Firaaq ~ Episode 2 Review


Firaaq ~ A parting of ways ~

Be it the person walking away or the person deemed to be the cause of the rift, no one walks away unscathed. All affected bear the heavy burden of anger, pain, hurt, bitterness, betrayal, and to some extent regret. What differs, though, is how those afflicted deal with them, and how these conflicting feelings manifest themselves.

For Shams, what his mother did was something that did not sit easy with him, so he chose the relatively easy route of cutting the umbilical cord. Rather than ever sparing a thought about those he had left behind he chose instead to sweep all the unpleasantness, the sense of betrayal, under the rug. Out of sight out of mind, or so he thought. This, however, is easier said than done. That repressed anger, hurt, pain, all manifest themselves in his relationship with Sara, as he displays severe anger management issues.

Maa ji’s phone call rips open a wound Shams thought he had successfully managed to forget. After talking to his mother, his first response it to lash out at Sara, but after a pop psychology session with Roomi, he allows long-forgotten memories to wash over him.  Buried in those flashbacks is a vivid image of his younger sister Payman. It is Payman’s memory that compels him to revisit a place he thought he had left behind forever.

For Tabasum, the pain of losing her first-born is one that she has not allowed herself to feel. Those memories, of her cajoling Shams to listen to her reasons for remarrying, her begging him to not leave the house, all now come back to haunt her as she tries to gather herself together after Sara’s traumatic visit. While Shams, being the older one, and a boy at that , managed to walk away it was not as easy for the younger girl Payman. It was to her that Tabasum now turned. Fearful of losing her  second child, she turned into a bitter control freak. All the anger she felt towards Shams was now directed towards her daughter.

Even though it was Shams and Tabasum who parted ways, the person most impacted was an innocent bystander – Payman. While Shams was able to somewhat bury the past and build a new life for himself, and Tabasum seemed to have moved on as well, pretending to herself and the world that her son’s actions had not hurt her to the extent they did, it was Payman who was left to deal with the aftermath, fighting the demons of the past on a daily basis. Her mother monitored every movement, and any independent thought that Payman voiced was seen as a sign of rebellion. It was no longer about loving her daughter, for Tabasum controlling Payman had turned into an all-consuming obsession. Anybody who dared to breach the boundaries that Tabasum had drawn around her daughter was seen as an intruder, someone who needed to be beaten away with a stick.What she did, who she spoke to, what she wore, what she ate, everything had to have her mother’s stamp of grudging approval

Now with Shams back in the picture, it is once again Payman who finds herself caught up in the tussle between mother and son. Her brother, who had not bothered to look her up in sixteen years is now showing concern for her, extending a very tempting invitation to leave everything behind, offering her a chance to feel for herself what fresh air feels like. On the other hand is her mother, who all said and done is her mother. Call it obedience or a sense of obligation, for now Payman is weighing her choices- or does she even have a choice? Should she trust her brother, or should she play it safe and stay put with mommie dearest.

Mustafa Afridi’s done a great job with etching out characters with various shades of black, white and all shades of gray that lie in between. While I am yet to be sold on Imroz, Roomi and Sara, I am thoroughly enjoying Maa ji, Payman and Haider. It is to the director, Aabis Raza’s  credit for understanding his character and not turning them into caricatures. Uzma Gilani is simply brilliant, no two ways about it. She absolutely owns her character. You hate Tabasum but you also hear the crack in her voice as she speaks to her son after ages, she threatens Haider with a stick, but underlying all that violence and abuse is a palpable sense of fear, that all this talk of independence might sway Payman, leaving Tabasum empty handed. Along with Uzma, Sanam Saeed is the other scene stealer. Her eyes, her body language, the slight smile, all work together beautifully to breathelife into Payman. Not once does this girl come across as a bechari –weary yes, but beaten definitely not. Absolutely loving seeing these two ladies together!

Among others, Mazhar Ali is fabulous with his understated Haider. Junaid Khan, I have to say, has surprised me here. Again credit to Aabis for drawing out a controlled performance from his actor. Cybil Chaudhry was relatively better today and had more control over her expressions. That said, Sara’s confrontation with Shams lacked the necessary impact. While there is zip zilch chemistry between Shams and Sara, the pair that does have a lot of chemistry is that of Imroz and Roomi. Mohib Mirza and Noor Hassan are both very confident actors and it shows, but I will admit to being lost as to why their characters seem so frivolous (so far) and lacking in depth.

