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Life is easily summed up in two words – beginning and ending. Book-ended between these two innocuous words is that which makes each of us unique and our experiences individual. p14Why then is it that generation after generation all daughters hear the same things from their mothers: shaadi ki saheeh umar, accha rishta, ameer gharana, tameezdaar mature shohar, tumhara asli ghar, jaldi bacchey, pehla beta?  Why is what was right for her mother p1deemed to be right for Laila as well? Why do socio-cultural conventions dictate that all women’s lives follow a set pattern, a one-size-fits-all road map for life? Why is it for others to decide what constitutes a “good” marriage and what is the “right” time to procreate? Why does marriage turn a suljhi hui beti into a na-samajh bahu? Why is a wife is expected to khayal rakho of her shohar’s sehat and help him succeed in his career p2when he is not accountable for his benign negligence? Why does a woman’s road map only highlight adjustment and accommodation? Where is the space for her desires, dreams and expectations? Is Laila wrong in wanting Mansoor to appreciate her taiyyari? Is sharing a shawl, an occasional moment of intimacy enough to heal the hurt of seeing her carefully gathered roses strewn around her feet?

Hiding behind a tremulous smile and her eyes wet with unshed tears p10Laila struggles to come to terms with this new phase of her life. She is deemed lucky to have landed a catch like Mansoor, why then is this so hard? Hadn’t her mother told her that marriage would complete her? Was her mother wrong, were sab loag wrong? Tellingly juxtaposed against Laila’s confusion is Kuku’s pain. Unlike the younger girl, Kuku had flown in the face of societal norms. She p18forged her own path, but life is not a bed of roses for her either. Saddled with a man-child Kuku has no one to complain to or blame, he was her choice. She had thought with time he would grow up, but Khurram turned out to be a louse, happy to play chef and court jester while expecting her to support him. Looking at the scenario from Khurram’s perspective Kuku has nothing to complain about. After all isn’t this what all aurats out there want? Itni progress, apna business, a supportive shohar… aiwein aurtein shor machati rehti hain yeh nahin ho raha woh nahin ho raha…

What an aurat wants is a huge question, and certainly not one that a twerp like Khurram can even begin to answer. Forget about him, even Kuku and Laila find themselves asking the same question: What do they want? One followed convention the other did not. Laila has familial support Kuku does not. Why is it then that despite their different circumstances both women are equally lonely and hurting? p11Kuku’s Khurram is lost in his me-myself-n-I world whereas Laila’s Mansoor is callousness personified. He might be with Laila but thinks of Kuku. Honeymooning with his wife, he expects his lover to hear him out. Kuku loves fish, but it is Laila whom Mansoor mollifies. Whereas Laila is bound by social do’s and don’ts Kuku has freed herself from those bonds, why then does she envy Laila her conventional honeymoon? Why does her heart break at the thought of children she might never have? Is there really a difference then between a khaas and an ‘aam aurat or for that matter a mazboot and a mazloom aurat? Looking at Laila and Kuku doesn’t seem like there is much to choose between them. Why then are these labels used to pit one woman against the other?

Smack dab in the middle of these two ladies is the ever-so mysterious Mrs Khan. p9Dressed in hot pink, matronly pearls and full makeup (so much taiyyari subah subah?!) this woman always brings with her food for thought, literally. Khao. Dekho kitna cream se bhara hua, meetha aur crunchy… a perfect prescription for an insaan jo subah subah itna ghum kha kar nidhal ho raha hai . Barely disguised here is the advice she offers Kuku: Follow your heart’s dictates. But then isn’t this the same woman who had advised her to khayal rakho of her khoobsurat and qeemti zindagi? Fascinating and thought provoking though every character is, it is Mrs. Khan who intrigues me the most. Does she even exist or is she a manifestation of an inner dialogue that goes on within all of us, that other voice that plays the devil’s advocate?

Yes, I am enthralled by Pehchan. Bee Gul’s story is laden with meaning, p15every word every gesture invites further exploration. Khalid Ahmad’s translation of the story, from the pages to the screen, is accomplished with seemingly effortless ease. Every scene is so beautifully composed that it becomes hard to pick one over the other. Like we saw in Talkhiyan, here too stairs are variously employed to add visual texture to the  onscreen narrative. Whether it is Laila calling after Mansoor or him carelessly shoving her aside, or the visual emphasis on the emotional distance between Kuku and Khurram, each time stairs are used tell a story rather than ignored as mere background scenery. The cinematography and lighting continue to impress.

