Pehchan ~ Episode 9 Review

pehchan“Thoray dinon mein baby ho jaye ga, woh busy ho jaye gi,” she said to her husband, airily dismissing his concerns about his daughter’s happiness, and to Laila her mother reiterated how lucky she was to have landed a catch like Mansoor, “dekho kitna accha hua, kitne mazey main ho tum, kitne thaat mein reh rahi ho … bas ab aik baby ho jaye ga tau sab perfect ho jaye ga…” 

Thaat? Mazey? What were these words? What did they even mean? p14

All those innumerable lonely evenings she spent waiting for her husband to remember his way home – were those times being referred to as mazey mein rehna? That hurtful dinner, where she was humiliated in front of guests, or the time when her husband had expected her to console his bechari-ro-rahi-hai dost, or when her husband purported to be too busy to spare a glance at her taiyyaris – was that what thaat was all about? What about the times when she was degraded, treated like a disposable tissue, zaroorat khatam hui and easily discarded – was that what accha hona was all about?  Hadn’t her mother assured her that a sahih umar ki shaadi to an ameer larka living in a bara ghar would complete her? Why then did she feel like an abandoned plaything?

If marriage had failed to complete her, where then was the guarantee that a baby would fulfill her? What if she had a baby gip16rl, would she then have to wait for baby boy to make her life perfect? Why was her happiness, her complete and perfect life contingent on those outside of herself? Instead of correcting her earlier mistakes, why was her mother doling out more half-lies? Why was her mother willfully ignoring that which was writ large over her daughter’s face?

These are the kinds of hard questions Laila had never considered before. And its not just her, how often have we as a society spared a thought to these extremely important issues raised by Bee Gul. How long will we keep making shaadi and bacchey the be-all and end-all of our daughters lives? Doesn’t a woman merit a pehchan that is more than X ki beti, Y ki biwi, and Z ki maa? 

Though miserable, Laila wears her happy face in public –  sab theek hai, aisa p70nahin hai ke Mansoor mujhe chahtey nahin hain, main biwi hoon un ki mujhe pata hai. Privately though, despite Mansoor’s breezy assurance – main tumhara husband hoon, tumhari security hoon – her questions off herself  have begun.

Main khush kyon nahin hoon? Door kitni hai abhi subh? All those gossamer thin webs of social deceits and  half-lies have thickened to the extent that they have taken on the guise of dark clouds, blotting out all but a few traces of sunlight, leaving Laila alone and chilled to the bone.

What follow are some of her loneliest and unhappiest days as she contemplates the mess called life, but it is in this solitude and reflection that she is discovering herself, finding a voice she didn’t know existed. She is hurting, but unlike before she is not bottling p17it up.

Earlier we had seen her shed helpless tears, but now we hear an outpouring of emotions and words. She loses it with her mother, confides in her father in a manner that only he would understand, and for the first time ever we see a Laila who looks Kuku straight in the eye and issues a challenge.

It was her mother’s tarbiyat that taught Laila to bear her pain in private and not make a public spectacle of herself, and now her father’s love is fueling her journey towards self-realization. She has no clue where she is headed and what lies in store for her, but there is no doubt that baba ki laadli beti has sprouted wings. The journey is an arduous one and the path unknown, but Laila will eventually evolve into a beautiful butterfly.

While Laila has stepped on the p80path of self-realization, Kuku is struggling to come to terms with her disappointment and disillusionment. Khurram was a loser, she knew that when she took him back, but his betrayal this time around hurt more than before. What a scene this seemingly charming oaf had set. Candlelight, flowers, a lovely table for two, ambient music, what more could a woman want – isn’t this what Laila thinks is missing from her life? But alas, the man had read this woman wrong.

Indeed, Kuku dreams of a day when she will have children, but not this way. Here, Kuku stood her ground. p71She was done being played and Khurram was unceremoniously shown the door. What Khurram had never appreciated was that woman like Kuku are rare in our social setup.

Strong on the outside but soft on the inside, Kuku needed to be handled gently with love and care. She needed a man who would not take her for granted, someone who not only allowed her the space to grow but also be willing to offer her a shoulder to lean on. Her tears were never to be taken as a sign of weakness. And here not only Khurram but also Mansoor, both men failed to understand her.

To Khurram she was the key to an easy lifestyle and for Mansoor she was a conquest. None of them were interested in her for who she was, the woman behind the facade. And it is this realization that has shaken Kuku to the core. She had loved him with all her heart but to him she was a glittering medal he displayed proudly on his chest.  p5

Khurram was an easy one to send packing, Mansoor on the other hand refuses to let go. Over time, like Khurram, he too had become complacent, thought he knew her and knew which button to push when. But now that she has rejected him, he refuses to take the hint. No ploy is too underhanded in his efforts to ensure the medal remains pinned on his chest.

Be it playing on Khurram’s weaknesses, pushing Kuku till he gets through her defenses, or playing on her guilt, Mansoor is willing to try them all. Her constant rebuffs make the game that much more thrilling for him. He retaliates with a poetic rejoinder about beloveds who play with their besotted, poor lovers’ hearts. Poetry, music, dancing, returning her house deed, he’s gonna go the whole nine yards. Nothing to do with love and everything to do with his mardana ego.

