Jackson Heights ~ Episode 1 Review


Thaa jis ka intezar ….

Yes! Jackson Heights was the one serial that everyone and their uncle, and aunt for that matter, were eagerly looking forward to …. after all it is not everyday that you get actors the caliber of Marina Khan (don’t think anybody can ever replace her as my most beloved celeb – sorry, Fawad Khan and Adeel Husain, hot n happening as you guys are, sorry! Aap loag are nowhere near the spot she occupies in my heart –  10711444_10153197522083662_277412806_nshe’s just that special!), Nauman Ijaz, Adnan Jaffar, Aamina Sheikh, and Ali Kazmi, all together in one serial. Top off this casting coup with Mehreen Jabbar as a director, Vasay Chaudhry as the writer and Nausheen Dadabhoy as the DOP and you know you are in drama heaven. Magar yeh sab tau thi airing se pehley ki excitement … did the first episode live up to the hype? Read on…

The first installment opened with stunning  visuals of New York’s skyline, smoothly zooming into a busy street corner in one of the most ethically diverse and heavily populated neighborhoods in the city – Jackson Heights. Vasay Chaudhry’s somber opening  monologue set the tone and mood for this episode in particular and the serial in general.

Jackson Heights is a story of those who leave their homes, some with stars in their eyes and others because they have no choice, to come to what is seen as the land of milk and honey, a place where streets are paved with gold, and rose-colored J1dreams are transformed into glitzy reality in the snap of a finger. The reality, unfortunately, is quite the obverse, as can be heard in the world-worn weary voice of Imran Bhatti, a taxi-driver who left his hometown fifteen years ago. For his relatives back home, with the sole exception of his mother, he is little more than a money minting machine. His nephew Jamshed aspires to follow in his uncle’s footsteps, nothing that anybody says is going to sway his mind – not his lady love, nor the promise of a sifarishi government ki naukri –  he is that determined.

Imran Bhatti, the over friendly and annoyingly chatty cabbie, serves as the linchpin that connects the various characters and holds the story together. He is Jamshed’s uncle, and try as he might he cannot dissuade his nephew from his blinkers on mujhe Amreeka jaana hi hai attitude. In the US, given his seniority, in terms of age as well as the number of years he’s lived in Jackson Heights, Imran is popular among the younger blue collar desi immigrants, and is well acquainted with Michele the owner of a popular Pakistani hangout Jackson Diner. From his various interactions it was easy to see that he is the one who keeps his family going back in Pakistan, and here he is the  to whom the younger guys look up to in terms of having their back. Be it lending extra money when J7they conveniently run short of cash, or running interference with Michele, when the younger guys are unable to clear their dues at her diner, he is har dam haazir.

Its not just the guys he looks after, its the desi gals too, whether they ask for his help or not. The hardworking beauty parlor worker Salma is a reluctant beneficiary of his patently heavy handed tum-ek-na samajh- kamzor-aurat-ho aur-main-zabardasti-tumhari-hifazat-karoonga attitudeHave to say I totally got Salma’s aggravation at that point. Who the heck appointed this guy her savior? But then the way she is compelled to swallow her pride and accept this guy’s help was beautifully handled. Kudos to Vasay, Mehreen, Nauman and Aamina for getting that paternalistic desi mard vibe and Salma’s annoyance and fear just right.

J8Along with being a story of blue collar immigrants, Jackson Heights is also a story of the very suave and charming banker Rizwan. An Indian Muslim from Bombay, he is very interested in changing his friends-only status with Michele to something more serious and permanent. The lady in question, on the other hand is still dealing with the baggage of her past and her troubled relationship with Pakistan. Their relationship, therefore, is a no-go at the moment and we see them as good friends, who enjoy each other’s company. Their easy banter and genuine camaraderie, along with the earlier beautifully done romantic sequence in Pakistan were beautifully woven into the narrative, nicely breaking up an otherwise serious episode.

