Firaaq ~ Episode 1 Review


Firaaq, written by Mustafa Afridi, directed by Aabis Raza and produced by MD Productions, is a story of separations, estrangements, alienations and distances, be they actual or metaphorical.

Tabasum, the matriarch of the family, has fears and insecurities galore which have manifested themselves as severe control issues, which in turn have estranged her from her children. She and Payman, her daughter, live together in the same house but are as emotionally distant from each other as two strangers sharing a bus ride – fellow travelers but each experiencing the journey very differently. Shams, her son, on the other hand is physically distant from her in that he has moved out of the house and is now living with his wife of three years, Sara. Haider, Payman and Shams’ stepfather and another member of this dysfunctional family, is also not spared Tabasum’s wrath as she never misses any chance of belittling him, husband or no husband.

Having grown up with such a curmudgeon of a mother was bound to have an impact on her childrens’ psyche, and so we find Shams has anger management issues, which show up in his interactions with his wife, and Payman is somebody who has retreated within herself, going through life like a zombie. Her deadpan voice, expressionless eyes and impassive face all are indicators of the damage that years of emotional abuse have wrought on this girl. She tries to speak up now and again, but the constant censure and put downs render any rebellion, no matter how minuscule, ineffective.   While Shams has a loving wife who is trying to rescue him from his past and help him live life anew, Payman, so far, has nobody. Without any friends and confidantes, all she has for support is her kind well-meaning stepfather, but given his own lowly position in the  family hierarchy, there is not much help he can offer in concrete terms. Peripheral so far, to the main track are Roomi, Shams and Sara’s mutual friend, and Imroz, a family therapist.

As far as first episodes go this was an interesting opening. Mustafa Afridi’s script did a good job of introducing the various characters and their character traits, the dialogues were meaningful and relationships were established fairly quickly and the pacing was good as well. Firaaq is director Aabis Raza’s third outing with a story that delves deep into the human psyche. The first one, Kadurat,  was an unqualified disaster, from writing to directing to acting, everything was a hot mess. Main Deewani too failed to make an impact. This time around I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that third time’s the charm. While overall okay, I thought there was an over use of Uzma Gilani’s closeups; Tabasum  is a “bad” person, the script made it pretty clear, then why the need to over exaggerate? The opening scene, Shams and Sara’s exchange of words, lacked in dramatic tension. Also, the visual narrative was jumpy, the cuts from one scene to another seemed abrupt and the dubbing of all outdoor scenes was noticeably off.  The constant, not to mention loud, background score was a constant irritant. The biggest irritant of all though, and a huge reason why I stopped watching Mustafa Afridi’s earlier serial Aseerzadi, is MD’s penchant for giving away the story. Here too, the Firaaq FB page has obligingly given away at least 2/3rds of the story. Just because novel based dramas have become popular in recent times does not mean that viewers expect, or want, to have the entire story revealed to them before the drama has even aired – we don’t!

So with the story already known and a director I’m on the fence about, why did I even bother watching? The actors. Uzma Gilani alone is reason enough to watch any serial, and even though her Tabasum was a bit too in your face, I still loved watching her. It was fab to see Mazhar Ali back on screen and doing well after his recent health scare. Sanam Saeed is an actress who pretty much never disappoints (although Kadurat, Ek Kasak Reh Gayee and Shukk  did push me to the edge), and here too she was fantastic. Mohib Mirza was good, although I wasn’t impressed by Imroz’s skills as a therapist, and Junaid Khan seemed to have added half a note more to his usual one note acting. Noor Hassan’s Roomi didn’t have much to do today, but from the now-revealed-storyline it seems like he will have more of a role to play, so looking forward to that. Cybil Chaudhry looked the part and sounded the part, although her voice was badly dubbed, but she still has a ways to go as far as expressions are concerned. The sequence where Sara met Tabasum and was later introduced to Payman was telling of Cybil’s inexperience.

