Firaaq ~ Episode 3 Review


Can we just begin with a standing ovation for Uzma Gilani?

The lady is absolutely amazing! How fabulous is she as Maa ji?! That opening sequence, even if it did run over by a few seconds, Uzma’s body language and her expressive face that expressed a gamut of expressions – from satisfaction and superiority, to surprise and confusion, to betrayal and hurt, to loss and helplessness, to a visible straightening of her shoulders, willing herself to stand up and calling on her last bit of strength from an almost depleted reservoir of emotions, as her daughter walked out the door – was like watching a master class in acting. Yes, I can totally understand why that scene was allowed to go on for that long. On their parts, Aabis and Ilyas Kashmiri did a great job of framing the opening sequence through the grillwork on the staircase.f4Before we came to Uzma ji’s moment, however, we had Payman coming out of her room, responding to Shams’ call. The flat voice, deadpan eyes, rigid back, fleeting hesitation and then sidestepping her mother, walking past her, towards her brother, and finally opening the door to walk out of her mother’s house and perhaps her life.. But walking out is never easy. Specially on your own mother. Payman’s silent look back gave voice to all that had remained unsaid for so long. It was in that moment that Sanam Saeed came of age as an actor. A huge round of applause for this young lady who continues to work on her craft and is going from strength to strength.

F14So good were these two ladies in that opening sequence that it was easy to forgot that Junaid Khan was in the scene as well. Shams. The brother who had walked out so many years ago and had now returned to rescue his sister. Shams is the catalyst who helps widen the scope of the story, leading to Payman meeting Roomi and Imroz.

But before getting to their takraa, I have to express my disappointment at Shams’ flatlined character. In a story that delves deep into human emotions I would’ve loved to have seen some kind of introspection on Shams’ part, possibly some feelings of guilt on having left his sister behind, perhaps a couple of awkward scenes between the siblings, a conversation about the new guest between the off-and-on sparring spouses? Instead all we got was an all- is-hunky-dory scenario between the once estranged siblings. Going by what we saw in this episode and in the precap for the next one, it is almost as if Payman has exchanged a crazy parent for a weird bhai n bhabhi.

And on the bhabhi, why is Sara feeling guilty? Wasn’t she the one who felt for Payman in the first place? As Imroz rightly points out, she was quiteF3 gung ho for her husband to make peace with his past, and was willing enough for the siblings to reunite, but is now stepping back. Guess her enthusiasm didn’t include her husband bringing his sister home. Now she’s feeling sorry for Maa ji?  For once I found Imroz’s diagnosis relevant, although I continue to think that as a therapist he is a little too quick with his on the spot analysis and quick fix advice. I am finding that while the leads are well etched out, the others seem to exist solely for the purpose of propelling the story forward. Add to Cybil’s inexperience her unexciting character and I am left unmoved by not just Sara’s, but also Shams’ concerns and dilemmas.

F15Now that Payman has moved into her brother’s house, the spotlight has shifted from her troubles with Maa ji to her burgeoning relationships with Roomi and Imroz. Roomi enters her life as her painting instructor/life coach, rangon ki khushboo…. samjhna sab se zyada zaroori hai  kyonke agar yeh samajh aa gaya tau tumhara kaam khud hi mehakney lage ga. I don’t know how Payman put up with his nonstop bak bak but I seriously wanted to muzzle Roomi – uff! How much does this man speak?! Koi full stop comma lagaye baghair! His lagataar bak bak and Saaroo-ing reminded me of all the reasons why I had hated Khizar way back when. Not that we saw it, but I guess somewhere along the line Roomi did pause to take a breath, hence the precap sees him declaring his interest in Payman, stirring up a rivalry with his bff Imroz.

While I failed to sense any spark whatsoever between Roomi and Payman, there was crackling chemistry between Payman and Imroz. F13Now that he has left his burgundy suit behind, I have to say Dr. Imroz has cleaned up pretty nicely. Ab if only he would keep his eyes on the road when driving, stop listening to old phone messages, not look at Payman as if he were continually analyzing her, and be less friendly with his bak bak bff, then I would say we are in business. His lines about emptiness in not only his house but also his life led up nicely to the first takra between the two. Ab lets see where the three go from hereon forward. I sincerely hope this promising story does not devolve into yet another trite love triangle. Mohib Mirza definitely left an impression in this episode, no mean task when you have the two leading ladies at the top of their game in a female oriented story.

