Mere Humdum Mere Dost ~ Episode 7 Review


After an insightful and engrossing last installment this latest episode was more of a slow plod, focusing mainly on Haider’s past and shedding light on Sajeela’s connection to the main track. While I appreciated the insight, a nicely done segue from last week’s cliffhanger, Mazhar asking Sajeela why she’d married him, I didn’t quite get the need for dedicating an entire episode to this long-winded flashback. Rather than spending time on closeups of various monuments, pictures of eminent Turks, and the shaadi ki taiyyaris, it would have been great if the present had been intercut into this narrative of the past. I wouldn’t have minded Haider and Sajeela’s thandi thaat love story as much if we had gotten parallel scenes of the present day Karachi track. In its stead what we got was a loosely edited episode with long scenes that seemed neither here nor there.

The episode started off well enough with Haider in Turkey on a business trip. I enjoyed Haider and Sahir’s frank discussion about his step-sister, and liked the gentle manner in which Haider managed to quell his fears about Aiman. After this, however, the episode went gradually downhill. Maria, Haider’s sister, seemed way too young to be a mother of two kids, both of whom were supposed to be older than five years of age. This issue, of who was how old when, kept coming up throughout as Haider took strolled down memory lane and re-visited events that took place five years ago, when a freshly graduated Haider had come to Turkey for an advanced course in human resources.

Looking back, Haider remembers reconnecting with his childhood friend Sajeela, Almas’ sister. In a matter of days Haider fell in love with her, and after a whirlwind courtship the two get married with full blessings of their happy families. On paper all this sounds romantic, unfortunately though there was zero chemistry between the pair onscreen. Adnan Siddiqui is a very good looking man, no doubt, but there is no way he can pass off as a young man in his mid to late twenties. Despite their best efforts, Hareem and Adnan looked more like casual friends rather than a couple in love. The various efforts to illustrate their growing closeness – trips to museums, cozy dinners, omelettes being passed off as half fried eggs, gharelu totkas, exchanges of coy glances all fell flat. Conversations about shaadi, various joras and zewar, and a very young Sahir showing off his dance moves appeared unnecessary. I get that the flashback was necessary to illustrate the extent of Haider’s present day heartbreak and his subsequent attitude towards Aiman, but I can’t help questioning the need for so much detail. Also having seen how well Farhat has dealt with time in her earlier serials, I cant help wondering why the past was shown in such a linear fashion? A more innovative weaving in of Haider’s present trip and his memories would’ve made for a more interesting watch.

Throughout,  I kept thinking about the difference an experienced director makes as to how a story gets translated on to the screen. Humsafar was not an extraordinary story, but Sarmad’s understanding of Farhat’s characters and their emotions kept us glued. We fell in love with Khirad and Ashar and the rest as they say is history. Similarly with Mata-e Jaan. The fluency with which Mehreen handled transitions between the various tracks, and worked in the flashbacks meant that even as we questioned the chemistry between the lead pair, we remained hooked. To this day Hajra remains one of my most favorite characters ever. By contrast, even after seven episodes, despite its emotional pull and well-etched characters Mere Humdum Mere Dost is yet to make its mark.

Though the precap promises more flashbacks here’s to hoping that next week brings us a more engaging episode.

Written by SZ~

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  1. for me, the weirdest thing in this episode (and last) was that kid’s reaction to his half sister. I mean if i found out that my father had another wife whom he’d abondoned, I’d initially be in shock and then wonder what an @$$hole my dad is. maybe i’d get jealous if my parents paid way too much attention to her and gave her preference over me.. if i was 8 i suppose. His reaction was not natural, OMG i have a step sister(btw she is his half sister not step sister) hence i must hate her. dumb dumb dumb of farhat ishtiaq


    • @Sonia: you know you are right.. I too thought it was off and that whole soteli behen lingo sounded like it was coming from a middle aged aunty rather than a hep teenager .. but it just completely slipped my mind as I was writing .. this week, even though what Sahir was saying sounded weird, I liked the way they showed the bond between the two and the gentle way in which Haider calmed him down. It was nice to see Sahir having an older male to discuss things that bothered him and which he probably felt uncomfortable discussing with his mother.

      What did you think about he rest of the ep?


    • @Sonia totally with u! I wonder if he was supposed to be the same age in the original story? @Rehmat was he?
      but like @SZ said interesting to see the Sahir-Haider bond.. shayad iss episode mein aik yahi plus point tha lol
      I couldnt get over maria.. kiss aqal se uss ko cast kia??


