Pehchan ~ Episode 10 Review

pehchanBe warned! This one is an unabashedly biased review – I loved loved loved this episode!

Bee Gul and Khalid Sahab, your efforts are usually acknowledged towards towards the end of the review, but today bkI want to begin with a standing ovation for you and your Pehchan. Thank you for spelling it out for all to see and learn – this is what good television is all about and this how you do drama right. From writing to directing to lighting, cinematography, background music, production facilities, acting, all gelled perfectly. Wah, wah, bas wah!!! 

Everything was pitch perfect. Sans the waterworks and theatrics it was the sheer power of the moment that made me hold my breath. Every gesture, every nuance, all those said and unsaid words, scattered roses and shattered dreams, false hopes and painful slights, wasted tears and silenced screams – every second of the last ten weeks had been gradually building up to this moment. And then when it happened it was nothing less than a shocker.p38 Laila??

Laila, apne baba ki ladli,  who read romantic poetry and hoped for a shohar who would be her shareek-e hayat, a partner in every sense of the word. She, whose eyes lit up every time her husband looked at her, one warm word and she would melt. When did that sensitive, delicate girl grow up to be this tough, cynical woman ? Was it when she willed herself to forget the unpleasantness of the night before and greet her husband with a fresh smile the morning after? All those nights she spent waiting up for him, did they get to her? Perhaps it was his blasé acknowledgment of his bechari hysterical dost? Or did that unwarranted dhamki of a divorce serve as the proverbial last straw?

More likely it was not one single act or deed, this new Laila was not born overnight.p22 Every barb, every humiliation, every jhoota dilasa and innumerable sab theek ho jayega lectures, all played their part in stripping off the old Laila’s romantic fantasies. The world was not as warm and vibrant as it had appeared when she was a carefree student. Perhaps it was still as cheerful elsewhere, but from where she stood it seemed as cold and harsh, ugly and unwelcoming, as prison might seem to someone living out a life sentence. No wonder the thought of returning to that torture cell brought tears to her eyes, and why she lingered behind, her legs feeling ever so leaden as she looked up at the imposing facade of the bara ghar, owned by the itne ameer loag.

Little did her mother know that every time she exhorted her daughter to pull herself together, a little bit of the old Laila slipped away. The Laila who now stood in her stead was done shedding tears and expecting others to come to her help. She had learnt her lessons the hard way and was now ready to start living life on her terms. Her daughter would not go through what she undergone. The cycle of abuse  had to p30stop somewhere and in that do-or-die instant Laila stepped into the driving seat.

So subtly, so exquisitely were the tables turned that for once Mansoor was lost for words. Where had his demure, hesitant wife disappeared and who was this woman who treated him like a nobody. All his usual tactics of turning the situation around – Laila tum upset ho … ek shohar honay ki haisiyat se main ne poori koshish ki hai ke tumhen koi takleef na ho – all seemed to fall flat when this stranger turned around and nullified his role in her life. She would become the provider. There was no place for Mansoor in her life.

That shot of a dumbfounded Mansoor sitting on the chair with his hands clasped together, staring confusedly at Laila as she coolly turned around and switched off the lights leaving him bathed in the glow of the spotlight was simply brilliant. Just that
one shot summed up that entire crazy night so well.

p9Mansoor had been shocked out of his skin when Khurram showed up at his door. When Laila stepped out he expected nothing less than lightning and thunderstorm. What he got instead was akin to falling dew – silent, calm barely there. Come morning, just as the grass was soaking wet from the overnight dew so had Laila’s resolve firmed.

While his wife left him nonplussed, Kuku’s challenge flabbergasted him. Here, he had come to meet her expecting to start off with sweet talk, some smack talk about his wife, a bit of groveling, eventually wearing down Kuku’s defenses like he always did. But winds of change were making themselves felt on this side of his life as well.

After his marriage and particularly after she met Laila, Kuku knewp13 her relationship with Mansoor was over. He was forbidden fruit and if not for her reputation she needed to resist him for Laila’s sake. Alas, dil tau hai dil, dil ka aitebar kya kijeye. No matter how much she might hate him, she is like an addict who can’t stay away. He is the person to whom she turns for help when Khurram tries to pull a fast one on her. For Mansoor that bit of an opening was enough and with Khurram gone he was back to playing happy houses with her. All thoughts of his wife, and later the baby, are as easily set aside as the wedding band he places next to the wallet and keys. This facade, of things being “back to normal,” is rudely torn off when Mansoor walks away without looking back at Kuku. What is her relationship with Mansoor?

p10The question comes up again when she stands accused in Mansoor’s house, shivering with shock, embarrassment, anger… while Mansoor just stands there … and then he has the nerve to expect things to go “back to normal” again? Kuku, if you give in yet one more time then you’ve lost my vote, girlfriend. And while you are re-defining the parameters of your relationship with Laila’s husband (yes Kuku, repeat that 500 times every half hour) why don’t you also deal with Khurram once and for all? After all the times he’s cheated on you (granted, in different ways) why does he always get a free pass, whereas you get to be dragged by the arm out of your house… Why do you feel so guilty and worthy of punishment when the other culprits, Khurram and Mansoor, take it all in their stride?

