Mere Humdum Mere Dost ~ Episodes 1-5 Review


Mere Humdum, Mere Dost
gar mujhe is ka yaqeen ho mere humdum, mere dost
gar mujhe is ka yaqeen ho ke tere dil ki thakan
teri aankhon ki udasi, tere seene ki jalan
meri diljoee mere pyar se mit jaye gi
gar mera harf-e tassali woh dava ho jis se
ji uthe phir tera ujra hua be noor dimagh
teri peshani se dhul jaein yeh tazleel ke daagh
teri beemar jawani ko shifa ho jaey
gar mujhe is ka yaqeen ho, mere humdum, mere dost!
                                                               Faiz Ahmed Faiz~

Drawing inspiration from Faiz’s nazm by the same name Farhat Ishtiaq, Shahzad Kashmiri and MD Productions’ Mere Humdum Mere Dost has recently started airing from Urdu 1. The story begins in Nawab Shah where we are introduced to Umme Aiman, a young girl whose mother, Zainab, has recently passed away after a brief illness. Not only does Aiman have to deal with the trauma of a parent’s death but also face up to the harsh reality that with her mother gone she has no choice but go live with her estranged father Taufeeq Kamal. Aiman, who has grown up seeing her homely mother waste away after a husband who rejected her because she was an unparh, jaahil, ma’mooli shakal-o sooarat ki aurat, is initially resistant to this idea. Eventually her defenses are worn down and she agrees to go live with her father in Karachi.

In Karachi, we meet Taufeeq Kamal, who is now married to the sophisticated Almas and they have an eighteen year old son Sahir, who is going to Turkey for further studies. Taufeeq is a stern man, one who does not like his decision questioned and has no time of day for his pampered son. Almas on the other hand is an indulgent mother and tries her best to soften the impact of her husband’s dictatorial tendencies. The news of Zainab’s death reaches Taufeeq when he is about ready to take off for Turkey, so he asks his friend and business partner Haider Masood to bring Aiman to Karachi and keep her with him till they return.

Like mother like daughter ….
For Aiman, who grew up watching and internalizing her distraught mother’s insecurity and sense of rejection, Haider Masood’s showing up at her doorstep in Nawab Shah is a signal that just like her mother before her, she too has been deemed unworthy by her father. Why else would he send an emissary in his place? From here the story picks up and we see a very patient Haider, and his lovely phupho Bibi trying their best to make Aiman comfortable and draw her out of her shell. Haider is astute enough to see through her reserve and sense her lack of confidence, and we get a couple of lovely scenes where we get a sense of the very scared but not dumb Aiman. This girl has brains and hopefully she’ll learn to use them before the final episode!

Woven alongside these two tracks, Haider’s and Taufeeq’s, we also have Manzoor and Sajeela in Turkey. Almas’ sister Sajeela had initially met Manzoor when they were students but socio-economic differences and her father’s disapproval had kept them apart. Now we meet them as  a married couple with quite a history behind them. Theirs is not a happy household – arguments over when to start a family, her financial support of his family, their turbulent pasts –  all are causes for everyday quarrels. Things come to head though when an enraged Sajeela discovers that her beloved hubby was hiding a second wife in Pakistan. At the end of the fifth episode Sajeela demands that Mazhar divorce his other wife if they are to continue living together.

On paper Farhat has an interesting story. Her characters have nuance and they are not painted in black and white, no sinners and saints here – they all have a past. These characters are not mere cardboard cutouts who came alive the day the serial began, there is a rhyme and reason for their behaviors. Like we saw in Humsafar and Mata-e Jaan, here too Farhat plays with time, the flashbacks are nicely integrated into the script and the different tracks are connected well with an air of mystery around them. Most importantly this is not a story about an Allah miyan ki gaaye and our hero is as charming and as sophisticated as they come- Adnan Siddiqui is perfectly cast as Haider Masood. Shamim Hilali is her usual elegant self as Bibi and ZQ makes Almas a likeable character. I have not seen Siyaah so don’t know much about Hareem Farooq, but I like her Sajeela.

So far so good. Now, here is where I took so long to get on board with this one. Yes, Mere Humdum Mere Dost has all the bells and whistles of an MD serial and that’s a huge plus point, BUT this is also where the problem lies. The first episode and a half seemed like a dragged out version of the begining of Humsafar, and while Nazli Nasr is good she is no Saba Faisal. The pool scene in the third episode (?) again gave off a very Humsafar-esqu vibe. Aiman’s bedroom in Nawab Shah looked very much like Romaisa’s bedroom in her khala’s house and Hasan Noman was an unwelcome reminder of a serial I would very much like to delete from my memory. Alas easier said than done! How can we ever get over that fiasco as long as Aiman looks like a not so very distant cousin of our beloved Romaissa. Although to give her credit I have to say Sanam Jung is marginally better here. Shahzad Kashmiri seems to know how to get more than one expression from his heroine. Here’s to hoping that Aiman continues to gain strength as compared to the flat-lined Romaissa. Junaid Khan’s Mazhar is a sad reminder of a serial I really enjoyed, Mata-e Jaan. Unlike then, however, when Junaid Khan was convincing as the abusive Adam, here his Mazhar is absolutely charmless and not one bit convincing.

Mata-e Jaan had its share of faults, but Mehreen Jabbar’s fluency in telling a multi-track story was never in question. The flashbacks, the non-linear timeline all were handled with such ease that it seemed effortless. Here, in sharp contrast, the various tracks do not gel quite as smoothly. Granted, the Mazhar-Sajeela track is important to the storyline, but at this point it seems to have taken over as the main narrative. It would make this serial much sharper and pacier if some of their scenes were trimmed. So far Mere Humdum Mere Dost is moving at a very lethargic pace. Not helping matters is the over loud jarring background score. I really wish they could tone it down. Again, to make a comparison, Humsafar, Mata-e Jaan, Durr-e Shehwar, Shehr-e Zaat, all were such a delight to watch because of their aesthetic sensibility.

