Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 1 Review


Dipped in the ink of nostalgia, his beautiful words lovingly committed to paper, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s Sadqay Tumhare is an ode to days gone by, to an era when life was simple and worries few. A time when time itself held no meaning. A time when love was the be all and end all. A time when real world concerns paled in comparison to that one benevolent gaze. A time when aashiq and maashuq were indistinguishable. A time when even the semblance of a separation between them was deemed unbearable. A time when it was all about Shanu s11and Khalil, and Shanu and Khalil were all that mattered – the rest all trivial and irrelevant.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a full-on love story and for that reason alone I was eager to see this one unfold. That it was penned by Khalil sahab and was based on his own life story, made this one that much more special. Add to that Mahira Khan’s return and the introduction of a fresh face, Adnan Malik, and some enticing promos, and there was no question that I was definitely gonna be checking this one out. That said, I have to say I did temper my expectations because of the spate of recent doozies from HUM TV, and so it was with my fingers and toes crossed that I sat down to watch this first episode.

s16Sadqay Tumhare opened in Bhopalwala with Shanu’s introduction. Shanu is a girl whose world revolves around her absentee mangetar, Khalil.  Though nobody from her family has seen the guy in ten years, where do such trivial issues matter to those afflicted by love – for Shanu its all about Khalil. She has her fair share of fears, but so firm is her belief in love that she wills herself to overlook the obvious, that Khalil might not be equally interested is a thought not allowed. As the overburdened and stressed mother of five children, four daughters and a son, Ammi ji has little time to spare for her oldest daughter’s rose colored dreams, and so it is in her best friend Humera that Shanu confides her innermost thoughts. In a beautifully shot dargah ss6equence Humera brings neighboring girls together to join them in praying for her best friend’s dreams to come true. Rows of girls carrying lanterns through darkened fields, lighting of diyas, praying at the saint’s tomb, tying of the mannat ka dhagah, all made for a stunning visual.

Beautifully interlaced with this Bhopalwala dargah sequence was Khalil’s restlessness in Lahore. He who leads life in the fast lane, filled as it is with cricket matches, studies, and teasing his bookish cousin, Dr. Maqsood. He who had initially laughed off the notion of a bachpan ki mangni and that too to a gaon ki larki, and he who had no problems spurning the affections of the muhalley ki wanna-be heroine, batting eyelashes, come hither smile n all, now finds himself haunted by dreams of s7a stunning girl, jis ki thori pe til tha. On learning that this mystery girl could be Shanu, forgotten are his objections to the bachpan ki mangetar and we have our hero sahab counting down days to their pehla takra – at Liaquat bhai’s shaadi in Tooti Chak.

As far as first episodes go this was a good start. In terms of story telling, Khalil sahab does well in introducing his main protagonists and etching out their personality traits. Nicely embedded within the romance were hints of estrangements between sisters and some other familial tensions. Listening to Shanu’s parents it is evident that they are none too thrilled with this bachpan ki mangni, whereas Khalil’s parents seem relatively ambivalent about the whole deal. Also woven into the narrative is Dr. Maqsood’s track, it will be interesting to see where he fits into Shanu ands15 Khalil’s love story. Given there are lot more characters waiting to be introduced along with more details yet to be revealed about those we met today,seems like story wise there is plenty more to come.

In terms of actors, welcome back Mahira! Even though I didn’t buy her wig/extensions, her non-gaon ka accent and the pink gloss, I loved her as the hopeless romantic Shanu, and yes, she looked absolutely stunning. Samiya Mumtaz was another actress I was looking forward to here, but there wasn’t much of her today. I look forward to learning more about her character as the serial unfolds. Same goes for Rehan Sheikh, and I do hope he will be better utilized here than he was in the disastrous Laa. Farhan Ali Agha, his patently fake10728782_10153257286873662_1990419945_n mustache notwithstanding, is another one I am looking out for. Shamil Khan’s character has me intrigued, hopefully he will have a significant part to play here. As for Saniya Shamshad, I am hoping that Humera will have a bit more to do than to smile every two seconds. This serial also marks Adnan Malik’s debut, and I confess that I was not particularly impressed with him in the promos. But that was then. After watching him in the first episode I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. His was a very confident debut as he stood his own and made a definite impression. Looking forward to seeing more of his Khalil in the coming weeks.

