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Illusions ~ those sweet and not-so-sweet lies we tell to convince others of our happy, neat and perfect lives – [main] bohot khush hoon, wrote Kuku to Khurram…

Delusions ~ those sweet and not-so-sweet lies we tell to convince ourselves of our happy, neat and perfect lives – [main] bohot khush hoon, wrote Kuku to Khurram…

Recognitions ~ those messy and not quite so easily rationalized realities that take courage to acknowledge: life is not a bed of roses, every day brings with it new challenges, nothing is pitch perfect, and not every question gets a beautifully packaged, no-loose-ends reply. The ones who are able to come to terms with their less than perfect lives are the ones who walk with a spring in their step, a smile on their lips. Difficulties come but lack the power to hold hostage those who have seen through the glittering societal facade of illusions and delusions. Then come what may, thick webs of half truths and lies can no longer impede those who have found their way home … these are the ones who have found their pehchan...

After an arduous journey, finding her way through the morass of deceit and deception, heartaches and broken promises, Kuku learned enough to realize that being strong did not equate to being perfect. Others around her were weak, no doubt, but getting impatient with their shortcomings while turning a blind eye to her own faults was not doing her any favors. Ironically enough it was Khurram, the weakest man in her life, who opened her eyes to the truth. With the blinkers gone there dawned a gradual realization of all that was wrong – not just around her, but inside of her as well. Though painful to the nth degree, her soul searching helped Kuku figure out that rather than blaming others for her unhappiness, she needed to hold herself responsible for her happiness.

It was only after making peace with her mistakes that she was able to move past the pent up bitterness and anger and make room forgiveness and joy. She had always been friends with Mrs. Khan and Laila, but now there was a new honesty, a genuine camaraderie in their conversations. For Mansoor, it was not only love that was gone but even her anger, now she could only pity him and find humor in his lame attempts to woo Laila back. With Khurram, it was no longer about his failure to grow up to be the man she wanted him to be, rather she accepted him for who he was, a child trapped in a man’s body, and where was the point in keep expectations of a immature child. It was she who had to be mature one, step back gracefully and let Khurram spread his wings. His departure paved the way for a stronger relationship between them, this time as friends. The wisdom she’d gained from recent experiences was reflected in her regular updates to Khurram, main bhi theek hoon, she wrote. Yes, she was theek –  theek enough to live her life, theek enough to value and appreciate her friends, theek enough to forgive and forget, theek enough to head home, theek enough to have found her pehchan.

That she followed up her honest assessment with the added bohot khush hoon, indicated that ingrained habits of a lifetime are hard to break. Kuku knows who she is, she has pehchan -oed herself, magar bharam bhi tau rakhna hota hai ...  kuch khud ko behlaney ke liye aur kuch doosron ko dikhaney ke liye ….

And on bharams and illusions, who would know better about those than Zari aunty. Keeping up appearances and maintaining the status quo is what she’s done throughout her life, and will continue doing so till the bitter end. Supporting a daughter who needed her was deemed secondary to protecting her dead husband’s izzat and naam. That Laila was a daughter was perhaps her biggest sin. No matter what she did or how far backwards she bent, she was never going to be as good as her brother – the ghar ka mard. He only had to snap his fingers from abroad and his mother silently did his bidding. He was the man/the elder of the family and it was, therefore, up to him to decide what was right or wrong for the women in his household. This was what he had seen around him and this was what was expected of him. Waisey bhi, wasn’t silent acquiescence a part of shareef mashriqi aurat’s job description? If so, then he could hardly be in the wrong; it was all Laila’s fault for being so headstrong, and his mother’s fault for allowing her daughter to do as she pleased. Now if they thought of themselves as suffering then it was definitely not because of him, was it?

Yes, Laila’s brother was only doing what mashriqi men generally think of as their god given duty – to provide and look after the womenfolk in their family, to know what is right for them and protect them from all that is wrong out there in world. This was exactly what Mansoor was offering to Laila yet again in this final episode. For all the concern he was showing for Laila’s well being, there was little in his words that sounded sincere. His apology, if it could be called that, sounded remarkably like the rant of a thoroughly deluded man. When had they ever been a happy family that he was now talking about a return to that time? Who in their right mind would describe a marriage as happy if the man was pretty much telling his wife that he needed her back for the sake of his izzat? Would an “open” marriage, where each spouse was free to find their happiness, their space, outside of their marital bed, be defined as a reconciliation? What world was this man living in? We knew he was nuts, but itna ziyada?