Overall, inspite of a bump here and there, and despite the revealed story line, the first episode interested me enough that I am looking forward to the next installment. Here’s to hoping this one stays the course and there is no firaaq between me and the serial! So that, friends, is my take, what about yours?

Written by SZ~

Firaaq ~ OST

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  1. I decided to watch this drama because of SS and Mohib.. i absolutely had no idea about story-line, writer, director, their previous work.. i have never seen Cybil before, i m reading these comments on social media about dubbed voice. I dint notice.. is it really annoying for u ppl who know her real voice???

    So kind of baggage-free, i watched first episode. and m excited to watch next.
    SS is doing superb job of a repressed daughter, and when she even rebel’s at times it is more like “minminana”, completely different from ZGH’s kashaf.. I cant wait to see her character unfold.
    Mohib, as a psychiatrist, has totally disappointed me. I was comparing him with Vasay chauhdry from Pyaray afzal and Marina khan from Takay ki ayegi barat. Both of them were superb. But lets wait and see.
    Did u notice similarity between Tabassum and Bilqees kaur? Independant bossy lady, running her restaurant, trying to keep her children tied to their roots in American atmosphere..


    • @Atty: The dubbed voice is pretty obvious. It is her voice, I think, but because many of her scenes were shot outdoors and the outside noises make it quite impossible to get clean sound, so many a times these scenes are dubbed .. its a pretty common practice, but here the lip sync was pretty badly off .. yuo can see it w/Noor Hassan and Junaid K as well, its just that Cybil’s inexperience shows a lot more in terms of matching voice and expressions….

      Re: Mohib M and others .. I think his get up and mannerism was fine, I have seen diff therapists use diif styles, it was his quick diagnosis which was problematic .. but oh well, dekhtey hain agaey Imroz Sahab kya gul khilatey hain 😉

      Re: Tabasum and BK: I think they are two very very different characters, just that they both come across as domineering and rigid at fist glance. BK had very solid reasons for behaving the way she did, but here since its the very first episode, its kind of hard to tell, but it does seem like she’s a genuinely disturbed person … I hope we get to see more of her past as the story unfolds …

      Yes, Sanam S and Uzma G were the pick of the lot in this episode .. aagey fingers crossed and hopefully no firaaq! 😉


    • @Atty re Bilquis Kaur: Now that uve mentioned, I can see the similarities. It will be interesting to see whats behind tabassum’s bitterness. Unlike Billo, Tabassum seems to be well settled financially. so pbbly not as much struggle there..


    • @Atty: aray nahi yaar BQ bilkul nahi…wo sirf dominating personalty rakhti thin lekin ander say nerm dil thi kai jaghon per hum nau drama main dekha bhi tha phir jis tra ki oos ki family thi oos main kisi had justified thaa oos kaa behavior ..malab sab k sab ek say berh ker ek namoonay lol..

      yahan tou ek mazloom shouher aur ghamon ki maari daboo beti….oon per itna hukam chalanay ki kia zaroorat hai…lekin jis tra sz nay kaha waqai ye psycho character hai aur shayed is kaa is ki first marriage say ho..mohib psychiatrist awain hi tou nahi hain is drama main…lekin main tabassum k character ko one dimensional nahi dekhna chahti kuch depth ho sath hi ager is kaa kuch past yaa history show ki jye tou ziada acha lagay gaa aur over all story k liay bhi acha hai


  2. Thanks for the v complete review- was looking fwd to it. Yes, Firaaq had a good start. It was refreshing to see a new face (I had no clue it was Cybil) so I didn’t even notice the average acting. I liked her ‘simplepana’. Great to see Uzma Gillani back and v amusing to see Mazhar Ali back too….Poor guy, when my sis and I were young we used to be a lil biased against him but now that I saw him y’day, I was like “Bachon yeh mere bachpun ka hero hai!!” They were probably wondering why Ammi gets so excited at times 😉


    • @Afia: LOL @ l’il biased – hahaha I remember making fun of his papoo look, with his phooley huey cheeks – could hardly recognize him here! As it turns out he is now settled in the US and was very sick early last year with a very serious hear attack which landed him on a ventilator, and it was touch and go for a while, but I guess he’s better now and thank God for that!

