Pehchan ~ Episode 7 Review


We take great pride in our culture, traditions and value systems. Handed down from generation to generation, it is our mashriqi aqdaar that distinguish our particular way of life. We live not as individuals but as parts of larger support systems. Immediate family10320307_10152900833418662_1282502549446213338_n flows over into extended family, friends introduce a realm beyond the family fold, and our professional and social interactions connect us to the outside world. So much of who we are and what we eventually become is an outcome of familial pressure and social expectations.

Woven as we are into these networks of relationships we rarely see our prescriptive lifestyles for what they are, unconsciously adhering to explicit and implicit societal norms. After having grown up with continued exhortations to that effect it is impossible to ever forget that what one does, how it is done, and the subsequent outcome, carry implications for not just the individual but the ripple effects are felt by those around as well. Ghar waley, khandaan waley, susral waley, dost, muhalley waley, duniya waley … all the walas in the world and what they might think of us has a huge impact on the way we conduct ourselves.

Living up to social expectations is a weighty responsibility, one which is as oppressing as it is suffocating. Much as we might chafe 10300766_10152900747113662_1964212990547653790_nagainst these, however, to break free carries a price so high that a vast majority give up the fight even before entering the arena. Those who challenge are marginalized. Choosing to forge her own path, Kuku charted an independent course uncaring of how she would be perceived. One cruel phone later, Kuku is questioning the wisdom of her decisions. It was never her intention to hurt an innocent bystander. She might be a rebel but a home-breaker she isn’t. Trying to explain this difference, however, is easier said than done. Her lover refuses to understand Kuku’s issue. Once a rebel always a rebel, no? Why then such an attack of conscience?  Mansoor’s clearly not worried: Laila biw hai meri …woh samajh jaye gi… I know her. 

The culture and traditions we take such pride in are merciless in their demand for absolute compliance.  A prisoner in a jail cell has more rights, at least there exists the right of appeal in a court of law. 10426650_10152900747098662_4425362018568173556_nBut for a victim of societal abuse there exists no such arena. The glow of happiness and pride on her mother’s face is enough to ensure that Laila will not voice her pain, not question her mother, and not seek justice from a social system that has happily handed her a life sentence. Even for her own mother she is no longer her beti. Chastising Laila’s father she reminds him, ab aap Mansoor ki biw ki fikar rehne den.. apni biwi ki fikar karen...  Laila the individual has ceased to exist. She is merely a biwi, who refused her husband’s request to console his girlfriend. Yes, another misstep added on to Mansoor’s increasingly long list of shikayats about her. He remains unrepentant but puts the onus on his wife to figure out ke is baat ko ley kar bitterness phailayen ya phir khush rahen… your choice. Really? Seriously?

From her quizzical look it is evident that Mansoor’s charm is getting old and Laila is growing up, and fast. Even as Laila’s unvoiced shikwas are begining to suffocate her and she finds herself questioning conventions, 1622177_10152900833518662_6141793547744078121_nwhich force her to maintain a sab theek hai front. What she does not know yet is that the key to her shackles lies with none other than those around her. Her mother, her saas, her husband, all are equally complicit. We talk about duniya and duniya waley, but who are these unseen people? Truth be told, our duniya is not inhabited by the millions around the globe; rather it is our loved ones, those around us, who constitute our entire universe. Laila’s mother deliberately turns a blind eye to her daughter’s visible unhappiness. Her father allows himself to be distracted by his wife. He is concerned, more so than his wife, but is not strong enough to be proactive about Laila’s situation. And perhaps he can’t. Has he earned the right to challenge his wife? If he was living Mansoor’s lifestyle in his jawani, then why should he expect his daughter to have a life different than his wife’s? If her mother and her saas could do it then why should Laila be any different, after a fashion she too will learn to mollify herself with the trappings of being a handsome ameer shohar ki biwi.

As for the ameer shohar in question, Mansoor is a very savvy man. Unlike his wife and girlfriend he has figured out how to use societal conventions to his advantage. MRather than allowing himself to be trapped by the guilt inducing language of  becharagi, farz, majboori, thakawat, tumhari khatir,  he smoothly displaces the blame onto Laila and Kuku. He is doing this for them. He is cheating on Laila because Kuku cannot live without him. It is Laila’s fault for not consoling Kuku, she is responsible for her rona dhona. If he divorces Laila then it would Kuku ki khatir. And if either of them dare to look him in the eye and question him, he shamelessly pulls out the main behara act. Mere paas bhi ek dil hai, uska kisi ko khayal hai? Mera qasoor kiya hai? Main tau chor doonga… tum reh paaogi? Mera kiya hai…mere paas tau ek biwi hai tum na sahi woh sahi, kya farq parta hai…[but] will this make you happy Kuku? Uff!!! Miyan Mansoor itna ziada ehsaan! 

