Mere Humdum Mere Dost ~ Episode 6 Review


At last! After a lifetime of watching her mother wither away into nothing, having grown up feeling abandoned, unwanted, unworthy, and insecure, Aiman was finally standing face to face with the man the world called her father. Taufeeq Kamal. Here was the man who had turned his back on his wife and daughter when they needed him the most. How would he react to her now?  Anger, fear, anxiety, apprehension, dread, you name it and she had felt it all in the days leading up to this first meeting.  She knew he was a heartless, cruel man, but never had she imagined that Taufeeq Kamal would be this cold, this unwelcoming. Her drab appearance, hesitant gait and dazed expressions, all were evaluated and judged in a fraction of a second – like mother like daughter. Aiman was Zainab’s daughter hence unworthy of his attention. Taufeeq Kamal had made up his mind.

Zainab had never held any attraction for him and, going by his first impression of her, neither was Aiman worthy of his attention. Why even bother wasting his time greeting her, offering his condolences, or getting to know her. Nope, this mouse of a girl was not worth his time. Not that Aiman had expected him to welcome her in to his life with open arms, but still… she was his daughter not a random stranger… her father’s frigid reception was the stuff of nightmares.

What Aiman does not know but will eventually realize is that Taufeeq Kamal is in fact not a warm fuzzy man.  Its not just her, he is equally brusque with his son Sahir. Any display of emotion is frowned upon by him. He holds himself to the highest standards (he started off as a middle-class man, but worked his way up the social ladder) and expects others to do the same. What he does not realize is that not everybody is built the same way. He deemed Zainab unworthy because she failed to keep pace with his ambitions and aspirations, his son Sahir disappoints him with his clinginess and lack of drive, and now with one look he has pigeon-holed Aiman in the same category as well. Little does he know that there are quite a few surprises in store for him. In time both Aiman and Taufeeq will go beyond first impressions and hasty judgments and perhaps learn to accept each others’ flaws and appreciate their qualities.

Layered personalities like Aiman, Taufeeq, Haider are what make Farhat Ishtiaq’s writing so enjoyable. Her characters are not just cardboard cut-outs, rather they have depth and nuance. All characters have their own stories and pasts histories and are there for a reason. For instance  it is now becoming clear that Sajeela is not above playing games with people’s lives. Unlike our typical female characters, this one is a live wire. Rather than crying meray saath dhoka hua hai, Sajeela demands Mazhar divorce his other wife. For now it seems like he has given in but somehow I am not entirely convinced; he’s too much a jalebi to cave in that easily. But here’s the fun thing about these two, both are ek se barh kar ek.  Though Sajeela overheard Mazhar’s phone conversation, she is not that easily phuslao-ed. Her telling off Mazhar, after he invited his brother to Turkey, indicates this woman is not one to make the same mistake twice. She trusted Mazhar once and lost her family in return… she is not a fool and has learned her lesson well.

Back in Pakistan, Aiman is gradually settling into Taufeeq’s household. Once again, like she did with Sahir and Taufeeq, Almas is helping bridge the emotional gap between her husband and step-daughter. Aiman continues to feel slighted but is gradually discovering that she is doing herself a great disservice by dumbing herself down. What is fascinating about Aiman is that on the one hand she is insecure, unsure, lacks confidence, but on the other hand she has a very strong sense of self as well. Much like Khirad, Aiman too feels insulted that she is forced to live at Haider’s house for an extended period of time. It is her ego, and to some extent her self-doubt, that stops her from going to meet Haider when he comes to visit Almas.