Impressive too are the actors. Iffat is brilliant – no other words for her. I feel Kuku’s pain, her frustrations her anger, all feelings beautifully expressed through her expressions and body language. Alishba is another one who is simply exquisite. The delicacy with which she conveys young Laila’s confusion and hurt is heart wrenching. Sohail Sameer, yes I had a hard time with him in the fp5irst couple of episodes, but his duplicitous Mansoor has won me over. No, not that way! Mansoor is very much there on my hit list, just that Sohail is very convincing as the rough-around-the-edges-charmer. Fawad Khan is another one who has converted me to his side. He was so good as the court jester. Watching him in action today I alternated between fits of laughter and wanting to hit him on the head with a frying pan, and a hot one at that. Kiya cheez hai yeh Khurram! Parveen Malik, Qazi Wajid and Sumbul Shahid don’t have much to say, but their scenes leave a lasting impact. Loved the sparring of the samdhans, ek ser tau doosri sava ser. And of course can’t end without a huge shout out to the pata-nahin-hain-bhi-ke-nahin Mrs. Khan, excellently played by Anita Camphor. Pehchan would not be Pehchan without her. Coffee, donuts, cream biscuits, muft mashwaras, hot gossip, haircut dates, Mrs. Khan, can you be my BFF?!

Gaining strength with every episode this one is turning out to be quite the serial. Well played Team Pehchan!

 Written by SZ~


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  1. @SZ what a brilliant review! I loved the episode but how you summed up the on screen narrative and its deeper meaning really helped me focus..
    btw as i was reading ur review i was thinking why are we only talking about the aurat. As much as i find the two shohars complete morons arent they also worth discussing.. Like laila, didnt mansoor also give into social norms, amma ke faisle ke age majboor.. isnt he just as much of a mazboot mard on surface but kamzor within, much like kuku…? and our one and only khurram breaking norms like kuku (marrying a much older woman and ditching his family for her), but isnt he also in the same boat as laila trying to win over/ please his wife who is in love with a married man…He is also trying to work out she loves me, she loves me not.. or atleast one day she will love me… Isn’t kuku doing the same to her hubby that Mansoor is doing to his wife? As high as these two men are on my hit-list, as i was reading the questions u posed in ur review i was thinking arent these men human too? why do we only look at the aurats perspective?
    Mrs khan : aap ke kiya kehne.. honestly she cant be for real!!!.. how can she dress up in hot pink pants with bright blue socks and pearls??.. woh bhi subah subah!!!?,.. no wonder kuku spoke her heart out.. A shock such as this will get anyone talking!!! jokes aside like u, i just love mrs khan’s scenes.. biscuits khana pina.. zindagi maut.. seriousness.. dil ki sunn lo/ uss ki sunn lo.. i mean woman is a real agony aunt! and one jiss ko sawal karne ki bhi zrurtat nahin hai..! and not only she got kuku eating she got her talking too!!!…
    I really felt for laila… poor thing still trying to work things out.. a tiny flicker of hope brings that glee.. he loves me.. but Mansoor mian doesnt let that last for long.. btw he did take her pics!! that made me happy too.. i was literally smiling with Laila even though i know what a jerk mansoor really is! ..goes to show Alishba was fab!!!

    Khurram… ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff kia cheez hai yeh!!!!!!!!! what a joker! total clown!!!! as if last weeks dance routine wasnt enough aaj touu hadd hi karr di!!! the way he was going on with the baby baby and jaan jann..and esp those pleas…. uuuuffffffffffffffffff!!!!!! what a man-child… kuku, really!? why on earth do u want another baby!!!!!!?? u already have one jo dass pe bhari hai!…& yes i wanted to grab my biggest frying pan too!!! lol… but on a serious note, i did feel for him this time! the guy is total loser and a complete idiot, but he does love kuku… he is trying in his own way to keep kuku happy.. but bechare ko kuch pata hi nahin chalta ke whats driving her away… hes just an ullu! (ullu that should be barae farokht!) it was the first time i actually enjoyed fawad khans acting.. he was too good as a complete lulu of a hubby..
    bohot ho gya.. but jate jate i have to mention one more thing that grabbed my attention.. lailas dad.. hes another one who intrigues me. he reminded me of the dad (qawi) from Durre shahwar who would support his daughter, go all senti and all, but when the pull comes to shove he just followed his wife who has proven herself a pro with family politics and social norms lol.. i wonder if there is a history here too….the way he was doing haan haan with the saas and his wife about kaam and khayal rakhna and phone, wasnt that so different from the dad we saw giving PoW, umar qaid at susral talk to Laila??… Isnt he just as kamzor as mansoor? talking the talk but when it comes to social norms, he goes with whatever’s expected of him…

    • I am all for marrying a younger guy but the guy shouldn’t be a low life loser like Khurrum. I have no idea what Kuku saw in him. Except the only thing working in his favor is, he’s not such a bad singer..but other then that he needs to go as of yesterday!

