Firaaq ~ Episode 4 Review


Do people have to be related by blood in order to inherit the hey-look-I’m-a-nutso-ands-I-am-the-happiest-when-I-mess-with-other-people’s-lives DNA?

No! After today I’m convinced these mutated genes are just as easily passed on via rishtedaari. Don’t believe me? Okay fine, don’t take my word for it, just watch the latest episode of Firaaq. If you thought Maa ji was a gone case then check out her bahu, Sara’s equally bad, if not worse, harkats. Roomi ko ek baat, Payman ko doosri baat and Shams ko teesri baat… uff!  Wonder how she keeps all these convoluted stories straight in her head!

While Sara’s machinations remain a conundrum- yes, I get that she doesn’t trust Imroz and therefore wants to keep him away from Shams, but to go to such extents is mind boggling – I do now understand why Shams married her.  Ji bilkul! Aap sahi samajhey – ’cause she reminds him of his crazy mother!

Compared to Sara, Maa ji’s dictatorial tendencies seem almost, just almost, understandable. Underlying all her craziness there was genuine, though totally out of control, desire to protect her daughter. I am in no way condoning Maaji’s behavior, but merely saying that her autocratic tendencies pale in front of Sara’s shrewd games. With Maa ji it was all upfront. Payman knew what kind of a personality she was dealing with, magar hamari bhabhi tau mithi churi nahin balke poori ke poori saccharine coated tegh hain!

Ek taraf Shams is thrilled with the concern and interest his wife is displaying for his sister, doosri taraf Roomi is confused as heck by Sara’s statement that Payman like him and Shams approves of her choice, tau teesri taraf there is the self-assured psychiatrist who seems to have fallen for Payman hook line and sinker and claims that Payman’s is equally interested in him. Ab itni saari gol gol baaton ne tau becharey bak bak Roomi ki bolti hi band kar di hai. Bechara! Much as he talks about colors breathing life into paintings, he is now learning that randomly added colors, without giving composition much thought, leave behind a mother of all messes. Yes, the canvas of life is barren and needs color to come alive, magar saleeqey, tareeqay se lagaey huey rung.

And the lady at the center of all this fuss, Payman, remained blissfully unaware of the maelstrom brewing around her till the very last minute – brilliant hook by the way – so absorbed was she in trying to understand this beautiful turn in her life. Imroz’s entrance has introduced a whole rainbow of colors in her so far bejaan berung zindagi. Love the way we are seeing her gradually blossom. The tight choti, dull clothes, expressionless face, dead eyes, all are gradually giving way to a younger, fresher and most importantly happier looking Payman – aur tau aur she even smiles now and then!  Sanam Saeed, ab what to say about her… she’s just too good as Payman here! Loved all her scenes today. The final scene, in particular, where she realizes that she and her brother had been talking at cross purposes was simply fabulous. Her face said it all – what a way to end the episode!

Imroz, the man largely responsible for Payman’s blossoming, claims to have fallen head over heels for her. While I have a feeling there is a lot he’s not telling her, and perhaps not really as madly in love as he proclaims to be,  I do think that Imroz is hitting all the notes just right. Handling Payman with kid gloves, wooing her gently, allowing her time to trust him, and yes, looking hot as heck while he’s doing all this … Poor girl, she never stood a chance, did she?! I knew he was a good actor even before Firaaq, but here the whole package, acting, looks, styling, works just right- forget about Payman, us ko tau phisalna hi tha, magar I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Mohib’s earned himself quite a few new ACs and fans after this episode.

Apart from the Payman-Imroz scenes, the one other scene stood out was the chance meeting between Tabasssum and Shams. I say this every week, but wow, wow, wow!!!! Uzma Gilani is simply amazing! Respect! Mazhar Ali didn’t say more than a line so, but even in that he made his presence felt. Junaid Khan has taken giant strides as an actor in this serial and proved to be a apt foil to Uzma’s brilliance in that particular scene.

While Junaid Khan has shown growth, sadly Cybil has really disappointed. She is good in places where she doesn’t have much to say, but is in no way suited for a complicated role like Sara. I agree with MD’s instinct to go with a new face, but they should’ve looked harder for something with a bit more acting experience.

My issues this week are the still loud background music, particularly in the car scenes, and the use of flashbacks today. Sanam is such a good actor and uses her expressions so well that there was no need to replay a scene that had just happened a few minutes ago. Similarly, Roomi thinking back to his earlier conversations also seemed redundant. Apart from these, the episode played out like a charm – yes I am hooked! Mustafa Afridi and Aabis Raza have done well in maintaining suspense and keeping the audiences intrigued, FB spoilers notwithstanding. Here’s to hoping the rest of the serial unfolds just as smoothly.