Forget about the rest of the world, what is it about our ingrained societal sensibilities that a man, no matter how p11much of a non-husband he may be, feels it his right to question his wife, but a man expects to and pretty much does walk away scot free? Why do we expect Kuku to resist Mansoor, but explain away Mansoor as a typical philandering husband? He’s the one who comes to Kuku’s house expecting to be dil behlao-ed, he’s the one who arranges their dates, he does the call and stalking, and to top it all of  he’s the one who is married and is father to a newborn baby, why then is Kuku deemed irresponsible? Her marriage is a sham, she knows that and Khurram knows it as well. Why then does Kuku feel she has done something wrong… why can’t she rationalize it as easily as Mansoor does? Are women really from Venus and men from Mars, or are these values that we imbibe from our surroundings as we grow? Wonder what choice names would Laila’s mother call Kuku and how she would explain away her suljha hua p27mature damaad’s behavior? As for what she would say to Laila, well, lets just not even go there.

And yes, on Aunty ji and Ammi ji … if ever there was a pair of samdhans made for each other these ladies would be it. As for Laila’s father, bechare Uncle ji.. I have yet to see a more disenfranchised dad. Agar itni hi fikar thi tau khud fon mila lete, magar nahin biwi kis marz ki dawa hai …  The poor man, he has his heart in the right place now if only he could get the rest of his act together as well. Khair, going by the precap it seems like Laila will finally get more than verbal support from her father. Looking forward!

After dragging for 20+ episodes and tons of glycerin,p17 a few baarish scenes, cheekhna chilana, some maar peet thrown in for good measure, and a slew of standard dialogues – ab mera kiya banega,  apni beti ka tau khayal kar lejiye, main kahan jaaongi, mujhe ma’af karden– this would’ve been the point where our usual dramas would’ve ended. Taking a very different route, the seemingly slow Pehchan has covered so much ground in only 10 episodes, presumably the half way mark. From hereon I expect the story to take a very different turn, one where both Laila and Kuku now give Mansoor a taste of his own medicine. Perhaps Mrs Khan too would like to join in and get rid of some of her anger by pulling out Mansoor’s hair. As it is he won’t need for anything where I am dispatching him, just need to get a few details finalized. Watch out miyan Mansoor … aap k biwi aur dost tau shayad aap ko ma’af kar bhi dein magar aap ki maut mere haathon likhi jaa chuki hai!  

I could ramble on and on, but suffice it to say the actors have all done a magnificent job, doing full justice to a beautifully written and fabulously directed serial. Two thumbs up Team Pehchan!

Written by SZ~

Episode 11


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  1. Oh oh oh! What an episode! So much happened in one episode, and some of us thought that Pehchan is a slow paced drama…
    Uf ! spineless Mansoor! Is bnday me itni himmat ati kaha se hai jo dhitai se Laila aur Kuku ko face kr leta hai? Whether “maine shohar honay ka hr farz ada kiya” to laila or “Tum meri zindagi ho, meri jan ho” to Kuku, is bnday me Zameer naam ki koi cheez nae hai..
    Our Laila has Pehchan-ed her shareek-e-hayat.. Ab maza aye ga na story ka


    • I don’t think that’s a fair analysis of Kuku’s character or of anyone stuck in a destructive relationship. Relationships are hard and quitting them is even harder. It takes not just strength of character but external help to “Quit Someone” and more importantly time and distance. What you see in Kuku is a lot of self awareness and conflict. She fully understands and comprehends that the relationship should end but doesn’t have the will power to do so. She is no different than a wife stuck in a bad marriage. People spend their entire lives in unhappy and destructive marriages under the pretext that they are doing it for the family or kids, but if you took all those factors away like in Kuku and Mansoor’s case, they’d still be clinging on to each other as if their life depended on it. Laila’s discovery of the relationship may be the trigger that will end this relationship or change its dynamics but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t.