Overall I enjoyed this more realistic take on diasaporic life and issues – thank you for sparing us the lakefront mansions and the high flying lifestyle. In many ways Jamshed, and his naïve desire to go to the US where money13953985981a67f-big-1 was literally growing on trees, reminded me  of our beloved Mujtaba, the protagonist in Six Sigma’s own Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan. In an otherwise well written scipt I found Imran bhai’s back story too trite and cliched (by the way how many caught on to Nauman Ijaz’s blooper?). Let’s hope we don’t have to deal too much with his typical roti amma and lalchi bhabhi aur bhai.  Also, fantastic as Nauman is, and crucial as Imran is to the story line, I felt there was way too much screen time devoted to hamarey aapke saarey jag ke bhai, Imran bhai.  I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more of Michele, Rizwan, Jamshed, and Salma’s tracks. Hopefully as the story spreads out we will see other characters come into their own as well.

In times of setting, basing the story in Jackson Heights is a great idea – a huge round of applause for Shehrazade Sheikh! TJ9his racially and economically diverse neighborhood lends itself naturally to telling this kind of a multi-track story. Though a more serious story than we have seen before from Vasay’s pen, I enjoyed this change of pace from him. I liked the deft interspersing of light and dark moments and appreciated the clean crisp dialogues. Like we saw in Mata-e Jaan, here too Mehreen has a firm hold on the onscreen narrative and the transitions between Pakistan and US seemed effortless. While MJ’s brand of story telling was evident from the get go – nothing over the top, everything as natural as can be – the one thing that truly stood out was the background sound. I loved the way various kinds of music was skilfully employed to create the right ambiance for every scene. I honestly wish that this episode could be shown to sound editors at Geo, Express, Hum, Ary… this is how you do sound right!

I had loved Nausheen Dadabhoy’s camerawork in Josh, and here too the lighting and frames were beautifully done –  loved the rooftop romantic J11scene. In terms of acting, this was Nauman Ijaz’s episode. Marina Khan and Adnan Jaffar were fabulous. Aamina Sheikh shone as the over-worked Salma. I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with this Haseena beauty parlor employee as the story unfolds. Aamina’s de-glammed look had me thinking if only some of our newer actresses could take a page or two out of her playbook and go easy with their OTT makeup and hair. Adeel Husain left me wanting to see more of his Jamshed. Ali Kazmi is yet to make an appearance. Meher Jaffri was pleasant in her brief cameo and Naghma ji was a lovely surprise.

All in all the serial has started off on a strong note. Given our bad drama experiences in recent months I don’t want to jinx anything, but let me just say that I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode.  What about you all? Kaisi lagi pehli qist?

Written by SZ~

Jackson Heights ~ OST 

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    • @Sonia: Go back and check Nauman Ijaz’s phone convo w/his brother.. twice he refers to his brother as Imran bhai rather than Iqbal bhai 🙂

      Aur baqi what did you think of the episode as a whole?


  1. SZ wonderful review . I had a hangover of pehchan and MHMD . But jackson height replace MHMD . I am so happy to see my most favorite Marina khan . After long time !!! There are so many thing about this drama that I love it, Mahreen ,Marina , Numan Ijaz and specially newyork .so many familiar seen .
    NUman Ijaz stole the show ,Though Marina kahn was so natural .looking forward for next episode .
    Can you do me a favor . What is the meaning of these words —–muzaira. Mohazibana. Khulus . Thanks SZ.


    • @Ranjan: Thank you 🙂 So glad that you will be, hopefully, joining us here every week… missed hearing from you 🙂
      Me too!! I just love love Marina Khan, so I would’ve watched this no matter what, but I am so glad that the serial has started off on a strong note. What with all the stars and MJ and Vasay Ch, I felt like a kid in a toy store not knowing which way to turn and what to pick first!

      Re: translations, sure, absolutely:
      Muzhaira: Display
      Mohazibaana: courteously, urbanely, displaying good manners, so mohazibaana tariqe se would mean: in a cultured manner…
      Khulus: sincerity, cordiality.. so khulus se milna would be: to meet someone courteously, with sincerity, with no ulterior motives etc ,…

      hope that helps!


