Jackson Heights ~ Episode 2 Review


I loved the first episode. Staring at my screen with childlike wonder, eyes wide open and mouth agape, It felt like I had been left loose in Disney Land. Kiya kiya dekhoon aur kidhar kidhar dekhoon. But that was last week and this was today. Now that I was over the initial wah wah, I thought there was no way this one could measure up to the bar set by the opening chapter. 3Michele would be more crusty and less likeable, my cynical drama-ed out self told me. Jamshed and his non stop Amreeka chalo taan would surely grate, Rizwan’s charm would feel oily, Salma, would turn out to be a typical desi heroine, smitten by her knight in shining armor, and even if Vasay Chaudhry and Mehreen Jabbar managed to steer clear of all these pitfalls, then surely the larger the larger than life aapkey bhai hamarey bhai saarey muhalley ke bhai Bhatti bhai would do them in. And then of course there were the 101 tracks in the story – how would they ever manage to keep them straight? So yes, given the number of recent serials that have flailed and failed after a flashy opening, I was all ready and prepared to be let down yet again.

11My fears, however, were unfounded. Thank you Vasay Ch and Mehreen J! I am thrilled to report that the  second episode was actually better knit than the first one. Though Bhatti bhai was still all over the episode, his track was beautifully interlaced with the other developing ones. The pace was nicely maintained, and even though the episode spanned only one day not once did I feel the narrative stagnate. Given that Jackson Heights boasts a huge ensemble cast, I love how the existing characters are being gently fleshed out and new ones gradually woven into the narrative.

The second episode introduced us to bhabhi Bhatti, Kathy, a realtor with two kids from an earlier 17marriage. While at first glance bhabhi ji  and her bacchas seems to be the stereotypical gori family. Kathy shows no respect for her desi husband, doesn’t think twice before cussing him out, her children are rude to their oh so caring step-father, but wait, before you start shedding tears for Bhatti bhai and pull up a chair and join him in his pity party … know, that this is not the complete picture.  Yes, he thinks he’s a mazloom shohar and biwi does not give him his due and does not heed his well-meaning advice for her children, but what he is conveniently forgetting is the marriages are not just about the wife respecting her sar[ka]taj, rather this is a relationship that works only when both partners put in equal effort. Efforts such as not interrupting your wife while she’s on a business call, and most certainly not forgetting to collect the child after school, all are a part and parcel of what makes a shaadi work.  But what to do hamarey Bhatti bhai ko fursat kahan?

Ji bilkul, where is the time to remember inane stuff like school runs? No, no, Bhatti bhai 27has more important stuff on his plate. Stalking girls, chatting them up, and regaling them with the sachi kahaniyan of his life, all these are a lot more zaroori, nahin? Love, love, the way the character of Bhatti sahab has been sketched out and then beautifully brought alive by Nauman Ijaz. It would have been very easy to play this up to the point where it became a caricature or played under such that it fell flat, and so full credit to Mehreen for keeping Imran Bhatti on a tight leash. He is overwhelming and larger than life, but manages to hit just the right note. Nauman Ijaz is fantastic. His confused broken English, his halal pity parties, that wide subah Binaca shaam Binaca grin he wears when he is with the ladies of Haseena Beauty Parlor, you cant help but fall for this guy.

31In sharp contrast to Bhatti bhai’s khaalis desi ghee ka bana hua mard, Rizwan is the urbane, man about town. Though miles apart in terms of socio-economic status and their life experiences, it is fascinating to see how both men have a certain mindset when it comes to their dealings with women. Last week Bhatti was conveniently deciding what and where and when Salma should work, lo and behold this week we had Rizwan. Despite Michele’s adamant refusal, Rizwan continued to press her on the issue of attending a mutual friend’s housewarming party. Whatever Michele’s issues are, and I do think there is a story here that’s yet to unfold, Rizwan should’ve respected her choice and let the issue slide. But no, in this regard 10he was no different that his cabbie counterpart. What made him different though was that he did apologize later. While he seems to be a really nice guy, a good friend to the troubled Michele, there is something about him that I don’t like. Ab, only time will tell if my gut was wrong or not. Meanwhile Adnan Jaffar and Marina Khan are so so good. All their scenes are a delight.