On a lighter note, and totally off-track, I have to thank our recent batch of serials for teaching me how to distinguish between the various kinds of ameer loag: If a family is to be shown as very rich (read wadera or gangster rich) then they have butlers serving meals, if  they are merely rich (read industrialist or businessman rich) then they must have an indoor pool, and if they are ‘aam qisam ke chaltey phirtey rich then they have a fancy house and maids serve them chai outside on the lush green lawn. Anything less than that, sorry guys you don’t deserve to be called rich!

Digressions aside, Mere Humdum Mere Dost is a pleasant enough watch, not a must-see as yet in my book. The pace has picked up appreciably since the past couple of episodes, and Shahzad Kashmiri has delivered as far as the visual and emotional appeal is concerned, but I do wish the editing was crisper, scenes shorter and all tracks given equal screen time. Because its Farhat Ishtiaq and Adnan Siddiqui I am inclined to keep my fingers crossed and tune in for a few more weeks before I make a final call. How about you all? How many watching? Whats the verdict so far?

Written by SZ~

Mere Humdum Mere Dost OST

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  1. Great review! You make some very valid points. I hadn’t picked up on the similarities while watching except of Junaid Khan’s character but even the mother illness, rich relatives from Humsafar is as almost the same as well.

    The drama isn’t bad and the story moves very fast but the scenes are painfully long. You can forward more then half and you won’t miss much. If the scenes weren’t so long, it would be a bit more enjoyable.

    Aimen needs to take her hair out of they oily braid , shower go on a shopping spree and have a make over to look her age. Why does she always want to look like a maasi. :-/.

    My favorite is Haider. Such a charming guy. Loving Adnan siddique here. So much that I might give his upcoming Ahista Ahista a chance. Even at his age, he is the perfect “hero”.

    The girl playing Sanjeela / Sajeela is also doing a good job portraying her role. Good to see new faces.

    Looking forward to more episodes hoping the story picks up and scenes are shorter. Also fingers crossed for Aimen’s make over! :D.


    • @Ash: exactly coming from nawabshah dosent mean u will be oily tied hairs and weird clothes…seriously urgent need of make over.. Loose ur hairs girl.. Insaan bano khudhi confidence aajayega ;(


      • @Ash ROFL @ the maasi look. She actually looked nice in Dil-e-Muztar.. a door-mat there too but a clean one with a welcome sign lol
        Im looking fwd to ahista Ahista too… magar yeh promo season tou khatam hi nahin ho raha.. theyve been showing promos for ages aur abhi bhi another couple of weeks to go! yeh na ho ke by that time hum tang aa jaein.. and looking at how much they r revealing in the promos these days itni der mein tou drame mein bhi kuch peeche rahe ga?? lol


    • @Ash: LOL! Aiman is indeed a good candidate for a makeover 🙂 Seems like we have quite a few around this season … apna Khurram bhi tau hai na! And as for her overall look, another life lesson I’ve learnt from these recent dramas is that looking like a maasi is the way to go .. remember apni Romaisa baji… and remember how she managed to land herself not one but two hot guys! So I guess Aiman doesnt really need any advice from us, going by how interested Haider looks in her I think she’s gonna be just fine LOL!

      Haan, I like Sajeela too (btw, can anybody help us out here.. is it Sanjeela or Sajeela?) apparently this is her first serial, but she done the movie Siyaah and also done theater. Apparently she was in the recent Angan Terha (she played Bushra Ansari’s role) and a few others. So yeah, seems like she has experience and it is def showing here! I like her so much better than Junaid Khan, He seems to be working towards a PhD in playing the disgruntled shohar to 2 biwis.


      • @SZ ur right thats the way to go.. Romaisa baji landed two hot guys but dont forget apna khurram got Kuku too lol..
        re sajeela : i think its sajeela but cant be sure.. but its her in the upcoming mausam right? (not that i have much hope with that one)


      • @SZ: LOL…miss gaye landed two hot guys aur kashaf baji ko bhool gain..kaisi horrible dressing thi oon ki..sanam kisi drama main itni buri nahi lagi jitni oos main 😦 ..phir zaroon miyaan ko tou wo hi bhyn 🙂 aur phir bhi hum complaint kertay hain k humaray dramas main male characters “achay” nahi hotay ..ab is say barhi achai kia k appearance say ziada seerat per jatay hain kabhi kabhi soorat per bhi jaisay apnay asher miyaan 🙂 …mere khayal say bhi “sajeela” hai


  2. Salaams SZ, although there are similarities between Humsafar and MHMD, the pace is not at all lethargic. Haider and Aimen are almost comfortable in talking and as shown in the promo, Sanjeela will somehow shown to be part of Haider’s past love life. I have to agree that Junaid’s Adam was much better in MeJ, especially that one scene in which he’s following Sanam S. He’s shown to have black circles under his eyes, convincing us of his despair. I also feel that both tracks are balanced, all episodes till now have shown both tracks, except the first episode- which introduced Aimen and her side.

    However, I love Haider and Aimen’s conversations and the smile Haider puts in those conversations. Hareem Farooq is strong in dialogue delivery. Great to see a newcomer in dramas who’s also a good actor.


