Ahista Ahista ~ Episode 3 Review

AAIs there ever a marriage that comes with a 100% money back guarantee of a happily-ever-after? How are parents to go about ensuring their daughter’s marital happiness? Who is to figure out who among all the guys out there is worthy of marrying their daughter? Where and how are elders and guardians to find a guy who will be faithful to their daughter? Do they trust friends and family members to help them with their search for a suljha hua, sharif aur khandani larka?  But then is it ever possible to fully know somebody well enough to provide an assurance about their character? Bi Jaan thought she knew her son inside out – after all who would know a man more than his own mother or so she thought – and so she had no problems in marrying off her precious Haya to her son Zavar.  How was she to know that her seemingly shareef, munh mein no zaban rakhne wala beta would turn out to be a cheat and a pathological liar? Such are the kinds of questions that kept coming up as I watched a relatively slow paced, but well-narrated third episode of Ahista Ahista.

That a been-there-done-that story can compel me to think about the various characters and their motivations is to the credit of the writer and the director. It is Haseeb Hasan’s belief in his characters that translates itself into how the story comes across on the screen, and the actors are playing their parts well enough to get me thinking about their kyon, kaise, kab.

After his harkats Zavar deserves to be called all kinds of names and more, but what I enjoying here is the way Adnan Siddiqui has played this total loser. The manner with which Zavar walks around with the most majboor-est, mazloom-est look ever is something that all the bechari bahus of drama land could learn from. Yaani ke hud hoti hai! Jhoot pe jhoot yeh sahab boley jaa rahey hain, magar nakhrey aisey hain ke you feel haaye, kitna zulm hua hai is ke saath! Herein lies the skill of the actor where even though we know he should be playing the lead in Jhoota No. 1, we can see how deluded this man is… does he really think he can get away with this idiocy?

And miyan ser tau [pehli] biwi sava ser … Can someone please explain to me why is Sophia so clingy? How irritating was she with her rona dhona – tum wapis aa jao main tumhen kabhi tung nahin karoongi?!  How old is she? 3??  Doesn’t this woman have any dost, rishtedar, co-workers, a cleaning lady or two, some muhalley wale perhapsWhy is she so farigh, a no-lifer? It is only ’cause of Sarwat that I am putting up with Sophia. I sincerely hope we are provided an explanation for her behavior somewhere along the line, warna tau Sophia seems pretty certifiable.Khair for now she’s happy because her Zoyi is back and she has utaro-ed his nazar and all… ab lets see how long her happiness lasts. With biwi no.2 on her way over to the US of A , something hamarey masoom tareen Zoyi never seemed to have thought about, all I can say is ke shohar sahab had better practice his quickstep – ASAP!

As for biwi no.2ab what to say. I felt really bad for her when Zavar ignored her outstretched hand and unceremoniously handed her the ring, and then oopar se he had the gumption to give her a lecture about looking after Bi Jaan. Bhai sahab have you looked in the mirror recently, zara ghor se? How much of khayal rakho-ing have you been doing in the past few years? Since when does lying on a daily basis count as caring for your mother? Compounding his sins further, Zavar bought stuff for biwi no.1, conveniently igonring the fact that he was now shohar no.1 to biwi no.2. It was only after his mother’s reminder that he bought Haya some clothes as well. Talking about clothes, what the heck happened to Haya’s young hep dressing? Why is she now looking more like an aunty suited for the uncle she is married to? That said, I thought her white outfit at the dinner was very becoming. Mawra looked beautiful as the young bride. She has done a great job so far as Haya. Biwi no.1 Sarwat’s Sophia, on the other hand, hasn’t had much to do except whine endlessly, but with Haya on her way I look forward to seeing how the two biwis of the same ek adad shohar deal with the mess their spineless husband has created.  