Back home in Pakistan, we see yet another study of a desi man, Jamshed. I like how there are layers to his character. Even as he is blinded by his desire to go abroad, at some level his frustration is relatable and understandable. In a country where sifarish and rishwat are terms even a child is familiar with and where 12there is an entire generation that is unaware of the concept of uninterrupted electric supply, it is hard to blame him for his frustrations. On the other hand, life abroad is not without its own fair share of challenges. I enjoyed this seldom seen nuance.

Another place where I appreciated the writing was when Jamshed was listing all the comforts Imran had provided for his family, conveniently left out of this count were his own pocket-money and the fancy bike he was happily riding. Has he ever considered that he too is no different from his leechar relatives, all of whom see Imran as a handy dandy ATM card, one that came with an unlimited balance. So yes, angry man, 13maami ji is right, instead of intezaar-ing for the Amreeka ka visa why not start a job in the meanwhile. At least phir naani ko tau naashtey ke paise nahin deney parenge! While I find maami ji’s screaming OTT, maamu jaan is a real character, love his Kala Kola-ed hair! Adeel is as hot n happening as ever and I really like the girl playing his girlfriend.

Among the ladies, Michele is not the only whose story interests me, Salma is another one who has me intrigued. Aamina Sheikh hasn’t had much to say as yet, but a snatched conversation here a hint there, 25we sense that this girl is hiding something. She doesn’t want her family to know her whereabouts and there is someone else in the picture, someone who is not pulling their share of the weight, leaving her to deal with unpleasant task of scraping together money to pay her rent. While her roommate is yet to make an 5entry, I am thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie between Aliya and Salma. Meher Jaffri is fun to watch and her bubbly character sets off the relatively darker Salma. Aamina Sheikh is very good here.

Yes, so far really happy with what I’ve seen. Vasay’s script provides a nice balance between the light and dark moments, and I am loving his signature humor. Mehreen is as impressive as ever, totally at the top of her game, never losing sight of the bigger picture even as she creates memorable moments. And yes, on MJ, how many of you caught her “guest appearance” here. Visually MJ’s serials are always a delight and this one is no different. The sense of everyone seeing only a part of the picture – their part – is exquisitely conveyed through the framing of many scenes. The eclectic mix of tracks used in the background is well chosen, a Nazia Hasan here some jazz there – good stuff this! All n all a winner of an episode!

Written by SZ~

P.S. Thought I’d share this video of nani ki jawani with you all … yes, Jamshed’s nani and Imran’s amma is played by none other than Naghma, a famous film star in the hey days of Lollywood – Enjoy! 

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  1. Great review SZ. I am enjoying MJ’s direction, how she captures the city in which the story is set up, wether it’s AZB’s Spain or JH’s NY, amazing editing . As far as the story is concerned , some bits are quite cliched , like BB’s angraiz biwi and bacha party, or Jamshed’s mami and mazloom nani and there is bachpan ke sweet heart before going to amreeka ! Having said that , this is where a director’s Magic comes , even a cliched stuff is done nicley , it wont bore you . I am liking what I am seeing and looking forward to it . I can’t say that it’s the best ever but as there is nothing much around these days apart from Firaq so it’s a treat . Some how one gets confused between Firaq and JH Kay kaunsa kiss city Mai hai 😂😂no resemblance in story line but as both are set up in Amreeka so yes yaaD rakhna padta hai kaunsa East Coast and Kaunsa West coast !!! Good work ..


    • @Sheema: Hey great to have to you onboard for two serial this time around … finally! kuch tau mazedar aisa aaya ke we can all get together and talk about 🙂

      I agree with you on some cliched tracks but hopefully once we have everybody in place and the real story starts to unfold we will get some action packed episodes and of course with the stellar cast and MJ at the helm one can only hope for the best – so lets keep our fingers and toes crossed!

      Lol @ trying to keep the two stories straight, arrey bhai asaan hai … ek ghareebon ka drama doosra ameeron ka .. as they say na farq saaf zaahir hai 😉


  2. Loved reading the review. Had watched the first episode, but YT did not have the complete one and the other link wasn’t working. BTW watched dis one just for Marina Khan. How I adore this lady and she’s just so charming as ever.