      • @Sonia: Hey! Wasn’t sure if you were responding to Atty or commenting on my review, but if you were referring to my review, I think we are both on the same page. Like you I too have a lot of empathy and sympathy for Kuku, and Iffat Omar plays her so brilliantly that Kuku’s inner struggles are made manifest in her body language, her eyes.. she is definitely a woman at war with herself (did you see her actually shivering in the confrontation scene? Simply brilliant! ). As I said, she knows her relationship is wrong, but again is unable to do so hence my likening her attraction to Mansoor being like an addiction that she can’t quite shake off, and so I am most def not judging her or questioning the strength of her character. On the contrary, I am asking the question to the world at large as to why are ppl judging Kuku so harshly… and so as far as the question of where their relationship leads, or how it ends, Im not even trying to hazard a guess.. I’ll just wait for it to play itself out … life is never easy and solutions dont always come in neatly wrapped bow-tied pkgs, and knowing how committed a writer BG is I am sure that no matter how they end … it will be a solution true to their characters.

        Oh, are you referring to my comment asking Kukku to not given in to Mansoor? Lol! that was written in the heat of the moment .. not as a judgement at all… think of it as something said out of concern by a loving very supportive friend to a person who they care for very much and can’t bear to see them suffer any more .. I hope that clarifies my stance on Kuku, if indeed that was what you were referring to… Btw great analogy of couple in destructive marriages who cant seem to let go despite all their problems 🙂


        • heyy SZ. I was actually referring to Atty’s comment that Kuku has no zameer 🙂 I am with you with regards to empathy for kuku. Goes to show the brilliance of Bee Gul. What Kuku is doing is wrong, but she is so relatable and human that you cannot not love her. Any yes every now and then you want to shake some sense into her.


          • @Sonia
            oh! So that was in response to my comment.. U took it wrong dear. I was refering to Mansoor k us me zameer naam ki koi cheez nae hai, kitni dhitai se dono ko face kr leta hai


    • @Atty: Hey! Welcome back! How was your vacation? Kitini garmi thii and bijli aur paani ke kya halaat the? And what all mazedar foods did you eat? Clearly, I;m missing home 🙂
      Re: the pace, haan its fab if you look at it as whole, ke sirf ten eps and we’ve seen so much happen.. and a lot more yet to come! Like you, I too am waiting anxiously to see what happens next!


      • @SZ! Thank u, thank u.. I commented on last episode’s review but no-one except RJ noticed that m back, which is very unlike this blog and it made me sad 😦
        but m happy now 😉
        Garmi boht thi, bijli nae hoti thi.. But still had so much fun with family k wapis anay ko bilqul dil nae chah raha tha… Plus went to Naran valley for few days with family, tau keh sakti hun k Pakistan ki garmi sardi dono dekh kr i hun


  2. I compare this drama to one of the isde stories in Mere Hum Dum Mere Dost. The contrast between the writers is evident from their handling of the “cheater”. In Mere HumDum Mere Dost, Sajeela’s character takes a 90 degree turn to become cold, manipulative, and evil. someone who would purposefully get married so she could move to pakistan and be closer to her ex-lover. While this is a very plausible scenario, you dont’ see the story through her lense at all. You don’t see her waking up in the middle of the night feeling guilty at her diabolical plot or thinking about the mental anguish her family will suffer when they find out about her affair or the heart break she will afflict on her husband. Nope, she is void of any emotions or love. ‘Mogambo khush hooa!’

    That is just lazy writing or depicts writer’s non- exposure to psychology of the human brain through reading or observation. To be a good writer, you have to be a good observer or an avid reader. This is where Bee Gul excels with her real-as-life-Kuku and Farhat Ishtiaq falls short.


    • @Sonia: Yes, great observation … I did find her very uni-dimensional and now that you put it this way, yes absolutely you you are spot on. We do not hear or see Sajeela’s perspective, but then do we ever hear what Khurram or Mansoor think? Who is Khurram? We know nothing abt him …except for those brilliant voiceovers in the first ep we havent heard/seen their side of the story at all… That said, yes, BeeGul and Farhat are two very different writers with very different sensibilities, and they come to dramas from very different places and I think that is the difference that we see in their writing.

      Reading your comment also reminded me of what I had observed then, when I was watching/reviewing Talkhiyan and ZGH, because both were airing around the same time, and now Pehchan v/s Ahista Ahista or MHMD, is that even as the few of us here are going wah wah over BG’s writing and appreciating her understanding of human behavior,her keen observation and her layered writing, as far the masses/aam junta is concerned, Pehchan is artistic bit slow, whereas ZGH, AA and MHMD, despite their obvious issues were/are being popularly appreciated and garnering ratings. Ab given this situation, where ratings do impact what kinds of stories get televised and what kind of writing gets more backers, I would hesitate to call any writer “lazy,” preferring instead to use the term “commercial writer.” BG in contrast writes very differently and her writings cater to a niche audience, and she is as far from commercial writing a can be,and I for one am thrilled for that.