    • @Ranjan: Aww! Hang in there, we’re all here to help you. And, don’t forget to give yourself a lot of credit. Trust me I dont think I would do half as well as you’re doing if I had to go learn a foreign language 🙂


  2. Hi SZ .just got done watching JH, looking good so far .
    Could you pls send me the link , I think I watched an incomplete version that’s missing the end .Thanks
    U are so right re marina khan , she’s awesome !!


  3. Hi SZ, had completely forgotten about Jackson heights as my lil one turned 6 months old yesterday n was busy with a party for him but in the morning saw the email notification from DRNR, left everything else n watched this episode so that I can enjoy your review

    Once again you have nailed it…I must confess that I had not noticed the blooper you mentioned…

    Liked what I saw, especially Noman’s introduction scene…it brought smile on my face but at the same time it showed how lonely this man was that he didn’t leave any opportunity to interact with people…

    Amina Sheikh was good as usual but but but Marina Khan, the lady hasn’t lost her touch..I loved the way she spoke during her Dhoop Kinare days n love the way she delivers her dialogues even now…I wish I can age as gracefully as she has…

    The last Hello honey definitely came as a shock…set the tone for next episode

    Btw am very excited as going for Khoobsurat tmrw n will let u knw how I found it


    • @Samrita: Hey! Glad to see you on this thread, and good to know you enjoyed this opening ep 🙂

      Loved reading your insight on Imran: “but at the same time it showed how lonely this man was that he didn’t leave any opportunity to interact with people…” so true.. hadn’t thought of it like that, but yes absolutely!

      Aah so you are an MK fan too — agreed, I too love how gracefully she’s aged, and more so that she has not given in and joined the botox bandwagon that so many seniors stars around the world are jumping on .. so yeah totally respect her for that …

      And yeah, that biwi was an interesting cliffhanger and a great end to an eps.. ab keeping my fingers crossed for the next six months!


  4. SZ as usual spot on review !Icant say what was that i enjoyed more ur review or the episode itself lol?Though i caught the blooper but I was like maybe I heard something wrong because when you are watching Nouman in the hands of Mehreen you least expect these kinda mistakes.Nevertheless episode was good it did give us a look into their lives but I wanted to see more of Jamshed and Salma (I am a big fan of mora pya)but it was Imran who had most of the screen time and if it had been any other actor It wasnt be this much engaging.I am not an old drama buff so havent seen much of Marina but I agree she did justice.You’ve written it absolutely right I too feel like a kid in toyshop because adeel Mehreen and Amina reminds me of Daam days.Btw I am glad it wont be a long show though 24 episodes still feel a long way but I hope they will keep the pace right.I agree on sound score part too though I hardly understand punjabi so didnt get much of title track.


    • @Ruba: High five girl! Me too.. loved Mora Piya and am so looking forward to seeing them both here again .. but after watching the promos I have a feeling ke they might not be a pair here .. kiya khayal hai?

      LOL! Haan that blooper was a wth moment, but khair its good fun and I’m fully planning to watch this one very carefully and se aur kiya kiya mazedar oops moments we get see 🙂

      Yes, any other actor but Nauman, it might’ve become a drag, but thankfully he handled it very well…And did you get a chance to go thru the English translation of the theme song? Hope you found it useful 🙂

      Hoping to meet you weekly from now on 🙂


  5. Shukar hai that the dry spell of good dramas has finally come to an end!! I hope it’s not too early to rejoice. Ditto about bad drama experiences! This summer Hum TV seemed to be focussing on the grandeur of their dramas and the cinematography. The stories itself itself were barely there or entirely absent – case & point: Ahista Ahista, Laa, Rubaru. Personally, it was only MHMD that had captured my interest throughout this entire summer.
    I have just caught up with Firaaq which I’m soexcited for! I’m curious to see how things will play out. I’ve been looking forward to Jackson Heights as well but have yet to see it. I’m so glad that you’re happy with the first episode which means my excitement has not gone to vain lol.