Now looking forward to your thoughts. How do you think Payman’s return to Maa ji’s house is gonna play out? Is Imroz as on the up and up and as besotted as he claims to be? What is Sara’s real game here? What is it about his past that Shams refuses to forgive Maa ji? Did he really “save Payman for her sake, or because he sees her as another pawn in his game of one upmanship with Maa ji? Where does Roomi fit in to the picture (pun intended) here? Come on guys, let the mumkinaats roll!

Written by SZ~

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  1. AHHHH Sanam .Sanam Sanam,….she completely stole the episode, the character was all alive, she IS Payman, a Payman to measure the talent, this girl has in her, superb, I am truly head over heels her, for me she is after Sania Saeed and Nadia Jamil. She can make any dull character believably dull and then suddenly the transition from dull boring to all smiling and laughing character. I truly enjoyed this episode. Uzma Gilani is just simply a living legend, I have no doubt in saying that she is the female Dilip Kumar , I cant think of any other actor to compare her. Its a privilege to see her on screen and Mazhar Ali is complementing her role with his impressive acting, even when he doesn’t have any dialogues, his body language says it all. I am not sure about three actors what to make of them. Mohib Mirza was amazing in this episode. I am happy to see him where he is now , as in the beginning of his career I use to argue with a friend that he is under rated and he is way better actor then so many goray chittay around. He is very versatile. So far the story is interesting with so many grey character …apart from Payman and her Uncle !!!
    Great review, as usual, the depth you go in every episode and the pearl of wisdom you bring out with your pen is equally interesting and keep me glued to the serial and your opinion kay dhaikain SZ kiya kehtee hain. For now I am just loving Sanam Saeed , when some one compliments her, especially my Indian friends I take special pride as if she is my daughter, sister, lol>>>> Love you Sanam , may Allah bless you ..Shabaaash !


    • Hahaha I completely agree…Sanam Saeed was the shero of this episode…her expressions, the way she ws smiling sitting in her room remembering Imroze…just wonderful. Sara is I think totally clueless n just lives in her own world. Usko Rumi ki shadi ki bohot jaldi hai. All in all a wonderful n intriguing episode..great review and as always loads of love and admiration fr Sanam Saeed.


      • @Afreen: Hey! Sorry havent been able to respond to your previous comments and welcome you to DRNR, but chalo dair ayad durust aayed so yeah, welcome aboard and its great to have you onboard. Great to see so many Sanam fans here 🙂 LOL Sara is turning into a very annoying desi bhabhi whose only purpose in life s to see every single person in her life married, an that too to a partner of her choosing .. bhabhi ji thra haath haula rakhein!


  2. Wah maza aa gya, ap k review ka… U rarely leave anything for us.. Itna pyara kaisay likh leti hain?
    I said it earlier that i started watching this drama for SS and MM.. I m so happy that finally Mohib made his presence felt in this episode.. I m liking the suspense element so far..
    Uf! Wanted to slap sara.. Last time I missed a comment to defend sara becoz of my laziness, where u ppl were discussing that probably she dint like Payman’s entrance in her house.. I thought her guilt was justified coz she went to re-unite Maa ji and shams, ended up separating Maa ji from payman.. But this time she has showed her evil side..


    • @Atty: Aww thank you .. aap ko mera likha pasand aaya us ka shukriya .. and honestly I can only write as well as what I see in front of me … so I enjoyed the ep and it shows 🙂 Crazy, kooky, even unbelievable as some of these characters are, they are nonetheless a lot of fun to watch 🙂

      Lol, wish you had written last week, tau phir is dafa maza aata bachon ki tarah aap ko see we told you so kehne mein 😉


  3. I have many doubts, but for once will not over analyze the episode and just go with the flow and bask vicariously in the very sweet love filled moments of Imroz and Paimaan. 🙂 There were just too many cute moments and both Mohib and Sanam were just too good. I am a big admirer of Sanam, but don’t want to keep harping about how brilliant she is, but she just compels me to sing her praises with her performances. She internalizes the character she plays and even if she’s just a presence in a scene, her whole posture, body language, look is of that character and one just sees her as just that.

    Hmmm abt Sara, I hope dey don’t show her completely negative and evil, but her pathetic attempts and underhand ways of playing match maker to Roomi and Paimaan, just a moment (ok a very long moment stretched for a few days) of insecurity and lapse of judgement.

    BTW I found it sadistic on the path of Shams when he made the statement of ‘hisaab barabar’. Hope this track of the Maa ji, Shams and Paimaan is brought to it’s logical conclusion and hopefully on a happy note.