About Imroz, I have no clue why he feels the need to have his portrait painted, neither do I not get why he has no sense of professional propriety. The way he was smirking in that therapy session would have been enough to drive me away, had I been there instead of that loser couple. Moreover, the way he divulged Sara’s confidences, discussed her issues and went on to offer further unsolicited analysis of Shams’ state of  mind (without ever meeting the guy, mind you!) was completely ludicrous. And from one looney toon to another, Shams then happily passed on some of Doc Imroz’s pop psychology to bechara confused Shams. Err…. if Roomi was so good at playing doctor then why send Sara to Imroz in the first place? But khair, what do I know… as it turned out Roomi’s brand of psychotherapy did the trick and lo and behold! Shams snapped out of his funk! Wah! Now if only life were that easy for all of us, nahin?

On life being easy and all that jazz, can someone please enlighten as to what kind of a restaurant does Tabasum own that she can afford such a palatial house? First the mansion in Ahista Ahista and now this lakefront palace? Where am I going wrong in my life?!?

Anyways back to the episode, a few minor issues aside, with the lip sync issues almost gone, the relatively lower volume of the background music, well-integrated flashbacks, nice lighting and camerawork, and a smoother flow of the visual narrative I have to say I enjoyed this latest installment a lot more than the previous one. Now hoping for the best and keeping my fingers and toes tightly crossed!

Written by SZ~

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  1. The second episode didn’t made me glued to the screen as the first one did. Payman and Uncle’s scene was good , with good dialogues . The rest was average. I didn’t bothered to pay attention to the painting scene.
    Your comment about the lavish house made me laugh ! I know some body in NJ who owns a resturant and there house is lavish with a lot of bling bling !!! I am more interested to know about the car Shams is driving …. Lol … What does he do ?? I want to do the same to own the same car …
    In short kuch Khaas nahi laga.Lets wait for the next episode .


    • @Sheema: LOl and I thought this was a better episode in terms of building on the foundation laid last week, and the narrative was less jumpy .. those abrupt cuts from one scene to the other and the A/V issues really got to me last week. But ab dekhtey hain where it goes from hereon now .. since I know the outline (no thanks to the fb page) I am watching this one to see how a story which is interstig on paper is translated on to the screen .. and so far Ive not been disappointed ,,, baqi to you know how even the best of dramas can go haywire so lets see, hope and pray 🙂


      • Love Firaaq but hey SZ are you watching Gar Maan Reh Jaye, no review yet. Love it till now despite the nothing new story but Noor H’s character interests me.


        • @Aisha: Hey! Yes, enjoying Gar Maan … been tied up with stuff but fingers crossed will have the review up soon. Glad to know you’re enjoying Firaaq, anything in particular about this serial that attracts you? the story, acting? Would love to read your detailed take on this one 🙂


      • Hey SZ, love love and love Firaaq. After a long time I have seen a Hum tv drama that within the first two episodes has been fast paced and moments I expected to see at the end of the drama, we are being shown those moments at the beginning of the drama and I wish every drama could have the pace and interest that currently Firaaq has. Finally we get to see a unique character out of Junaid Khan. I was ok with him in Mata e Jaan and love the scene where he ‘s following Sanam Saeed towards the end of the drama. But he does the same character in Mere Humdum Mere Dost which is boring to see. But I was spell-bounded by him in Firaaq, especially episode 2. His conversation with Maa-ji and also with Roomi left me speechless. I also love how this drama is comprised of psychologically-hit characters such as Shams the escapist.
        You pointed out that Roomi and Imroze’s relationship seems to lack depth but I feel that as the drama proceeds, we will get to see their relationship more closely, if they give it all away now then there won’t be any surprise right?

        I love how you talked about the ‘out of sight,out of mind’ concept that I just learned about in my Psychology course. I can understand Shams’s character more better due to that. Fantastic review btw:)


    • @Deeba: Walaikum hello… kidhar yaar? I was almost ready to come knock on your door to check on you 🙂 In short, its great to hear from you 🙂 Haina! Uzma really reminds you what great acting is all about .. I’m really savoring her as Tabasum… I can see Sanam also growing tremendously in the company of such veterans, her scenes with Uzma and Mazhar are just fabulous!