All in all this was a good opening episode, director Ehteshamuddin seems to have a good handle on the story. The DOP has been very successful in conveying visually the feel of the story. That said, I would, however, stop short of calling this episode fabulous or brilliant. Though the locations were great, from the  verdant rural scenes to the busy, narrow streets of Lahore, the interiors painstakingly s13detailed, and the styling of characters aptly done- a shout out to Feeha Jamshed for nailing it yet again –  for me the loud, constant background score was a huge turnoff.

Similarly, the OST has compelling lyrics, but I did not find the composition reflective of the overall ambiance of that which was being visually narrated.The taans and alaaps were loud and overlong, a softer kaafi would have worked wonders instead. Another issue was the over long scenes. The introductory scene made for a creative entry point but it went on for over six minutes. Similarly the scene between Humera and Shanu, when they talk about Liaquat’s upcoming shaadi, though visually stunning went on for too long, as did the praying at the mazar scene. Here’s to hoping for a tighter edited and easy-on-the-ears, aesthetically pleasing episode next week.

What did you all think of Sadqay Tumhare? Looking forward to reading your thoughts…

Written by SZ~

P.S. Almost forget, but a huge round of applause for the person responsible for the poster .. loved the painted filmi look! Was so reminded of the Lollywood era of the ’70s…

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  1. cant agree more.. u pointed out all pros and cons so beautifully k kuch kehnay ko nahi reh gya..
    i went to another site to read review, everyone was praising OST and sahir ali baggha’s composition and i was like “m i the only one who dint really like the composition??” i m glad to know that i have company..
    Definitely a good show and looking forward to coming episodes, but not as impressed as i was from Pyaray afzal’s start..
    EID MUBARAK to you..
    aur Firaaq ka review zaroor likhye ga aj ki episode k baad..


    • @Atty: I’m traveling abroad hence the missed reviews. I’ll try to watch and review tonight, otherwise will def have the reviews up by mid next week when I return 🙂 and thanks, Khair Mubarak to you and everybody else who celebrated 🙂


  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! so glad u r reviewing this one SZ….

    Watched it for Mahirah ( big fan of the gal) and the writer as i loved his Pyaare Afzal….Loved the first episode! it took me back to a world that was simple, easy and less driven..where one wud stop and breath in the fresh air or smell the roses! beautifully done…didnt mind the loud background music or hearing the OST on loop as i felt it helped transport us back to that old world charm. the opening scene at school-sher shaiyari was fabulously done..thereafter, really liked the way they established the back story -shanos engagement to her cousin and giving us the dynamics of both families regarding the same.

    Mahirah was fab!! this gal sure picks her shows well….post HS, she has done selective but good work…kudos! but the surprise is the guy playing khalil- he is awesome! i hear its his first show..what a confident debut. Good looker (tall dark and brooding-handsome too) great screen presence, good voice and can act!! wah wah! i think mahira and he shall set the screen on fire! infact they may turn out to be a more romantic pair than even fawad and her coz this looks to be a passionate love story with great dialogues. Fingers crossed. I want a vibrant passionate and fierce love story!! High time!!!


  3. Hey SZ, Enjoyed your review 🙂 I was excited about this show…then I heard about it being Khalil Sahib’s work! The same Khalil Sahib who broke my heart when he killed of our Pyara Afzal….so I was wary of starting a serial in which the hero has high chances of being killed off….phir suna ke this was autoboigraphical….chalo then the hero should survive :\ but be ready for a heartbreaker nevertheless!
    Enjoyed the first ep and waiting for more. Mahira was cute (she and her bestie put on too much makeup though), Adnan was good- specially for a first serial, You know na his real mom played Alishba’s mom in Pehchaan? Did you hear the li’l bit of scolding Khalil Sahib gave him on JPJ? They had to cut off his live call eventually.


    • Yes heard the scolding Afia on JPJ and rightfully so I tink. IF I sm to play someone wouldn’t I want to meet the person and see what they are like. It just makes sense. Oh well I think writers are not given that much importance as we know in today’s drama world.
      Didn’t know the Daam mom (as I call her) is Adnan’s real mommy! Also realized that the plays director is actually an actor too- recently saw him in Rung drama on Hum Sitaray playing a Dad. I belurge he assisted Haissam and that’s why we see the heavy influence with the Dia, lanterns, smoke, night time scenes.
      Shout out to the Set designer too!