For Mansoor the fact that he is playing with two women’s lives makes no difference. It is all a game for him, and as long as he can have the upper hand he does not care about casualties. p11But should we really be blaming Mansoor?

Aren’t we the ones who have allowed men like Mansoor, and even Khurram, to thrive and prosper? We shun daughters and wish for sons. From the time they are children mothers excuse their sons’ behaviors with a smile and a wink, boys will be boys, they say.

As they grow older, mothers pamper them to death and happily draw a veil over their sons’ shortcomings. Their bullying and hardheadedness is explained away as mard ki shaan. It is so much easier to blame the khandan ki larkiyan who all just happen to be fida over their not-so-chand-ka-tukra beta.

After marriage a wife is expected to cater to her husband just as his mother did, and more. A married man’s infidelities are taken in stride, but a single woman’s affair with a married man becomes a source of scandal, one that causes her to hide her face in public. Just the mere mention of the word scandal, scares Kuku to death. Her suddenly stiff body betrays her fear, what would become of her if people knew about her and Mansoor? Where would she go?

Nine weeks in and Pehchan has me glued. Bee Gul’s sharp writingp40 and Khalid Ahmad’s sensitive presentation compels one to stop, think and re-think. So much of what we see here is not new, but what is new is the way its being told. Its not just words, but how they are spoken and not spoken that make a world of difference.

Every gesture has meaning here. There was a time when Mansoor had rejected Laila’s out-stretched han and ,today it was Kuku’s turn to ignore Mansoor’s hand. “Mausam badal raha hai,” Mansoor continually warns Laila. Yes miyan Mansoor tau waqai badal raha hai… aap apni khair manayen! p7

The subtle quiet and sense of calm with which such an emotional story is being played out is to be applauded. The pace is deceptively slow, and I, for one, am loving this lyrical mode of story-telling.

The beautiful locations, the emptiness, sense of solitude, background music, all come together to become yet another important character in the story.  Love how smooth the editing is, the background score is beautifully mellow. Pehchan would not be the show it is without the brilliant lighting and Naveed Malik’s camera work. I like how the farmhouse is being utilized here, loved the roof top setting for Laila and her mom’s tête-à-tête, and the pond setting for Laila and Mansoor’s tea. Also loved the beautiful terrace setting for Khurram’s candlelight fiasco. What I did not love so much was Mansoor’s miyan’s checked jacket – why?!?

His checked jacket and English notwithstanding, p90Sohail Sameer is excellent as Mansoor. I had started off wanting to pour a karahi full of hot oil on his head, then progressed to a vat, but now after this latest episode, I just want to drown him in hot oil. And Khurram bhaijan tau has a standing date with my hot frying pain. Fawad Khan is very good as Khurram. I hope this is not the last we see of him. Anita Camphor was fabulous again as Mrs. Khan, wanted to give her a huge hug as she shared her insecurities about aging.  Parveen Malik and Qazi Wajid were spot on as the parents. Above and beyond all this is Bee Gul, Iffat Omar and Alishba Yousuf’s show and these ladies are on fire!

Unquestionably two thumbs up, Team Pehchan!

Written by SZ~

Hasan Koozagar ~ Penned by Noon Meem Rashid and recited by the inimitable Zia Mohyeddin

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  1. A very well written review once again, no surprise there. This review talks to every female in the shoes of Laila, married or unmarried, where they are reach a certain age in life, and their parents are losing their minds, because in the Pakistani culture a woman’s life is not her’s. She’s only expected to get married and pop babies. Agar har Maa Laila ki Maa ho to goodluck to all daughters out there.

    I really dislike her character (Laila’s mother). She is something else. She refuses to read her daughter’s face and pick up on her emotions where the woman is breaking apart. The only thing she cares about is Mansoor and his well being as if that is her child and not Laila. Her constant nagging Laila to be a perfect wife, not look so dull and down, go in for a makeover, use this time when his mother is away to wow Mansoor. This woman is mad and honeslty driving me mad. I can’t really blame her because this for you is 99% of Pakistani mothers of daughters. But cut the woman some slack please.

    Mansoor is a total jerk. What does he think of himself to be playing around with two women at the same time. Bechari Laila, tries so hard to impress him all the time and he doesn’t see it. Although i think Kuku gave her a very bad hairstyle on purpose. Just so Mansoor could hate it. :P.

    Kuku, not sure what she wants in life. At times it seems she wants nothing to do with Mansoor but when he shows up she falls weak and has such a difficult time letting go. Not sure whats gonna end up of this mess but one thing i am happy about, annoying, wohi 2 dialogue bolne wala Khurrum is finally gone! Now please dont come back.

    Then we have Mrs. Khan, who has her own set of problems. Jeez, did they forget to add a happy character in this show? I mean i love the drama and all but to be able to relate to it so closely is something i dont want to watch. Dealing with similar issues in real life and then in reel life as well, not something i am too excited about.

    Will continue to watch and read, because the story has lots to offer. Waiting to see what ends up of the two women. Don’t care so much of Mister Mansoor/ Khurrum, and especially not of Laila’s mother. She is annoying.