      • @Ash oh im all up for marrying a younger guy. All i was saying that khurram also broke the norms.. Aise dekhein tou hes more gutsy than mansoor.. No? Lol
        But yes the question remains why kuku married this joker.. Heres what i think.. I think she did this to boost her own ego. She mustve been lonely (and being left alone is one of her biggest fears)… So what better way to marry a young guy who would do anything to make her happy..a complete clown! He had even turned down her money offer in exchange for leaving her.. She pbbly thought a joker like him would keep her happy, but now she realizes she has ‘grown up’, and she didmt need a mindless entertainer, or a puppy dog following her around everywhere.. (Hope its not inappropriate lol).. But if she leaves him now she thinks she will be lonlier than ever before. Abhi tou atleast she can take all her ghussa and frustrations out on him! Lol abb aisa nayab door mat use aur kahan mile ga??? hahahaha

    • Mrs. Khan adds the color in the drama. in all ways possible! Lol. Lets give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe those are her running/yoga pants! 😛 and exercise ke baad, one must have some dessert! 😀

      • @Ash oh love mrs Khan!! Pink pants or not! Lol.. Unle liye sub maaaf hai.. she’s such a good laugh! Itni serious batein aise maze mein lol… Waise it just clicked why all that tyari… It all goes with her conversation. One should follow their heart. Abb unn ka dil chaha itna tyar hone ka tou kisi ko uss se kya! (Yani ke ppl lile me lol) So what if she wants to wear pearls with her jogging pants.. And shocking pink with bright blue socks.. What if she wants to look like a pastry.. It pbbly represents breaking the norms… Following her hearts desire.

        • True that she was all funky.. Showing colors of life to kuku 🙂 she is much needed in every episode for great booster..

    • @FA: good thing to see from men’s perspective too but what they are doing is all the actions while the ladies are just showing their reactions.. Nhn??

    • @FA @Ash @Rehmat @Atty and @RJ: IA tomorrow detail responses to your fab comments .. @FA: LOL you got me thinking with that question.. let me get back to you tom araam se 🙂

    • @FA: kia baat hai aap ki 🙂 …nice mazay-daar analysis..bohut lutf aya…aur bara interesting point raise kia hai ji bilkul why not ab in merd hazraat per bhi kuch baat ho jye… main SZ k jawab ko dekh ker apni baat kahoon gi tab tak zara is baray main sochoon jo aap hamesha kehti hain k “main nay is tra is baray main nahi socha tha” wo aaj main kahoon gi 😉

    • @FA: Sorrryyy!!! Next time around you are the first person I respond to!

      To respond to your excellent point abt why just the focus on the two women ..I agree it would seem so, but I just went back and read my past reviews and in my third ep review, like you mentioned in your response to @RJ, I too had commented abt Kuku saying:

      “This is a woman who is hurting, who walks down memory lane remembering those happy times. When and where did it all start to go wrong? When did her charming lover turn into this cruel man? Even as she asks these questions of herself, one does wonder whether she realizes that it is not just Mansoor who has changed. She too is no longer the same girl who laughed and joked with careless abandon. Isn’t she playing games as well? Isn’t she using her self-absorbed husband as an an unwitting pawn in this battle of wits with Mansoor? How different are they from each other? Won’t she be equally implicated in the pain that is soon to unfold on an unsuspecting, completely innocent Laila?”

      So, not giving Kuku a free pass at all. As for not seeing the men as mazloom, I have thought about that point and I would say at this point we dont have enough info about either Mansoor or Khurram. We only heard voiceovers from these two in the first or the second ep I think, since then the focus has been on the two women and though the men are very much there in the narrative, they have been sidelined as far as hearing their voice is concerned. We have no clue why Mansoor agreed to this marriage, we saw him living with Kuku, but if he loved herso much gave her a ring etc, what happened then? We know hes the only son and the mom tends to go along wit whatever he says, so why wouldnt he push for marriage with Kuku? Not quite sure if he’s kamzor … he;s definitely not mazboot that we’ve seen.. but I would like to see more of him before I have a firm opinion about him.