The other shohar in question, Khurram, is no bechara either. Much 10354224_10152900747108662_6857886885572763699_nlike his wife’s boyfriend, this one to too is an expert in hitting where it hurts the most. Mention of yet another bari opportunity is always followed by promises of bara ghar, bacchey, and Kuku as a stay at home mother. Just enough to remind Kuku theirs is a give-n-take relationship. Oopar oopar se though, he is solicitous to the nth degree. Ab it is besides the point that Kuku has seen through him. But Khurram bhi ek alag ki cheez haizabardasti allergy pills thama ke he’s back to watching his TV show. All I can say is that Kuku is a bigger and better person I could ever aspire to be!

Though we go through life hiding behind layers of pretense, there are times when pretending is no longer an option. Stark,  inescapable realities stare you in the face and there is no place to run. Laila and Kuku’s takra was one of those times. Reeling on the inside, all Kuku could do was to stare in shock. Now that Mansoor’s biwi has a face and a name it is well nigh im10390041_10152900833608662_7087665376312895882_npossible for Kuku to carry on with Mansoor. He though has other plans. But with Laila’s pregnancy things will change, or perhaps not?

Finally, on the issue of children, just like shaadi ki sahih umar and acha rishta, conceiving immediately is yet another one of those unwritten societal prescriptions. Though she chooses to look the other way, her mother knows Laila is unhappy. Perhaps she remembers the early days of her own marriage, or perhaps, like Laila’s saas she too is hinting she knows of Mansoor’s infidelities. Regardless, she pushes Laila to have a child. That this child would be a product of a loveless union, maybe even an outcome of marital rape, is easily shoved under the rug. Bacchey ke baad sab theek ho jaye ga. Yet another half truth… unconcerned about the extent of damage being wreaked on a young girl, webs of deceit continue to be spun. Do we as a society weave 10361413_10152900833498662_7367514038004389876_nthese silken lies to spare others the pain or are these no more than an exercise in self-preservation, helping draw a gauzy veil over otherwise grotesque realities?

Pehchan continues to reel me in with every passing episode. There is so much to be mined here. Nothing, not one aspect of our web of social relationships seems to have escaped Bee Gul’s eagle eye. Khalid Sahab’s on point direction, the excellent lighting, camerawork and the brilliant actors, all have come together to create something really memorable. Thank you Team Pehchan for inviting us on this fabulous journey – loving the ride!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Great review 🙂 ..ok pehlay main epi per baat karoon gi aur oos k baad review main say kuch points hain jin per mujhay baat kerni hai wo thori der main …

    Highlight of the epi….Mrs khan is baaack…yaahoooo..main nay in ko last week kitna miss kia bta nahi sakti mujhay maza hi nahi aya tha epi kaa ….
    mere liay ye poori epi mansoor k naam rahi kiunk is epi main ye character poori tra khul ker samnay aa gaya is ki intentions/values/characteristics sub kuch
    confrontation scene:iffat was brilliant…aur jab kukoo nay kaha “ek teer say do shikaar”..main nay kaha wow yun hi tou tum meri fav nahi ho ye hi tou last week main nay bi kaha tha lol…mazaq ber-terf lekin last week honay wali discussion say jo hum sub predict kernay ki koshish ker rahay thay almost wo sub waisay hi tha..tou mubarak ho sub ko… mehnut rung laai 🙂 …ji haan mansoor sahib nay ek terf kukoo ko force kia through emotional black mailing yaa jo bhi k wo laila ko manssor ki wife k tor per accept kray kiunk ye mansoor k liay behter tha …doosri terf laila ko day one say jis tra treat ker raha hai wo bhi isi liay k wo used to ho jye aur phir mansoor sub say barha dhumaka kray lekin is dhumakay ki awaz bhi kisi ko naa aye jaisa last week hoa k itna kuch honay per bhi zahiri tor per koi shor koi drama kuch nahi hoa..toofaan achanak aya bilkul khamoshi say jo kuch berbaad kerna tha kia aur dabay qadmon wapis chala gaya aur ye mansoor chahta tha…dosray laila k baray main oos kaa khayal hai k dosri tamaam mushriqi lerhkiyon ki tra gher bananay k chaker main laila sub kuch berdasht kray gi even apnay husband ki life main ek dosri aurat ko bhi..badlay main oosay amir/ handsome/ mature husband (jis k peechay bohut lerhkiyaan pari hain wo nadir heera mila hai tou laila ko) barha gher dosri asyshon k hotay thorha saa compromise kerna tou banta hai

