Khoobusrat ~ Kuch Meri Kuch Aapki


 P.S. Dedicated to all the Fawad Khan fans out there! 

Postscripts are typically added at the end, a penning down of those few straggling thoughts that hover just out of reach during the actual writing process and manifest themselves only after the pen’s put away … But such is the power and strength of those last words that they make themselves heard, loud enough that they refuse to be silenced and finagle a place for themselves in the written text ….

So why am I rambling… what am I going on and on about? Aap loag bhi kya sochtey hongey sathiya gai hai yeh tau bilkul .

No, not sathiya-oing yet, or at least I hope not (!), just finding a way to say ke I have nothing new to say about Khoobsurat. No new insights to offer, nothing that has been not said before in one review or the other.


On Fawad Khan, I have no new take on his hotness factor being off the charts, no more ways to say how he rocks the suits and the band galas, or the way his gaze can melt a heart as hard as stoneWe have seen all this before in serials like Dastaan (who can forget mujhse shaadi karogi Bano or Hassan saving Rabia when she was almost fell), Humsafar ( I love you Khirad) and of course Zindagi Gulzar Hai ( who can forget all those less than kindly thoughts that ran through Zaroon’s head whenever he encountered the churail aka Kashaf). What was different was seeing Hassan/Ashar/Zaroon on the big screen as Prince Vikram Singh Rathore – and a fine prince he made indeed!

photovisi-download (3)

SK3On Sonam, I have nothing cutesy to say about our bubblegum chewing physiotherapist. Milli was just as rubbery as the gum she kept chewing, not to mention just as chipkoo and annoying (have you ever tried to un-stick dried gum from clothes/shoes/hair- ugh!). She was cute for only the first few minutes after which I winced every time she mishandled yet one more antique, or jumped irreverently onto a heritage couch, shoes n all. I can understand this kind of a behavior from a 5 or even a [horribly spoiled] teenager, but a qualified professional … errr lets just say Monjoo needs to be sent to a parenting school ASAP!

So yeah despite all those Hallmark cards that say opposites attract I did not see the how/when/where in this case. Milli ka charm mere sar pe se tau guzar gaya magar it must’ve made quite an impression on our oh so seedha-saadhaapne-kaam-se-kaam rakhney-wala Viku. I’m sure, though, ke agar apna Prince had sent less time acing the How-to-be-Prince-Charming classes and spent more time paying attention in the Life-is-a-Great-Teacher classes and been more street smart, he would’ve seen Milli for the twatty ditz she was… but khair, this is a Disney movie…. so what am I complaining about … mitti pao ….

Bottom Line: He ROCKED and she did NOT …


As for the music, again, it might’ve appealed to many, but was a no-go for me …. Naina is the only one that I could listen to without switching it off within the first two seconds ….

So, to return to the post-script, as I began by saying ke I have nothing new to say or add. I have no qualms in saying that as a movie Khoobsurat did nothing for me, but as an ardent fan I support Fawad in his endeavors. I see this as only a first step towards bigger and better things, and wish Fawad Khan nothing but the best of luck.


Ab yeh tau hua mera non-take, I now open this thread and invite you all to share your take. Lets have up a discussion, talk about what worked and what did not… Where do we see Fawad going from hereon forward? Any predictions? Any nuggets of advice, any do’s and dont’s for our Prince Charming?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Well said, and I agree on all counts. Except Fawad’s hotness. Yes, of course, he is as hot as sin. But here he shows that even in the absence of an intelligent story or semi-intelligent leading lady, he can remain a consummate professional and do the job to the best of his ability. There was one scene in particular where you could see his face change emotion right before your eyes and it was riveting. The man is TALENTED. My only hope is that he finds something, here, there, anywhere, worthy of his talents. Please let him be paired with a leading lady who doesn’t resemble a damaged teenager picked up from a bus station, drugged and made to do movies.(my take on Sonam is not kind)

    Also, I have to say the Auntie in me was horrified that they made our sweet shy boy take his shirt off. (not to mention the nasty non-kiss) Actors everywhere can specify what they will and will not do for the camera. I think a refusal to do lewdness should be a clause in all of Fawad’s contracts. He deserves better. And how I hope he gets it eventually.


    • @Zarqa: Hey! Have to say thank you to FK, ke un ki wajah se we’re all back here 🙂
      Oh, absolutely, his talent is undeniable, being hot only goes so far if there is no talent to back it up …

      LOL @ the Auntie within you … ab now I am confused and wondering abt what it says about my inner Auntie that I was more offended by Milli’s clutziness than i was by FK being shirtless …hmm does that mean I am a tharki auntie?! 😉


  2. review perhtay hi pehli baat jo mere munh say nikli wo ye thi “I LOVE U SZZZZZZZZZZ 😀 … kiun is liay k ye review meri nazer main sab say honest review hai jo main nay ab tak perhay hain….as a reviewer jo respect aap nay mere dil main banai hai her baar wo mazeed berh jati hai aray bhai bus karo ab kisi aur ko bhi chance do naa 🙂 ….is main criticism hai lekin negativity nahi hai aur ye hi art of criticism hai …criticism koi charity nahi hai jahan aap hatim tai ban ker nawazna shuru ker den naa hi ye koi jung kaa maidan hai jahan aap aglay pichlay badlay utarein aur reviewer main itni himmat honi chahiay k aap pressure ko handle ker sakay…. apni baat kahay dosron ki sunay…ye review bilkul ek insaan k dil ki awaz hai lekin is main jabatiyut nahi honesty hai lekin wisdom k sath..ek perfect balance…balance …thehrao…sakoon…mere liay SZ in 3 words say ibaraut hain pehlay bhi kaha tha aaj phir keh rahi hoon 🙂

    aur kia kahoon tareef main…sab say bara proof k mujhay apni bil say bahir anay per majboor ker dia is nay…werna tou main nay socha lia tha k insha ji utho ab kooch karo is sheher main ji kaa lagana kia lol…lekin jo baat main hamesha kehti hoon koi bhi drama dekh ker khaa mujhay kitna hi pasand ho lekin meri koi khahish nahi hoti kuch discuss kernay ki lekin ye aap jaisay talented reviewers hain jo mujhay inspire hi nahi bulk push kertay hain k main bhi kuch kahoon …tou drama say ziada ye aap logon kaa credit hai jis I waja say aisi forums abad hain…acha bhai kafi gup bazi hi gai jo honi thi kiunk itnay dinon k baad jo mulaqaat hoi

    movie per main baad main aaon gi kiunk abhi tou party shuru hoi hai 😉


    • @RJ: Chalein aaj main bhi aap ko qiston mein jawab doongi … pehley to thank you … aap itna lamba arsa absent theen ke main bhool hi gayee thee ke aap kitni farakh dili se tareef karti hain … phool phool ke kupa ho gayee .. thank you … ab agle chhey mahinon tak I’m good… and aap meri tareef karney se farigh 🙂

      But seriously, its great to have you back, and ab no more ghaibing allowed 🙂


      • @SZ: ji main bohat farakh dili say tareef kerti hoon lekin tanqeed bhi jum ker kerti hoon …kiunk balance aap kaa khasa hai aur mujh main is ki shadeed kami hai 🙂


  3. He was HOT indeed !!!! Couldn’t agree more with you .SZ.
    He looked so classy n debonair in all those suits !!!!!!
    The movie was halki phulki fluff but Viku was simply drop dead gorgeous , that brief shirtless scene was WOW 😜
    I loved Milis mom Manju, she was hilarious .
    But Viku was drool worthy !!!
    Thank God he didn’t do any Chicora dances but the few moves he made in the last song were cool .
    I liked the last song , pretty catchy !!


  4. SZ, I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised on your take on the movie…. Or rather FK. He was an eye candy who could pull his own and while it is wrong on so many levels to compare it to Numm, but like he did in the play here too he did justice to his role and pulled through inspite of below par acting by the heroine (To be fair though Kanza needs a complete new dna to become an actor than the marginally better Sonam) 😁

    Mujhe say shaadi karo gi from Dastaan is my favorite scene by far… Haye imagine watching that on the big screen 😱😘😘 While we have loved him in his several previous projects, even if i didn’t seeing him on the big screen was enough to make me drool. I have always believed that a below average movie also looks decent when seen on the big screen. The locations were fabulous and I fell in love with the sheesh mahal room and the palaces.

    Less said the better about Sonam. For a role which she said was mostly drawn from her real self, she was unnatural and I am not even talking about her antics. I can’t point out a single scene where she was outstanding… Plus everything happened so quickly… What a flaky girl I must say.

    Kiron Kher rocked as usual. I loved a few dialogues and of course the way she delivers them is what makes them so good. My favorite hands down was “goonday huwa aatay ki tarah ” to her hubby. 😀 Ratna P and Sonam’s dad were good while Viku’s dad being a seasoned theatre artist played his part well. There was nothing new to the story but to give credit to the producers, they kept saying the same. I think in this world of movies like Dhoom (ugh) and Krish(double ugh), it was a simple, clean movie that broke through the clutter. Having said that there is no doubt in my mind that it was primarily due to Fawad and that in itself is an achievement on his part.

    The music was different but seriously maa ka phone aya could only be tolerated as a ringtone and baal khade as a background score that ended quickly. Naina was very good while preet was a good effort by the youngster. Abhi tu party shuri huwi hai has as flaky lyrics as Sonam herself but it did grow on me i admit.

    Back to Fawad…remember how AZ said on the ZGH live show that Fawad is made for the big screen, and that his potential has still not been tapped? AZ has a good idea about people i suppose 🙂 Fawad has as you pointed out done a great job, he has looked royal and has acted the way that is unique to him. Wish him all the best. Without any bias, I think he will go places inshaAllah. I also want to add that while the producers went overboard with the promotions, they did not expect it to be a blockbuster and kept their expectations realistic. Also they realised that After ZGH aired, Fawad could be their biggest marketing tool and frankly it worked.

    Lastly, i believe that Fawad has been a good ambassador for our country. While his hotness quotient is high and all, he also has a sensible head on his shoulders and he carried himself very well. That in itself made me feel proud of him. I don’t think taking off clothes, kissing etc makes you a good or a bad actor. It is just the level of comfort you have and expect from your actors/singers etc. that is dictating the opinions. Humaima might be a good actor but unfortunately her film tanked because of a bad story. While the Pakistani audience may have boycotted the movie, Indians didn’t have any such reason to do so. I feel she might just come good in her future projects.

    I don’t really need to repeat how I feel Fawad can and inshaAllah will go places do I? 😉

    p.s. Have you read about him and MK hopefully coming in a project together soon? He has been quoted as saying that MK has been shown something that she has found interesting and may work with him soon . Yayyy


    • @AK: And here we have you too who’s remembered us after FK 😉 LOL, why would you think I wouldn’t support him? I might have a diff of opinion about his various choices, but ultimately when it comes down to it he will always have my support … As you say he is doing us proud and agree with you that he is a great ambassador for Pakistan, and I’d much rather have our name associated with the likes of him or Ali Zafar or Rahat Fateh Ali and Abida Parveen and many others like them, than with the likes of our corrupt politicians, jin ko apne naam ot izzat ki bhi parwah nahgin tau woh hamari kya para karenge …. :/

      Re: MK and FK, I’ll believe all that once we something concrete happening … waisey abt to MK is on twitter as well .. you can just ask her directly.. agar jawab aaye tau hamen bhi batana 🙂


      • FK ka topic ho aur main na bolooon…yeh kaisay ho sakta hai?! Actually I havent been following the new plays so have nothing to say 😦 I wanted to add that we have been too used to seeing him in romantic roles…i wonder how people will feel when he goes for a “hatt” kay role 🙂 can’t wait! I have a feeling we all expect too much from him and in a little corner of my heart I am glad he pulled it off (even though the movie is quite forgettable minus him) or else it would be a different story today.

        I wasn’t referring to the support…bas generally …and i was pulling your leg 😛

        I agree that he is still new and learning and yet managed to come across as someone who held his own. Kudos to that.


        • @AK: aap Jackson heights ko izzat bakhshein … AH tau tumhein nahin pasand, but you like AJ and MK, andits directed by MJ and written by VC .. give it a shot 😉


          • haha aisi koi baat nahin hai. I havent seen much of him and i find him just fine. Paents are here so don;t get the time with school etc. Will catch up one of these days …ab khush ho jayein. 😉


    • @AK look who is back!! lol glad to see u here.. we can trust fk magic lol
      re fawad for big screen: I agree with u totally. Ive been a bit naughty.. even after reading SZ’s review I knew I had to catch up with the guy on the big screen no matter what.. but after some of the comments i just couldnt wait any longer and had to catch up online… and i am with @SZ abt nothing new but i think its the big screen factor that was missing on my laptop… i soooo wanna catch the grandeur of the palace and FK..
      btw some MK drama promos are on hum tv these days.. will we see u there??