    • @Afia lol @ PA and hero killed off..
      and uff that scolding! lol … pretty bad! Idk abt everyone else but i liked Adnan’s stance on giving a different shade.. and i like how he is playing it !..not playing krq but just khalil.. makes it more surreal… i do wonder if krq approved of his performance after the first ep lol


      • HI Annie and FA, I would think it should be the director’s decision if the lead should go meet the writer- specially in this autoboigraphical piece…..but my gut feeling would be to meet….
        All succcessful people have a li’l bit of ego that they feel the need to have satisfied. From the way KUQ was talking, to me it seemed he was more concerned with being spurned off by AM than the actualy peformance.


        • @afia yes i agree with the director’s decision bit…
          Personally i’d much rather see it as khalil and shanos story inspired by true events than KRQ’s autobiography… makes it more surreal.. i mean really how many shano type girls exist in real life!!?? lol.. and how would the girah and dargah work in reality…. true events r just hard to gulp!.. but thats just me..


  4. Loved the first episode. The visuals are beautiful. Adnan Malik totally impressed me in the “muhallay ki ladki wala scene” and when he lays down in his mother’s lap after having the dream. I agree Mahira as the gaon ki ladki kahin se bhi nahi lagti lol but I have to give it to her for trying to read those mushkil mushkil shers in the first scene – I AM SURE THAT ONE REQUIRED A LOT OF RETAKES 😉
    And I am going to utter blasphemy by saying that I’ve never really liked Rahat FAK so here too the OST was unimpressive. I wish some contemporary melodious number could have been used.
    Looking forward to the Dastaan/Haissam feel 🙂 It was good to go back in time. Agree about the editing – I have a feeling we won’t get our wish on either of the counts you mentioned 😉


  5. 1st episode of Sadqay Tumhare was Superbbbbbbbbbb!! eagerly waiting for next episodes. can’t wait for Shano & Khelu’s marriage 🙂

    Very very romantic dialogues and specially that Khush scene 😀


  6. I liked it a lot and Mahira Khan was fab, she looked very fresh and pretty. Hero was good too, seemed very comfortable.
    The only thing I didn’t like and am dick of is Durgah scenes in every second drama and the promotion of them. It is like fashion or something, why don’t people simply pray to god for what they want. Going to someone’s tomb and lighting candles is a totally not what they should be promoting, it’s not even from our religion or culture but they seem to be making it a craze.
    Anyways looking forward to the rest if the story, loved the village setting.


    • You’re so right SK, our quom is so caught up with Pirs etc, and now all our Mahira fans in love with their respective cousins, might go running to the nearest durgah to light some candles.


    • Agree SK they need to take out all the dargah scenes which have become such a Fad these days. Can’t stand them personally either. They send out the wrong message to people who already have weak imaan.


  7. Despite some annoying and cheesy scenes such as the “Khush” scene, I am in love with the drama entirely due to the OST, the visuals, and the concept of pure and eastern love. Feels so magical and takes you to some faraway romantic land. Admittedly if in real life I knew anyone who acted like shanu, I’d give her a tight slap across the face. but in reel-life, it’s such a treat to see something so different than your own life and beliefs.

    The romance shown in the movie Paheli had a similar feel to this drama.Period like romance of roses, diyas, and stolen glances. I think I am in lurrrrve

    btw who else wanted to wring that mein-pehlee-roti-kahoon-ga kid’s neck??


    • @Sonia lol.. count me in.. that kid was soooo annoying!!! .. and then shano equally annoying for handing it out to him in a platter .. but really i didnt get the point .. i hope we dont get many pointless filler scenes like these..