    “yaar laila biwi hai meri wo samajh jye gi..i know her” say laila k baray main oos k khayalaat saaf zahir hai …”ye jo complications aa rahi hain mujh per tum per is kaa stress naa rahay”…yaani dono sides ek dosray ko accept ker lo..kiun?…kiunk ye mujhay suit kerta hai..ufff kitna selfish aur insensitive hai..lekin cunning bhi aaj bhi poori epi main kukoo ko hi kehta raha k tum mere bina incomplete ho “mere kia hai mere paas tou ek biwi hai tum naa sahi wo sahi kia ferq perhta hai…kia tum khush ho jao gi”

    isi tra dosri side per laila ko bhi calm down ker dia hai..i think abhi laila ko idea nahi hai k manssor ki “dost” k sath oos k relation ki noiyut kia hai yaa ye “dost” mustaqil mansoor ki life kaa hissa ho gi oos k khayal main ye koi “ex” hai ..mansoor ka kehna k ” ab aap ki merzi hai k aap is baat ko lay ker bitterness phailyn yaa issay bhool ker khush rahein” k baad laila kaa itna normal rehna aur saray kaam kernay say ye hi lagta hai oss gharib ko pta nahi oss k sath kia ho raha hai kiunk bohut say logon ki life main bohut log aa ker chalay jatay hain ye normal si baat hai ….mere nazdeek is line kaa matlab ye hi hai k past ko lay ker apni life khurrab kerni hai yaa oosay chorh ker agay dekhna hai…aur mansoor sahib kia gamer hain aap …ye wo hain jin ki “chaaron ghee main aur ser karhaahi main ” hota hai..yaani lalia ko bta bhi dia lekin tact fully k actual situation kaa andaza oosay naa ho sakay phir itni casually baat ki jaisay kuch important baat nahi matlab kisi aur say baat naa kray jaisay oos k parents yaa mansoor’s mom…. aur kukoo per bhi proof ker dia k dekho main kitna sincere hoon tum say… aur phir laila ko bhi set ker lia..oosay pta hai ye be-chari itni seedhi hai is ko tou ek jumla bol do khush ho jati hai is ko raam kerna kia difficult hai ..last week main hairaan thi k itnay bara dhumaka ker k mansoor kaisay handle kray gaa ye sub lekin is ki scheming say main hairaan reh gai

    dosri erf ye bhi ho sakta hai k laila ko sub pta hai aur wo ab zindagi ko “jung” samajh ker “like a soldier in the field” poori “tayyari aur alert” rehnay k khayal say mansoor k gher wapis aye hai aur normal nazer anay ki pretend ker rahi hai sath hi her mumkin koshish k kisi tra mansoor kaa dil jeet lay lekin bibi khidmatein ker k aap kisi kaa khaas tor per mansoor jaisay merdon kaa dil kabhi nahi jeet saktay jo her cheez ko apna huq samajh ker wasool kertay hain

    Now Kukoo…kukoo kabhi bhi khud per “another woman” jis ko phir “home Breaker” samjha jata hai kaa label nahi lagana chahay gi ye oos ki ego aur oos k image ek mazboor aurat jis nay life dignity aur principles k sath guzari hai k khilaaf hai..again ye wo qeemat hai jo oosay apnay image ko berqaraar rakhnay k liay deni hai…laila say humderdi k peechay actual reason ye hi hai “tum kiun mujhay oos k samnay….” say zahir hai k masla apnay image kaa hai kukoo bhi selfish hai?

