Gar Maan Reh Jaye ~ Episodes 2-7 Review


Seven episodes in and I am happy to report that I am still enjoying Express Entertainment’s Gar Maan Reh Jaye. What had started off as a seedhi saadhi kahani of a mazloom baap, stressed out about his three jawan daughters, the eldest of whom was engaged to be married to a munh-phaar-ke-jahez-maang-ing-amma ka beta, has turned out to be quite the thriller. Thanks to Khurshida begum’s demand for a jahez befitting royalty, hamarey becharey Ameen bhai is forced to look for means to supplement his humble salesman’s salary. From here the story leaves the same old same old behind and takes on a novel twist – enter Farrukh.

He, who had initially appeared to be just another rishwat batoro-ing corrupt cop, turns out to be quite the angel in disguise. It is through Farrukh’s connections that our mazloom baap finds a night job. Without giving away any spoilers suffice it to say that while this new job pays enough to satisfy Khurshida’s demands, it also takes a heavy toll on Ameen sahab’s health. His ill health leads to him being hospitalized and after a crying fit or two, a tantrum and a half, and an almost broken mangni, by the end of this latest episode, much to the relief of his daughters, Ameen sahab is back home. Given that it was Farrukh who helped them in their time of need, it is no surprise that by this point, this hamdard, corrupt-but-shareef cop has become like a son to the teen betiyon ke abba. There is no family issue that is hidden from him, and is to him that Ameen sahab turns for every mashwara.

While Ameen sahab’s family are all fond of Farrukh, each for their reasons of course, Khurshida begum and more particularly her son Ahsan are not so thrilled with this new entrant in their midst. Being the ever so pragmatic person that she is, amma has no issues ignoring Farrukh. Naya fridge, deewar pe lagney wala TV, naya furniture, all reasons enough for her to not mess up this rishta. Ahsan, on the other hand has no interest in his mother’s duniyawi needs, his big hangup is to marry a “pure” woman. Nissa, because of her ever increasing interactions with Farrukh, falls short of Ahsan’s narrow vision of purity and he begs his mother to call off this engagement. Needless to say, Khurshida begum bhi apney naam ki ek hain. Jaan jaaye par jahez na jaaye. Placating the son, calming down an agitated Ameen sahab, she uses her wily skills and manages to get a tareekh for the nikah. What happens when Ahsan finds out about her machinations remains to be seen.

It is to Mona Haseeb’s credit for weaving such a well-knit narrative. There is much that she touches upon – corruption, complicity between criminals and cops, evils of the dowry system, problems arising from a narrow understanding of religion, importance of education, hypocrisy and double standards of our society – but all issues are deftly handled and well presented. The viewer is never left confused as to the who what when, everything is presented very coherently by the director. Overall Mohsin Talat does a good job handling a multifaceted script. That the visuals are stunning, kudos to the DOP Luqman Khan, make the story that much more appealing. Having spent a lot of time in Hyderabad I can say that the older neighborhoods have never looked this good before, to say nothing of being this clean!

Among the actors, this is Hina Bayat’s show, no questions about it. She is excellent! Gone are the Ghazalas and the Appo jis and the Mummy jaanis – she is Khurshida begum, right down to her gol gol eyes, aching knees, wobbly walk, black burqa and paan stained lips. Nadeem sahab is good as well, but I am yet to buy into his Ameen being a lower middle class salesman. His clothes, mannerisms, way of speaking, all tell a very different story. Noor Hassan has really impressed me here. Farrukh appears to be a knight in shining armor but there is something in the way Noor is playing him that makes me think there is more here than meets the eye – or perhaps it’s the conspiracy theorist in me that refuses to accept things at face value… dekhtey hain kya hota hai aagey. Bilal Qureshi is very good as Ahsan as well.

Of the three girls, Kiran Haq I find the most passable, her krazy-glued curls notwithstanding. Manal Khan looks age appropriate but has a long way to go as an actress and same goes for Sanam Chaudhry. And its not just their acting that I find difficult to watch, their perfect hair and makeup is a huge turn off as well. I really wish someone had sat down with these girls and worked not only on their acting but their overall look as well – kuch Hina se hi seekh letey. Given how perfect they look 24/7 it is very hard to take them seriously whenever they talk about their mushkil zindagi. The sisters’ interactions are the ones I find very difficult to sit through, if only the director had spared us their long scenes.

The loud background score is another huge turnoff. If someone at Express is reading this, then I would request them to please turn down the volume. Another request for Express is to please upload HD quality videos within a day or so. This serial is such a visual treat that to watch it in less than HD is an absolute travesty –  zara is taraf ghor kijeye ga, thank you!