  2. so Firaaq is not disappointing me till now.
    Best part in todays episode was Payman’s convo with his step dad.. MA is doing good job. i remember him from Dhuwan (best sequence planned by Azhar’s team.. when Nido goes in jail to accompany MA)
    I think this time u understood what me and FA said last time. Psychiatrist’s character lacks feel, it looks like ppl r telling random person about their personal life and he is least interested to know.. He just does not seem involved.. i don know this is Mohib’s fault or writer’s.. i hope v get to c better Imroz after Payman moves out.
    Cybil is perfect as Sarah, i m liking her.
    Re what u said about Roomi.. actually what i get from story Roomi, shams & sarah r not bunch of friends.. Roomi & shams r friends for long time, and Roomi knows sarah because of shams.. so he can handle shams, he can give him therapy session, but not to sarah.


    • @Atty: Glad to know we’re all enjoying this one so far .. lets hope and pray ke kaheen beech main djoka na de jaye …

      Re: Imroz: Oh yes, I never disagreed abt his skills, I was just saying ke Ive seen therapists dressed variously and practice variously and keeping a neutral face is a part of the job, but this smirking and the fatafat mashwaras he was handing out… that was ridic! There is absolutely no doubt that he is a whack therapist – May God save us all from such kooks – sab mil ke bolain, aameen! 😉

      But haan like we were all saying last week its too early for us to judge the character of Imroz, but based on what we’ve seen so far the guy’s therapy skills are really amateurish at best. Wish they had observed some real therapists to make it halfway believable. Btw, funny story – my sister is a therapist here in the US and I forced her to watch the first ep to see Imroz… and LOL! I wish I could describe in polite words all that she said abt this quack and how much harm was being doing by presenting such idiotic representations of her profession yada yada … needless to say she is not gonna watch this one again 😀 😀

      But to give the writer and director and actor the benefit of the doubt I think that this man too has his own issues, which will play out later as the story unfolds (btw thanks to the fb sppoilers I can tell you he has a huge role here), so lets wait and see …

      Re: Roomi, Haan, we dont have enough info abt him so lets see …

      And haan I agree with you guys, that Shams and Roomi scene was way too long and thats where I got all annoyed with all his pop psychology analysis … I also thought that Roomi and Imroz scene was too long .. I can see that they were trying to build a base for a close friendship b/w the two guys, which will come into play later on, but at this point it was a long scene…

      Yes, Im liking Cybil too, not because shes a great actress, but just thats its really refreshing to see a new face on tv, and she’s very well suited to the character as well…


  3. Firaaq has caught my attention and also seems different, except I wonder where the story is heading or whether it’s heading anywhere at all. I know it’s too early, but SZ since you mentioned the director is the same one as the one in Kadurat, this doubt popped up. In Kadurat too it seemed that something was gonna happen soon, but the story kept going around in circles and after 7 epis I didn’t have the patience to watch it and just read it up and it seems that the story really did not head anywhere.

    Coming to the second episode, didn’t the American couple seem to be in the same boat as Mai ji and her second husband? Mohib seems to be playing the psychiatrist all wrong. A psychiatrist is supposed to listen when their patients rant on, but he seems more like an uninterested spectator than a psychiatric who is all ears.

    Also I didn’t quite get the exact reason why the mother and son had such a massive fall out. Seems more like an ego issue. Hope it gets clearer later on. And Paimaan seems to be caught in the cross fire.

    The fight scene between Maa ji and the step father with Paymaan as the referee was unintentionally hilarious. And Sanam is doing an awesome job as the bejaan berang Paimaan. The interesting part about her character is that it almost seems like she is being deliberately like that, to please her mother. She definitely has an inner strength and stands up to her mother in a determined but subdued way and it may seem that it’s the mother who has the upper hand, but it’s actually Paimaan who has.

    In the promo when Paimaan is looking at the painting, her eyes light up with a spark of excitement, ever so lightly. Such nuanced acting by Sanam. Uzma Gilani is good too, but her character, as of now,seems pretty much one dimensional. Liking the other actors too especially the step dad, Sarah and Roomi.