      It was after Talkhiyan and ZGH were done and dusted and i was comparing the two that I realized that there was absolutely no comparison, it was like comparing a qawali to a pop song, or an art movie to a commercial blockbuster. Looking at Umera, Farhat,and Faiza, and examining their writing styles would make for a better comparison… because they all come from the same writing background and write stories meant for mass consumption.

      Again, this was jut a personal observation, I would love to hear and read other perspectives….

      Thanks for opening up a new and interesting topic of discussion 🙂


    • @Sonia: i liked your comparison and ur take on Sajeela’s character.. v.true..

      I think Farhat ishtiaq writes stories thar are fascinating in some way and in those stories she shows human emotions which are her plus.. At times u need to see or read something which take you to another world of love.. While Bee Gul writes about realities, practicalities and the solutions of problems in v.v. Natural way.. Like if i talk about the scene when those red roses were crushed and Laila came in bedroom to talk with her parents.. The way she was trying to control her tears..and when her baba came on phone she just couldnt control.. This was something i can relate ( not for the situation) but her crying and talking to parents.. Thats what make BG brilliant 🙂

      I agree with @SZ that comparing Bee Gul and other mentioned writers is like comparing opposites …


  3. After reading your review, I watched part of the episode and it was great to see Laila finally coming into her own! Looks like at least one woman will be standing up for her rights and not cry over being stuck in a bad relationship. it will be good to start watching it now where we see Laila’s transformation taking place.


    • @Annie: Hey! thanks for watching after reading the review, glad you enjoyed it as well 🙂 Didnt you love how subtly the whole thing happened? No OTT rona dhona no name calling no gareban pakring no nothing .. loved the understated way it was handled and how simply it was narrated .. Dont know if you’ve caught up with the third ep of Laa … but oh man! I’m writing the review now and my head is still spinning … why o why is HUM turning into the second coming of Lollywood?


    • You both make great points especially about the PoV aspect of our stories. I agree it’s probably not lazy writing but i wonder if it’s a combination of demand and the writer’s own view of the world. Bear in mind that even the stuff we learn in schools is usually about extremes, good vs evil, zaalim vs mazloom, ghareeb vs ameer. modern vs traditional, muslim vs kaafir.It ingrains in you a very a simplistic view of the world and of the human mind. Some outgrow it, but many don’t, or do to only a certain extent. I almost think Bee Gul is challenging some aspects of this thinking, though as you pointed out, the men in this drama don’t get the same fair treatment as the women.


  4. Story in this drama is not new, but the way it is being portrayed is very good, and m sure purpose is good too. As in only 10 episodes v have seen so much, i think from now on everyone who is doing wrong will bear the brunt, unlike many other dramas where a good looking man gets away with every wrongdoing (reminds me of APL)..
    I loved how an apparently weaker, maa k hukm per sir jhuka ker shadi kr lainay wali Laila has transformed into a lady who can stand for herself because she is clear in her conscience, where an apparently strong, self-made Kuku stands shivering because deep down she knows she is wrong..

    BTW i thought Samsung is Korean company, ye kb se American ho gya??

    @SZ! i have noticed a change in subtitle of this site. Now it says “OUR take on Pakistani TV” 😉


    • @Atty: Let me be dome with Ahista Ahista’s review tomorrow then Monday IA will respond in detail, but no dont be sad! Its just that with summers, it tends to get busy for many of us with vacations, guests, short trips, so people are not checking as regularly as they normally would so isliye there might not have been a response. I had gotten the notif of your earlier comment as well, and parha bhii tha but somehow never get around to responding . and RJ ne jawab diya ya kisi aur ne, ek hi baat hai … as you noticed this blog is not just mine anymore, its ours 🙂 Seriously though, when I had started I had written my first post expecting one or two ppl to read, and never thought this would last as long as it has, but thanks to all the reader/commentators/friends, you guys, that this blog continues to go and grow… and is liye I can no longer claim its my take only, rather, its all of our opinions, the good bad and the ugly, that makes DRNR what it is 😀


      • @SZ: thank you so much for giving us an amazing platform to discuss dramas .. And cant tell you how awesome feeling i am having to read your reply and the word OUR .. So much of apnaa pan 🙂 🙂


    • @Atty: welcome back .. Hope you had a gala time in Pakistan 🙂 hahaha @ samsung is korean.. American kan se hogayi.. I think i noticed in starting scene it wad Iphone.. But phr in confrontation scene it changed to Samsung LOL

      Wow great observation on subtitle of site.. I didnt noticed.. Apologies @SZ… But feels so good 🙂


    • @Atty: itna tou pata chal gaya mujhy.. 😉 ab Zara aur detail bats do buht “sabar” kar Liya.. Tou ab Laila kiya kary ge bichari buht seed hi hai na 😦