      Cybil was okay on the whole, especially when compared to some of the new lot of girls we are seeing these days, but that first sequence I thought was off, and then the final confrontation scene, I think it was almost unfair to put her together with Sanam S and Uzma G.. ab dekhtey hain fingers crossed! 🙂


      • Thanks for the detailed review…

        Watched this episode on YouTube last night n liked what I saw,
        especially Sanam… was hard to believe this was d same person who played Kashaf with equal conviction….what a performer….hope to seesome stellar perfomance in the coming episodes….

        Just wanted to know what exactly does Firaaq mean coz I thought it meant Opportunity but from your comments I gather I am wrong

        On YouTube, didn’t notice the bad lip sync but does Cybil really have an accent or is it just for this show

        When I saw Uzma Gilani I immediately recollected having seen her on PTV in 80s but couldn’t remember any of her dramas….really feeling nice n connected to my childhood

        Also, isn’t Mazhar Ali the same guy who played Noman Ijaz’s brother in llaw in Noorpur ki Rani


        • @Samrita: Good to have you join in for a real-time drama convo, ab maza ayega baat karne mein 🙂

          Yes, Sanam was fab! Her expressions, voice body language all of it was spot on! Loved how we got to see fleeting traces of her inner steely strength, the scene where she got up and showed her dirty dupatta to her mom was fab!

          Uzma Gilani , yes she is a senior actor and absolutely fabulous. You are absolutely right, she was at her peak in the 80’s and performed memorable characters in numerous plays. You might remember her from from Waris, the long play Panah, and Ashfaq Ahmed’s series Aur Dramey .. her last performance that I can remember was in Man-o Salwa. She moved from Pak to Australia and therefore has not been seen for a while .. but clearly absence has had no impact on her performing abilities – she was great as Tabasum and her scenes with Sanam S were a connoisseur’s delight.

          And yes, as @Afia said. sharp eyes indeed!!

          Looking fwd to meeting you regularly here 🙂

          P.S. I dont know if you read it or not, but I did reply to your earlier comment on the ZGH (ep 22?) thread.


          • Hi SZ, I read your reply to my comment on ZGH thread…thanks for the list of dramas you gave

            Saw a post on fb about top 5 hum tv serial on air currently n read Firaaq’s plot (I know you had warned against it) n now I feel like kicking myself n hope that this doesn’t spoil my chances of enjoying this drama , more so as I am a big big SS fan like my fellow Indian, Radiant….

            I would like to mention a comment made by my 10yr old daughter after watching Pakistani dramas. She said,” mama, I would definitely like to visit Pakistan one day n hope the Pakistani actors like Fawad n Humaima get success in bollywood”…I think this is d kind of thinking we need to encourage amongst our kids n would like to take this opportunity to thank Zindagi channel for it…

            SZ, do you only review dramas or you review films as well…would love your comments on the forthcoming movie Khoobsurat

            Also, did you review Ishq Gumshuda n Mera Naseeb? If yes, where can I view them as couldn’t find anywhere


            • @Samrita: Aww! hugs for your daughter, sounds like you’ve done a great job with her 🙂 I agree with her and have always said lets leave politicking to the politicians.. why should we allow all their rhetoric to come between us,

              Re: reviews of Mera Naseeb and Ishq Gumshuda, no I didnt review those .. this blog started a couple of yrs ago and those are older serials. MN was Sanam Saeed’s was first leading role. Also the guy, who plays Shabaz there, Adeel Husain, is starring in Jackson Heights, starting next Fri, 19th Sept, so do keep an eye out for that. i will be reviewing that so will look fwd to your input 🙂

              Re Khoobsurat: I will try to watch it, and if I do then will def review it 🙂

              Re: Uroosa: Yes, it was Adnan Siddiqui, and it was his debut in that serial, since then of course he’s done a lot more work.. he currently has two projects on air: Mere Humdum Mere Dost (last ep airing thus Fri) and Ahista Ahista… also has a new serial Jaanum starting tomorrow, Thurs. I will watch the fist ep and if I find it watchable then will def share my views 🙂


        • @Samrita: Sorry, forgot to respond to your query abt Cybil. She does have an accent so Im thinking the voice is hers, but if you watch the HUM TV upload on YT in HD mode there is a noticeable A/V sync issue … and her expressions too need a lot of work .. but khair this is her fist serial (she’s a top model) so hoping she gets better with experience.


