tabassum, but a force to be reckoned with in his own right. The perceptive way he deals with his wife and her moods, his encouragement as Tabassum reaches out to her estranged son, his emotional breakdown when he is finally declared worthy of being a father to his stepchildren, his astute handling of the news of Payman’s nikaah, all are moments where Mazhar Ali has has made mark. He and Uzma Gilani have taken their very well-written roles and turned them into unforgettable characters. Tabassum and Haider will be remembered long after Firaaq becomes a distant memory.

Watching this powerful duo in action, it is very easy to forget that these are not our so-called hero and heroine, that title is reserved for Imroz and Payman, played by Mohib Mirza and Sanam Saeed respectively. It is to their credit that even as the senior stars are breathtakingly brilliant these two are marking their territory as the next generation of superstars. Payman is gradually coming into her own, recognizing and valuing her sense of self. Unlike the Payman of before, this girl now looks her mother in the eye and declares her coming of age. She is a person in her own right and will not be told otherwise. Sanam is fabulous as Payman.

For his part, Imroz made quite an impression in his confrontation with Maa ji. Quiet but firm, romantic but not a chichora, Mohib Mirza is playing his part  exceedingly well. I am still not on board with the way Imroz diagnoses and instructs Payman on how to respond to her mother and step-fathers overtures, but theek hai … so far the narrative is so well-knit and the director and his actors are doing such a fabulous job that I find myself overlooking quite a few yawning gaps in the plot.

Speaking of gaps, what a huge gap in the acting abilities of the newbie Cybil and the rest of her co-actors. I’ve said this before and will reiterate, I understand the need for fresh faces, but for a role as potentially important as this one, I really wish MD had cast a wider net. I almost feel sorry for Junaid Khan who has the most scenes with the newcomer. As for Shams, Junaid is showing some real growth here and I like how he and Aabis have managed to keep this angry young man quite a few shades shy of black. Finally Roomi. Can someone tell me what purpose this guy serves, other than being an agony aunt for all and sundry. Filhaal tau main yeh samajhne ki koshish kar rahi hoon ke how does he support himself? I am no art expert but even my untrained eye can see those paintings are definitely not paying the bills… hmmm…. kahan se aa rahe hain yeh paise kaun de raha yeh paise???  Looking forward to seeing what painter bhaijan character has in store for us.

All in all going great so far and no firaaq between me and the serial ~ aap sunayen?

Written by SZ~

P.S. For those of us who are just being introduced to Uzma Gilani I thought you might enjoy getting to know her a bit better through this recent interview. Check it out!

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  1. Too good yaar.. Review parh kar dil khush hojata he.. The way you appreciate whole heartedly the great actors out here makes one feel really good 😊

    No doubt this episode belong to Uzma Gi and Mazhar Ali all way.. I cant just cant hate tabasum.. She had strong reasons for everything she did.. No matter in her own strict ways but maan look at her. The mother in her was sooooo extremely sweet and caring.. Wanted to smack paymaan today LOL.. Well thats mean of me but Uzma gi have made this character so amazing that anyone going against her makes me feel bad.. Totally agree with you SZ that her body language, her expressions were classic.. Specially the last scene.. How she does that so effortlessly:) i can go on and on seriously….

    Imroz is not that seedha.. Maaji is right about him.. And im excited to see other layers in this character..Cybil is definitely the weakest of all.. But then kya kia jaaye… Ary Roomi sahab k bills Imroz pays… Remember maaji asked kahan urate ho.. Why not a khud ka ghar yet.. Tou bechara Psycriatist yaheen spend karta he.. 😛


    • @Rehmat ROFL@ who pays painter bhaijan’s bills… too good!!! and remember the painting he commissioned.. wahan urate hain..
      and roomi paid him back by sending cybil over to him.. aik ke peeche poora khandan mil gya ilaj ke liye… lol


  2. Hi SZ . Missed you. Stared watching firaaq. Your review is exellent. You write with passion . I love this drama . Uzmaji and mazhar ali they are the best. Specialy the expression are brilliant . First time I am watching her. Cybil remind me of neelum from NUM. Very weak.