    • @Ash: Thank you 🙂 Glad you are still on board and gonna see this thru, despite the lack of “happy characters” as you put it .. love how you pen your thoughts .. so much fun to read! Waisey dont you think Mansoor’s mom and Lailas mom are very happy? We see them as nutsos but woh donon to apney aap se kitni khush hain .. one got a pretty bahu and the other got a handsom mature damad.. I love how both of hem are always so busy applauding themselves …cannot tell yo how many aunties and uncles and baajis and bhais I know who are like that!

      LOL@ Kuku giving Laila a bad hairstyle on purpose … true it wasnt something that you needed to go a stylist for!

      And are we the only two enjoying this one? Baqi sab log kahan gaye???


      • @Ash @SZ re happy characters: yes the mums are busy applauding themselves.. but what about Khurram.. as big a moron he really is, wasnt he mastt in his own dunya too.. happy making a fool out of himself and kuku.. ghar honge bachche honge.. baby’s ‘handsome’ husband.. & dunno abt u but i couldnt help laughing when he dropped his ‘allergy” clanger last week.. Even Kuku didnt know whether to laugh or cry lol..


      • @Shell: Most of this serial has been shot in and around Islamabad, Muree and Bhurban in Pakistan. Apart from the locations, would love to hear more from you abt Pehchan, the characters, the storyline, etc.. Do join in 🙂


    • You are right Ash about the lack of happy characters….I had the same feelings about Talkhiyan. I mean I knew it was a good piece of art but all through it was sooo depressing that I sometimes tried to put off watching it. This compared to that is easier on the eye and mind. Really enjoying it.


  2. @All: Ok, so dont know how many of you were bothered by that outdated checked jacket that Mansoor was wearing, but I did lose sleep over it as I tried to figure out why would he wear that .. and that got me thinking abt his ugh white pants, Laila’s old world charm, her short kameezes, and I started to wonder ke what if all this was a flashback? What if at the end we see Laila and her daughter, Laila sharing her experiences, making sure that she was not making the same mistake as her mom – hence the 18/19 eps long flashback. And so we see her encouraging her daughter to spread her wings, explore her options, figure out who she is before she settles down to a life of domesticity.In such a scenario, Kuku would still be friends with Laila, and a loving aunt to Laila;s daughter.. teaching her how to be strong without losing sight of her femininity… and for those who might wonder where Mansoor was.. well, since this is my story, I would have him comfortably settled six feet under…cause of death officially unknown, but unofficially everyone knew that Laila and Kuku had connived to get him killed! Kaisa!?! 😉
    Sadly my scenario doesnt account for their cell phones, but baqi tau sab hi theek bathta hai …

    Any other mumkin endings?


    • Hayee im missing @FA now 😉 jaldi aajao.. Mumkinaats are no fun without u lol

      Lol @SZ as long as Mansoor ko u settled in his place im happy with ending.. And haan both laila and kuku also taught lesson to both aunties n uncle getting strong… Acha ho tou sab acha ho na 😉


    • hahahah It wasnt just the jacket, glasses too.. and then spotted in the hd print – the trousers!!! Ufff what was going on over there! Honestly thats gotta be a crime! lol
      @SZ funny u mentioned that… When i was watching last weeks precap and spotted mansoor in that jacket, my instant reaction was ‘a blast from the past’.. this must a flashback!.. maybe his dad?.. but that didnt quite fit in, and i realized thats just miyan mansoor’s wardrobe crisis.. But ur theory that all of this is a flashback has alot of weight!
      Re Laila narrating her story to her daughter: I think we still have DeS, sannata hangover.. 😉 but that ending would be perfect.. all our convos abt preparing the girls wont go down the drain.
      Re Mansoor: haan both the ladies conniving! perfect! and who killed him??.. ofcourse mr khan & his mafia men.. All Kuku had to do was tell Mr Khan abt Mansoor flirting with Mrs Khan.. His mardana ego couldnt take it.. sofia lauren or not, Mrs Khan was his wife.. so Mansoor just had to go!.. @SZ ull be glad to know it was the dunk in the hot oil after all! lol
      Khurram: He lost his marbles completely after the frying pan bashing!.. kuku managed to take care of that herself!.. she just had to invest in some new ones!
      Salon still doing great.. funded by mr khans black money.. lol.. Mrs khan and Laila still get her free hair dos, and colour.. but now they can tell if the grey is still showing lol..
      Lailas daughter gets all the hand me down designer bags and heels from kuku!

      but heres another scenario.. Seeing our hangover from DeS, Laila will also pass on her diaries like DeS passed on her letters lol.. or better still lailas daughter will find these and question her mum, opening a whole can of worms.. In that scenario Mansoor would be still alive but the daughter will loose all her respect for him.. but how will we bump him off??…..someone needs to help me out here.. ok my mumkinat are going crazy!
      the tech talk and the cars dont go with the flashback time zone.. but chalo itna tou chalta hai! lol But on a serious note, if it really is that, then wow how cleverly done!


    • @SZ it just struck me, all the songs they r listening to are also old classics.. and the record player… so yes ur flashback theory is making more and more sense!