  5. Just want to clarify that I agree that taking off of one’s shirt and kissing don’t have anything to do with acting. But actors have a choice. At least actors of a certain status do. You know how some A-list American actresses won’t bear breasts? There are some male soap actors in the US who won’t take off their shirts, believe it or not. These are things explicitly written out in contracts. IMO, Fawad is above and beyond being just eye candy or a piece of meat on the screen (like a lot of Indian actors are). And I sense that he wasn’t comfortable having to do such things. He’s A-list material, but he’s going to have to insist on the A-list treatment.
    I don’t know anything about the Pakistani actresses who have gone across the border to do their bump and grind, nothing accept the controversy surrounding them. But it is interesting that their movies are banned in Pak, while it seems to be fine with everyone that our Pakistani larka has taken his shirt off and kissed on screen. I am NOT saying that Khoobsurat should be banned. I’m saying that there shouldn’t be such a blatant double standard.
    Fawad’s confidence and humility and professionalism is everything I love about him. If he keeps his wits about him and speaks up for himself, there is no telling how far he’ll go.


    • @zarqa, Thought I should clarify that my comment on going shirtless, kissing came from just people comparing them as halaal (FK) and haraam (HM) (dont understand where did that come from!)….murder did well while so many clean movies do well too. I am totally with you on that and I am sure SZ would tell you. I used to go in shock after every song of HM 😦 Maybe that makes me a hypocrite but since i havent grown up watching nudity/kissing etc I just find it uncomfortable on our people. Movies/films puts it out there so more people to comment on it…even though fashion shows/modelling also is bold but it remains limited to a select few.

      Watching HM totally put me off…i think i was just trying to give her some benefit of doubt. I haven’t seen her Bol either. The non-kiss was weird frankly…and i must admit while taking off his shirt was a step forward for FK, i still drooled over his body which he seemed to work at…ab thora becharay ki mehnat ko appreciate kar laytay hain 😉 In the scheme of hings, I am happy he even managed to pput his foot down on lip locks and dancing even though he seems to have learnt a thing or 2 during the promotions. He is a true actor and an intelligent one at that. He realised quickly (maybe not as willingly) that you have to maket yourself and the more he did it, the more he looked to be comfortable. Your closing statement is absolutely right 🙂


    • @Zarqa: Agree that actors have choices, but not at the level where FK is just starting off … I dont know how much you were following the pre release promotional struff, but in one of those 1001 interviews he did say that if I were in Pak I would say this works and that does not, or I will do this and not that, but in India, this being his first outing he was simply trying to absorb it all in and taking this as learning experience …I am with you in hoping and praying that one day he reaches a position of power from where he is able to dictate his terms 🙂


      • haha I followed it….bechara in the end he totally looked he wanted to run away. Imagine listening to SK all the time! She also has foot in mouth disease. While he tends to make politically correct statements, she went on to say “pakistani plays piracy on youtube is ok. Haye bechari phir bhi apnay jaisa role dhang say nahin kar saki.


        • Hehe, yep, that’s professionalism (FK) vs. not (SK). I saw some of the promo stuff but not this one you guys are talking about. AK or SZ: would you happen to have the link?


  6. I totally agree with you.In fact I was disappointed with the film.I don’t know whether it was high expectations from the film or what, but I was disappointed big time.
    Every body is going ga ga over his hotness , not to offend anybody, I found him too skiny .He looked far far better and hotter as Zaroon or Wali or for that matter as Hassan or Asher.
    The film was over publicized as much as that I could not find a single scene which I hadn’t seen on TV. It was all deja vous feeling for me in the theater.
    Being FK fan,I had not missed a single interview/ promotion on tv/ net . And I agree with you that Dr Milli looked half mind, couldn’t tolerate her again n again doing the same stuff.
    It was a designer movie for me.
    May be i was expecting too much from FK and for FK , I didn’t come out happy .


    • @Usha Nigam: LOL! I’m with you in that all those 100001 interviews and tweets and promos and all that stuff kinda had me totally OD-ed as well … I was actually not even gonna go watch it till some of this hype had settled down .. but kair I did see it .. I guess couldn’t stay away 🙂 I went in expecting nothing so didnt come out disappointed … For me FK lived up to the role he was cast to do ..

      But yes, I agree with you, and did say that as well, that for those of us, who have seen him on tv in all these plays, there was nothing that we hadnt seen before … but oh well… like I said, I see this as only a first step in what will hopefully be a long successful filmi career for him .. so heres to wishing him the best 🙂


  7. Hi SZ, thanks for reviewing this movie for us. An honest review though I won’t be able to agree with you completely just for the sake of agreeing. Hope you don’t mind.

    As I have mentioned earlier also that I am a big big Fawad fan n loved everything about him in this movie, I think Sonam has fallen prey to “first impression is the last impression”… I must confess she is no Sanam Saeed (again one of my favourites) or Madhuri Dixit but she tried her best to portray the character she was given, that of a bubbly n carefree spirit….I really liked Sonam for the first time or maybe it was again the “Fawad effect” coz he can romance a pillar n still can make u fall in love with the whole concept (example: Kuchh Pyaar Ka Paagalpan Bhi Tha, where he was opposite Ayesha Khan n I still liked the drama)

    Loved Kirron Kher n her one liners (gunna hua atta, royal kanjarkhana LOL)

    Liked the music especially Naina n Preet…btw Engine ki seeti is topping the charts these days…

    My entire family loved the movie, want it to be a huge success so that we can see more of Fawad on big screen…happy to mention that after a slow start, the movie’s business is picking up fast coz of word of mouth publicity…everyone here in India is all praise for Fawad as actor Aayushmaan Khurana mentioned “here is an eye candy who can act” n my own brother who is a well known television actor said “he looked every bit a prince, very convincing”…

    I also agree that taking your shirt off or kissing onscreen doesn’t make you a good or a bad actor but kudos to Fawad n Sonam to make even the fake kiss seem real n I could see the crowd in the theater drooling…

    As for someone mentioning Humaima Malik, though her film flopped due to weak direction, she did show that she can act whenever she came onscreen…we all know from her past work that she can really act n hope this movie wasn’t the last we saw of her in Bollywood

    Would love to see actors from across the border get success in Bollywood so that we can bridge the gap through art n hope people from both sides just enjoy their work instead of thinking too much about their nationality

    Hope I made some sense


    • @Samrita Kapoor: No, absolutely not, why would I mind? I speak my mind and expect you all to do the same as well .. Difference of opinion is what makes all this so fun n interesting 🙂

      And yes, your comment makes a lot of sense, and in a good way .. I was almost minded to write a PPS about keeps politics out of our comments and not get into any us vs then rhetoric, but then let it go because I have full faith that our friends here are very respectful of and sensitive abt not crossing those unsaid bondaries… so its all good 🙂

      Btw, since you brought it up, would you mind sharing your brother’s name? I can barely keep up with PK TV so dont watch Indian TV, but who knows others here might know him and be his fans 🙂

      Re: the music topping the charts, I am not surprised.. I was at a social event over the weekend and as is the usual invariably the convo turned to bollywood and films and the new hot PK TV actor who was so hot .. and by the time we got up to leave all the aunties were talking abt engine ki seeti and how it was their new workout song and how they thought of Sonam K and her kamar while they were sweating it out in the gyms!


  8. Awww thank you SZ for dedicating this to us. 😀 You know I watched the movie on Sunday and wanted to ask you to write a review. You just did, telepathy may be? :-p
    It was a cute movie, aik simple si Rom-Com. I liked it barring Sonam’s a bit over the top acting. Lol. But I loved Fawad and Kirron Kher. The first half of the movie was a bit dragged and to my dismay had very few Fawad’s dialogues. I might be saying it for the umpteenth time but this man has very expressive eyes, a blissful saving grace to make up more his less dialogues.Sporting all those bandh-galaas with stiff demeanour, and a perfect royal gait he was impeccable as Vikram, but when i read posts saying he has never looked that good as he does in Khoobsurat. I think NO! Fawad for me is Asher. He was just someone he walked out of heaven straight into our lives and eventually into our hearts. Vikram could not break that charm for me. :-p hahaha
    Khair, I might have had issues with the promotional stuff of Khoobsurat but when you sit back in cinema watch the movie and see people laughing heartily at some hilarious scenes and later on praising Fawad much much more than Sonam it is such a proud moment you know- an incomprehensible feeling. 🙂 That was one moment when I felt ecstatic in the cinema. *wipes off her tears*
    On a side note, I’ve never seen such a hype for a movie in Pakistan. It’s been running housefull all this while. On the first three days i heard that the cinemas in my city ran the movie after every thirty minutes with the halls thronged with people, that was exactly the case when I went. I think this easily speaks volume about his star power in Pakistan, he has proved that he is the King Khan here at least right now. Are you listening Fawad Khan? Your people support you. 🙂
    And why did they play ‘maa ka phone’ in the beginning? Fawad ne uss aik gaanay kay liye hi dance kia tha and it wasn’t in the movie properly. Fazool :-@


  9. @SZ brilliant review.. perfect critique.. i hadnt watched the movie.. it didnt give away anything, nothing we didnt know already.. nor did it stop me in my track and changed my mind to catch our FK on the big screen..
    yes weve all seen him in dastan and ashar and zaroon.. his pighla dene wali gaze and the close up shots.. haaaee!! but if that was droolworthy on tv, seeing all of that on the big screen kia experience ho ga!!!!! 🙂
    as i said ive been a bit naughty and caught the movie online.. cheeda cheeda batein: totally with u abt SKs eek factor and all the rest.. i liked manjoo.. music-wise tolerated Naina but kinda liked preet too.. but baki sub tou…. like u said it is a disney movie afterall.. not sure if its something my daughters will enjoy though lol
    abb will be back after catching ‘his hotness, FK’ on the big screen with my postscript 🙂


  10. Thanks SZ for understanding my point of view
    As for my brother, his name is Yajuvendra Singh but unlike Pakistani actors, Indian tv actors are known by the name of the character they play onscreen…currently he is essaying the role of Sarpanch Balwant Singh in Star Plus’s serial ” Veera”

    PS: started watching Mera Naseeb n Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti from today on Zindagi channel…like d the first episode, especially Mera Naseeb


    • @Samrita Kapoor: Thanks for shating your brother’s name … who knows there might a few fans of his here 🙂 And LOL its good to know that you insider info itno the Indian TV Shows .. who knows who might cross boundaries next?
      Btw, did you know that we’ve had Indian actors in Pakistani serials … I remember Deepti Naval and Suresh Oberoi, also that girl from the saas bhi kabhi bahu thi (someone please help with names!) and Kanwaljeet w/Bushra Ansari in Kuch Dil Ne Kaha (which is on YT ), Kiran Kher was Kaisa Yeh Junoon, also Indian singers have been singing drama OSTs for a while, so yeah we’ve had these collaborations going on for a while … hopefully we’ll see a more frequent exchange 🙂


      • I loved Kuch Dil Ne Kaha! And there was also Ana, and some other serial with Sakshi Tanwar. I did not know that Kirron Kher was in Kaisa Yeh Junoon (you’re talking about the one a few years back with Savera Nadeem and Asif Raza Mir?). And I know that Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal have sang OSTs. I also love Deepti Gupta, but I think she got into Pakistani dramas from NY, oddly.


        • @Amudha: Yes, thats the one …she was Ayesha Omar’s mom in it, in London … Oh, I was talking abt Deepti Naval, the actress in movies like Saath Saath, Chashme Badoor, Katha etc … I don’t know if Deepti Gupta ever worked in Bollywood, did she? Yeah she appears in mostly NY based dramas, or dramas shot outside of Pak, like in Mastana Mahi ..
          Rekh Bhardwaj has also done quite a few OSTs …


          • Yeah, I was talking about Deepti Gupta – she comes mainly in Mehreen Jabbar (Malaal, Neeyat, and some of her older ones) shows, but also others that are filmed outside Pakistan, as you mentioned (Ishq Junoon Deewanagi and a few others). Deepti Naval – are her Pakistani dramas older or more recent? She is such an onscreen treat 🙂


            • @Amudha: No, her Pakistani dramas are not recent .. I actually dont remember their names off hand, I’ll search for them, in the meanwhile if anybody else knows the names plz help 🙂


            • @Amudha: Ok, so here’s one of Deepti Naval’s PK dramas Agar Tum Mil Jao which aired on ARY Digital. and it starred Imran Abbas, Toba Siddiqui, Deepti Naval, Mehreen Raheel, Vivek Mushran, Seemi Raheel, Abid Ali, Roohi Khan, Sara Gilani & Shakeel..

              here’s the OST.. I cant find the drama online


      • @SZ how good to hear that there are collaborations happening even now. I think both the entertainment industries on both sides of the sarhad should collaborate. Its a win-win -win situation for everyone. And whyever not? we have the same language, our diaspora all over the world lives together as brothers and together we constitute a market more than 22% of the world’s population. Remarkably foolish that we haven’t seen the big economic picture there yet. On PK side you have good actors and writers and on Indian side we have the professionalism and the vision to showcase it.