Apart from these three, we also had Bi Jaan now fully recovered and resplendent in her sarees. Again, her lines had me thinking – why do we always tell a biwi to take care of her shohar? Why does she have to stick by him through thick and thin, even when he slacks off? It is attitudes such as this that need to be changed in our society. As it is Haya has started her married life on the wrong foot. To begin with her education was unceremoniously suspended, then she’s been brought up in such a protected bubble and treated like a child, that it is patently unfair of her elders to even think that she is in any way prepared to live abroad with a man she hardly knows, and one who is so much older than her. That the man in question is infinitely more complicated than anybody around him knows, is a whole other deal. I am keen to see how the writer answers all these questions.

The precap promises the next episode to be a relatively more happening one. Lets see how many more lies will Mr Zoyi tell next week. Yes, I’m still watching this one, what about you all?

Written by SZ~ 

P.S. Since many of us are watching Mere Humdum Mere Dost alongside Ahista Ahista I thought I’d share this.
(The credit for spotting this goes to a dear friend)




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  1. Hi SZ- enjoyed the review….exactly what I’d been thinking about…
    Uff the 1st wife is such a pain. Hubby gone for 2 weeks and she’s having palpitations…if ever there was a whiner! And quite mean too. The mom’s not seen the son for years and the bahu can’t stand that he visit her for a week.
    Anyway let’s see what mess follows….there’s sure to be one. You’re so right about AS pulling off his role so well that some might even sympathize with him :p hadh hi hai- keeping so many secrets- how can he even sleep restfully at night….or maybe I shouldn’t ask that question 😉


    • @Afia: Haina! Sophia is so weird. I have yet to come across such a whiny person .. and so much rona dhona after 4 yrs of marriage… I would’ve thought ke she wouldve used this time to meet up with friends, go do other “me” stuff that she wouldnt have the time for otherwise. There has to be a reason for this behavior .. I wonder if her parents disowned her after her marriage to Zavar, or she maybe she has some weird daddy issues.. what do you think? I wonder what Zavar sees in her? Do you think he married her for her money or a green card?

      LOL @How does he sleep… I would say pretty comfortably, no? 😉


  2. hahahaha Im in stitches! thoroughly enjoyed the review.. all the hansi mazak set against the all important question from this ghisi piti run of the mill story thats told ever so beautifully.. you have quite an art of keeping that balance..

    ROFL @ all the number ones and twos..
    After ur last weeks purya, throughout the ep all i could think of was mansoor laila and kuku.. I just couldnt help but comparing Pehchan to AA.. similar stories, but a world apart.. told so differently…
    When Apne dulha sahab ignored Haya’s outsretched hand.. all i could think of lailas hand.. the wedding night.. the shadi shadi khelna jumlebazi.. and the shopping trip reminded me of the honeymoon where Laila had to tag along and mansoor stopped for fish, kuku ki yaad mein.. how Zawar asked haya to help him pack the clothes he brought for the other woman reminded me of the phone call and mansoor telling laila to console his friend.. then haya’s mind working out ‘he loves me he loves me not’ ..her bekaar mein getting super excited for nothing with the slightest of gestures from Zawar, her safeguarding his bharam infront of bijan and co – much like laila, ….And to top it all off bijan’s advice like lailas mum & her pukhta dillusional faith in her farmanbardar beta much like mansoors mum.. & how the mansoornama has become the zawarnama here and haya is told to dar guzar, forgive and forget all the bhool chook no matter what, much like mansoors mum told laila…
    But our Zawar ji is kamal ke chupe rustam.. atleast mansoor has told kuku.. But both r playing the mazloom cards in their own style.. mansoor sahab convincing others, wheras Zawar sahab has convinced himself enough ke kisi aur ko convince karne ki himmat hi nahin ho sakti lol… who is worse? well muqabla is pretty sakht!! so far on my my jerk-o-meter Mansoor is ahead with the hot oil dunking ready for him, where as Zawar is catching up quickly!

    But whats different here is that Sophie is no kuku! harr lehaz se!

    btw bijan had told Zawar haya ki aankh mein aik ansoo na ae.. but abhi se hi ro ro ke hashar karr liya hai Haya ne.. Bara wada nibhaya! and i thought Haya had said bijan ke bagher rehne ka tasawwar bhi nahin karr sakti.. now she wants to go ASAP! such is power of love lol.. sabb bhool bhal jate hain!