    • Wasalaam @Aisha: Lovely to see you here on this thread as well. Glad to read that you’re enjoying this one, and seems like we agree for the most part here 🙂 Yes, I too like the Aiman Haider track and like their moments a lot. Yes, Sanjeela is connected to the other tracks as well, but lets not give spoilers for those who may have deliberately avoided the promos etc to keep the air of mystery. And yes, definitely, I liked Junaid in MeJ, he was def very convincing as Adam, but since then he seems to be in a rut with similar roles. Hareem Farooq is new, but as I mentioned above she has done theater etc and that confidence is holding her in good stead here.
      Re: pacing, I did mention that it has picked up in the past couple of episodes.
      Looking forward to more convos as we go along with this one 🙂


  3. LOVED your review… specially the part where u defined rich people.. How true .. LOL 😀

    totally agree with you and the comparasions you made.. Talking about comparasions if parallel track handled well it could be the best part of drama like Adam-Yamna track in MeJ and if not so well then it will be dragged and boring like Mazhar-Sajeela track… Before drama started, their track intrigued me because it was not in novel and i liked Hareem Farooq’s acting…but 5 episodes down and i am all lost in flash backs … Ek flash back ke ander doosra, doosre k ander teesra… As much as im enjoying Sajeela..this track is thumbs down :/

    Coming to main track… It also surprises me as unlike the novel i loved Haider-Aiman interactions before aiman shifted to Taufeeq’s place, the visuals are exact same for what i imagined…which is best part 🙂 Adnan Sidique is not doubt portraying Haider with great ease.. So charming and decent.. Sanam ‘s Aiman is way better than romaisa.. Shamim Hilali made Bibi so loveable..

    Farhan Ali Agha and Z.Q are perfect taufeeq and Almas.. Totally suits them.. Looking forward to their come back in next episode…


    • @Rehmat: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it and felt it echoed your thoughts. LOL! Yes, hum loag bekaar main complain kartey hain ke dramas are not teaching us anything … dekh lo kitni deep baatein sikha rahey we just need to watch more carefully 😉
      Aah! Good then I’m not the only one who feels that flashbacks need a bit more finesse…

      Yes, Adnan is so good as Haider and Shamim Hilali is just fabulous as always. Acha, good to know that you feel that they have managed to keep the book feel. I had read it a long time ago so don’t exactly remember it, but I’m actually glad I don’t remember particular scenes, because otherwise one ends up comparing rather than anticipating, not knowing whats next in store for us. And this is the big thing about Pehchan that I am really enjoying, that we all have no clue where it is gonna end up.. Oh, and on that note, as if it is not bad enough ke the novel is alreay out and pdfs are easily available online, the Urdu 1 website also has a handy english synopsis of the whole novella. Granted there are changes in the serial, but still I see no need for them to give away everything. Cannot tell you how annoyed I was when I read that!


      • Waqai always lots to learn from these dramas hehe..
        You are quite lucky then if u dont remember any particular scenes .. Because like you said it indeed takes away the fun.. Like i know what to expect in coming episodes and how scenes will buildup..
        True original script has always that fun.. Bus sochte hie rehjao k aage kya hoga… 🙂

        Hawww seriously everything… Why they are hell bent in ruining fun for ppl who havent read the novel.. So not cool.. :/
        P.s i loved that nazm u shared.. Forgot to mentioned in my comment earlier


  4. Hello hello SZ. You finally “lured” me into watching something after Numm. I absolutely love Adnan Siddiqui’s portrayal of Haider…both as a character and his acting. He is so comfortable in the role and every time he comes on screen, its a pleasure to watch him. I recently fast fwded random episodes of MSKSH so got a feel of Romaisa and her bland looks. Here SJ is marginally better as you have pointed out too but please can someone give her some makeup. Its the same look, same hairstyle and till now same majboor girl with a low self-esteem. I am hoping her role gets better and so does her expressions. Her “Aslamalaaaikum” reminds me of MK in Humsafar…actually quite a few scenes did. Maybe its because the writer is the same. Now let’s hope we don’t see a rain scene anytime soon. :p Wahan MK was a math whiz, here we have a budding economist. Kitni chuppi rustam hain humari bechari androon-e-sindh ki larkiyan :p So many similarities to Humsafar 😦

    Shamim Hilali is another person who performs effortlessly. It doesn’t even feel like she is acting, so natural is her portrayal of Bibi. The guy playing Haider’s friend is tauba such a chichora…maybe I am biased having scene his lecherous ways in MSKSH but even here he looks the same. What’s with the actors bringing their looks/characters from that serial? I don’t know Junaid Khan at all but that track is so confusing. One moment they are arguing over God knows what, the next minute they are happily shopping, then he is back to accusing her of thinking of her past lover or whatever. At least his wife has some spunk…warna I am so done with mazloom auratein crying their eyes out and the drama ending before they can speak up! I like Hareem’s confidence. She too is carrying her role quite well.

    Thank God they actually shot it in Turkey as opposed to having a cropped background as I have seen in some plays. Overall I think the pace is ok, or maybe its because I saw the episodes in one go. Farhan Ali Agha finally suits the character he is playing. At least he doesnt have to try hard to come across as a stone faced, rigid man (sorry! ) The last I remember of Q is her maachis (or something along those lines) show in which she used to be screaming and talking so loudly. I like her character so far. Let’s hope she doesn’t turn out like Asher’s mom keeping in line with Humsafar track 🙂


    • Hey @AK so good to see u here!! Abb ai ga double maza lol
      ROFL @ Kitni chuppi rustam hain humari bechari androon-e-sindh ki larkiyan.. haan u havent watched farhat’s MeJ yet? warna lagta hai ‘abroad’ ke larke make lousy husbands.. Junaid Khan was same same there too lol
      & yes how creepy was haider’s friend.. i just hope he doesn’t return to haunt Romaisa.. oh sorry i meant Aiman lol
      yes Hareem’s confidence and her strong reaction changed my opinion abt the turkey track.. warna that was literally a snoozefest for me…
      having said that im also liking Aiman’s ego here. She is our khirad who gave into her mums last wish but she had her ego intact.. she has very strong opinion about her father, but she aint no door-mat either and it will be interesting how she handles this…


      • @FA and @AK: Hareem has done quite a few stage plays and I think her theater background is standing her in good stead here. So glad to see this new lot of trained actors .. Sanam Saeed, Fawad Khan, Vajdaan Shah, and now Hareem.