        As regards FK’s non-exposure clause, that’s a call he has to take. Most of our actors got by without taking off their shirts till 3-4 yrs back, but lately this 6 pack 8 pack thing has driven them to craziness. Don’t think that FK will be made to do such scenes but he will definitely lose business for tht today. btw our big actors never kiss on screen..salman for instance and I don’t think that’s a big deal for audiences. We respect Salman and Aamir’s no kiss policy and they set the trend for the industry .My big concern about FK is his getting the right directors and right production houses. He is very talented and somebody of the caliber of say Imtiyaz Ali or Anurag Kashyap, can showcase his talent for really deep and huge subjects. Cool Filmmakers like Ayan Mukherjee or Farhan Akhtar could take him places as the young hip professional, very urban and urbane. Someone like Raju Hirani could take him places in meaningful cinema. Or Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra( currently mentoring Ali Zafar) could give him the mega launch pad that could take him really high. But there are two fears… One is that whether out of his comfort zone of essentially home-based dramas, with lingering close ups and heavy duty emotions, can he take to, say, the action genre? Can he play the hip young professional aka Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawani hai Diwani or Arjun Kapoor of 2 states or any of Farhan Akhtar’s cool and very popular cinema? Can he play hero for our very very talented women directors like Reema Kagto or Zoya Akhtar? The second fear is that he should not get identified with the non-A lister production houses like Anil Kapoor. Battle for Bittora is a good subject as the story takes off from Khoobsurat— royalty participating in elections but pairing with SK??? Another thing — Indian cinema sells on music. He simply has to have music by the best composers like Vishal Shekhar, Pritam or Amit Trivedi. There have to be like ten chartbusters which are identified with him( dance or no dance- not everyone is Hrithik). So its not an easy climb. Good thing is that he has come in at a time when our Khan trio is slowly easing out. His contemporaries, are very very good but quite choosy and since no one is doing more than a film or two a year, he can actually find his place quite soon. Inshaallah!!!


  11. Hi SZ, I went into watching Khoobsurat with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the movie! It was better made than what I’d thought it wud be.

    You’re totally right about FK (loved him to bits- but then I’d love him even if he’s bad- so let’s not go there…) and SK…but again my expectations were low so Sonam actually wasn’t as irritating as I’d imagined. Waise her clothes were horrendous. People can dress bright and cheery but they don’t dress like a clown. Usually Sonam is well dressed but even during all the promotions, tv shows etc she was surprisingly v badly dressed.

    Music was baaaad apart from “Naina”. Thank God there was no full song for “maa ka phone” :p

    Story was clean and simple which I didn’t mind….it was generally a feel good movie for me, the type in which one comes out pleasantly happy.

    But ofcourse if Fawad was not in it, then I’m not sure what my response would have been like.


    • Lol @ love him to bits but I’d still love him even if he’s bad 😛 I can totally understand that, I’m on the same boat don’t worry 😛


    • uffffff yes! SK’s wardrobe!!!!!! what an eyesore! that was a lesson in how NOT to do boho!!.. If she was dressed better perhaps she wouldn’t be as annoying (maybe).. like @SZ said FK was hot and Sk was not!
      btw how hot he looked in that stiff kurta with Aligarh pyjama..


    • @Afia: Hey!!! Happy Happy Birthday!

      LOL! Whats up with you and FK 😉 Kaafi saath saath qismat juri hui hai aap donon ki — every year around this time we have a FK related dhamaka and you are always around him somewhere 🙂

      And yeh kiya itna rookha comment on Khoobsurat?? Here I was expectiong the complete lowdown on the Pakistan premier and sab kuch…

      Ab main hi sab ko bata doon ke yeh madam was lucky enough to have attended the Lahore premier of the move and not just that she also had the opportunity to meet him and talk to him!

      Come on yaar, chalo share your ankhon dekha haal with all of us – please?! 😀


        • @SK: Selfies, is his new thing apparently .. and haan bhai apni Aafia is a star jis ke charche are spread far and wide ..Lets leave Afia to tell us the rest of the story 🙂


      • Hi SZ, sorry yaar, was busy with house guests so not a min’s rest….
        Yes I recently had the best time ever and am still on cloud nine and not willing to come down!
        Fawad had ‘gifted’ a cinema hall to Shaukat Khanum Hosp so that they could have a showing of K as a fundraiser (this wasn’t the actual premiere). We’d gotten tickets for that…some people had been invited by FK himself. We arrived there well before the 8pm invite. Slowly some celebs started trickling in, Vasay Chaudary, Ahmad Ali Butt, Bilal Lahsari, Iffat Umar, Vaneeza, Manzar from Aun Zara, Farhad Humayun. People were going upto them to get pics etc- us included 🙂 The likes of Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam were taken straight up to the screens….or they came late coz we didn’t get to see them.

        Fawad arrived around 8.30 and then all hell broke lose! He was supposed to be in this reception area for half an hr but since he was late and to avoid utter chaos breaking out, the mngt rushed him up the stairs after a couple of interviews, towards the cinema screens. The rest of the crowds were left to fend for themselves- creating a mini stampede type situation. Badly organized it was but eventually we got to our seats.

        Fawad came in and spoke for a bit, thanking people for coming and then talking about the important work SKMCH has been doing. Since everything was running late, he wrapped up his talk prettily quickly. On Hassan Khalid’s (his friend from EP and manager too I think) cue he apologized for the mismanagement guests had to endure. I’d been sitting waaay up but came down to take some pics frorm the side. As he finished his speech I called out to him if we cud get some pics and he said sure! Anyway, he then suggested we take a selfie with the crowd at the back. He took it with his own phone. By this time my girls had also come down (upon my Manju type calls) and he took another selfie with my phone and with my niece’s ipod too. No complaints whatsoever from his side about time or anything. I then asked him to sign a get well message for my sis who’d been busy promoting his movie on her own and had had a bad fall that day. He did that as well 🙂 (the min she got that get well message- she was up and about in a sec!) During one of the pics, the lights were dimmed and he waved at the mngt to put the lights back on so that the pics cud be taken! By this time obviously other girls had also come up for pics and some of them managed to get them. His manager had to drag him out as the movie was starting on screen… Needless to say we were over the moon with our good fortune. He was awesome to meet…totally relaxed with his fans- totally humble. Am super happy 🙂 🙂


  12. Khubsoorat is an average movie if I take it as compared to other movies (even a Disney movie). But It is a very pleasant and fitting in its own world! I think it was an arrow shot around the circumference but not out of the circle! A very nice try to reflect “Disney Image”. I think the producer made his mind to chose Fawad as he listened the word “Prince” 😛 Its just a funny thought but the word “Prince” is made for Fawad as you mention all of his roles were exactly like the one he did in Khubsoorat. Last lines that he narrated to Manjoo could be narrated in the way other than one his typical style. As far as Milli’s role as a Disney princess concerns, I saw Real Disney Princess in her only at the time she said “Hey! I’m Dr. Milli Chakarvuty” while holding the statue at her! It was just like a Disney Movie Style. But this was the first and last scene of her 😛 Movie could be directed more beautifully but as it was a first try so it’s ok! Music was exceptional like the other Indian Music but the only song that reminds me animated English movie is “Preet”. I was bore and had decided to get the movie out of my favt. list but as the song Preet started It hit my mind. Its music, lyrics and especially the way Milli wept at the end of song! It reminds me the song “Just gotta let it go” from “Shrek 2”. Story was really very nice but is not put in frame exactly the way it could be! Most of the scenes are unforgettable though!


    • @Sadia Mehr: Hey! Good to hear from you – welcome aboard 🙂

      “[Khoobsurat is] very pleasant and fitting in its own world! I think it was an arrow shot around the circumference but not out of the circle! ” LOL! Loved this comment of yours! Hope to read many more such comments from you on other threads as well! 🙂


  13. UF! its about Fawad Khan, so I have to make a comment 🙂 Went to see the movie opening night. I actually didnt have much expectation going into it, I knew it was going to be a Disney type movie, light and sweet with no real new story line, but the one expectation I did have was to see FK looking hot, and that OH SO delivered! I almost feel bad that we ladies always get carried away about his looks, b/c im sure on some level its flattering to him, but on another it may seem frustrating to him bc he really seems to be an actor that takes his craft very seriously. So I would like to make it very clear that as amazing as he looks, hes that amazing if not more as an actor! Those eyes…zaalim nazarain for sure. With one look, he can cut right through you. As for Sonam, I think you guys are being pretty tough on her. I thought she was what the movie required. The cookyness clutziness, the crazy outfits, the rambling, it was all part of the schtick, that was what the role asked for. She may have overplayed it in parts, but I didnt think she was so bad. And to compare her to that God awful girl in Numm is like apples to oranges in my opinion. Has that girl been in anything else btw?? Pls let me know so I can AVOID it! Im still mad about how she ruined Numm for me, but I digress. Fawad was awesome as always and it was a nice debut for him, i thought it was a classy choice. Unlike our other actors in Creature 3D. Really??!! wth was that? ofcourse i didnt see it, but the trailer and promos alone were awful.Anyhow, good luck in future endeavors Fawad. Im glad to see you giving Pakistan some positive light.


    • @Masooma: LOL! Such hate for apni bechari Neelam! Chor yaar maaf karo … poor thing! remember how hard she got slapped by FK in that blooper? Dont you think that was punishment enough 😉 But to answer your question, she’s in the currently on air Shankht and was in a telefim Gulloo aur Gogi .. something like that ..

      Also, if I could respond to your Talkhiyan comment here, yes SeZ is Shehr-eZaat and haan give Pehchan a go … its just ended so you can watch it all in one go … and the make sure you watch the hd prints, either my yt channel or the APLus daily motion vdos, to get the attn to deatialing . its pretty amazing .. would love to read your take on that … hamari @RJ is also still watching it, so we’ll be able to get a good discussion there 🙂


  14. Hi all, I have not watched this as yet but had a question and by the way great review SZ! The over hype and publicity makes me want to avoid at all costs even if FK is in it!
    But from his various interviews I got the impression he was saying he is not do bold and will put his foot down to kissing scenes etc so some of the comments I read saying there is a kissing scene, is that true?
    Ok anyways the aunty in me finds that a little too much too if that is the case, but I think it is inevitable moving over to Bollywood you pretty much have to give up some of your principles and I’m sure he will be no different .


    • @SK: that “kiss” was made to look like a kiss .. kinda like those we saw in PK movie way back, with shots of their backs … at least they spared us the hearts popping everywhere like they do in the regular Disney films …All this talk of Disney and kisses makes me think of that song Kiss the Girl in Little Mermaid LOL


  15. After those 1001 promotional interviews followed by 1001 reviews on every other web page, i think i know the movie scene by scene without watching it.. Reviewers these days give away more than half of story, one of them even mentioned comic dialogues of Kiron kher..
    I hope movie manages to be a hit at box-office, because i don want to see FK failing.. lekin bus bohat ho gya FK! .. u tried a new industry.. u succeeded in gathering praises.. ab wapis aa jao.. coz fans like me who love u from Humsafar dont want to see our Asher doing cheap bollywood dance moves (for example with towel between legs).. No offence to indian friends but all of us know Bollywood is getting bold day by day.. Kissing, vulgar dance moves, making up scenes r becomig inevitable part of a Bollywood movie.. A shirtless scene and almost a kiss in “Disney” movie tells clearly where r v heading.. and Yes i have an Auntie inside me.. BTW @SZ Lolz @ ur tharki auntie


    • @Atty: hello hello ….kia haal hai?…thik thak 🙂 …mera khayal hai aap nay sirf ek paragraph main be-hud precisely wo sab kuch keh dia hai jo main 1001 words main kehti…so thank u so much..mujhay be-thakan bolnay aur readers ko itni heavy reading say bachanay k liay 🙂 …aur phir jo mera blood pressure kham khaa hi aasman tak pohunchta wo alg kahani….aur bilkul mere ander bhi ek duqya-noosi buzurg khatoon mojood hai 😀
      Re:tharki aunty …..SZ nay miyaan daad wala chaka mara hai…oos waqt say meri hunsi nahi ruk rahi


      • @RJ where were u? i really missed u and FA.. Thank God u ppl r back.. boht soona soona tha DRNR ap k lambay lambay comments aur FA k humour k baghair.. Ab ghaib nae hona!
        Believe me josh me main bhi kuch lamba likh gae thi, phir realize hua tau adha comment delete kr diya k kuch ziada ho gya


      • @RJ: Kya yaar aap bhi hans rahey ho merey lame joke par 😉 bhool jao …. warna how will I ever be taken seriously again 😉 Waisey mein likhtey waqt bhool gayee thee ke main Saima Ch ko tharki aunty kehti . aur dekh lain ab khud ko hi ye naam de diya .. Uff!!!