Overall, give or take a few issues, I am enjoying Gar Maan Reh Jaye. The fact that this one is an original script intrigues me that much more. Hoping that this one stays the course and doesn’t derail somewhere along the line. How many of you watching this one? Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hello SZ , I agree with you ,I’m enjoying this drama too . I like the story and looking forward to the next episode.
    Nissas curls look quite silly .I like the innocence of the youngest sister ,she’s cute .
    Ehsans acting is good as the creepy mullah and his mom is the ultimate bi jamalo , I love her acting.


    • Hey Deeba! Glad to know you’re enjoying this one as well 🙂 don’t you think it’s so much more fun when we don’t know what’s coming next? The younger sister is cute, I agree, but she needs to control her voice… She has a tendency to shriek when she gets in to the longer scenes, with a lot of lines. Lol yeah Ahsan and his mom do alag hi sample hain.. Even as I’m loving Hina here I’m seriously concerned abt her teeth!!


  2. Salaams SZ, was waiting for your review and as always, a great one! I didn’t want to see the upcoming episode promo but it looked so interesting, full of action. However, I am tired of seeing Nadeem Baig in such weak roles: Qudrat, Mere Apne and now Gar Maan Reh Jaye showing him as the bechara aadmi.
    I love how Farrukh is corrupt but at the same time, he cares about the family so much. Noor Hassan is surely the best part of this drama. And Hina Bayat is also a treat to watch, definitely a new character she’s playing. Kiran Haq is a great actress but to see her as the weak sister is so annoying and adding those curls:( Sanam Chaudary and the youngest one are passable. We do see that Farrukh has a sweet spot for Nisa and I don’t think he’s hiding something or plans to do something evil with Nisa.


    • @Aisha: Waslaam 🙂 Glad to see we’re on the same page for once and both enjoying the same serial just as much!
      Re: Kiran Haq’s Nissa, I dont know whats going to happen next, but I somehow dont see her as a weak character, rather more a dutiful caring daughter who sees and understands the stress on her father so much more than the younger two do. Hemce she puts up with all the nonsense that Ahsan and his mother keep spouting …
      Re: Farrukh, no, I agree, I dont see him doing any harm to Nissa, but I do think that he is not as sweet and soft as he appears to be for the moment … lets see what happens next 🙂


  3. @SZ i started this one after seeing ur first review, and Im so glad I did. I cant believe Im enjoying this one as much as I am.What’s amazing about it is that its that same ghisi piti rudad of bechari larkian and the majboor abba worried about the shadi and jahez.. but this has such an amazing tarka! A very different flavour.. i like the almost-comical approach.
    Its a visual treat. HD versions are absolutely amazing. Im so with u how clean that mohalla looks!!! and the buildings look stunning. Although the latest episode I had to watch in low res, the exterior walls in the mohalla with the gari ki headlights at the night still looked stunning! cant wait to check it out in hd.

    Btw HB’s house is same as jalpari’s AS’s annexe right? how diff it looks here!

    And coming to HB.. One of the reasons im watching this one is for HB.. she is absolutely amazing. I could never have imagined her like this…. her walk, her talk, her conniving ways, the get up are all simply amazing. I was impressed by her THKC and this is just as impressive. So glad to see her versatility here.
    Noor Hassan and Bilal Qureshi are also very very good.
    Re Farrukh: Oh he is no saint! I think hes doing it all for his own reasons. Abb dil ke hathon majboor jo hain. But Im enjoying his corrupt police wala by day and shareef angel avatar by night. lol .. so very garha… jitna ooper hai utni hi ander bhi.. abb dekhna yeh hai ke sharafat ke parde mein kia kuch chupa hai..?

    Ahsan: abb yeh kia cheez hai! Im really enjoying how we r shown the hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. Its ok for him to sit on the mundair all day checking out all the girls, within their chardiwaris, but he has very diff khayalat when it comes to hone wali biwi. I think he has so many layers to his character. He is someone who ‘likes to think’ he is doing the right thing, and who has convinced himself that he’s sincere in his ways. He almost a ziddi chirchira bachcha.. a guy with a very little brain. and very shallow in his approach, and tang-nazar. hasty and judgemental…in deen and dunya. jo dekha, jo suna foran accept karr liya without contemplating. Unlike his mum, who is door shanas. Sub apne mafad ke liye.. danke ki chot pe! .. funny enough even the imam sahab seems impressed by her sharafat etc.

    they are all after maintaining their ‘maan’ but in their own ways. koi sharafat ka, tou koi farmanbardari ka, koi dunya ke liye tou koi deen ke naam par..

    oh & i really enjoyed the night out concept.