    • @Radiant re the American couple: yes they did seem like maaji and hubby. But I thought they were also like Saara and Shams (sarah being the wuss/ but not a wuss, if u know what i mean) , and also Payman and Maaji to some extent (where Payman has been endearing only because she loves her mom- sorry maaji but there is bitterness in their relationship. Makes one think how far can/should one go being patient for the sake of ur loved one without turning into a wuss and affecting the relationship… no?


      • @ FA : Hahaha maybe the American couple r being used as the specimen for all the other relationships shown and they r the reference point for our brilliant psychiatrist to come up with solutions for the others. 😉

        Yes it seems that Paymaan is aware that the life she is leading is not how a life is supposed to be led, but she is bearing it for her mother’s sake. She said as much to Sara when Sara asked if she was afraid of Maa ji and she replied that she was afraid of Maa ji’s age ( I suppose that’s what she said, didn’t get the exact word) and that she would not be able to take another blow, if Paymaan did whatever she wanted like her brother. Also I find Paymaan pretty perceptive. But yes such kind of a lopsided relationship cant be disastrous.


    • @Radiant: Good to know we’re on the same page here 🙂

      Re: where the story’s going, yes it is def going, no thanks to the FB spoiler it does seems like there is a well-defined growth arc for the characters .. and re: the director, I have to say Aabis has impressed here .. clearly he’s grown with experience, so fingers crossed. Re: the comparison with Kadurat, uff! that was a hot mess from the very first episode… The warning bells had started ringing and questions were popping right fro the get go .. here Aabis has a team of veteran actors and an experienced well-established writer so hopefully things should stay on course .. but again who knows .. our dramas have been known to derail even after the 3/4 point (cant forget Shukk!).

      Also, I dont know if you have watched other dramas on a weekly basis like this …because watching in one go vs watching it piecemeal is a hugely diff experience… having done both I think I like watching like this better, particularly if you have a group to share thoughts, and discuss stuff with, since we’re all in the same boat and its always fun to predict and make wild guesses, none of which may ever happen but still guess karney main kya nuqsaan hai 😉


  4. Hi SZ, i wish i could write like you…beautiful
    Although not used to weekly dramas for a long time now, this episode of Firaaq was worth the wait….
    Loved Sanam’s “Main impress nahin hoti aap depress ho jaati hain” …I had a lump in my throat during this scene n also when she describes herself as “buddhi” with controlled emotions n expressions
    Felt bad for poor MA being shaken by UzmaG…he looked so frail n yet tried keeping up the fight…
    I completely agree with you on Imroz’s charater…I understand the firang couple in the first episode to introduce his character but why again when he didn’t give any input except for that stupid expression
    Shams was definitely better in this episode but I feel the scene between him n Roomi was longer than required or maybe I was watching it at 2am so was feeling a bit sleepy….
    Waiting for next episode


    • @Samrita: Aww thats so sweet of you, thank you 🙂

      Haina! i was just telling Radiant the same thing, ke watching weely vs watching the whole thing in one go are two very diff experiences … but isn’t it fun to get caught up in the what ifs and why nots and then discuss and share your thoughts with a like minded group.. I remember one of your friends here had once compared DRNR to a book club where we each read a bit and exchanged thoughts .. so hopefully as the serial progresses we will have plenty to talk about .. and of course with such fascinating characters baatein to hongi hi 🙂

      Yes that entire scene, with Payman and her father and then her mother running around like a crazy coot. was beautifully done and your absolutely right in that the physical mismatch of Uzma G and MA added yet another dimension to that scene. And Sanam S is showing real maturity in the manner with which she tackles her character here, and I am sure the presence of a legend like Uzma G and a seasoned veteran like MA must have had a lot to do with how she is performing here .. all their scene together are fab!

      LOL! It wasnt just you, even I was like ok, Dr Phil enough of your muft mshwaras … wrap it up and go home both of you … kiya zaroorat hai itni dair bahar kharey reh kar baat karney ki .. and now that I think of it, I think the dir should have broken up the scene into two, at least visually, so half of it outside and half in Shams house or in the car or in a cafe … just to ensure there is no viewer fatigue .. also that painting scene and Imroz’s totally bindaas discussion of what should be kept confidential was really annoying .. but khair . as you, my friend too have read the synopsis, we know this is all building up to whats yet to happen ..,, arent you really annoyed with HUm for giving away 3/4 of the story?!