Interesting insights in some seemingly straightforward characters are the reason I continue to watch Mere Humdum Mere Dost. Though Aiman continues to show shades of Romaisa, and Sanam’s expressions go completely blank at times, nonetheless I am finding Sanam Jung a lot more convincing than I found her in her first two outings, in Dil-e Muztar and Muhabat Subh Ka Sitara. Farhan Ali Agha is very good as Taufeeq and I am really liking ZQ as Almas. Adnan Siddiqui is very effective as the kind and gentle Haider and Shamim Hilali is so fab as Bibi – love her! In the Turkey track, Hareem Farooq wavers at times but overall she’s good as the repentant but strong Sajeela. Her co-star Junaid is the one who is completely one note as Mazhar. This episode seemed a lot more interesting than the past ones because of fewer Sajeela Mazhar scenes. The narrative flow was much better here mainly because there were no flashbacks. My one big complaint has to do with the background score – could someone dial it down, please?

Overall, Mere Humdum Mere Dost is gradually shaking off the ghosts of MD dramas past and gradually coming into its own. Not hooked yet, but definitely looking forward to watching Aiman go, grow and glow.

What about you all? What did you think of this episode?

Written by SZ~


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  1. thank u 🙂 …main bohut intezaar ker rahi thi is review kaa..pta nahi kiun..ab pta chal jye gaa..waisay last 2 lines say kafi hosla hoa hai…baqi baad main

    • @Afia: True,the MSKSH hangover is affecting everybody’s response to this one.. MSKSH has to counted among one of MD’s weakest presentations. If we hadnt just seen her as Romaisa we would have been okay with SJ here, but sadly woh dekh chukey hain 😦 But if you can overcome that issue then this one is a pleasant enough time pass… actually one of the few which you can still watch while sitting around the dinner table. AS, SH and ZQ are very good … and SJ’s character will also evolve.. dekh lo at least she figured out how to open a Mac … R to itni bhi aqal se paidal thi!

      • @SZ lol @ opening a mac.. haan na our R baji tou didnt even know what an LCD is and how to use a mobile.. waisey apas ki baat hai, after years of using windows and pc, i struggle with a mac.. Aiman is a genius for setting up the whole thing all on her own! lol

        • @FA: Hahaha uff R baji tou wanted to be like fish and God knows what.. Aiman is human and wants to get respect like that… Larki dekhna aage kya rang dikhati he.. Ye mac to ek trailer tha 😀 LOL

      • Hah! I was surprised to see her give such a confident “no thank you, i can learn on my own” to the computer tech guy. Def not a Romaisa trait there.
        She doesn’t seem to care much about her father;s cold shoulder. He is so stiff. Actually he had a disgusted look on his face when she walked in the room for the first time.
        well at least her step mom seems genuinely nice! 🙂

  2. One of the best dramas going on tv, this episode was the most fast paced and interesting from the the previous episodes. Other than Pyare Afzal (which I sincerely recommend for you to watch SZ), love the drama till now:)

    • @Aisha: Glad you are enjoying this one with all of us 🙂
      I am behind on a ton of serials.. now will IA catch with PA whenever it ends.. Rung is another one you mentioned on the Pehchan thread, and I havent had a chance to catch up with that either … will try to check it out — thanks for the recommendations 🙂

      • Ok, SZ,I know you enjoyed Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sare which I will definitely watch but Nadia Akhtar who wrote that play also wrote Chuban, another soap on Hum tv that finished some months ago. Did you ever try it, it look interesting, hopefully you could watch it and tell us how it is.

        Also, have you seen Dareecha, hope to try it too as it is of mystery genre and written by the brilliant Mohammad Ahmed.

        • @Aisha: Yes, Mohd Sahab is a huge fave of mine, and I watched and enjoyed Dareecha. Loved it when it started but after Imran Aslam’s departure I kinda lost interest and the story too seemed to have lost some of its vitality. It was actually the first soap I ever sat through.. Yes, NGGS was another one I liked. After that I haven’t really come across anything else that would compel me to sit through them…

    • @Aisha – hello! Would you mind discussing what’s really different about Pyare Afzal. I would love to try it out, but only if it has something different to offer! 🙂

      • @Ash Im enjoying PA.. it goes up and down.. but overall i found it really interesting.
        Something different: well to start with its not abt a mazloom aurat lol.. its abt love and life of Afzal who happens to be in son of a maulvi.. not a stereotypical maulvi but a balanced family man who happens to be a maulvi.. actually most of the characters r not stereotypical, including Afzal.. apne jaise aik hi namoona hain yeh! lol
        has witty humour, DOP is superb.. so an interesting watch.. def not like anything else these days, so cant really draw a comparison..but feel-wise it has a very Aunn Zara feel to it.. def worth a try!
        Its like marmite.. u will either love it or hate it lol..