    • @UM: Do come back to share your thoughts on this one … the first ep did set the bar high, ab hoping that we are not disappointed .. and same goes for firaaq as well… oh and keep a watch out for Sadqay Tumharay .. so seems like we have a busy 6 months ahead .. chalo accha hai hopefully these will help keep the winter blues at bay 🙂


  6. Loved it!!! Even though there was too much Bhatti saab I didn’t mind. It is good to see NE doing a fun role here. Enjoyed the rest of the characters as well. So far Vasay C SPOT ON!!! I can’t tell you how many times whenever we call on Eid we have to say aap ki kaal hai hamari aaj hai ROTFL


  7. So excited for this one too!!! Loved it!!! So glad finally some dramas worth watching! Great intro to all the characters and yeah Nouman Ijaz was Fab as was Marina Khan, that’s what u call effortless acting!
    Hopefully will now be able to keep up with this and Firaaq, and that should be enjoyable enough!
    MJ as usually shot it superbly giving us a great feeling of the real JH . Looking forward!
    Loved your comment about not caring as much for FK and AH lol now that marina is in here!!


    • @SK: LOL! Ab jo baat hai so hai … waisey AH and FK needn’t worry .. MK ki baat alag hai aur un ki alag 😉

      Add the upcoming Sadqey Tumharey to your watch list as well … that one starts Oct 26th acc to the latest updates, ab lets see .. waisey promos are looking fab!


  8. Count me in! This episode was mainly introductory, much of which v already knew from promos and pictures.. Noman ejaz managed to shine among so many stars..


  9. @SZ: Hi! I finally caught up with the episode of JH. Liked it a lot! Thanks for pointing me in this direction.

    Right from the word go, this has MJ stamped all over it. Recently caught a re-run of her Malaal on HUM TV. She gets the feel of her settings and characters so right, so near to the reality. One connects immediately to the place, the person, the situation!

    The intro of all the characters was good. Did not mind too much of Imraan bhai in this episode…Nauman Ijaz is a good actor and carries any role very well so not a hardship to watch him. Brings the lonely desi cab driver to life easily. Hmmm…the “welcome home, honey” at the end is intriguing!

    Right from Dhoop Kinare days, Marina Khan is a favorite. Never disappoints! She has aged so “gracefully” as @ Samrita Kapoor put it. She and Adnan Jaffer are good together. Effortless and real!

    Aamina and Adeel in MJ’s drama bring back Daam memories. Agree with you about AS’s de-glam look, this role should be a cake-walk for her, will excel I am sure. Have to see more of AH to see how his role pans out.

    For now, JH looks very promising. Hope it will live up to all our expectations!

    Btw, caught the NI blooper…how did they let it pass…hope there are no more glaring “oops” moments to come and mar our enjoyment!!


    • @RR: Good to have you back in full form 🙂 With so many old friends returning and new friends joining us ab maza aayega with all the mumkinats and various POVs … hopefully we wont need a mathematician here like we did w/Numm … but still would love to hear from @DB @Pooja @Noor and all other Numm-ians .. those were fun days indeed 🙂

      Agree with you on all counts, re: the NI blooper, I thought I heard wrong the first time around, thinking like you, ke aisa kaisey ho sakta hai .. but khair it is fun to see slip ups here and there ..

      Ok so now keeping up with our mumkinats tradition… I’m looking forward to seeing MJ make her customary cameo .. where do you think she will show up? Lets see.. mumkin hai..
      a) In the Haseena beauty parlor as a customer?
      b) As a customer in Adnan J’s bank? Perhaps looking to open up an acct or get a loan for her new film?
      c) as a passenger in Imran’s cab?
      d) as a diner in MK’s restaurant?
      e) as AH’s work colleague/or a fellow passenger in the subway?