    • @SZ: story kafi interesting hai..khas tor per mansoor kaa end 🙂 ..lekin mrs khan kahan gain lol…waisay jahan tak out dated checked jacket ki baat hai tou main nay suna checks ek baar phir fashion main hain…aur ye bhi k ye 1960s k fashion ko revive kernay ki ek koshish hai is hisaab say tou mansoor miyaan nay bilkul latest fashion k mutabiq dressing ki hai 🙂 ..lekin is per koi “fashion freak” hi behter tor per baat ker sakta hai..main nay tou just ek do mags main perha tha


  3. SZ,bohot aalaa,i like your train of thought,kuku and laila get mansoor killed!!!! 😉
    lailas mom should stop talking because she just talks rubbish,shes one clueless woman.
    lailas hairdo was horrid,no wonder mansoor didnt comment or notice.
    i loved the place where kuku and mansoor meet in the end, very apt dating spot;)


  4. Your reviews are great to read same like as episode was great to watch.. This installment was so very pleasant.. Seeing Laila’s baby steps towards self realization are making the momentum and she is gradually coming there.. Loved how she was writing diary subjecting to her baba.. Showed her dad is only closest to her but sadly not a strong supporter of hers 😦

    I seriously wonder this mother has only concern mansoor kya kahega, mansoor kitna acha he.. Do she really give two cents of care to her bachi.. But then its same me who thinks that laila’s mother do such things only to make their marriage run smoothly.. She can read laila’s face but not encouraging her to speak against mansoor and mum in law.. But thats so so and so heart wrenching… To see jeegta jaagta insaan comparaing herself to pinjre me band jaanwar.. That was beautifully shown.. And for what just to have a label of happily married..

    I liked how circle was completed when kuku didnt gave her hand to mansoor and i was like yeahhh on your face u mental :p seriously kuku aise kaam karti rahe aur duain leti rahe.. No rona dhona, cheekna chilana and we are cut to the scene Khurram leaving.. Just Brilliant!!! But jo bhi tha khurram used to make me laugh.. Today bhi when we came from back.. Jahan kuku ki cheekh nikli i couldnt stop myself LoLing.. His baby and jaans no doubt how irritating were but i wonder jab hum sunte sunte thak gayee poor Fawad Khan bolte bolte must have got tired…

    Mrs khan the awesome gossip material.. Love her 🙂 buraahpe se nhn uski badsurati se dar lagta he.. Soo true.. Their meetings on one side bring smile on face wahen give nice things to learn.. On a side note i adore how Iffat Omer smiles.. She looks gorgeous yaar..

    One thing more i liked.. Jaate jaate yaad aaya.. The scene where laila gives it to her mum and before that she was making words.. Pain,Agony i could see but didnt noticed rest of words.. Great screenplay to show what laila is going through and her mum says mansoor ko tou gusa aata he nahin.. N i was kill me :/

    Can someone tell me what was shown in precap?. Version i saw didnt have one..


    • @Rehmat: Here you go, APLUS finally put up the complete episode, including the precap…
      And wow! such diff the HD quality makes, I can actually hear what Mansoor was reciting!


    • @Rehmat: Re..laila/pinjra…mujhay samajh nahi aye k laila kis sense main khud ko pinjray main bund birds say compare ker rahi wo keh rahi thi k ager ye birds is cage main bund honay k ba-wahood khush hain tou main tou phir “azad” hoon..merzi say kahin bhi aa jaa sakti hai jis say chahay mil sakti hai jo chahay ker sakti hai…yaa phir apni zehni halut ko birds say compare ker k (apnay dil ki baat kisi say nahi ker sakti ..bulk koi sunnay ko tayyar waja say birds aur laila dono ek tra say qaid hain tou sarcastically keh rahi thi k jaisay ye khush hain mujhay bhi khush hona chahiay

      Re:kukoo rejecting mansoor’s hand…kukoo ek strong egoistic woman hai.. lekin ander say wo bhi laila ki tra dependent hai lekin ooper say kabhi show nahi kray gi..kukoo nay hi mansoor ko call ker k bulaya tha khuram k janay k baad…tou ager such main kukoo itni strong hoti kabhi ye naa kerti phir hum nay dekh lia mansoor sahib end main kukoo k gher per mojood thay..sirf hath naa pakerhnay say kuch nahi hota kukoo ko such main strong hona parhay gaa

      Re: scrabble words …pain agony ordeal love
      Re:mrs khan: I think is say bee gul ye show kerna chahti hai k jub aap k relation ki bunyaad love per nahi sirf physical attraction/appearance per ho tou oos kaa end kaisa hota hai yaani burh-hapa anay k baad kia hota laila ki mom oos ko her waqt kehti rehti hain tayyar ho jao ye karo wo karo…ye cheezein kaam ati hain lekin ek waqt k baad nahi jub jawani khoob soorati aap k sath nahi rehtay phir aap kia kren gay..phir oos relation kaa khokhla pan samnay ata hai


  5. Hasan koozagar…..HASSAN, THE POTER
    Jahanzad, neeche gali meiN tere dar ke aage….Jahanzad, down in the street before your door

    ye maiN soKhta-sar, Hasan koozagar hooN!…..Here I am, burnt-out Hasan the Potter

    tujhe subh’ baazaar meN booRhe attar….. This morning in the bazaar when I saw you

    ki dukkan par maiN ne dekha……At old Yusuf the perfumer’s shop

    to teri nigaahoN meiN wo taabnaaki…..In you glance was that brilliance

    thi maiN jis ki hasrat meN no saal deewana phirta raha hoon…..I’ve longed for, wandering nine years in madness

