Laa ~ Episode 1 Review

laa 1

Alif Allah chambay di booti
Mere man vich murshad laai… hoo…
Nafi asbat da pani milya
Har ragay har jaai… hoo…
Andar booti mushak machaya
Jaan phulaan te aai… hoo…
Jeevay murshad kamil bahu
Jain ae booti laai… hoo…
~ Sultan Bahu 

Laa ~ nonexistence of that which appears to exist.  Laa ~ effacement of me myself and I. Laa ~ from negation to affirmationLaa ~ first step on a path Sufi poets have written reams about. Laa ~ a journey from zaahir to baatin, juz to kul, from sifaat to that which is the ultimate truthzaatLaa ~ an invitation from Sarmad Sehbai, Farooq Rind and MD Productions to look past hasab and nasab and ponder on that which is beyond the apparent and obvious.

Sehbai’s exceptionally well-written first episode introduces us to Daniyal Malik, a well-educated and self-assured young man,  l17equally loved by family and friends. Very comfortable with who he is, Daniyal makes no apologies for his wealth and is quite comfortable sharing the perks of his luxurious lifestyle. From inviting his friends for shikaar to breezily handing out generous sums of money, he is a man high on life. He is a Malik and proud of it. So busy is he living his life that not once has he stopped to think about how different life would if he were stripped off his identity and wealth. Were he just another Daniyal would he be just as popular and loved as Daniyal Malik? Forget about him, have we ever thought who we would be if we were not who we are?

Along with Daniyal we also meet Naina, a family friend’s daughter. Equally privileged but not l6quite as affable as Daniyal, she is headstrong and somewhat spoilt. Unlike their more laid back friends, Naina’s parents, particularly her mother, are very hung up on getting their daughter married into a family with the “right” background – caste and creed is above all else for them. It is this quest for a sahih, accha rishta that brings the family from Karachi to Lahore, thus setting up the premise for the pehla takra of Daniyal and Naina. And a takra it was, literally!

Alongside the story unfolding in the urban setting of Lahore we also get an intriguing l11glimpse into Naimat Khan’s past. Set in the rural environs of Punjab, this track deals with the darker side of feudalism. From the flashbacks there is a sense of things having gone terribly wrong, ending in the tragic death of his young daughter Ameena, apparently on the powerful zamindarni’s behest. What ensued next is yet to come, but whatever happened was enough to land him in jail. While Naimat Khan’s connection to Daniyal is not yet clear there is enough indication that Naimat Khan knows a thing or two about Daniyal’s past, secrets that the younger man might not be able to deal with as casually as he does with pretty much everything else in life.

Like its name, this serial promises to go well beyond the obvious. image_21One one level Laa is Daniyal and Naina’s story, their relationship and the hurdles they will face before they can finally be together. A second look, however, reveals their love story to be little more than a well-told allegory for the real love story – the one between man and his Maker, and the hurdles that need to be overcome before the ultimate union takes place. As the buzurg at the dargah tells Daniyal, we take what we see with our two eyes as the truth, but the Truth is only visible through a veiled third eye. Not really understanding the import and implications of what they are being told, Daniyal and Naina smile an unknowing smile as they ask for a particular taweez, engraved with just the one word – Laa.

l8Sehbai sahab is a fabulous story teller, no two ways about it. The different tracks are woven in beautifully, and there is not only depth and meaning but the story has soul as well, something very rare these days. I have been very critical of MD Productions and their less than stellar offerings in the recent past, but for this one they deserve a huge round of applause. Just one episode in and I know I’m in for the ride. That said, stories alone do not a drama make, and this is where the director and his vision play a huge role in translating the story on to the screen. Last week I loved the presentation of Ahista Ahista but lamented the lack of an engaging story and here the reverse is true. A fabulous story is being let down by mediocre editing and inconsistent direction.

The episode started off impressively and the various tracks were beautifully intertwined. 114The sepia tones of the past helped set it apart from the near past and the present. I loved the locations. The sights of Lahore, ambiance of Mian Mir’s shrine, architectural splendor of Hiran Minar, and lush greenery of rural Punjab, all were beautifully captured; excellent job by the DOP Nadeem Kashmiri. The slice of life scenes at the haveli were gorgeous and Mikaal’s chase scene was nicely choreographed and shot. This attention to detailing reminded me so much of  Farooq Rind’s work in Sanjha. That said, I have to mark my disappointment at the jumpy editing which led to disjointed scenes. I wonder if MD hired new editors, because this did not seem like Kashif or Tanvir’s work, the men behind Humsafar and Shehr-e Zaat among others.

Aside from editing, this episode had its fair share of scenes that did not work. Why was Mikaal running like a looney at shikaar, as if his life depended on it? Even if I take that as dramatic license, all said and done it did have me curious, the lion joke was very juvenile. Moving on, Daniyal and Naina’s meeting fell completely flat. It was supposed to be funny but I could image_18only shake my head at Naina’s childish idiocy. The prospective groom, his questionnaire, and his OTT reaction to her sheesha smoking was out of sync with the overall  feel of the episode. I liked Daniyal and his equation with his friends, but the larki patao bit was way off. At the shrine, in what was a very important scene, the piped music and the lip syncing fakirs in their brand new chogas failed to create the required impact. The buzurg too was unconvincing in his patently fake wig and beard and spotless shalwar kameez. While there is not much that can be done in terms of get ups,  but I do wish that somebody at MD would take a second look at the editing to ensure smoother transitions.

In terms of acting, Simi Raheal was the pick of the actors for me. She was just fabulous in that one scene in the living room. No words, just her eyes conveying so much. Apart from the fact that he looked much older than his co-actors Mikaal was good as Daniyal. On costars, I liked the three newcomers (?), enjoyed their camaraderie, and appreciated that we saw a girl in the mix.  Sadia Khan is pretty but her acting skills are yet to impress. l5I hope she can grow into her character and do an iota of justice to Naina. Rehan Sheikh was very good, sadly his mustache not so much. Apart from this I am sure many among you recognized the famous red haveli from Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin and Numm. Similarly Daniyal’s house’s exterior too has been used quite a few times recently. As for the interior, the less said the better, just be sure that I am never getting my house done by that interior designer.

Overall this was a great start and I am in it for the long haul. I just hope the directing, editing and acting will be on par with Sarmad Sahab’s patented brand of layered story-telling.  Fingers crossed!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Excellent review; made me see many aspects of the drama in a completely different light.
    As for the newcomers, out of the group of friends, the person sketching was Ali Saqi – an artist in the drama, as well as outside of it, & also up and coming actor. This was his debut, watch out for him in the near future.

    • Ali Saqi, is a pretty sketch artist! :), And he was my pick of the three friends, so will be looking forward to seeing him in the near future! 😀

    • @Anon After watching the promos I thought the main lead would be the artist.. but Ali Saqi’s drawing surprised me! btw enjoyed his ‘ho sakta hai yeh silly na ho, hum hon’.. how deep! Judging by the promo there might also be a deeper connection of him/his art with the main track..??

    • @Anon: Hey! Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 Aah! Thanks for giving us the name of the sketch artist.. hes good! Sure, will keep an eye out for his future projects.
      And i hope that you will continue reading and sharing your thoughts. If you know Ali Saqi, do let him know that we would love to hear from him and BTS stories are always welcomed! ;

  2. I had been looking forward to this drama and as expected sarmad sehbai did not disappoint! The guy is a maestro at breathing life into his characters and intertwining multiple storylines. His character chandu from jal pari is still one of the most memorable characters in tv and was played so brilliantly by adnan Tipu. I hope the actors in Laa are able to do justice to sarmads vision.the female lead is so far very disappointing and I am hoping we don’t have to deal with her too much. Rehan sheikh was very effective in the few scenes he was in and I actually liked his mustache. I wish we’d see more of him on tv.