Leaving Mansoor’s sanity, or lack thereof, aside, an important issue raised here was that of male privilege. In a patriarchal setup where a man can pretty much get away with murder, what chance does a woman stand of asserting herself as an independent, intelligent entity? What was done ever so brilliantly here was that blame was not assigned to only the men, but women too were held equally complicit. As long as there are mummy jis and ammi jis and Mrs. Khans, around us such an unequal, unfair system will continue to thrive. For every one of these ladies, who have conceded their right to stand up, have willingly closed their eyes to their spouses’ infidelities, and allowed themselves to be easily placated with promises of a comfortable lifestyle and financial security, there exists a Laila – a young girl whose hands and feet bleed from gashes caused by shards of her broken dreams.

Over time this young girl grew up. She had to, she had no other choice. Time will heal her bruises but will Laila ever be able to forgive Mansoor? Will she ever be able to put that battered girl behind her? What kinds of hopes and dreams will Laila pass on to her daughter? What will she tell her about her father? Laila is lucky she has a Sa’di to lean on, a Kuku who offers her unstinting support and a Mrs. Khan, who despite all her marital issues, is a source of comfort, but what of all those millions of girls who are not so fortunate? Those who don’t have the know how to survive on their own  – what option do they have other than suffering in silence in their cages? What hope and help can we offer as a society?

A system can change only when there is a push from within, when illusions and delusions give way to recognition, when we treat men and women with parity, look upon spouses as partners with equal rights and obligations, go beyond the glitz and glamour of ameer loag and bara ghar and take pride in naik loag and apna ghar, stop participating in silly games of one upmanship, and quit assigning blame on nameless faceless duniya and duniya walas. Change is after all nothing more than stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility, one individual at a time – pehchan-oing the stark reality jo tum bhi ho aur main bhi hoon.

Though a finale, in many ways this episode signaled the begining of new uncharted journeys for the characters. Where they go next is entirely dependent on how much they’ve learnt and grown from all that happened. A standing ovation to the entire team of Pehchan, for pushing the envelope, asking the hard questions that compelled us to think week after week. The producers Seema Razi and Raziuddin Ahmad deserve a lot of credit for taking the risk and backing a non-commercial project yet again. Talkhiyan was a tough act to follow, but kudos to Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmad for upping the story telling bar yet again. A huge round of applause also for Naveed Malik. Pehchan would not have been the delight it was if it weren’t for his superb visuals. Between Bee Gul, Khalid Ahmad and Naveed Malik pretty much every scene told a story, some of the frames looked like paintings come to life. The one thing I must not forget to commend is the optimal use of background music. If only the other sound editors could see this serial and take notes on how to do sound right.

The actors did a fabulous job, with Iffat Omar standing head and shoulders above all. Not to be left behind Alishba Yousuf rose to the challenge of playing the very complicated Laila. Sohail Sameer was a great Mansoor, but I continue to think the role demanded somebody with a bit more polish. Aneeta Camphor was a lot fun as Mrs. “Ruby” Khan. Poor Mrs. Khan, she was always so busy chatting that she never ever realized that Kuku barely did anything to her hair, ever! Much as I love Kuku, I don’t think my next visit to Pakistan includes a haircut at her Crisp Edge! Parveen Malik and Sumbul Shahid were excellent as the two moms. I missed seeing Sumbul in the final episode. Fawad Khan, though I complained about him initially, eventually grew on me as child/man Khurram. Faris Khalid did well enough as Sa’di. Qazi Wajid was great as the concerned abba.