      @SZ.. Hope you doing well.. Loved ur review as always but kis qadar mehnat karni par rahi hai koi nhi jaanta :P.. From this comment I’ve seen OUR and seriously I admired it.. May Allah bless you always.. You do so hard for us and I find my words very few for appreciation.. Is liye bs duaen hain aur plz ik ijtemai dua kara dein k me ye drama pory inhemak se dekha karun randomly dekhny se involvement nhi ho rahi na 😦 is lite comments bhi detail nhi kar sakti


  5. “Un-abashedly” biased review..oye hoye hoye 😀 …thik hai ji phir isi style ko continue kertay hain aur ek “un-abashedly” biased comment likh datay hain because I loved loved loved this review 🙂

    SZ ji graet job…biased or no biased but very poetic and very honest review…review kaa matlub ye nahi k lazmi aap nay koi khaami nikalni hai …bulk jo aap feel kren oosay honestly likhein asal baat ye hai..aur mujhay ye honesty nazer aye hai 🙂

    Laila oh dear laila
    Aur kuch hi dair main, jub phir meray dil ko
    Fikr aa lay gee keh tanhai ka kia chara karay
    Dard aaye ga dabay paon, liye surkh charagh
    Woh jo ik dard dharakta hai kahin dil say puray

    Shola-e-dard jo pehloo main lapak uthay ga
    Dil ki deewar pe her naqsh damak uthay ga

    Halqa-e-zulf kaheen, gohsa-e-rukhsar kaheen
    Hijr ka dasht kaheen, gulshan-e-deedar kaheen
    Lutf ki baat kaheen, pyar ka iqrar kaheen

    Dil say phir ho gee maray baat keh aye dil aye dil
    Yeh jo mehboob bana hai teri tanhai ka
    Yeh to mehmaan hai ghari bhar ka, chala jaye ga
    Is say kub teri museebat ka madawa ho ga
    Mushtail ho kay abhi uthain gay wehshi saaye
    Yeh chala jaye ga, reh jain gay baqi saaye
    Raat bhar jin say tera khoon kharaaba ho ga
    Jang thehri hai koi khail nahin hai aye dil
    Dushman-e-jaan hain sabhi, saray kay saray qatil
    Yeh kari raat bhi, yeh saaye bhi, tanhai bh

    “Dard aur jang main kuch mail nahin hai aye dil
    Lao, sulgao koi JOSH-GHAZAB KAA ANGAAR
    Taish ki aatish-e-jarrar kahan hai lao
    Woh dehekta hua gulzaar kahan hai lao
    Jis main GERMI bhi hai, HARKAT bhi, TAWANAI bhi

    Ho na ho apnay qabeelay ka bhi koi lashkar
    Muntazir ho ga andhairay ki faseelon kay udhar
    Un ko sholon kay rajz apna pata to dain gay
    Khair, hum tuk wo na pohonchay bhi, sada to dain gay
    Dur kitni hai abhi subh, bata to dain gay”

    last week hum nay faiz ki is poem kaa last stanza laila say suna ..lekin frankly speaking mujhay wahan is situation main oos kaa maqsud aur matlub poori tra samajh nahi aya tha…aur main nay socha tha k baqi friends aur SZ say is baray main help li jye lekin phir waqt naa mil episode k baad girah kuch kuch khulti mehsoos hoi hai…khaas tor per ager hum inverted commas k dermiyaan wali lines yaani last 2 stanzas dekhein

    ji dukh dard ronay dhonay say kahan koi jung koi struggle ki jaa sakti hai is k liay tou jis energy jis motivation aur passion ki zaroorat hai wo dard k paas nahi..faiz sahib nay is kaa solution “josh-e ghazab” ki soorat main dia hai..lekin is “angaar” k sulagnay k liay bhi tou kisi chingari ki zaroorat hai jo rakh main dabi hoi aag ko poori tra bherhka day aur “chingari” is episode main ek cell phone ki soorat main nzaer aa gai..ek bahana aur sab kuch khatum

    lekin kia sab kuch khatum ho gaya yaa “ab bohut” kuch naya shuru honay wala hai …mera khayal hai andharay ki faseelon k udher subah k qareeb anay main ab ziada waqt nahi hai ..ab ager aap poetry kren gi tou hum bhi peechay nahi rahein gay 🙂