    • Whoops ! Accidentally hit send. Anyways I am finally excited about a drama after eons and can’t wait for the next episode

    • @Sonia I had enjoyed JalPari too! The depth in his characters and the script were sheer brilliance!..I also hope the actors and the director do justice to his vision in Laa..

    • @Sonia: Likewise! I too am a huge Sarmad Sehbai fan and so no matter who wouldve starred in this I wouldve still followed it. And yes Jalpari was fabulous, sadly it never got the attention and acclaim it deserved… Sarmad Khoosat did a far better job here than i Humsafar but because they were airing concurrently it kind of got lost somewhere. Rehan is a fantastic actor indeed, I would just like him to lose some weight because I am getting seriously concerned abt his health. Rehan, Tipu, Salim Mairaj, Rashid Farooqui, all are fab actors who seem to never get the attention they deserve … hopefully the more we talk about them the more people will become familiar with their names ..
      Re: the actors in Laa… frankly speaking I am not hopeful abt Sadia Khan at all, but I would like to happily surprised. Dont think she’s going anywhere soon, because Naina and Daniyal are integral to the story :/

      Khair, lets keep our fingers and toes crossed and I hope you will be a regular on this thread 🙂

      • @Sonia @FA @SZ: hearing so much about Jalpari made me so intrigued about it that i have start watching from last week.. Wonder why i missed this drama.. Currently i am on epi 4 but it amazing and really loving it… @SZ please do an overview of Jalpari.. It will be fun discussing the drams 🙂

  3. And who else remembers Nadia afghan’s character in jal pari? She showed the other side of spousal abuse rarely seen in drama these days… Okay it’s official, I totally love sarmad sehbai. Can’t wait for his movie to come out. I saw his brother manzar sehbai in its promos so excited about that too. I met his sister at a few extended family events a few years ago. though not a professional writer, she really knew the art of storytelling in large gatherings. Completely cracked me up with some of her anecdotes and jokes. All these siblings are so talented

    • @Sonia: Lucky you! I would love to meet any of them. Haan looking forward to Mah-e Meer ..

      You know your comment abt Jalpari got me going and I watched the final part of the serial (last three four episodes) again .. and enjoyed it so much ke Im gonna go and rewatch the first 3 parts again :.. so now if I disappear again you know what I’ll be doing! 😉

      • SO DID I. I watched bits and pieces. pretty much all of chandu’s scene.
        btw brilliant observation about the costumey outfits worn by the faqirs. those were absolutely the worst!!

        • @Sonia: LOL! Glad i wasnt the only one!
          You think we should have an overview of Jalpari and give it a delayed acknowledgement?
          Haan, those fakirs’ clothes were so off! Hopefully one day we will get to a point where production companies will allocate resources to proper designing and detailing for each character …

          • Oh yes absolutely! It was one gem that didnt get due recognition due to the madness that was humsafar. Would love to start watching it again and read your insights into the story. Purleaseeee do review it! Also i could love to hear your thoughts about contemporary actors. Who impresses you, who is over rated/under rated. Which tv characters were memorable for you. Given the crapthats on tv these days,its a good time to look back and reflect

            • @Sonia: Cool, am re-watching it .. and will hopefully have an overview up soonish… Will wait to read your detailed thoughts there 🙂
              Re: the other ideas, yes thats doable.. IA will do a few one off posts … been thinking of vaious things I would like us to talk about but just havent found the time to gather my thoughts .. hopefully soon 🙂

      • @SZ: plzzzz ek review ho jye chota saa nunha munna saa 😉 ….jal pari mera bohut hi favorite drama raha hai lekin mera khayal hai sermad khoosat aur farooq kaa comparison bohut unfair ho gaa isi hisaab say jal pari aur laa kaa bhi I mean sermad tou genius hai jis tra unhon nay neelum say aam kerwaya my god…ek average actress nay kia mind blowing performance di hai…aur last scene k dialogues abhi tak yaad hain mujhay …mera khayal hai main bhi wapis jaa ker ek baar phir say wo serial dekhoon LOL …mah-e meer k liay bohut excited hoon pehli Pakistani movie jis kaa dil say intezaar hai aur bilkul main bhi sermad sehbai ki itni barhi fan hoon k is drama main kon actor hai kis nay direct kia kuch perwaah nahi mujhay bus ye pta hai main isay end tak dekhnay wali hoon 🙂

  4. Was really excited for Laa but although the story seems intriguing, the first episode let me down. Totally agree that why was Mikaal running in such a dramatic way only for a shikaar when the promo indicated something different. Hopefully Sadia Khan shows good acting in future episodes as her voice and nakhre wala character is already annoying me. Also, the friends were so cheap. The track just didn’t fit in with the intrigue of the story. Especially the girl who was participating with the guys in “bacchi ko patana” – yuck! Really hope this gets interesting in the next few episodes. Hey SZ you said you have been upset by recent Momina Duraid works but Bunty I Love You was a delight to watch. Although the scenes between Bunty and Dania (Saba Qamar) were annoying, but the brilliant dialogues by Kahlil ur Rehman Qamar and Saba Qamar’s strong-willed character were too good. Azfer Rehman who has a supporting role is also flawless in his performance. Do watch if you haven’t.

    I know I told you to watch Rung on Hum Sitarey and again sincerely recommend it to you. Please don’t watch Ahista Ahista as the story has nothing new to offer. I see Mata e Jaan in it covered with glam. Replace that with Rung on Hum Sitarey. I know the dramas that you like are filled with emotions and great dialogues and that’s what Rung offers. I know you won’t regret it and would love it that you would watch, enjoy and review Rung. The story follows a natural flow with natural characters.

    • @Aisha: I agree some dialogues which were meant to be funny came across as inappropriate but I wouldnt call it cheap, and actually I thought that because they had a girl in the mix it made them less inoffensive .. but overall I think they’d have been better off without those three four lines. That said, overall I enjoyed it …LOL! Yeah that running was funny because one does not run that way during shikar but I liked how it created suspense along with the Rehan Sheikh scene ..

      Re: Ahista Ahista, I know many are not liking it but somehow I am enjoying the way the story is being told and I sm liking the characterizations of the various actors .. as they say different strokes for diff folks 🙂

      Re: Rung: I tried the first ep, but Asma Abbas’ over acting and loud clothes and makeup and the bad acting of the new girl put me off… I will probably go back and check it once its midway or so .. because then it will be easy to watch it in ffwd mode.

      Re: BILU, I think I have said this before on other threads, when it started I was already watching and reviewing one Saba Q drama, Sannata, and I generally avoid watching the same actor in two projects at the same time so gave it a pass..its now my to watch list … one of these day, IA

      Re: MD Productions, when I said I had been disappointed by them I meant it in general terms and if you look at their recent, fare, bar one or two projects most of them have been really disappointing .. I for one wouldve never thought that MD would produce a drama like Janam Jali …

      • Regarding the cheap dialogues, in a serious story like Laa, the dialogues of bacchi ko check kar just didn’t fit in with the story. If you have seen Azfar Ali’s sitcom “Sub Set Hai” I totally understood that Azfar and Mani being young guys are looking out for girls- their dialogues are appropriate because it fits in with the comedy. Laa surely is not a comedy. I would have been ok if only the beginning of the episode showed those friends but almost the whole episode focused on checking out Sadia Khan.

