Pehchan ~ Episode 13 Review


To Kuku:
Aaj tum khafa ho, naraz ho, ghussey mein ho magar laut kar mere paas hi aaogi. Haan tum bohot stable ho independent ho, isliye asani se dhakey dey kar mujhey apni zindagi se nikaal tau rahi ho, lekin, tumhari zindagi mein aaney wale har kaantey ko main ne nikaal bahar phenka hai. Tum yeh sab bhool rahi ho magar tum mujhe nahin bhool paaogi … haan main jaanta hoon, tum mujhe nahin bhula paaogi. Kyonke mere baghair tum kuch bhi nahin ho Kuku!  

To Laila:
 Mujhe ehsas ho gaya hai ke main ne tumharey saath… I’m really sorry Laila.  Laila, main hoon na main sanbhalloonga sab kuch. Dekh raha hoon main yeh sab . Yeh jo tum business kar rahi ho, khud ko independent kar rahi ho mujh se door honay ke liye, mujh se alag honay ke liye. Laila…koi zaroorat nahin hai yeh kaam kaaj karne ki, main hoon na main sanbhaloonga. Kyon khud ko itna muskil mein daal rakha hai. Tum meri ho aur main tumhen mushkil mein nahin dekh sakta… samjheen tum?

Wah miyan Mansoor, Wah!

Ek taraf threatening your ex, doosri taraf cajoling your wife, and the cherry on top, your aah-o zaari: You two women have teamed up against me, ek mard aur do aurtein, how cruel! Main bikhar raha hoon!

Uff bechara! My heart is bleeding for this laachaar mard, aansoo hain ke rukney ka naam hi nahin ley rahey… someone hand me a box of tissues, please!

After watching this man play the rota-dhota mard to such perfection I cannot help but wonder if our drama makers have the equation all wrong. Bekaar mein we call the aurat laachaar, yahan tau we have the chalta phirta poster boy for mazloomiyat – the suljha hua, shareef, mature, handsome, ameer, silently suffering, sadly ignored shauhar sahab – apne miyan Mansoor. Such pathos, kitni takleef mein hai bechara!  

Faced with such full on (melo)drama how could our Laila, naïve, though not quite as seedhi as she once was, not be swayed? Chalo, even if he was laying it on pretty thick, phir bhi, at least he was making the effort, and then mummy ji had also been rubbing her nashukra-pan in, ab how was apni Laila to resist such aah-o zaari? 

And as if Mansoor and his drama queen (king?) harkats were not enough, Agony Aunt ka nawasa  Sa’di added more mirch to the already masaledar stew by urging Laila to rebel. Ab koi poochey ke bhai, Sa’di, aap se kis ney mashwara manga? And, aisa bhi nahin ke he’s offering any concrete help. Nope, his airy fairy solution to the whole problem is to suggest a vacation. Say what?! How is running away for a weekend supposed to solve Laila’s marriage issues? Not like he’s offering to marry her or anything, nahin nothing like that, he can only talk big, and help carry her bags, bas that’s about all. Shukar hai Laila had the wherewithal to shoot down Sa’di’s (indecent) proposal. Sa’di, sahab, please stick to serenading and dazzling the likes of Mrs. Khan, baqi Laila tau has enough on her plate at the moment- thank you.

Watching Sa’di put his moves on Laila, it is easy to see how Kuku must have once fallen for Mansoor. Much like Laila, Kuku too was dealing with a difficult marriage when Mansoor entered her life and swept her off her feet. Romance, poetry, late night convos, how much could she have resisted? Now that she looks back on those moments with Mansoor, Kuku cannot but be heartbroken at way she allowed herself to be used and abused by not one but two men.

These are the experiences that Kuku draws on as she warns Laila to not give in to Mansoor’s pleas. If Laila allows herself to be played this one time, then it is she who would be responsible for her messed up life. Bilkul! Kuku, great advice! You hit the nail on the head when you told Laila to remove her blinkers and learn to fend for herself and take responsibility for not only her own life but her daughter’s as well. Mummy ji and saas ji’s mashwaras are coming from a different place and a different era. No matter what anybody else tells her, it is her life and this is her decision to make – whether she will participate in the preservation and perpetuation of the web of societal deceits and half-truths, or if she will learn from Kuku’s missteps and forge her own path, its all up to her. Methinks whether she realizes it or not, Laila has already made her decision, the phone dig was a telling one. Now it is up to her to recognize and acknowledge her choice and get on with life – zara jaldi... your daughter needs a name ASAP!