    Jahanzad, no saal deewana phirta raha hoon!…..

    ye wo daur tha jis maiN meN ne…..During that time

    kabhi apne ranjoor koozoN ki janab, palat kar na dekha….I never looked back At my ailing pots –

    wo kooze mere dast e chaabuk ke putle….Pots formed by my deft hands,

    gil o rang o rauGhan ki makhlooq e bejaaN….Lifeless creatures of clay, color, oilglaze

    wo sargoshioN meiN ye kehte:….They whispered:

    “Hasan koozagar ab kahaN hai?….”Where is Hasan the Potter now?

    wo ham se, khud apne ‘amal se…He left us, his own creations

    Khudawand ban kar KhudaaoN ki manand hai roo e gardaaN!”….He created us, then turned away like the gods!”
    Jahanzad, no saal ka daur yooN mujh pe guzraa…..Jahanzad, nine years passed for me

    ke jaise kisi shehr e madfoon par waqt guzre;…….As time would pass in a buried city;
    NooN MeeM Rashid

    Kuch arsa pehlay jub main nay Rashid ki ek poem “reg-e deeroz” ki kuch lines share kin thin tub mujhay bilkul andaza nahi tha k mere fave drama Pehchaan main agay jaa ker meri bohut ziada fave aur Rashid k master piece poem “hasan kooza ger” ki kuch lines shamil hon gi 🙂

    obviously bohut hi pleasant feeling hai..sath hi ye share kerna chahti hoon k ye bhi co-incidence hai k Rashid ki is nazum k peechay oon ki ek married woman say mohabat thi..jub k Rashid bhi married thay tou mansoor wali situation hi thi aur ooper is poem kaa first stanza hai lekin jo lines drama main share kin gain hain…wo situation k hisab say bohut appropriate hain kiunk oos main “hasun” apni wife kaa ziker apni beloved “jahan zaad” say kerta hai k in “9 years” main jo hasun nay jahan zaad ki mohabat main guzaray tub hasun ki wife oos say kia kehti thi..tou pehlay hum wo dekh lain 🙂

    Jahanzad, is daur meiN rauz, har rauz…..Jahanzad, in those days, day after day

    wo sauKhta-baKht aa kar….That ill-starred woman came

    mujhe dekhti chaak par paa-ba-gil, sar ba zaanu….When she saw me by the wheel, mud-mired, head on knees

    to shaanoN se mujh ko hilaati …..She shook me by the shoulders –

    (wuhi chaak jo saal-haa-saal jeene ka tanhaa sahaara rahaa thaa!)…..(that wheel which had been, year after year, my life sole prop!)

    wo shaanoN se mujh ko hilaati:…..she shook me by the shoulders:

    “Hasan koozagar, haush meN aa….”Hasan, look at you desolate house

    Hasan, apne weeran ghar par nazar kar….how will the children’s hollow stomachs be filled?

    ye bachchoN ke tannoor kyonkar bhareN ge……how will the children’s hollow stomachs be filled?

    Hasan, aye muhabbat ke mare…..Love-struck Hasan

    muhabbat ameeroN ki baazi…..Love is a rich man’s game

    Hasan apne deewar o dar par nazar kar”…..Hasan, look around at your house!”

    mere kaan meiN ye nawa e hazeeN yooN thi jaise…..In my ears this mournful voice was like

    kisi Doobte shaKhs ko zer e gardaab koi pukaare!….. call to a drowning man in whirlpool.

    Beautiful…mujhay itni pasand hai k main aap say at least is k 2 stanzas share kerna chahti thi..isi liay is part ko alug ker dia hai jis ko interest nahi …wo is ko skip ker day..drama per discussion second part main..


    • @RJ: Aah! thank you for identifying the poetry! I couldn’t hear it clearly and i spent a lot of time looking for it by using diff words .. because it was Bee Gul I was sure it had a connection to the scene .. so very grateful that you connected the dots – tashakur 🙂


      • @SZ: LOL…main bohut hairan hoi thi jub main nay review dekha aur hasan kooza gar kaa koi ziker nahi paya kiun mujhay maloom hai ye SZ hain choti si baat bhi in ki nazer main aa jati hai 🙂 …mujhay laga shayed ye itna important nahi ho gaa shayed ye shayed wo…end mein main isi nateejay per pohunchi thi k aap identify nahi ker sakin ..sohail miyaan k dheemay lehjay ki waja say 🙂 …

        almost 10 years pehlay suni thi tub say azber hai itni pasand hai ..main bta nahi sakti main kitni khush hoi kiunk bohut difficult poem hai aur Rashid difficult poet..tou in ko drama jaisay medium main expect nahi kertay aap…lekin Bee Gul k liay meri pasand main izafa k sath as a writer bhi in ki respect mere dil main berh gai hai..kiunk in ko achi tra humari literary history k baray main maloom hai jo in k wasih mutalay kaa sabot hai…ek hi epi main Rashid phir faiz wow..beautiful maza aa gaya 🙂 aur thanks keh ker sherminda naa kren….