        Re: Rung, 5 episodes have taken place and Rung has such a different story to offer with great acting that I am amazed at your response. The newbie Kiran Chaudary is such a supporting and loving daughter to their parents and she also has a strong voice and character which is great to see because today, newcomers don’t have that. If you see till episode 5, there is great focus on a lovely husband and wife relationship which we don’t see in a lot of today’s dramas. I don’t know which scene you saw of Asma Abbas in which she overacted. She plays a mother who wants her daughter to achieve to the highest level and I feel that she has given her best performance till date. I won’t spoil it for you but the recent episode had me in tears. Ok SZ try seeing till episode 5 and I feel you should like the story because the sense of warmth and comfort present in this drama is surely not present in today’s dramas. Unlike Pechaan and Ahista Ahista which don’t have nothing new to offer in terms of their scripts (although as I said, Pechaan is just wow in dialogues), Rung presents an entirely fresh story with natural performances. However, I am totally fine if you watch this later:)

        Re Moomal Productions: totally agree that most of their recent projects are surely bombs but along with BILU, did you see Aseer Zadi, Ullu Barae Farokht Nahi and Kankar? All of these three dramas were excellent in terms of their scripts, direction and performances. I think you reviewed some of UBFN, but do watch Kankar and Aseer Zadi if you haven’t. Sania Saeed was brilliant in Aseer Zadi. Unlike Numm, she plays a strong and dominating wife. Both Fahad M. and Sanam B. deliver flawless performances and the complexity in Fahad’s character – too good.

      • @SZ: janam jail k itnay qissay sun liay hain k ab main soch rahi hoon k ek try main bhi karoon 😉 akhir is main aisa hai kia jo her koi is ki baat ker raha hai …aap kuch roshani dalein gi

          • @SZ: acha pehlay apni will tou final ker loon …friends relatives say ek baar mil loon LOL…nahi main nay koi achi baat nahi suni is k baray main lekin ab main curious hoon k bura bhi hai tou kitna bura hai yaani humaray drama makers nay koi naya standard set ker lia hai is liay dekhna chahti hoon…links danay k liay shukria main aaj say khud main himmat paida kerti hoon dekh ker zaroor bataaon gi

            • @SZ: ye hai meri auqaat… links dekh ker hi halut patli ho gai thi itni k comment main kia likha hai perhnay k ba-wajood ser pe say guzer gaya …main ye hi samjhi k aap nay mujhay first 3 episodes k links diay hain link k end per promo 1-2-3 likha bhi nazer nahi aya dimagh itna ghoom gaya tha LOL

              promos tou main nay dekh liay aur mera first reaction tha ..hawwwwwww ye itni achi suljhi hoi cast k sath kia bana rahay hain matlab koi dum dum actors hotay tou koi hairut naa hoti…aur asma jis sofa per bra-jaman thin wo apnay basher bhai kaa hai main nay ek pic main oon ko bhi oos per baithay dekha tha aur in kaa promo ek dum fit tha …main throughout hunsti rahi….”un-intentionally funny” ye new terminology introduce hoi hai humaray dramas main ..isi technique say main BM dekh rahi hoon aap ko bataya hai shayed kabhi aap ko bhi zaroorat perh jye 😉

            • @SZ: mujhay bilkul yaad hai..chair hi nahi poora set 🙂 ..mera khayal hai jub nadia kaa show evening main strart hoa tha shayed ramazan ki waja say tub unhon nay ye dark look di thi..agger mujhay thik say yaad hai

          • Regarding the cheap dialogues, in a serious story like Laa, the dialogues of bacchi ko check kar just didn’t fit in with the story. If you have seen Azfar Ali’s sitcom “Sub Set Hai” I totally understood that Azfar and Mani being young guys are looking out for girls- their dialogues are appropriate because it fits in with the comedy. Laa surely is not a comedy. I would have been ok if only the beginning of the episode showed those friends but almost the whole episode focused on checking out Sadia Khan.

            Re: Rung, 5 episodes have taken place and Rung has such a different story to offer with great acting that I am amazed at your response. The newbie Kiran Chaudary is such a supporting and loving daughter to their parents and she also has a strong voice and character which is great to see because today, newcomers don’t have that. If you see till episode 5, there is great focus on a lovely husband and wife relationship which we don’t see in a lot of today’s dramas. I don’t know which scene you saw of Asma Abbas in which she overacted. She plays a mother who wants her daughter to achieve to the highest level and I feel that she has given her best performance till date. I won’t spoil it for you but the recent episode had me in tears. Ok SZ try seeing till episode 5 and I feel you should like the story because the sense of warmth and comfort present in this drama is surely not present in today’s dramas. Unlike Pechaan and Ahista Ahista which don’t have nothing new to offer in terms of their scripts (although as I said, Pechaan is just wow in dialogues), Rung presents an entirely fresh story with natural performances. However, I am totally fine if you watch this later:)

            Re Moomal Productions: totally agree that most of their recent projects are surely bombs but along with BILU, did you see Aseer Zadi, Ullu Barae Farokht Nahi and Kankar? All of these three dramas were excellent in terms of their scripts, direction and performances. I think you reviewed some of UBFN, but do watch Kankar and Aseer Zadi if you haven’t. Sania Saeed was brilliant in Aseer Zadi. Unlike Numm, she plays a strong and dominating wife. Both Fahad M. and Sanam B. deliver flawless performances and the complexity in Fahad’s character – too good.

            • @Aisha: As I said, I will check out Rung after a bit .,,,and yes, did see Aseer Zadi and enjoyed Sania Saeed there. UBFN, I got busy left it and then could never get back into it, but again that is one of those that I have on my watch list. Kankar is also one of those that I will watch one of these days. Unfortunately real world commitments limit how much time I can spend on dramas .. but one of these days, I will get around to these, fingers crossed 🙂

              Re: the cheap dialogues, as I said I dont think they realize that what was supposed to be light hearted banter, would come across as such… but in any case, for me there was so much else going on in the story that it didnt bother me to hte extent that it bothered you .. in any case abhi tau it was only the first episode and the story has nothing to do with the friends, so lets wait and see what happens in the second ep. 🙂

    • hey Aisha thanks for the RUNG recommendation. I watched the last 2 episodes and am loving the simplicity in the story so far. Really like the melodrama-less scenes and the acting is so “normal” that it is refreshing. Too bad it won’t get a lot of viewers since it is on a random channel that nobody cares to watch.

  5. A Very Powerful Review! Took me back to the times of Shehrezaat and your reviews. So meaningful, and so deep.

    I enjoyed the episode very much except for a few things. The main lead girl for starters.Why use such a weak link, in such a powerful story, with so many senior actors. I don’t have much hope for her to get any better, so will ignore her.
    Some of the friends conversations were also off putting. And lets not forget the Syed Zaada. Was he serious with that questionnaire. How bloody pathetic but not too far from reality, and that was the sad part.