So far so good. I am enjoying Mustafa Afridi’s script and his characterization of Payman and Maa ji in particular has been really impressive. The volume of background score was thankfully lowered and I liked the apt OST placement in the Payman-Imroz scene. Aabis Raza is showing tons of improvement since his ill-fated Kadoorat and Main Deewani. While I wished that some of Roomi’s bak bak had been judiciously trimmed, the Angelina Jolie reference was beyond lame, other scenes – the opening, Mohib and Sanam in the car, their ji ji intro, although it would’ve been nice if we could’ve seen them together in one frame rather than the cut up POV shots, and the one with Uzma and Mazhar Ali – were very well done.


I began with Uzma so it seems apt that I end with her. Loved her scene with Mazhar Ali! Am in total awe! You hate her but cant help feeling for her. Also enjoyed the way Haider is gradually opening up and showing more depth. He is not as placid as he had seemed in the opening episodes. So yeah, so far no firaaq between me and the serial!

What did you all think of this episode? Still on board?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Great review!! I am really enjoying it!! Yes Uzma Fulani is fab as is Sanam Saeed!! They both have done total justice, and yeah mohib was much better this episode! I like his and Sanams scenes, definitely some chemistry there!
    This looks so different and so makes me intrigued as to how it will play out.
    I actually think junaid is much better here, compared to his previous roles which had been irritating and had him typecast somewhat.
    Hopefully it will continue to be engaging, and looking forward to the next episode.


    • @SK: Hey! Great to meet you here weekly 🙂 LOL @Fulani 😉 Your ohone typos, you know, are sure shot indicators of whether a drama is good or bad, and going by that seems like we’re in for a good ride 🙂

      Haan, agree with you on JK … hes so much better here.. but somehow going by the way his temper fluctuates I am afraid that we meet be in for a MeJ redux … but I am willing to be proven wrong .. dekhte hain!


  2. It was a nice episode and d almost breakdown of Maa ji and then her effort in collecting herself after Paymaan left, for a split moment, made me angry at Paymaan for leaving her mother. So well was the scene executed and enacted.

    Things seem to be moving at great speed. Imroz isn’t working for me and at this point I am more for Roomi Paymaan than Imroz Paymaan. At least they both have their passion for art in common, else don’t see Y Imroz wld fall for Paymaan, unless her very demeanor fascinates the psychiatrist in Imroz?


    • @Radiant: I see what you’re saying re: Payman and Roomi, but I guess its his nonstop bak bak that is stopping me from seeing any good in him, and the fact that he is soooo similar to Khizar in Humsafar … absolutely hated that guy for all that he did to Khirad n Ashar .. so many years down the road and I’m still unwilling to forgive him haha! 😉

      Re: Imroz and Payman, yes, I too am wary that it might be her “case” rather than Payman herself that interests him, but I do get the sense that he is intrigued by her as a person as well…. All that talk abt ghar being khaali and life being khaali and that long convo that we all pretty much tuned out last week, between Roomi and Imroz, I think was all hinting at Imroz looking to be in a relationship … but lets see …
      No matter who she picks, I just hope that the two men are not declaring their love for her as a means to get her out of her shell, or provide some other kind of half baked psychological reasoning … this is where most of our writers and directors flail very badly .. and so fingers crossed!


  3. @SZ: Hi! I am in sync with your review totally! UG / SS sequence in the beginning and UG/ Mazhar Ali sequence later on both stood out in this episode. Good to see SS raising the bar when opposite another good actor, perhaps this is what worked for her in ZGH too when pitted against Fawad/ Samina etc.. Good for her! Hope the other actors here also do the same.

    To tell you the truth, at this point, I am okay with all of them. The story is still opening up. Cybil does seem a bit colourless right now, hope it will get better for her as the story gets going. Even her accent feels acceptable given the setting of the story, definitely not as jarring as KW’s in Numm.

    Coming to our three heroes, Noor Hassan comes across as a lot more confident actor here as compared to his outing in Aseerzadi. Junaid Khan has to up his act a bit, right now he is stiff and straight but he is playing a different role here, hope it gets better for him as it goes along. Mohib Mirza seems to be testing the water still, gives that kind of impression, maybe that is a character trait of Imroz, will have to wait and see!