    • @RJ: thank you so much for translation and explanation… Sun’ne me zyada maza aya as pehle se samjhi hui thi.. 🙂 its beautiful i must say 🙂


      • @rehmat: yes it’s beautiful specially …wo hum say khud apnay amul say khuda wund bun ker khudaon ki manind hai roo-e gerdaan

        ye 9 saal kaa dour yun mujh per guzra jaisay kisi shaher-e mudfoon per waqt guzray

        thank god mujhay is ki bohut achi translation bhi mil gai bulk aaj tuk jitni bhi translations meri nazer say guzrin hain ye oon main best hai werna ager mujhay kerni perhty main shaheed ho jati kiunk ye bohut difficult poem hai 🙂


  6. Great review SZ…ok review say start kertay hain …sath hi last week wali discussion bhi chalay gi
    Bee gul nay Pehchaan k zariay ek bohut important point per hum sub ko sochnay per majboor kia hai k
    “khushi kia hai?…ye kis tra milti hai?…aur kahan milti hai? “….aur itnay weeks ki discuusion aur SZ k fantastic reviews ki roshini main isi nateejay per pohunchi hoon k khushi ek ahsaas kaa naam hai lekin ye ahsaas subjective person to person vary kerta hai….mujhay hasun koozager share kerna khushi deta hai lekin zaroori nahi k her reader mere jaisa taste rakhta ho….mujhay drama dekh ker review say apni understanding main izafa kerna khushi deta hai lekin meri sis k nazdeek ye oos kaa sara maza khatum ker deta hai..wo kabhi reviews nahi perhti

    tou khushi koi mathematics kaa formula koi chemistry ki equation her jaga apply ker aap ek jaisay results hasil ker lain gay…ab kaash ye baat laila ki mom ko bhi samajh aa jye (meri topon kaa rukh phir laila ki mom ki terf ho gaya 🙂 tou jo “thaatth aur mazay” laila ki mom ki nazer main hain sadly wo laila ki nazer main nahin..kiunk khushi ek subjective cheez hai jis kaa taluq insaan k dakhil (inner self) say hai

    aunty k khayal main laila ki life k perfect honay main ek hi kaser baqi hai aur wo baby bulk baby “boy”…phir laila busy ho jye gi lekin jaisa oos k father nay kaha “kia khush ho gi” kaa jawab aunty ab itni baar day aur hum yahan quote ker chukay hain k sub ko yaad ho chukka hai yaani mansoor nama oos k shujra nasub k sath shuru…lekin laila nay ye sawal khud say shuru ker dia hai k main khush kiun nahi hoon…hopefully jawab bhi paa lay gi 🙂

    jahan tak aunty ki intensions ki baat hai..obviously wo ghalat nahi..hum kisi bhi mom k baray main ye nahi keh saktay k wo apnay bachay ki behtari k liay nahi soch rahi lekin swal ye hai k laila ki mom ko laila k liay sahi laga unhon nay wo kia…lekin kia haqeeqat main wo thik tha?..mere khayal say Bee gul nay isi ferq ki terf ishara kia hai …yahan her character apnay hisaab say jo oosay thik lag raha hai ker raha hai..lekin wo waqai right direction main jaa raha hai ye dekhnay ki zaroorat hai…jub main laila ki mom ko criticize kerti hoon tou oon ki intentions ko ghalat nahi samajhti lekin oon k decisions mujhay thik nahi lagtay…is liay main is character ko ek role model ek pefect mother nahi keh sakti sirf oos ki intentions ki waja say

    Khushi k baad second point ek happy married life kaa kia formula waqai is kaa koi formula hai yaa ye taqdeer ki baat aap log bta den

    Willful ignorance ..I think again yahan parents kaa role hai k ye nahi beti ki shadi ker di ab wo “fulan ki wife” hai oos ki responsibility hai jaisa laila ki mom nay kaha tha..nahi bulk as parents ye aap ki responsibility hai k shadi k baad bhi apni daughters kaa khayal rakhein..oon ki help kren..oon ko guide kren..apnay experience say asses ker saktay hain k problem kaa reason kia hai…kabooter ki tra ankhein bund kernay say kuch nahi hota

    ..yahan baar baar laila mansoor k behavior kaa ziker kerti hai thik hai ek baar taal dia ..lekin kitni baar..phir ab laila k dad bhi sawal ker rahay hain tou aunty ji hosh kren aur apnay khayalaat ko ek side per rakh ker laila ki baat bhi sun lain aur mujhay nahi lagta k aisa kernay say laila ki married life yaa divorce rate main izafa ho sakta hai bulk ye oos k relation ko aur ziada strong aur secure kray gaa…baat sunnay say kuch nahi hota bulk sun ker aap oos per kia tra react kertay hain is say ferq perhta hai..ager wisely cheezon ko tackle kia jye kuch nahi hota…tou share kernay say problems kaa behter solution nikal sakta hai…yahan bhi balance ki zaroorat hai her choti baat parents say share kerna yaa bilkul bhi nahi kuch kehna k dermiyaan rehna chahiay