    Meekal, looking as charming as ever, good to see a dif hero, because you know Adnan Siddique is becoming quite repetitive, and thankfully I don’t watch Meekal’s other drama, Izteraab,

    I may not be able to pick up the depth and hidden messages in the episodes, but I am looking forward to this drama, and I know SZ’s reviews will be the guide I’ll use for the in depth analysis of the play! 🙂

    • @Ash yeah that syedzada!! what a pain! And his mum!.. these guys r def not from lucknow! lol… the urdu just didnt sound as pure,.. the accent /undertones were off!.. lol.. and the questionnaire – no wonder Naina needed sheesha afterwards!
      & btw speaking of accents Nainas english was off too! lol

      • @FA: accent/pronunciations kaa tou qatal-e aam hoa hai is episode main…mujhay tou dergaah walay buzurg kaa accent bhi thik nahi laga itnay power ful dialogues thay maza nahi aya sannata main bhi ye hi hoa tha tree man k dialogues k sath 😦 ….lekin is k sath ye baat yaad rakhni chahiay ye lhr/punjaab hai yahan k log Urdu ko Punjabi main boltay hain LOL lekin lukhnow walay hazrut ki Punjabi numa Urdu ki kia tuk thi?….. yaa shayed lukhnow say aye itna arsa ho gaya hai k “chaap tiluk sub cheen li ray mou say naina mila k” 😉 …ye mushtaq ahmed yusafi nay kaha tha apnay rajistani aceent aur Urdu k baray main ho sakta ye hi maamla ho aur naina kaa mamla ulat hai wo Karachi say aye hai wahan k log tou crystal clean Urdu boltay hain mere khayal main aur parents ki Urdu tou bilkul thik thi ye naina ko kis nay pala hai

    • @Ash: Coming for you a huge compliment, thank you 🙂
      Yes, absolutely, it def had a SeZ vibe to it except that the frame story has a much wider canvas and is very well-knitted so as to stand on its own merit as well, Laa will, therefore, make perfect sense even if read as a story about caste differences, which indicates Sehbai’s skill as a writer. So yeah looking forward to many interesting discussions. And yes, speaking of SeZ I dont know if it was just me or others felt Sarmad’s absence here as well. As it stands now I see Laa as being a powerful story which made for a good serial, but with Sarmad Khoosat at the helm it wouldve been in a class by itself … but oh well!

      Re: Sadia Khan … Yeah,, not impressed. And its not just her acting, which is pretty bad, but what the heck was she wearing???? I cant se any self respecting Karachiite wearing those blue flappers (??) If her clothes here are supposed to be a sign of fashion to come then I’m better off in my jammies …

      And that Syedzada: Uff!!!! He too, was wearing the most ill fitting jacket ever! And he’s supposed to be a rich guy??? Ok, clearly not watching Laa for fashion tips….

  6. Beautiful review. Loved how u connected the dots.. ”Laa ~ nonexistence of that which appears to exist. Laa ~ effacement of me myself and I. Laa ~ from negation to affirmation. Laa ~ a journey from zaahir to baatin”… looking beyond the obvious..
    I must say I was really looking forward to this one. Before i get into the episode i think it would be unfair if i dont mention the promos…They have been a delight to watch!!! The first promo, with the sketching, and the puppet/ animation thing was sheer brilliance!! it kept me guessing. And the ones that followed were just as delightful, pretty & colourful, & very intriguing , giving away nothing… so well done to whoever was in charge of editing of the promos – that def got me hooked even before it started….The only thing that I wasnt sure about was Rabia noreen’s and Rehan Sheikh’s OTT-ness.
    Now the episode itself was hit & miss for me. there were bits that were sheer brilliance but then there was quite a bit of OTT-ness too.. & this time it wasn’t just the actors/characters i mentioned in the promo (infact their scenes were very intriguing and started off the episode very nicely). the shots of the run in the woods was fab and added to the suspense, but when they got to the reason behind his run, it made no sense.. Who runs after his shikaar like this? he would have warned/scared all his prey!.. and then the lion bit totally killed the tempo…
    the dialogues at the dargah were amazing and thought provoking and set the theme of the play very nicely – loved it!….but the faqirs and their brand new but pewandzada clothes, saein baba’s robin neel ya ariel white se dhule kapre were sticking out like sore thumbs in the dargah scenes..
    The house again hit and miss.. the traditional furniture was nice and the mural was beautiful but why throw in a tacky red leather armchair? And the silver chair sent me to @SZ im with u that interior designer not touching my house! lol
    MZ i liked & his Daniyal malik is an interesting character. And the doubt already seeded abt him being Malik, made it even more intriguing.. And i really liked his friends too…(although he did look much older) but my biggest problem was SK and her naina.. her OTT-ness was weird and her wardrobe was questionable but what really got to me was where is she from?!!?! I would’ve thought she was someone who has just returned from abroad, somewhat new to these customs and tradition and def not from Khi???!!!…And the questions ‘kia karachi mein syeds nahin hote?’, remained unanswered…
    Shots of Lahore were lovely and so was Hiran Minar, but unfortulately it wasnt was magical as it seemed in the promos.. it was missing the x factor.. (or was it just SK factor that killed it? lol )
    So all in all i thought it was a very patchy presentation. From sheer brilliance to wth!!, all in a matter of seconds.. The editing was poor – nothing like the promos…
    @SZ but I will be watching this one for the story & its various layers. The subject and theme are very interesting and Sarmad’s writing is fab.
    I come from a family where this had been, and to some extent still is, a big deal.. But I think things are changing and they are changing fast. The younger generation is definitely challenging these age old traditions. So for me, this is very relatable and should make a very interesting watch.
    the aankhein khulna/ third eye metaphor, and laa, the nafi being the beginning of affirmation… its this brilliance that will keep me hooked!.. and ur reviews of,course!
    Btw coming back to the promos, i thought MZ would be a foreign-return artist, SK local lahori.. and even thought it might be something like numm (i think it was the haveli and fields dejavu factor) but how wrong was I!! It was nothing like any of that but i enjoyed it alot! It added all the more to the suspense. I hope it keeps going like so and keeps surprising us! looking fwd to the next ep.

    • @FA u summed up really well from sheer brilliance to wth.. Too good..
      Agree with u on everything and yes even i noticed karachi me syedzaade wala question went unanswered.. Or may be inko lahore hie aana tha nhn tou story kaise progress karti 😉

    • @FA: Thank you 🙂

      OK, so about the promos, when I was writing my review and went to check on the editors’ name to confirm my suspicions guess what .. the regular senior editor was credited for the promos.. so makes perfect sense that the promos were amazingly edited while the serial not so much ..And yeah, they did have us thinking abt so many diff possibilities … but this one took us all by surprise particularly that opening .. pretty brilliant I must say .. although the climax of Mikaal’s run was pathetic rather than funny .. but khair I was def intrigued.

      LOL! So you didn’t fall in love with house either? hmmm… wonder why? 😉 Kiya tha woh yaar! and those silver chairs .. ughfest alert! I was so happy to watch AA after this .. did my rapidly increasing blood pressure so much good … what a contrast those two houses are!

      RE: the missing X factor I think it is the SK factor .. just a different one from the one you’re referring too… for me I couldve dealt with the girl if Sarmad Khoosat would’ve been at the helm of affairs … that dargah scene reminded me of similar scenes in Ashk .. and whatever the issues we might’ve had with that serial it was beautifully envisioned and executed.

      Re: the Syedzada issue .. never had personal experience with it . but it seems to have ruffled quite a few feathers going by some of the comments on their FB page …

      Here’s to hoping it stays the course.

      • @Sz re the editoer: Aha! that makes sense! .. i hope the editing picks up as we go along.. as far as i remember numm ppl chopped pretty much everything after we complained.. so fingers crossed!
        Re the X factor: yep spot on! What a difference that would’ve made! the dargah scene in Ashk defo.. and the makli scenes & baba scenes by the sea in SeZ.. they were so much more powerful..
        Re Syedzada: haan i found that hillarious! Thing is message is beyond syeds and maliks.. kisi ka naam tou use hona tha na! .. And like u questioned, ‘have we ever thought who we would be if we were not who we are?’… its another Pehchan issue, but hopefully at a much deeper, at a spiritual, level..

  7. Good review but that goes without saying as you have such a way with words. I did enjoy it didn’t like the lead girl 😦 maybe it wad just her being a spoilt brat let’s hope it improves. My theory is that Daniyaal is sabreen hisbanis son and has been adopted……no idea yet how he is linked to the haveilli. In parts the urdu is very difficult for someone like me to the review really helps.