    Khurram…..ager main kukoo ki jaga hoti tou ye roz mere haathon maar khata…bulk subaah hotay hi bina kuch pochay dekhay do chaar is ko lagati aur raat ko sonay say pehlay bhi ek dose day ker souti…touba “humara gher ho gaa bachay hon gay” ..bus ker do hud hoti hai kisi ko emotional black mail kernay ki..ji haan dono merd black mailer/ manipulative/ exploiter/ cunning aur ek number k gamer hain..mansoor ko chorein ye khurram bhi “gaanth k pooray” jitna ooper hai oos say 10 guna zameen k ander joker image childish herkatein sub ek cover hai…matlab jo baat wo nahi samajhna chahta jo merzi ker lo jitna merzi ser patukh lo wo nahi samjhay gaa….jaisay allergy scene..uff mujhay kitna ghussa aa raha tha is per jis ki koi hud nahi….aur ager waqai is ko deal final ho gai phir story main sahi twist aye gaa kiunk iss ka asli chehra samnay aye gaa… is ki asli pehchaan..phir mujhay tou ye tension perh gai hai ye roz roz itna tayyar ho ker jata kahan hai kahin is kaa bhi mansoor wala maamla naa ho…per hai real pakaao bunda..lekin is kaa credit main actor fawad khan ko zaroor doon gi..mujhay yaad hai first epi k baad ye mujhay bilkul un-impressive lagay thay lekin ab poori tra say inhon nay is character ko own ker lia hai aur bohut acha kaam ker rahay hain

    ek aur pakaao character lalia’s mom…..aunty ji ab meri berdasht khatum ho gai ab ek baar bhi aap nay ” itna acha khaan-daan itna acha lerhka” kia tou literally protest k tor per phir jab bhi aap screen per ayn gi main volume mute ker doon gi..even laila bhi tung aa gai hai is liay aunty k mansoor nama shuru hotay hi forun uth ker chali gai…..LOL @ “mere dimagh ki social circles main dhoomein hain” aunty ager aisi latifaa batein aap kerti rahein phir main aap ko tolerate ker sakti hoon…lekin ek aur baat bhi samnay aye k hamesha humari society lerkhi ko acha husband milnay per lucky kehti hai kabhi kisi merd ko achi wife milnay per lucky nahi kaha jata…aur ye hamesha aurtein kehtin hai apnay hi gender ko de-grade kernay kaa kaam khud ser anjaam dena

    Lekin aunty ji ki waja say hamein apni society ki asli tasweer dekhnay ko milti hai…ek cheez jis kaa baar baar ziker ho raha hai k humaray husbands yaa beton k peechay sari dunya ki aurtein parhi hain..pehlay mansoor’s father phir mansoor aur laila’s father aur ye sub 2 aurton k khayalaat hain apni hi sinf k mutaliq….ye sub kia hai?…kia ye ander ki insecurity hai yaa khud ko superior samajhnay ki koshish yaa phir apnay husbands/sons k kertooton per perdaa dalnay ki koshish…mansoor miyaan kitnat flirt hain is kaa nazaara tou hum nay dekh lia k mrs khan ko bhi nahi chorha…phir kal ko ye kehna k mrs khan mansoor k peechay parhi hain kitna sahi ho gaa…oon merdon ko koi kuch kiun nahi kehta jo aurton ko apnay peechay anay ki dawat detey hain

    Aur aunty ji plz apni life apnay liay guzaaro…family jealous ho jye gi damaad ko dekh ker/barhay khan-daan ko ker..ab grandmother bannay wali news per friends jealous ho jyn gi…humari khushi kaa daaro madaar dosron ki naa-khushi per kiun hota hai…

    ab agay kia honay wala hai..2 chezon say clue milta hai..1-ek issue jo last epi main shuru hoa aur aaj complete hoa mansoor k kehnay per “apnay bachay ki maan banein”…obviously baby issue…ab laila kaa khayal hai k mansoor ko bound kernay k liay yaa phir khud mansoor k kehnay per oosay ghalat fehmi hai k mansoor ko baby ki khaahish hai…pta nahi jo bhi hai lekin is news k baad story definitely next phase main enter ho gai hai…remember kukoo kaa weak point bhi “humra gher ho gaa “bachay” hon gay” hai..ab gher/mrs mansoor kaa label aur bacha sub laila k paas hai aur kukoo is say effect ho gi aur laila k liay sympathy jald hi khatum honay wali hai …aur laila k paas sub ho ker bhi mansoor nahi ho gaa jo kukoo k paas hai…aur battle shuru ho chuki

    2-young/innocent wife….mrs khan hamesha kukoo say apnay baray main baat kerti hain jis kaa koi naa koi link kukoo say nikal ata hai jis say wo relate kerti hai aaj pehli baar mrs khan ki guftagu kaa taluq laila say tha…ye bhi agay jaa ker ek issue banay gaa…kiunk kukoo aur laila main ek barha ferq age kaa bhi hai tou age factor ana wlay dino min imp card sabit ho sakta hai