    Baby issue…mujhay is waqt sub say ziada oos baby k liay bura lug raha hai…again laila k parents k samnay saari situation hoti tou pta chalta kia phir bhi laila ki mom oos ko baby plan kernay ki advice detin..matlab abhi laila aur mansoor k dermiyaan hi itnay problems hain oos main baby kaa bhi aa jana oos k anay say problems khatum hon gay yaa aur berh jyn gay…mujhay nahi lagta ye wise decision hai..kal ko divorce ho jye tou baby kaa kia future ho gaa…aap sirf apni married life ko behter yaa thik kernay k liay ek jaan ko wajood main lay ayn..ek experiment k tor per ..ho gaya thik well and good naa hoa naa sahi…lekin wo baby barha ho ker khud ko kaisay identify kray gaa is baray main bhi soch lena chahiay

    Compromise….is per koi do rai nahi k compromise ek achi cheez hai is say life main bohut asani paida hoti hai lekin kisi achi cheez ki excess bhi baaz dafa achi nahi hoti..again balance rakhna hai..compromise kitna kin conditions per aur kis limit tak…ye sawal bhi baar baar pehchaan humaray samnay rekhta hai k ye zaroor decide ker lena chahiay…..aap ki koi respect naa ho..unwanted hon..aap compromise k naam per jiay jaa rahay hain….jaisay manssor ko achi tra pta hai k compromise kerna hai tou kiun? kis hud tak? aur kaisay?…ye hi waja hai k laila ki oos ki life main jo jaga hai wo laila ko oos say agay nahi anay deta isi tra kukoo GF hai…tou compromise wisely? yaa cleverly jo bhi hai lekin ye nahi k sub kuch dao per laga dia hai….phir ye dono terf say hona chahiay ek positive healthy relation ki bunyaad isi per mumkin hai

    isi tra epi main hum nay dekha k kukoo nay khurram ko tolerate kia…oosay second chance dia…jo ker sakti thi kia..jub k hum kehtay rahay k is looser say jaan kiun nahi churha laity jo good for nothing hai..lekin compromise k naam per ye nahi apna gher/salon jahan wo rehti hai jo oos ki earnig hai oos ko bhi dao per laga day isi liay khuram miyaan ko derwaza dikha dia..aur kia scene tha…typial Pehchaan style 🙂 …is drama main jitney bhi turning points aye hain wo bina kisi loud music/OTT dialogues/over acting k bulk bohut subtly very calmly very peacefully (at least ba-zahir)

    Now kukoo…kukoo ko tanhai say der lagta hai …ye baat aaj ek baar phir sabit ho gai mansoor k janay k baad kukoo ko khuram say jitni bhi nafrat ho wo oosay is tanhai k khouf say berdasht kernay ko tayyar thi aur khuram k janay k baad wo hi kukoo jo mansoor ki calls receive nahi ker rahi thi..oos ko call ker k bulati hai..waqai kuoo tanhai say khouf zada hai…lekin ab kukoo ko laila kaa khayal nahi aya..kaam tha ? kaam tha phir kaam k liay mansoor hi kiun…ager aaj kukoo oos ko kaam k liay bula sakti hai tou phir kal ko mansoor bhi kuoo say “kaam” lay sakta hai… ye baat kukoo nahi janti…tou kia kukoo selfish hai jub ser per musibat aye tub laila ek side per ho gai yaa jaisa main ay pehlay kaha tha kukoo k zameer aur ander ki aurat main say jeet kis ki ho gi..yahan lagta hai aurat ki 🙂 ..

    mujhay bohut khushi hoi aaj aap nay ek mother kaa apnay son ki up-bringing main kia role hai..oos per baat ki aur society k bhi 🙂 aur ye baat aap ki terf say aye hai is liay mujhay ziada khushi hai 😉 …loved it…ok ab main comments ki terf jati hoon aur koi point reh gaya hai tou wahan cover ker doon gi


  7. @All: Thanks to @RJ we know the name of the poem which Mansoor recited/muttered as he walked away from Kuku. I found a fab recitation of this poem by Zia Moheyddin and thought you all might wanna listen to it as well, so Ive added Zia Sahab’s recitation to the post above. Do check it out! The translation has been penned by @RJ .. If you guys would like to save it, I can add post a link for the translation as well.


  8. U all have very interesting questions! Just wait they all will be answered. Don’t doubt brilliance of my writer and director:)


  9. First of all Hi everyone! i m back from a fun trip to Pakistan, aur ab phir se ap sb k sath Pehchan k journey pey niklun gi…
    Wow! this episode was superb.. Insan ko woh cheez fascinate krti hai jo us k pas nahi hoti.. Laila ko khurram ka expressive aur chulbula hona acha lg raha hai jb k kuku ko yehi cheez irritate kr rahi thi…
    @RJ Thank u so much for “Hassan koozagar”, as me too like @SZ could not hear it completely in Mansoor’s voice… aur jitni ap Bee gul k literary knowledge se impressed hain, utni me ap se impress hun.. Me literature ki boht barhi fan hun, magr professional studies me phans kr is shauq ko aisa zang lg gaya jis ka mujhe hamesha afsos hota hai


    • @Atty:welcome back 🙂 …hum sab nay aap ko bohut miss kia..aur aap kaa trip kaisa raha..wo bhi itni germi main 🙂 ..aur ye jaan ker acha laga k aap bhi meri tra literature ki fan 😀 ..ab khoob maza aye gaa…oh plzz impress honay ki koi baat nahi ander ki baat ye hai k main nay bus do chaar kitabein hi perhi hoi hain 😉


