Ahista Ahista ~ Episodes 4 -11 Review


For a plot as mundane as can be I continue to be surprised as to how Ahista Ahista manages to keep me coming back week after week. Simply read this is yet another story of two biwis fighting over one shohar, with mazloomiyat, shuk and rona dhona galore, but what makes this one interesting is that even as we see biwi No. 1’s  blood pressure rising by the minute, and biwi No. 2 with her ever AA2present roye and bin roye aansoo, the real bechargi has been reserved by the hero sahab for himself. Considering how manipulative he is and how easily  lies roll off his tongue, I am amazed as to how this guy rationalizes all his harkats. Be it scolding Haya, for not lying well enough to placate Bi jaan, or getting all huffy with Sophia for daring to question his whereabouts while she was away, this man really thinks he is the one true victim here. Aik taraf bari begum ke sawaal pe sawaal and doosri taraf choti hain ke unko tau sirf apni pari hai … why can’t these two think about HIS position?! Ab bechara ek shohar kis biwi ko khush kare aur kis ko nahin… and soney pe suhaga Bi jaan …. why are these khawateen just pushing at him for all sides … jaaye tau bechara aik eklauta Zavar kahan jaaye?!

Don’t you feel for the guy… feel his tension and pareshani increasing… ahista ahista?AA9

Ab yeh alag baat hai ke no matter what he says none of us are buying into his halaat ka sataaya hua mard routine, but let’s give credit where credit is due – Adnan Siddiqui is very good as the utterly hopeless Zavar. Every time I watch this guy in action I have to wonder ke yeh shakhs kis duniya mein rehta hai… for how long and how far does he think he can get away with his lies?! Watching him also brings to mind our other friend Mansoor, and it is here where Ahista Ahista begins to take on meaning for me. Some of the questions raised in Pehchanabout cultural double standards, hypocrisy and the mashriqi mard’s sense of entitlement,  are being raised here as well, albeit in a much more “mainstream” manner.

AA8And on this issue of commercialism, while I get why certain elements in the serial had to be played up, I wish Sophia had not been be portrayed as such a shrew and Haya not turned into such a roti dhoti behen ji type. There is more than enough nuance in their characters that they did not have to be painted in such stark a manner, turning them into near caricatures. Hence, even as Mawra is great as Haya, I love how despite her tears this girl does not hold back in telling Zavar off for his hypocrisy, I find my mind wandering off thinking about how and when did she acquire such a drab wardrobe… shayad airport par kisi aunty ji ke suitcase se us ka samaan badal gaya hoga, surely the ever so suave Shirin did not send her off to San Francisco with such clothes?!

Sophisticated Sophie, on the other hand has no issues, wardrobe or otherwise, she is not only sharply dressed but sharp of mind as well. AA10Her questions about Haya’s indefinite stay are definitely pertinent, but I don’t get how a sprained ankle gets translated into tabiyat ki kharabi and how this haalat entitles her to treat Haya like a maid. And finally apne Zavar sahab – can someone enlighten me as to what exactly is it that he does? All those mansions are sure to be costing him a pretty penny. So yeah I do have questions, and tons of them, but despite the unavoidable trappings of mainstream dramas and their more tears equal high ratings formula,  Aliya Bukhari and Haseeb Hasan do a creditable job of keeping things moving along fluently.

AA7So far Zavar has managed to keep a lid on things, just barely though, but now with Bi jan almost out of the picture, don’t think it’ll be too long before Sophie finds out the truth about Haya’s marital status. Surely, Zoyi doesn’t think biwi No.2 is stupid enough to cover his lies for too long, and biwi No. 1, despite her insecurities and issues is not the kind to suffer fools gladly. Things have also been stirred up with the entry of the chichora stalker AA3Mustafa (Coffee or lemonade? The first time you meet a random girl in the park? Like seriously??) and Ruby (typecasting alert!). Also, waiting to see what role do Javed Sheikh and Laila Zuberi play in helping Haya assert herself. Most of all though I am really looking forward to seeing how Mr Zoyi gets his comeuppance. Jhoot bolney ki saari hadein cross kar di hain in sahab ne. Maa, behn, behnoyi, biwi no.1 biwi no. 2, kisi ko nahi bakhsha … aur tau aur he’s such a compulsive liar ke acche khaasey scrambled eggs ko omelette bata rahe hain!  Uff taubah! 



Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ: Hi! I am watching this one. I also am enjoying it, despite the same love triangle story – I love the picturization, and the settings, it is so beautiful. I too wonder ke yeh banda Zawar ke paise kaha se aata hongay – do biwiya, do ghar, lekin paiso ki pareshani to bilkul bhi nahin hai!

    When I saw Maham – I mean Ruby – I too laughed – I thought – is bringing Shuk into people’s lives this woman’s past time? 🙂 Is khatoon ko aur kuch try karna chaiye….I will keep watching 🙂


    • @BSK: Hey! Glad you too are on board with this one 🙂

      Yeah, somehow or the other, despite my issues, I too keep watching. And lol yeah, kahan se aata hai paisa .. perhaps Mr. Zawar can give us all lessons in how to afford those MacMansions and the fancy car and still have so much time to do gardening in a perfectly fine garden! Perhaps this is the money he saves by not keeping a cleaning lady and a gardner? Kya khayal hai? 😉

      Hahaha! Exactly! I too thought yeh Maham yahan kyon??


  2. Lol SZ enjoyed the review! You put it so well 🙂 Zoyi ne bechargi ka theka liya hua hai is drame mein… He’s achieved what Mansoor cud only dream of… Two women in the house and still coming out as the bechara :p
    Bravo (not) Adnan Siddiqui ‘n team!


    • @Afia: Haina! Mansoor, and to some extent even Khurram, both tried and totally failed at being becharas. Mansoor tried to play the same main, thak gaya hoon, main kya karoon, mujhe maaf kardo, cards with both Kuku and Laila, but Zavar tau bas ustaad nikla!

      Btw, since you are my go to person for all that happens in Pak, do you call a scrambled egg and omelette there? This is twice that this has happened in this serial. Wonder if its a blooper or is it really Zavar being a liar haha!


      • Nahin yaar, scrambled is always scrambled….yeh Zevar hi usse omelette bana deta hai…The desi name for scrambled can be ‘unday ka bhurta’ or ‘khageena’ but definitely not omelette 🙂


  3. SZ aap ki himmat ko salaam. I have fast forwarded more than I have seen. I am just waiting for AS to drop off to sleep…intahayee sust magar jhoota insaan hai. No sympathies for him. From SG’s shrilly voice, uff Zoeeee Zoeeeee, to AS’s neend aur bezaar looks plus SH’s spotless look, I am bored. The only thing I like seeing is the lovely tea set :)…and yes ok M’s squeezing in a word or 2 to Zawar between all the sobbing and moping.


    • @AK: Nahin yaar, tum Mr Zavar ko theek se samajh nahin rahi ho… ab woh thaka hua to hoga na .. itni dimaghi mehnat karta hai tau thakey ga nahin tau aur kya :p After all do do biwiyon ko sanbhalna koi asan kaam thori na hai! And neither is the man sust, lol check out all the gardening, jogging, khana pakana, thinking up one lie after another and then keeping them straight in his head, and ofcourse then also working at a job that requires him to dress up in a three piece suit.. ab batao kahan se sust? 😉

      LOL, true that tea set is lovely, actually that house is nicely done up .. lets give Sophie points for that 😉


  4. Lol OMG Sz, you and I are on the same page re: Hayya’s wardrobe. As I watch this drama, week in and week out, I cannot help but think how convenient it is that Hayya packed such a drabby wardrobe which only further enhances her mazloomiat! As a nahi navehli dulhan, you’d expect that Hayya would’ve packed a stunning array of jorrays, but alas!
    You could say I’m being nit picky, but why does Sophia always use the word pati for husband but biwi for wife – shouldn’t it be patni? The scripting tries hard to portray Sophia as non-Pakistani, but the inconsistency bugs me for some odd reason :/
    Anyways, I digress! I really enjoyed your review, I couldn’t help but chuckle on your observations on Zoyeeeeee.


    • @UM: LOL meri behen!

      You know I get the reasoning behind the change, we saw it being done very well in Pehchan, but what I am not appreciating is how everything is amped up that much more. So Haya’s unfortunate position could’ve been made visually marked by a wardrobe change, but just not so extreme. Hard to know who is responsible for the various characters’ styling. I had really enjoyed Haya’s pre-shaadi styling so I’m even more annoyed!

      Yes, you are right, not digressing at all.. you would think patni would come naturally for Sophie but I guess it doesn’t. Even her pati pati seems to fall by the way side every so often. Just dont know why they opted to go for that word . her cross and prayers seem to convey her religious identity well enough, and for those who need things spelled out, then they say it so very many times ke its not likely that anyone can forget ke she’d never be accepted by Bi Jaan because of her religion.