    Dialogue of the epi…”You are very much free kukoo aren’t u..yes kukoo u r freee…. kukoo”..LOL….jis tra deleiver kiay gai.. laa-jawab…anita ji aap best hain 😉
    end main ek baar phir Bee gul ki tareef kerna chahti hoon mager words nahi hain busye hi kitna thought provoking serial main nay ek arsay nahi dekha even talkhiyaan kaa subject bhi ek hud tak limited tha mager yahan tou inay issues per sawal hain k samajh nahi ati kis per baat kray kis ko chorhay…lekin style itna simple koi heavy philosophical poetic dialogues nahi….sada si zubaan boltay kirdaar kitni gehri kitni sanjeeda problems ko viewers k samnay rakh rahay hain…good job team Pehchaan 🙂


    • @RJ.. Great reading ur comment 🙂 i nearly agree to what all u said but regarding Kuku being as selfish.. As the one wants to save apna image.. I think more than that she was thinking about Laila and her pain.. Because the way mansoor was portraying kuku that was coming in bad light.. Obviously mansoor is not fool to tell Laila exact things the way they are going on now.. As how kuku is trying to maintain distance and mansoor utna he bawla horaha he.. Instead of this he is showing kuku as bawli larki mohabbat me… Which made her furious but mansoor is smarter enough to tackle all this and made himself the victim and kuku as one cant live.. I am excited and intrigued at same time how story will shape now 🙂


  2. Hi All-
    Your words truly do create magic. The entire time I am reading your review, I feel like its talking to me. As if it was personally written for me, situations that i deal with, issues that life has to offer. But the truth is, every person who reads this or even skims. can honestly relate to it in one way or the other. It speaks to everyone, because everyone well most people who come from similar cultural background are associated with the people of this mindset.

    Why is life just about marriage and popping babies? Laila’s mother shocks me even more with her mentality week after week. Here I am thinking, that shes a well educated woman, got married later in life, and that too the guy of her choice, she must be different. But in her books it all comes down to the same thing. Marriage, babies, make sure husband and saas are both happy. and that is the recipe to a happy life. Is it really woman?? Are you that oblivious to your daughter’s facial expressions and how she really feels. In fact you don’t even let her open up to you about all that she is going through. Where is the woman to go? And the father who’s a bit smarter then the mother, but still not smart enough, can pick up but will fail to do anything.

    This is stamping the fact that Pakistani woman have no rights to their life, and must spend their entire life trying to make others (their husband and inlaws) happy, until the day they die. A picture painted like that, and i am pretty sure nobody would ever want to get married.

    The episode we’ve all been waiting for! At last the two women meet! And what a sweet meeting it was. Kuku was really nice and Laila , sweet as usual Of course because they both had no clue who each other was. But i guess that was a good thing, leaving Kuku to save the judgement till after she gets to know the woman. I fail to understand why time after time Kuku lean’s on such a weak guy’s shoulder (who like you mentioned in your review, loves to play the victim). I mean she’s much better off with Loser Khurrum. (trust me, id be the last person to say this, because he’s way too annoying) but at least he’s loyal, and well he kinda cares for her, but seriously dude allergies? And i know his promises are full of nothing, but he should get some credit for trying.
    Better yet , what is so difficult in living on your own? She seems to be well educated. her business is doing well, even though Mrs Khan is her only customer every single day , (really woman, you must have truck loads of money for new dos everyday, bc let me tell you, they are not cheap). Does she really think she’ll be that vulnerable on her own?? Get a grip woman. You’ve tried your luck with two men, maybe just maybe you’ll be okay on you own now…
    And if she wants to stay with Mansoor, I really hope its to teach that cheating DB a lesson. Although he might just not care, because if she leaves him, he still has a wife he can go back to.

    I am hoping both ladies team up and teach him a lesson that he needs to learn! But more importantly I hope that Laila is able to find her tongue so she can voice her inner pain! Or I probably have it all wrong, but at least I have your reviews to help get back on the right track! 🙂
    You have an amazing skill. Thanks for educating us with your words! 🙂


    • @Ash: totally agree with you.. Waqai Pakistani women have no authority on their own.. And if someone dares to..she is considered as ajeeb larki.. Laila’s mum is goner case.. All she has to say is beta mansoor ka khyal rakha karo..arrgg…why lady why.. Apna khyal na rakhain.. Bus uski chakri me lage rahain :@

      Both ladies teaming up will be a treat to watch haha..