    Roomi did seem interested in Paimaan as he did not outright reject Sara’s proposal for Paimaan and was also wanting to discuss it with Imroz, before Imroz dropped his bomb shell and left Roomi speechless.


    • @Radiant: With you on the many doubts and some very hard to swallow premises but given that we have such fab actors its easier to put aside the thinking cap and just go with the flow ..

      That said, yes, I agree that hope they show some nuance to Sara .. but I do wonder if the nuances, even if they do exist, will ever come to bear because Cybil has no expressions … and this is what they were saying on the JPJ show as well, that the director would keep asking her to sound more angry show more emotion, but she struggled a lot with that .. and here I keep thinking of UG and the way its her expressions that convey so much .. she never comes out and says it but she is hurt be Payman’s leaving, by Shams harsh words to her in the car park … its all in her body language .. and this where I think Cybil’s inexperience will be a loss for Sara’s character ..

      Re: Shams, yes! Alot of baggage there and it firms up my belief that bringing Payman out was more a part of a bigger game for him, and had very little to do with love or concern for his sister …


  4. I watch firaaq js bcz of sanam saeed. She is d center of attraction in whatever drama she is part of…hats off to her talent…bt believe me even mohib mirza leaves me flattered all d tm…Story is convincing n yes many plots r left to b unfolded……n thanku a lot to humtv for allowing us watch it on YouTube….. From India


    • @Vidya: Hey, lovely to hear from you here on the blog 🙂 Yes, I hadnt been too sure abt how his pairing with Sanam wold work, but they are such good actors they are really making us believe in Payman and Imroz’s love at first sight story…


  5. A thoroughly entertaining episode and and equally entertaining review!!!! I said it last week and i say again this week, firaq is the highlight of my weekend tv binging these days.. yes im enjoying this one more than JH, Downton Abbey and the Good Wife so far.. i really hope it carries on that way!!!
    SS was the star of the show. sub ne itni tareef kar di.. i felt those smiles..SS’s happier Paiman was handled so so so nicely!
    MM was impressive! lol @ new ACs and fans.. haina.. he was pretty hot!!! lol
    Sarooo!! yahan bhi she messing about with noor! lol … and everyone else for that matter.. i think she is just para about her sessions with Imroz. Imroz becoming family means more chance of that lil secret coming out.. Although she has done em all a favour, she still feels she went behind shams’s back and told his whole life-story to this stranger.. Cybil im not liking here. Not just her acting, but even er make up.. SHe is very pretty and looks amazing on magazine covers, but i find her make-up a bit off-key. but thats me nitpicking.. @SZ loove ur ‘hey-look-I’m-a-nutso-ands-I-am-the-happiest-when-I-mess-with-other-people’s-lives DNA’ … as bad as cybil was she still made my angry!.. so i guess as she wasnt that bad lol…
    enjoyed ur lines about rang/ colour.. so true.. abb apne roomi ko tou bokhla ke rakh diya.. i never thought he’d be interested in paiman and i still think he isnt. He is still under the Saroo spell.. ROFL @ bak bak / bolti band!

    mukinat: looks like bhabhi jis stories ka kuch nahin hone wala abhi.. Paiman amroz will happen.. maaji or no maaji.. but i do think they will backfire in the future.. judging by the promos ths will be the basis for Imroz’s shukk.. abb i wonder ke yeh bhanda bhi bhabhi phorein gi??? waise apne dr. imroz aise khata khat issues dekhte hain, he didnt detect the paranoya, did he?.. abb he didnt see that one coming

    btw Imroz: i think he also has some baggage, some past.. some of the convos between Imroz & roomi suggested there is something more..ref: ‘dobara ji utha hoon’., itne saalon baaad phir’ type dialogues..

    re shams’s motive : i think it was an aik teer se do shikar wala mamla.. but the way he went out of his way to tell maaji, i think he wants to hurt her more.. its not over yet..

    btw i was thinking.. MA was in Uroosa with AS playing similar sort of ages.. Looking at both of them now, what a huge difference.. no? AS abhi tak playing hero… budhdha hero hi sahih, but still a hero/main lead.

    have to admit im totally hooked on this one and the mumkinats r on a roll!