      • Hi Ash, definitely try Pyare Afzal as it is one of the few unique stories on television today. In addition to Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s brilliant dialogues, when one sees Pyare Afzal, one will automatically say that it’s as if a movie is going on. Nadeem Baig, the director, has given movie-like direction to this drama. The story itself is unique. It’s about a man who although is not fully a good Muslim but due to his religious moulvi dad he tries to bring out the good in his life. For example, he gambles but after some talks with his dad, he even tells his friends to read the Quran which tells Muslim not to gamble. There’s a strong sense of religion but at the same time, love is very important to him. PA tells the story of a man who struggles to achieve the love of his life. Hope you watch it and enjoy it too.

      • Hi Ash, definitely try Pyare Afzal as it is one of the few unique stories on television today. In addition to Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s brilliant dialogues, when one sees Pyare Afzal, one will automatically say that it’s as if a movie is going on. Nadeem Baig, the director, has given movie-like direction to this drama. The story itself is unique. It’s about a man who although is not fully a good Muslim but due to his religious moulvi dad he tries to bring out the good in his life. For example, he gambles but after some talks with his dad, he even tells his friends to read the Quran which tells Muslim not to gamble. There’s a strong sense of religion but at the same time, love is very important to him. PA tells the story of a man who struggles to achieve the love of his life. Hope you watch it and enjoy it too.

  3. Totally agree with what you said and Whatayyy review 😀

    This episode was actually better.smooth in transitions, balanced in both tracks.. Enjoyed it !!
    Ok i have a question why Aiman cant move at normal pace.. Itna slow har kaam karti he.. No wonder Taufeeq is hardly impressed.. And he is such a mean father.. Waiting for the day his eyes twinkle looking at his daughter ..
    Almas is character i am loving atmost… ZQ is playing it brilliantly and very effectively… Love all the scenes where haider and bibi are together…
    Along side is Sajeela and Mazhar… This guy cant get any more annoying tauba.. And was it me or anyone else who thought mazhar was lying about divorce thingy..??

    Waiting for another set of flashbacks :/

    • @Rehmat: Thank you, glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 And since you actually remember the novel, how do yo think this one is coming along so far?
      LOL @why cant Aiman move faster … yaar, ab bechari itni dukhi hai, tension main hai, tau time to lagay ga na 😉 But yeah, really wish we could move on from the rona dhona dukhi hona parts too much of a R hangovre. Also did you notice how flat she sounded in her phone call to her “bhabhi”? She needs to quit hanging out with her bhabhi and make friends with Almas, at least she will make her a bit more active. Waisey wasnt it strange that she went clothes shopping by herself… how did she know where to go and what to buy? And interestingly enough she is hurt by her father’s attitude towards her, questions his affection etc, but gives him no credit for him taking over her financial responsibility without any question, giving her money etc ..what do you make of that?
      Yes, I am with you … dont think Mazhar is actually divorcing his wife … sab bahane maar raha hai .. but Sajeela is a tough cookie as well … ab dekhtey hain who wins this battle of wits ..

      Haan flashbacks back again but at least with AS .. so that makes them bearable 🙂

      • @SZ: so far its going well but there is something i am missing badly which was in Humsafar and MeJ.. HS had 23 epis as well but they were quite moving.. This is like watching slow movie.. May be serial catches his pace once Aiman grooms herself ( hopefully) … Actors make a huge difference seriously..