    Like u said the story touches on so many aspects, but it doesnt seem like a hot pot of all the issues like some other plays on these days. & If only Ameen bhai’s family was in-line too with the rest of the play, with their characters and their get ups etc .. & yes those curls r sooo annoying!

    lastly, Expess!! pls upload hd vids up sooner. I had to watch the other version to catch up with SZ lol.. but hd is a totally different experience!

    i wonder if the shadi goes ahead. looks like ahsan mian is about to find out.. and i doubt it if farrukh is gonna sit back and watch it just like that.. i wonder what hes got in-store for them.


    • @FA: Haina! Exactly how I feel, ke if the channels and producers are hell bent on giving us one gharelu story after another, then at least give us an innovative take on the whole shaadi ka masla … loving what Mona has managed to do here, night out concept n all!

      Re: the house, Im actually not sure, will have to go back n check, but I like the attention to detailing of sets, the creativity in filming etc. You mentioned Ahsan sitting on the mundair, and thank you for reminding me of that, how fabulous was that shot! I guess he was literally keeping an eagle eye on the going-ons in the muhalla! Loved reading your analysis of Ahsan’s character, very well put indeed! And have to say Bilal Qureshi is doing a fine job, surma-ed eyes n all!

      Haan, i am wondering too ke ab aagey kya hoga .. the promos show her getting married but Im not sure if its to Ahsan, or at least Im hoping it isnt… I love that we have no clue whats gonna happen here and thankfully Express have done at least one thing right- keeping the story under wraps… lets see what happens next!

      Waisey LOL! If you’d have told me during Humsafar that I’d be rooting for any character played by Noor Hassan I wouldve have had to question your sanity … he and I we both have come a long way indeed! 😉


  4. Thank you SZ for giving this one a chance. Unfortunately, Express is unable to (or perhaps incapable of) promoting it’s own quality product effectively – something Hum excels at. Hence, while Ahista Ahista gets reviewed by most, Gar Maan Reh Jaye (like Talkhiyan) is missed by many. So many issues so beautifully penned by Mona and executed by Mohsin and Luqman. I cannot begin to tell you the effort put in by everyone, to create something a little different for the viewers. It was sweltering hot, long drawn and painful – ghutnay ke dard ki acting kartay kartay kamar dukhnay lag gayee thee aur moonh cut gaya tha pan kha kha ker :p And I swear, the polyester Burqa is a conspiracy against women. The layers of fabric do not allow any air to pass through – its a miracle women don’t die of dehydration and heat stroke!! The shoot also ran into many delays and Kiran, Bilal and myself gave up many projects just to fulfill our commitment to this. But eventually it was worth it and yes, my teeth are fine :p Also, Hyderabad was a treat! What architecture and what wonderful hospitality. Khursheeda to sab se dostiyan ker aayee! 😉
    But after all that, sadly, Express like Geo has also lost Iqbal Ansari – the driving force behind projects like Jalpari, Tum Ho keh Chup, Bol Meri Machli, Nanhi, Express Telefilms and now GMRJ. I wonder which direction the channel will go in now – and who will give me another challenge as an actor 😦


    • @Hina: Lovely to hear from you – and glad to know ke your teeth suffered no lasting damage!
      Sorry to hear about you burqa experience and the sore lips and bad back, but if its any consolation do know that it all shows, and we are thoroughly appreciating you as Khurshida Begum! LOL! I love how she is an equally opportunity cusser – beta ho ya hone wali bahu ya koi muhalleydar nobody escapes her wrath!

      Oh no! Where is Iqbal Ansari headed now? Has he been snapped up by Bol as well? Regardless, though, of where he ends up, I hope he will continue backing quality projects. I am thoroughly enjoying Express’ Rangbaaz as well, yet another project supervised by Iqbal Sb.


    • hello Khala! this is Iram, Komal’s friend, and your biggest fan. My mom told me to watch this one solely because of you, and WOW you’ve done an amazing job! I can’t wait until you are in the states next so we can discuss. Allah keep you happy and healthy always! Take care, iram


  5. I could not help but had to find a place to stress my concerns! This drama points out so many issues in our society. I am not born in Pakistan, so obviously I find many of the issues so scary. What is so devastating is the way the sister (asma?) behave towards her own big sister Nisa. How she can talk so rudely to her, even when she knows what is actually going on. What happend to brotherhood/sisterhood? I simply do not understand. How can she accuse her own sister of not trying to work out her marriage, just because of a man she likes (the cop). And then make Nisa return to her inlaws, when she already recieved the divorcepapers? Honestly I just dont get it. This is just way to much. and unfortunately I have seen this in several dramas, that sisters get so selfish and try to get what ever they can for themselves, and become rude and steal their sisters rishtaay. seriously what happened to sisterhood? Otherwise the drama is good… our mashraah just gone nuts and so much evil in our society…. I am sure this drama is reflection some sort of reality…. which is truely sad!


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