      Btw, what did you think of Mustafa’s entry – coffee or lemonade lol!


  5. Apki himmat hai ji.. I have given up on this after first few weeks. Big Mansions cannot make me watch this, kuch tau solid hota drama me. Money wasted!
    And i m scared k yehi director sahb Dayar-e-dil bnanay walay hain. Director’s job is much more than choosing locations and guiding DOP to take shots, for instance Haya’s wardrobe switch… Sorry to say he failed miserably


    • @Atty: LOL, you;re not alone! There are many I know who are not watching this one. Actually reminds me of Numm, when everybody except a few of us on this blog hated it, so chalta hai 😉

      I am enjoying this one and not just for the scenic shots, but for the characters. I find Zavar very interesting, just as shaded as Mansoor or Khurram. The difference is that here we have a commercial approach so more rona dhona, more masala added in … That said,its great to hear diff opinions, and so interesting as to what stories click with us and what don’t. A lot of people were praising Marasim so I gave it a go a few days ago, but it just didnt hold any appeal for me. LOL, ab kya karoon mera dimagh thora ulta chalta hai :p

      Re: Haseeb Hasan, I really like his work. He is a very good and experienced director. If you’ve seen his Nanhi, Tum Ho Ke Chup & Bol Meri Machli (names I remember off the top of my head) then you know the quality of his work. Baqi, yes looking fwd to DeD 🙂


  6. Hahaha SZ you and your sarcastic humour k kya kehne 😀

    I missed couple of episodes but recently watched epi 10 and 11 and my goodness kya tou bechara sa mard he.. All the time i was like kya karaha he yaar Mard ban, Be A Man.. Hypocricy at its peak and u rightly said humare mansoor k koi ghum shuda soul brother hain Zawar Sahab.. Only difference is Mansoor k chake churane wali 2 aisi powerful ladies milgayein while Zawar per abhi halka haath he.. Though Haya while crying does say karwa sach but we want tigeress Haya 😉

    I get so lost in this soo visually beautiful drama.. K im bound to ignore stupidities ya bloopers.. Ab bloopers ki baat ki he tou scrambled eggs kaise na mention karun ..LOL.. Honestly i was like.. Umm is he sure thats omelette.. Bhaye ab hume kya pata zawar kuch bhi karsakta he n kuch bhi kehsakta he.. Like he started to give lecture to Haya about Mustafa.. Look at his guts maann.. And Mustafa he is such a sophiticated lucha.. But lets see may be he offers something more :p

    What was in precap?


    • @Rehmat: Wah! loved the way you compare Zavar and Mansoor, in terms of the women in their lives, and waqai is angle se tau Mansor bechara hi lagta hai!

      And yes, exactly, what exactly was he thinking when started asserting his husbandly rights, and began his lecture … arrey baba tum ho kaun? So glad Haya didn’t take it lying down! Ab I wish the next time she goes to the park she she finds a Kuku jogging there – bas phir tau Zavar ki ayashi sab khatam! Waiting for a Kuku like character to enter Haya’s life .. I’ve pretty much given up on Sophie :/.


  7. please review Mere Humdum Mere Dost, atleast it is better then this drama…
    btw I loved your review and zavar sahabs unnisson jhhoot….including ommellete 🙂
    you see he can get away with anything


    • @Maria: Hey! Lovey to hear from you 🙂
      Yes, MHMD is on my list, just behind on it and havent caught up, hopefully next week should have the review out – will look forward to your detailed input then 🙂
      LOL @Zavar sahab’s unisson jhoot .. bilkul! exactly! yani ke scrambled eggs tak ko kuch se juch bana diya ,,, had ho gayee and the say women are drama queens!!!


  8. Hi. I am watching this one. Not regularly, or with tons of anticipation, but still keeping up with it. I’ve been reading DRnR, but being so busy I haven’t commented much because I can’t respond and then I feel guilty!

    I see all the flaws and problems you ladies have mentioned. I find myself constantly rolling my eyes. Believable… this one is not!!! However, I do keep watching – so I guess maybe credit goes to MD for still pulling in the viewership.

    Poor Zavaar is the beychaara-est man I have seen. I just want to smack him upside the head – like what are you thinking, and how can you expect sympathy??! We talk about Romaisa being Allah mian ki gaye, but honeslty I think Zavaar honeslty thinks he’s justified and the victim in this. Those expressions of helplessness make him look utterly stupid! I think of all the characters, I have the most problem with him.