    I feel like @Radiant at this point in the story…that there is more common ground between Paiman and Roomi than Imroz and Paiman. Feels like Imroz is looking upon her as some kind of case-study!! All in all, looks like Paiman escaped mom’s house to get caught between these two guys! Hoping like you that this does not become a “trite love triangle” story!

    Looking forward to the next episode.


    • @RR: Haha! KW did set an all time new low bar for us didn’t she?!

      Yes, sure, Cybil is nowhere nearly as bad, but to me her inexperience is showing, not cause of her accent, but in how emotionless her voice and face are .. but again as you say its only three eps, so lets give all of them a break … except Roomi aka Khizar … doesn’t the character remind you of him? This episode in particular? As he was talking to Payman and Sara and going on and on, I just wanted to bang my metaphorical spoon on my on metaphorical plate and stomp out of the room, much like Ashar did in Humsafar, when Khizar was going on and on abt the bhindi and the soup .. Ok, I am now begining to sound like I too need Dr. Imroz to help me get over my Khizar-o-phobia LOL!

      Yes, even I got that impression ke Imroz was checking out Payman, both as a potentially interesting case as well as a woman he could fall in love with … but lets see … since I already read that ugh fb spoiler I know how its gonna play out, but I dont know the particulars, so like you all just wracking up the mumkinats 🙂


  4. oh definitely a standing ovation to legendary actress! i loved loved loved the scene and dialogues between Uzma G and Mazhar Ali..
    “apna KHOON dekh rahi hun”.. uf! dil pe lga Maa ji ka jumla.. Poor lady! chalo Payman k sath ziadti ki, but betay ney tau be-jaa saza dey di thi doosri shadi ki..
    “APNAY lgaye huay zakhm ka itna dard nahi hota jitna APNO k lgaye huay zakhm ka”.. KhalilurRehman qamar ki yaad aa gayi, oh i miss Pyaray afzal.
    My second favorite scene was Payman and Maa ji’s conversation on sketches.. “kitni baar kaha hai jaandar cheezo ki tasveer mat bnaya karo” “nae banae” “ye kia hai?” “YE MAIN HUN.. Be jaan, be rang”.. cant express my feelings on YE MAIN HUN..
    Sanam saeed is so talented. I m sure one day Our kids will b discussing SS as a Legend like v r discussing Uzma G today.. I was so happy when Ayesha khan on HSY show praised SS’s acting.. so glad media ppl r also appreciating her talent.


    • @Atty totally with u on the dialogues.. how amazing were they and UG & SS made them sound so much more…. dil ko lage Thaa kar ke!!!
      and I can imagine the next generation talking abt SS being a legend just like we talk abt UG… sheer brilliance!


    • @Atty: Absolutely! Very well put indeed! Agree with you on the Mustafa Afridi’s lovely lines .. erally enjoying the writing and the shading of characters here!


  5. As far as other characters r concerned, SS and junaid khan scenes almost make me laugh because “bhai” immediately reminds me of Mataa-e-jaan where they were playing husband wife..
    As for now i m not buying Imroz’s love at first sight.. Roomi’s inclination looks much more logical.. Roomi’s bak bak was irritating with Shams and Imroz, but i enjoyed it with Payman..


    • @Atty: LOL Ok, lagta hai I’m the only one backing Payman and Imroz’s relationship … chalein let see .. this coming episode I will remove my Khizar wala chashma and watch them all through fresh, brand new analytical lens.. dekhtey hain aagey kya hota hai 🙂

      Haan, JK and SS do crack me up each time she says bhai to him .. they do remind me of Adam and Yamina 🙂


    • @Atty: completely agree with love first sight k chaker say nikal ker ab humaray writers ko kuch different sochna chahiay jis main logic aur reasoning kaa bhi kuch dakhul ho…imroz sahib dekhtay hi flat ho gai aur bhi kis cheez per abhi tak mujhay samajh nahi ay…lekin is drama ko dkhnay kaa tareeq ye hi hai k characters k baray main ziada naa socha jye…bus dekho enjoy main samjhi hoon abi tak


  6. Was waiting eagerly for your review SZ since watching this episode…n I must say that once again you haven’t disappointed…paid attention to each n every minute detail….