        And yes, with you ladies! glad she stood her ground and did not go into sautan meri saheli mode!


    • @AK: Well hello stranger! Welcome back 🙂 Haha! Thanks for watching this one on my say so .. ab yaar had to get you to join in so thora dhaka tau banta hai 😉 But chalo, I’m glad ke you made it through the first five eps and enjoyed parts of it 🙂 Haan, AS is fab here, and its good to see him in a positive role after a while. I dont know if you’ve watched it but he was quite the creep in Mere Qatil Mere Dildar and Darmiyan too he was weird.

      Haan, it is really bad planning to have two SJ plays back to back with the same look, and I do wonder if this is the reason why this is being aired on Urdu1 rather than on HUM, LOL! be careful about making disparaging remarks about people from the interiors .. aajkal seems like har choti choti baat pe issue ban jaata hai! But all kidding aside, this is another thing I like abt Farhat is that she does give in to that stereotype of girls from smaller cities being unparh jaahil whereas girls from bigger cities are educated etc. Yes, they do lack in confidence, but with her stories there is an evolution and the girls might start off as ghabreeli sharmeeli but they dont remain the same. We saw that same thing with Khirad and will hopefully see this with Aiman as well and see it soon, if the producers and channel dont drag out her misery 🙂

      Yes, Indeed thank God for small mercies and we get Turkey as Turkey not like they are doing in the most expensive serial ever lol! 😉

      The Mazhar track is confusing if you’re not used to Farhat’s non linear timeline, Humsafar the novel was like that too but then changed it there and then we saw a lot of in MeJ, but then that was Mehreen J and thats exactly what I was complaining abt as well, ke they havent handled it well. LOL Junaid Khan is a specialist in these kinda roles, sadly though after MeJ, he kinda lost the plot and has gone from bad to worse, Here is a vdo of hi from his singer days .. see if you can recognize him from there:

      Ab no more ghaibing!


      • oops @ the andrun sindh comment. You know what i meant…why does every bechari have to be living in interior Sindh. Also, it’s not like the girls there have no idea about the world that’s all. Having travelled extensively for work in the region, I have utmost respect for all the people from there and similar areas.

        @FA lol at lousy husbands from abroad. Aik taraf hotti hota hai tu mazloom, goongi aurat par dil atak jaata hai, ya phir doosri taraf chichora, fraud hota hai jo confident larki ko pasa leyta hai. beech ki koi cheeze hi nahin hai :p

        What’s with the Urdu 1 vs HumTV story? Also, i read somewhere that MD is away now?

        I haven’t seen any of the other plays you have mentioned so will have to catch up on them to draw better comparisons 🙂 I feel for the mommies who are knocked off in the first 2 episodes after making sure their daughters are married off to the most desirable male of the entire drama.


    • @AK: so good to have you back and read your interesting comment 🙂 i was in LOL at girls in androon e sindh are intelligent cookies 😉 goodone!!


  5. A perfect review!
    ok fingers crossed..let’s hope i dont loose this comment (yes couple of em got lost 😦 )
    khair first things first.. loooved the theory on ameer loag!!! hahahaha …. i tell u what, I’d better start looking for a butler nahin tou atleast a pool (without paani bhi chale ga..ref numm).. warna soon enough I will be feeling completely left out!! lol..
    now coming back to MHMD, i started watching it with only 1 thing in mind ie Farhat.. After the first couple of episodes i was pretty disappointed. But after having watched HS and MeJ i just had to give this one another go (and the dejavu factor probably worked in its favour at times toi). I felt that the two stories weren’t exactly ground-breaking but the way Farhat’s emotional play and the how she tackled the sensitivity was mind-blowing!. And I was hoping that we will see the same here. And now I am glad i stuck around : that is beginning to surface now… I just hope it gets better..
    the turkey track was really bugging me.. the scenes were tooo long and the flashbacks were handled poorly.. i think best set of flashbacks ive seen lately were in Sannata and recently in pehchan. MeJ was just a shocker!! so that goes without saying… but here it felt like one long track going on and on… i actually fell in ep 3 and that never happens!!!! so whoever is handling those scissors please dont hold back.. just go for it!
    SJ was my biggest concern.. yes, she is marginally better but i felt that was more to do with her character. We can see Aiman think, and emote, and she has her own opinions. She has brains but she only lacks confidence, unlike her cousin R who had zero personality with no interest in life other than counting stars and collecting junk…Although SJ does struggle with her expression , i think because we see variation as well as some strength in her character I can feel for her Aiman. But yes like @Ash has pointed out please SJ that oily mane and that tight choti doing u no favours here..
    When I heard AS is the hero, i couldnt digest the age factor.. but after watching I think he makes the perfect Haider. Although aaj kal we r seeing a bit too much of him, he is fantastic here.. I can see how this much older friend can mentor and befriend our Aiman. The scenes (esp in khi) with the lead pair were handled nicely. I could see farhats sensitivity shining through.. what could’ve easily gone down as cheesy and lame, came across as supportive and friendly.
    My fav has gotta be Shamim Hilali!! how wonderful is she as a seedhi sadhi loveable phuppo bi… she is such a pro and a delight to watch!!
    coming back to turkey, agree with everyone although HF is great, Jk is lost here. why oh why does he always do the same old same old lousy husband? I was bored out of my wits with this track until we found out abt the pehli biwi and HF’s shart.. now atleast it has some action.. im guessing here but i have a feeling there is some past with AS and HF…
    coming back to characters, would love to hear what everyone makes of the father.. As lousy as he appears, I think he has quite a few shades to him.. no?
    next week precap looks interesting.. im looking fwd to Jk’s reaction (or no reaction), but more so how Farhat will deal with Aiman’s feelings now that the naam-nihad baap is coming back…
    @SZ I havent read the novel and i am avoiding all spoiler alerts ie ost and promos where apparently theyve revealed the entire plot… yes what a shame!!! why on earth do they do that?.. Have to bring Numm again.. numm had released so many promos but nothing was revealed.. akhri dum tak we were working out the mumkinat.. half the fun was in the unpredictability… koi inhein samjhae na!!!!!!