  8. @SZ a spot on review!
    I was totally hooked ever since i saw the first promo few weeks ago one day and then it disappeared off the screens.. the diya and shano ki thori pe til.. looooved it! I love my period dramas, and been craving for a good pk one for a looong time! MK looked stunning… I had my reservations about Adnan at first but he grew on me during the promotions and boy oh boy! did he surprise me in the episode!!!
    Unfortunately the opening was very disappointing.. the school scene went on for ages.. it didnt have the period feel that i was looking forward to.. if it wasnt for the promos i would have switched off and moved on.. but then shukr hai things changed.. slowly and gradually i got roped in, and by the time it finished i was fully hooked!
    We are calling it a period drama.. found out in the jpj show that its supposed to be set in 80s.. now that didnt look/feel like 80s.. which, strangely, works for me… i like the feel where we r lost in time.. its more nostalgia, but not a particular time period. it adds that touch of magic, that fairy-tale style pixie dust… (i think perhaps thats why the school scene felt a bit out of place..)
    sk called humsafar a fairly tale.. fk has moved on to disney / bollywood projects and well, well, well!!! here we have a full blown disney fairy tale / lollywood style romance / love story with MK…
    DOP was fantastic in places. esp the dargah scene and the smoky bg etc.. other places perhaps not that exceptional.. loved how the dargah scene was overlapped with Khalils dream.. the girah badhna was sheer brilliance.. now khalil is giriftar in shanoo ka ‘seher’ (jadoo) lol .. loved it!
    @SZ like u absolutely love the lollywood style posters.
    I agree the editing needs to be much tighter… but the pace was good. We got some of the best scenes from the promos in the opening episode..
    editing is an issue, and so is the smiley humeira, the annoying teacher & the roti kon khai ga issues, and im not a fan of the OST here.. but nevertheless, happy to report im well & truly hooked! looking fwd to the takra!!..
    btw love MK’s lil chuckle in the car and the choorian/ hath pakro scene in the promos.. looking fwd to those too!


    • @FA….just went through a v new experience…. While watching JPJ, for the first time ever I reallsed that a drama set in my bachpan days is now called a “Period Drama” :p


      • @afia hahahaha… i know right!!! i think thats why im trying to blank out the 80s connection … gosh man! that just makes us sound ancient!! … thats just not on!!!!! lol


        • Does anyone here remember d name of the PTV drama from 80s in which the main lead was a very handsome guy named Daanish on the drama. Also, is it available om YouTube


      • LOL Afia – anything pre-cell phone and pre-laptops and tablets is now considered ancient times ladies 😉
        Who can imagine a life without them!


      • Hi Afia, though i hvn’t seen this drama yet (with daughter’s exams going on n now diwali preparations), I completely agree with you abt the Period Drama bit. Even i felt like a fossil (hahaha). Will definitely watch it to relive that era besides everything SZ has mentioned in her review


        • Yup you should Samrita….waise there’s this other drama on nowdays “Chup Raho” directed by Yasir Nawaz which is good- makes you cringe at times, darker than usual- but well made and acted in,

          ’80s drama with Danish? can’t say….was danish the name of the actor or role? do you remember the story?


          • Danish was the main leads name in d serial. Cute looking guy with a mole on his nose
            Watching Humsafar these days on Zindagi..after 5th episode couldn’t stop myself n watched all the episodes within 2 nights. Loved it n though still watching it again on Zindagi n loved Mahira (i agree that i had biased views about her before watching HS n am happy to b proven wrong) as well as FK (no surprises there), for me ZGH is still closer to my heart. Missing Sanam Saeed.
            Also enjoying Durr-e-Shahwar with a new name (rose by any name still smells sweet), Loving the chemistry between Qavi Khan n Sameena Peerzada.
            there is another show Tere Ishq Mein but i think thats not d real name as couldn’t find any info on d internet
            Am waiting for my daughter’s diwali vacation to be over to watch Firaaq, Jackson Heights, Sadqay Tumharey n also Chup Raho as recommended by you. Missed being a part of this forum for the last month or so.
            PS: Afia, it really feels nice to get a prompt reply from you. Btw my husband thinks i’ve gone crazy watching all these serials n also being active on drnr as have never been this involved


            • Hi Samrita …guy with a mole on his nose can only be Nabeel 🙂 He’s since then gotten it removed though! He’s still v much on tv but not in any serious drama. He’s v famous for playing his namesake in the long running sitcom “Bulbulay”. Kids generally love the show, adults-some love it and some (more intellectual types) are turned off from it (SZ I think 😉 I personally enjoy the show kabhi kabhar…It uses a unique repetitive style of writing, which interestingly some parents abroad commented, helps in teaching their kids urdu. Check it out once.

              Glad you don’t dislike MK anymore 🙂 but I guess for you, the first love is SS and ZGH. It’s interesting to note how it’s affected so many in India.

              Tere ishq main was called “Mann o Salwa” here….means ‘food/sustenance from/of heaven’ approx. Was a v popular show.