  10. @SZ brilliant review as always!
    @RJ thanks for sharing the poem. Wow thats just remarkable! loved it! and made so much more sense & made me hate Mansoor even more lol.. what a xxxxx! …
    I just watched the hd print and really what a visual treat! From the shots on the rooftop to the Saidhpur Village.. beautiful!
    Now its pbbly just me and im pbbly reading too much into it, but this episode kept taking me back to the first ep and Kukus suicide scene.. The terrace, with red roses, Laila in her red shawl sitting on a chair on her terrace.. perhaps unn ke khwabon ke khoon.. That scene has obviously left a long lasting impression! lol
    The porch with the fire was so different from the dinner scene last week, but still beautiful! Laila’s loneliness, .. beautifully captured.. what didnt quite sit with me here was her socks with her sandals.. whats going on here lol…

    Mansoor: How cruel and harsh can this guy get?! Did he come back and scare Laila on purpose?.. Laila is pregnant because of kuku.. blame always lands on someone else..this koozagar is indeed a manipulator ..self pity koi inn se sikhe but no sympathy for him! He used Khurram and his weaknesses to get to kuku..such a pest! btw who was he talking to on the phone when he was on duty for a dinner appointment? is there someone else besides kuku?

    khurram: all i can say is good riddance! kia namoona hai yeh bhai! the rose!! and the talk… FK was fab! He was so convincingly masoom .. ghunna kahinka!.. but bakre ki maan kab tak khair manae gi?

    Kuku – Great ! about time u showed khurram where to go! but how can she let mansoor walk all over her.. now that she knows how he orchestrated the entire game with Khurram, im surprised she let him come back to her house!? She better turn him away in the next ep warna….!!! I loved kuku trying to convince Mansoor to go back to his wife, jo ‘itni pyari hai!’ And her interaction with Laila at the salon was lovely! How she was treading carefully on eggshells.. what if he loves someone else..??! and her reaction to Lailas reply… Iffat was fab!

    Laila – The heart to hear with kuku was great , but was that pretense? or is she in denial? how confident is she that she knows her husband.. Does she think that he cant love anyone else or go behind her back, or that he is incapable of loving at all? … does she really know him? Pain, agony, ordeal, love.. she cant talk to anyone, so she is confiding in her diary.. but still talking to her baba.. like @Rehmat said, he is the one who is the closest to her.. but hes also the only one who seems to have spotted the sadness in her.

    @SZ I liked ur analysis of mums and dad’s tarbiyat. and her diary writing.. In private but voicing her pain.. on a journey of self realization.. Starting with he does love me and ending with woh mujhe rakh ke bhool gae hain.. Maybe thats why mum is asking her to look after herself to get her noticed, but yahan tou mamla hi garr barr hai..

    The morning walk: Mrs Khan really needs some style tips! those hot pink sweat pants r doing u no favours! They certainly wont make u look anything like Sophia loren.. Now I know why mrs khan aise kaise phisal gain Mansoor pe.. It was him comparing her to her buddha husbands fixation.. lol..loved how kuku comforted mrs khan..Btw didnt kuku look extra chirpy this morning? did I miss something happen?

    As much as i am enjoying this, I do wish they could pick up the pace a bit.. btw what was the mansoor leaving phone on the tractor bit? and there is also quite a bit of tech talk going on.. I wonder whats the connection.. Im so used to reading into every lil thing ingo BG’s script and KA’s vision now that this has been bugging me.. needless to say fab job team pehchan!
    Sorry for the ramble! hope its making some sense lol


  11. @FA: sub say pehlay aap FA say fa kiiun ho gain?..mujhay acha khasa confuse kia…wo tou bhala ho profile pic kaa jis say main nay aap ko identify kia 😉 ..
    Re:self pity…bilkul is ki terf tou laila nay bhi last epi main ishara kia tha k merd ki ego sirf wife k samnay hoti hai GF k samnay nahi …waisay bhi isi tra tou humderdi hasil ki jaa sakti hai GF say…k dekho hum is dunya k staiy hoay dukhi tareen insaan hain

    Re: phone call…bilkul koi business partner hai jo laila k samnay atay hi yaad aa jata hai…honeymoon per bhi yaad hai “duty” etc batein ker raha tha laila k samnay…ignore hi kerna hai kisi tra sahi
    Re: kukoo/mansoor ‘s game….kukoo tanhai say khouf zada hai..first epi main oos kaa dialogue tha sirf isi tanhai ki waja say oos nay khuram ko wapis apni life main anay dia after mansoor’s marriage …aur ab khurram k janay k baad ek baar phir wo tanhai kaa shikaar hai..mere khayal say tou ye hi waja hai..lekin drama nay agay bhi tou jana hai ager kukoo isi tra apni baat per qaim rehti phir tou story hi khatum ho gai thi

    Re:laila..I thin wo denial main hai yaa osay siray say idea hi nahi hai ye baat ziadathik lagti hai..waisay bhi oos ki mom ki constant brain washing kaa bhi aser hai k wo samajhti hai mansoor by nature aisa hai… wo bohut young hai is liay mansoor k tricks ko samajh nahi paa rahi age difference yahan bhi importanr role play ker raha hai


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