    Loving this drama so far n its getting better each week….UG, MA, SS all fantastic actors…proved their mettle once again

    Really liked the chemistry between Imroz n Paymaan…just wishing that I had not read the storyline on fb coz would have enjoyed it more

    Agree with you abt the UG n MA scene…very well executed…felt for Maaji though wanted Paymaan to come out of her mom’s overbearing shadow
    Also, found the reference to Angelina Jolie n Brad Pitt a little difficult to digest…could have done without it

    Sara’s character so far is the weakest, maybe coz of Cybil’s inexperience….Junaid was OK n so was Noor as Roomi

    Waiting for the next episode


    • @Samrita Kapoor: Yayyyy!!! Chalo koi tau hai mere jaisa who sees some kind of a flame b/w Payman and Imroz .. or perhaps its because we’ve boh read that stupid spoiler, but chalo khair hai .. at least I dont feel quite so alone now 😉

      And a belated six month happy b’day to your son .. how cute is that ke you celebrate these important but generally overlooked milestones … waisey wow hats off to you my friend .. a 10 yr old and 6 month old! Girl, you certainly have your hands full … and then you still manage to make time for FK, and hamarey liye bhi!! Wah! Thank you!

      On that note, I should say that I really appreciate all of you for taking out time out from your otherwise very busy lives and choosing to spend some of it here with all of us – thank you! 🙂


      • Thanks SZ for your wishes…hands r definitely full but I have always loved spending an hour or 2 of the day with myself even if it means being awake till late after everyone goes off to sleep…my childhood memories n now your beautiful reviews have got me hooked to these dramas n wouldn’t want to miss the discussion on this forum at all…right now daughter off to school n son sleeping…so thought of sparing half an hour for myself…


  7. SZ, after a long time it seems I am watching what you are watching. Well I hope this story will be somewhat different from what we have normally. The mother – son relationship is a story by itself and of course Shams – Sara and Payman (Sanaam Saeed fantabulous) her becoming free (with little chances though with two men hovering around ;)) what I am looking forward to many layers of psychological evolution in building up of the plot, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

    P.S: SZ since you write such wonderful reviews I would love to have Khubsoorat’s review from you. Being an Indian I would like to see how people across the boarder reacting to the film, not that I care for Sonam much but Fawaad, ah well 😛 😛


    • @Tinni: Hey! Welcome back 🙂 Yes, great to be on the same page again – been a while!

      Re: Firaaq: Yes, I think we are all in the same boat and hoping that the story lives up to its promise and we are not cheated out of a complex narrative, and given flat cradboard characters like we saw in MSKSH … OH, I have to tell you, I tried to watch the last couple of eps of that serial, because I had told you I would, but honestly, I couldnt make myself watch it all the way till the end … so was sorely disappointed .. but lets keep our fingers crossed this time around and hopefully this wont disappoint and we can all stay the course throughout 🙂


  8. Hi SZ, I agree with Tinni n would love your review on Khoobsurat..loved d movie…really liked Sonam for the first time n just loved, loved, loved Fawad…I know I sound like a star struck teenager here (though my daughter will be a teenager in another 3 yrs..hehe) but this is the famous Fawad effect


  9. For me Firaq is turning out to be the highlight of my weekend tv.. i mean with weekend now packed with the Good Wife and Downton Abbey as well as Jackson Heights, thats quite something! Im finding the story quite intriguing (shukr hai ive managed to stay away from the fb page) and some of the performances are pretty mindblowing. UG and SS.. what a jori! and MA was also amazing.
    The UG, MA and SS didalogues have been something else.. its almost as if they r penned by a different writer alogether.. or is it to do with the three of them living together for so long that they are all on similar level.
    Im really enjoying the pace.. bar roomis ”bak bak” and imroz’s old messages i dont think we got much faltoo air time.
    I wouldve found the ji ji sequennce boring and stupid but it was done so well that i cant belive i found myself laughing..twice! in the after the break teaser and during the play.. just goes to show how good SS and MM were!
    but wth was that angelina or brad joke?? ..
    @SZ u mentioned Roomi showing his interest in Payman in the promo.. i thought it was Imroz ..the voiceover with sketches was that of MM.. no? i thought roomi is still in love with sara and payman is ”no sara jaisa piece…” Sara is probably trying to play match maker for roomi and payman…I was thinking that will be the ground for one big fat misunderstanding… perhaps i felt that way because i felt zero spark between roomi and paiman in this episode.. only roomi trying to befriend her help paiman open up.. but then again i might be totally wrong.. mmm mumkinat..