    Haya was lovely as the dulhan but i missed her hip wardrobe! Im not with her over night makeover and rehaul of her wardrobe.. I think shireen apa has done all the shopping.. it has her trademark all over it! I like sheeren apa’s wardrobe, but on her!.. yes haya’s wardrobe dilema: aunti-fied it is! but the white jora at safeer bhais ghar ki dawat i really liked! ..

    but seriously, what would bijan do without shireen apa?! she had to remind her abt getting the newlyweds to spend time together and the visa..

    ROFL @ .”.and then oopar se he had the gumption to give her a lecture about looking after Bi Jaan. Bhai sahab have you looked in the mirror recently, zara ghor se? How much of khayal rakho-ing have you been doing in the past few years?”.. haina! but isnt he like mansoor here as well.. shadi kar li amma ki khatir.. couldnt say no.. and then telling laila she has to babysit mummy ji and not visit her own parents so frequently..

    LMHO@ sophia.. uff yes this woman needs some ppl in her life! (not just pet dogs), infact she needs a life .. full stop! but whether she is 3 or not, she does know her spineless shohar e namdar cant be trusted for a minute with his amma hazoor! and like u mentioned last week, she has watched plenty of bollywood lollywood movies to suss out the emotional blackmailing going on back home! & apparently he had already told her that bijan will get him married eventually.. tou can we really blame her? But yes her non stop whining was driving me nuts too!.. no wonder zawar kept hanging up on her!

    FOCL @ the duplicate GQ magazine covers featuring AS. hahahaha Uffff! honestly! dejavu or what!!? so its not just the ladies nighties we see time and time again!.. magar yahan tou pose bhi wohi mara hai.. waise in MHMD when zawar was in nabeel and romisas room, i thought SJ / romaisa will turn up any second! I can see why MD decided not to run MHMD on hum tv.. but looking at the two pics they shouldn’t have been running the two at the same time either!

    ok back to AA, my fav shot this week was the house at night, with fog and light coming through the windows and haya.. i thought that was lovely! .. the opening shots of SF and the overview of the hose was beautiful.. A big shout out to DOP once again! AS is a pro and MH was perfect.. esp in the ‘yeh-kapre-mere-liye-nahin-hain?’ scene.. she was so good here.. All the characters are relatable and the direction is spot on!.. im really enjoying this one!

    I think pace is good and looks like our Haya is all set to go US.. Abb dekhna yeh hai ke if Zawar sahab is all set?


    • @FA: Hehe glad you enjoyed it.. I had a ball writing it 🙂

      Re: Pehchan and Ahista Ahista and the similarities b/w the two male leads Mansoor and Zavar– yes, it makes for an interesting comparison and since we’re following both of them so closely it does seem like there is a lot in common in the stories as well. As I was writing the review, so many of these questions that I raised were coming from the same place as the Pehchan ones. But dekh lo, the treatment given by the writers makes a world of difference, also fun to see the diff in the way each director approaches the story and how they choose to tell the story.. so many of the things that are very subtly addressed there are front and center here.. and though no doubt interesting, Aliya bukhari’s characters do not have the same depth complexity and intensity, as Bee Gul’s do ..

      Another major difference: There are no mazloom characters in Pehchan .. magar yahan tau line lagi hui hai … and sab se agay apne allah miyan ka bhensa (cant call him a gaye now can I? The real fish loving gaye might protest 😉 ) .. somebody please pin a medal on his chest already .. Seriously, I have yet to ever come across such a meesna wimp! I think the vat of hot oil can remained reserved for Mansoor .. Zoyi pe giraya tau rona shuru kar de ga .. and biwi no 1 and biwi no 2 will be his humnawas … uff! Just that thought alone, of the three crying together, makes me shudder! Waisey don’t they say ke the family who cries together stays together? LOL!!! Ok clearly losing it here!