        • Yes Samrita, MAli is the same guy…you’ve got sharp eyes!
          and as Radiant (welcome to the club Radiant) said Firaaq means Judai/seperation.
          Sanam Saeed is v versatile. I once saw her perform on stage in the play Mamma Mia. She was the lead character (played by Meryl Streep in the movie) and played it so effortlessly, dancing away to all the ABBA songs.


          • Thnxs for the welcome 🙂

            Yes Sanam is a fab actor and she gets into the skin of the character she is playing and while watching her perform I just see her as the character she is, coz, even when she is just a looker on, in a scene, she still remains in that character through her body language Also very subtlety she brings a distinct trait to her characters and hence no 2 character of hers seem the same.


        • @Afia: Don’t know if Afshan was his debut or not, but yes he was in it and also in Uroosa and a score of other plays whose name I can’t recall now .
          And Afshan and Uroosa were both by A.R. Khatoon and were dramatized for TV by Bajiya 🙂


            • Thanks Afia, my daughter was very happy reading your comment. I sincerely hope her wish comes true soon.
              SZ, as you mentioned Uroosa, I was in school when this drama was aired n I still remember girls going crazy for Adnan Siddiqi (If I am not wrong his name was Shehryaar in the drama)…am planning to watch it once again as soon as I get time…
              Btw any idea when is Jackson Heights coming


      • @SZ: oh masher in ko dekh ker main ye hi sochti rahi k haye ye kitnay weak lag rahay hain 😦 …in kaa ek drama peshawer center say aya tha “haala”..oh good wo mujhay kitna pasand aya tha kia bataon ..oos waqt main koi 10-12 saal ki hoon gi aur bara serious drama tha lekin phir bhi mujhay acha laga oos main ek poem thi jis ki first line mujhay aaj bhi yaad hai “aadmi rait kaa samander hai…khahishein seepion ki manind hain “…pta nahi kiun lekin is poem ko sun ker main bohat roi thi…bohat udasi thi oos main jo itni chotay honay k ba-wajood main nay mehsoos ker li…ok ye comment type kertay main nay check ker lia hai ye drama you-tube per hai main zaroor dekhoon gi aur nahi tou ye poem zaroor sunoon gi ek baar phir udas honay k liay 🙂 ..


  3. Hi! I am from India and a month or so back re-discovered Pak Dramas as they are now being aired on Indian channel Zindagi and of course was totally bowled over by ZGH like many others. Since then have been watching quite a few of them, especially Sanam Saeed’s ones, as she was totally impressive as Kashaf.

    But before watching any drama I prefer reading reviews about them and came upon this blog and SZ I have practically read up all your episode reviews of Shukk, Talkhiyan, Kadurat and find them well written and helpful. Have watched Shukk which I really enjoyed, couldn’t watch through Kadurat and am watching Talkhyan right now and am loving it as it has done full justice to the original book that it has been adapted from, which I had read ages back. Have also watched Dastaan and Fawad is such a superb actor!

    Anyways sorry for the long intro.

    Coming to Firaaq, I watched the first epi online and the first epi intrigued me. Hopefully the show will not veer into something else and sustain the opening epi tempo throughout. All actors were pretty good. Sanam was impressive as always and so was the actor who is playing her mom. Sorry just know Sanam from the lot.