    • @Atty: LOL!! I have to say I am loving the way all these hidden aunties within us are making themselves heard 😉 and uff! you caught my tharki aunty bit .. josh mein likh tau diya then I wanted to go back and edit it … but ultimately left it, ke koi nahin parhey ga .. khair hai … magar wah! aap ki aankhen bohot tez hain 😉


    • @Atty: I am with you on knowing abt pretty much every moment in the movie even before stepping into the theater … uff these promos, they should be banned both places, here for TV dramas and there for Films .. kuch nahin bachta dekhney ke liye :/


  16. Great review, SZ! So, as a fan of FAK (debacles like Ashk notwithstanding) was super excited to see him in an Indian film (and because NONE of my desi friends knows who he is, I chose to watch it by myself) – like my secret/down-low Pakistan-serial-watching world colliding with my (somewhat less) Indian-film-watching world! He was great. Sonam was OK,partly because I had super-low expectations for her, and she only somewhat annoyed me (rather than totally annoying me, as usual).

    And while I know this was an ode to Fawad, I think the other supporting cast deserve a special mention – Ratna Pathak Shah was superb, as usual. And Aamir Raza Hussain as the raja was spellbinding – what presence! Finally, Raghavendra Rathore did a superlative job on Fawad’s styling – after all, who better than a Rajasthani price to design for this character! I seriously am planning to put together a female version of his bandhgala vest-jodhpuri the next time I go to India.

    As for all the discussion on kissing, for a second, I thought they were going to kiss properly, and found it a bit of a cop-out that they did not. I know some people find it lewd, based on the comments here, but I’m kind of glad that there has been more kissing in Indian films, because I think it’s a pretty realistic, natural, and normal thing that happens in a particular setting (I say this partly as an NRI, but even in India, things are changing), especially for the characters involved here (upper class, highly educated (incl. western education) urban professionals). Pelvic thrusts etc I can do without, as well as a kissing just for the sake of being bold etc, but where the script, circumstances etc warrant it, and where it seems like a natural thing, like here, I think it would be odd NOT to have it. Obviously, my thinking it’s natural is subjective, but it’s really interesting to see the comments here from a Pakistani perspective 🙂

    I am really excited to see what Fawad has in store next. Although this wasn’t a stellar movie by any means, it was a perfect vehicle for him to set a certain standard for him. And to some extent, he remained commercial without doing all the usual naach gaana. But those types of movies are few and far between, so I’m hoping he works with filmmakers of substance, like Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vishal Bharadwaj, Sujoy Ghosh, Dibakar Bannerjee etc. And maybe throw in a Farah Khan or two (because that’s the BEST way to do naach-gaana – with your tongue in your cheek). Best of luck Fawad! And please also do some Pakistani dramas in between (although I read a headline that made it sound like he was turning his back on them).


    • @Amudha: Do you and I by any chance live in the same neck of the woods, where we indulge in our Pakistani drama cravings all by ourselves? What has been funny abt all this, FK/Bollywood/Zindagi, is the fact that all of a sudden its cool to watch PK dramas … all my family members who watched Pakistani serials sporadically, or my Indian friends who had no clue there existed such a thing, are now, or even my Pakistani friends who know nothing beyond Dhoop Kinarey Ankahi, and zyada se zyada Humsafar, are now turning around and asking me ke oh you watch Pk serials, so we hear they are good .. and so tell us more abt this new guy etc …. LOL! All of a sudden I;m cool 😉

      And yes, me too! Getting band galas done next time Im in PK 🙂

      And I second your wishlist for filmmakers FK should work with in B’town ….

      yes, he has said that no more dramas for him in the near future, I know another Bollywood movie from him next, then possibly a PK one :/


      • SZ – Indeed, you are my desi TV/movie soulmate 🙂 No matter what my plans are for the evening, the first thing I do when I come home on a Friday is make a cup of chai and watch an episode of whatever serial I am into. It started off being me-time out of necessity, but now it’s just become my thing. And in any case, it’s still not like I can talk about serials with anybody (except for my one friend’s mother and the occasional cab driver), which is why I was delighted to find your blog.

        I am glad YOU have found coolness from your serial-watching 🙂 My “coolness” stays with me. But I have gotten tonnes of benefits from it, I have to say – great content, watching amazing actors, and since I rarely watch Indian TV, Hindi ka to pata nahin, lekin I do have to say that my Urdu is improving vastly.


      • Watched it and there was a lot of bad acting and zero character development. Plus I didn’t care for the Vikku-Milli pair – if I didn’t fall in love with their “love story” then I could care less about them getting together. If Vikku had married Keera Makora I would be fine with it too. The story and the characters never made us fall in love with them which is essential for a romantic movie.


  17. @All: Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and various POVS, its great to see a open-minded frank discussion, without it devolving into one of those petty minded convos, which sadly seem to have become the norm these days .. so yeah a big round of applause for everybody 🙂

    Fabulous also to see, that no matter what corner of the world we live in and whatever our various affiliations, FK ka pyaar (sorry, tharki auntie had to get in a word edgewise 😉 ) brings us all together .. so yeah two thumbs for FK and yes Sonam/Rhea Kapoor as well, for taking that first step and introducing our Hasan/Ashar/Zaroon to the rest of the world 🙂

    Reading through comments on Khoobsurat across various fora, here are a few observations/thoughts I’d like to share..

    To begin with, lets remind ourselves that Khoobsurat is a movie, a feature film that we pay to go watch in a cinema at a time of our choosing, and a film comes with a rating system, hence we see G/PG/R etc .. Given this scenario, movies are not duty bound, neither are they expected to follow the same code of whats generally acceptable and whats not. The ratings are there for a reason, and if the content is objectionable we simply choose not to go…

    Hence, going by this understanding of how a film is diff from a TV serial, our Lollywod films have always been much more “open” (if I may use that word very loosely) as compared to our dramas … just a quick google search will back me up .. Im sure many of us remember all the hugging and hand holding and the baarish scenes and the fake kissing scenes we saw .. way back when .. Below is a vdo of a song from Aina (1977) one of the most popular Pakistani films, and mind you this here is a mainstream “clean family movie”

    Many have been commenting on Humaima’s scanty clothing but how many of us remember this more recent Noor/Shaan starrer Ghar Kab Aaoge released in 2000

    In sharp contrast, TV serials (and here I refer only to our Pakistani serials) air all kinds of uncensored content, and that too at prime time 8-10, a time usually reserved for families eating dinner with the TV on in the bg etc. If we compare these serials which are being mindlessly aired at a time where children are apt to watch, we see no ratings system in place, no censor ship no nothing. Hence we see swear words being easily used in a serial billed as a rom-com (KPKP ), we see scenes of topless men taking showers (Ahista Ahista), rain scenes galore (Mere Humrahi), eps upon eps revolving around a guy desperately trying to consummate his marriage (Aunn Zara), family planning being openly discussed (this Mon’s ep of Mohabbat Ab Nahin Hogi), drunk men taking advantage of their wives and then declaring no memory of the act when the said wife gets pregnant (EK Tamana Lahasil Si) and open hugging and romantic what nots between a married couple (Jaanum) … ab compare all this prime time content to what we saw in Khoobsurat and waqai it starts looking like a Surf Excel se dhuli hoyi movie …

    By the way a random aside, this is not the first time we’ve seen FK topless …. how many remember Jeevan Ki Rahon Mein (Haissam’s first TV serial, and along with FK, it also starred Sami Khan and Jibran).. again, lets not forget this was on TV…

    heres a tune pk link as well …

    The point I’m trying to make, in admittedly a very long winded way, is that the most common point being raised: hamarey haan nahin hota or this is something that happens only in Bollywood movies, is something that we perhaps need to re-evaluate .. we dont like it, I agree, we write against those crazy TV serials and the Pakistani movies too, but they are still airing .. so I am asking us to take a step back and admit ke yes its not just Bollywood, is race main hum bhi kisi se peechey nahin hain … we too have equally vulgar content, and that too on TV which is actually more insidious, b/c it is airing right into our living rooms. We have no clue ke kab our fave tv hero will utter a swear word, when will be taken unawares by a long drawn out hugging scene..

    This is not meant to be a anti/pro-Khoobsurat or anti/pro-FK comment, nor am I condemning or condoning anything, we all have a right to our opinions as we rightly should. All this is, is my take on what I see as an inherent double standard… both countries, or rather these days every where in the world there is a race to see who produces more vulgar stuff, who can get more swear words in, who can show the most graphic violence, who can get away with showing the most skin in their film.. so from my view point its not this one or that one who is wrong, its a problem across the board… all are equally complicit …

    Baqi, as for critiquing the movie itself, its merits and demerits, is a completely different exercise, and something I’d hope that more would do, rather than getting all riled up about other tangential issues ….
    And on that note, FK, please take a breather for now .. we, or rather I am, suffering from FK fatigue …. I know need to take a break from you to appreciate you anew 😉


        • Attaboy girl! you hit the nail right on the head. Cinema is a chosen medium, TV is not to that extent. Cinema is governed by different censorship rules than TV. The state exercises much more control over TV. It would be interesting to see how FK takes this decision. Finally it may not be up to him.


    • @SZ first of all wah wah for bringing out just the perfect content to compare and contrast. I had never watched Aina before and if i did it must’ve been a censored version on TV, back in the days when stuff was censored more than it shouldve been lol. but wow! uss zamane main bhi such explicit scenes…. im pretty amazed!
      and Noor’s item number.. lol.. i mean to be honest thats what it is! Abb in ka khoobsoorat se tou koi muqabla hi nahin .. lol ..
      and this also reminds me of Mahnoor baloch’s number in Mein hoon Shahid Afridi..
      So yes u r spot on ke the problem is across the board.
      digressing a bit but how many of us remember watching Disney movies and closing our eyes at the kiss.. and even today as grown ups how many of us go through those awkward moments when we start looking for the remote…


    • Vaa SZ! Very well said and justified with real data (thank you for the Fawad swimming clip *fanning self*) Let me just say as the first one who remarked on the offensiveness of lewdness to our auntie sensibilities, here’s what I meant:

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with onscreen expressions of sexuality. There are times when it is absolutely essential in order to make the story believable. In which case, if you’re going to do it, do it all the way and make us believe you’re doing it. Scenes of backs and big fake smooching sounds are silly and juvenile and insult an audience’s intelligence. The best sex scenes ever (best scenes in general) make us believe that what’s shown is what is really happening. The kissing scene in K did nothing of the sort.

      Secondly, FAK does not (or should not, IMO) have to succumb to such antics. How effective and searing HOT where the looks exchanged between Khirad and Asher, especially the last scene right before she goes out into the rain? That was some scorching hotness right there, all thanks to great acting and great chemistry. Did those two lay hands on each other even once? He wore a white kurta in bed. Was that hot or not?? Tell me, did not all us aunties feel that heat come right out of the screen?

      In short, my argument is not one of morality or not, country of origin, country of viewing, history or not (I saw Aina way after the fact and the risque nature of the story was integral to the story, no? It wasn’t secondary or gratuitous in any way. And thus, though shocking, not vulgar or offensive, as such. But,yes, there has always been tons of vulgarity in Pakistani cinema. Really gross disgusting vulgarity for the sake of entertainment), I’m talking about aesthetics. About what an actor’s talents can support and what it can’t. FAK can and should take the high road in these matters. Granted that’s not where the money is, but THAT is where he can shine, be that man separated from the gyrating boys.

      On the other hand, if he wants to be a gyrating boy while he still can and get to the serious stuff later, so be it. We Aunties will be first in line at the cinema always. (my only hope is that FAK does NOT go the route of SRK who also showed some “alaag” acting chops early on, but has managed to stay in the gyrating boy roles to the ripe old age of 50)

      Critique the movie in general? It was Disney pop fantasy formula rom com, what more is there to say? 😉


      • Totally agree with you Zarqa on all accounts.

        the kiss (non-kiss) was the silliest! ya poori karo warna na karo. behtar hai na karo….the emotions can be shown in a hundred other ways.


      • @Zarqa Totally agreed.. This is what i thought.. V know FK’s eyes can do much more than a kiss.. i will prefer to watch him in Asher/Hassan/Zaroon kind of romance than a imran hashmi kind of romance, because i know he can do that..