In a serial where everything was on point, every detail attended to, the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb, read extremely sore, was Laila’s nameless bacchi’s refusal to grow. I can understand her being nameless, but growth-less? Kuch samajh nahin aaya?! It is to the storytellers’ credit that we all took this major snafu in our stride, but still…. aur kuch nahin tau aakhri scene mein park men khelti hui kisi random bacchi ko hi dekha dete

This one major blooper aside, overall this was a fabulous serial. As we close the book on Pehchan, a special shout out to the dedicated followers of this thread, we might’ve been a handful, but our discussions were always meaningful and a lot of fun. I now look forward to hearing your thoughts on not only this final episode, but on the serial as a whole as well – what’s your final verdict? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ, your descriptions of delusions, illusions and the real pehchaan is brilliant. Your entire review of the drama is remarkable and fascinating stuff!. Avoiding being repetitive of what you have already stated, I feel that Pehchann is the best drama I’ve watched in recent times after Talkhiyaan. What next SZ?


    • @TSBindra: Thank you for your kind words – glad you found the review relevant and relatable 🙂 Totally with you that this was a fabulous serial.
      Re: what next: Firaaq starts tomorrow on Hum, I am cautiously optimistic abt that one, so will give the first episode a shot. then next Fri Mehreen Jabbar and Vasay Chaudhry’s juggernaut Jackson Heights open its acct on Urdu 1, so will follow that one … Ab let’s just hope that these two don’t disappoint. Apart from these, Im also enjoying Gar Maan Reh Jaaye and Rangbaaz both on express .. have you checked those out?
      What else are you watching these days?


  2. Thanks a lot ,as much as enjoyed Pehchaan,loved each and every review of yours.This journey would have been incomplete without u.


    • @Iffat: Thank you! It has been an absolute pleasure reviewing this one. Don’t think I could ever plumb the depths of BeeGul’s writing and do justice to Khalid Sb’s vision, but I tried!

      Loved, loved you as Kuku, bad haircut skills and all! Her strength and fragility, her dignity in adversity, her highs and lows, every nuance, every shade of this fascinating character was beautifully essayed. Regardless of how we may read her, “good” or “bad”, heroine or vamp, mazboot or mazloom, there is no doubt that Kuku was a woman of substance, and it is to your credit for understanding her, humanizing her, and making her real and relatable. If Kuku was the raison de’ etre for Pehchan, then you were the anchor that held the cast together. From the stunning opening sequence to the reflective ending, you were magnificent. Will definitely miss Kuku!

      Wishing you the best of luck for your future projects 🙂


    • Iffat umar thank you very much. It was beautiful journey . You were great no words to describe. And because of you I am watching adhoora milan . And faysal rehman is great to . Thanks


  3. Two thumbs up!!!
    Absolutely loved the journey… full of depth, very thought provoking and full of fun. The questions BG along with SZ and the gang raised were indeed self-enlightening. The never-ending discussions we had from Kukus skills to her luxury wardrobe, from mrs khans name to her husband’s black money, from Mansoors jacket to Lailas shoes in the snow and her elegant saris and from be’naam bachchi’s growth issues to khurram’s pre-aging hair, to name but a few, were so much fun..Pehchan will be missed!

    All the actors were great but for me Iffat and Alishba were the highlight… @SZ i agree with u on Sohail’s ”polish” factor but I really enjoyed loathing Mansoor! lol there is one thing for sure, Sohail Sameer will always be Mansoor for me after … I just wish we could see Mansoor suffer…how dare he suggest open marriage???!!! Abb wether his charsi friend also leaves him or not, doesnt even come close to the suffering we all wanted to see for him!.. This reminded me of his ” meri freind se baat kar lo, meri shadi ko le ke pareshan hai..” really,@SZ bring out your karahi/ daig – something!!… BG was too kind to let him walk away like so….and the auntie ji for that matter..

    re new lives: Yes it does make one think how they would carry on in their new lives and u r right where they go next is entirely dependent on how much they’ve learnt and grown from all that happened. They all grew to some extent except mrs Khan and our Thumbelina ofcourse! .. woh tou sadi ke ane ke baad bhi still in a carry cot and her pink blanket.. ooper se mrs khan thinks her crying suggests she doesnt need a doctor! hadd hai!

    i liked saadi’s gentle approach… him giving Laila space and time.. I hope he handles Mansoor topic better in the future..

    Been meaning to mention it for weeks but harr baar reh jata tha.. Along with Sumbuls banna mera eid ka chand, her lori was equally enchanting! woman has fantastic awaz MA.