    Story is very relatable and most of the characters seem to be someone I have known. Other than d male lead, I now know most of the other actors Amina Sheikh is well known and she’s doing a good job of playing Salma and yup I too am curious to know what her back story is. Loved Adnan Jaffery’s acting as Janu Baba in Talkhiyan nd he’s good as Rizwan too. Adeel Hussain is my fav after Fawad and he’s doing a brilliant job as a can’t-get-away-from-Pakistan-fast-enough kind of youngster pursuing that, as yet, illusive great American dream. My only skepticism with his character is that if he’s so keen on going to US den wouldn’t it be better to go as a student or as a professional? I know in the 70s/80s ppl just went to US and didn’t return, but I think nowadays things are very strict as far as immigrating to US is concerned and I wonder in which category he’s applying visa for? He only seems eligible for a tourist visa.

    Coming to Imran, he’s endearing as a simpleton, naive desi and though I agree that his actions seemed irresponsible, but I also see it as his wife and children taking him for granted. And his butting in when his wife is talking on the phone with a client seemed quite stupid, rather than insensitive. Any fairly intelligent person would know not butt in when a person is talking on the phone. And as u said it’s coz of the actor’s performance that his character isn’t caricatured, but it’s a fine line and I hope they don’t continue showing such idiocracies.

    Overall liking the show and would continue watching it at least for the time being. Only wish they had better video quality as it is with Firaaq.


    • @Radiant: Hey! Glad you gave this one a go as well 🙂 Likewise! A huge Marina fan, and since she hardly ever acts any more its always a treat to see her .. have you watched her Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay – the sequel to the original?

      Re: Adeel aka Jamshed, girl you’re in good company here 😉 Yes, I agree its pretty much impossible for a man of Jamshed’s age, and given that he is a Pakistani, to get a visa for the US, but I guess we make room for dramatic license .. because I dont think they wanted to show him as a student there ..

      And here is my lists of possibilities for Jamshed: He will start working in Rizwan’s bank and meet MK via his uncle and Rizwan and then fall for her…. they start off as good frnds, he confides in her and she treats him affectionately, but then perhaps inspired by what his uncle, he too decides to marry MK for the green card … and thats where he and Rizwan have a falling out?

      I also think its through Jamshed’s burgeoning friendship with Michele that we will get more of her back story as she lets down her guard and starts telling him abt her past, something else that will tick Rizwan off b/c he’s been trying so hard for all these years but Michele’s a;ways rebuffed him .. and that where I think the happening of this 2nd ep will make more sense as we see Michele alowing herself to be persuaded by Jamshed, when previously she’d very firmly told Rizwan off for being presumptuous enough to accept invitations on her behalf ?

      What do you all think?? I am not giving out any spoilers but basing this on the promos we’ve seen .. any other possibilities that you all can think of for Jamshed’s track?


      • No haven’t watched Tanhaiyan Naye Silsailay, though it is on my watch list. But boy so many Pak dramas have been recommended and on my watch list that wonder how I’ll get the chance to watch them all in this lifetime!

        A year or so back somebody asked me to watch a drama called Humsafar and though I did watch the first few epis., and d hero 😉 absolutely enthralled me, but it could not hold my attention and being the impatient kind I started browsing through other videos and came across Dhoop Kinare and ended up watching that for the umpteen time. How I love this drama and i hope Zindagi channel shows this and other classic Pak dramas like Tanhaaiyan as d video prints online r pretty bad. BTW after watching DK, I ended up watching a few more of Marina Khan’s dramas like Kohra and one with Ali Haider. I just adore Marina Khan. 🙂

        I think Jamshed will meet MK in her diner itself, and it would be worth a watch to find out what impresses MK about him, when she’s so curt with the other desis hanging out at her diner. Having read the synopsis, I know there will be complications between Jamshed, Rizwan nd Michelle. Let’s see how their and everyone else’s story unravels.