    • @Ash @Rehmat re pakistani women: yes they struggle until they have jawan aulads lol.. just look at Mansoor and laila’s mums!!! Abb there’s no stopping them! Laila’s dad a bheegi billi… as much as he’d like to voice his concerns mummy ji ke samne kuch nahin chalta! lol 😉


  3. Oh gosh am so behind, still at episode 4. I know it’s very week done, acted and great cinematography but story wise, really nothing new. Talkhiyan was excellent in terms of a unique storyline but this is again an cheating husband and two women scenario, I thought this was some drastically different theme but I guess not. Great review by the way! Maybe will catch up one day lol


    • @SK hey lost friend 🙂 where r you.. Missing you these days.. Haan dekhna araam se ek saath hope tab u can enjoy 🙂


  4. Your reviews are not just mere reviews where you just tell what happens in episode and your views on them.. They are something where you give us something to ponder on..a different perspective to look at and what makes them more beauty is the way you put them 🙂 so a huge shout of thanks!!

    By the end of episode i was pretty much sure that as episodes will increases my hate and disgust for Mansoor will increase… It was so normal and chilled out thing for him to let Laila and Kuku interact.. Kya hoga zyada se zyada he srf laila will get hurt na.. Ohh vo tou no issues as he knows her and itni samjhdar jo he.. But end result will be in mansoor’s favor k dharle se he can meet kuku anytime anyday.. And Kuku uska bhi kya.. Kuch nhn as she cant live without him.. So its her who needs Mansoor na ka Mansoor who deeply wants Kuku… Yani k its a win win situation for mansoor.. With Laila he can do small little flirtations and khidmatein and Kuku is love all the way.. And in this process where our ladies fit.. No where…

    And this what makes it more interesting that in this process how these two evolve as literally samajhdar and mature women 🙂 i think what Kuku said about Laila in car was all in pure sympathy.. She can totally understand what Laila will go through and plus which sensible woman wants to become ‘other’ woman… Their meeting scene was just so lovely and natural.. Actions and reactions were pleasant to watch.. The looks when kuku gave on hearing Laila mansoor was something to remember.. One could totally feel the pain.. Khurram giving her allergy tablets i dont know why but i took in a way that he knew she was crying and despite consoling her (which he is NO good at) he gave those tablets so that she can have immediate sleep after having them.. Just a positive point for him k may be he is not that insensitive.. Lets see.. But jis tarah ki harkatein he uski srf Kuku ko shabashi dene ka dil karta he LOL..

    And the actual shabashi deserves laila’s mom.. You are so right SZ about the Walas… Ones Life is so unworthy infront of them… You snatch someone dreams, make them suffer physically and mentally only to listen ‘meri friends keh rahi thein’ ya ‘ aisa khandan kisi ko milega’ to heck with them yaar.. It your own blood.. Ahh how depressing.. While writing i was recalling the scene from Cindrella disney movie how in one scene her step sisters actually tore all her clothes.,makes her helpless.. This resembles what mother,husband,dad and mother in law are doing with Laila… Not in literal way ofcourse hehe.. But hope i an making some sense.. Poor Laila does she have a way out from all this controlling.. She is taking baby steps to stand on her own like she didnt even bothered to answer mansoor while they were going back on when he complained about not talking .. Which was so good to see.. But she still needs and i think thats best way of showing rather than final epi me she says Khamosh..!!!!

    Waiting to read baqi sab ke thoughts too 🙂


    • @Rehmat lol @ sleeping pills for allergy.. waise I was also thinking that poor guy is so impressed by kuku’s strength that he can’t even imagine her crying.. just the mere idea of it sounds absurd to him.. he is living in his cloud cuckoo land.. even kuku didnt know wether to laugh or cry! loved Iffat in that scene!

      btw we keep questioning why kuku wouldnt leave khurram.. i was thinking kuku wants to have children, and she knows she has no chance of that with Mansoor in the current climate.. atleast with khurram she has some hope…umeed ki aik kiran that khurram reminds her of, harr thori der baad!


