Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 2 Review

STLike a lazily meandering river this second episode of Sadqay Tumhare continued its laid back style of story telling; the writer and director allowing the characters and their story its sweet time to develop into something concrete and more meaningful.

s4Picking up from where we left off last week, Shanu and Khalil both made their respective ways to Tooti Chak, she and her family, sans the iklota bhuka bhai, in a dhaka start Volkswagen and he and his mother via bus and tanga. While they are yet to cross paths or lay eyes on each other, their extended family members played their part in ensuring at least an aadhi mulaqat if not a poori one, missing no opportunity to  remind Shanu and Khalil of their bachpan ki mangni and rishta. 

Even as the rest of the family appears to be approving of, to say nothing of being fixated on, Shanus23 and Khalil’s rishta, the parents of the bride-to-be seem noticeably reticent in joining in the general air of merriment. Rasho, Shanu’s mother, in particular has more than a few qualms about this match, but somehow I think her disapproval of Khalil has less to do with his badtameezi and not salaam-ing and more to do with the long-standing familial tensions hinted at in the first episode.

Samiya Mumtaz meanwhile has played her part brilliantly; the fleeting half smile/slight pursing of her lips beautifully s14juxtaposed against her otherwise stiff posture and stern countenance, the visible effort Rasho puts in to appear happy and the palpable sense of deliberately relaxing herself so as to not stick out like a sore thumb at this otherwise happy event. It is at times like these when you really feel for fabulous artists who are being wasted in one bakwas drama after another.Looking forward to seeing more of her track unfold in the upcoming episodes.

s10Where Rasho appears stern and unyielding Shanu is soft and compliant. Though she lives in a world of her own, where days are filled with bright colors and nights inhabited by soft romantic dreams, Shanu is also Rasho’s daughter. Given how she’s written, Shanu could easily have been turned into a ditz, but it is to the director’s credit and the conviction with which Mahira plays her that this young girl comes across as a very sensitive person, a daughter fully attuned to the various nuances of her mother’s moods – the way she immediately stood up and took responsibility for Khelu’s roti ka rona was very nicely and subtly done. Mahira Khan is effervescent as Shanu – absolutely loving her here. Don’t quite know how she does it, but somehow even the plain yellow outfit looked like designer wear on her, making her stand apart from the rest of similarly clad khawateen.

s15While our heroine is husn-o nazakat and adab-o lihaaz personified, hamarey Khelu sahab is handsome no doubt, but unlike his mangetar he is not one to keep up appearances or temper his akkhar mizaaji – bara gosht nahin pasand tau nahin pasand. Like a spoilt, ziddi child he refuses to greet his elders, sit with others, and insists on being fed before anybody else and that too food of his own choice. And then but of course, Shanu aayi hai tau makai ki roti Shanu hi pakayegi!  Kitna maa ne samjhaya tha aaatey huey, sab sabaq bhool gaye hamarey hero sahab. Its a good thing Adnan Malik plays Khalil with a lot of panache otherwise I too would be standing alongside Rasho saying no to this rishta. Charming though he is, Adnan is very raw and the rough edges were quite visible s1today, particularly in the scenes where Khelu was greeted by all the rishtedar aunties and later when complaining to an aapa about bhook lugi hai .

On this issue of rough edges, while I am enjoying the nostalgic charm (loved the gaon ka deejay!) and the old-world feel (although it is supposed to be the late ’70s/early ’80s and not the ’40s or ’50s), I do wish the pace of the narrative would pick up a bit and the scenes be more tightly edited. The  opening scenes, Dr. Maqsood and Khelu arriving one after the other went on for about ten minutes, then we had Shanu and her family and their car troubles, all this aana jaana seemed to go on forever. Yes, I s9loved the shots of  incoming trains, harey khet, kaccha rastas, tangas and tube-wells, the detailing of the interiors and exteriors, the jhandis and the lights, but did we need to be walked through every step and every moment? The khandaani meet and greet at the haveli, again very likeable and sweet, went on forever. Same goes for the dholki and songs. Much like Amin khalu’s broken down car, the pacing here too seemed to be dhaka start at best.

While my complaints about editing remain as yet unanswered,s5 I have to thank whoever is responsible for lowering the volume of the background score, and I enjoyed the ladies’ signing being used in lieu of the jarring added on music. Last week I had commended the innovative filmy look of the poster, and this week we got yet another filmy touch – lip syncing. While I enjoyed this new addition, I wish the sound people had played around a bit with the end part, perhaps having the singer break off midway rather than a mechanical muting of the sound, making it sound unnatural.

Two weeks in I’m charmed but waiting to be sold enough to say haan main sadqay tumhare!