    Sophia – sometimes I feel bad for her and see all this as unfair. And other times, her desperation and her dependence are nauseating! I get where she’s coming from but I have trouble reconciling the shrew with the desperate pati-vartan bivi.

    Mawra is surprisingly good as Haya. Although I can’t tell whether that whine in her voice is always there or it’s a part of the character. She has had some of the best lines in the last few episodes. I am very happy that she told Zavaar exactly what she thought of him and his treatment and how she could never trust him and that “usse nafrat honay lagi hai”. However, in the last month Zavaar apparently has won back her heart (too easy if you ask me!).

    I must add one thing. I think the setting in these gorgeous sprawling estate homes is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone who knows anything about American real estate would understand that each of those California properties would cost several million and would also point to a certain lifestyle. If Sophie and Zavaar lived in a house like that they most likely would have some help (cleaning, cooking). Sophie would most likely not take care of the whole house and also work, and Zavaar would probably not be doing all that gardening.

    It is very misleading for Pakistanis and Indians back home – so many people think USA and Canada and UK mein sab aise hi rehte hein! Dur ko dhol suhaanay 😉 There are definitely successful desi professionals and businesspeople in the West who live in multimillion dollar mansions – however it is not representative of the norm. A house like Zavaar’s would be a lot more believable in the Heartland, Midwest, even certain states in the Northeast, but that palatial home in San Francisco is a little much! And then I love that he changes cars like twice a day. Any why is he driving Sophie around everywhere – such an independent woman would most likely drive herself.

    Too many nit-picky things – but if we suspend belief and logic maybe in some alternate reality this would all be possible.


    • @Nur: Awww! No, no need to feel guilty…drop in whebever you have time. Its always lovely to hear from you and know you’re doing well. We are a small group of friends here, so if someone goes missing to phir fikar hot hai and commenting waghaira tau is a way to connect and share and discuss, so no worries 🙂

      LOL!! I totally hear you sister!! Re: the mansions, I cannot tell you how many times on my visits home I I’ve heard about how all people in the US live in huge houses, drive fancy cars, carry designer bags, wear suits 24/7, dont have anything to do as far as housework is concerned, houses never get messy, and people never cook just eat sandwiches and pizzas … because thats what they see on TV…ab when you start telling ppl abt how things actually work they think you’re kidding!

      Re: Mawra, I think she and her sister Urwa can act well, given they work with good directors, otherwise they generally come across as very mediocre actresses. Urwa, by all accounts, seemed to have done a good job in Marasim. And if you think Mawra’s whine is bad here, check her out in Ek Tamana Lahasil Si and you will see what a fab job the director, Haseeb Hasan, has done with her here. I thought some of her scenes in the recent eps, as you rightfully point out as well, have been pretty strong, given that she is the relative newcomer in the bunch.

      And yes, i totally agree with you on Sarwat’s Sophia…. as you say, her character is such that one would feel for her on principle, but her clinginess and shrill Zoyiiiiiiiii and her bitchiness with Haya is really over the top … I too am at a loss as to why they went that path wit her character …

      Re: Zavar, exactly! he is the bechara-est, but Idk if you;re following Pehchan, but in there Mansoor, Sohail Sameer, feels exactly the same way .. in a patriarchal set-up where the man but naturally expects everything to go his way, everyone to see things his way, any any little deviation from what he expected would happen, or when her realizes that he’s done something wrong, is signal enough for him to turn the whole situation around and lay the blame on the other party, rather than ‘mannning up’ (pun intended) and taking responsibility. So here we see him making Sophia feel guilty for not being nice to the abandoned Haya, rather than saying it outright that she’s his wife, and then we see him making Haya feel guilty and responsible for Bi Jaan’s health, And the best was when he told Haya that if Sophia did not accept his secind marriage then she would be in trouble, loved the way such an immoral man dragged religion in to the mess he’s created. So much has happened, but he has not yet accepted even an ounce of blame for the mess he’s made.

      On the other Bi Jaan, like in Pehchan as well, is a stand-in for all those desi mothers, who along wit the men are equally, if not more so, responsible for men like Zavar and their idiotic rationalizations. Not once so far has she have ever had a moment of doubt about her son’s sharafat and she’s never once asked him seriously why Haya is unhappy. Remember she’s always asked Haya to keep Zavar happy, it all about her son. Even though she loves Haya, but the equation has shifted now that she is the bahu, the biwi of her ladla Zavar. And so for me Zavar and his mom are so much fun to watch,

      Re: Haya, being taken in so easily, yes I agree a bit too pat, but for a girl who grew up as protected as she did and who grew up only hearing shaadi shaadi and more shaadi talk, probably she sees no life outside of believing in this man, who is such a piece of work .. reminds me of a spider and his web, and how a fly once trapped can never escape those silken threads!