  18. @SZ: Waah bhai party tou baray zoron say chal rahi hai bulk aap k anay say apnay urooj per aa gai hai kiunk aap kaa hissa tou sab say dhamakay daar hai ..maza aa gaya ..acha jab aap kaa comment post hoa main nay tab hi apna jawab day dia tha jo net speed slow honay ki waja say post naa ho ga saka…..hasab-e adat main nay post kernay say pehlay oosay copy nahi kia tha is liay wo tou gum ho gaya…. lekin mujhay yaad hai main nay kia baat ki thi ab pta nahi comment ghaib honay kaa sadma hai yaa mujhay jo ziada time mil gaya hai jiss mein mujhay aap k POV ko ziada behter tor per samajhnay aur oos per ghor-o fiker kaa mouqa mila gaya…. jo bhi hai lekin ab main wo baat nahi kerna chahti jo pehlay ki thi bulk is saray issue yaa issues per naye siray say apni haqeer rai dena chahoon gi jis k nateeja ye hai k subah wala comment sirf ek chota saa paragraph tha is waqt baat bohat detail main ho gi kiunk meri adat shareef hai k comment ghaib honay kaa badla main isi tra laity hoon yaani pehlay say 3 guna ziada bol ker dosray is waqt main bilkul weli hoon 🙂

    is tamheed k baad jis kaa asal topic say koi taluq nahi tha ab aap k tafeeli tabsaray per atay hain….pehlay jo mujhay acha laga 🙂 …aap nay bohat maturely carefully aur wisely is situation ko handle kia… bina koi offensive baat kiay..kisi ko target kiay… bina kisi ki dil azari kiay…phir facts and figures k sath baat ki..hawa main teer nahi chalay…naa hi jazbati batein kin kiunk logics k sath baat kertay hoay jazbaat ki amezish ba-zaat-e khud ek kamzor daleel hai jo aap ki sari baat ko zero ker deti hai…..main aap ki effort ko appreciate kerti hoon jis tra aap nay sab ko ek jaga lanay ki koshish ki bajaiy mazeed divisions kernay k …

    dsri terf aisa kuch nahi jo mujhay bura laga ho…lekin main completely satisfied bhi nahi hoon…ye waja nahi k mera POV aap say different hai kiunk her insaan kaa sahi ghalat dosray say alag hota hai…yaa mujhay aap ki baat convincing nahi lagi…bulk reason ye hai k yahan balance missing hai wo balance jo hamesha say aap kaa khasa hai jis ki main dil say mout-rif hoon…ye one sided story hai aur meri reviewer say expectation hoti hai k wo ek neutral observer k tor her perspective ko analyze ker k picture ki dono sides per apna POV day jo mujhay yahan missing laga….yahan POV aya mager ek side per….yani hum apni criticism aur appreciation main kitnay reasonable hain kitnay nahi is per diplomatically nahi khul ker baat honi chahiay…phir picture ko wo ek side bhi complete nahi …oos main her aspect ko cover nahi kia …aur kuch points contradicting lagay jis ki waja say kafi confusing ho gaya aap kaa stance..samajh nahi ayi aap kia kehna chah rahi hain..yaa main samajh nahi pai yaa is ki waja aap ki koshish k different POVs aur different back grounds rakhnay walay commenters ko ek jaga laya jye jo appreciable hai lekin…kaaaaaash baat itni hi sada hoti aur oos kaa conclusion itna hi asan hota tou kia hi maza tha…ye debate yahin khatum ho jati lekin aisa nahi hai…is main bohat sari cheezein hain jin ko nazer andaz nahi kia jaa sakta

    comparing apples with oranges…not a great idea SZ…in dono main kuch similarities hain lekin oon ki base per in ko “same”qrar nahi day saktay….ye isi tra hai ager main kahoon main south pole jaa ker nahi reh sakti kiunk wahan bohat serdi hai tou koi mujhay kahay kia Pakistan main serdi nahi hoti? wahan berf nahi perti…let’s accept it dunya main her jaga serdi hoti hai…I know ye exaggerate ho gaya mager mera khayal hai mera point clear ho gaya hai

    Re:double standards: haan ye baat bilkul thik hai…lekin iss ka reason kia hai?…pehlay is per tou baat ker lain…bottom line ye hai hum Pakistani chahay dosron ko kuch bhi kerta dekh lain lekin wo sab kuch dosray pakistanyon ko kerta nahi dekh saktay chahay wo Pakistan k ander ho bahir… isi liay naa is ko in courage kertay hain naa appreciate…is hawalay say bilkul keh saktay hain ye double standard hai …lekin reason kia hai?..hum hypocrites hain?…apnay liay kuch aur dosron k liay kuch aur….ho sakta hai aisa hi ho

    lekin picture ki dosri side bhi hai…aur ye mera personal view hai…I think her country ki geographical boundary k sath oos ki kuch moral limits bhi hoti hain…culture kaa taluq oos jaga k sath hota hai jahan log rehtay hain….isi liay kisi bhi jaga rehnay walay log khaa kisi bhi class community religion say belong kertay hon wo apni values aur culture main bohat had ek jaisay hotay hain aur jaisay hi aap oos boundary ko cross kren…wo values aur culture change ho jata hai….main personal experience ki base per kehti hoon Pakistani hindus are different from indian hindus aur yehi baat Christians k liay bhi k wo west main rehnay walay Christians say different hain (mera bohat interaction raha hai different non muslims k sath aur bohat salon tak bohat closely observe kia hai unhain…bulk open discussions rahi hain …jis say main is nateejay per pohunchi hoon k religion k bohat baray difference k ba-wajood sab Pakistani muslims yaa non muslims ek had tak ek tra sochtay hain…lekin oos had k baad difference shuru hota hai..

    ye hi waja hai Katrina k item song per koi objection nahi hoti kiunk wo indian hai lekin veena ko berdasht nahi kia jata..kiunk wo hum main say hai…humein represent kerti hai….hum oos ko oon values aur culture k ander dekhna chahtay hain jo as a Pakistani humari identity hai…again ye sahi hai ya ghalat main is per baat nahi karoon gi…kiunk her insaan kaa sahi ghalat dosray say alag hai ..baqi baad main


    • @RJ – Agree about apples and oranges and what is the culture of a particular people (be they an entire nation, or groups within a nation). I do think the kiss was warranted, given the circumstances – i.e., for 2 characters of their background in India. And quite frankly, this is a pretty clean, family entertainer by most standards – except for Fawad’s one shirtless scene, no skin show, and even that was not meant in a lascivious way (and frankly, given the historic objectification of women’s bodies, I’m OK if men get it back a little :)). However, I cannot speak for Pakistan, but I do have to note that even though India has become more liberal in urban centres re sex, dressing, PDA etc, the objectification of women, whether in films or in culture remains a huge problem. It’s particularly troubling because Bollywood (and other regional industries) keep churning out these films with immense gratuitous sexualisation of women. A recent UN-backed study noted the relatively high percentage of stereotyping (i.e., slotting women as mere sexual objects) of women versus other major film industries. On the one hand, one can look at it as empowerment, but I don’t think that is the message that is coming across to the vast majority of people in India – I think the message they receive is that it is at once both shameful and it means that women are “up for anything”. And given the rape statistics in India, along with statements by various people, from ordinary folks to politicians, to know that this objectification is a serious problem. I don’t necessarily think the Bollywood sexualisation is causation, I cannot see that, on a net basis, it is helping things. Getting back to the movie, I don’t know if Sonam stays away from certain things because she is not comfortable with it or because it doesn’t translate well on screen, but I find that aspect of her career very interesting, and I like that there is scope for that kind of cinema, as well.


        • Kis baat ki completion? Sonam ki career ki? If yes, then touche 🙂 Lekin phir bhi, woh apne aap ko “alag” “hat ke” blah blah blah samajhti (jab ki woh hai hi nehin, lekin woh alag baat hai) to mujhe nahin lagta hai ki woh is image se kaafi door chalegi.


    • @RJ: Ji, ab main farigh hui hoon tau.. lets see … apples, oranges, anday tamatar aur kya kya mera intezar kar rahi hain 😉

      Ok, sab se pehley your comment abt my response trying to reach out to a wide range of readership, so yes, I agree I am mindful of sensitivities, but that said I have never in any way sugar coated my responses, or tried to equivocate … that I can’t do. I’ve said this before that writing is one of the most honest things ever, and I would like to think that my readers know when they are being patronized with a pat on the head …. so yahan I will say ke my response was as clear as I could make it, and it was not intended to cater to one section over another … baqi tau I think we’ve already talked abt writing being a two way process .. between the writer and the reader …so the responsibility is on the writer as well the reader and in that regard allow me to re phrase my comment …

      What you are saying and what I am saying are both comments coming from essentially the same place … i.e. cultural values and what are our cultural values …. I have re-read my response and I dont think I have implied any place that I am of the view that all cultures are the same … I stand right beside you and @Amudha in that every country, actually forget abt country, every region or ethnicity has a different culture, we talk abt Punjabi culture, Pushtun culture etc, we talk abt how Lhr has a different cultural climate than Karachi does, and then expand the scope more widely we have Indian Pakistani, and then if you go even broader there is S.Asian culture vs the Far Eastern one, and then ofcourse the big divide between Easter and Western values .. so yeah a huge difference…and I would like to think that I’m not that naive to believe that everybody across the board has similar cultures, values etc… and so yes we have ours and India or US or UK etc all others places and peoples have theirs …

      My reason for giving all those examples from Pakistani films and TV was to question our own cultural values …forget about everybody else out there … lets just look at our own media and see what are the cultural values that are being depicted in our own media. Generally popular media, visual or literary or popular on the road, is one of the places where we look to see and understand what the culture of a place is … what is being depicted there? Where are the moral values we talk abt being present in a particular culture? The reason why I took the time to delineate the diff b/w film and tv was to highlight ke look at our own media where we have uncensored, uncontrolled content airing on primetime … surely these issues covered in our dramas, a sampling of which I gave above, are not a reflection of what we refer to as our moral/cultural values?

      Coming to movies, you talk abt how we cannot watch our Pakistani girls dancing in item nos. I have given two examples, one from the ’80s and one from 2000… these are both mainstream Urdu movies, not the really bad Punjabi ones or the Pushto ones, rather these are what we refer to with great pride by saying they are good movies, and again if you look a these movies we see the same problems as we see in Bollywood (suggestive moves, skimpily dressed women, bathing scenes) so again my question, what is our culture? Do we have a general agreement on what constitutes a good moral film? Or are we saying that its ok for Noor to dance like that in a Pakistani movie but if a Pakistani girl does it outside we have a issue? We talk abt the shirtless scene in Khoobsurat, but we saw Shamoon Z shirtless in Waar.. we saw a very sensuous song sequence between him and Meesha Shafi, again, are we saying that its okay to do it at home and not abroad?

      I totally understand where you are coming from, and yes, absolutely I share your concerns … I too want my country to be represented well abroad, with dignity and grace, and IMO FK, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Nusrat, Rahat have all done so …

      Re: the item no issue: even if we disregard what most recently Mahnoor B,Mehwish H, Saba Q (in films) and Sohai Abro in stage shows have shown us at home, and talk abt the Humaimas and Veena Malik, my stance is the same as @Amudha’s. Rather than playing out this argument in terms of Pak v/s India, I would rephrase this as a more problematic issue of objectification & commodification of a woman’s body … this argument to me has more merit than the cultural one…

      Re: the issue of a Veena being a representative of any kind, I think her harkats are objectionable across the board.. whether Pakistani or Indian or American … LOL I dont think anybody endorses cheap or crass behaviour no matter what their culture ..And this where @Zarqa’s comment abt aesthetic sensibility holds a lot of weight …

      Like you and so many others, I too would like to be able to watch a movie where I can sit with my 10 yr old niece and my mother and my grandmother and have each of us feel comfortable … but aisa abhi tak hua nahin hai .. I remember as a child in Pakistan not being allowed to watch Pakistan movies because of the “cheapness” LOL vulgarity is a relatively new term … movies kya even dramas are becoming impossible to watch .. I have had to warn friends to not watch dramas like Chup Raho, for instance, with their children …

      Earlier in our discussion of Josh, abt the current crop of Pakistani movies being too serious/artsy/jingoistic/sports based, you had questioned the lack of commercial movies for the masses, and said: ” tragedy ye hai dramas filmi ho rahay hain with all the lutka jhutka mutkaas aur chichor panay ki hudon ko chootay hoay aur movies jahan in ki zaroorat hai aur movie k medium k hisaab say aap k paas azadi bhi hai k aap is qism ki cheezon ko dikha saktay hain mager wahan sanjeed-gi k daray hain..” and at that time this is what I replied, ” As to the question of “entertainment for the masses,” a small phrase but a totally loaded one. Just look at our TV dramas and morning shows and tell me if there is a broad consensus on what constitutes entertainment. These days we are a society which is so splintered ke its hard to talk abt what is considered “healthy” entertainment….” I still stand by what I had said then and the various response to Khoobsurat bear me out. Even as we look forward to Pakistani commercial movies, and clamor for one that satisfies our criteria for mass family entertainment, we have yet to arrive at a consensus within our own culture as to what kind of a movie would satisfy all of us …

      My comment is only one of the many ways to read the responses to Khoobsurat .. the film’s reception can be read in a lot of diff ways .. and each response has its own merits … so looking at it that way its perfectly alright if you found my response lacking or one sided .. all of us watched with different perspectives, so one comment can in no way envelop or be a response to all those reactions 🙂


      • @SZ: FK k style main kahon tou “oye hoye hoye hoye”…ye first reaction tha aap k jawab ki lambai chorhai dekh ker …..abhi main nay nahi perha….kiunk ab mujhay aap say der lag raha hai hahaha….ok pani peeti hoon aur himmat paida kerti hoon phir perhti hoon 🙂