              Lol @your husband’s reaction. Trust me there are thousands like that here as well…specially during the HS days 🙂 Infact for many years peple weren’t watching any dramas (’90s?), then over the last 10 yrs a great shift has taken place. I was hooked ever since I saw “Manay na yeh dil”.

              And plz don’t thank me for replying. I love commenting here 🙂 Similarly addicted as you and many others.

              SZ, jaldi theek ho jao!! ❤


    • Thanks Afia for your Diwali wishes. It is actually a lot of fun with lights, sweets, firecrackers, family gatherings.. Much like Eid.


        • Thanks Rehmat for the wishes..diwali celebrations will go on for another couple of days..this year its even more special thanks to the lovely wishes from all you lovely people,. It feels like having pen friends that we used to be taught about in our childhood


          • Ahaan thats nice to hear… Festiv should go on for more days.. Its more fun 🙂 v.much true about pen friends.. You get so much affection from such friends.. No …

            I read one of your reply on some thread here about your brother… Couldn’t reply there as it slipped out of my mind but it just clicked to me now.. I used to see Veera.. And must say your brother acts really very well.. Infact his character was most interesting one with great one liners 🙂


            • Hi Rehmat, thanks for d compliment for my brother. I’ll definitely let him know n i am sure he will be really glad to know your views. Today we celebrate d festival of Bhai Dooj which strenghthens d brother-sister bond. Your comments will make an ideal gift for my brother today as that is d ultimate goal of every actor.
              One very interesting thing has happened with me becoming a part of this group. Main ghar mein sabko bahut khushi se batati hoon ki mujhe Pakistani friends se diwali wishes aaye hain (this is special coz we had never thought of making friends across d border in this way) ya they have recommended a particular drama so we must watch it. This has kind of made me an encyclopedia at home on Pakistani drama industry. Feels great.
              Thank you all DRNR freinds for bringing this new excitement (or say addiction) in my life


            • @Rehmat: Sorry! I’ve been such a laggard ke itney din ho gaye and Ive not yet given you the mubarakbadi for Haj… MA! You are truly blessed and I hope ke wahan aap ne hum logon ko nahin bhulaya hoga and dua’on mein yaad rakha hoga 🙂


    • Hi Afia, i’ll definitely try to check Bulbulay.
      why i liked ZGH more than Humsafar is maybe i felt ZGH To be more realisitic (even with its flaws n confusion regarding timing) than HS. I found it a lil hard to digest that Asher didn’t bother to check on Khirad for 4.5 Years, it wasn’t that he had moved on. He kept sulking n was depressed throughout that period but didn’t bother to take one step towards the lady he claimed to have been in love with. I think 4.5 years was a long time, they should have kept it at around a year or so. Moreover, Sara’s mom saw her daughter wasting her life for a man who was never meant to be hers nit she still didn’t try to clear the misunderstandings between Asher n Khirad. Was she so afraid of tarnishing her image that she let her only child make a fool of herself thinking Asher will be hers one day.

      In ZGH, Kashaf n Zaroon had their differences n misunderstandings, but it took only one call from his wife for him to rush back to her coz that is what you do when you profess to love someone.

      Also, why Khirad being an intelligent woman, never understood that her husband used to get upset whenever Khizar was there as it was quite clear from his expressions and actions.

      But one thing that was common between d two dramas (besides d eye candy FK n his unique style of romance) was the abrupt last episode. Would have loved to see a couple of Asher n Khirads scene showing them in love again.

      After saying all this, i would still say that I am loving the show. Maybe coz i am a sucker for romance n happy fairy tale endings. Or maybe like my lil daughter i am also in love with Fawad n his acting skills.

      Can anyone help me with the meaning of Humnawai in the OST of HS amd also if it is okay if I ask for the meaning of other difficult words as having spent childhood in a place where urdu words were frequently used, i easily understand a lot of what is said in the dramas but there are still a few difficult ones.


            • Hi Atty, thanks once again for the beautiful explanation. Didn’t know qawaals other than the main singer are called Humnawa. It would be gr8 to have you as my new urdu teacher.

              SZ, thanks for sharing the origin n history of Humsafar song.

              sach mein, iss blog se jud ke zindagi gulzar lagti hai. Free time milte hi yahaan aati hoon to check koi new comment hai kya. This is something that gives me a feeling of having n doing something for my happiness exclusively. I don’t know if i am making sense but i am loving every moment of it.

              just waiting for my wifi to be up n running soon so that i can start watching Firaaq, JH, Sadqay Tumhaare n also Chup Raho as recommended by Afia without any interruption. Then i’ll b able to be a part of the review.