  3. Let me join in the standing ovation and beyond!!! honestly what amazing performances!!! bare hero heroine aur chote hero heroines… but UG… im lost for words!

    lol @ painter bhaijan karte kia hain.. he is playing the cupid, the shrink, the agony aunt and saint roomi all at the same time.. and a bad one at that.. ab woh kia kehte hain na – jack of all trades.. but judging by the next weeks promo, looks like the real purpose of why he is here will come into play next week.. the shukk…

    and speaking of the promos, last week ka promo dekh ke tou dil hi beth gya tha… sooo glad ke maaji hasnt left us.. but honestly i was thinking ke hain! but shes breathing!… is she alive or an oversight?.. it was a lol moment for sure.. but MA was fantastic.. one can see how fragile he is, and how lonely and scared…his worst fear.. but i do wonder how these two ended up marrying each other.. if UG had lost faith the ‘man’-kind then why marry him?

    Cybil, unfortunately, is letting the side down… btw who keeps the socks under the bed or behind the sofa lol.. aur itne salon mein he didnt know she hides his socks under the bed?? lol …pretty bad with ‘hiding’ stuff!! lol… but i enjoyed how shams was trying his luck lol … abb lag pata jae ga lol ..

    SS and MM were adorable. shadi mubarak!.. waise dhai baje raat mein kahan se maulvi pakra panama city mein??

    UG was declared bimar this week by dr haider.. abb lets see aur kitne psychologists chupe hain yahan aur kitne bimar.. no wonder imroz is still renting.. itne psychologists hain yahan ke its affecting bechara’s business…

    i wonder if imroz going into hiding is to do with what he overhears.. but if that happens maaji tou kahain gi i told u so!…Im loving how we dont know abb kia hoga.. kionke yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai!!!


  4. wow the scenes between Tabassum and Haider are just brilliant, electric if I might add. I am so glad Maa ji is still alive – phew 🙂
    GREAT episode once again. I think we are getting thoroughly spoiled on the weekend with 3 good dramas 🙂 This just means there is going to be a terrible dry spell come next Spring.


    • your comments are so funny FA 😀
      it was 9 pm when Imroze landed at Roomi’s place. Dono Isha ki namaz ke baad imam sahab ko lai gaaye hongai Nikah padhanay.


  5. Uzma gggggggggggg! talent ka volcano hain aap.. No wonder she received Pride of Performance award even at beginning of her career..
    Mazhar sahb surely deserve all appreciation for leaving a solid mark with his performance every time..
    Last week’s scene when going to sham’s place was THE BEST..
    Pace of drama is so good, they dint even waste time in showing nikah scene and all that..
    Roomi ka barha important role ho ga.. 2 mumkinaats, either he will be the reason of shukk between Imroz and payman (like FA said), or he will be a friend to payman when Imroz’s real negative face comes on.. Remember Maa ji? “jab mardo ki farmabardari bolnay lagay samajh lo k vo dhoka den gay”
    Mohib and Sanam r so good together, it will be a bad experience watching their clashes..


  6. Enjoyed the review…. Am travelling on the lhr-isl m’way so will keep it short 🙂
    Just love love love the Uzma Gillani- Mazhar Ali scenes!! These people are so fab at their job that words r not enough…. Mazhar Ali’s breakdown scene- even my somewhat cynical teenage daughter was enraptured and awed at his performance :’)
    Firaq can easily be watched for these two if nothing else. Respect.


  7. very well written review SZ and yes I was totally mesmerised by Uzma Gilani and Mazhar Ali’s scenes. We are truly blessed with great actors like Uzma Gilani , all the newbies just watch her to learn , how to deliver the character , with heart , body and soul . Right now I am not even bothered about the story as just watching Uzma Gilani’s scenes makes my Saturday’s and then there is Sanam … this girl is our star now and she doesn’t leave anything , even if her characters have flaws she portrays it flawlessly … I would be repeating myself again and again but what to do she is just brilliant. Mohaib Mirza is doing a good job. The other three are mediocre despite having good characters , may be agay jaa kar they would do better job.
    Waiting for the story to move a bit more now.
    Thanks for a lovely review once again.