    • FA: Re: your mumkins, I think shuk will happen, but between Shams and Sara because of her closeness with Roomi … all the time shes trying to convince Roomi for Payman will annoy Shams cause he already has trust issues cause of Maa ji and her secomd marriage ..
      And yes, def more explosions waiting to happen b/w Maa ji and Shams, getting Payman out was just the begining of his game of paying back his mother for the hurt she supposedly inflicted on him, when she got married again, and in essence took his mother, his most beloved thing away from him.. so its payback time.. at least in his convoluted mind .. my two cents ..

      re: Imroz n Payman cant say anything, no thanks to FB :/


  6. Hi SZ, thanks for this wonderful review….echoed my sentiments completely

    Loved this episode, rather loving each episode more than the previous one

    Sanam Saeed: what can I say abt her, never thought that I’ll go gaga overany actress in this way but then haven’t seen an actress of her caliber off late…just love each n every expression on her face, her eyes, her voice…I am also watching her Mera Naseeb on Zindagi channel where she is playing a super confident, bubbly rebellion, a complete opposite of what she is essaying in Firaaq but equally convincing…WOW,hats off to this young lady..I hope she knows she jas made a special place in the hearts of many Indians like me (Just waiting to see her paired with Fawad again, what a treat it would be)

    Loved the chemistry between Sanam n Mohib, his unique proposal n the paper flower scene were really cute (there definitely is more than what meets the eye in Imroz’s case, fb youuuuuuuu spoiler:(, but as of now just want to enjoy this romance)

    Shams is getting better by the day, agree with you abt his scene with Uzma G though felt a lil bad for her…MA was good too in this scene the way he excused himself from the faceoff

    One person who is now getting on my nerves is this weirdo Sara…I don’t understand what her problem is…she is lying to everyone through her teeth without any obvious reason…does she have feelings for Imroz, though it does sound wierd but now I can expect anything from this psycho who is hellbent on bringing chaos into people’s lives….from the next episode’s scenes, it seems she will try to create further problems for Paymaan

    Waiting eagerly for the next episode

    BTW, soon another Pakistani serial Dhoop Chhaon is to be aired on Zindagi but couldn’t find any info abt it on the net…does anyone know what is Sanam Baloch’s role in this one though I feel she will be playing young Sameena Peerzada…


    • @Samrita: oh probably they r going to air DUR-E-SHAHWAR with different name.. Sanam played young Sameena pirzada in that drama.. A great drama, some great piece of advices for newly wed girls in our part of world


      • You r right…I just checked n it is Durr-e Shahwar….maybe they changed the name as people here might not understand the title
        Looking forward to it
        Thank you dear:)


        • @Atty: Thanks for responding to @Samrita Kapoor’s query ..
          @Samrita Kapoor: Yes, its DeS and would love to hear your take on it once you start watching it … once youre done do check out our Des related convos on the Pehchan threads .. As @Atty said, it was hugely popular and the visual presentation is stunning, and the actors do a great job …re: the story, I’ll wait to read your take on it 🙂


    • @Samrita: Haina!! I too want to strangle the person responsible for the FB spoiler not only have they spoiled the enjoyment of the show itself, but now we cant even participate in the mumkins :/


      • Yaar, ye kaunse spoiler ki baat horahi hai?!!? I haven’t found a Firaaq page and didn’t see anything on Hum’s FB page. It kills me to know there is a spoiler out there that I am unaware of. I know, I know… I should enjoy the drama and not read spoilers, but main bohat baychain ho jaati hoon aur haathon mien khalish hoti rehti hai jabtak Google se saari info na extract karloon. 😦


        • @Nur: LOL! Kharish mat karo … heres the official Firaaq fb page

          .. and lo bhai! Dekho zara hamarey itney fuss ke baad they removed that para … But fikar not, if you google for firaaq hum tv wiki you’ll find the entire story there.. ab soch bichaar karney ke baad parhna … and if you take my Imroz type muft mashwara tau rehne do .. just enjoy it 🙂


          • 🙂 Thanks SZ!!! Abhi jaakey dhoondti hoon. Ab mujhse raha na jaega, haalankay ek aavaaz peechay se kehrahi hai mat maaloom karo, sirf drama enjoy karo. Yaar yeh information aur internet, khaaskar Google nay bohat maslaa kardiya hai.

            It’s good to be back! I miss the reviews, lekin aaj kal bas bohat busy hogayee hoon. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to chat.

            I wanted to comment on Khoobsurat too – I have a slightly different take on our azeezi FAK’s performance. But itni fursat nahin milrahi hai ke itminaan se baithkay kuch coherent sa likhoon.


  7. It’s late and I’m typing on my phone, but I just caught up on the last 2.5 episodes. Can I say:

    *** I’M HOOKED ***

    I’m an ardent Sanam fan since ZGH, and this is my first Mohib Mirza drama although, from a few scenes of SeZ I liked him, but I was skeptical about the pairing, especially after he didn’t impress me with his initial outing as a psychologist in the first episode. But, HELLO CHEMISTRY!!!!