    • @Salma I dont think she is Danyals mother.. did u catch the second promo where she is suggesting he should go to nawabshah for shikar? I reackon she is his cousin, and the other guy might be her brother.. now this is what i love.. the mumkinat!! lol

        • Here is the other promo.. I’m not a great SH fan but I thought SH looks fab here! I think promos r great,..Plenty of clues, but just enough to keep us guessing..

          • @FA: Thanks for sharing this one … I hadnt seen this one earlier. So gives us plenty of talking points but wow beautifully done promos .. doesnt tell you a thing abt where this one going in terms of the various tracks. Ok, so here are my beefs now .. 1) why is Sadia mostly wearing these indistinguishable colorful clothes .. they all look like the same weird red outfit from the first ep; 2) Why is Rabia Naureen chewing her words? If its intended to make her sound menacing I would say its def not working; 3) Why are they all in Barey Shab’s haveli .. aur unki itni himmat ke fountain bhi chala diya??? Dont they know Bakht khandan has a sadiyon se chalti hui rivayat ke fountains will never flow and pools will never be filled?! I expect BS’ goons to pop out any min and start waving their guns around much like they did in Numm!
            Aah seems like between Pehchan and AA and Laa the mumkinats have started to flow 😉

            • @SZ: hahaha @ rabia chewing the words… Kuch zyada he guse me hain… She needs to chill a bit.. Sadia outfits are sachi so local.. Thumbs down…
              ROFL at pools are never filled.. Vo bukht khandan tou exception tha bhaye… Jahan doggies aane per itni excitement show ki jati 😉

            • hahahahaha ROFL @ pani ke halat in bare sahab ki haveli… Bare sahab ki rooh kamp gai hi gi aur bechare wali ki bhi!!! lol .. i think after them and neelum fleeing abroad, this malik khandan has taken over the haveli!.. they might be Mjs khandan wale.. Rehan Sheikh was BS’s goon but obviously unke baad malikani ji ke under aa gya.. MJ tou shehr hi ji ho kar reh gain lol.. whats wrong with me!!!? lol

              SKs clothes less said than done.. next ep all i ca say i will have to keep my sunglasses handy…
              RN’s words and badla talk… not pretty is it!? lol
              but still promos are great!
              After watching the current OST I think MZ was adopted… and then eventually he will abandon his parents.. SK out to rescue him … God help him!

            • @FA: maannnn ur amazing lol… Why dont u ans @sz become story writers.. Trust me deadly combo banega hahah 😀 RS was goon and then malkani taking over… Dimag khhoob chalta he tumhara Yaar Hahahahaa 😉

            • @REHMAT: ager @SZ aur @FA story writer bun gain tou shamut aa jye gi kiunk in k dramas ko review kon kray gaa 😉 …reviewer bhi suggest karo

            • @Rehmat re storywriter: agar Sarmad ji ne yeh parh liya tou bechare sarr peet lein ge! lol
              RE dimaagh chalta hai: More like dimagh chal gya hai! lol.. waise we have to admit abhi tak Numm ka ”asar door door hai”.. & abhi tuk it comes back to haunt us lol ..
              btw where is the the rest of Numm gang? that was so much fun!!

    • @Salma: thanks at ton – much appreciated 🙂

      Yes, I think we are all pretty much on the same page as far as the heroine is concerned .. lets hope she improves, because at this point she seems more silly and immature and ziddi rather than spoilt … and btw, did any of you wonder abt that silly teddy bear – which 20 something brings stuffed toys with her all the way from Khi to Lahore???

      Re: the Urdu, if you or any of our other readers are ever confused abt certain lines or scenes please dont hesitate to ask .. we’re all learning from each other so Im sure somebody or the other would be happy to oblige.

      Great to have you along for this ride .. looking fwd to more from you here and on the Pehchan thread 🙂

  8. who runs like a maniac while hunting??? arent you supposed to be extra quiet so that the poor
    deer doesnt sense you??
    anyway interesting start and Meekal is always a treat for the eyes and I agree with you SZ , im in it too for the long haul.

    • @Deeba: Great! Will be a fun to have you along and keep your witty observations coming .. they are always so much fun to read 🙂
      Re: the crazy running: Bhai ab agar Syedzada hota to samajh aati naa 😉 LOL! Just kidding! No but seriously that was crazy but had me really thinking ke is ke peechey kon par gaya? Afsos it was all abt the deer, warna tau I was having visions ke Sehbai sahab had penned a dark Criminal minds kinda series … magar nahin,.. chalo one of these days we’ll get a real thriller than these teasers 🙂

  9. Just watched the episode and rushed to read your review 🙂 makes it more fun.. Start was indeed very exciting with a sense of mystery and how Naimat Khan is linked with Daniyal.. Rehaan Sheikh was nice as Naimat but totally agree with you abt moustache part.. Cmon guys make it real and believable.. Other than bgscore used on Naina and Daniyal scenes were so annoying.. Or may be it was Sadia Khan’s acting that was testing my limits LOL 😀 Shoukat bhai ne aur blood pressure barah dya and upar se bachi bachi.. Khudaya… Ok these were things i hated most..

    Now to part which i loved rather we all loved… Scenes on durgah and the dialogues by buzargs were beautiful seriously… When amaaji said im here jab se ankh khuli he.. Even it got me confused too but next moment explained it so well and how true is that.. Third eye.. Lucky people are those who on right time with Almighty’s blessing have their third eye open.. Thaa karke lagi baat.. And all depthful meanings of LA by that buzrag were excellent.. MZ was really nice and seeing Qawi Khan and MZ as father and son made me recall DeS again 😉 they really resemble and were perfect casting as junior and Senior Mansoor 🙂 the house was overly filled with paintings and pieces.. So agree with @SZ and @FA that interior design is not coming any near to me even 😉 i enjoyed friend’s cher chaar and the nick names they were using…

    Precap seems interesting.. Let hope it turns great on our expectations 🙂

    • @Rehmat aap ki baat bhi lagi thaa kar ke lol..
      Forgot all abt Qawi and MZ in DeS..maybe because we never saw them together, i forgot they were both there.. but I tell u, this week last few weeks have been remember DeS weeks! lol kafi gehra asar hua hai hum pe… 😉 no? lol

      • @FA: asar bhi aisa waisa… Haha …koi drama dekh he nh loon aur DeS ko yaad na karon 😉 abhi commenting on AA and thinking kahan se link nikalun lol

        • @FA and @Rehmat: Hahahaha! Bechari DeS ka peecha chor do… kahi woh buzurg khatoon hichkiyan ley ley kar khatam hi na ho jayen! 😉

    • @Rehmat: Haan! Thanks for reminding me of the bgs .. it was off in so many places .. and along with the visual editing, even the sound editing was patchy … I sincerely hope they can fix that!

  10. @Rehmat: It wont let me reply to you there so I’m doing it here..

    LOL! but arent you a little weirded out by the same haveli?

    • It is weird! It seems like BS will appear abhi ke tabhi..
      Haan the dogs!!! that reminded me of neelum’s maula jut scene and wali handling guns.. and then the next thing that came into my head was MZ’s shikar.. abb what if MZ is Walis wali? … explains his skills at shikar lol …

      • Hahaha at Wali gun handling and Daniyal being wali’s wali.. Bilkul hosakta he.. Same haveli same feudrals different characters..