    • @FAL: Haha! Talk abt a packed weekend! And then add Khoobsurat into the mix, and the start of the Fall season lineup and wow! I feel like I need to go to a TV/Film detox spa .. so ab dont be surprised if you read Roomi being called Khizar and Imroz bein called Farda ( Imroz is today in Persian and Farda is tomorrow … sorry lame joke, I know 😦 )

      Re: Roomi being interested in Payman, I said that because I thiught I saw a very crestfallen look on his face when Imroz tells him that he is in love with Payman, and didnt you think he looked rather pleased when Sara was trying to convince him ke Payman was interested in him … waisey dont you think for a person raised in the West its kinda weird for her to think ke just because Payman said she was impressed by Roomi it automatically meant that she was in love with him … this is the kind of a thing that I would expect a desi bhabhi to do … but khair .. maybe I am projecting too much ..but I have to say I somehow dont like Sara .. I think shes no seedhi saadhi lady either … I dont think she is too thrilled by the way her hubby brought his sister home, nahin? what do you and everybody else think?

      So yeah Firaaq is certainly turning out to be good so far, but I have been burnt before, is liye keeping my expectations in check 😉


      • @SZ haina! After such a dry spell it seems it will take some time getting time used to.. Abb hamare sabr ka chappar phaar ke phal mil gya hai aik saath lol… And how can we forget khoobsurat!
        Re Khizar: im with u.. He was def khizr rebirn esp with his sarooo! I wonder if that was deliberate. Actually come to think of it didnt aunty farida pack and dispatched him away to amrika?? Yeh wohi khizr tou nahin with saraoo hang over? Lol.. Abb payman is his new project after khirad lol.. Ok sorry im losing my marbles..
        Btw khizar reborn is in firaaq, fk is on big screen.. If only we could have mk somewhere too….is there Anything from mk in pipelines our way?
        Re the roomi/payman : yes i noticed he look on roomis face when imroz shows his intetest.. But i thought that might have been to do with him knowing what paiman wants ie roomi ba zaat-e-khud lol.. But now that uve put that way i can see where ur coming from.
        Re sara: yes def no seedhi sadhi! If she could turn up at her long lost/never seen mother-in -laws house just like that, and the coded and fully loaded phone call convo with roomi.. All suggests kitni seedhi hai! Oh well shes the one who opened the pandora box! Lol


        • @FA Be ready! u r going to have MK in Sadqay Tumharay soon.. Have u seen the promos?
          Uf seriously! so much to watch and then discuss.. It will take some time to manage all this


  10. Hi SZ, I am with Tinni here n would love your review on Khoobsurat….loved the film n really liked Sonam for the first time n just loved, loved, loved Fawad…I know I sound like a star struck teenager here (though my daughter will be a teenager in another 3 years..hehe) but this is the famous Fawad effect


    • @Samrita n @Tinni: Ladies, aap ki farmaish sar aankhon par .. my take on Khoobsurat is up ab waiting to read yours and everybody else’s take 🙂

      @All: Apologies for the radio silence! Been running around todayand had a crazy weekend, but will start responding later tonight 🙂


  11. Hi everyone, what a wonderful drama and even more wonderful review. I am watching this yet again for my favourite Sanam Saeed. Superbly performed and totally convincing as Paymaan. This girl has sheer amount of talent. She simply becomes what she plays be it Shazia of Mera Naseeb, Bibi of Talkhiyan, Kashaf of ZGH or now Paymaan of Firaaq. Even I find Imroz and Paymaan as more convincing couple than Rumi and Paymaan. I think Imroz understands Paymaan better. Well the lady who plays character of Maa ji is phenomenal. Kudos to everyone, a very intriguing drama and looking forward to the next episode and review. Someone please tell Sanam Saeed that she is already a legend for me – a fan from India.