    Confrontation scene..oh God ye bilkul umeed thi k typical pehchaan style main sab kuch subtly ho gaa lekin is kaa climax is tra laila k anay k baad ho gaa ye idea nahi tha…great scene..though jis tra scene start hoa wo mujhay kuch ziada convincing nahi laga..ek tou khurram her baar wapi kiun aa jata hai I mean gher k ander..kukoo bus mujhay is episode k baad kukoo per kaafi ghussa hai…yaar tum kiunk is ko baar baar gher main ghussa laity ho…ab jab nikal dia tou nikal dia..phir oos nay kon si naye baat kerni thi jo sunna zaroori tha

    phir kukoo ji ye kabhi tou hona tha..reality khuram k samnay ani thi tou kuch plan ker k rakhti tra confuse /clueless ho jana jaisay koi teen ager apnay love letter k sath pakrhi gai ho..kukoo kaa reaction mujhay oos k character k mutabiq nahi laga )jo hum abhi tak dekhtay aye hain) ander wo kitni hi emotional/ weak yaa fragile ho lekin bahir say hamesha bohut calm composed strong nazer aye hai..phir thik hai lekin thorha resist kerti ..kuch kehti ye “khirad style khamoshi” mujhay achi nahi lagi aur khuram “The Hero” main itni himmat k almost drag kerta hoa kukoo ko lay gaya …main oon points say agree kerti hoon jo SZ nay apnay review main likhay hain aur jo writer / director yahan convey kerna chahtay thay lekin sorry oos ki on screen presentation mujhay achi nahi lagi.. I think is ko behter ker saktay thay

    ek lamhay k liay mujhay laga oh no yaar inhon nay sab kuch berbaad ker dia …jis climax kaa wait hum sab ker rahay thay wahan kia ker dia …lekin mansoor k gher jaa ker specially laila ki sudden entry k baad jis tra Pehchaan team nay come back kia wo tareef k laiq hai…bohur zaber dust…sub actors nay kamal performance di..great job..aur meri shuru wali shikayut kafi hud tak door ho gai k climax berbaad nahi hoa bulk hotay hotay reh gaya..shuker 🙂

    phir sabit hoa k laila kukoo say ziada strong hai nahi bulk waqt aur halaat nay oos ko strong bana dia hai aur isi waqt nay kukoo ko kitna kamzor aur kitna chota bana dia..kisi aur ki nahi oos ki apni nazron main…tou laila aur oos k “taish” aur “josh-e ghazub” jis k seedhay nishanay per ab mansoor miyaan hain..lekin main chahoon gi k laila kuch waqt lay lekin mansoor say alug honay kaa faisla ker lay..i mean main job karoon gi ye meri aap k sath rehnay ki shert hai pooori life k liay nahi hona chahiay..phir kia faida ager rehna oosi k sath hai..job karo yaa nahi aur mansoor ko dekh lo ibtadai shock aur shermindagi k baad ab oos per koi ferq nahi..wo tou pehlay say ziada comfortable ho gaya hai k sab kuch “khul” gaya hai..khul ker mazay karo..aisay log azli dheet hotay hain zameer naam ki koi cheez in k paas nahi hoti

    aur kukoo jitna aaj mujhay tum nay disappoint kia hai bta nahi sakti..bus ye yahin tak hona chahiay is liay nahi kukoo ek aurat hai tou aurat ko aisay waisay kerna chahiay bulk is liay k start say hi apni sari weaknesses / flaws k ba-wajood kukoo meri kafi fave rahi hai…wo complex hai..oosay understand kerna difficult hai…oos main grey shades hain unlike laila jo shuru say “hye be-chari qismat ki maari” yaani ek straight character hai jis k sath sympathy kis ki nahi ho gi..obviously apnay fave character kaa anjaam main is tra nahi dekh liay kukoo plz thori himmat karo


    • @RJ
      re Climax: As u repeatedly said in last few weeks, Kuku bahir se jitni strong dikhti hai, ander se nae hai. Jaisay prblem me foran M ko call kr k bula lena etc. So with that in mind, climax was spot on.. Jb tak Kuku ka bharam kaem tha, she was standing like a strong lady in front of Khurram.. Jaisay hi bharam toota, uski chori pakrhi gae, sari mazbooti b khatam…


    • @re khurram : as i was reading ur comment abt kahan se himmat ai all i could picture of was ”kangri pehlvan” and popeye! lol
      re why did kuku let khurram come back?.. i think he just barged in.. hes like a paltoo janwar jo bar bar wapas aa jata hai.. kuku needs to lock him up in a tower and throw away the key lol..

      i really enjoyed kukus reaction. She knew she was guilty and she is a woman with a conscience. She is not mansoor or zawar or khurram.. she was like a mujrim in a katehra, who doesnt care about manslaughter or murder charge, she just knew she was guilty and was now waiting to hear her sentence.. she was caught red-handed with the weapon, I esp liked the way she was shrivelled and shaking. I thought it was phenomenal! and the way he dragged her with the rug and everything, it was a lovely way of screening everything being swept away and the whole world/her persona crumbling around her in the spur of the moment..
      @Atty im liking the bharam toot jana vs mazbooti theory.. good one!