            • @SZ awwww thanks!!! Waise kabhi halwa poori and kabhi yeh! U sure know how to get ppl to kick start a day…. day dreaming se bhara hua lol.. Call me whatever but when i heard ‘mumkin hai mere haal mein bhi tera qusoor ho!’ I thought mmm mera numm flue, Is mein kis ka qusoor hai! All day ive had the ost ringing in my ears lol

  11. Beautiful review SZ – reminded me of your reviews of SeZ and how it helped the viewers in understanding it’s complexities.
    I was also reminded of another favourite of mine – Jalpari! Truly what an incredible writer Sarmad Sehbai is – that was one script where changing one word seemed a crime.
    As you love the BTS bits – here are 2 points of interest for you! 🙂
    1) Laa was originally meant to be produced by Iqbal Ansari for Geo, with Haseeb Hasan as director and your’s truly (yes me) in it. But Iqbal sb (who had also produced Jalpari) left Geo and the rest is history
    2) Sarmad Sehbai is related to me from my father’s side – see we have more than one crazy person in the family!! Hahaha
    Will be back with comments once I’ve seen the episode – couldn’t resist writing in though 😉

    • @Hina: Your generous words mean a lot – thank you 🙂
      I so wish you’d have been in this one .. would’ve been fun to see you in what promises to be a fab project ..
      And, yes, please do come back to share your thoughts.. would love to know what you thought of this one, and hear if the onscreen version fulfilled the promise of the script.
      Responded to the rest of your comment on the AA thread 🙂

    • @hina khwaja bayat Wow! now that would have made such a huge difference!.. u can see we r so disappointed with accents etc ..& HH would’ve been so much better here! If you dont mind me asking, what role were u playing here? Would love to hear more from u on this!

    • @Hina Bayat – always such a pleasure to hear from you! Although totally sadden by the fact that you were supposed to be in this play, but not anymore! Oh it would have been such a treat to see you be a part of this one! =\. Anyways loving you in Ahista Ahista. Must say you are a a fabulous dancer, Aunn Zara and now Ahista Ahista! 🙂

      Hope to see you around! 🙂

  12. Kill ker dia 🙂 …drama dekhtay hi mujhy ahsaas ho gaya tha k is genre k dramas ko ager SZ review kren tou readers kamal nahi miracles dekhein gay…ager main kahoon ye aap kaa comfort zone hai tou understatement ho gi kiunk ek bird ko urhtay dekh ker hum ye nahi kahein gay k ye is kaa comfort zone hai bulk ye khayal aye gaa k naturally jis ability k sath is dunya main aya hai wo hi kaam ker raha hai (pta nahi kia keh rahi hoon lekin main chahti bhi nahi pta chalay LOL)…kher main nay SeZ k reviews perhay hain hina ma’am nay bhi ye hi baat ki hai… k yahan jo muqaam ur malka aap ko hasil hai oos main koi aap ko beat nahi ker sakta kiunk ye sirf talent /writing skills /understanding of the drama ki baat nahi hai is main “bohut” sari cheezein shamil hain ….bus itna kaafi hai lastly aap ko yaad hai main nay aap k writing style ki ek specialty ki baat ki thi k ye her tra k intellectual caliber rakhnay walay readers k liay hotay hain ….jo surface per rehna chahay rahay aur jo depth main jana chahay oos k liay koi limit nahi hai is kaa bhi sahi nazara ab dekhnay ko milay gaa 🙂 …so aap tayyar hain is safer k liay tou main bhi khushi say hoon 😀 …

    bilkul sahi kaha nafi ki manzil teh kiay bina asbaat main dakhil hona possible nahi hai bulk jab aap her cheez ki nafi ker detay hain tou asbaat main khud hi dakhil ho jatay hain jo ghalib nay kaha

    Nafi say kerti hai asbaat traavish Goya
    Dee hai jaye-dahun oos ko dum-e ijaad “nahin”

    traavish kehtay hain tapakna /risnaa…tou nafi say asbaat ek tra say tapakti hai kiunk jab hum kisi cheez ki completely nafi ker detay hain ek tra say dosri cheez ko khud hi confirm bhi ker datay hain…kiunk oos cheez k ilawa baqi her cheez ki nafi /inkaar ho chuka hai ab ek hi wajood baqi hai jo asbaat kaa wajood hi kalmay kaa matlab hai jis ki terf oos buzarg nay ishara kia ab dekhna hai drama theme kis cheez ki nafi ker k kis cheez kaa asbaat kerta hai

    • @RJ: Thank you 🙂
      Didnt hear from you earlier tau laga ke shayad you didnt care abt either the serial or the review ..but good to know ke you’re onboard with this one .. looking fwd to great discussions 🙂

  13. absolutely loved the 1st episode – t had the right amount of intrigue and regular masala type stuff built in. after a very long time i watched and enjoyed the first epi of a drama. Your comments about the pink gown wearing faqirs, Mr. Sheikh’s shaky mustache, and the horrible decorations in the house (looked like someone threw up on the walls) were hilarious! somebody’s got too much money and don’t know what to do with it. The locations in Lahore were beautifully shot and it was so refreshing to see the historic sites. I think it is after Dastaan possibly that we are seeing the beauty of Lahore again. Despite the fact that Naina can’t act and we would have to put up with her for 20+ episodes, I am really looking forward to how the story unfolds. I love the fact that the promos haven’t revealed much and we are left guessing. After a long time I am actually looking forward to a drama and thanking our lucky stars it is not on ARY 😉 I am saying “Laa” to more than 22 episode dramas. Baaqi Allah hamaray haal per raham karay aur ARY to seedha raasta dekhaaye (sub bolain Ameen in unison)
    Totally looking forward to your reviews here. As Ash said it totally reminded of SeZ and those beautiful days of dramas with substance.

    • @Annie: Chalo great that we are on the same page with this one .. looking fwd to meeting you weekly now 🙂 LOL @Laa to no more than 22 eps .. so true! Actually why even 22 .. 20 and Laa … aajkal tau logon ki shadiyan itna nahin chaltin jitni lambe ye serials chalte hain … so yes, def Ameen!!

      Haan it was good to see the sights of Lhr, lets hope their budget extended to more than two locations 🙂
      Yes, what was that house!!! ugh ugh … Can we also say Laa to such gaggy houses too?

      Love how you’ve added a whole new word of meaning to Laa … yes!!! Annie-isms are back 😀

      • LOL @ logo ki shadiyan not lasting as long as ARY drama episodes! Aaj kaal jokes ka taarka acha chaal raha hai SZ 😀
        And yes the first thing Daniyal needs to do after finding out that he doesn’t belong to the family is say Laa to that horrible bedroom of his.

    • Hi Annie! Hows it going! haha dude Mr Sheikh’s stache is quite creepy looking. Does it not bug his nose. I mean way to find a normal size one. I guess they wanted to find one as big as him.
      Also loving Lahore in here, although I think they showed a lot in Numm as well, but probably not enough. And where is this hookah lounge in lahore? any one care to share???

      Like you, also looking forward to see how the story unfolds and closing my eyes when Sadia is on screen, as I am positive she will ruin the drama for me! =\

      ARY ko pata nahi seedha rasta kahan se lete hain. They took the wrong turn along time ago and there is no turning back. But Khair Ameen anyway! 😀

      I recently watched SEZ for a second time and read the reviews and comments as well. Those were really the good old days! And that drama gave me just as many goosebumps now as it did before if not more. What a special drama that was. Those days are long gone unfortunately. Let’s see if Laa can revive that for us. okay well with Sadia Khan it def cant. Any body know when Mahirah Khan is gonna make a come back???