      But ultimately I do wish that we get to see Haya go to school or work and get on with life …. and not in the last episode! And hopefully not with that chichora Mustafa!!


  9. Finally caught up…yay!! Same old story but yeah definitely pulls you in lol!! I find there is a big difference between zawaar and Mansoor. although both compulsive liars and wouldn’t want to be around either of them, Mansoor is way worse character wise. He was having an affair with a married woman, and continued to do so while he was married. I’m sorry to say but it was disgusting, and he repulsed me more although haven’t caught up with that. Again they are both liars, and yes zawar has come out more of the bechari, maybe the way he has acted but I feel like he has a conscience sometimes and realizes he is in a rut whereas Mansoor was continuously happy to just carry on as usual and never at any point wanted to marry kuku and keep her as a mistress not giving her any rights. At the end of the day Zawar although having had no spine and lying to everybody around him, still knows he has a responsibility towards Haya as she is married to him, and isn’t shirking away from that.
    Although how he is now acting towards Sophie is kinda mean, seeing as it was a love marriage. Although her character is totally annoying too so seems like again they are showing the western woman as a crazy psycho.
    But yeah what does Zawaar do, don’t have a cleaner but can afford 2 mansions and various sports cars and that too in good old SF. WOW!


    • @SK: hey.. Finally got to see your comment:) so good to have you back..
      yes the difference between mansoor and zawar you highlighted is v.much there as zawar is playing with his wives and mansoor playing with mistress n wife.. But their characteristics are similar .. Not caring about women, just being to selfish to limit, having self pity, and yes no respect for women too..

      Lol @ what does zawaar do.. He might b doing some magical kind of business 😉


      • Nice to be back too although this may just be temporary as I have a lull and a little time to catch up lol.
        Yes my point was they have definitely both proved themselves as compulsive liars, there is no doubt. Mansoor has then surpassed as you are then going into the realms of adultery and that too with a married woman maybe because of what I believe and my morals, I couldn’t accept that. To me he didn’t he even seem to have a conscience and was never guilty for what he was doing. Yes people make mistakes, but it seemed he was fine with what he did and didn’t we all feel sorry for Kuku yet she was also committing adultery but had a conscience and knew she was wrong. In my eyes he is mansoor was much worse, sorry to say . Zawaar evokes sympathy and comes out looking a bechara because he also has a conscience and knows he made a mistake and we see him reflecting. Mansoor never once reflected from what I remember. That holds a big chord with me in whatever drama whether a man or woman does it.
        Making mistakes is one thing but if you have a conscience and then feel guilt you will always eventually try to rectify and maybe fix things. But to not realize you have done wrong is where the ptoblem lies in society


        • @SK: hello ji … chalo temporary hi sahi but good to have you back 🙂 Missed you and tum se bhi zyada your typos 😉

          Ok, re: your comments abt comparing Mansoor n Zavar, I 100% agree with you that adultery is in no way acceptable or permissible. That said, I dont know where you left off Pehchan, but Mansoor is getting back good as was he dishing it out. To put things into perspective, Kuku when she had started an affair with him was separated from her husband and M was as yet unmarried, and had led her to believe that he was 100% committed to her .. later he went back on his words and pulled out the “main majboor tha” card.. but remember Kuku sent him away. He re-entered her life and this is where Kuku was wrong and in a moment of weakness let him back into her life .. but as events played out (and I dont want to give away the suspense) later she did turn him away, despite his protestations abt my wife means nothing to me etc, you are my one true love etc.

          Mansoor is an absolute louse, no doubt, but he was not leading anybody one .. he had an affair, he told his wife .. he was married he told his girl friend .. both women knew abt the existence of the other … Mansoor thought he was being so cool being upfront abt it to both women, and it was his mardana mindset that allowed him to think he could get both women to fall into line with his wishes and he could have his cake and eat it too…. wrong very wrong!