      Kiya khayal hai? Lets hear your guesses and see if any of my mumkinats pan out.. and also feel free to add your own 🙂


  10. Thaa jis ka intezar …. for all the reasons u’ve highlighted! did the first episode live up to the expectations? It did!.. although like u pointed out, NE was given waayyy too much airing time and i would have liked to have soon more of Mk and AH.
    Jamshed reminded me of our Mujtaba from KPKP too.. but shukr hai this time round we will be getting real NY and not Istunbul’s backstreats…
    Imran Bhatti.. what a character tho! Ive met so many of these almost-bechare desis, self-appointed saviours for all the newbies.. armoured with their of stories – whether u want them or not! but this guy is on another level.. I was getting the creeps when he was following Salma.. Salma bechar kia soch rahi hogi.. and then our knight in the shining armour arrives with a cab just in time.. unlike salma id be even more apprehensive! – and i do think Nigeria/ Africa convo went a bit too far.. 15 saal baad itna tou samajh hi jana chahye tha!.. but yes the ending was a bit of a surprise!.. itne bhi seedhe aur lonely nahin hain apne Imran Bhai!
    MK was fab as ever, DOP was superb and and MJ’s work was speaking for itself. Id been missing MJ for a long time and shukr hai she is back with a bang!! Looking forward to next installment.


    • @FA: LOL @getting the real deal instead of Istanbul as NYC so true! Thank God ke Six Sigma did not pull that stunt again, warna tau MJ or not, dekhna mushkil hota … but wait no …. it has MK and AH and AJ and AS .. accha ok, I;ll take my words back …. I would’ve sucked it up and watched.. no will power at all :/

      Yes! Imran bhai was giving me the creeps too … waisey bhi I hate those cabbies and saloon wali/walas who happily share their entire life stories and then make you feel obliged ke ab tum batao.. had hai! Haan so in that respect he did have that vibe down just right…haan I think Salma would’ve liked nothing more than to have made him return that cab but ab situation hi aisi ho gayee thee so what to do ..Waisey haan you would think ke 15 yrs and that too with a sharp tongued wife would’ve cured him of some of his desi-pana .. but I guess ke for him having an angrez wife has had an obverse effect, turning him into even more desi than he would’ve been otherwise … his family at home didnt seem to share any of his paternalistic DNA …


  11. Oh haan one more thing @Sz can u please shout out and ask the channel to upload the HD versions!!!! pretty please!!! with such brilliant DOP its a shame that we cant watch it in full HD. I think im spoilt rotten after Pahchan and gar maan reh jai’s beyond amazing picture quality… (and hum has always had decent quality vids)… so pleeeeaaase!! that will add that extra wow factor to the JH experience.


    • @FA: compleeeeetely agree with u…plz Urdu 1 sun lo humaray dil ki feryad….ok ager ye naa hoa phir main tv per hi dekhoon gi kiunk kuch scenes tou ghazab k thay 🙂


  12. Beautiful review…main nay first episode bohat enjoy ki….shuker hai kafi arsay k baad ek acha commercial drama dekhnay ko mila …pehchaan was very artsy type…aur main mehreen ki kitni bari fan hoon bta nahi sakti …in ki waja say mujhay director ki importance bulk presence kaa pta chala werna mera main focus actors yaa ziada hoa tou writer tak hi rehta tha lekin mehreen k kaam ko dekh ker main sochnay per majboor hoi k ager koi drama presentation wise aur apni over all feel ki waja baqi sab say itna different nazer ata hai is kaa reason kia hai aur mujhay ziada time nahi laga ye figure out kernay main k ye difference director ki waja say hai in kaa bohut unique aur modern style hai ….for example rehai ko dekhein tou ek typical clichéd story ko kafi differently potray kia hai jis ki waja say main oosay dekh pai werna mere liay impossible tha ini dark aur depressing story ko dekhna lekin oos main ek freshness thi jo mere liay mehreen ki waja say thi…haha ab aap ko pta chal raha hai k main in ki kitni bari fan hoon… tareef kiay jaa rahi hoon mager dil nahi bher raha … aap janti hain jo mujhay pasand hon in ki tareef kerna meri fave hobby hai 😀 …tou ji bilkul main bhi bohat excited thi mehreen ki waja say lekin ye excitement double ho gai