        Yes flat as tyre.. No maza.. I wish sometimes me jinjhooron aiman ko.. Hahahah yes she was confident enough.. Larki hushyar he bhaee driver se pocha hoga na 😉 actually the way i take Taufeeq giving her money makes him content k ok i did my part.. Aiman needs affection which he is least bothered so she dosent count the money part in taking responsibility… Because its like ab chonke vo ghar me aahie gayi he tou lets face it.. ( im 100% not making sense at all :/ )

        Haan lets hope the flashbacks spice up things

        • @Rehmat @SZ re financial help: I couldnt help but thinking ke kahan tou itni bari ego but when it comes to taking money Aiman bibi has no problem whatsoever lol … but I also agree with @Rehmat she doesnt think ke itne salon baad abb sirf 4 paise luta dene se he would make a good father.. She pbbly feels that he is only doing it do so she could update her persona to look the part & blend in with his image in society…
          I was fuming ke no kher khabar, haal chal, no pyar ke do bol, he just got into the nitty gritty of what she studied and what to do next, and kapre khareed lo etc, abb beti ka tou haqq banta hai na sochna ke thats all her father cares about!

          • dude , she’s spent a very poor life. Ab thora paisa mil raha ho, to aish karne do! 😀 hehe. Who wouldn’t put their ego to the side and spend their rich long lost father’s money. I mean clearly he has nothing else to offer, so paise se hi kaam chala raha hai. Smart Man. Hopefully she uses that money and goes to shop and pamper herself. To live a little.

          • @FA: I think ego/self respect hai lekin confidence nahi hai k jo kuch feel kerti hai keh sakay is liay naa-pasand kernay k ba-wajood kehnay ki himmat nahi hai ye oos ki personality kaa major trait hai jo oos k her action aur soch main nazer ata hai

        • @Rehmat : mujhay poora yaqeen hai shopping k liay gai hi nahi..bus long drive k mazay lay ker wapis aa gai..kiunk haider ki itni shopping aur ab is trip k baad bahi madam k huliay main kuch change nazer nahi aya 😦 …is ko kukoo k paas bhejo at least is tale zada choti say nijaat milay..phir sanum kitni barhi lag ragi hai is hair style ki waja say .. I think sajeela aur aiman same age group ki tou nahin lekin dekhnay main ek jitni lag rahi hain aur sajeela haider ki childhood friend tou is hisaab say oos ko aiman say kafi barha aur mature lagna chahiay jo wo nahi lag rahi ur ye hi haal ferhan aur adnaan kaa hai dono main kafi age difference hai jo screen per nazer nahi aa raha

  4. Spot on review, Sz! It’s been a while since I last commented, but I am thoroughly enjoying this series of reviews 🙂 I love how you pointed out Aiman’s vulnerability, as well as her pride, intelligence and confidence. As much as her Romiasa-like behaviour makes me cringe, wouldn’t we all act like that as well?
    Sz, I would love to hear your though re: Rung (Hum Sitaray) and Pyaray Afzal. Rung seems very promising and unique, while Pyaray Afzal finally boasts a male lead (vs. the typical roti dhoti auratein, amirite?). IMO, the dialogue delivery is very unique in Pyaray Afzal. xx

    • @UM: Hey! Looong time! Kidhar hain kaisi hain? Hope all’s been well with you! Chalo glad that MHMD brought you out of your hiding .. lovely to hear from you 🙂
      True, Aiman’s plight has been sensitively etched out, but as I was telling @Afia above, MSKSH has really messed us up big time .. I so wish they had not played them back to back like this … but yeh, I find the characters, except the Sajeela Mazhar couple and that roti dhoti Zainab, quite relatable.

      Thanks for the rrecommendations.. @Aisha suggested the same two, and PA I will catch up with after it ends and Rung I will check .. how many eps have aired?

      In other news, I was actually thinking of you and a couple of other commentators because I have started catching up on UBFN (yeah been really slow in catching up 😦 ) and because Im watching it in one go am really enjoying it 🙂

      • Hello laady! I’m well – just consumed with exam preparations and all the stress & anxiety that come with them (du’as much appreciated!).