    Once again kudos to BG and khalid Ahmed and team Pehchan. Looking forward to more projects like talkhiyan and pehchan!


    • @FA: Haye kya kya yaad dila diya! We had fun with Numm and now this one … we were a few but we certainly created more than enough mumkinats ke laga hi nahin ke hum log do char hi hain – and thank you for being such a fabulous lively influence on the blog .. love the tarka of humor you always add to your otherwise very thought provoking and insightful comments!

      Haha!! I have outlined my nefarious plans for Mansoor in my response to Ranjan, and Aunty ke liye tum soch lo .. after all main akeli jail mein kya karoongi .. saath honge to shughal rahega 😉

      Re: Sumbul Shahid and her voice: yes, loved both of those songs .. sadly Mansoor ne un ko mauqa hi nahin diya ke woh poti ki first birthday par bhi gaatein aur phir pota ke liye gaatein …. I somehow get the feeling ke the second bahu will b a nasty surprise for both the amma and beta .. Laila jasi shareef munh mein zaban nahin larkiyan kum hi hoti hain ….

      Ab looking fwd to hearing from you on Firaaq 🙂


      • @SZ re aunty ka anjam: i think kuku will deal with take cre of that.. she will get the money out by charging her for doing practically nothing to her hair.. see she was using cool iron on that same latt over and over again.. aur baqi ka badla by dyeing her head pink, apparently by mistake lol.. notice her wink.. lol


  4. SZ thank you so much for sending me the link. What a beautiful journey!!!! This drama is going to stay close to my heart. Because of review I myself was asking so many question to my self, you are an amazing writer !!!! After num than pehchan , I am so used to your review . Hope you will review Jackson heights.
    Iffat umar and Alishba was great but how come that tall tan handsome man getaway with everything , I wanted to see him suffer , and the way he was talking to Laila unbelievable , After this Like FA I will also think about sohiel sameer as Mansoor
    Thanks to Bee Gull and khalid sab and pehchan team . Hope they continue to do this type of project.
    Thanks again for all your help , this was a wonderful journey!!!!!


    • @Ranjan: Thank you for being a dedicated reader of this thread, loved having you share your thoughts and reading your take on the various characters. 🙂

      Yes, I agree, I too feel ke Mansoor got away too easy, but I am not as kind as BG .. Were I to ever meet him, the next day his dead body would be found floating in a vat on hot oil or maybe badly beaten up in some dark dirty corner alley .. LOL! I sound so vicious. but I seriously want to see him suffer!
      All kidding aside though, isnt this what happens in real life as well? Look at the insults that Laila overheard from Sa’di’s mom, abt her being divorced n all and this not acceptable for her son – forget abt the fact that the said son doesnot even a have a job or anything! On the other hand we saw Mansoor’s mother had absolutely no problems finding yet another young girl for her divorced son.. so these hypocrisies and double standards exist .. and I guess for these to change we need more women like Laila and Kuku, because as I said for a change to effective it needs to happen from within the system….

      Yes, am plannning to do Jackson Heights. For now I have started off Firaaq, did you watch the first ep? What did you think?


  5. Dear SZ and my darling viewers ..thank you..thank you..thank you…
    Pehchan , Talkhiyan and many other such scripts are based on the close observation of behaviour. They are not mechanical constructions of infinitesimal thrills. They depend on intelligence and empathy to be appreciated. They also require acting of a precision not necessary in many mass entertainments. They require a director with a clear idea of complex purposes .They require subtleties of lighting and sound that create a self contained world. Most of all, they require sympathy. The director’s care for the characters and viewers to see them as individuals not genre emblems. They require to see them as individual viewers not “audience members”..that can be an intimate experience…My scripts are often called “adult scripts “ ,if that term hadn’t been devalued by the porn industry I had said yes they are adult scripts, they require an insight of an adult, adult enough to appreciate such work. 😉
    All of you were brilliant viewers and critics…Thank you for being my strength and shield!