    Adeek ko dekh ker…main nay in ko first time Daam main dekha tha wo bhi second last episode main …dekhtay hi bus “ik teer mere dil main mara k haye haye”…he killed me 😉 …Fk ki fan bantay mujhay almost 7 seven years lagay lekin adeel nay bari asani say ye kaam ek hi episode main ker dia …actual reason tou mujhay khud nah pta lekin jo hai wo yahan share nahi kerna chahti ..fasad-e khalq kaa khutra hai 😉 …sirf ek baat kaa afsos hai mujhay k ye kafi under rated actor hain aur in ko wo appreciation yaa recognition nah mili jo ye deserve kertay hain jis kaa izhaar inhon nay bhi MK show per kia tha obviously ek actor frustrate hota hai jab kisi k average drama/performance per audience tareefon k pull bandhay aur dosri terf ek achay kaam ko nazer andaz ker dia jye…ji maloom hai main pta nahi kon si stories lay k beth gai hoon per kia karoon ye mera style hai 😉 …….main short nahi likh sakti 😦

    finally noman aijaaz …what a FAAAAAAAbulous actor he is….main nay koi promo nahi dekha ….koi information nahi li about the drama / story /characters…lekin jis lamhay Nouman screen per aye mere munh say be-ikhtiyaar nikla kia fantastic performer hai…koi bhi character ho nauman k liay bohat easy hai oos k ander uter jana..yahan bhi asisay hi laga aur thik thak chipkoo/ batooni / kisi had tak annoying aur haan bilkul sahi kaha hum sab k bhai Imran bhai lol…lekin ek simplicity aur “cuteness” (okay ye word kuch thik nahi lag raha per mera khayal hai jo aap samajh jyn gi jo main kehna chah rahi hoon ) aur mazaqia tou hain hi bhati ji 🙂 …jo intro unhon nay “lala ji” kaa dia phir jis tra bina mangay muft main srk ki movie k baray main information di..i loved it ..maza aa gaya …tab mujhay laga kitnay simple hain bhati ji..lekin last scene dekh ker tou main ek dum shocked reh gai…ji bhati ji simple tou hain mager jalaibi ki tra 😉

    baqi MK and AJ dono bohat refined classy actor hain aur bilkul main in ki story main kafi interested hoon….mera Wahid concern ali kazmi hai mera nahi khayal wo bohat achay actor hain ager mujhay thik say yaad hai kiunk kafi arsay pehlay in kaa drama dekha tha aur jab itnay mature aur seasoned actors k sath kaam ker rahay hon tou ferq aur bhi prominent ho jata hai …baqi bachi amina…sorry main in ki koi khaas fan nahi ..mujhay lagta hai ye her character ek hi tra kerti hain koi ziada change nahi hota…same style same tone same acting 😦 …obviously ye mera personal view hai….ost bhi sab keh chukay hain “sharab-e musta-aar” say ziada kuch nahi..itnay baray serial main ye mangay tangay kaa song hi mila..kuch naya kertay..phir theme k sath bhi kuch nahi jaa raha…lekin no doubt mera bohat hi fave hai 🙂 aur haan vasay…thank god in kaa focus comedy say huta aur main kafi excited hoon k ek serious drama ko ye kis tra apnay special style k sath pesh kertay hain

    epi k baray mein main aap say bilkul itefaq kerti hoon..Imran ki greedy family ko main bhi ziada nahi dekh sakti..sirf ek cheez k nauman ko jo ziada screen time dia gaya mujhay laga ye wo character hai jis k sath baqi sab characters aa ker kisi naa kisi tra connect kertay hain tou ek tra say is nay sab ko hold kia hoa hai chahay adeel yaa marina yaa amina…is liay main focus shayed is per tha lekin ummed hai agay jaa ker sab apna hissa braber lain gay yaa tou ye reason hai yaa phir bhati ji mujhay kuch ziada hi pasad aa gai hain lol

    tou bohat maza anay wala hai …sheher-e dil main christmas hai bhai 🙂


    • Hey!! @RJ kahan ghaib thin!!? So glad to see u back. Abb dont go diasappearing on the gang again. Always enjoy ur detailed in drpth comments. Btw did u finish watching pehchan?