  6. Aur Mrs khan say kia narazgi hai…kaafi ignore ho rahi hain oon per bhi nazer kijiay…lol @ samdhens made for each other…bilkul thik kaha kaash laila ki mom mansoor ki wife aur “ammi ji” ki piyari bahoo hotin..phir maza ata aur lila ki mom kitni insecure hain..matlab apni beti say bhi jealous hain k oon k hubby ki ziada attention oos ko milti bhi main nay kai baar dekha hai k ek point k baad moms apni daughters k sath hi muqabila shuruker deti hain..mujhay ye hi mamla laila ki mom k sath lagta hai

    aur bachi gharib kaa koi naam tou rakh lo 🙂 ..ok laila ko oos ki Pehchaan mil gai hai ummed hai kukoo ko bhi mil jye..mansoor say poochnay ki bjaiy khud say sawal kray k main kon hoon…aur kia chahti hoon..ok ab comments k baad ati hoon


    • @RJ: LOL! Yes kaise socha ke Mrs Khan se narazgee ho gayi.,.. she is the only one with whom I am willing to share the joy of Mansoor’s thukai.. she will nocho his hair making him ganja and from there then I will takeover … see I dont trust anybody else to give Mansoor what he richly deserves 😉


  7. Before watching the episode, I started to read your review and the more i was reading the more happy i was feeling…read half of it and then it was just excitement to see the onscreen version 😀 SZ count me in the league as well who loved the episode totally.. Not a single thing i can complain about.. It was just that amazing..

    I was on my edges during whole episode.. Was unable to move on how things were happening smoothly.. Hospital scene mein there was nothing as such special but the way they ended.. Aur apka kya khyal he.?? These small reminders are woven so beautifully in various occasions that you cant help but just appreciate…

    Bee Gul is seriously blessed.. The way she have written such realistic things without hungama and Khalid Sb have presented it… Totally rocking.. New mommies always have that chahh to live more at their maykass but when sent back zabardasti they cry the same exact way Laila was sooo amazing.. Ahh i as viewer just wanted to hug her .. Wonder how could her baba control.. Forget about Zareen jo mansoor ki biwi ki maa hein 😉

    Ab me kis kis scene ki tareef karun .. Makes me remember @FA here.. She said the exact thing once 😀 but honestly the Pehchaan team makes us go to world of realities but with so subtlety and with solutions too…

    Coming back to episode.. And to the most awesome scene.. The confrontation scene.. Never in my dreams i had though confrontations aise bhi hote hain in dramas.. The moment khurram caught the phone.. Kuku’s reaction was class.. I could feel all was thinking about her and Mrs Khan meeting and how mrs khan was talking about that lady’s scandal… Kuku’s biggest fear and she was numb.. Khurram jisko she threw out few days back.. He was pulling her and all that she had that sinking moment.. I dont know but i really liked it.. Fawad Khan and Iffat Omer were bang on… Coming to mansoor’s place.. The anger frustration khurram showed, and phatuupan mansoor showed were treat.. Jaise hie laila came in scene.. The looks she gave to both M and Kuku … The hurt in her eyes.. The way she took moment to come back and think realistically.. And turned the tables on her side.. Laila i never told u but lady i love you.. In all this while the one who was no less than Laila was Kuku.. I mean her shivering, her embarrassment, her body language indicating she wants to run away.. Super super magnificent .. Iffat Omer you are brilliant and super cool…. It was something koi araam se aaya aur sab kuch badal k chala gaya..

    Then we saw a new transformed Laila.. I liked how you have put up @SZ about her transformation… If she would have shouted or fought eventually she would have lost her dignity because isse kya hota.. M ko aur moqa milt to abuse her.. But now with this reverse approach .. She saved her dignity.. She has her head high and is now talking to M on her terms.. A lesson to learn from Laila.. And jitni khushi laila ko dekh k hui.. Utna zyada maza M ko dekh k aaya.. Haha mansoor miyaan abhi tou shuruaat he..