    • @Radiant: Sorry, forget to add that yes I have passed on the poor quality.incomplete video complaint on to Mehreen Jabbar, the director, and she has gotten in touch with Urdu 1 .. so hopefully we should start getting better quality, and hopefully HD, videos for this one as well …

      Re: Imran Bhatti, I hear you .. but what to do.. as I was telling Samrita, he lost my vote when he forgot to pick up the child, I mean I can see him doing that if he honestly busy, but idhar tau bhai sahab was busy chatting girls .. just reminded me too much our desi men who like to complain to all and sundry abt how their wives are not good mothers but them always conveniently forget that their role as a father involves a bit more than just lecturing abt parenting skills .. . ab Bhatti Sahab wil need to do something major, i.e, find a cure for cancer type of major to crawl back into my good books … charm and good looks can only get him so far 😉


  3. Hi SZ…was checking DRNR since morning to see this review

    Sorry to differ but I didn’t really enjoy this episode n felt story hasn’t moved an inch since the last episode except for Mrs Bhatti’s introduction…jamshed was still waiting for his visa, maamiji still showing attitude to poor naaniji, Salma still worrying about the lease…these tracks didn’t move an inch

    Was really surprised with Bhatti sahab going out of his way n even forgetting to fetch his stepson in order to spend time with Salma..agree with you that he behaved irresponsibly n like a stalker…

    Yeah, did get an idea about something gone wrong in Michele’s life n waiting to know what has turned her completely off desis in particular n people in general…also, visually it was a treat no doubt but that’s it

    Hope the next episode shows something new

    SZ, thank you for “Kala Kola” n “subah binaca sham binaca” references..brought memories of these famous ptv ads that we all loved as kids and then there was “dentonic”..miss those days


    • @Samrita Kapoor yes, although I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about our characters, i would have liked to have seen a bit more movement.. I hope the pace wont be slow just to get 6 months worth of episodes out of the story..


    • @Samrita Kapoor: Arrey yaar, no need to apologize at all … please always feel free to share your thoughts .. its not abt agreeing or disagreeing its more abt us all sharing our thoughts . and then its always towards the end to see kitnon ke guesses kahan tak saheeh they .. were we able to read the story right, or did the writer throw in a doosra and bamboozled us? So yeah, ab no more sorrys 🙂

      I hear you abt the story, and LOL lets not even begin comparing it to our other current fave Firaaq, where everything’s moving along at breakneck speed! That said, I think the writer’s trying to gradually fill in the shades for the characters alongside adding in new ones … next week we have Tara Mahmood, who was shown talking to Rizwan in the precap … ab i wonder how she fits into Rizwan’s life .. she seemed kinda miffed at Michele .. so i wonder if she’s his bhabhi (with an eligible sister hoping to marry Rizwan ( please Vasay Ch spare us that cliche! ) or a sister who is annoyed with the older woman for phansoing her eligible brother and keeping him from living his life … any guesses?

      Re: the Pakistan track, I agree that screaming household is absolutely ugh!!! Please MJ edit them out!!!

      Re: Bhatti Sb, haina! I too was like ok chalo I get your wife is obnoxious, but was gobsmacked when he was so quick to refuse to pick up the child, who he was just a moment ago claiming to be his child .. and then he forgot to pick uo the kid!!! The mother in me was horrified – and I dont think my husband would’ve ever heard the last of it if he had ever done such a harkat — had hai!! Right in that moment I forgave his gori wife all her faults!

      And here you go .. for old time’s sake 🙂

      And here’s a lovely, and a very apt, early/mid 80’s song by Afshan, the younger girl in the Binaca commercial, who grew up to be a pretty popular singer .. she was Nazia and Zoheb’s contemporary, actually all used to appear in the same children’s music show .. Mohammad Ali Shayki was another very popular singer .. and this song is produced by Sahira Kazmi, who was also a very popular actress herself, who later turned director and did Dhoop Kinarey, which starred Rahat Kazmi and Marina Khan .. and to tie it all to Jackson Heights, we have Marina Khan as Michele and Ali Kazmi, Rahat and Sahira’s son, yet to be introduced in this serial .. how’s that for some serious trivia 😉


  4. SZ loved the 2nd episod and your review .i think there is something about Michele that she does not like to socialize , but she is friendly with rizwan .i hope rizwan donot take advantage of Michele. Ther are so many doctors and educated immigrants in the beginning drive taxi . There was documenrty about doctor taxi driver. I saw it long time a ago. It was a treat to see bridge and parts of Newyork and listening to diverse music .Mhreen Jabbar is great!!!!!
    Movie Khubsoorat ka review and discussion was very ” Kubsoorat” . I had a good time lol. :)))).