          Zavar on the other hand, I find, is worse. He knew right when he got married to Sophie, that his wife would be unacceptable to his mother, but he still married her, and happily lied to his mother for so many years .. he never once made an attempt to tell his mother anything, not once. The when he goes to Pk, he doesnt confide about his first wife to anybody, chalo if not his mother then at least his sister? Or even Haya? But no, he happily falls in line with mom’s wishes (pretending to be concerned though) and lies to first wife abut whats going on, and enters into a nikah with a young innocent girl who has done him no wrong. Ad it is only after they aer married that he tells her abt the fist wife, but conveniently lays the burden of perpetuating the lie, of being happily married on to Haya. It is her duty, he tells her, to ensue Bi Jaan knows nothing.

          He goes back and still doesnt tell wife no. 1 … there are so many ways he couldve broken he nws to her. but he continues lying, to all parties concerned., and you’ve seen this serial play out so I wont go further. But what I find similar to Mansoor is that even as we condemn Mansoor’s adultery what are we gonna call what Zavar is doing? Just because he gets married a second time around does not excuse him. How valid and kosher is this wedding when he is knowingly lying to the second wife? In fact at this point where the story stands, I find Z to be a bigger loser that M… atleast M is not hiding under convenient excuses like Islam main 4 shaadiyan jaaiz hain … aur tau kuch yaad nahin hai, but this provision every man seems to remember in our culture. And he is continuing to lie to both his wives,,,,

          When Haya showed some sense and insisted on going back to Pk with Bi Jaan, leaving him alone with Sophia, he turned around and started saying “oh I love you Haya” and started finding faults in Sophie, who poor thing has done nothing wrong. She is annoying and a shrew, but does she deserve to have her husband cheat on her? What has Haya done wrong to have to be responsible for covering up her husband’s lies?

          Apart from showing us how a desi mard’s mind work, male privilege etc, both Pehchan and AA also highlight how much of a role mothers play in enabling their sons; behaviors ….

          I hope my incoherent babbling helps clarify where my comparison was coming from 🙂

          Baqi haan.. Zavar’s source of income is certainly questionable! 😉


          • You have very valid points. I totally agree , and wouldn’t want to be within 20ft of either these losers. But I do remember where I left off in pehchaan it was when mansoor got found out, so I don’t think he actually told Laila, but left his cell phone in Kulus room. So even he married innocent Laila without her knowing and was never going to tell her, so I doubt he was upfront?? Maybe with Kuku but definitely not with Leila until she found out herself. I wasn’t really defending zawaar, but more saying who I thought was worse, and I guess they both get an award. You are right that they to everything the wrong way and then use the doosri shaadi card, that pissed me off too. I just feel he is spineless more then anything and we ants to be seen as so great and hate how he couldn’t tell bee jan, then why did you bloody marry someone she wouldn’t accept if you love her so much. I think the story in itself has flaws, they have not written it well to be honest. Although engaging with a great screen play, they have just shown stupidity after stupidity just for ratings. Even if u do get married again you don’t bring her to the same house and that was the case in shukk too.
            I still will have to agree to disagree,mansoor is worse though, adultery in my eyes is way worse and he did the same lying to Laila and his mother so he edges it and Kuku is also responsible so she didn’t get a free pass either but like I said at least she felt guilty and yes there are many liars, manipulators in the world and zawaar is a big one but mansoor did all of those things also just maybe not to Kuku, but hey mistresses get treated like crap right, he used and abused her though!!! I mean that’s disgusting to me too.


            • @SK: LOL! Chalo lets just say both men are scum bags and leave it at that! 🙂

              Just to clarify though Mansoor did tell Laila in a round about way when he hands her the phone and asks her to talk to “meri dost” who was hysterical abt his shadi ..but of course this does not un-qualify him from being a joint winner (with Z) of the douche-bag of the year award!


  10. @All: Btw, did anybody check out Chup Raho yesterday? The new Yasir Nawaz Samira Fazal serial that replaced PA? I think our dramas are sinking to a new low with every new offering … :/


    • @SZ: oh i chalte phirte saw morning show.. Yasir Nawaz, Syed Jibraan and Sajal Ali.. N i was like ye kaunsa drama he but thanku for clarifying 🙂 let me check out first episode lol


      • @SK: Its about a happily married couple in Khi, the hubby is supposedly crazy abt her, but actually has a roving eye, so much so that when his saali, Sajal, whom he had last seen a few yrs ago, comes to Khi to get engaged to his first cousin, the behnoi starts eyeing her and touching her inappropriately, and of course she cant say a thing because he is her sis’ hubby and her behnoi … and I guess this cat and mouse game will carry on till her sis and hubby find out and accuse Sajal of having an affair with her behnoi…


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