    • @BeeGul: A big huge hug and a thank YOU for both you and Khalid Sb for giving us a gem like Pehchan. I can’t even fathom how difficult this one must’ve been to write, but I know that as a viewer Pehchan, though fabulous, was a difficult watch. I say difficult because it is never easy to stand in front of a mirror and truly see yourself, stripped off all the masks we wear and the illusions and delusions we use as shields to hide our true selves. It is thanks to your wonderfully etched, eminently relatable characters that our discussions not only questioned the motivations of various characters, but also opened up a much needed dialogue about our own culturally socialized value systems.

      Ab, if I may, could I request you to write a sequel to Pehchan? Bees saal baad … I am not to concerned abt our ladies, Kuku and Laila, they will be fine, but I am very interested in knowing more abt Mansoor (second biwi ne us ko ganja kiya ke nahin), Khurram (did he ever grow up and did Kuku get invited to his second shaadi and sing bana mera eid ka chand? ), Sa’di (did he ever manage to do something concrete with his life?), Mrs. Khan (was Ruby even her real name or was it her hubby’s doing, turning an Akbar-un Nissa into a more palatable Ruby) and finally the nameless bacchi ( did she ever grow ya abhi tak ussi pink blanket mein so rahi hai). Please!!!

      Now that you and Khalid Sb and Seema and Razi Sb have thoroughly spoilt us, I can hardly wait for your next “adult” story! No pressure or anything, but know that intezaar is shuru 😉


  6. Obviously Thumbs up..
    Great journey came to an end, rather a new beginning..
    One thing i realized, aurato ki aur kahi marzi nahi chalti except in deciding their son’s marriage, be it Mansoor’s mom or saadi’s..
    Claps for ur thought provoking, regular reviews.. looking forward to Jackson heights and Firaaq reviews.. GOYA and Sadqay tumharay also starting soon.. so much to follow in coming days. i hope they dont disappoint us


    • @Atty: Thank you! It’s been a pleasure having u as a regular reader, and have thoroughly enjoyed your input all along this journey of self-recognition 🙂

      Acha, interesting thought, I did not see the story that way at all … I thought both Kuku and Laila showed us that women can and do put their foot down … agar marzi nahin chalti tau phir tau Laila shoud’ve gine back to Mansoor. He put so much pressure on her, and us ko choro, even her own family, but she stood firm. Similarly Kuku, remember when Mansoor asked her to continue their affair, and it would’ve been so easy for her to give in… but she stood firm .. and again in case of Sa’di Laila stood firm .. and thre ending implied a friendship rather than a marital commitment, which is what her wanted … for me the moral of the story was ke it is not ke sirf mardi ki chalti hai, its more that the aurat gives in without a fight, like we saw Mrs Khan, Zari Aunty, Mansoor’s mom … all of them compromised, because they were afraid of phir hamara kya hoga .. and I guess its this fear of hamara kiya hoga that forces women to continue to compromise … what do you say?

      Haan ji, seems like good stuff is on the way… I just reviewed Firaaq and IA plan on doing the other three as well .. will look forward to hearing from you on all these new threads 🙂


  7. yeah i agree, Laila and kuku were not ordinary ladies and they proved that women can stand for themselves.. i was not talking about conclusion, just a random thought about “mummy ji’s and aunty ji’s”, saari zindagi man of the house k isharo pe chalti hain per betay ki shadi apni marzi se krti hain


  8. Definitely Thumbs up !!
    Till now only drama serial of 2014 that i enjoyed like anything,… A huge thankyou team Pehchaan was giving us very thought provoking, very real and a relatable story.. And thanks alot SZ for always coming with upbeat and some amazing reviews.. Sharing my thoughts or reading other POV became a must thing as soon as every episode ended 🙂