    • @Radiant: Hey! Welcome to our DRNR gang 🙂 Thank you for reading my reviews, happy to know you found them pertinent and useful. Never worry about long comments .. we’re all a long winded bunch and love discussing every detail, so no issues at all 🙂

      Aah! I hear you sista! Kadurat was a challenge and then some … I still have no clue where they were going with it … I dont think I even went back to watch the end .. so you can now understand my hesitation abt this serial .. lets hope that the director has gone back to the drawing board and done his homework before coming on the sets of Firaaq. Talkhiyan was/is an absolute gem. Sanam herself acknowledges that her outing as Bibi counts as one of her fave roles.. infact ZGH and Talkhiyan were airing at the same time and she had made this comment when asked abt who she preferred, or something along those lines … Shukk stared off on a really promising note but then derailed so badly ke I think it was not only us, even the actors were left shell-shocked by the end …her Mera Naseeb, Mata-e Jaan and Daam are also good ones to watch … Ek Kasak Reh Gayee is another disaster which should be avoided.

      Re: Firaaq: Yeah Im in the same boat as you, keeping my fingers crossed. Sanam’s mom is played by Uzma Gilani, a fabulous senior actor.

      Ab I hope you wont be a stranger and look forward to hearing regularly from you!


      • Thanxs for the welcome and sorry for being too formal. There I go again, but can’t help it. It’s too ingrained in me. LOL

        Hmmm just shows Sanam is an actor of substance, for choosing Bibi over Kashaf. 🙂 No just kidding. Both Kashaf and Bibi were played with conviction and loved them both. Both were complex characters, but Bibi was more so and more real with more human weaknesses.

        Kadurat, if I continue, would be only coz of Sanam. Shukk worked for me, coz as I said I had already read reviews about it and did not have high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. But I guess that’s the exact opposite reason for ppl being disappointed by it, coz watching it once a week and waiting with anticipation the whole week and then the plot drags on and inconsistencies emerge, is bound to put off even the most die-hard supporters.

        Mera Naseeb is airing soon on Zindagi and am looking forward to watching it.


  4. Note to director: NEVER start your drama with 2 bad actors in a scene. If I had No idea what this drama was about or hadn’t seen the promos, I would have switched channel during that first 10 minutes. C’mon people it’s almost 2015 get your act together – watch a few Hollywood movies and shows and learn how to intro your dramas if you are not experienced.
    Ok my rant over, I really really liked the next scene – infact it was fab mainly because the acting was solid and the writing as well. I LOVED how Mazhar Ali interjected with the whole Obama taxes line – total LOL moment and reminded me of my father 😀 Uzma Gilani is totally into her “crazy woman” character – my oh my – it was good to see her. But having said that, I seriously hope they don’t overdo it with her acting. There were quite a few LOL moment with her – making Paiman’s braid, watching tv, telling her DIL off as a salesperson.
    I agree about Mohib’s lack of playing a psychiatrist – what the heck was that intro scene with the couple fighting and him just sitting there.
    Apart from a few gripes, it is good to see Panama City back after Vasl 😉 oh you still look so beautiful even though I gave my heart away to Destin a long time ago 🙂 Overall a very good episode.
    Ok so that is Cybil Chaudhry – have heard the name but didn’t know the face. She’s a model? Also didn’t realize her voice was dubbed. Junaid Khan surprisingly was tolerable today. Not sure how long that would last 😉


    • @Annie: Yes! That park sequence was the lamest open ever! And thats where it was so bad that the A/C lip sync issue showed up the most, the other outdoor scenes too were dubbed over, but not as badly as this one .. and yes, if I hadnt seen the promos and hadnt read the *synopsis* I would’ve switched it… but then thankfully the script and acting, UG, SS, MA, all fab, came into play and I kinda let my initial aggravation slide…

      Yes, i have similar concerns as well with UG’s character.. lets hope the dir. can keep a handle on it and not make hamari soft spoken si Uzma shout and scream. As it as I already have an issue with her closeups :/

      LOL @Panama City after Vasl, I went back to see the OST of Vasl, and it was so funny to see the exact same locations, the sunset, the pier, the bridge, only the city seemed a lot more crowded..