    Yes, I suspended belief to accept this love at first sight story. The only thing I could say is that logical or practical though it isn’t, many a people have fallen for an image they have seen/conjured up. It’s that getting smitten with someone and then the mind creates the rest of the story and the heart follows. Most times it’s a letdown when reality sinks in. But, anyway, I must admit I loved the car scene the most. Very romantic setup. And Sanam knocked it out of the ballpark with her expressions!!!

    I feel sorry for Roomi. It’s obvious he carries a torch for Sara, but I don’t think he would interfere in her marriage. She is using his fondness for her to rid herself of Imroz. Shams is being manipulated by Sara and everybody else will pay the price. Too many shukks will be created.

    Sara is manipulating everyone to hide such a simple little fact. Yes she saw Imroz a few times and then she stopped at her own psychologist’s suggestion. She should be more worried about her closeness and her confiding in Roomi, especially since he has never hidden the fact that he likes her.

    Shams is obviously consumed by his childhood baggage and the desire to even the score with his mother. Listening to the flashback, really showed that shams was in the wrong. He resented his mother’s second marriage without even trying to understand. She tried so hard to explain to him and in a rather desperate tone.

    I didnt like the way Tabassum spoke to Paymaan or Haider, but I also think that she was trying to hold on to her only child and protect her. Unfortunately, by cutting her off from the world and reality she made it easier for Paymaan to leave her. Uzma G is doing a superb job. I would say, she and Sanam are equally the scene stealers. I can see how well she owns the role – so much so that she IS Tabassum. It doesn’t seem like she’s acting. Every brow raise, the piercing eyes, the turned corners if her mouth speak volumes!

    I can’t wait to see the change in Haider and Tabassum’s relationship. We’ve already gotten a taste of it – what a great plot to watch unfold on our screens!!! These two middle-aged spouses who have bickered their whole lives, grow to appreciate and care for one another. I have high hopes for that storyline.

    My fear: Imroz is going to turn out to be a shukky psycho who hurts Paymaan. I hate the idea that her first love will hurt her in an unforgivable way. But then the story might come full circle as to why Tabassum was so protective of her daughter.

    Signing off because I have 1% battery left.


  8. Hey SZ! I don’t know if you guys watched today’s JPJ or not, but you know Sanam Saeed was talking about the Firaaq reviews sent to her, and that an actor needs to know how the audience is taking their work. Meanwhile I was totally like yeh SZ kay reviews ki baat kar rae hai. :-p She even mentioned how people in those reviews are “falling” for Mohib Mirza hahahah and insisted to play Amroz’s promo from the drama just because of that. Now I’m certain it’s this place she was talking about :-p That’s kind of funny… Seemed like she skimmed through all the comments.
    Anyways, you remember the Sanam-Mohib movie I was talking about the other day? Check out this article. She looks pretty here. 🙂 I think the picture is from the movie’s shoot in Mauritius.


    • @Fizza n @All: here’s the link for the complete JPJ show starring the Firaaq cast .. enjoy 🙂

      and re: Sanam referring to the reviews .. I don’t know abt other reviews, but do know she’s def reading us here …. so keep your opinions and thoughts coming 🙂


      • uf.. WTH! our morning shows (Except morning with farah) r so silly.. ye kia ho raha tha? No organization, sawal mashriq jawab maghrib.. Only MM’s humour gave few moments of laughter..
        Uzma G so graciously handled them.. sanam jung had no clue k kia baat karay un se.. Bewaqoof!
        and i HATE hira mani.. she is so irritating.. chapparh chapparh.. Worst news k Firaq me isko bardasht krna parhay ga..
        Boht negativity aa gae comment me, but kia karun is show ka asar hai..


      • I thought her twitter handle was: @realsanamsaeed…?

        Is Mody her middle/father’s name?

        Just watched JPJ. I really enjoyed Sanam and Mohib’s part. And loved how gracious and “maternal” and humble Uzma Gilani sounded on the phone. I notched that both Mohib and Sanam have her a lot of credit and respect. It’s nice that showed so much admiration for such a senior artist, because I’ve often heard the older set complain about their younger costars’ attitudes.

        So mumkinaat… Hareem/Hira is Imroz’s immature and demanding ex-wife. She has left him with a broken heart and serious trust issues. He sees Paymaan’s simplicity and innocence and is drawn to her because she is the polar opposite of Hareem. However, Sara’s interference and Roomi’s presence will cause doubt and he will continually test Paymaan’s love. Is he divorced or separated from Hareem? It seems like she wants him back, so either they are still married or they divorced, she remarried and is divorced again. Hmmmmm… I think I’ve seen this one play out before.