    More later…


  9. Thank you SZ, and all the viewers, followers, commentators for your constant support, encouragement, appreciation and critique of Pehchan. Thank you for being with us all the way for without you it would have been a very lonesome journey——- lonesome and uphill and impossibly difficult.
    I confess once again that when Bee Gul had sent me the first one or two episodes I had discouraged her from writing this serial. I had felt that, given the mood of the channels, a script of this nature was bound to crash on us. Not because it wasn’t good enough but because it was too good for our television industry, the way it stands today. And had it not been for the unflinching support of all of you and many other individuals from within and outside the industry whose opinions I value a million times more than the rating seekers who rule the channels, my prediction may have come ominously true.
    I am happy that it happened. Happy despite the fact that it was not a commercial success and its airing was seriously resented by the marketing heads and channel owners. So much so that it has left a blot and a question mark upon mine and Bee Gul’s capability to deliver as far as tv drama is concerned. We are continuously made to stand in the dock for venturing upon something that in the channel lingo is derided as ‘arty’ and ‘experimental’(interestingly, in any other environment these would been considered terms of praise).
    I deeply thank Nurul Huda Shah for her support and her bravado in owning Pehchan against all opposition. She made it possible. Let me once again thank Razi and Seema for their reckless decision to embark upon such a production. Let me thank all the cast, each one of you, for such brilliant work. Thank you Naved Malik and forgive my occasional impatience with your fastidiousness with lighting. You bring brilliant results. Thank you Zeeshan, my assistant. You took a lot upon your young shoulders.
    Bee Gul you are the Best! Wish you were somewhere else and wrote under conditions that were more conducive to the caliber and style of your writing. I do not see our television industry extending its arms towards you for a long time to come. But I have faith in your pathaniat and therefore feel that you will somehow, in some form, continue to write the kind of stuff that is worthy of your sensitivity and creative powers.
    Sadly I feel that the space for serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan has now dwindled almost to being non-existent and in the coming years we are not going to see works of this style and nature on television any more . The trend is in the opposite direction. The ‘digest’ has won a resounding victory. Labbaik Ya Digest!


    • @Khalid Ahmad: Khalid Sb, regardless of how the serial may have fared in this mad race for TRPs, ad revenues etc, I know I speak on behalf of myself and my readers here, that we all thank you and bee gul and the producers Seema and Razi Sb and the entire cast and crew for bringing us such a gem of a serial. Thank you also for reminding us of what a good drama looks like, how it feels to engage with meaningful content, for showing us the difference between melodrama and drama. About 99% of our serials claim to be based on social issues, but here we actually saw what an issue based serial looks like and how issues should be presented, in an open-ended non judgmental manner, allowing us as viewers to reflect and question anew so much that we take for granted and as a given. It was not just he characters who evolved in Pehchan, I would like to think that as viewers we too grew and matured as we discussed the various characters and their dilemmas.

      Ab,after all this how can we let you sign off with such a Labbaik … surely you’re not giving up the fight? You can’t! We wont! Actually we refuse to, and request you and @Bee Gul to not give in and give up .. surely the candle has a bit more ways to go before it burns out? Surely we dont want to snuff it out before its time?


  10. Yaar some one plz post a link of the last episode here bcuz i cant find it
    Where do u guys watch all these dramas
    Which is one is the best site? Youtube sometimes takes a cpl of days to upload it.


    • @Annie: I just updated the review post and added a yt video and also given you a link to follow for Daily Motion and Tune PK links 🙂

      I have been uploading Pehchan on my yt channel the same day the episode aired .. and IA will do so for Jackson Heights as well…


  11. What can I say ,it’s such a beautifully written piece. It’s depth and complexity has left me awed.You have totally sold me on watching this play, but more that that this review is truly a master piece. The power of your writing has grown phenomenally.


    • @Javeria: Nawazish, karam, shukriya — aaj tau prof sahab ne shabashi de di bas ab Im gonna be smiling all day long 😉
      But seriously, thank you, means a lot coming from you, and welcome back! Ab dobara ghaib mat ho jana!
      As for my reviews being good, I can honestly tell you that my writing does not even begin to scratch the surface of this fabulous serial … do watch it and I would love to hear what you think of it 🙂


  12. Finally saw the last ep SZ and loved the beautiful way all the ends were tied up. Though I would have been happy still if Laila’s thread had been left open ended like Kuku’s but chalo khair… I hope Saadi proves worthy of her!
    Kudos to the entire team! Islamabad the city looked beautiful throughout the show. Iffat’s work was awesome and she looked like a million bucks in her last couple of scenes.
    Aur aapke reviews ke baray mein kya kahoon which hasn’t been said before? They’re the icing on the cake? Cherry on top? Bohat shukriya!