    • @Ranjan: LOL! Love the way you smartly side stepped the Khoobsurat discussion 😉

      I agree, there is a lot more to Michele than meets the eye, and so even though she’s friendly with Rizwan she keeps him at a safe distance .. that whole incident with Rizwan and Michele, I think, was meant to highlight what kind of a relationship these two had, and how strongly Michele resented being told what to do … which I think was an interesting insight into the dynamic of their pairing .. so yeah def looking fwd to seeing how this track moves along ..

      Re: education and desi cab drivers, I agree.. I too have sat in many a cab where the cabbies have talked abt their qualifications, but because of their shady visa status they cannot work or because they are not able to clear their US exams … but then here is the other side of the coin, which Jamshed was also talking abt, that even if he had an ordinary white collar job, and no Im not talking abt the MBAs and surgeons and the execs who make tons of income, then too he would not be able to give his family the lifestyle that he could give them if he went abroad .. yes, life would def be tough, but he could make it … as compared to a place like PK where the best posts are handed out via networking and sifarish is the norm of the day and the idea of bribe is something that every child knows … so yeah .. tough realities being portrayed here … but I like how the writer has tried to stay non judgmental and is showing us both sides of the coin, and all this being told to us without making the narrative all dark and dreary .. so yeah great job VC and MJ!


  5. I wasn’t able to catch the entire episode 1 on tv, but gladly I saw this one in full. It’s quite good to see that the drama has been shot in America not just for the sake of shooting it there and capturing picturesque place as our production houses do most of the time (Ahista Ahista, Firaaq etc.) but to show how our people who go abroad and have never once thought of doing such “petty” jobs in their own country, like driving a cab, do such jobs of their own account to earn a living. This real side of the picture actually piques my interest.
    Since it was my first proper episode of the drama I was literally exhilarated having heard a lot about it. And I don’t think it failed me at all. The only thing I’m a bit concerned with is that the story has so many characters in the lead I hope it doesn’t get mingled up and confusing partway through the serial. It should remain well-balanced.
    And yes, I strongly wish they would have run the drama from a better channel. Urdu1 is poor at promoting local stuff. I had to watch the repeat and neither did once I come across it in one whole week. Every time I checked it was either Feriha or some Indian drama. They should at least tell repeat timings in the promo as Hum does. :@


    • @Fizza: Here are the repeat timings of JH on Urdu 1:
      Sat from 3-5 am
      Sun from 3-4 am
      Mon 10-11 am
      Ab I dont know who has the time to watch from 3-5 am or Mon am.. but this what I found from their site.. is se to behtar hai ke DOL par dekh lo :/

      I share your concern abt too many characters, but I thinks that’s precisely why they have slowed down the pace and taken the time to flesh out the characters, that said, like everybody else I too would like to see the story move forward and more than that waiting for Ali Kazmi .. its been a while!

      On an aside:

      Shukar Alhamdullilah ke Baaji Fidwi ne meri baat ka maan rakh liya aur kisi non FK dramey ko izzat bakhshi … ab umeed nek rakhtey hain aur baaji se niyaz mandana darkhwast kartey hain ke hamein beech safar dhoka na dejiyega aur gahe ba gahe apne munfarid andaz mein hamein rung o bo ki duniya ki khabron ke tajziya se mustafeed karti rahiyega…