    Kuku have all my sympathies.. She from day one is trying hard to resist M but vo peecha he nh chorha.. But today seeing her as throwing harsh questions to M it was amazing..she wont take much time to bounce laila she is also taking baby steps which is natural 🙂

    Loving It… Precap is wow.. And thanks to Aplus this time they uploaded fast enough .. Enjoyed so much watching in HD


  8. Hi SZ . Missed you , but I am back. What a wonderful review , from where should I start? Bee gull writes so realistically and direction is fantastic no words. And on top of your review omg!!!!!. I loved this drama. This remind me of old indian off bit movie .the confrontation scene brilliant , this is also anther way to handle the situation and M have no way to justify . I love the transformation ( Bee gull is great).in each episod there. Is some Pehchan’!!!! Hope to hear from you


  9. @Rehmat @Atty awww Im soo touched! Just been busy with stuff.
    @Atty @Ranjan welcome back! Abb maza ae ga with full force in action lol

    now what an episode and @SZ what a review!!! Absoluteley loved it. Just watched the HD version and wow!! I just loved how the tables were turned!! @Sz u pointed out the Mansoor in the spotlight. I never noticed that. so thanks once again for highlighting it. But for me, it was how calmly Laila turned around and opened the door after the dhamaka, & then said Mansoors pet lines ‘ander aa jain, thand hai’.. For the first time she was calling the shots! she was leading the way, she was in the driving seat!.. Absolutely blooming brilliant!! .. btw did anyone notice mansoor’s top button was missing lol

    Im loving how Laila has got mansoor by his guddi, and got her paer on his dumm… hitting him right where it hurts.. his ego! his big massive mardana ego!.. ego that makes him go back to kuku- that makes him believe that even a strong woman like kuku needs him.. but now that the bechari biwi has turned into a sher – the thought of her not needing him, is what has rattled him!.. he thought now everything is out in the open and everyone & him will carry on in their own ‘jagah’ – well Laila just changed all of that! thats how u pull their hair – Mrs Khan, learn it from Laila! lol …Absolutely loving it!

    Kuku: I started off the ep with shadeed ghussa on Kuku.. why is she giving into this manipulator. After knowing what he was capable of doing, why was she still letting him walk all over her? but that kinda subsided when she put her demand forward.. Abb bass dati rahe tou baat bane! warna kuku may as well be going to the rehab clinic AKA ‘the charsi dhaba’ with mansoor lol..

    re ”why do we expect Kuku to resist Mansoor, but explain away Mansoor as a typical philandering husband?” : societal sensibilities apni jagah but for me it was more of disappointment from kuku. We had seen kuku fighting herself, but also pehchan-ing mansoor, resisting him etc. We knew our Kuku has a conscience..thats why we had high hopes from kuku, whereas we had already established, & like Atty said mansoor mian tou zameer se aari hain! so there was never any hope there… Her nicotine patch, AKA khurram, ke jate hi she crumbled!… which btw was the bekar-tareen patch available on the market!! lol

    re why did kuku let khurram walk all over her: @SZ Im with u on this one. but i also think there was also a sense of shame, & a sense of failure.. she had lost the battle. At that moment in time she was a hari hui insaan… but kuku pls get rid of this ok khurram for once and for all!! this nicotine patch is no good, try chewing some gum!

    Laila: i think now she feels more relaxed.. she was confused.. & now once she is clear on where she stands etc, we see clarity in her thought and vision. She doesnt have to run after a saraab. she will carve her own path. now it will be interesting to see a muqabla/comparison between two apparently strong women.. & whether they collaborate or not, thats another story..

    aur aik muqabla aur hai!! category – who is the meanest of them all!! mansoor vs zawar.. Im really enjoying watching both stories together (pehchan & AA), very similiar but a world apart, esp reading these two men… One who wears the mazloomiat ka libada as and when he pleases.. ie jabb chahe mazloom (kuku ke samne) aur jab chahe sher (laila ke same).. And then we have the other specie AKA zawar, who actually ”believes” he is the biggest mazloom alive!.. but how donon ka bass chalta hai bechari masoom pe.. aik darta hai dunya se, apni amma se, while the other one wants it out in the open so he can carry on danke ki chot pe.. but Aik ser tou doosra sawa ser.. muqabla hai sakht!

    talking of comparisons, the ring by the key & wallet etc reminded me of the ring and hair clip by the bedside in numm.. loved it then and loved it now!

    A brillinat ep! a huge round of applause for team pehchan and @SZ and DRNR gang! Without which Pehchan would not have been the same for me! …

    & DRNR gang! mubarak ho! we have officially taken over the blog lol 😉 … but @SZ seriously thats such a lovely touch! how u make us all feel so welcomed is remarkable! .. love the apnaiat here .. how we can chat, discuss, praise, argue, complain, shikwa, shikayat, hansi, mazak..


    • @FA: heyyyy.. Waooo.. What a comment..keep it up.
      Maza aa gaya ab tou sari kasar pori hogai what I hadn’t saw, I’ve read n what I haven’t read, I’ve noticed from your comment 😉 lol.. Thank you.


    • @FA: loved your last paragraph ..specially last sentence…”love the apnaiat here .. how we can chat, discuss, praise, argue, complain, shikwa, shikayat, hansi, Mazak”….. beautiful and sooo true…aww mujhay rula dia… kia karoon emotional insaan hoon 🙂


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