Thirteen weeks in and this one keeps getting stronger with every episode. Bee Gul and Khalid Ahmad’s Pehchan is exquisitely nuanced as they makes us feel for every character, whether you love then or hate then you cannot ignore them. Iffat Omar’s fabulously done Kuku is the glue holding the story together, and Alishba Yousuf owns her role as Laila. His pronunciations not withstanding, Sohail makes a great Mansoor.  Parveen Malik, Sumbul Shahid and Anita Camphor are doing justice as Mummy, Ammi and Mrs. Khan. Sadly can’t say the same about Faris Khalid as Sa’di; he and Alishba seem more like siblings which essentially renders their potentially interesting track  ineffective. But what this track lacks in chemistry is made up in spades by Kuku and Mansoor’s track. Their confrontation in the kitchen was excellent – my favorite scene of the episode.

Looking forward to the next installment!

Written by SZ~

Pehchan ~ Episode 13 (For alternate links click here)


7 replies

  1. As usual u summed it up brilliantly..
    My favorite scene was between Kuku and Laila “nahi sunna mujhe apnay shohar ka muashqa”


    • @Atty: Hello ji, how are the rozas coming along? 🙂
      Haan that was great one too.. I loved te roundabout way in which Kuku came to the point she was trying to make… seedhi tarah se kehney se Laila was not getting it… and I loved how we were shown that she got Kuku’s message when she turned around for the phone wala tana …
      So what do you think Laila should do? should she divorce Mansoor and move on or should she stick with him?


      • Hey you ladies: amazing review @SZ.. Though havent got time to watch episode yet but thought to join in.. With this v.interesting question you put up..

        If i ignore last 2 episodes then i would think that Laila should get separated from Mansoor.. Not as in divorce.. This by any means if effects Mr. Luchaar like literally.. And he goes back to laila with redemption and remorse.. Then it could be justified because at the end of the day.. No matter how independent Laila can be.. Her daughter needs father figure.. But again there are many cases where daughters are raised without father and that too v.well so its not an obligatory.. Easier said than done.. I have no idea how hard for a woman is to have bara zarf and accept her husband’s mushaqaa :/ and specially when the mashooqa is your friend too and shares about their aashiqi 😦


        • @Rehmat: If i’m reading you correctly then you are saying that L should go back to M because of her daughter.. and if thats the case then I think we agree in that L should make a go of her marriage BUT not for her daughter’s sake but for her own sake .. this to me would be the perfect revenge … even 20/30 yrs down the round M will have to live with the fact that his wife knows his guilty secret, she’s seen a side of him that he hides from ppl and appears as Mr. Perfect to the whole duniya .. but here in front of the wife all his mardana ego and shaan means nothing because she has his weak spot in her hand. The minute she opens her mouth in front of the world Mansoor will no longer be Mr Perfect .. and I dont think an egoistical man like Mansoor could live with that .. and in this is Laila’s win .. her divorcing him would be giving him an easy out .. given how our society is he would have no problems finding another wife and he will easily erase this whole incident and lord it over his new wife as if he is a doodh ka dhula hua admi and who knows, might even find another girlfriend?

          What do you think of this ending for Laila?

          Re: Kuku talking about her mu’shqa .. no she wasnt doing it for the purpose of teasing Laila or making her jealous .. rather ut was another way to get around to showing her how Mansoor had two faces and could not be trusted at all …


          • @SZ: oh my apologies if i wasn’t clear….. Yes by separation i meant laila should give more time to herself by living all independent.. And if she ever get back to mansoor (only if he feels guilty) then the reason would be her daughter.. Because all this time whatever she is doing.. She is doing for herself.. We haven’t got to hear from L what she thought about having babbies.. Remember the scene at hosp when nurse asked aur app kya sochtie thein… So in that case my point about going back because of baby doesn’t do justice when clearly right now no perspective is shown regarding baby..