    • @FA: Oh no! I’m so sorry abt your lost comments. Fished one out ab hopefully you wont have issues again. 😦

      Hahaha! Glad you enjoyed my theory, bhai dekh lo ab koi na kahey ke dramas are not educating us any more 😉

      Absolutely, this is Farhat and so we see the heroine is insecure etc but she’s not dumb (remember R and her LCD kya hota hai? sim kaise daltey hain? ) and she grow, my only concern here is that they dont drag out the story so much that we lose patience with Aiman. That said, I think credit should also be given to Shahzad Kashmiri for getting more than one expression from SJ. He’s worked with her before, in DeM, and their understanding shows on screen as Aiman is easier to understand than R was.

      Re: the dad, Farhan Agha, yes, I think there is def more to him and frankly speaking after seeing the roti dhoti clingy Zubaida I have no clue how he put up with her for as long as he did! Uff her rona and begging was getting on my nerves. That said, though I get why he left the baby with the mother, I do not get how he could just forget abt his daughter like that. No financial support nothing. Almas seemed to know abt them and she also seems to understand her husbands terse nature, then I wonder why she never pushed him to help his other family out financially. Almas, I liked. I liked how she handled the father and son’s stressed relationship, some shades of Hajra there, no?

      Baqi haan next week looks interesting 🙂 Not gonna give you any spoilers 😉


      • @FA- on Numm, becharay logon ko khud bhi nahin pata tha shayed what’s going to happen next 😉 Upar say humaray comments ka tarka, wah wah 🙂

        @SZ I too like Almas, Finally someone reasonable, sensible and likable as a stepmom/doosri biwi. Her personality is well suited to Taufeeq’s and with her we see more of his human side don;t we?


      • @SZ @AK yes im liking Almas too.. and yes i was thinking of hajra too!! Ab here we have Farhat… Hajra ko tou ana tha na lol…. Shes a great mom and a likable step mom.. I just hope Aiman gets on with her too and not go all soteli on her lol.. why she didnt push to help the other family, well i guess she didnt want the aa bail mujhe maar someone said lets hope we dont get another auntie farida too… lol
        re zubeida & taufeeq: yes im with u and uff that rona dhona was driving me nuts too!! im totally with u & if he was so asool pasand why did he forget them for all those yrs.. defo! I can see why Aiman despises him so much.


      • @SZ i am not exactly thrilled to see AK in a trialngle yet again but might just tune into watch the first ep and then decide.. no real hopes there… HF is doing alright here so lets see.. what about u? u think its even worth tuning in?


          • @AK hahahaha oh he is Ahsan Khan who is like in every second drama these days… (he hosted the humsafar show… abb pata nahin what else uve watched recently lol)


            • oh ho i know him. Have only seen him act in Dastaan though but have seen him enough on TV otehrwise (yes, i remember the Humsafar show :)) and apparently he is always dancing on stage.


            • @AK yep thats the one! haan dance not just on stage but in dramas too.. any mehndi, shadi scene he doesn’t miss out on any opportunity!! lol


            • @FA and @AK: hahahaha u both are so funny.. Enjoyed your mazedar discussion.. And thought how lucky u both are by not reading the novel.. There are lot of points to discuss and think about 🙂


  6. Btw, dont know how many of youve seen this, but thought I’d share this recent interview of Hareem Farooq, gives a bit of an insight into her career trajectory etc.


  7. thanks for starting out with Faiz sahab’s nazam – it was a pleasure to read 🙂
    I skipped the first 2-3 episodes of this because like you said it was similar to Humsafar. Now I am watching the Aiman-Haider parts and ffwding through the annoying Junaid Khan parts. (this guy can’t act even though he’s playing the same role over and over again – you would think kuch tow seekha ho ga but no way!) so yeah because I skipped his parts, I’ve skipped the newcomer as well – the only thing I noticed was that she has a bit of a manly voice hehe 😀
    I am really enjoying the Aiman-Haider interactions – the chocolate scene and a couple of others were very well done and brought a smile to my face. And yes reminded me of the simple scenes from Humsafar 😀 It is good to see Farhat Ishtiaq writing those simple moments in time again where we don’t have to sit down and figure out “kya bola, kyun bola, double meaning tow nahi bola” And thank you to Farhat Ishtiaq for not having Haider chase after 2 women or having 2 wives. Uff what a relief! I am sure she had to add that stupid JK track per MD’s wishes which is unfortunate. But at least I can rely on FI for sketching out NORMAL MALE CHARACTERS!!! OMG I can’t believe I just wrote that. thank you thank you thank you! Adnan Siddique is perfect as Haider and I am sure he’s probably glad he doesn’t have 2 wives in this drama like he has in EVERY SINGLE OTHER DRAMA he is in! Ok done with my ranting because I can seriously go on and on.