  5. A beautifull review!
    As I was watching this ep i couldn’t help but think of our last week’s conversation…@SZ thanks to ur reviews and this forum that we are enjoying this ride to its full potential, pehchan-ing all the characters and questioning their actions, reactions and silence.
    loved how you pinpointed the impact of the ‘wale-s’, on how we conduct ourselves.. esp the ones closest to us, the loved ones.. so true!
    How beautifully captured was the opening scene!! The woods, the leaves, the fall, the rustle mixed in with the humm of the jeep and birds… uff how i missed autumn in isloo!.. special thanks to the official hd print released by Aplus!!.. bass one request ke thora jaldi upload karr diya karein pls.. itni becheni se intizar hota he ke I end up watching the low res vid aur woh maza nahin aata..
    for me so far the climax of pehchan has been that phone call from last week and this week i felt its aftermath… yes i still cant get over that phone call!! lol
    that mansoors laugh and and his ‘mere hisab mein tou der karr di kuku’!!! ufff mera bp tou wahin shoot ho gya! and the ‘mein tou samjha raat mein hi aa jao gi kalass lene…” rehi kasar nikal gai iss ”kalass” ne nikal di… but seriously, dekha mera nishana!!!??? how dare he!!!!???!!! Aik tou chori opper se seena zori!! and when hes questioned ‘why’ he quickly pulls out his fav im-a-bechara, and im-kuku’s-saviour cards… he wins the kam**** of the century award!!.. (pardon my french!)

    laila biwi hai meri samajh jae gi: ghar ki murghi dal barabar.. just like we we’ve been reading him…but not just that.. because he’s seen his mum carry on with her blindfolds he expects laila to do so too.. and judging by her barely there reactions to his hot and cold rawayyas, he knows woh bhi usi mitti ki bani hai..

    @SZ totally with u abt why kuku doesnt want to be the other woman even though she has proven herself to be a rebel time over time.. dunya walas have never really bothered her, but she does care abt this person she hardly knows about.. and now that she’s seen this young, masoom, mansoor ki dulhan in flesh, the guilt is so much more real! the takra was so beautifully done! jitni haulnak woh phone call thi, utna hi subtle was this meeting…

    obsolete man: abb who is obsolete here? the dad who cant figure out the technology, the one who is too old to be having an affair with a hairdresser (or impressing all or any khandan ki larkis for that matter), or is it the mum who has a farsooda soch?…jaldi bachcha, 3-4 bachche.. @SZ key to the shackles u mentioned, isnt a child/ baby one of the biggest bairis?..Children are a blessing but they are also a test!.. aik dafa bachcha ho jane do.. there’s no going back.. poor laila doesn’t know what she has in store for her! the bachcha might be the insurance for a secure shadi, but it might also be news for a prolonged/ life-long sentence!
    Lailas mum got payals, dekhna yeh hai what will create lailas memory of these precious moments.. why did the dad look so worried? perhaps he remembered how he felt the zanjeers in his paer, when to some extent, mum must’ve felt the azadi from her insecurities…

    ok singing had never been her strength, but so far i’d been impressed by mrs khans wisdom… magar iss bar in ko kia hua.. zara se makhan pe bilkul hi phisal gain!!!… mansoor mian ne zara sa flirt kia kiya aqal hi gum ho gai!!!! lol.. bimar mian ko chor char dinner pe nikal parin!!! eva gardner & mrs khan – khush fehmi ki bhi intiha hoti hai!! lol..i wonder if she knows who mansoor is… she knows pretty much everything including dil ka hal chals, tou yahan kia hua? did she do that on purpose?

    Waise i was beginning to think the theme for this week was beemars.. mr khan beemar, mansoor beemar, lailas nausea… no wonder khurram thought kuku is only suffering from an allergy!…… what an idiot!! I honestly thought ke hai bechara cares and he can see she is crying, but lo & behold! khurram ji comes out with another clanger!! uffffffffffffff!!! kuku seeing that u will be sticking it out with khurram, u need to invest in some heavy duty frying pans!!! shayad aqal thikane aa jae!… u r obviously minting money.. waise abb pata laga kaise..bechari laila se aeinwain paise bana liye, .. colour tou waise ka waisa hi tha!! lol … abb adhe ghante mein kaisa colour hoga…50% discount must be a sugar-coated compensation lol

    With Pehchans meaning behind the said and the unsaid, theres so much more to say and discuss…


  6. OK having watched till ep 7 in one go will give a summarized take here itself. Pehchan is engaging, intriguing and does keep one hooked. As of now none of the characters have been shown super strong, though the 2 men Khurram and Mansoor come across as weak ones, the former overtly and the latter covertly. As for Kuku, she gives an outside facade of a confident, strong, successful businesswoman, but inside she is totally broken and none other the her extremely dense and self-absorbed husband is the one to buy it, and buy it a tad too easily. Also to me more than love I feel both Mansoor and Kuku have become dependent on each other, especially Kuku and they have become a habit for each other. Kuku especially is in a rut and she needs to break free from both her parasitic husband and Mansoor whom she has become emotionally dependent on. As for Mansoor he seems too selfish a person to change his status quo in spite of his wife being pregnant. But wonder how Kuku wld take the news. I guess this will make her all the more depressed.