      • @FA: yes in novel too he went to US for business administration and Aiman and Sahir only have 1 and half year age difference.. And agree with @SZ that indeed Haider and Sahir have great bond 🙂 im novel his name is Saair.. Wonder what his actual name is in drama?? saair or saahir


        • @Rehmat oh ok! Aiman doesnt look one and a half yrs older.. if they had one and a half yrs between them shayad jealousy wouldnt’ve looked that odd.. but here its def not working…they say larkian jaldi bari ho jati hain, and her deprived childhood made Aiman extra sensitive, hence her mature attitude and hatred towards her father.. Saahir, or Saair seems like a dodgy character lol.. agree with @Sonia i wouldnt say he was spoilt rotten for him to feel this kinda ‘she will take everything from me’ insecurity.. With taufeeqs sakhti, and disciplined lifestyle id have thought he’d be equally mad at his dad and wouldve felt cheated by him… i wonder what would haider would’ve said to that lol


          • @FA.. I swear mera dil karaha he tumhe spoiler dene ko 😉 Hahaha… Controlling very hard for u 🙂 haider would have convince him about that also lol


  2. I think this is the first ep I have seen where the entire track revolves around one couple … I couldn’t even get to see the macbook and it’s proud owner once :p


    • @Afia: LOL! your comment reminded me of the first time we were introduced to the MD Productions’ macbook, yaad hai? 😉
      So you think you’re gonna continue with this one?


  3. What a disappointment!!! sos much so ke i fell asleep yet again.. second time during MHMD.. not a good sign!!!
    not that i m enjoying SJ’s performance one bit, I missed Aiman!! Why oh why leave her to one side… MHMD team is just as bad as taufeeq sahb! lol… after last week i was so looking fwd to seeing her ‘go, grow & glow’… sub umeedon pe pani phir gya this week..
    and turkey…i usually enjoy the sights and sounds element of any drama, but here even that didnt do the trick.. withso much to offer why museums? If they were trying to evoke some romance, why not show Bosphorus? Abb museum mein kia romance!? lol .. not that they r any artists or historians!.. ancient..! perhaps lol..
    khair Itna boring ke i dont even wanna talk abt it.. and u know me by now, if im not going on and on, there must be something seriously wrong! lol …


    • @FA i was literally laughing out loud while reading your comment.. Ur so funny yaar.. Specially @museum me kia romance hahah..
      It was really bad this week..


  4. This week epi was disaster..
    Start was pleasantly nice with haider interacting with maria and saahir and how he see aiman.. But then it was like torturing us audience by showing flashbacks as original story.. Its past bhayee.. Tou past ki tarah dekhao.. Itni jaldi kya he sab kuch ek saath dikhane ki.. Taubaa.. 7 episodes down and we clearly know more about Sajeela than Aiman.. Vo bichari waise hie adjusting herself tou use thora as @FA said go grow and glow karte hue dikhaen…
    What to discuss lol.. I just didnt like it :/


  5. plz koi mujhay batai k aiman ki age kia hai?..sahir oos say 1-2 saal chota hai tou oos ki age kaa masla bhi sath hi solve ho jyr gaa….sajeela ki age kia tha haider say shadi k waqt aur masher say break-up hoay kitna time hoa tha oos waqt….haider ki age kia thi shadi k time? aur ab kitna time guzer gaya hai…aur haider itna budhaa kiun ho gaya hai lekin sajeela per koi ferq nahi aya kiun? LOL…acha tou toufeeq ki age kia hai is waqt?…haider aur toufiq kaa kia age difference ho gaa?…toufiq ki age kia oos ki time k per?…plzz jitna hunsna ho huns lein lekin mere sawalaat kaa jawab zaroor day den kafi confuse hoon..thanks in advance 🙂


    • @RJ: LOL.. In sab ki ages ka tou nh pata srf itna maloom he k sajeela-haider ki shaadi ko 5 saal hogaye he.. Tab sahir 13 ka hoga shyd tbhi is waqt he got admission in uni yani he isnow 18.. And acc to novel aiman was one n half years older tou she could b 20 but then tht age difference was in novel.. i guess in drama they might clarify later abt age. 🙂


    • @RJ @Rehmat @Sz we we need to call out @AK for her numerical calculations and age consultations!!! this comment just reminded me of numm and her long calculations!!! hahahaha ufff that was so much fun! how i miss them days.. @AK jahan bhi ho aa jao yaar! lol


  6. An entire episode on Adnan Siddique’s Flashback??? I did not sign up for this. Why did we need so much unnecessary detail about his love story and how it all happened. You make us wait 6 episodes for Aimen to meet her father and when she finally does, Aimen has now disappeared. The reason better be, she’s busy getting her make over done to make a grand appearance!

    I was surprised to see Sanjeela fall for Haider so quickly after she was madly in love with Junaid Khan, but as precap shows she wasnt sincere afterall. Oh Haider, you got played! 😦

    And what is up with the step brother. How can you hate somebody so much, youve never met them, and they have no interference in your life whatsoever, so what exactly is the issue here???

    I really hope episode 8 picks up big time, because 7 pretty much put me to sleep. =\


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