Written by SZ~

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  1. “haan main sadqay tumhare” cute 🙂 …iss per tou hum aap say ye hi kahen gay “haye ray hum sadqay tumhare” lol… ok ji main aa rahi hoon kiunk is baar kuch points hain jin per mujhay baat kerni hai lekin oos say pehlay ek cheez poochni thi kia aap nay Khalil sahib kaa koi drama pehlay dekha hai?….BILU /PA /Manjali main say koi…


    • @RJ: Ji dekhey hain … but here I would add that yes while there is a writer’s style a lot depends on how the writer’s vision is executed and presented as well, no? But khair meri chorain, aap apna POV likhen 🙂


      • @SZ: oh acha mujhay laga shayed aap nay in kaa koi drama nahi dekha hoa..chalein acha hoa ye clear ho gaya….main nay BILU dekha tha aur PA ki first 15 episodes phir chorh dia…so mujhay is baar dekhna hai k ye Khalil sahib kaa style hai yaa koi aur reason tha jis nay mujhay PA say bhagaya ….abhi main nay second episode nahi dekhi sirf review perha hai aur is main say mujhay laga tha k mere khudsaat sahi sabit honay jaa rahay hain about Khalil sahib..kher episode dekh ker sahi tasveer samnay aye gi…thori der main ati hoon 🙂


        • @RJ i dont know ap ney PA dekhna q chorh diya? coz meray sath ulta hua hai.. maine aj tak Khalil sahab ka sirf PA hi pura dekha aur pasand kiya hai.. Boota from toba tek singh bhi adha dekha tha, BILY bhi adha dekh k chorh diya, Landa bazar bhi bachpan me thorha dekha tha per dobara dekhnay ka ishtiaaq nahi.. aur Sadqay tumharay bhi not really enjoying till now.. it is not even half as good as PA, in my opinion


  2. @SZ looooved the review!! the ‘dhakka start’ pace, the abandoned ‘bhuka bhai’, the ‘akhar mizaji’ of the hero sahab.. everything!

    from Bhuka bhai to bhuka khelu… abb aik jagah do do bhuke jama ho jate tou bechari shano ka kia hota!!!! Waise can we blame apne hero sahab for being so angry?… aik tou itna lamba safr.. 6 rupee tanga sawari adha ghante ki… abb balaein lena tou kafi nahin na istaqbal ke liye.. kisi ne khane pine ko poocha nahin.. aur jub munh khol ke manga tou bhi 10 min bhi ka keh ke sham se adhi raat karr di !!! and still no khana! abbb itna sarain ge tou ghussa tou aana tha naaaa!!!!! bechare ki bhook hi marr gai hogi… socha hoga abb inn ko satao!…

    I thought AM is really good for his debut.. yes he was a bit rough around the edges, but nevertheless i am liking this fresh new face who has a great deal of potential. dunno why but he reminds me of sunil shetty..he has some resemblance esp from certain angles.. no?

    Acha here is a question… our dr bhai sahab is in second year of med.. khelu ji is how much younger than him? how old is he? and how old is shano? i think after numm we are being tested on our mathematical and analytical/problem solving skills once again!! … konsa saal.. kitni umar.. kon kis ka rishtedar.. kon kahan rehta hai.. kon kahan se aa raha hai.. kon kiss ka khaloo hai.. aur kon kis ke abbe ka khaloo hai.. and not only that if X leaves from college with his bike, and Y leaves with her son from home who will get there first…??
    I mean they better have some good explanation why they wasted so much time on explaining all the complexities of gathering of the barat… and what did all the roti scenario or even the whole narrative had to do with the random chacha ji arriving after isha… i mean we r being given sooooo much detail that we dont really give a monkey about!! … kiiiioooon?????!!!!!!!!!

    MK is looking stunning!!! so much so ke i i didnt even notice her hair last week lol. Although we didnt really hear her speak much in this episode (only an odd lip sync number and yes the ending was abrupt) but she is def the show stopper!.. such was the impact she created with her presence alone..zabardast!!.. i loved her ‘na kar’ lol.. like u said shano couldve turned out to be a ditz, but here we see so much more to her..

    btw dunno where i heard this but isnt MKs wardrobe done by Feeha Jamshed?.. designer wear it is!! lol

    another one that was fun to watch was jamshed’s nani dance.. all i could think of was the video u posted on JH post of her dance from the black and white era.. waise compare that to this period drama for reference lol.. that was 60s right?

    and thanks for bringing up samia. i think she is a fantastic actress but its such a shame that we always see her in a roti dhoti mazloom aurat. its good to see her here. she was fab

    Acha as i was watching i was thinking this is ever sooooo slow of an episode, nothing is happenning, this flaw, that flaw.. but why am i enjoying this?.. i think it might be the nostalgic factor… PTV’s amir khusro’s musical style… that we know isnt going anywhere but it has that charm thats irresistable.. but whatever it is im definitely on board this dhakka starter of a ride!!