  8. Nice review…aur review say itna idea ho gaya hai k at least ek try tou day sakti hoon 🙂 ..ok main thora time loon gi kiunk 5 episodes hain lekin jaisay hi dekh loon gi aap ko apna feedback doon gi ..most probably next week main 🙂


  9. Might give this one a try, I like Farhat Ishtiaqs characters and the feelings and emotions with which she writes. Also need to catch up with Pehchaan, been so crazy lately!


    • @SK: Haan check it out, a no brainer pleasant enough time pass.. skip the firs two eps and watch the rest with a finger on the ffwd button as Annie wisely does, and you will be good to go. Pehchan requires a bit more of attention but i am totally into it.

      And haan ab waapis aa jao … you’re not allowed to take so much time off 😉


  10. Ok jaisay taisay ker k 5 episodes tou main nay dekh lin …Umm koi khaas maza nahi aya..kiunk 5 epi bohut hotin hain main nay kai average bulk below average serials bhi 4-5 epi ker k dekhay aur bohut enjoy kiay kiun k story ek flow main chalti rehti hai aur aap kaa interest level qaim rehta hai..kher shayed main yahan kuch ziada expect ker rahi thi kiunk her koi tareefon k dher laga raha tha… hopefully ye behter ho jye gaa aap tou epi 7 per hain ziada behter idea ho gaa

    review per ayn….what a Faaaantastic review SZ …itnay bore tareen drama per itna behtareen review bhi ho sakta hai drama dekhtay at least main nay tou nahi socha tha…haan main nay pehlay review perha tha lekin ab itnay din ho gai thay k kuch hi points yaad thay waisay bhi drama dekhay bagher ager aap review perh bhi lain tou nahi bta saktay k kaisa likha hai

    bulk ye drama dekhtay hoay mujhay first time ye khayal aya k kia her drama “review” k liay hota hai yaa kia kisi bhi drama ko review ker saktay hai yaa kerna chahiay kia her drama main itna substance hota hai ..phir ek review ki bhi kia requirements hain..bus wo acha lagay kisi reviewer ko ..tou ho gaya kaam..ok thik hai ye merzi ki baat hai..lekin review main sirf story bta dena k ye ye epi main hoa kia wo review hai yaa ek qism kaa synopsis hai…pta nahi bhai…lekin mujhay lagta hai k her drama review k liay nahi hota yaa is main bhi selective honay ki zaroorat hai …bus mujhay ghussa aa raha hai wo bhi bila waja 😦

    lekin ye batein aap k liay nahi hain….main khush hoon aap nay oos waqt review kia jab aap k paas sirf story telling k ilawa bhi kuch kehnay k liay tha aur ye bhi janti hoon aap review kerna chorh den gi jab aap k paas story k ilawa btanay k liay kuch nahi ho gaa..matlab yaar drama tou hum bhi dekh rahay hain tou pta hai kia ho raha hai aur mere khayal say bina dekhay review perhnay walay readers bohut kum hon gay…mera point bus ye hai k kuch dramas sirf dekh ker enjoy kernay k liay hotay hain aur jahan aap ko lagay k haan is main kuch aisa hai k is per kuch baat honi chahiay yaa is main say kuch nikaal ker readers k samnay rakh saktay hain phir aap oos per hath dalein zahir hai is kaam k liay talent k sath intelligence ki bhi zroorat hai k kitni skillfully aap apnay talent ko use ker kertay hain ye khoobi bohut kum logon ko milti hai aap kisi bhi doubt k bina oon main shamil hain 🙂

    aap nay bohut valid points raise kiay jo aap ko keen observation kaa sabot hain 🙂 …aur bilkul is waqt mere mind main bhi exactly ye hi batein goonj rahi thin aap k kehnay nay oon ko authenticate ker dia 🙂 tou chalo inmain say kuch per baat kren

    1-Similarities between MHMD and other dramas
    acha aap nay MD productutin house ki baat ki hai..lekin ager dekhein tou is main writer kaa bhi kisi hud tak haath hai MeJ Humsafer aur ye farhat k plays hain aur ager aap ki nazer say farhat kaa kaam guzra hai tou pta ho gaa k ye oon kaa fav back ground hai jis per wo kisi bhi story ki contruction kerti hain..matlab ek lerhki ziada ter ghareb aur phir oos ki mother ki sudden death k baad oos lerhki kaa apnay kisi relative k paas jana phir hero ki entry etc…3 dramas ya hain is k liawa diyaar-e dil / kab hath main tera hath nahin /pal bher rasta the kernay main even in ain-e wafa sub main heroine ki mother ki death k sath stor shuru hoti hai haan ye baat hai k sirf base similar hai lekin agay jaa ker her ek ki story different hai…phir aisay halaat main bohut mushkil ho jata hai on screen ek difference create kerna…jo yahan bhi laga aur suna hai diyaar-e dil bhi dramatize honay jaa raha hai tou ready rahein oos kaa start bhi aisa hi ho gaa..ager in ko khayal aa gaya aur kuch changes ker lin

    baqi sets bhi change honay chahiay lekin kia kren….actor change ho gai…kaash naa hotay 😉 ..aap nay kaha naazli is no saba faisal..main ye hi baat SJ k liay kahoon gi..wo mahira liay ager wo zaroorat say ziada roein gi yaa mazloom nazer ayn gi tou viewers k liay kuch khushi kaa bais nahi ho gaa..thik hai wo MSKSH say behter hain..mager ye character ki khoobi hai…SJ tou yahab bhi average hi hain..kai scenes jo novel main perhtay hoay mujhay be-hud pasand ay thay bulk screen per magical ho saktay thay wo SJ bibi ki flat acting aur same expression nay berbaad ker diay..lekin AS was superb 🙂 …per ek akela actor kia ker sakta hai..ager co-actor hi….