  12. Hey SZ and friends….finally caught up with this ep …. and it was fab fab fab.! loved the review as well- says it all- nothing else to add really. Especially love UG and MA’s scenes together ❤


  13. Oh God itna bura review touba touba …kia ho gaya hai aap ko SZ…sorry to say ab pehlay wali baat nahi … nahi bus is say ziada drama nahi ho sakta….SZ main aap ko bataon aap Wahid online friend hain jin k sath bila sochay samjhay bilkul frankly aur freely her tra kaa mazaq ker laity hoon …believe me ye dramay sirf aap k sath kerti hoon …kiunk mera dil chahta hai masti kernay ko lekin sirf yahan 🙂 …pta nahi ab aap khush hain yaa preshaan…..mujhay itna ser per cherhanay per afsos ho raha hai yaa fakher …jo bhi hai lekin main bohat mazay main hoon 🙂 …sub say achi baat jo mujhay lagti hai aap kisi bhi cheez ko personal nahi laitin…aur ye quality bohat kum logon main dekhi hai…ye pehli cheez thi jo meri aap k liay pasand ki waja bani aur aaj itna lamba safer teh kernay k baad bhi jahan mujhay aap ki aur be-shumar khoobiyon ko deryaft kernay kaa mouqa mila lekin ye quality abhi bhi top per hai 🙂 …

    ji tou baat ho rahi thi ab pehlay wali baat nahi rahi..ji bilkul kiunk baat pehlay bhi agay berh gai hai…Beautiful review ..I loved it..loved it ..loved it..aap kaa sense of humor bohat classy refined sath hi crunchy aur crispy bhi hai jis ki wja say main isay ziada pasand kerti hoon 🙂 …pta nahi aap nay kis niyat say likha per mujhay ye bohat review funny laga aur perhtay hoay main bohat hunsi 🙂

    drama ki kia baat baat mujhay last 2 episodes say preshan ker rahi thi k drama bohat fast jaa raha hai review main aap nay bohat detail isi point per baat ki hai..aur preview say pta chalta hai ye raftaar mazid tez ho rahi hai kum honay ki bajaiy…abhi last epi say main soch rahi thi k ager ye itnay fast jaa rahay hain tou is kaa matlab hai actual story kuch aur hai wo nahi jo hum dekh aur samajh rahay hain ..aur ab mera dil chah raha hai FB per check karoon…sub say ziada der is baat kaa hai k story fast forward main agay jaa ker ek point per stuck ho jye gi phir circles main whin ghoomti rahay gi…allah naa kray ek potentially strong aur different drama is tra berbaad ho..sub bolo ameen 🙂

    mer fave scene UG aur mazher k dermiyaan tha….aap nay sahi kaha k UG ki zaberdust acting hai jis ki waja say hum is character ko napasand kernay k sath sath is k liay apnay dil main sympathy bhi patay hain…jahan tak characters ki baat hai main kisi hud tak sara ko samajh sakti hoon..dekhein wo family reunion chahti thi apnay liay..kiunk imroz k mutabiq oos ki problems k solution k liay shamas ko apni maan milay lekin is k opposite hoa..maan ji aur shamas tou ek naa hoay ulta maan ji say oon ki beti bhi alag ho gai….ab sahi tha yaa ghalat is say qata nazer lekin sara kaa maqsad ye nahi tha naa hi mujhay lagta hai oos ko paymaan main koi itna interest tha yaani apnay aap say ziada tou nahi ho sakta…ab is k baad sara ur shamas k relation main kuch change aye gaa yaa nahi ye tou waqt hi bataiy gaa…

    lekin sara k ilawa baqi teeno characters shamas /roomi aur imroz ..mujhay bilkul nahi samajh aa rahay..ab ye writing kaa flaw hai yaa wo isi tra likhay gai hain..abhi is stage per kehna mushkil hai…noor hasan aaj phir khizer hang over kaa shikaar thay…lekin shuker thori der baad hi sambhal gai yaani meri berdasht khatum honay say pehlay 🙂 …ok ji main bohat excited hoon next episode k liay ..itni k almost decide ker lia tha k ye review skip ker doon gi mager janab ki maqna teesi taqat ko salam jo yahan khench lai 🙂


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