          • Hi Atty, Humnawai ka meaning itne achhe se samjhane ke liye Shukriya. I’ll keep bothering you with more such requests n hope you will explain d meaning d same way you have done in this case. Makes it easier to feel the essence of the song or the dialogue.


            • @Samrita u r welcome anytime.. now that u have allowed me to b ur teacher, i would like to give a reference to remember “humnawai” word in future.. If u listen to Qawwalis, group of singers who sing along lead vocalist/Qawaal r called “hum-nawa”


      • @Samrita: Hey!! Finally we’re online at the same time 🙂
        Loved reading your thoughts abt Humsafar, and your comparison with ZGH.. I have some thoughts Id like to share with you, but will hopefully get to them tom as its already past 1 here… but just to let you know we do have a Humsafar dedicated thread and that would be an ideal place to carry on our related convos …

        @Atty: Thanks for helping out … exactly all the hum prefixes as used as in together so humsafar= companions, together on a journey etc …

        An interesting insight into the OST is that the poet Nasir Turabi wrote this ghazal after the fall of Dacca in 1971, so a very different read if you keep that context in mind … it was later sung by Abida Parveen and other singers and then Quratulain Baloch, QB, was tapped for this rendition for Humsafar … Also if you havent you must check out the JPJ interview of the Humsafar cast … I dont think any of us slept that night … as it was FK’s first interview on TV in years.. and you can compare him there and then see his interviews for Khoobsurat and see how far hes come! More on the HS thread 🙂

        Aww! Thanks for sharing that lovely anecdote abt you telling your family abt all of us here …a big warm DRNR hug for you and your family … when I had fist started blogging my hubby couldnt understand what was tap tapping on my lt all day long and I would always respond with “I;m talking to my friends” and he was like don’t these ppl ever sleep? And its at that moment that it hit me that wow now I can honestly say I have friends all around the world … and what a lovely feeling that is! So a huge thank you to all of you for making the world seem so apni apni si 🙂 🙂


      • Hi Samrita
        I know what you mean about having friends from across the border…it’s a good feeling, for us this side as well- as it should be 🙂
        Chalo enjoy this new found status of Pak drama expert and analyst! Does Zindagi channel come on some special cable subscriber ?

        Enjoyed reading your insights on HS. First of all, yes, there were lots of ifs and buts to the story. How cud Ashar be so ‘shukky’? How cud he not take her call atleast? Why didn’t MK come to Karachi to talk to him? etc etc.

        But without going in to details, what I got was that he just loved her so deeply that eventually his hatred was intense as well. In ZGH Zaroon was never shown to be that madly in love with Kashaf. But it just wasn’t that.. for me there were too many things that were going wrong with the story telling part. Maybe coz we waited a whole week for things to progress, and then even after that one week, the story wouldn’t move much. There were repetitive scenes about Rafia, her hubby, ghar issues, etc. But yes, I loved Zaroon- MCP or not and that’s thanks to the way FK handled him!

        Btw, the novel ZGH had some great scenes in the beginning, showing the univ days and how Z and K would get into arguments in class discussions. K would have Z stumped in these which he was great perturbed by…
        Sorry SZ, for hijacking this ST thread 🙂 Samrita, plz feel free to ask meanings of as many words as u like, good way to keep the Humsafar thread active that SZ had mentioned.


  9. @All: My sincerest apologies for being MIA. Been down with a horrible migraine that much like an annoying uninvited n unwelcome guest refuses to leave 😥 Please bear with me and know that I am reading and enjoying all your comments – so much fun to read! Hopefully will be back tomorrow with Sadqay, Firaaq, and yes Jackson Heights too… havent forgotten it … just not been able to get to it :/

    Meanwhile here’s wishing all those celebrating Diwali, a joyous, healthy and prosperous year ahead! ✨✨💥💥


    • Thank you SZ for your Diwali wishes..may the new year bring happiness for all
      i can understand how annoying n painful migraine can be (been suffering since school days), Please take proper rest n i am sure you’ll be back with a bang. Everyone here is missing you terribly


  10. @Samrita: that was such a sweet thing to share with us.. i can feel the happiness that you are going through.. Addicted is right word you used… Even i love this blog, SZ and people here.. ☺️


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