    • @FA: hahahaha yaar your comment made me laugh like crazy.. Too good 😀 specially when you said if x leaves from college and y leaves with mother from home.. Girl you are at your hilariou best.. And yes even i thought Dr.masood has completed medical and is actually a Doctor but when he said in 2nd year i was like WTH… Because dr sahab and Khelu me 6 years ka difference he i guess.. Us lehaz khelu hua 13 ya 14 years ka LOL

      totally agree with what you said abt MK ans SM. Both are amazing actors:)


      • @Rehmat.. oh wade wade log!!! kahan ghaib thin? nice to have u back now!
        Re the ages: haina!!! and if hes only 13/14 shano tou 9/10 ki hi hogi… minors… abb no wonder amma has reservations! lol … waise this reminds me of numm .. we had so much fun making fun of it keh it was waayyy too much fun lol.. lets hope keh iss ka anjam numm wala na ho..


        • @FA.. Haha aheem wade log hum thori Yaar .. 😉 i went on long break.. First to Pakistan then to Hajj 🙂 yes feels great to be back and meet my awesome virtual friends 🙂
          Hahaha @ minors… I swear numm was most amazing in terms of commenting and disecting..


          • @Rehmat awwww bohot bohot Mubaraks!!!! MA! hum ko bhi apni duaon mein yaad rakho yaar!
            waise what a long vacation!! maze maze! I know it takes me forever to get back into rhythm of things after coming back from Pakistan (or any vacation for that matter).. Hope you have settled back… but we were missing u. glad to have u back.


            • @FA… Kher Mubarak 🙂 bilkul you guys are always in my duas..
              Haina long vacation na.. Bohat maza aaya 😃 oh yes settled really well.. Tabhi tou couldn’t resist commenting here.. Aww thankyou so much for saying that.. Makes me feel really good 🙂


  3. I am completely on board this one Dhaka start bhooka hero toad voiced susarji to be and all 🙂 this one has a charm about it so despite the slow pace I was enjoying the moments the director and writer have created – the royal welcome of Khelu, the foxy getting stuck, the lovebirds missing each other by a few seconds. samia and Mahira are awesome here! And agreed Shanno looked divine in that cute yellow outfit. And I am quite liking Adnan Malik as Khelu – there are no preconceived notions about him because I haven’t seen him before which I like.


  4. Loved, loved the episode….gives me the same feel as a hrishikesh mukerjee film..chupke chupke, guddi, anand…and the evergreen khoobsoorat -simple story, laidback pace, watching the world go by air..Sheer nostalgia of our childhood..sigh!

    This episode has built up such anticipation for shano-khalilz first meeting…i think the slow pace is reqd to create this anticipation, SZ so that when they eventually meet, the impact will be more powerful. Khalil will fall hook line and sinker for shano and go to any extents to ” haasil” karo her. In other circumstances, such a crazy love on first sight may not have been believable but the pace of narrative and setting of this drama ensures we all believe…and get on board with khalil as he sets out to make shano his…

    mahirah is luminous ( my fav word to describe her) and she is looking so young! great job. loved the actor who plays her mom-superb actress. waiting to see her story unfold…i had loved the love story of afzals parents in Pyaare afzal…have a feeling , here too, we have another beautiful story in store for us…Adnan is a bit raw in some scenes, but somehow that not jarring but kind of adds to his character.

    how is ST being recd in pak? is it popular? i hope so….


    • Hi Indegpal
      Any new Hum tv drama, specially on the weekend is received v well…remains to be seen if it continues to be popular…I should think so.
      Mahira’s mom is played by Samiya Mumtaz, great actress but badly typecast every time… I heard she lamented that the roles usually offered to her our the rona dhona type. But it seems she’ll be a stonger character here. Rehan Shaikh who plays Mahira’s father is another actor I always enjoy watching.
      Here’s an interesting link:


      • Tnx Afia.

        Samiya is an amazing actor. I saw her is MZZB. She was superb. the men seem to be getting the younger heroines whilst their women colleagues seem to be getting slotted in senior roles in pak dramas too ( like in BW) despite being supremely talented..sad!

        adnan comes across as a confident debutant…hopefully ST will put paid heed to all their mehnat. it does seem like a difficult project to shoot

        India is watching Humsafar these days…..ppl are liking it. so there is Mahira fever here too….glad for her….hope she continues to shine and taste success after success. Love the gal!