        • @Nur: No, that was a fake id … this is the real one and she has just recently joined twitter, around the ending of Shukk … also for those interested, Mahira is also on twitter as are FK and Samina Peerzada.. FK’s acct is generally managed by his team, but he occasionally tweets…. MK manages her acct and responds sporadically and SP reads as well and is running the acct herself..
          Here are the twitter handles of a few of the actors we are watching onscreen these days :

          Fawad Afzal Khan @_fawadakhan_ ·
          Mahira Khan @TheMahiraKhan
          Samina Peerzada @SaminaSays
          Mohib Mirza ‏@mohibmirza
          Aamina Sheikh @aaminasheikh
          vasay chaudhry @vasaych


        • @Nur: Welcome back 🙂 Loved reading your detailed take on the various characters, and was erminded so much of your ZGH & Numm days convo .. ab lets hope we can all stay together till the end 🙂

          Re your take, yes once again we are pretty much on the same page .. and yes, Firaaq is not one where you try to find logic and reasoning.. and I think this where you have to applaud the team for keeping us hooked .. yes things are happening fast and you can poke holes galore in the various scenarios, but there is that essential kernel of ho bhi sakta hai that keep you glued .. and then the the 4 top notch actors .. despite all our trepiditins we are all pretty much hooked so lets just go wit the flow 🙂

          PS Agli baar phone charge kar ke comment likhna 😉


      • @SZ: WOW…definitely wo aap k reviews perh rahi hain…aur bohat hi khushi ki baat hai k jin kbaray main aap likh rahay hain oon main say koi appreciate/ acknowledge kray..chalo ji mehnat wasool hoi 🙂 ..ab mujhay telefilm Be-hud kaa dialogue yaad aa raha hai “aap jaisay logon ki kaam yaabi dekh ker mera naki per iman berh jata hai”…dua hai kaam yaabi kaa ye safer jari rahay ameen


    • thanks for that link Fizza! I didn’t know they were doing a movie together – How cool 🙂
      and yep I thought of SZ and DP when Sanam mentioned the reviews 😀


  9. Finally main bhi pohunch hi gai aap logon k paas…yaay what an achievement ..I am so happy and relieved lol…haan bhai k2 ser ker li.. itni hi khushi ho rahi…

    Excellent review for an excellent episode..maza dobala ker dia..shukria 🙂 ..preview dekh ker mera dil doob gaya tha k ye kia honay jaa raha hai aur bilkul bhi mood nahi tha episode dekhnay kaa…lekin epi dekh ker khush gawar hairut hoi kiunk poori teanm nay achay say kaam kia…aur behter tor per deliver kia otherwise ye ek hazar ek baar use honay walay formulay main audience k liay kia naya tha

    acting wise jaisa sub nay kaha ye episode sanam k naam rahi …sub say achay oon k expressions lagay jo character main honay wali changes k accordingly changed nazer aye..

    Characters main mera fave character jo haider k baad dosra sensible character hai (filhaal) wo roomi “prince charming” (kher ye tou main ny pehlay hi predict ker dia tha 🙂 …nay ek baar phir apni intelligence kaa proof actual problem ko seconds main diagnose ker k dia aur wo ye thi “Sara tum pagal ho gai ho”…ji haan problem sirf ye hai k sara kaa dimagh hil gaya hai jis ki waja say pooray drama main bhoonchaal aa gaya hai

    aur ab manna pray gaa imroz koi bohat acha doctor nahi..sara ko mazid kai tra ki therapies aur mazid kai sessions ki zaroorat hai…matlab hud hai sirf is waja say k wo kabhi imroz ki patient reh chuki hai aur shamas ko ye baat naa pta chal jye wo jantay hoay k payman aur imroz ek dosray main interested hain phir bhi roomi apnay best friend ko ghaseet rahi hai…kis qism ki insaan hai…sirf apni perwaah hai aur kisi kaa koi khayal nahi

    aur imroz pta nahi ye kon si game khel raha hai..payman is per trust ker sakti hai main nahi 🙂 …phir payman k paas reason hai imroz ko pasand kernay ki..lekin imroz sahib kiun itni jaldi fida ho gai hain mujhay samajh bhi nahi aa rahi aur yaqeen bhi nahi aa raha…reason kia day rahay hain “bohat acha feel kerwaya hai mujhay” pta nahi ek amateur artist k kuch sketches dekh ker aur oos say honay wali conversation jo ji haan ji nahi say agay nahi berhi ..nay kon si achi feeling kerwa di doctor sahib ko..aur confidence check karo janab kaa “wo bhi mujhay pasand kerti hai”…is poori love story per mere khayalaat ki terjumani roomi nay ki “I can’t believe this”…shabash roomi …yun hi tou tum mere fave character nahi ban gai..ab plzzzzz devdas yaa psycho romeo naa ban jana ..aur achay dignified way main anay wali situation ko face kerna..mujhay tum say bohat expectations hain mujhay disappoint naa kerna…