  14. review bohut balanced tha aur unbiased bhi…mujhay bhi direction/editing main problems lagin lekin ye urban/rural dono sides per based hai aur farooq rural side ko achi tra present kertay rahein hain chahay sanjha ho yaa telefilm zainub…tou umeed hai acha kaam kren gay

    mujhay acha laga k comedy scenes say balance kernay ki koshish ki gai kiunk dosri side bohut serious /intense/dark aur deep thi tou drama lighter side per raha lekin problem actors k sath tha…sadia khan phir teeno friends..sub nay over acting k record torhay aur achay khaasay likhay hoay scenes berbaad kiay…lekin meekal bohut arsay k baad mujhay kisi role main bohut pasand aye comedy per in ki timing kamal hai lekin chase/running scene bhi outstanding tha…even opening bhi achi thi…naeem tahir /seemi raheel /rehaan sheikh mere favorites hain..aur sabreen kaa intezaar hai shiddat say…mera khayal hai mazeed achay actors k anay say ye kami door ho jye gi

    ost bohut pasand aya…miyaan mir’s mazaar aur hiran meenaar phir PU kaa famous cloak wala tower bhi nazer aya 🙂 ..matlab acha laga k Karachi say bahir nikal ker kisi aur city ki terf bhi gaye I wish Islamabad bhi jye koi… tou starting kafi impressive hai mere khayal main…agay k liay behter ki umeed rakhtay hain

    • @RJ: aagey bohot saarey achey actors ke saath saath Rabia Naureen bhi hain …. I dont care much for her anyways, but yahan tau jis tarha unhon ne lafz chaba chaba kar apni lines deliver ki hain… bas ab fingers crossed ke director and actors dont spoil the fab story … mujhe is ki bohot fikr hai …

    • @RJ Ill be back with my baqi comments but i just had to step in to say Islamabad looks stunning in Pehchan!! The margallas, the scenes in Golra sharif train station/ museum were amazing!.. how that made me wanna go back… @SZ u were talking abt the pakoras & barish in karachi in AA, I wanted to snuggle up and wanted the chilghoze, dry fruits and oranges when i saw those heaters in Pehchan… Oh the nostalgia!

      • @FA: oh haan lekin mujhay lagta ye city Islamabad say door rahein hain…murree / nathiya gali side per ziada laga..kher main tou daman-e koh/ faisal mosque/shuker perhiyaan/rawal lake/parks etc yaani main city ki baat ker rahi thi…ye tou koi bhi hilly area lag raha hai

    • hey Ash! going good – busy as usual so try to catch some of the newer dramas on the weekend in fast ffwd mode. Thankfully with Laa so far I haven’t had the need to hit the fwd button which is a good sign in my book ha!
      Sadia Khan is a little less awful here. I just kind of shut my brain off when she opens her mouth and that seems to have helped.
      LOL @ Mr. Sheikh’s mustache being as big as him. Becharay Rehan per Reham karo 🙂 I still have a hard time seeing him play father to people 10 years younger than him.
      Wow you watched SeZ for the 2nd time! I am sure it was just as enjoyable and probably made more sense too with SZ’s review as a guide. you are right about ARY taking the wrong turn at the fork and there is no turning back now.

  15. ek baat reh gai mujhay rehaan ki moustache achi lagi aur character k hisaab say thik bhi…LOL at brand new choghaas …aap ki keen observation say kia chup sakta hai bhala…

    • @RJ: LOL! Lets agree to disagree on the mooch .. pehle tau laga bas ab giri ke giri, and then It was so bushy ke I kept waiting ke bas ab cheenk aayi .. the mooch distracted me so much ke I had to go back and rewatch his scenes to see ke mooch ke ilawa aur kiya action ho raha tha 😉

      Re: the choghas .. lol itney chamaktey saaf kaprey main ne kabhi kisi dargah mein nahin dekhey .. did you notice the babji’s “robin neel ya ariel white se dhule kapre ” as @FA put it so well ..
      as you can see I enjoyed watching this one 😉

  16. @SZ: LOL touba aap nay mazakia honay k aglay pichlay record torh diay hain …ok ok samajh aa gai k mooch gazidaa hain SZ ji haha…lekin ye mere sath bhi hota hai baaz dafa koi baat zehun main atuk jye tou insaan bohut disturb hota hai
    RE: choughas….sub say ziada hunsi aye baby pink colour per…aur black walay per itnay patches hain k ba-qaida patch work lug raha hai jo kisi exhibition say khareeda ho…mera khayal hai team Laa ko kafi tough time milnay wala hai 😉
    RE: didn’t care ….aray ye kaisay soch lia aap nay…bus kuch busy thi socha araam say comment karoon gi lekin oos main itnay din nikal gaye ab socha jo jaisa hai bus likh do..lekin main kum boli hoon is kaa dukh hai mujhay LOL…chalo next epi per kaser poori ker doon gi
    ji aap k sath hum sub bohut enjoy ker rahay hain 🙂

  17. @SZ: awesome brilliant review again.. loved the first part and diff definitions of Laa.. so deep and mesmerising..! kamal ki bat hai wesy that i didn’t see any of its promo before.. like Ahista Ahista was awaiting from the last two months but this wasn’t go through my eyes.. yesterday, after having your comments I firstly watched it.. & I must say that pata nhi qn I’ve seen the colours of UBFN in it..!

    starting from the writer, I was never attentive to Sarmad like a huge fan.. he was OK bus.. but after watching only the first episodes, he’s now WOW to me.. Thank you SZ for recommending such a beautiful serial, among very few that are on air now a days..!

    coming to the cast, Meekal, Sadia, Seemi raheel, Qaawi khaan and the rest of the others or especially the new cumors, I must say that the cast could be more better.. agree with you on that tom-boy type girl, means she wasn’t looking like a tom-boy, even she was more like tom-girl 😛 oper se their maar dhaar was so artificial, bhaee dost ko maar rahy hain zara khull k pitaai karen itna bhi kiya darna.. lol.. but Meekal was too awesome here.. I personally don’t admire him much even zara sa bhi but I think here he was perfect in expressing his down to earth character as you mentioned.. out from the discrimination of hasb-nasab..!! Seemi Raheel is a brilliant lady and she always do her work with complete admiration, here she’s again fab..! Sadia khan, ufffhhh that naak wala scene was so much irritating.. she was behaving like London palat :/ don’t know like few people take karachi as London..! she’s average, neither too bad nor too good.. she has to improve further warna Laa would have to face casting drawbacks..! Daaniyal’s friends were all the faces I was watching first time on TV screen but they was good.. but their dressing?? ohh God, like hostel boys are relaxing in college garden :/