    direction achi hai ager scene short hon aur jaisa aap nay equal screen time between all the tracks…lekin is drama kaa sub say strong point ferhat hain….ok jo reh gaya hai next review per likhoon gi ..ji main continue karoon gi 🙂 ..kiunk SZ meri humdum meri dost “taqreeb kuch tou behre mulaqaat chahiay ” 😉


    • @RJ: Awww! Itna ghussa?! Chalein ab aur mat dekhye ga 🙂

      No, but seriously I hear you. As I noted in my review, the reason why I waited till 5 eps before writing was that I had tried the first ep when it aired and found it very long drawn out and very very Humsafar like. So I passed on it. Later, I too read the glowing comments and after some requests for a review I thought ke perhaps I had been hasty in giving up on it, so gave it another shot. And like I noted at the end of this review I was not on board with the serial as yet… And as it turns out after this latest ep I have decided to take a break from this one and wait for further progression.. so please dont watch for my sake.. haan ab agar aap ko khud pasand aa raha hai to shauq se continue karen 😉

      Re: your point abt whether all dramas require a review: I think its up to the particular reviewer and how they choose what they review. I personally don’t go by popularity I generally do only those that click with me for whatever reason, or annoy me so much that I feel almost obligated to share my annoyance. Then are also those serials that might not appeal to me personally but they have an audience and if I get a lot of requests and if Im able to catch up then I give it an honest and as far as possible an unbiased go….

      Re: substance in a drama, dekhen yeh tau har indivdiual ke upar depend karta hai. There was a vast majority who thought ZGH was full of life lessons and had a lot of substance, but then there were others like me who had a different perspective. I could name so many other serials as well that people have differing opinions about…I think if a particular serial/story appeals to an individual then it is deemed as worthy .. agar nahin pasand aaya tau duniya ka bore tareen serial 🙂

      Re: the comparison of MHMD with MeJ and HS: the reason being that all these have been dramatized by MD, and the latter two had Shehzad Kashmiri as the DOP, and the first one is directed by him, so more than enough commonalities to make this a fair comparison. You are right this is Farhat’s story and so its bound to have similarities, but here is where I think MD has a big role. Both with Humsafar and MeJ ,MD was heavily involved in terms of script etc, and the extra tracks were added in with their suggestions, so it is up to the producer (who commissions the script) and the director who actively brings it to life, to notice the similarities or settings as they are in the process of finalizing the script, locations etc, and get the writer to rewrite scenes etc .. or make changes on the set. Humsafar’s script underwent a lot of changes on the set, FK said 60%, HB had mentioned some scenes that she and Sarmad re-worked because they felt the changes would be for the better, Similarly MK had also mentioned how she felt some dialogues were too OTT so they cut down on stuff.. so basically there is marhin for change even as the bare bones of a particular scene remain unchanged. For instance the pool scene could’ve just as easily been done elsewhere in the house….I do think the role of the director is crucial here …even a cursory comparison of the way the flashbacks have been handled here and in MeJ makes the difference clear. Infact the first ep of Ahista Ahista.. is a perfect example of the difference a director can make in the way the drama is received ..

      But to be fair to the director, I also should say that MeJ was 18/19 eps and Humsafar too was intended as a shorter serial, but after the immense popularity the later eps were re-edited.. so basically the dragging that we feel here is partially also because of the stretching of the story. So the earlier NawabShah track, the rona dhona all seemed to slow it down a lot.. ab economics bhi to dekhna hai na producers and channel walon ko ..

      Re: SJ … yes, she is very weak, undoubtedly .. but to be fair to her, without comparing her to other actresses I would say its her third serial and she has improved.. not by a lot, but still… Re: the diff in her being because of the character, I agree, but again add that these are things should be able to control… In the novella, Romaisa was naive, simple, stupid, however you may describe her, but I doubt if SJ needed to act like a zombie .. us ko dekh kar to shak hota tha ke pata nahin nursery bhi paas kiyas hai ke nahin .. and then we were being told she was a BA pass.. by contrast here Aiman looks confused, somewhat seedhi but nobody who seems like they were dropped on their head in their bachpan …Re: MK vs SJ .. no yaar no comparison .. Ive said this before, during Numm, and earlier on my SeZ reviews as well ke I was hard on MK during Humsafar, but after having watched Kanza and SJ I do have a whole diff take on new actresses and our expectations of them.. isliye didnt even go there in terms of comparing the two ..