  19. Uffff kamaaal review SZ.. Tussi chaa gaye o.. Tooo brilliant and deserving review I didn’t expect that wesy k story waqai sb ko bore lagy ge I thought mujhy he lag rahi hai ufff it was too difficult to watch it completely >_< sonam was unbearable aur wo bhi Fk k saamny.. Oper se her over+over+over acting.. It was sounding like she's an assistant jo k under training hai abhi :O fk had no comparison in hamsafar, ZGH, dastaan.. That were indeed something to take him as a prince charming aur yahan prince tou ban gaya but usko "mili" charming nhi "harming" 😀
    Well.. There was nothing to enjoy about the movie except the title "Disney khoobsorat".. Mujhy tou laga frozen jesi movie hoge :/
    Agree with you on music the only song I liked here is just "naina".
    But fk was phir bhi super cool.. After his first flop movie in big screen all I say is that Bhai pehly khirad, Bano ya kashaf jesi heroine dhondo warna tehalka nhi machy ga bs hazam hoga 😉
    Good luck fk..
    And try try again sonam :p


  20. @Zarqa: I havent managed to find that one again but heres a fun one .. here I find him the most comfortable I’ve seen him . and this is an unedited one, so some fun moments as well.. the interviewer is a well respected journalist … enjoy 🙂


  21. ok ji main wapis aa gai…mera khayal hai ab main short karoon werna tou ye endless debate hai…tou double standards ki baat ho rahi thi k Pakistani kisi dosaray Pakistani ko………..reason kuch bhi ho sakti hai…2 main nay likhi hain jo mujhay samajh ati hain lekin is k ilawa bhi ho sakti hain..hum is ko chorh ker agay chaltay hai

    indian content vs Pakistani content

    SZ aap nay pk main vulgar content ki baat ki…aap nay hath barha hola rakha 🙂 ….Pashto / Punjabi movies / stage dramas /modeling shows / bold photo shoots / item songs aur pta nahi kia kuch yahan bhi hota hai lekin aap ko pta hai oos ki ek targeted aur limited audience hai…aur masses nay oosay naa kabhi approve kia..naa incourage kia….naa hi ye oon ki demand hai….so jo log Bollywood ko criticize kertay hain wo yahan honay wali vulgarity ko bhi equally condemn kertay hain aur ye baat aap nay bhi ki hai

    dosri baat jo aap nay ki k is disliking k ba-wajood bhi aisi cheezein mustaqil ban rahi hain…aisa kiun ho raha hai is kaa jawab tou wo den jo is k zimay daar hain…main as a viewer apni side ki baat ker sakti hoon k majority ki ye demand /pasand nahi hai aur viewers kia ker saktay hain siviay protest kernay k so vo her jaga her mouqa per hoa hai apni poori shidat k sath

    dramas ki baat kren tou aap nay sahi references diay main 2 aur shamil karoon gi Kadoorat aur Hum nasheen lekin sab say relevant hum sab k ladlay FK miyaan kaa drama ashk kaisay bhool gain jahan villain nahi bulk hero sahib drink ker rahay thay..jin kaa extra marital affair tha…openly apni wife say marriage consummate kernay ki baat ho rahi thi (bechara aun tou dhakay chupay koshish hi ker raha tha yahan tou saaf poocha jaa raha tha) ..phir “wajood /jism love/ lust dialogues”…mujhay yaad hai zara zara tumhein yaad ho k naa yaad ho 🙂 …ab ye kiun dikhaya gaya iss ka jawab sermad /zafar mairaj /geo /aur FK den main nay tou nahi dena naa mujh say pooch ker kia hai….main apnay hissay kaa jawab day sakti hoon k oos waqt bhi audience ki terf say bohat criticism hoi hi FK thay lekin kisi nay koi kher nahi ki thi…baqi her drama/ movie per bhi same reaction tha (mathira kaa item song ho yaa mahnoor ka bold avatar) tou ye baat nahi hai k jab yahan hota hai hum ankh bund ker laitay hain aur sirf indian content per panjay jhaarh ker peechay perhtay hain

    is k hotay hoay ye manna pray gaa k pk main ye bohat baray paymanay per nahi ho raha…10-20% dramas ko chorh ker baqi sab thik hai…isi tra movies…haal main realease honay wali kai movies neat clean thin..lekin Bollywood main kis level aur kitnay percent ho raha hai sab jantay hain

    ab indian dramas ki bhi baat kren…main nay star plus bohat dekha hoa hai lekin kafi arsa pehlay…aaj kal kia ho raha hai mujhay bilkul nahi pta..abhi khoobsurat ki waja say kuch indian blogs per jana hoa…wahan 2 indian dramas k kuch scenes ki pictures per nazer parhi aur main shocked reh gai k chalo movies tou samajh ati hain lekin “dramas” yahan pohunch gai hain…yahan aun koshish aur rohail baat ker raha hai lekin wo tou screen per hota dikha rahay hain…caption tha “………consummating their marriage” isi tra dosra drama jo main nay pehchan lia “barhay achay lagtay hain” jis main kahani gher gher ki masoom si “parwati” jo rasoi gher aur pooja gher k ilawa kahin nahi pai jati thi ab oos kaa haal dekh ker such main mujhay bara dhuchka laga aur ab mujhay samajh aye hai jab zgh aur humsafer dekh ker humaray kuch indian friends poochtay thay k marriage consummate ho gaya…acha kab main hairan hoti thi k ye kia sawal hai?…kiunk wo apnay dramas main hota dekhtay hon gay shayed isi liay …..

    mujhay ye nahi pta k wahan is qism k content ki percentage kia hai…humari tra kum percentage yaa ziada…is baray main kisi ko pta hai tou zaroor bataiy….lekin kum percentage honay per bhi degree wise dono main zameen asmaan kaa ferq hai

    aur ye ferq hi oos criticism ki bunyaad hai jo indian content per hoti hai …mujhay lagta hai indiam media kaa un-said general consensus ho gaya hai k hum nay westernize hona hai aur isi k liay wo her roz nahi her ghantay agay berh rahay hain ….wahan ki audience aam janta kia sochti hai sab ki terf kis tra react kerti hai…pasand /protest /reject kis tra izhar kerti hai…ye mujhay nahi pta koi indian hi bta sakta hai aur main zaroor janna chahoon gi…kahin aisa tou nahi k dono terf k awam ek hi kashti k sawar hon…lekin phir oon ki movies itna business kaisay kerti hain…kon dekhnay jata hai..Waar nay pk main 20 crore kaa business kia hai “Gher kab aao gay” nay nahi lekin Waar k baad second biggest hit “Choorhiyaan” ager mujhay thik say yad hai tou ek family movie thi

    chalo is sari behus ko choro ek lamhay k liay k maan lain dono terf ek jaisa kaam ho raha hai phir is aitraf k baad k kia kerna hai…khamosh ho jyn….protest naa kren…fahashi k is sailab main beh jyn…bulk oon say bhi agay nikal jyn jo india main ho raha hai wo west ko bhi peechay chornay k chaker main hain bulk chor chukay hain

    pk film industry per Bollywood kaa heavy influence hai.. aaj pk dramas Indians soups say different hain..lekin aaj say 7-8 years pehlay in per bhi star plus kaa gehra aser tha lekin waqt k sath situation change ho gai..meri ye khahish film industry k liay bhi hai k apni pehchan banai…ye na ho koi pk movie dekhtay hoay 4 indian movies kaa khayal aa raha ho jaisa aaj hota hai…copy kerna hai tou oon ki achi cheezon ko copy kren lekin aqal k sath…oos ko apnay style k sath pesh kren

    ek aur baat pooray kapray pehun ker naa koi nahata hai naa swimming kerta hai ager aisi koi missal hai plz zaroor den…lekin jahan tak sonay ki baat hai ye depend kerta hai….tou ye scene ki demand per hai k aap kab kia kiun kaisay kertay hain

    akhir main…. mujhay khoobsurat yaa movie main FK k kaam say koi problem nahi hai aur jab main iss kaa comparison aaj kal bannay wali baqi Bollywood movies say kerti hoon tou “it starts looking like a Surf Excel se dhuli hoyi movie” umeed keri hoon FK ki anay wali movies bhi isi tra ki hon gi….


    • LOL@ RJ: Yaar, bibi, aap mujhe jawab dene ka tau mauqa de dein … we just cross posted 🙂

      I have read your this comment, and I am not saying ke criticize na karein ya hamein khamosh ho jana chahiye … absolutely not.. that why we are doing what we are doing! It is out job as inforned viewers to question and raise issues, and I see our conversation as being a being a big part of that … so yes, comment and dil khol kar …

      Waisey ek mazedaar baat bataon …. aap hamesha mujhe Allah jaaney kon konsey tareeqon se parkhati hain, aur phir us hisab se marks bhi deti hain … so aaj main aap ko bataon ke aap bhi ek imtihaan main paas ho gayee hain! Ji bilkul ek pop quiz tha jo app ney anjaney main paas kiya .. ab aap poochengi ke woh kiya.. tau woh yeh ke mujhe bohot accha laga ke aap ne meri haan mein haan nahin milayee bulkey bohot khul ke aona POV present kiya .. it just shows that we now share a level of trust in each other where we can feel free to talk about our concerns without feeling inhibited, and at the same time maintain a level of cordiality where we never let go of our mutual respect for each other .. so shabash 😉

      Also again glad to read so many diff POVs presented so well on a potentially very contentious topic, so again a round of applause for everybody … as apney Tariq Aziz Sahab would say: ek ek watercooler sab ka hua! 😜😎


      • Aap dono khawateen ki mukaalma-nigaari parhnay se meri soch per waazeh asar muratab hua hai ya nahi iss baaray mein tou main kuch nahi keh sakti, haan albatta meray ander ki sakeel urdu thaatey maartey huaye zaroor baidar ho gaee hai.
        Chanaancheh, socha main aap sab mojudaah mubasireen ko bataati chalun keh harr-dil azeez janaab Fawad Khan sahab jald hi apni agli Bollywood film ko amli- jamaa pehnaanay ka soch rahay hain. Yeh un hidaayat-kar ki pehli film hai jis mein Fawad Khan jalwaa-gar hongay. Un hazrat ka naam meray zehen se fil-waqt urran choo ho gaya hai lihaaza ma’azrat ki talabgaar hun. Baa- wajood iss kay keh main itni jaldi aik aur Hindustani movie karnay ki bilkul qaail nahi, umeed karti hun keh yeh Fawad Khan kay liye acha saabit ho aur nazireen un ko uss kirdaar mein daikh kar bhi ash ash kar uthain. Sunnay mein yeh bhi aaya hai k Sanam Saeed Sahiba aur Mohib Mirza sahab aaj kal Mauritius mein aik movie ki shooting mein masroof hain jo kay India-Pakistan ki baahimi takhleeq hogi. Iss se zyaada parday k saamney kuch nae laya gaya. Intezaar karnay se hi pata chal sakta hai keh yeh dono adaakaar apnay madaahon k liye kya rakhay huaye hain. Beher-haal, issi kay saath main iss khabar-naamay ko payaa-e-takmeel tak pohunchaati hun. Itnay sabr-o-tahamul se parhnay ka shukriya 😛


        • @Fizza: Wah … mukarar irshad!!

          Itni saqeel Urdu, aur woh bhi Roman main likhney ke liye, na sorf watercooler balke ek poora saara fridge aap ka hua! Aap isey Karachi ki kisi bhi dukaan se jaa kar khareed sakti hain.. ab ummed rakhti hoon ke aap jumm’ay ke jumm’ay isi tarah hamein ek haftey bhar main honay wali muta’liqa khabron se aagah karti rahen gi … shukriya :p

          LOL at least you can say ke aur kuch nahin tau is thread ne aap ki Urdu ko ek naya nikhaar bakhsha hai 😉


          • Aap ne bilkul bajaa farmaya, meri Urdu mein waqei nikhaar aaya hai *zameen per hassi se laut paut hotay huaye* (ROFL) bus agar aap ki tib-e-naazuk pe garaan na guzray tou aik Karachi ka ticket bhi bhej dain taa keh main apnay tohfay tak rasaayi haasil kar sakun. Almiyaah yeh hai keh Karachi meray sheher se bara dur hai. Fidwi ki bas itni guzaarish hai. shukriya 😛


            • @Fizza: Mu’af kar den baji fidwi.. hamesha yahi ghalati ho jati hai aap ke saath .. chalein mujh yaqen hai ke aap ke sheher main bhi achi dukanen hongi, wahan se khareed lijiye ga … magar zara dekh bhaal ke, sastey wala mat kharid lena… kyonke agar fridge kharab nikla tau phir mujhe se shikayat na kerna! 😜


        • @Fizza: Aray waah aap tou chaa gain 🙂 …lekin ab mujhay fiker ho gi hai pehlay tou apni saqeel /shusta aur berjusta Urdu ki waja say main hi is blog ki be-taaj malka thi lekin lagta hai ab mujhay tough competition milnay wala hai 🙂


      • @SZ Ji: (ager koi mujhay ji keh ker bulata hai tou main bhi oosay jawab main ji keh ker hi bulati hoon 🙂 …lekin ye khayal bhi ata hai lo bhala in ko kia zaroorat thi mujhay itni izat denay ki hahaha….