      Yes, Cybil is a top model, and if you are so inclined I hear she’s also co-hosting the Veet Super Model competition on HUM. I hear she’s gonna show up in Shanakht as well, now that Noor Hassan’s track has moved abroad.

      Haha, you noticed it too – the half note extra to Junaid’s acting 😉 ab let’s see ….From what I gather he’s playing a character different from his usual loser husband roles … dekhtey hain …


      • Yeah I think either MD’s sis or SIL lives in PCB so that’s why the familiar shots of piers and beaches. But I don’t mind – it looks good and they have photographed it well.
        After you named all the scary dramas AR has directed I am getting very cautious of this one – probably will get derailed around the half way mark 😦 c’est la drama vie


        • @Annie: Yes, her sis lives there, and is credited as the line director for this one 🙂 Re: the dir. I am very cautiously optimistic, so fingers crossed!

          Re: Shanakht, my bad .. CC is not in it, but KW is and she made her entry this week. And I agree with you on the half-baked fare that is being presented there .. I am disturbed by the implications of the story line and wish they had put some serious thought into how they were presenting a very relevant and serous topic, but khair I’m digressing…


      • @SZ: ok Cybil ki bat sab ker rahay hain oos drama main nahi thin amina adeel meera sethi aur vasay ..writer sameera fazal uff sab kuch yaad hai mujhay sivaiy drama k naam k lol…oos main vasay ki wife bani hoi thin lekin kia kuch bolin thin ..mujhay in kaa smiling face yaad hai bus…aap ki memory mujh say behter hai


    • @Annie aha! it was Vasl.. I was thinking it all looked very familiar.
      @SZ is CC in Shanakht too? I saw a clip with KW (Numm). Accents ka mukabla! lol


  5. Oh i really enjoyed the first ep. I hear u guys with UG’s OTT-ness and MM’s lame psychiatric skills, but they didnt bother me much. infact UG, I enjoyed alot! and MM was ok.. i only had issues with his burgundy suit.. Cybil, i was looking fwd to watch. She didn’t amaze me but she didnt put me off either. Her accent did remind me of our lady from Numm – KW, but Cybil’s accent did sort of work here.. although if the other two friends have perfect urdu, i wouldve thought Sara would be in the same league.. but either way I can live with it!!!

    SS was fab and so was MA. The story is intriguing and i do wonder whats behind UG’s issues. I like how u compared Shams and Payman. Isnt it also funny how the boys can get away with it, while girls end up in the char diwaris, with all the pabandis.. Panama city ho ya kahin aur..

    The dialogues were sharp. From UG’s too much talking/ honest ppl to MA’s plants… Paymans almost tanzia statements were quite chilling and not only highlight her frustrations but also her steal of a character… almost rebellious but farmanbardar enough.. like u said i just hope it all doesnt go haywire like kadurat. Mein deewani i didnt even bother with,.. but so far this looks quite promising.

    re A/V sync : yes def that was an issue esp in the park scene.

    @SZ thanks for the warning. Ill stay well away from the facebook page! The teasers were good and i couldnt work much out, but after watching the first ep, the mukinats r on a roll…

    Overall first ep i enjoyed. looking fwd to next installment.


  6. After watching some of the teasers, i have a feeling that it might be similar to Uraan.. where Humayun saeed was the psychiatrist with his own issues, and he toyed with his wives abusing his knowledge and skills.


    • @FA: Love your mumkinat … ugh Im so annoyed abt the leaked storyline now I cant join in the fun 😦 but khair, would love to read other guesses as to where you all see this one going.. lets see if we can come close to what the writer has in store for us!


    • oh please yaar spoiler alert tou dena tha….aaaaeeeeennn ye kia ho gaya… abhi baray fakher say sz ko bta rahi thi main kitni intelligent aur smart hoon…sab kuch dhara kaa dhara reh gaya…ok main nay bus first line parhi hai aur koshish karoon gi is ko bhool jaon lol


      • @RJ i have only watched a couple of teasers which were quite mind boggling but haven’t seen the fb page.. so im pretty clueless to where the story is heading myself.. that was just my mind working over time going over all the wild mumkinats as usual lol .. so aram se parho, no spoilers here 🙂 .. infact would love to hear ur predictions..