    for the story, ohhh..after UBFN and Sannata, this is the only one catching attention for the hidden perspectives of the drama.. Laa, the title is enough to catch attention and sonay pe sohaga the story has taken a strong start.. I actually love this haveeli where the past flashbacks were.. I missed UBFN at that time, and wo kehty hain na k first impression is last impression so Laa has left the first impression on me of UBFN and I will now find each n everything similar to it.. the story’s starting was really interesting, Neemat khaan with her daughter Ameena, the way he was playing with her and protecting her made me proud to be a daughter ”beetiyaan kisy pyaari nahin hoti’.. ahhh.. I was really happy to hear this compliment and Thanked Allah that now people are understanding this fact, they’re visualizing daughter’s love in society.. I have to say that among very few of such backgrounds, take their daughters as a blessing.. as compare to the dark side of UBFN, where daughters were treated like ignorant lords, this one was attractive and being loved by one of this aspect.. Neemat khaan’s daughter have to die and he has to pass the years in jail.. OMG, its so much of intriguing and interesting as well.. hasab-nasab’s attack here.. impatiently waiting for more to come.. @SZ: i truly loved the location and colores of past here.. even the field where Neemat khan was with police, the tractor, kaachy ghar, women in traditional dresses with all the jewellery of their locker. lol.. and above all, gandum chantna with chaaj.. uffhh this really remind me off my Daadi amma’s work in her youth..!!
    after the curtains down from this scene ufhhhh that bullet sound was too scary.. yaar I was waiting for some khoon kharaba n laraai jhagra but yeh kiya :/ ufffhhh ye azal se ammer-zaadon ka shikaar ka shouq 😛 that lion was looking so sweet, lol, seriously not horrible that time.. well,, Daniyal’s chit chat and his friend’s were light.. uncle for beti ka rishta and ”Aslii syeed” made me laugh.. karachi me I think with the addition of terrorists, rishtaan daa kaal pey gaya aye 😛 jo wo bichary lahore ayee hain rishta dekhny.. isi liye bs Lahoree hawaon me phirty hain :/
    Neemat khaan’s taakra with Daniyaal and his strange warning of Malik Daniyaal without Daniyaal was too brilliant.. chalo je ik aur adopted nikly ga.. lol shayad..
    ”bachy cafe shafee mein mil lety hain” tou aunty apko lahore anay ki kiya zarorat the wahen kahen cafee shafee me mil liya hota na 😛 phir Naina’s alone meeting demand.. ik he meeting me bar bhi chaly jana and sheesha demand :/ hazaam nhi ho raha kuch.. ufffhhh that budhuu shoukat and his gestures were so annoying.. MD productions mostly do beera gharak of brilliant dramas by casting draw backs.. khair might be his role was like this, but seriously he was irritating in this scenario, plus that ”bachi” talk was showing them teens, that they were not..!!

    Old bagger at Dargaah was not so real.. even his dialogues were too awesome but he was pretty weak to narrate them.. I loved that pendant he gave to Naina.. Laa.. when he was passing this pendant, it was like he’s giving a long journey to both of them of Ishq & mohabbat.. something so deep was here..!!

    hahaha I cant stop me laughters while the people were in Dargaah with their so called boseeda clothes.. ufffhhh patches tou itny style me lagy thy jeisy k kisi designer se sari raat beth k lagaye hon 😛 saaf shaffaf chamakty huwe kurtay (lol your chooghay) k sb surf excel, express ariel ki dhulaai bhool jayen 😛

    On the whole, I hope that it may continue its charm and progress to be more better.. as the story is strong, all the cast have to be..!! waiting abhi se for the upcoming episodes. and yes, Thank you once again for reviewing and take me back on this forum 🙂

    • @Aisha: Welcome back! Good to hear from you after a while 🙂 Ab is ko mat chor dena, and do catch up with Pehchan, a very diff but equally interesting story 🙂

      Re: Laa reminding you of UBFN, lo must be the haveli… you didnt watch Numm so you will be spared the double jhatka LOL!

      And too funny about the designers spending all night sewing those on.. seriously! Kya tha woh!

      Khair, ab dekhtey hain agli ep main kiya hota hai ..fingers crossed for less bloopers and looking forward to more discussions 🙂

      Did you catch up with AA? I am enjoying that one .. nothing new abt the story so far, but the direction and acting is fab! Thats also two eps in so far so should be easy to check out and see if it catches your fancy 🙂

    • @Ayesha Hey! good to have u back! Abb ghaib na ho jana!! looking fwd to some good discussions on this one.. and def catch up on pehchan.. thats right up ur street!

    • @Ayesha – great summary of the drama! 🙂 The friends were kinda annoying but a lot better then the lead actress. The friend actress would make for a better lead actress.
      I am curious to know who Daniyal is now. In the promos they say, “Daniyal aap ka beta nahi” but you really can’t tell who’s saying it to who. must keep watching to figure out whats going on! 🙂 Will make for a great discussion for sure.

      • @Ash Re who is saying to who: i caught this promo too for tonights ep too. I thought it was Naina’s dad talking to Danyals dad.. But inwonder whose son he is now..did u see the OST? Quite a few teasers there too..

        • @FA – yea i think you are right. I think Rehan Sheikh is his dad. i didn’t watch the OST. I hate it when they give away too much because then there is nothing left to watch. Lets see what happens..

  18. FInally saw Laa 🙂 Great beginning and what a befitting review…..looking fwd to more. MZ looks great, acts well, but Sadia’s abilities seem v average (as she was in the FQ drama yariaan). Her fuller lips caught me by surprise though 😉

    • @Afia: Great! I’m so glad ke after a long while we have a drama that brings us all together again … our fun convos make the drama experience so much more enjoyable.

      Re: MZ looking great, chalo accha hai FK bhai sahab ke janey se MZ ka bhala ho gaya, atleast aap ne us ki taraf dekha tau sahi 😉 But seriously, he does look good here, infact looks much slimmer and better than he did in the best forgotten goongi gaye ki kahani…

      Re: SK and her fuller lips: Can somebody please tell these actors and actresses ke all these botox and fair n lovely treatments are not helping their case at all! Tum ho na Pakistan mein, please yeh msg pohoncha do.. thank you 🙂

    • @Afia – hello! long time no interaction! Hopefully this will be the drama that will bring everyone back together! 😀
      Aur kuch nahi, to at least Sadia Khan ki acting ki buriyan to kar sakhenge! 😀

      • Hi Ash -good to reconnect 🙂 Yes Laa might bring us all together….though would have helped so much if it had a good lead actress, Mahira would have been great! But oh, if wishes were horses….
        And SZ, I’ve always liked MZ- from the time he came in Abrar’s video 🙂 I’d recorded the song on the VCR & paused at the credits to see the cute boy’s name ….so you see hum baray arsay se pagal hain 🙂

  19. @SZ @FA so i have read the comments before watching the episode… Yeh samajh nahin aaraha kay pehlay yeh dekhoon, Jal pari discover karoon, SeZ finally dekh loon ya phir Numm ka OST (aur FK) say shuruwaat karoon… confused 😉 Will watch soon and come back…..

    • @AK Numm OSt is always a good start for obvious reasons 😉 lol .. but id say after that start Laa and join us in the discussions here. will be good fun recalling BS and Wali ji, even Neelum.. Will wait for ur input!
      Aur sath sath u can watch SeZ or Jalpari.. Waise tou we need u to solve the age conundrum in Ahista Ahista too.. 😉

      • @FA and @Ak.. Yes start with LAA… I also watched Jalpari in mean time hie 🙂 and @FA we also want @AK in MHMD 😉

  20. @SZ, OMG! i thought I was the only one that noticed the sparkling white shalwar kameez of the buzurg, lol! I knew there was a reason why I like your reviews so much 🙂 but you far surpass my thoughts with yours in your review. I cant believe you took away so much from the first episode. I thought it was a good first episode, but am not completely thrilled yet. It usually takes me a few episodes to warm up. MZ is looking good, but im so sick of seeing him in EVERY drama, geez! How I miss Fawad 😦 And that new girl, Idk about her yet either, but that crying seen was so awkwardly bad! Her voice/speaking reminds me of Sadia Imam. Im alittle weary of newcomers esp since Numm. I mean I cant remember anyone worse than Neelum, so hopefully this girl will do better. The friends seem fun but as you said, pretty juvenile for their age. The mustache to me was hilarious. I get that it goes with the look, but couldnt they find something a little more real looking??! It was funny how we see theres been a passage of time, bc the big bushy mustache went from black to gray. Wow, genius! lol. Anyway enough of my criticisms, looking fwd to watching with you.

    • @Masooma: LOL! Bas dekh lo… you know what they say abt great minds thinking alike 😉
      I;ll respond to your comment in detail in a few, suffice it to say you fit right in with the rest of the gang … lol nothing, no detail big or small is left undiscussed;) btw the secod ep just aired today, and I’m writing up that review now .. watch it and lets talk about it altogether then 🙂

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