    • @ SZ – Chalo one positive from the FB spoiler finally. LOL

      This is the first time I am watching a drama on a weekly basis. As it is, I don’t watch soaps as don’t have the patience and don’t know how i’ll be able to do that for this one. And it’s an all together another ball game watching a drama once a week vis-a-vis having the luxury to watch it all in one shot. As I mentioned I had read the reviews/ comments of most of the dramas and was thinking that ppl were being unfair by nitpicking the smallest of oversight/ mistake in the show and not taking the show in totality and look at me here, doing the same thing and I suppose therein lies the difference between watching a show once a week as opposed to watching a show in one shot. But yes watching, and especially discussing, it this way, when all r on the same page, is so much more fun. 🙂


      • You’re so right about the ‘nitpicking’ we do….we have a whole week to mull over everything and then there were shows like Humsafar, which a lot of us would see several times in one week, before the next Saturday would finally arrive!


        • Hi Afia…I really hope to have the same experience with Humsafar that you had…waiting eagerly
          One more good news for FK fans, Khoobsurat releasing this weekend


      • @Radiant: You should’ve been here when we doing Numm or even ZGH, now thats what you call some serious nitpicking! I dont know if you’ve seen this video I made of FK and his repeated clothes, if you havent then do check it out 😉 Thank God for Bollywood and their stylists and his clothing budget otherwise we would’ve seen the same clothes trotted out day in day out!


        • OMG! @ the video of FK. Isn’t it a professional hara kiri that he has committed???? LOL… But on a serious note, it’s simply endearing that a celeb isn’t that concerned abt repeating his wardrobe and when u r as good as Fawad, then it just doesn’t matter, does it? 😉 BTW r most Pak celebs this unmindful or if he the exception?

          Ah in fact I have read reviews and comments on ZGH here. I wish I could have contributed real time then. But anyways ZGH is gonna remain something really special for me always. For me ZGH is a flawlessly flawed piece of work that has touched a chord in my heart and I doubt I have felt like this for any other drama ever. So for ZGH in general and Kashaf in particular, sau khoon maaf. 🙂


        • @SZ kia faeda high budget ka when u dont get a shirt for one scene.. hehehe..
          i dont mind watching him in same clothes over and over as long as he is wearing something


          • @Atty: haha hum sab kitna criticize kertay thay fk ki wardrobe ko…yahan tak soch lia tha k chalo mil jul ker hum hi kuch naye kaprhay dila den is ko aur sadaf ko kitnay mashwaray oh gad kia time tha :)….ab aap kaa comment perh ker lag raha hai insaan ko soch samajh ker khahish kerni chahiay ek aur baat hum kitna kehtay thay k fk itnay kum interviews kiun detay hain yaa in ki public appearance kum hoti hai ab her roz interviews/shows ki bhermaar say mera dil oob gaya tha aur sara charm khatum ho raha tha is liay main nay tou dekhna hi chor dia tha…isi liay dua bhi soch samajh ker mangni chahiay


        • @SZ: buri baat don’t make fun of my fk lol…main nay ye video you-tube per dekha tha bananay walay k talent ki daad diay bina nahi reh saki thi 🙂 …kher ab mujhay pta chal gaya hai ye janab kaa kaar nama hai..great job well done…aur kia fit song choose kia hai “bus bhai bus” aur ending was awesome….well you-tube block honay ki waja say main is waqt dekh nahi paa rahi k ye kon si video hai..I am just guessing k ye wo hi hai jo main nay dekhi thi