            Totally your ending makes much more sense.. M ko latkaa k rakhna in marriage.. Why to free him and make him happy k chlo jaan chutti.. As u said perfect revenge..

            Oh no not at all i doubted on kuku’s intentions. Youe review made it v.much clear about why she was sharing all those..agreed they were told to make L understand but What i meant was that dont these little things will affect L after few years or now she is so least bothered about M that she hardly cares…


  2. Another brilliant episode aur oos ko complement kerta hoa ye fantastic review 🙂 …is mera mera sub barha problem saadi say hai…totally unimpressive…sher aisay perhta hai jaisay koi headmaster class main lecture day raha ho…zero chemistry between saadi and laila…jis kiaa bohat afsos hai kiunk in k itnay important scenes bilkul koi impact create naa ker sakay naa hi ko impression chorh sakkay 😦

    lekin sath jaisa aap nay kaha khushi hoi k saadi jaisa character Bee gul nay introduce kia wo bhi drama ki stage per…is say oon sub viewers k liay kukoo ko understand kerna easy ho gaa jo oos ko loose character/ home breaker pta nahi kia kia ker rahay thay…kukoo nature wise buri nahi naa hi oos main burai ki terf janay ki tendency hai bulk ye halaat hain jo baaz dafa humein is terf lay jatay hain jahan shayed hum jantay boojhtay kabhi naa jyn..ager kukoo ko pehlay din maloom hota k is sub ka anjaam ye ho gaa wo kabhi mansoor ki terf attract naa hoti naa hi oos k jaal main phunsti..lekin pehla qadam uthana mushkil hota hai oos k baad kaa safer khud hi guzer jata hai..

    aur interesting baat ye hai k saadi bhi wo hi kuch keh raha hai jo kabhi mansoor kukoo say kehta tha..”tum ye unhappiness deserve nahi kertin kukoo..khud ko nikalo is main say” ..yaad hai naa 🙂 ..aur saadi sahib bhi kuch din k liay iss sub say door chali jao…mere sath…waah bhai waah…abhi tou laila nay muna ker dia lekin dekhna ye hai wi kab tak resist kerti hai…kiunk resist tou kukoo ko bhi hum kertay dekha mansoor ki shadi k baad…mujhay ye idea be-hud pasand aya hai kiunk viewers k mind main shuru say uljhan thi k kukoo kis tra mansoor k web kaa shikaar hoi..tou bajaiy is kay k falshbacks k zeriay humein wo sub dikhaya jata..writer nay ek dosri aurat ko jo inhi halaat kaa shikaar hai select kia..very nice 🙂

    jahan tak aap kaa kehna k wo revenge ki khatir yaa apni beti k liay mansoor k paas hi rahay…main is k huq main kiunk phir is saray drama kaa matlab hi khatum ho jye sawal uthaiy gai k laila ki khushi…laila k baray main kon sochay gaa…pehchan..self identity…in sub kaa kia ho gaa ager akhir main oos nay ek maan ban ker ek biwi bun ker hi faislay kernay hain..

    kher aap tou end dekh chukay 🙂 …dekhtay hain mujhay kia surprise milta hai…abhi tou main khoob enjoying my journey 🙂 review per miltay hain


  3. oh ek baat kehna bhool gai mera fave scene kukoo aur laila k dermiyaan tha..very well epi k onair honay k baad say pta nahi kitni baar dekha hai..mere liay ye ye is drama k ab tak kaa best scene hai jis main poora teeno main characters kukoo/laila/mansoor ko behtareen tareeqay say define kia gaya..aur in ki asal pehchaan humaray samnay hi nahi bulk in k khud k samnay bhi aa jati hai…baar baar dekha hai aur pta nahi kitni baar dekhoon gi…”kia tum is insaan ko janti ho”…beautiful…aur “main aur tum tou ek hain is insaan nay humein 2 hisson main bant rakha hai”…excellent


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