    payman behen sirf itna bta do ..tum gher chorh ker kiun ay thin..gher say nikaltay hi jis pehlay insaan nay interest show kia oos ki mohabat main giriftaar ho gain..aray yaar life main bohat log miltay hain ..kuch ko hum achay lagtay hain kuch humein..lekin bibi ji mohabat k liay acha lagna kafi nahi thora dekh parakh ker faisla kerti…kher aap ki merzi…lekin “unique tareeqay say purpose kerna”…touba koi 200 filmon aur 100 dramon main tou main nay ye scene dekha hoa hai…hero heroine ko apnay gher lay jaa ker koi surprise day ker purpose ker daita hai…kher meri kotah nazer ko kuch unique naa laga…lekin sanam aur mohib k tamam scenes oon ki fabulous acting ki waja say mujhay be-hud pasand ay..aur khoob enjoy kiay 🙂

    aur shamas ufff itna selfish aur zalim ho gaa main nay nahi socha tha…is baar main khush thi k junaid ko koi positive character mila hai werna wo type cast ho rahay thay..lekin is epi main is dhamakay k baad ab main soch rahi hoon kia wo such bol raha tha yaa jhoot…mujhay kisi hud tak such laga kiunk jaisay main 2nd epi say keh rahi hoon k baithay bithaiy ek dum say behun kaa khayal kiun aa gaya…shayed sara say ye jannay k baad k payman maan ji k sath khush nahi hai isi liay shamas is ko apnay faiday k liay maan ji k against use ker sakta hai isi waja say forun jaa ker payman ko lay aya..pta nahi…lekin latest epi dekh ker tou mujhay lag raha hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai

    akhir main ye hi kahoon gi firaq mujhay be-hud pasand aa raha hai apni fresh aur different feel aur sub actors ki behtareen acting ki waja say..jahan tak story ki baat hai…abhi tak samajh nahi story hai kia is k liay thora wait kerna paray gaa …lekin characters ki bari bari chalangein mujhay kagi disturb ker rahi hai lekin firaq enjoy kerna hai tou characters k baray main ziada naa sochein…shayed afridi sahib nay bhi ye hi kia hai…aur main bhi isi tareeqay per amul payra hoon…zindagi rahi tou next epi per miltay hain 🙂


    • Sanam was definitely referring to your reviews SZ! But I wish she wouldn’t be so modest and acknowledge how she has gained so many fans and how much she in being appreciated, especially by fans from India! She comes across as a reserved, self-conscious and a very un-celeb like celeb which makes her refreshingly fresh and endearing. 🙂


    • @RJ: Lol! here to let’s agree to disagree on Roomi … sorry, no matter what Sara says, I dont see a Prince Charming there at all! And oopar se that non stop bak bak, thanks but no thanks .. you can have Roomi all to yourself 😉 But seriously, Noor has shown a ton of growth as an actor, but sorry everytime I see Roomi, I think of Khizar and his non stop bhindi and soup pe tabsra – uff! ab kiya kahoon, clearly suffering from PTSD here 😉

      Re: Imroz and Sara….I disagree with a ton of things that Imroz says and does, but here is one situation where I can see why he had to stop seeing Sara as a patient .. its unethical for a therapist to treat somebody who is in their social circle … particularly in a case like this where she is pouring out her marital issues to him … but that then brings us to her stupidity ke she shouldve thought of the possibility that given they were both desis living in the same town she was bound to run into him sooner or later … he on his part had no clue how close Sara and Roomi were so he was ok on his part accepting her as his patient to begin with … khair but them again he shouldve never discussed her with Roomi either nor should he be in a relationship with Payman … oh well mitti pao on logic and rationale just enjoy it for what its worth!!

      And aap ne pichley ep ke review par comment kiya tha abt the humor in these reviews .. LOL! Ab aap khud hi batein aisey dramey mein main kya falsfa jharoon and kya nitpick karoon .. the whole premise is fantastical begining with the fancy cars and the houses.. so I am taking all this as good fun.. no deep analysis no zaroorat to say aisa kab hota hai waisa kab hota hai .. this is entertainment, with just the right amount of seriousness to keep us all hooked 🙂


      • @SZ: lol…chalein is baar tou hum nay “haftai-e naa itefaqi” manaya hai…lekin is baat per hum dono kaa itefaq hai k iss naa itefaqi kaa bhi apna hi alag maza hai…ab dekhain naa iss k nateejay main mujhay kitna mazay daar comment perhnay ko mila hai 🙂