      Arzi manjanib,

      ahle muhala-e Desi RNR
      nazim: SZ


  6. I had enjoyed the last episode but thought this episode was better and well balanced. Last time apne Bhatti bhai seemed to have hijacked the airing time.
    Apne khalis desi ghee ke bane hue Bhatti Bhai – @SZ thats it u nailed it!!! – ghairat ka sawal and muft mashwaras.. stalking and chatting up desi kuris.. I think he’s another one of our bhai jans who ”thinks” infact who ”believes” they are sincere.. sincerity tou unn pe khatam hai.. but reality is quite the opposite.. whether its the relationship with his gori wife (immigration issues pas-e-parda) or if its intentionally achanak se bumping into its Salma ji…
    Jamshed I like! yes he should get a job, and yes he should lower his expectations.. but i like how he is shown to have half a brain and a slightly more realistic approach… He is not like our Mujtaba in KPKP who thinks money grows on trees and there will be red carpet awaiting him.. I liked how Jamshed puts it : there is ”opportunity” for those who r ready to do mehnat… Abb how much mehnat he is actually willing to put in once he gets there is something we ought to wait and see… but i equally liked Vasay’s counter attack why he cant do mehnat in this country, and is life too short to try and bring about a change, especially when it involves the entire nation and the mind-set?.. I like how VC has portrayed the frustration of the youth here.. no wonder we r getting the brain drain! aajkal jiss ko dekho woh bahar jane ke liye opportunity dhoondh raha hai.. akhir kion?
    I want to know more about Salma. who does she live with who cant pull in their fair share (towards the lease) and what does her family know about her? Why is she in NY? I mean, as far as ive observed, its very rare for desi girls from middle class background to come over on their own, just to earn a half decent living, without any family.. . Unless they have a great opportunity (financial or educational) and they belong to a broad-minded family… Salma can just about make her own ends meet let alone support a family back home.. so yes i wanna know more about her why is she here and whats her story.. ok here is my mumkin : since most of the characters in JH are fairly ‘typical’ i have a feeling she is married… gone over to the US with him, and now trying to support their livelihood..
    Also wanna know more about Michelle.. aisa kia hua ke woh aisi ho gain!
    i am liking this, but i felt some bits r exaggerated and they didnt quite sit with me.. eg the mamu & mami, the desi londas suggesting gajar ka halwa on the menu esp to someone who is known to be kharoos..
    oh btw @SZ thanks for sharing nani ki jawani!!
    minus some of the ott-ness, im really enjoying this. I like how we r shown a very balanced, a more realistic amreeka.. no lakeside mansions, or laq-o-daq villas with pools, no fancy cars.. just ordinary, or should i say real people living their lives..


    • i m also thinking that way.. Salma is married, Ali kazmi is probably her husband.. and v r going to have some more cliched there, from a little shot in promos it is very much ‘mumkin’ that she is going to face domestic violence in coming episodes..
      I always think that Vasay can write beautiful and witty dialogues but he is not very creative in writing a story-line.. like MHSA was a typical predictable story


    • FA: LOL! I agree abt Bhatti bhai .. honestly! that was so spot on … cannot tell you how many desi cabbies I’ve met in NYC, who think its totally ok to ask you your entire life storyand then proceed to tell you all the things you should or should not do in a bara shehr like NYC ..ji aap behen hain isliye bata raha hoon … aargh!!!

      Re: the ott bits I agree.. the PK bits get on my nerves (NO! not the Jamshed parts – the other ones ! ). But the gajjar ka halwa I thought they brought up b/c the desert, zarda (?) was actually karwa hence their stress upon all the meethas and how good the “sweet” dish was. and this was something that Michele knew ahead of time, b/c as se tells them ke if you guys complain so much to agli baar yeh karwe chawal bhi nahin milenge .. which again makes her all that more interesting to me .. ke bibi ek taraf tau you are such a piece of work ke you serve karwa desert knowingly, is this b/c you know your customers wont go elsewhere, or is it because your way of saying ke dekho bhai muft main tau aisa hi khana milega (remember her reminding that guy last week abt his mahiney ka hisaab) and she has no qualms abt admitting that she pays her desi help below scale wages, but I also wonder if shes doing that because she’s also paying them under the table .. which would indicate that she is a deep woman .. she is easy going, but tough and firm in her stance ( her refusal to be persuaded by the cannola oil version of Imran bhai – Rizwan) and she is oopar se kharoos, but andar se naram (scolding help, but actually helping them) .. kiya khayal hai?