      But, yes absolutely, I agree with you Farhat and Adnan are the two reasons I continued past the very disappointing first two eps …


      • @SZ: Ghussa tou aye gaa itni germi ooper say load shedding choti si baat per mizaaj germ ho jata hai abhi kuch din pehlay bhi kisi ko daant dia bila-waja tou aaj kal ye hi ho raha hai lekin fiker not khutray ki ghunty bujtay hi hum is jahaz say kood jyn gay 🙂 bhai health per tou koi compromise nahi hota naa

        Main ye drama kiun dekh rahi hoon?….kuch din pehlay main nay realize kia k aaj say 5-6 years pehlay k almost sub hit serials main nay dekhaiy hoay hain even average bhi tou mujhay acha khasa idea hai k past main kon kaisa kaam kerta raha hai ..lekin kuch arsa khaas tor per last year say mein main bohut selective ho gai hoon jis ki waja say kai popular serials bhi pasand naa honay ki waja say nahi dekhay kher ye tou koi barha masla nahi tha

        mujhay ahsaas ye hoa k bohut ziada selective hona bhi acha nahi hai kiunk jis quality k yaa jis type k dramas mujhay pasand hain wo kabhi bhi quantity wise ziada dekhnay ko nahi milein gay ab ye haal aa gaya hai k mujh say koi aisa drama dekha hi nahi jata jo pasand say zara saa hut ker ho enjoy kerna tou bohut door ki baat hai mujhay laga hotay hotay ye situation naa aa jye k kuch bhi dekhnay k qabil naa rahoon matlab picture perfect cheezein tou bohut kum milti hain…bus ye khayal bohut scary tha at least for me 😦 …isi liay main nay socha k jo drama zara behter aur qabil-e berdasht lagay sath hi mere fav reviewers main say koi review kray (phir discussion etc k shouq main dekhna asaan ho jata hai ) main oosay ek try zaroor doon di after all pehlay bhi tou dekhti thi bus meri adat khatum ho gai hai…. first try k tor per main nay BILU dekha aur thora bohut disturb honay k ba-wajood main nay bohut ziada enjoy kia 🙂 ab mere hoslay buland thay k yes I can do it LOL ..

        lekin drama choonk merzi kaa nahi hai tou ye “bharhaas round” hotay rehtay hain (kabhi kabhi)… lekin main enjoy ker rahi hoon..jis ki barhi waja aap sub friends kaa sath bhi hai 🙂 ..

        ab ye sub aap ko kiun bta rahi hoon hum sub jantay hain k aap bohut selective hain main aap ki tareef bhi kerti hoon is baat k liay 🙂 …jo aap ki ek tra say speciality hai lekin baat wo hi hai k kisi achi cheez ki excess bhi kabhi nuqsaan dati hai..(ye mera POV hai aap disagree ker sakti hain) lekin ab seriously mujhay feel ho raha tha k aap pehchaan k sath ziada nahi tou ek serial start ker lein jo aap ko current dramas main sub say behter lagay ab wo acha hai yaa nahi is say quta nazer……kiun alug honay k ba-wajood main stream main rehna chahiay ..idea lena chahiay k kaisa kaam ho raha hai..viewers kia pasand ker rahay hain…is liay jab main nay MHMD kaa review dekha tou mujhay bohut khushi hoi 🙂 umeed hai ye silsila jaari rahay gaa thik hai aap break lay lein aur phir beech main updates deti rahein ye bhi chalay gaa 🙂 …nahi main aap ko blame nahi karoon gi k “kithay phunsaa dita aye” aur khud ghaib…obviously ager mujhay acha laga gaa main tub hi continue karoon gi 🙂

        RE: drama reviews/reviewers: well ye mera personal opinion hai k drama k sath sath is per bhi baat honi chahiay k yahan kia aur kis tra kaa kaam ho raha hai? aur thorha feed back reviewer ko bhi milna chahiay k hum as readers kia feel kertay hain jub aap k reviews perhtay hain aur wo kis tra khud ko behter ker saktay hain aur jis cheez main behter hain oos ki khul ker tareef honi chahiay isi liay mera khayal hai main oon chund commenters main say hoon jo reviewers k writing style/presentation ko criticize bhi kertay hain aur jo acha lagay oos ki jitney detail main tareef bhi 🙂 ab mujhay ye nahi pta k reviewers ko ye sub kaisa lagta hai..ager koi mere style per criticize kerna chahta hai ..most welcome 🙂 ..main her baat sunnay ko tayyar hoon

        RE:Substance in the drama: aap nay zgh ki baat ki k oos main tou is per hi lambi debate thi k is main kuch “substance” hai yaa nahi hi baat main nay ki thi k kuch tou hona chahiay baat kernay k liay ..phir substance review main bhi hona chahiay as i said before review hi starting point hai her qism ki discussion kaa…lekin review k naam per epi ki summary ….I am sorry main oosay review nahi maanti 😦 ….is sense main reviewer ko chahiay k dekh bhaal ker selection kray..(ye ek suggestion hai)

        RE:director: is per mujhay baat kerni hai…tou shayed next review per karoon

        RE:SJ: my biggest concern 😦 ..sirf in ki waja say main nay itna time laga dia is drama ko strart kernay main…aur kitni resistance thi mere ander main bta nahi sakti…main aap say disagree karoon gi mere khayal say in kaa best kaam DeM main tha…in per gharib lower middle class walay characters suit nahi kertay aap ko nahi lagta in kaa thorha posh accent hai even Urdu main bhi…aur DeM main jo character tha wo in per suit bhi ker raha tha wo simple innocent naïve lerhki thi lekin expressive tou dialogues ziada honay ki waja say ziada emote nahi kerna parha unlike MSKSH aur ab yahan…problem ye hai k in kaa face expressionless yaa same expression liay rehta hai jo dekhtay hoay bohut irritate kerta hai..I think jaisay hum understand ker rahay hain k abhi ye new hain in ko bhi chahiay k ghor kren k kis qism kaa kaam in per suit kerta hai tou thora experience gain kernay tak bohut ziada experimentation say guraze kren..baqi comparison with others..well wo meri bharhas kaa hissa tha oos ko ignore ker den 🙂


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