  5. @SZ Amazing review! How u highlighted what firaq stands for… its amazing how same circustances can affect us so differently.
    I am absolutely sold on Firaq! I am really enjoying these ever so grey characters and some brilliant performances. SS and UG stole the show. The car and the mansion lets not even go there… lol .. Honestly credit where credit s due, MD productions sure knows how to glam up a show!
    I think Paymans dialogues were the best. pricky and sharp but so so subtle! maza a gya! and SS was simply brill!
    Re the psychiatrist : yep not convinced of his skills. And i guess his quick judgement also goes to show about his own nature – judgemental…. divulging confidential info- i guess they forgot that our pakistani doctor is practicing abroad lol. but Im glad i didnt see the plum suit again. lol
    Re the characters of roomi, imroz and sarah: i think we know a bit abt more abt sarah ie broken family etc.. i do think and hope that we will get to know a bit more about the other two in coming episodes.
    Although i havent followed either kadurat or Mein diwani, from what i hear the patient somehow fell/got involved with the psychiatrist. Abb dekhte yeh hain yahan kon kis se involve hota hai.. seeing they all seem to be have some sort of psychiatric issues…
    I do wonder if maa ji was always a hitler or she turned so bitter and strict after her husbands death/ shams left.
    re the gora couple: call me whatever, but i did enjoy this. This couple touches on so many angles/characters.
    re the need to get his portrait done: I think its roomi who is bored and simply painting his friend Imroz to kill time etc.. no? I doubt it if Imroz would commission this. but then again if he can wear a plum suit…
    Over all i am really enjoying this one. Looking fwd to next installment shiddat se.


    • @FA: shukriya, glad you thought it made some sense 😉

      LOL @lets not even go there .. Why not?? I tell you even during Pehchan I thought there was something terribly wrong with how I was managing my life.. and I had barely gotten over that dukh ke we had Zawar and his SFO mansion and now we have Maa ji and her lakefront kuttiya….Aah!!! Maaann!!!!

      Ok, enough of my dukhras, and back to the gora couple, I see wha your saying and I think Mustafa Afridi would probably even agree with you but yaar … the way they should those therapy sessions is really pathetic .. the last time he let them go when they were in a middle of a fight … ab batao baar jaa kar if they would’ve done each other some harm tau who would’ve been responsible?? And they really needed to get better actors ..

      But yeah, all these little tid bits are not only offering insight into Imroz’s mind, but also foreshadowing what is to come and how might deal with Payman’s situation .. abt being brave enough to take a stand .. and not being a wuss etc .. just wish it had been handled better and sans that smirk :/

      Re: the portrait .. didnt Roomi say ke agar portrait banwana hai tau baithna parega or something along those lines? So I understood it to mean ke Imroz was getting this done .. and oh btw Mohib looked quite dapper in this ep …

      Re: Maa ji: Yea, I’m with you , I too think that she wasnt always this way and something that happened in the past either Shams’ going away or hat an a series of other incidents that have made her this way ..

      Re: Kadurat .. No, it was not just abt the patient falling for the therapist .. it was about everbody going collectively crazy .. from the dir writer actors story everything … Main Deewwani I watched two eps and phir himmat hi nahin hui .. he also did Kankar, ironically enough the one story where a psych was desperately need and we never got one, but I didnt foillow it regularly ,, wasnt my cup of coffee for any no. of reasons ..

      So yeah, but despite all my issues …like you I too am interzaring – shiddat se 🙂


  6. Great review SZ loved the ep….waiting for more!
    Best scene:where Junaid Khan enter’s mom’s house, accompanied with all the thoughts in his mind, to find Mom beating the hell out of her husband- I really felt for Mazhar Ali- aik toh becharay bimaar rahein hain and now to act out such a scene- he was super convincing.


  7. Really enjoyed epi 2. I thought the Noor-Junaid scene was done well – good lighting and crisp dialogues and not a bunch of melodrama. Also the whole Payman-Uncle-mom-junta is scene was Very Well crafted! I saw hints of Sarmad in Aabis Raza in that scene’s execution and how the flashbacks were overlaid there. The Noor painting Mohib scene just came off as a bit homo-ish -I am sure that wasn’t the intention. So far so good! Epi 2 was a winner for me.


  8. Hi SZ! How are you? Long time! Life had gotten so busy, no time to watch dramas. Now after quite a time, Firaaq looked promising. Waited to read your reviews first. Now caught up with both the episodes. I like it so far…as you always say…hope it stays the course!!

    After reading what you wrote, won’t check out the fb page. Phir maza khatam ho jayega. At this point have no issues with anything except the lavish house and dashing car! But they are pleasing to the eye so its okay for now…till we get to know how they manage to come by this kind of wealth…maybe inherited😉😉!