      Re; the duplicate GQ covers, lol Im surprised nobody else said anything! Shukar hai ke you found it funny as well .. Speaks volumes doesnt it, about how our actors are taking on back to back projects and itne ziyada ke its hard for us to keep track who was doing what in which drama …. pehley we used to make fun of Ahsan Khan and Urwa Mawra but aajkal tau almost everybody has multiple projects on air at the same time :/


  3. great review SZ and I totally agree with you re naina,she is one whiny woman,very irritating!!!!
    zawar is such a big jhoota , im looking forward to seeing his downfall once the truth is out.
    aik do tight thappar to parne chahiyye!!!


    • @Deeba: Haan, thapars or some kind of thukai is definitely needed for Zavar .. Isnt it funny how the men in the serials we are watching these days are not only helping us improve our French but also turning us violent – first Mansoor and Khurram and now sample no.3 Mr Zoyi!


  4. I find Zavar so annoying that I feel that both women should leave him and go, instead of clinging to him.
    May be Sophie’s reactions ar understood, because in the second episode she said that, even though they are married she has always had the fear that Bi jaan will get Zavar remarried; and she has as she point out in the first episode changed herself completely according to Zavar.


    • @teena: Apologies for the delayed response!

      Hahaha!! Yes, Zawar is Loser No 1.no doubts abt that at all!

      Yes, I agree the fear that Bi Jaan will reject her or turn Zawar against her does play into her reactions and in addition she also has some familial issues that she referred to in this last ep .. so I guess as the story plays out we will get to know more abt the reasons for her behavior.. I have a few more thoughts abt Sophia but let me save that for my next review .. will wait to hear from you there 🙂


  5. After such a long hiatus, I have finally gotten the opportunity to catch up on my Pakistani dramas (one of them being Ahista Ahista)!. SZ, I read all of your reviews without watching the show but now, I can finally relate to all the points you make, lol.
    Regarding your annoyance with Sophiia’s clingess – you and me both sister! Her paranoia is such a turnoff for me but perhaps it’s the daddy/family issues that Sophia often alludes too ?
    What bugs me more though is the weird contrast in the drama – highly modern direction (from the actors’ clothing to the LA-grand mansion setting) paired with such a drabby, traditional story. I thought we were done with biwi #1 vs. biwi #2 type of stories!
    P.S Love the picture comparison! SZ, I’m looking forward to a review for Mere Humdum because things are getting really weird, lol.
    Also, how are things going with UBFN and Rung? And, thank you for following my blog – I appreciate the support :):)


    • @UM: Hello 🙂 Sorry!! I dont know why I thought I had already responded, but abhi dekha tau I hadnt .. my sincerest apologies!

      Glad to know ke you’re back on board 🙂 Haan that is a major factor driving her clinginess, but I dont know why she had to play her so shrill … although I have to say Zawar miyan to ek alag hi sample hai … does he really think he can get away with hiding his second marriage forever?? I mean zara tau sochey ke bhai jitni der karega utna hi Sophie will feel cheated on … such a tool!

      Haan, great point abt the contrast, but I think there will be a twist coming our way when Javed Sheikh’s character comes into play and then we still have Laila Zuberi and Shehroz Sabzwari to come as well.. so lets see … Im in for the ride because of the director .. If you havent seen his Nanhi then do take a look see also his Tum Ho Ke Chup was an interesting serial that ran out of steam towards the end ..

      Re: MHMD .. Haan. another one I lost intrest in b/c of the Sajeela Mazhar track, but with her makeover hopefully it will get better and she will find more friends her age …

      UBFN: Phir chutt gaya .. but I am going to get aback into it .. Rung havent even gone back to it .. just need to find a few more hours in the day LOL!

      And haan ji mubaraks on your blog.. welcome to the group 🙂

      And ab I will wait to hear from you AA and hopefully will be able to squeeze in MHMD as well 🙂


  6. Just came across this play and am enjoying it even though it is a completely irrelevant story line.
    Please do write your review on the other episodes as I really enjoy them.


    • @db: Hello hello! How are you, great to hear from you … been missing our Numm group and all our convos 🙂
      High Five! Good to know Im not the only crazy one enjoying this one 🙂 I’ve been busy is liye missed out the past few weeks, but now that you tell me youre also watching tau chalo I’ll be sure to write it up this week … will wait for your comments 🙂


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