      • @RJ: Good to read your take on this ep 🙂
        Re: Ali Kazmi, I think he has matured (obvs not comparing him to Nauman etc).. I remember seeing him last in Kaisa Yeh Junoon and he was good there I thought .. also liked him as the online “dost” in Phir Yun Love Hua (Im a sucker for love stories 🙂 ) but khair all these were a while ago, and so am looking forward to seeing him here. Also he’s such a welcome break from all those faces that we see day in day out on tv 24/7.. but again lets see 🙂

        Re: Aamina Sheikh, another one I like, b/c I feel she does spend time thinking abt her character and developing it, so looks wise etc every character is diff .. dekhtey hain yahan kya hota hai … abhi tau lamba chalega .. six months is a long time to like and dislike ppl… there have been occasions where Ive started off liking an actor but by the end I’ve never wanted to see them again .. will not name names but hain jaafi aisey … so dekhtey hain yahan kya hota hai 🙂

        Re: the OST, this was MJ’s personal choice for the serial, so lets see .. but I think its an interesting take on the lyrics, if you substitute the lover, that the singer is pining for, with the homeland be it Pakistan or India, and re-hear it against the backdrop of the very complicated relationships all these ppl have with their motherland .. do I make any sense?

        “tou bohat maza anay wala hai …sheher-e dil main christmas hai bhai” IA! From your lips to drama gods’ ears .. khuda karey ki yeh waqai hamarey liye Christmas hi sabit ho 🙂


  13. thanks @FA 🙂 …main nay is thread per atay hi sab say pehlay dekha k FA kaa comment kidher hai…phir rehmat phir atty …tou ye gang wali baat bilkul thik hai lol….chalo ab jaldi say khoobsurat thread per aa jao 🙂 …waisay naam dekh ker pehlay main ghabhra gai k hain ye kon hain jo mujhay janti hain? lekin phir forum hi khayal aa gaya k oh FA dear hain …pehchaan per thorha peechay hoon lekin IA kuch dino main zaroor wahan jana hai apnay fave drama aur characters ko good bye kehnay 🙂


  14. @Fa, @RJ and @All: So I did get in touch with MJ, re: our request to Urdu 1 to upload high res vdos, and she has gotten in touch with the channel walas. Ab hopefully we will get to see this one in HD quality soon – fingers crossed!


  15. So glad you are reviewing this series! I only just found out about this last week, and it was a bit of overload – Adeel Hussain, Amina Sheikh (I’ve been longing to see her back on TV), Marina Khan, and Mehreen Jabbar! And in Jackson Heights, no less (had I known, I totally would have stalked them on the streets of Queens to let me throw them a dinner party). So I’m patiently waiting until the episodes are stacked up so I can do a marathon. I know. I am WEIRD.

    Btw, what else is coming up on the drama series that looks good? I feel like because I am not in Pakistan and watch everything on the internet, I don’t get to see promos. I did, however, happen to see a promo for a new Mahira Khan-Samiya Mumtaz serial (but I don’t read Urdu, so no clue what it is called). It looks beautiful.


    • @Amudha: Dont stack this one up, join us real time and lets watch it together 🙂 They shot this in May and they had BTS pics floating around pretty much everywhere .. shameless self-promotion, but you should like my fb page to get the latest drama promos, news etc, or follow me on twitter ..

      Another serial you might like is Firaaq, three eps have aired so far, and it looks good.. that one is every Sat, this is every Fri … and no, you’re not alone, I too am here in the US and watch everything on the net as well, no desi channels nothing for me either 🙂

      The MK one is called Sadqey Tumharey and starts 26th Oct …

      Haha dont even start me on overload!! 😉


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