  8. Just wowed by UG and MA. Elegant and powerful. That scene of UG lying on the bed with the red sari, and later “tum shaitAn ho yA farishtA?” They completely stole the show! I hope we see more of these two actors as the story moves forward.


  9. Brilliant last few episode! Indeed maa ji has owned this! Superb actress and Hsider excellent too, both amazing together!
    SS is also keeping me glued, payman a totally different character, and looking great with MM
    I really don’t think cybil is that bad except for her accent but she is not like unbearable or anything compared to some newcomers omg kanza was just intolerable. She is actually ok and I don’t mind her scenes , her screen presence and expressions are not too bad for newcomer.
    Anyways enjoying this great drama, it’s just awesome!


  10. Just watched the latest episode. Like usual SZ, we are in agreement about the recent developments!

    I must say so far this is not Paymaan’s story or that of Imroz. This story belongs to Tabassum and her foil Haider. I can truly say I watched this episode for those two!! I was almost moved to tears during some scenes. The standout scene though was the tea scene at the end – questioning Haider about his tolerance, not quite understanding why he put up with her… Uzma Gila no is simply amazing – I am awestruck at her ability to own this character and her truly effortless acting! She has a polish and a grace that is breathtaking. And this story would not be possible by the equally nuanced acting of Mazhar Ali. Cannot wait to see their relationship grow – really looking forward to the scene in the OST where they appear to be dancing in the porch!

    Didn’t understand the dire need for PayRoze to get married that very night – why couldn’t he have simply spent the night at Room’s like he initially planned. Loved how Paymaan first listed her expectations of what a wedding should be, but quickly recanted when she thought Imroz was offended – goes to show you that she isn’t truly free to express her feelings , like she claimed to be. So many of Tabassum’s comments seem prophetic. I think we will see her struggle from this day forward.

    Room’s going to turn out to be everyone’s fool. Manipulated, misunderstood and unwittingly a contributor to this whole convoluted triangle that Imroz will suspect. Paymaan’s honeymoon is about to end before it starts 😦

    Poor Cybil – I wish they had spared her and us! Yaar, my 13 yr old ABCD daughter has a better accent, and to think that Cybil has lived and worked in Pakistan for years. At first I accepted the accent as part of the characterization but her delivery is also so very lacking!! Poor Junaid, who is making a valiant effort has to work opposite her – must make his job rather difficult. Ironically, I like her look and at times even buy her forlorn expressions, but then the poor woman opens her mouth.

    After watching the morning show, I can’t say I’m looking forward to Hira Mani’s character either. She seemed kind of loud and obnoxious.

    I might be off the grid for awhile but I’m sure I’ll be reading so to the lovely SZ and dear DRnR’ers please keep the reviews and comments coming 🙂


  11. @All: My sincerest apologies for being MIA. Been down with a horrible migraine that much like an annoying uninvited n unwelcome guest refuses to leave 😥 Please bear with me and know that I am reading and enjoying all your comments – so much fun to read! Hopefully will be back tomorrow with Sadqay, Firaaq, and yes Jackson Heights too… havent forgotten it … just not been able to get to it :/

    Meanwhile here’s wishing all those celebrating Diwali, a joyous, healthy and prosperous year ahead! ✨✨


  12. Hi SZ, wonderful review once again…couldn’t agree more

    i agree that I started watching this serial only because of Sanam Saeed but now my biggest motivation is Uzma ji n after her performance n the chemistry she shared with MA in the last couple of episodes, i am totally hooked. Infact in d 6th n 7th episodes, I enjoyed their scenes more than those of the lead pair (sorry Sanam, no offence n u r still one of my favourites). Hats off to these 2 oldies, oops!!!! I meant Goldies.

    Sarah again was a disappointment n so was Roomi but yes, you r right abt Shams. Junaid has definitely shown a lot of potential.

    overall its going good but not that great for me as it lacks lighter moments n at times becomes too heavy.


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