    Your reviews are always spot on. Agree with you about the actors and their acting. I do wish UG has a few more costumes to wear! SS and Cybil are okay. Men are okay except MM’s that one suit…

    “Firaaq”, as I found out means two things– separation and quest / keen desire as in “woh kis firaaq me baitha hai” or “mausam ke badalne ki firaaq me” etc. So I suppose all the characters here have both “firaaq”…all have faced a “separation” of some kind and are in “quest” of something. Hmmm…that’s one complicated theme to handle…hope AR and his cast will not disappoint. As you put it “fingers and toes crossed”!!

    Henceforth I will try to keep up with each week’s episode and come here for your great reviews and the ensuing discussion…that’s the best part of all! Waiting for a ‘Numm’ like journey with this.☺️


    • @RR: Hello! Long time indeed!! Welcome back! Haha! Its not just you, I think all of us who were on the Numm ride miss all our fun discussions and the mumkinats.. lets see if we can something similar going on here with this one 🙂

      LOL! haan eye candy they are for sure! Waisey b/w u and me I dont think there’s any inherited wealth wala chakar … just some serious MD Prod. fairy dust sprinkled all over 😉

      Thanks for bringing up the two meanings of firaaq, made me go dust my farhangs as well 🙂 You are right abt the second meaning as well. What was interesting to me was that the first meaning – separation – is typically employed in Urdu literary and poetic works, whereas the second has its roots in Hindi where the f is actually a ph … but that was a distinction that worked way back in the early 20th c. Now both meanings are used, but the first one is more common, particularly in Urdu usage. Regardless though, whether one or the other, the writer and dir do have their work cut out for them, and lets see whether they are up to the task or not.

      Looking fwd to hearing more from you on tomorrow’s ep!
      Btw, did you check out Jackson Heights?


      • @SZ: Hi, thanks for explaining the difference in the usage of “firaaq” in Urdu and Hindi. No confusion now. As you say, the cast and crew have their work cut-out, whatever meaning of the word they want to pursue in the storyline. Hope they give us a great show, thats all!

        I heard about Jackson Hts for the first time from your review. Unfortunately, where I am, we don’t get all Pak channels. I must check this one out online. It has an amazing star-cast and star-crew too, looks like! I will surely catch up with this over the weekend.

        Will get back here after seeing the episode. Hope thats a great show too!


        • @RR: Worry not, I too am watching it online .. actually i watch pretty much everything online .. DOL is my go to site to see whats on .. and then from there I go and dig up HD links from various sites .. HUM is pretty good with uploading stuff on YT .. for Urdu 1 I will message MJ and see if we can get it sorted out somehow …


    • @Saida: Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 You are right in that firaaq is more commonly used in Urdu as judai or separation, but as I mentioned to @RR above, actually the second meaning is accepted as well .. hope that clears it up 🙂

      Would love to hear more of your thoughts on the story so far, are you liking it?


    • @Saida: Hi, thanks for your reply. I was not confusing ‘fiqar’ and ‘firaaq’…was confused/ wondered about two meanings of the same word ‘firaaq’…now @SZ has explained it beautifully…so no more confusion! Thanks once again for your prompt reply. Hope to keep meeting you here after the next episodes too!


  9. SZ, after a long time it seems I am watching what you are watching. Well I hope this story will be somewhat different from what we have normally. The mother – son relationship is a story by itself and of course Shams – Sara and Payman (Sanaam Saeed fantabulous) her becoming free (with little chances though with two men hovering around ;)) what I am looking forward to many layers of psychological evolution in building up of the plot, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

    P.S: SZ since you write such wonderful reviews I would love to have Khubsoorat’s review from you. Being an Indian I would like to see how people across the boarder reacting to the film, not that I care for Sonam much but Fawaad, ah well 😛 😛