    • @Afia: Shukriya ji, coming from you it means a lot! :*) Indeed Isloo looked fab, and throughout as I watched I keot thinking of the very torturous and lonely six weeks I spent there, while I was there for some work .. kahan the tab Kuku and Layla and Mrs Khan jaise cool loag? Had they been around, I don’t think I would’ve hated that city as much as I did!

      And, I have to say your point, abt Laila’s story not having an open-ending, has gotten me thinking. When i watched, I thought of it as a very open ending: Laila and Sa’di were good friends and though Kuku wrote about shaadi plans, but it seemed like, to me at least, that they were not really serious. Had they been serious then there was no issue coming in between their getting married. Yes, Sa’di’s mom would’ve been upset, but in the long run he was the iklota beta so she would’ve eventually come around.
      For Laila too, had she been so inclined, marriage would’ve actually sorted her situation with her mom, because a married daughter is much more easily acceptable than a divorced daughter living by herself with a steady male friend in her life. But the fact that they both didn’t go for it, to me signifies that Laila was not yet ready for a commitment and/or her relationship with Sa’di was based on affection and friendship rather than love. If it wouldve been love, Im sure they nothing would’ve stopped them from getting married, hence formalizing their relationship.
      Remember Kuku, and her love for Mansoor, where she was so bebas ke even though she had told him to get married, she couldnt contemplate life without him and she slit her wrist, or even afterwards, though she knew he was married, and she knew it was wrong, she still couldnt stop herself from seeing him. It was only when she met laila, and saw Mansoor’s real face that she forced herself to walk away … that I would say is, for me, more like what I understand love to be ..
      So for me both Kuku and Laila made peace with the fact that they had two good friends (Khurram and Sa’di) in their lives. They didn’t need a man to complete them, rather they found their Pehchan within themselves and in this act of recognition they found calm and peace and joy, and the friends around them only helped compound this feeling of completeness…
      So that’s how I read it … would love to hear what others thought of Laila’s ending?


      • @SZ hawww..aisa?? u hated isloo??? itna bhi boring nahin hai yaar!! Abb tou there is quite a bit to do, so even if u cant get hold of mrs khan, laila, kuku or even mansoor, u know where to head to to suit your mood.. saidhpur village, crisp edge, tuscany courtyard, lailas kitchen or the charsi dhaba…

        re Lailas ending: interesting! Like @Afia, i also got the feeling that Lila and saadi were committed for marriage. When and where was still not decided, but they knew where they were heading. Saadi had always loved Laila passionately, and now he had said he would only ever return when both of them were ready. He was fed up of listening to everyone, including his mum. So this time he was listening to himself, for himself. They had both pehchano-ed themselves and they both found happiness with each other. Freindship had always been at the core of their relationship, but now its more than that.

        I think difference between their’s and mansoor/kuku relationship is that these two have recongnized themselves. they dont react on impulse any more.. kuku had cut her wrist because she was afraid of loneliness – she was weak within. Laila is now much stronger than that and more rational. They know they dont have to rush into getting married, so long as they know they will one day when the time is right.. thats what i felt ..

        i felt that it also showed three different endings for three different women. mrs khan who never changed. kuku who pehchan-oed herself, let go of her fears, learnt to live by herself and found contentment. and there was laila who also found her pehchan, but she found her happiness with Saadi.


  13. I loved how team Pehchan preferred convincing end on happy end.. Rarely we see such open-endings that make us audience think about characters and their growth.. The last visuals of Laila – Saadi were very pleasant and showed how content they were with their friendship and bond.. Saadi also took his me time and in a way this drama showed how both men and women need their space and time.. Saadi gave her that freedom to breathe and respect that she rightly deserved and hence Laila was happy enough to get these things but still forming a relation was made open IMO..


  14. Hi SZ how are you? I have just finished the last episode of Pehchaan. I think I am going to miss my time, everyday 1 hour with it. Will surely miss, elegant, independent Laila, beautifully dressed in chiffon saris, who gathered the courage and strength, and walked away from that dark place in search of her real “Pehchaan”, stylish and smart Kukko, who learned to be happy and complete without a man in her life, funny Mrs. Khan’s with her special accent, I loved the way she used to say “Khukhoo…”:), Khurram’s irritating presence, who finally decided to transfer himself from a immature child to a man in making, Sadi’s charm, the way he gently handles Laila, giving her the space she needs to heal and get over all the bitterness she has been through and last Mansoor’s, with his fake male ego, which forces him to think, that both the ladies in his life are incomplete without him and wont be able to survive if he is not around.