        Re: Imtihan….ab main kia kahoon…hazar baar kahi hoi baat repeat karoon gi main nay kabhi bhi (jantay boojhtay) hoay aap kaa imtihan lanay ki koshish nahi ki…haan main ye shuraret kabhi kabhi yahan wahan kerti hoon jab mera dimagh ghoom jye lekin aap k sath kabhi nahi ki…mera ye kehna k aap is yaa oos imtihan main paas ho gain…is baat ko aap literal meaning main naa lain..wo tareef kaa aik tareeqa hai jo main use kerti hoon jab mujhay aap ki koi baat bohat achi lagti hai…jab aap kisi ko pasand kertay hain tou aap her roz kuch naya deryaft kertay hain jis say aap ki liking oos k liay aur bhi berh jati hai …aur is liking k izhaar k liay naye naye tareeqay dhoondhna mujhay acha lagta hai

        lekin ek khayal mujhay akser ata hai..anjanay mein hi sahi lekin hamesha main aap k liay imtihaan ban jati hoon jaisay abhi…jo main nay kabhi nahi socha tha..meri terf say tou done ho gaya tha jab @Atty say agree kia tha..aap ko pta hai main dosray dramas per catch up ker rahi hoon is liay is thread per mera ziada active honay kaa koi irada nahi tha…,mera khayal tha yahan kuch patakhay tou zaroor phootein gay lekin SZ bohat aram say control ker lein gi…ye nahi pta tha ba-nafas-e nafees is kaa sehra mere ser ho gaa…aur jahan tak mere apnay imtihan ki baat hai ye hi kahon gi “lo aap apnay daam main saiyaad aa gaya” lol

        Re: Writing being 2 way process….bilkul sahi kaha…mere un-satisfied honay ki waja ye thi k main ziada clarity ziada detail k sath aur ziada depth main aap ko sunna chahti thi jo khahish aap k jawab ki lambai aur chorhai nay poori ker di hai 🙂 …. mujhay aap ki intensions /honesty per koi doubt naa tha ..hai..naa ho gaa…jahan tak diplomatic honay ki baat thi …ab yahan main aap ko apni kahi hoi baat yaad dilaon jo is blog per atay hi create honay wali mis-understanding k baad main nay aap say kahi thi k baaz dafa hum kehna kuch chahtay hain ..keh kuch jatay hain aur main tou most of the time” 🙂 …main likhtay hoay ziada nahi sochti …bus jo dil main hota hai likh dia..koshish hoti hai kisi ki dil azari / tehqeer /tazhik say bachoon…bus…oos main baaz dafa apni baat dosron tak nahi pohuncha pati kiunk kisi k baray main likhtay hoay koi dosra khayal aa gaya tou ek jumla oos per bhi likh dia…dekhnay main lagta hai ye sab kuch ek hi cheez say related hai…baaz dafa main wapis aa ker oos ko clear bhi kerti hoon jab perhnay wala uljhay aur is kaa izhar kray yaa mujhay lagay is ko clear kerna zaroori hai…baaz dafa main rehnay bhi deti hoon

        ye hi yahan hoa…diplomatic honay wali amoomi tor per thi yaani sab k liay khaas tor mere apnay liay kiunk baqi tou baat ker rahay thay aap samate…main nay kuch nahi bola tha abhi tak sirf is waja say k ye bara sensitive topic hai tou waqai main is ko nahi cherhna chahti thi… lekin phir mujhay laga ye mera style nahi hai…isi liay phir main nay khul ker baat kernay ki baat ki..oos kaa matlab ye nahi tha k main aap ko dilomatic yaa aap k words sugar coated keh rahi hoon

        ek aur baat share karoon jab main ye sab likh rahi thi tou ye khayal bhi aa raha tha k kia yaar main fazool bolay jaa rahi hoon bhala is kaa kuch faida ho gaa..first comment k baad mera dil nahi tha wapis anay kaa…mager is khayal say k itnay sensitive issue ko cherh ker ab adhoora chorna munasib nahi wapis aye mager half heartedly likh rahi thi…..lekin jab aap kaa jawab aya…pehlay tou main deri..ab ooper say hi turram khan banti hoon ander say tou chirhya jitna dil hai mera…zara si baat per sehum jata hai…is baar tou bila waja hi 🙂 …lekin jab main nay jawab perha..main bta nahi sakti main kitni khush hoi kiunk mujhay laga ye sab fazool bekaar nahi gaya…is say bohat hasil kia atleast main nay…aaj hum dono ek dosray ko ziada behter tor per jantay hain…humein ek dosray ko samajhnay k mouqay k ilawa naye raston kaa pta chala..aisi cheezein jin per mazid ghor-o fiker mazid observe kernay ki zaroorat hai …touhumaray dermiyaan understanding k is izafay nay mujhay aap k aur bhi close kia hai..zehni qurbet…aur mere liay ye beeeeeeeest feeling hai..jab aap kisi ko ziada behter tor per jannay lagtay hain….sath chalnay k liay do logon kaa ek jaisa hona zaroori nahi bulk baaz dafa 2 different insaan ziada behter companion sabit hotay hain kink wo ek dosray ko samajhtay aur respect kertay hain…tou aur kia chahiay 🙂

        Re: double standards …jaham mera point difference of culture per tha…wahan mujhay Men vs women per bhi baat kerni jo @amudha nay pehly phir aap nay bhi per bhi mujhay kafi ghussa tha..bulk isi per fk humaima aur hamza saba comparison mujhay bilkul nahi per phir kabhi

        ek 2 point aur hain mouqa mila tou abhi baat keroon gi kiunk abhi discussion chal rahi hai..werna wo bhi phir kabhi…chaltay chaltay ye kehna tha bhai humaray Chintoo miyaan ki movie per bhi kuch likh den.. debut tou oon kaa bhi poochnay ki zaroorat nahi k aap nay arsalan kaa review perha hai jo creature per likha hai kiunk mujhay maloom hai zaroor perha ho gaa hahaha….


        • @RJ: I did read Arsalan’s review and it was a fun one – Im adding it below for everybody to read …
          You are absolutely right, if I cover FK’s movie then I should be fair and do Imran and Humaima’s too, and I wanted to do exactly that, but I couldn’t so b/c the movies never released here. Typically only movies with stars like SRK, Salman, Amir Akshay or Kareena Kapoor etc release here, so I didnt get to watch them hence no review … if and when I get a hold of the original dvds I will def do those as well 🙂


    • @RJ: Just saw the comment abt Ashk: yes, spot on .. I totally forgot abt that one warna woh tau sar-e fehrist hota .. I think more like Ive banished it from my memory … I actually wrote non-reviews of that serials .. ugh that was bad on every level!!


  22. kiunk FK nay aaj tak barhi izzat k sath bohat dignified way main kaam kia hai…naa koi scandal…naa koi vulgar kaam… aur ek celeb aur oos k fan k dermiyan jo relation hota hai oos ki waja say mujhay fiker hai k in ka ye crystal clean image berbaad naa ho mera concern sirf itna hai khoobsurat jaisa neat clean kaam main agay bhi dekhna chahti hoon lekin der bhi hai kiunk kai indian critics nay is romance ko “under-done aur juvenile” qaraar day ker ” something more” ki demand ki hai aur fk ki apni statements bhi contradicting hain is hawalay say…baqi veena nay kia kia aur mathira nay kia…seriously mujhay koi perwah nahi…

    so plz understand meri criticism oon k future projects k hawalay say hai is ko khoobsurat k sath naa jorha jye aur ye baat tou release honay say pehlay main nay aap say ki thi k wo first time tou shirtless nahi hoa…so abhi k liay mujhay koi objection nahi hai .. jo kia jitna had tak kia.. kafi tha ..future main isi k aas paas rahein tou humein khushi ho gi…baqi wo ek azad insaan hain apni merzi k malik oon ki life oon ki merzi say ho gi humari dictation per nahhi…ager aisa hoa tou wo bhi thik hai wo koi pehlay insaan nahi jo aisa kren gay and I am sure akhiri bhi nahi hon gay

    thank u so much …mujhay itna hi kehna tha


  23. Awww Afia, lucky you…
    I saw a few pics of the Lahore premier on a fb post…were u by any chance wearing black..if so then I think I saw ur pic there


      • Gr8….glad that now I have a face to your name…I assume the lovely girls in the pic r urs
        Also, belated happy b’day wishes for you…may the almighty shower you with all his blessings (btw besides being big Fawad fans, another thing common between us is the month of our birth)


        • Ahh a Sept born! Happy b’day to you too then 🙂 And thank you for the duas…
          One of the two, longer hair one, is my daughter, the other one my niece.


      • @Atty Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is perfect. Finally getting to hear him talk without being interrupted. And about more long-range things than just the movie.
        “Thamasha beynana chathain hain, to bena dhen” I think sums up his feelings on this entire adventure. LOVE it!


  24. having read a few comments here… would like to state a few things and i hope no one takes these personally coz they are being written in good faith with malice to none:

    Fawad khan is not a star in India. Despite HS and ZGH, he enjoys but little recognition. Yes ZGH was well appreciated and he did get popular but it was Khoobsorat and the humongous promotion of the film orchestrated by the makers that actually catapulted him to centre stage in India. Whatever u may think of Sonam’s acting ability, credit must be given to her for the immense generosity she has shown in sharing the stage with FK..she has in fact let him be the centre of attention. No other actor has been promoted as much as FK has been by her and her team in recent times. And FK shud thank his stars he worked with this set up coz else like many others, he too ran the risk of being a one movie turn. Sonam opens doors. She is an industry insider and Fk has hugely benefited from this fact as well as her effective PR machinery. Having met her can say she is a well brought up gal with no attitude or starry airs. Further, Sonam was a good influence on him. Her joie de verve and effervescence has decidedly rubbed off on him coz he no longer appears to be as rehearsed and studied in his interview these days. So yes, i will say this….This was a dream launch for Fk from the perspective of the mileage that has been provided to him.

    Khoobsorat, as a film is not targeted at us, the older lot. Its a disney film in its very essence-light, superficial and frothy aimed at the teeny boppers and youth in their 20s….on that count, it has been v well received by this segment. The youngsters have liked it. FK too has found praise but he aint the nations heartthrob yet…

    I personally did not like FK in the film. He looked emaciated, too severe with all that facial hair and very unlike a rajput prince. he just didnt look the part. Not his fault.they styled him bad. Also, he needs to work on his hindi delivery. But that too is a minor gripe n can be fixed. he is a good actor no doubt and has picked a good launch film for nothing else but they way he has been promoted..but the test is gonna come now with the second film. That will decide his fate and for that he will have to work darn hard…the PR machinery has made him out to be the next big things etc in India ….but hey, need to put money where the mouth is. If u wanna compete with the Ranbirs, Sids, Varuns, Farhan etc, uve got to deliver twice as much. Fk does come across as sensible. Hope he makes good choices.

    Again, will say that this aint a criticism but some facts that i would like u all to ponder over. Also, pls dont be fooled by all the PR ..FK has been well appreciated but women arent falling over themselves as being reported in the press..thats a lot of PR hype.


    • Agree, but although Sonam gets credit for sharing the attention in interviews etc, I do think the larger credit for PR and his setup in India goes to the whole family – Rhea Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, esp., as the producers.


      • pls read my comment above where ive said that the creative team and sonam both have promoted him big time….but lets be clear…if sonam had put her foot down and wanted to hog all the limelight, FK cudnt have done a thing!! Khoobsorat was a Disney and Sonam film predominantly… so more credit goes to her for generously turning the spotlight on him.


    • @Indepgal: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, its great to read your POV 🙂

      I agree with you that this was a great way for him to enter Bollywood, and also concur with you and @Amudha that the Kapoors did a fab job in presenting FK, allowing him to more than share the stage with Sonam. Their PR ppl really worked hard in ensuring that their hero and by extension their movie got the maximum amt of media coverage. I would like to add one other factor here: Zindagi airing ZGH at just the right time. Ab you can call it his luck or whatever, but I don’t think any PR machinery in the world could do what ZGH, the initial run and the re-run, did for him there …and so whether hes a big star or not in India is another issue, but I think yes, along with the producers, he and his producers should thank Zindagi .. baqi since Im not in India cant comment on whether women are going crazy over him or not .. I think I leave that for our Indian friends to tell us ..

      And yes, absolutely, you are spot on .. the second movie will be the real test .. so lets see 🙂


      • SZ

        ZGH gave him some face time with Indian audiences but Zee zindagi is watched by a small fraction of ppl….what it did do was to give the PR guys a baseline reference in India for him during the khoobsorat promotions…their PR used it big time to propel him forward but actually it is the film and the hype around it (esplly the active promotions on TV) that have made him popular in India.

        i personally think, Fawad is not multi dimensional enuff to be a top BW hero….good actor and looker no doubt but in BW u have to dance, do action plus comedy and re invent urself from time to time. Then again he is too sexy to fall in the irrfan khan, nawazzudin catefory of serious off beat actors. … i am therefore, curious to see what he will do next.