  10. Hello 🙂 …taza tareen blunder jo mujh say serzud hoa …dekhni thi JH ki 2nd epi aur dekh li firaq ki… jab comment kernay JH thread per gai tab andza hoa k haw main tou main tou koi aur hi drama dekh ker aa gai hoon lol ab pta nahi koi hunsa k nahi per main apnay ooper zaroor hunsi 🙂

    kher phir socha chalo epi dekh li ab review bhi perh lia jye …beautiful review SZ ji 🙂 … aap ki tra main nay bhi ye epi pehli wali say ziada enjoy ki …aur story k sath sath characters bhi mujhay kafi pasand aa rahay hain main nay aseer zadi nahi dekha tha lekin firaq ki sirf 2 episodes dekh ker andaza kia jaa sakta hai afridi sahib achay writer hain at least in k haan digest writers wala prpblem nahi jo flat one dimensional characters likh datay hain…jahan tak imroz ki baat hai ..umm mujhay lagta hai in ki bhi koi story ho gi jaisa FA k mumkinaat thay koi pta nahi ye sab say baray psycho nikal ayn 🙂

    lekin mujhay lagta hai payman k sath jab in ki story start ho gi tab humein ek adh surprise tou zaroor milay gaa…abis bohat achay jaa rahay hain …pace ki baat kren tou ek terf main khush hoon k unnecessarily drag nahi ker rahay lekin ye bhi feel hota hai k thoray say fast hain jaisa last epi main aap nay point out kia tha k ek hi session k baad imroz ka sara aur shamas k dermiyaan problems ki actual reason diagnose ker lena…chalo maan lia experience bhi koi cheez hai phir ye bohat common hai k broken families say taluq rakhnay walay bachay apni married life main suffer kertay hain oon kaa past unhain haunt kerta koi rocket science nahi thi

    lekin is epi main mujhay ye baat bohat ajeeb lagi k itnay saalon kaa zeher jo shamas k wajood k ander bhara hoa tha sirf 15 min main kaisay gum ho gaya mujhay is baat per hairani yaa objection nahi k roomi k pop psychology treatment ki waja say aisa hoa kiunk ek tou oos nay aisi koi baat nahi ki jo kisi professional expert ki help k bina possible nahi…ek aam observation jo hum apnay kisi bhi dost k baray main laga saktay hain jis ko achi tra jantay hon jaisa yahan lagta hai k roomi sara aur shamas k mutual friend hai tou oos k liay ye sab figue out kerna mushkil nahi

    mujhay shamas k reaction per shock laga..jab confrontation scene start hoa aur baar “escaper” tak pohunch gai tou mujhay laga ab roomi bohat maar khanay wala hai lekin nahi janab shama sahib kia kaha kia kaha ker k ek halka saa dhuka maar ker wahin dher ho gai…bus shamas itna hi ghussa tha..phir itnay saal gher say bahir kia ker rahay thay..sab say mazay ki cheez baray mazay say wapis jaa ker biwi ko dinner per bahir lay gaya jaisay biwi bina bataiy mummy k bajaiy shopping per chali gai thi…wahan bhi huns huns ker batein phir forum hi payman say milnay kaa faisla…director sahib bohat fast jaa rahay ho plz thori speed kum kren werna accident ho jye gaa 🙂

    lekin jo bhi hai epi dekhtay hoay mujhay bohat maza aya aur in main say kii baat k baray main bulk kisi bhi cheez k baray main mujhay koi khayal nahi aya aur is kaa credit actors ko bhi jata hai..first epi main junaid ko dekh ker mera dil doob gaya tha mujhay koi khaas nahi pasand lekin is epi main in ki acting nay mujhay impress kia…kai difficult scenes ko kafi behter tor per kia…mere fave roomi aur shama k dermiyaan confrontation scene tha is k ilawa shamas ki apnay gher main entry..flash backs aur gher main honay wali maha bharat aur phir oos kaa climax …excellent…great job

    lekin firaq kaa sab say surprising element mere liay Noor hasan hain…ye actor apni over acting…annoying voice….uncontrollable energy aur pta nahi kis kis waja say mujhay zaher lagta tha aur isi waja say main nay aseer zadi nahi dekha tha ..lekin yahan admit karoon gi k first epi main mujhay pleasantly surprise kia lekin second epi main mujhay kafi impress kia…ab main bohat curious hoon ye dekhnay k liay k drama k end tak mera in k mutaliq kia opinion ho gaa

    koi pta nahi FK k janay k baad adeel yaa hamza ki bajaiy qura in k naam hi nikal aye..after all life surprises kaa hi dosra naam hai 🙂


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