        • Indegpal, true about the heroes’ long shelf life but not vice versa.
          So till what ep has India watched HS yet, 6th-7th? Lovely times 🙂 You must be in that ‘special category’ that’s seen it before a long long time ago!


  5. Cant tell you how much i missed your brilliant reviews and then commenting on them:)

    Loved the episode and equally loved the review.. Too good.. I’m absolutely enjoying this drama.. The feel good factor, great looking actors, beautiful writing and direction.. Everything is superb that you get attached with characters and their feelings..

    Mahira khan is looking ravishing.. Everytime she comes onscreen and sets it on fire.. So glad Samiya Mumtaz is playing her mum.. They make such beautiful mother-daughter pair.. I’m perfectly okay with slow pace of drama as dramas like this are better with such pace.. You smoothly get into it 🙂

    Those particular scenes of Khalil where he demands food.. Adnan Malik played it fine but was wondering how actual Khalil sahab said it in real…i know its no good in comparing but oh well couldnt resist sharing it ..

    Next episode looks excitingly awesome 😀


  6. Honestly speaking, after the brilliant first episode, the second episode was such a drag and at the end of it, something was amiss. Certain things that I found wrong:

    1. Adnan’s tantrums seemed over the top. I don’t know whether it’s his acting or just the character, I couldn’t connect with the way he was saying his lines. I really hope he pulls his act together in the upcoming episodes or else the chemistry won’t be there.

    2. When guests arrive, you usually offer them something to eat and drink. Here, they didn’t show anything like that, and the relatives were made to starve till night. How is that possible, and that too in a wedding home? As soon as they arrived, they just sat down and sang songs(?). Even a scene or two of them getting ready for evening function would be apt here.

    3. I could not connect with the relatives either and didn’t like their acting at all. There was no warmth and the dialogues were mediocre. Better actors should’ve played the parts.

    4. The editing was loose and better editing could’ve increased the impact.

    5. I just hate Mahira’s father voice. It seriously has to go. Even the kid that Adnan met after arriving at his relatives’ place, he had such a harsh voice. These minor things act as sore thumb.

    Now the good part:

    1. Mahira and Samiya. Both are AMAZING actresses and they looked beautiful.

    2. The whole setup and scenery of the drama really takes you back to the bygone era. The background music is soothing.

    I hope this drama picks up and fulfills all the expectations. This is my first drama I’m seeing after ZIndagi Gulzar Hai.


  7. well this episode mainly focused on the customs ,traditions and the simple ways of the 70 village life , the 6 rupay ka tanga uff kia time ho ga , by showing shanno’s deep rooted curious love and khelo’s arrogance the hype has been created for the first interaction ,how ,what and when the pehli nazar scene would b waiting anxiously , mahira was really impressive in this episode too , thumbs up


  8. I loved the old world charm of this serial. A story based on the writer’s life has to be interesting. Some of the scenes were photographed beautifully ( convo between humera and shano at night, the dargah scene)
    Mahira looks very pretty. The first episode was impressive. The second not that much. Loved the filmi poster. Ehtashamiddin has done a good job. Needs a tighter grip on editing.
    What I am not impressed with:
    1. The hero: Adnan has not acted well. I wish they would have found a better Khalil. He is not convincing and the whole ‘bhook lagi hay” was over the top. If the idea was to show that he had a bad temper it could have been done in a better way. He is very raw and should have been given a chance in a smaller serial first. Throwing him in with Mahira … I don’t know whether it was a good idea.
    2. Waiting for the saag and makai ki roti was dragged on and on… I felt hungry by the time the food was ready 🙂
    3. The down right badtameezi of the hero was in bad taste ” veer khana naheen khaa raha’ I mean… did he actually do this ? I can’t believe someone could actually be that rude.
    4. Rightly pointed out by someone: how come food was not offered to wedding guests? This is not how things happen in our part of the world.

    However, proud of our effort. Proud that Pakistan produces such good stuff. Keep it up folks!


  9. @All: My sincerest apologies for being MIA. Been down with a horrible migraine that much like an annoying uninvited n unwelcome guest refuses to leave 😥 Please bear with me and know that I am reading and enjoying all your comments – so much fun to read! Hopefully will be back tomorrow with Sadqay, Firaaq, and yes Jackson Heights too… havent forgotten it … just not been able to get to it :/

    Meanwhile here’s wishing all those celebrating Diwali, a joyous, healthy and prosperous year ahead! ✨✨

    P.S. A very warm welcome to all our new friends joining us – lovely to have you all on board – the more the merrier 🙂


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