    Coming to Laila, she seems to be happy playing the dutiful wife and DIL and relishing whatever little attention her husband throws her way, whenever he deems it essential and assuring herself that her husband loves her, in spite of the insensitive and arrogant manner in which he revealed about somebody else in his life! Her mother seems more concerned about how the whole world sees her daughter’s marriage and whether she has made her MIL and husband happy than her daughter’s own happiness. And the MIL is so proud of her accomplished and ideal son and his trophy wife that she can’t stop gloating about.

    Laila’s father seems the only one to have Laila’s happiness as a priority and seems to give words of encouragement as he’s already sensing things aren’t as rosy as they have been made out to be. Laila for the time being seems more inclined to keep her mother and in-laws happy and play along as the dutiful wife and DIL, but I wonder for how long.

    Mrs Khan seems a lonely soul and I suppose she sees a rekindled soul in Kuku and seems pretty perceptive to Kuku’s turmoil, though she too seems to have been won over by Mansoor’s charm.

    BTW I like how twists catch us totally unawares…like when Mansoor asks Laila to talk to Kuku, I was least expecting it. Similarly Laila’s and Kuku’s meeting. tthough must confess tht whn Laila’s mother was telling her to groom herself better, I just felt tht Laila wld land up at ‘Crisp Edge’ nd dat’s exactly what happened.

    Don’t know the actors’ names and in fact this is the first show I am watching of all involved,but must say they are all doing a fantastic job and though Khurram is shown such a weakling tht I just can’t empathize with him, but it just shows he’s doing a good job. 🙂


    • @Radiant: So glad you are in the flow of the story now and enjoying it 🙂

      Re; the women being super strong, I would say that’s precisely the kinds of labels this serial is challenging … as to how meaningless they actually are… because in assigning somebody a label of strong or weak, we are infact putting them in a box and turning them into cliches, lifeless without any of the very real nuances that we all have within us ..

      Re: Laila, she is very aware of how unhappy she is and keeps questioning this unhappiness of hers, but as her mom and mom-in-law keep telling her this is what happiness is all about .. and so there is a real struggle going in within her .. she is somebody who has always been encouraged to stand up for herself and fight her fight and so to now be in this state, where she has no control over anything, even her own body, which has been legally signed over to Mansoor. So there is a lot of questioning of the status quo that is going on her head …

      Re: Kuku: She has seen through Mansoor … and hates him for how he is manipulating her .. and that phone call scene was chilling to the core as to how he showed both the women how little they meant to him … Mansoor is not in “love” with her .. had he been so he wouldve married her in the begining, but he enjoys being with her .. because she satisfies his male ego .. first as a trophy mistress and later because he enjoys the power he has over her to how he can break her any moment he wants and how he uses her emotional attachment to him to get her to break her principles (not being with a married man) …

      Re: the men being weak: I think once again in terms of labels, Mansoor is not weak at all … hes a big time manipulator.. look at the way he plays Kuku.. knows exactly how to humiliate Laila .. he is so far pulling the strings, and in the case of Laila, he has societal backing, because he is her husband and she is his hence its her social duty to oblige him and keep him happy (as her MIL keeps reminding her at every step of the way).

      Similarly Khurram, he is a loser as you and I would call him ,.. but again take a lot at him .. he is also playing Kuku by pulling on her guilt .. gets away with non-payment of bills, has free housing and you will see another shocker later .. so again the challenge to labels ..


  7. SZ loved how you put it. Yes u have rightly put it…labeling someone strong/ weak is just slotting them and der’s a whole lot in between these 2…no wonder this thing kept nagging at the back of my mind that I’m not using the right words and after reading your take it makes it so much more clear. Thanks!

    Yup agree tht Khurram is using Kuku and is totally unaware of her turmoil, or rather is very much aware but does not want to upset the status quo for his own selfish reasons. And I guess for a guy like Mansoor, his self confidence and high regards for himself comes at the expense of instilling inferiority complex in the people around him and here his wife and mistress.

    Laila is the one who puzzles me with her constant emotional dependence on Mansoor and her looking for approval and assurance of his love, which he never gives and so I feel that even though she knows she’s unhappy, but she is being ostritch-like. Hopefully in d coming epis., she’ll confront her unhappiness along with confronting Mansoor and the others too.


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