      Re: Ali Kazmi, haan could be her hubby, a typical loser and and thats why she doesnt want the family to know that shes had to work overtime . so maybe she might not even be sending them money to support them but just to keep up the pretense that shes happily married and her hubby is doing well financially, thus keeping her bharam …


  7. Great review SZ aur mujhay manna prhay gaa episode say ziada main nay review enjoy kia…aap kaa be-hud shukria 🙂 …aur SZ ji vasay ki kia baat kren aap bhi kuch kum witty tou nahi…I am glad k drama k mood ko dekhtay hoay aap nay bhi review main dark aur light dono elements ko bohat achay say balance kia…Balance 🙂 …mazid kuch kehnay ki zaroorat nahi

    jaisay main nay kaha mujhay previous episode ziada pasand ay is main story kuch khaas agay naa berh saki wo bhi thik hai lekin ye epi thorhi boring ho gai..ek tou maami ji ki chakh chakh..last week bhi kaha tha k main is family ko kum say kum dekhna chahti hoon…lekin ab bohat achi tra characters introduce ho chukay in k background ko hum understand ker chukay plzz ab next epi main phir say ye maami ji apni cheekhum dhaarh k sath aa ayn tou vasay ji ki barhi meherbani ho gi

    jamshed miyaan kaa problem bhi samajh aa gaya ab third epi main kuch action hona chahiay..batein bohat ho gain…main chahti salma jo Wahid character hai jis k baray main hum nahi jantay ..oos per kuch roshni dali jati aur phir shayed ali kazmi bhi sath hi aa jy…mujhay kiun lag raha hai k salma aur bhatti ji ki personal life milti julti ho gi..ho sakta hai ali salma kaa hubby ho aur bhatti ji ki wife ki tra horrible…kher aap jo bhi kahein lekin main bhatti ji ki aggressive wife ko pasand nahi ker sakti

    ji bhatti sahib bhi koi seedhay nahi..lekin ye is pooray drama kaa sub say interesting character mujhay ye hi laga…itnay different shades hain is main…gher per ye insaan kuch aur hai…apnay customers k sath kuch aur …aur haseena beauty parlor ki haseenaon k sath tou alag hi rung hai…nouman aijaz k liay mere paas words nahi hain..mujhay nahi lagta mere liay ye character itna hi likable hota ager koi aur actor isay kerta

    marina mujhay first epi main jitni pasand yn yahan oon k scenes repeated lagay ek hi point ko baar baar establish kertay hoay…tou mere liay average episode thi..ek dhumakay daar opening k baad…lekin kisi hud tak justified bhi thi…ab plzzz next epi main story next phase main enter ho jye..hum in characters aur oon k past aur present status ko achi tra samajh chukay ab agay chaltay hain…aur is k sath hi officially announce ker rahi hoon k mera sara juma shuda kaam khatum ho gaya..shuker ab next week say bus ek epi ek review ek comment 🙂 …jaan sakoon main aye..werna ab mere saray systems collapse hona shuru ho gai thay 🙂


    • @RJ: LOL! Chalein bhai bohot bohot mubarak ho … kitna bara pahar sar kar liya .. ab treat to bunti hai nahin? Ab acche bachon ki tarah foran se pehley bata dein kab kahan aur kis waqt hum sab haazir (or perhaps, nazil 😉 ) ho jayen??

      I agree the story didnt seem to move fast, but as I was telling ke we are caught b/w two very diff dramas here and isnt it weird how we are all saying ke wahan story itni fast and yahan itni slow … I think I can now beter understand what a dilemma our producers must be facing .. ke bhai yeh audience tau kisi haal mein bhi khush nahin hai…. LOL!

      Khair, jokes aside, I think there were quite a few shades to Michele’s personality that were revealed and there is also an interesting dynamic to her relationship with Rizwan … so I enjoyed those beautifully done subtle hints ..

      LOL! OK, lets agree to disagree on Bhabhi Bhatti…. she is rude but hamarey Bhatti bhai … charming hain magar itne bhi nahin ke sab gunah maaf kar diye jain, as I said above he has to do a lot of work before he can crawl back in my good books 😉

      Re: mami ji and mama ji .. Kiya khayal hai should we all send an arzi to Chaudhry saabji and Mehreen Baji, to please, please cut down on that track?? Matlab ke ofcourse, Jamshed ko chor kar baqi sab ko .. kiya khayal?


  8. Totally enjoying this one! And yes I was really happy to see that Bhatti is not some doodh mein dhula masoom insan – good stuff Vasay. I also like Jamshed’s GF 🙂 Jamshed is going to regret leaving her behind – loooooser!
    And LOL AT the YouTube video of Jamshed’s Nani ki jawani – had no idea who she was – that was so funny and cute to watch her hop like a bunny and twirl around in front of some weirdo guy – you totally had me rolling there SZ 😀


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