        Re: roomi aka prince charming 😉 …lol aap nay is baat ko bohat seriously lay lia hai …Rofl @ PTSD…touba…lekin main samajh sakti hoon aap ki itni awazaari kaa reason kia hai…khizer..ji..lekin ye meri itni khushi ki waja bhi hai..main jo khushi say hawaon main urh rahi hoon kiunk pta nahi kis tra lekin roomi ki waja say main khizer k ooper mental block laganay main kaam yaab ho gai hoon…ab noor hasan is no more khizer for me..werna aisa mere sath kabhi nahi hoa k kisi character ki waja say mujhay actor na pasand ho jye..aur main oos kaa boycott ker doon

        acha ager hum firaq kaa poster dekhain tou sanam aur noor ek side per hain aur mohib aur junaid dosri side per beech main gap yaani firaq hai…ye bhi viewers ko confuse kernay k liay hai yaa kuch aur pta nahi…ji bilkul sahi kaha yahan logic aur reasoning ki koi zaroorat nahi dimagh kaa switch off karo aur enjoy karo…aur jahan tak humor ki baat hai actually main tareef ker rahi hoon k aap kitni versatile reviewer hain jaisa drama waisa style waisa hi mood…lo ji mujhay ek aur point mil gaya hai pasand kernay k liay…dekh lain main kitni creative hoon 😉

        Re:” you can have Roomi all to yourself “…uff aaj aap k is balidaan say tou aap nay mujhay kharid hi lia…bus ab OLX per bech naa dijiay gaa..suna hai purani cheezein wahin bikti hain 🙂


  10. Love IT!!!! That’s all have time for!! But yeah the firaaq team on hum was interesting to watch! Loved SS and what a reference to the reviews, yours must be one of them lol!!!
    Can’t wait for the next episode!
    Oh and Eid Mubarak to all!!!


  11. I have found the discussions absolutely intriguing inspite of not having watched the show as yet. Your reviews have given me a vivid picture of all the characters and goings on. What I am going to say is purely speculative– mumkin hai… What if the whole track of Imroz’s love-at-first-sight is actually Paymaan’s fantasy? What if Paymaan is the one with psychological issues? I know there is nothing in the story as yet that can confirm this speculation. But it can make for an interesting scenario. Instead of questioning Sara, Shams, Roomi or Imroz’s motives, what if we look askance at Paymaan’s state of mind for a change? I have no concrete basis for this but it can make for a new twist on the expected situation.


    • @N.K. Hey! Fab to have a new friend on board, and wah! love how good you are with the mumkins! seems like you’ve been a silent reader for a while? No? 😉

      But either ways, yes, I like what your proposing and it would be fab if they actually played it out that way.. would add a very diff twist on the same old same old … but much as I want that to happen i dont think our mainstream producers like to think that far out of the box 😦 but I am happily willing to be surprised 🙂

      And you should def catch up or just start watching with us and join in .. would love to hear what you think after watching it 🙂


      • @NK I LOVE your “what if” scenario about Payman 🙂 Too bad as SZ said our writers and producers do not write such complicated stuff otherwise the “saas/bahu” watching crowd doesn’t watch it and they are the ones who bring in the ad revenue.


  12. Off-topic here – but SZ (and all those who are outside Pakistan, since they did not release it there) – if you have not already done so, go see Haider ASAP! A bit long, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw such a good movie. Performances were superlative – I love Tabu, so this was a real treat for me – she just seems to keep outdoing herself; Kay Kay Menon was brilliant – pitch perfect; Shahid, I thought, really upped his game; and the man who plays Haider’s father – a true find (seriously, where has this actor been??). I also thought it did a nice job of showing the frustration and human cost of the conflict in Jammu & Kashmir (it takes place in 1995) without being preachy for either militants or the Indian army. And I can go into some of the flaws of the film (the length did not really bother me since it was paced so well), but all I will say is that it was worth the wait since his last adaptation – I love Macbeth plays/movies (the story is so tragic, it lends itself to such great things) – and this may be his best adaptation. Setting it in J&K in 1995 in that political realm was very smart – this honestly could have been anybody’s story in J&K at that time, but adding the Macbeth storyline was great (and vice versa). Anyway, if it’s playing near you, go see it – if you like Vishal Bhardwaj’s work and appreciate fine cinema, it is more than paisa vasool.

    Warning: Do not take your kids with you – it can get violent and bloody at times.


    • @SZ. Good review of the episode. I’ll be disappointed if this becomes another manipulative-woman-centered drama. Wanted to know if anyone else thought the ‘firaaq’ across the eyes of Imroz on the poster is an ominous sign he’s masking something. I haven’t read any spoiler’s yet!


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