        So far, 5 episodes have been released of Rung. Although it is a lower budget drama, the story line is so captivating & so close to my heart. I promise you’ll be reaching for a kleenex box (side note, I suggest not to watch the OST video beforehand as it spoils everything!). Please do watch it when you get the time, I would love to hear your thoughts on it & see what the commentators have to say!

        LOL, that is so funny – everytime UBFN is mentioned, I always think back to you & Rehmat! I hope you enjoy it (the true definition of maaza is when a drama has ended & you don’t have to wait for the next ep!).

        However, as much as I love such mystic, metaphysical themed dramas (and they are so aesthetically y pleasing), I always feel a sense of fulfillment with their endings. It seems that the writer put so much effort in making this elaborate, multi-layered story but midway, they start digressing and the ending just becomes an afterthought (i.e Sannata, UBFN, Numm etc). If you want to take on a such a strong story, I feel that you should give it full justice all the way up until the end. Sorry for ranting – it’s just growing on my nerves!

        • @UM. Wish u best of luck for exams n lots of duas for you 🙂 i so agree with your take on ending of such stories.. Specially with UBFN.. I watched with so much interest and recommendee to everyone i knew lol and the end was.. At least i was expecting something good happens to Api ji.. And so good to see you here:)

        • @UM: Aww! Duas and more duas for you — IA you will do very well! Phir jab results aa jayen tau mithai (gulab jamuns please 😉 ) ke saath batana how well our prayers worked 🙂

          Re Rung: As I told @Aisha, another Rung fan, ke I watched the first ep and found the mom and the whole exercise pe jaana hai and park scene very OTT, and I didnt car much for any of the other actors .. but I have said I will check into it after some time .. waisey bhi aajkal really afraid of starting current dramas, getting into them and having them then drag out forever (Shuk yaad hai na? ). And yes UBFN, Sannata too were dragged. I haven’t finished UBFN yet, but hopefully once I do, will try and do an overview, and you’d better show up there, since you got me back into it 😉 .

          And aajkal tau you’re busy with studies, but do join us when you have more time 🙂

          Best of luck!

  5. I thought this episode was quite good! The pace was good.. thoroughly enjoyed Farhat’s emotional play.. the scene where Aiman meets her father was well done.. Shamim Hilali is such a pro! loved her! Amazing to see how side characters can add jaan to a scene.. How this scene was all about baap, beti reunion, but Almas, phuppo and haider made it what it was.. no?
    @SZ enjoyed ur analysis of Aiman and Taufeeq.. their perceptions.. im totally with u.. I knew all that about about Taufeeq but that wasnt enough to calm me down.. I was fuming when he questioned her about her parhai likhai.. I mean how dare he?!?!! poori zindagi tou poocha nahin, what gives him the right to make her feel like that now? Ok, he might act the the same with his son, but he never spent a taka on Aiman, and now that she is living with him suddenly it matters?.. all for his own image and repute…?
    re Aiman vs Khirad: defo! Abb sirf MD hi nahin FI is also to blame for dejavu’s lol
    But uffff the phone call to bhabhi in nawabshah was painful!!!…lol.. its such inconsistencies that r really letting the side down…
    Re the turkey wala track: I also have a bad feeling that there was a bit of staging involved in that talaq de di wali fone call.. As for Sajeela, ok she is standing her ground.. but im not so sure.. She is only sticking it out with him because she left her family for him was her mistake etc.. the only thing left in the marriage is bitterness and intiqam, bad memories and sense of loss.. wouldnt she be better off leaving him and living on her own? or is she like kuku who fears akelapann?? Now that raises the question, are such dead-end marriages worth saving/ salvaging? And is sajeela strong, or simply strong-headed?

    • @FA: i think she is strong -headed and Ziddi… As we saw from epi 8 precap… To play with innocent people emotions is not sign of strong ppl.. 😦

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