        • @indepgal…. Rightly said …After reading all the praises for FK in KS finally here was some truth.. .
          waise Esa lag ra hai Fawad se zaayada toh uske fans excited hain uske BW debut par. But here in India the picture isn’t that pretty for FK. Upon Seeing his khoobsurat look for the first time, my family(going all ga ga ga for him aftr zgh) was like “yeh kya ho gaya eseh, pehchaan nahi aa raha,….is he the one from zgh…. totally unrecognizable”. Six pack and younger looks ke chakkar mein he lost all his cheeks.
          Although I hv seen few of his Pak interviews but here( in india) FK was a complete disappntment in few of his interviews, so stern rigid cold stressed that too on such a light hearted show like Kapil’s.(I happen to catch glimpses of him on Kapil’s show)..He seemed completely lost. all thrugh the show he was trying to catch up ..Or else maybe he was told to behave that ways to resemble Viku’s shade. Initially I concluded maybe yaar bande ki wife is sitting rite in frnt row… But no, he kept parallel patterns in other talks as well…In all his convo, he too seemed plagued with SKs foolhardy-untimely-random out-of-nowhere laughs. (Everytime SK laughs it sound to me like smbdy scraping nails on chalkboard .Plus She laughs a LOT!! )
          Coming to the point, though FW is doesn’t seem to be drowning and has gained immense face value wid this movie launch (Zindagi gave him a very very restricted audience appeal) but personally I think he deserves more substantial projects for him to remain afloat. Band-gala’s n all that Rajput prince charm didn’t seem to have worked for audiences here(even for an ardent FK fan like me). Plus every indian knows ki Sonam is a muddle-actor. She epitomizes the saying of “beauty without brains”(she is seriously funny ALMOST ALL oF the timeS. On KWK quiz when asked who said the following-“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” she instantly responded Robert de Niro , (paaagli kahin ki) its Gandhiji who had said it. Muhje use badi bechaaari industry mein koi nahi lagti. Her idiotism is just so difficult to ignore.)
          Waise here we are not disussing her idiotism so, coming to the point, to be “THE FAWAD KHAN” in India depends on how he plays his second innings. (there ought to be a blog dedicated to her idiotism, is there any ??) . For him entering BW, is like playing his second innings irrespective of how stupendously he scored in his first one. For me watching him play such clichéd role was a heartbrk. His first performance I saw was in KKL (few years bac), bac then for me he was just some actor beautifully qualifying to play such a difficult role(I didn’t care who he was),unti I rediscovered him as Zaroon(wat a treat) …and than this Khoobsurat….A complete let down.
          He will have to work hard to play EASY roles esp. playing such full-of-crap roles; a super-speciality to BW. Shakaloo-shuraat ke saath saath bandeh mein bharpur talent bhi hai….FK has yet a lot to deliver agar BW mein apni dhaaak jamaani hai toh (bearing in mind he get good offers…!!)Waise agar ek doo saal aur late ho jaata toh fir impossible thaa …lekin abhi todi chance hai. Still BW is full of seasoned lions patrolling their ground andd falling under the likes of such tamed lions might not just take TALENT n Charms but sheer dose of much coveted LUCK!!! Though the path is familiar but the journey can be entirely unalike.
          Waise last year(2013) Dhanush got Filmfare award for BEST DEBUTANT ACTOR male for Raanjhana which was his 23rd or 24th movie and that too after receiving National Award for best actor in year 2011, LIKEWISE to me Fawad seems to be bagging the award for very same category(thugh uski yeh 3rd flick he hai). inshaallah!!!.I can even visualize Sonam Yelling in backdrop.
          Hamari Duua puri-ki-puri aakpe saath hai…parr afasos duua par BW nahi chalta…!!!

          @Indepgal Also I think ur being too generous towards SK on account of her sharing dice n giving FK ample space…Acc to me– baandi ko lagta hai ki mere bharose toh film ne sure-flop hona hai….kyun nah bandey ka he sahara le liya jayee.


          • well analysed. So I guess what we all are saying is that FK can hope to be a Multiplex hero ( as per his performance today) for him to really get going he has to endear himself to the B and C city audience.Thats tricky . even Ranbir and Farhan haven’t managed to do that. He also needs to attract more young audience, the tweens and teens and young adults, who are quite cold till now.


          • Hi Shubhankita, i must say thats a beautiful name. Sounds like a bengali name.

            Coming to Khoobsurat as Fawad’s debut film in bollywood, I do agree with you that he could have chosen a better project as his launchpad. But, to say that this film didn’t do well in general n for him in particular wouldn’t be right considering this movie made on a budget of only 12 Crores (including publicity n all) went on to earn around 50 crores. And I think the main credit for this success goes to Fawad’s popularity.

            As for him being a little uncomfortable n stressed in his interviews, I agree that did happen in his initial interviews including Kapil’s show but during the latter part of the promotional events he looked quite comfortable n confident. This could be coz he took some time to adapt to this whole environment which was quite alien to him but once he got his foothold with the comfort of knowing how popular he had become in India thanks to ZGH, he became quite confident.

            Yes, as a big big Fawad fan, I am really excited with him joining bollywood n not only him, I am happy for other Pak artists like Ali Zafar also who have become a part of BW. I wish these very talented people all d success in BW n hope actors like Sanam Saeed n Mahira Khan join in soon. At the same time, I wish Indians can also become a part of Pak projects coz this is one way that can definitely “Jodey Dilon Ko”.


            • @samrita

              thanku-ji for the compliment….and sorry for sendin it across a little late.
              Indeed, I too wouuld love to see the female brigade joining in soon….
              And yes!!! FK did seem candid and unpretentious in the later interviews… ..
              Nobdy would disagree that india has been very generous to the musicians/singers (in particular) and now dramas ….. though BW is a different play-field altogether…

              Till then patience-pill will work best…


    • @indepgal Even as a Pakistani i absolutely agree to ur point..
      My source of insight into Bollywood celeb’s life is KWK.. Sonam’s 2 appearances on KWK left an image of full-of-herself girl who is sometimes outspoken (in a bad way).. Thanks to Khoobsurat promotional interviews, i got to see another side of Sonam’s personality.. She is truly friendly.. In all her interviews she not only let FK be the center of attention but tried her best to make him comfortable.. she was so caring.. Whenever he was pulled to dance on stage (which was a new thing for FK), she was always there to relax him.. and sometime i even noticed her asking “FK! u okay na?” ..
      And how popular is he in India, obviously u r in a better position to tell us.. but u should not compare his popularity to other Khans or already established heroes.. Assess him as a newcomer and IMO he enjoys enough popularity for a newcomer..
      As to ur statement that reason of his recognition among Indian audience is Khoobsurat promotion, not ZGH.. As far as i know about indian media, Bollywood is center of attention in india compared to TV industry.. Many native TV actors do not enjoy as much recognition as a bollywood debutant.. same goes for FK


      • Hi Atty,

        Not comparing him to the Khans at all….they are in a totally diff league…comparing him to the younger lot of actors ( pls do read my comment above) like ranbir sid, varun, farhan and now will also add ranvir singh…tiger shroff was the last well promoted newcomer… frankly he enjoys more popularity( esplly amoungst the youth and kids) than FK

        FK has garnered interest as a good looking, soft spoken new comer but he has done so more in the above 35 aged women …the younger lot find him good but not going gaga over him…they infact liked the film for sonam.. he needs to prove his mettle in the next film. also he doesnt have age on his side like the other actors ive mentioned above ..thats gonna be a big disadvantage as one starts looking old fairly quick in this profession


    • I totally agree with you.People sre going ga ga over his looks but I found him so unlike prince.His looks were badly designed and that too with a fortune spent on that disastrous look.Acting wise too he was average in the film where as he is capable of so much .He is a great actor and there are no two opinion about it.I am a great fan of FK because of his acting.I literally watch his dramas umpteen no of times coz I really love him.
      I found the film very loose with no editing and no flow.No proper characterization of the all the actors as some body has so rightly pointed out earlier. I was very very disappointed with the film


  25. Also, between, Sonam and Fawad ,as far as interviews go, she is far more enjoyable to watch than him…he is boring. too stilted and careful. Doesnt work for me at fact all their joint interviews, had me thinking ” thank god, for her!” she maybe putting foot in the mouth or being too bubbly but at least she brings some energy..he drones on…in the ndtv interview, FK was totally FAKE! dude, dont play the coy, humble card. we can all see thats not the truth.


  26. SZ, read your review as Indian I wanted to see how the are you seeing Fawad’s debut in Bollywood. I watched the film two days ago. Normally I would not have gone for a Sonam Kapoor’s film but then Fawad 😛 😛 and I am not ashamed or embarrassed I went for it because I wanted to ogle at him. I also took His Highness along for all these years he used to ask what do I see glued into PC, watching shows from Pakistan. Now he knows and good that he knows 😛 😛 Now coming to the film, Khubsoorat the original is a personal favourite of mine for I love subtle love stories and of course Rekha. Lately also it is true subtle love stories which can be watched with family are not happening much in Hindi Cinema (Indian film industry is also quite huge in many different regions of the country). Since I was only going for Fawad I did not have much hope but I am happy to say they did not copy the original much except keeping the basic storyline intact. Sonam Kapoor was jarring more because of her dress sense, I did not understand you do not have to be a fashion icon but you can be a ordinary dresser with basic practical clothes because in that class it also would be looking out of place. She could have been clumsy but her appalling table manners more so since she moves around with high profile clients were sore to the eyes. While Sonam was jarring, Fawad was soothing, thank god he did not break into a jig. Nevertheless as a film I enjoyed it, some funny dialogues, with good acting by the cast in general and no blood bath and fight scenes, a happy movie, the conclusions of which was known but nevertheless you like to watch what is going on. I am proud of Fawad, atleast I can now go around say well you are discovering him now while I know him for yeas since humsafar days 😉


    • @Tinni: LOL @His Highness! Seems like you really got in to the royal spirit there 😉 So tell us, what did His Highness think?

      Yes! Like you I too loved loved Rekha in that film and the film itself was fab .. loved Dina Pathak, Ashok Kumar and Shashikala, the music, the Hrishikesh Mukherjee signature style of story telling .. so yeah was actually relieved that they did not even go there and presented their own take on it … which was as frothy as can be expected of a Disney movie 🙂

      And yes thank the lord he didnt break into a jig!!

      Haha! I hear you .. thats what I tell everybody who talks abt the hot n happening Khoobsurat hero 🙂 🙂


  27. SZ, can you believe it His Highness is mighty impressed with my hero 😉 I heard him telling his cousin we went for Khubsurat as Tinni is fan of the Pakistani guy, the hero Fawad, quite handsome and good voice 🙂 🙂 My dewarji looked at me and asked Pakistani? I replied yes I watch Pakistani shows as Indian ones are too long for my tastes 😛 😛


  28. Hi…I am from India…. Sonam was loud in 95%.of the movie Khoobsurat, afterall Daddy Anil Kapoor is there to take care of her…..FK was the saving grace and ofcourse others did their bit…excellent dignified and restrained performance from FK and anyway I expected it….but he looked very thin as compared to Humsafar and ZGH….I wonder why??….maybe it was his diabetes playing up……too lean ….many people found him thin here….as for whether he is hero material….only time will tell….but yes he is by far a very sensitive and natural actor…..hope he chooses movies well and makes our zindagis gulzar.:)


  29. @indepgal I do agree with your comment on Sonam’s willing sharing of the spotlight. BW is a cutthroat business. It also closes ranks very fast. Literally hundreds of thousands of actors are unable to breach the first defence wall. Actors like Irrfan or Nawazuddin who devour the frame by their sheer acting prowess had to wait for decades to be discovered and allowed entry. BW dosent make it easy for anyone.. its the real game… someone invests crores on you…you have to get thru the competition. In that way yes I agree, FK was served entry on a plate. And yes he was promoted very well. Ali Zafar is also being promoted but then it is the Yash Raj Films banner, the biggest in India. And that is a multi starrer where the other 3 actors are way more popular than he is. But this was a single hero film and yes Sonam was remarkably gracious.
    FK does need to polish up his interview skills. He is not a fake and his sincerity comes through but he needs to let that reserve go. he can be a delightful interviewee if he stops thinking of it as an inquisition and just accepts it as a conversation. He was lucky that in this round he got interviewed by the really soft interviewers. As he goes up the ladder there are going to be really serious and pushy interviewers who will want him to take stand and be stimulating. He will get better with time undoubtedly.


  30. Hi, very well written Shubhankita and so very true…….I hope he gets the right kind of roles……he is an extremely natural and talented actor…….I hope he does well……and Lady Luck smiles on him……


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