        • sorry main nay jaldi ki react kernay main ..baad main SZ kaa reply dekha tou pta chala k ye koi spoiler nahi bulk FA k mash-hoor-e zamana mumkinaat thay lol..waisay kia talent paya hai main numm k dino say aap k mumkinaat perhti aa rahi hoon aur tab hairan hoti thi ye kis tra ker laity hain?…ok ab clear ho gaya plz carry on… I am enjoying 🙂


  7. I am also well into this after watching the first episode! Very intriguing and Sanam alone can pull me with totally owning her character, she was fab!
    Story looks refreshing and different, so glad I have not gone to the FB page so have no clue about story, and only seen a couple of promos so couldn’t work much out thank god!
    Junaid khan was actually good and playing a different character! Let’s see where mohib takes his character, can’t tell much right now except for his one session therapy diagnosis!
    But definitely looking forward to it , hopefully stays on track!
    SZ I see your eye for the issues are atill there lol, yes cybil prob would have been irritating but it didn’t seem as bad as some Americans speaking Urdu prob do speak like that but I can definitely tolerate her better than I did kanza in numm. She did look good though, had no idea she was a model! Thanks for the info!


    • @SK: Welcome back 🙂 Ab hope that we can all stay just as excited abt this one till the end!

      LOL at eye for issues … I can just hope that these minor issues remain minor and turn into disasters of major proportions.

      Re: Cybil, no the issue is not with her accent, I actually thought it worked fine w/her character, the issue is with the A/V sync where the dubbing is off … hopefully it wont show up as much in the 2nd ep!


  8. The drama seems superb. There are very less dramas which urge you to watch the next episode after the very first episode and this drama did that. Excellent review, Love it !


  9. first episode done 🙂 aur mujhay bohat achi lagi phir mere sath wo problem nahi jo aap k sath hai yaani story pehlay say maloom hai…in ki in hi herkaton ko dekh ker main nay ab promos dekhna band ker diay hain aur fb visit kerna chorh dia hai kiunk adhi story bta detay hain phir kia interest rehta hai..aur director sahib kaa previous dramas sun ker tou aap ki tra ab main bhi preshan hoon is drama k future ko lay k…abis naam suna suna lag raha tha lekin exactly yaad nahi tha k in kaa kon saa drama dekha hai lekin lagta hai kadoorat say kafi behter hai kiunk oos main first epi say problems nazer ana shuru ho gaye thay

    lekin writer kafi achay hain jinhon nay aseerzadi dekha hai kafi tareef ki hai ink kaam ki ..tou achay ki umeed rakhtay hain 🙂 …cast achi hai..mohib mujhay pasand hain bilkul apnay gher k living rppm aur terrace per beth ker sessions laitay pehli baar kisi therapist ko dekha hai wo therapist say ziada relative lag raha tha mager phir kadoorat walay psychiatrist say behter hain … phir humaray haan ye concept bohat naya hai isi liay dramas main kafi immaturely dikhaya jata hai tou thik hai hum English movies say compare nahi kertay lekin khushi hai k jadoo toonay aur jaali peeron say agay berhay ye bhi ek acha trend hai jo pk main common nahi yahan tou insult samjha jata hai ager aap kisi ko keh den k oos ko psychotherapy ki zarorat hai hopefully writer /director sirf khana puri k liay isay use naa kren bulk ek acha msg jye audience ko…waisay agla client ho naa ho sara hai 🙂 …akhiri client tabassum lol…phir oos k baad doctor sahib khud mental hospital pohunchay hon gay 🙂 ….ok second epi ki bari


    • sorry last line main character kaa naam ghalat likh dia…paymaan not sara …ye hota hai jab ek sath kai dramas shuru ker lo abhi sab characters apis main mix ho gai hain mera khayal hai next week say thik ho jye gaa jab ek waqt main ek drama dekhoon gi 🙂


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