    It was definitely a strong story, very progressive, it was not just another drama, it was one of those stories, which we don’t see very often, and would cherish and ponder over it for days later. The story on one hand highlights human weaknesses, on other hand their struggles to get over them. There are people like Laila’s mother, who always thought, a women’s life is incomplete with out a man a “Mard”. Who immediately after her husband’s death, accepted her son as the sole decision maker of the family. The son who didn’t bothered and cared to know, how his parents are doing? Who even didn’t cared to show up, when his father passed away, when her sister got married. Who she knew, might not even show up, when she herself die one day, but she will justify his each and every action, as she always did, just coz he was the “Man”. Where as, she never tried to understand her daughter’s point of view, and her problems. There are women like Laila and Kukku, who were once weak, gathered the courage to walk away from that dark place.

    I loved the friendship and light moments, Laila, Mrs khan and Kukku shared, the way they maked fun of Mansoor and even pitted him. In the start I felt the drama had a bit sad aura to it, it was running in a slow lazy phase, but later took interesting turns. I was quite content to see the ending, where Kukku’s and Khurram’s relationship has transferred to a beautiful friendship, Lailla and Sadi, seen enjoying each other’s company, a relationship which they knew was more than a friendship, but want to keep it this way at the moment, and are not prepared to get into something serious like marriage. Mrs Khan, still the same weak lady no matter. how much she says she hates her husband, still gets nervous and excited when he compares her eyes to Audrey Hepburn :). I really enjoyed the journey. Hatts off to the makers. I can’t thank them enough, to give us such a beautiful gem. And yours reviews SZ, your thoughts , around the story, scenes and characters, makes it even more interesting. So what should I start next SZ, any suggestions?


    • @Shilpy: Hey! I’m good .. aap sunain 🙂
      Thank you for coming back to share your thoughts on Pehchan – loved reading your beautifully worded insightful comment. Along with the story and the acting weren’t the visuals just amazing? I wasn’t sure if you would be able to get into this one b/c it was very diff from Talkhiyan .. but I am glad to know you were able to get into this one and appreciate not only lyrical beauty but the steely spine of @Bee Gul’s story as well. Did you read her and Khalid Sb, the dir, and Iffat Umar, Kuku’s comments above?

      hmm, ok so Pechan and Talkhiyan are tough acts to follow, but how about you go for a change of pace and try Shehr-e Zaat, Jalpari, Mora Piya, Nanhi … all these are easily available on YT…Would love to know what you make of these 🙂

      If you are patient enough to watch serials in “real-time” and join in our on going convos then do give Firaaq and Jackson Heights a shot… would love to have you on board with one of those .. as I was telling @Radiant a few days ago, watching in one go vs watching weekly are two completely diff experiences .. so give one “live” serial a shot and check out one of those that I have listed above 🙂


  15. @SZ I agree the visuals were just amazing, very soothing, in fact I remember, I enjoyed the visuals and that calm/soothing aura of Talhkiyan too, where you hear the birds chirping, during the day scenes and the wind chimes in the night. The laid back, clam settings, where no one seems to be in hurry. I think, it was very wise decisions of the makers to choose such serene settings for such insight full stories, that brings out the stories more beautifully.


    • @Shilpy: So true! And after you get spoiled by aesthetically pleasing dramas such as these then it is becomes so hard to deal with the run of the mill dramas where the background music almost deafens you and also drowns out the dialogues .. if only our sound editors could learn somethings from here … Jackson Heights, that just started today, too has a great bgs… but watch a serial like Gar Maan Reh Jaye where the drama is great but he bgs is a huge turn off. But on that, check out any one of the 7 eps aired so far and marvel at Hina B’s transformation!


  16. So many years have gone by and yet pehchaan remains the most memorable story to date. It’s a shame that the channel removed every evidence of its existence. Nothing on YouTube if their website . Such injustice!

    Liked by 1 person

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