      Similarly on the Khurram front, we have no clue what hes doing? Why did he not pay the bills on time? I thought he had spent it here and there, but apparently he had the money to go pay them. Also, dont think hes a complete dodo, I think hes sharp enough to bide his time. But so far yes, you and @ Atty have a valid point, it does look like Laila and Khurram are the victims here. Laila def is being used, because we’ve seen her back story, but Khurram .. hmmm not sure … he’s a slippery character.. all that OTT gana and the banging of the omelette plate tells me hes not as much of an Allah miyan ki gaaye as he’s pretending to be …

      Re: the dad. again you bring up a valid point… and again we know nothing about him. We know Laila’s parents had a love marriage, but the way he is now, so laid back n all, I do wonder if it was indeed a love match as the mom thinks of it … can you see him defying his family to bringing in a wife whom his family disliked?

      As it is I was looking forward to this latest ep, but now after refreshing my memory by reading all the various observations and analyses I have to say I’m totally in the Pehchan mode now .. looking fwd!

      • @SZ aray nahin yaar! no worries! And i appreciate the trouble u went through. Loved your detailed response.
        Yes, I remember that comment now! so u planted that seed in my brain to begin with lol..
        and yes, we dont know as much about the men as yet.. but my question is are we (the audience) programmed in a way where we tend to go with our sympathies for a particular sort? why cant we give the others some benefit of doubt?
        re mansoor kamzor: i didnt mean hes kamzor as such, but he has a kamzor streak much like kuku.. kamzor as in he couldn’t stand up to his mother/ not marry laila just for the sake of it/ just to go with the norms …
        re khurram: yes i dont think hes a complete dodo lol.. i get a feeling that hes carrying this visage.. maybe because of his reference about kuku liking him as her clown.. he wants to keep her happy.. but yes hes no gayee or gadha.. he might have his own reasons to keep her happy..
        Re dad & love marriage: haan! i wonder!

  2. oh haan btw why was laila drying her perfectly dry, blow dried and styled hair with a towel?? lol… and although (shukr hai) she ditched the heels, she decided to go out for a walk in the snow in her geele baal…. well soggy ballet pumps (not to mention with zero grip), apparently geele baal and snow..perfect recipe for catching a cold!! what were u thinking laila bibi? if u r after some sympathy votes and TLC from hubby sahab, i can tell u now, that aint’ happening!!! lol..
    and saasu maas blue slippers.. yuk!

    btw enjoyed how they summed up the episode.. both men working on laptops.. khurram trying to gain his wife’s attention, while mansoor is hiding behind his laptop when his wife longs for his attention… ATh the end of the day, how similar yet how different are the two couples… they r all pretending to be getting on with their lives but no one is happy…

    • @FA: hahahahah i noticed the same and was like wow ye bare maze hain :p laila k bajae i was feeling cold specially when she made snow ball.. I was like ufff ek tou shower plus no warm clothes as such and ab barf me haath daalna.. 😀

    • @FA @Rehmat: Lol! Choro yaar, dont make fun of my little Laila.. ek to pehley hi she has an issue-zada hubby and a jalebi jaisi saas and ab you guys make fun of her wet/dry hair and what not! Waisey bacchi hai na, isliye maybe she thought ke beemar go gayee tau maybe hubby will wrap her in his shawl .. no harm in dreaming! You know of all his moronic harkats the one that really got to me was when he casually tossed out that bit abt fish being her favorite food. What an a**! And woh bechari khush bhi ho gayee thi! 😦

      Haan saas sahiba needs to know blue is not her color and neither should she be happy ke she pulled one over Laila’s mom with her non-Kashmiri shawl. Laila’s mom is a smart cookie and she knew perfectly well ke aunty ji’s shawl was far from Kashmiri, but wah what a zabardast dinner table scene that was!

      Yes, the two tracks have been integrated so seamlessly and best of all so naturally ke you hardly feel ke oh this was actualy designed to be this way .. a huge round of applause for BeeGul!

  3. Salaams SZ, once again, a fantastically written review. I read your reviews in order to understand the significant meanings in each episode, otherwise I wouldn’t know what Mrs. Khan’s dialogues imply or what is the purpose of stairs is. Thank you once again. Although Pechaan’s storyline is nothing unique, it portrays the rough sides of marriage beautifully. It deeply explores characters and their situations. Iffat Omer was brilliant when she was crying on why she and Khurram have’t gone on a honeymoon. On one side, one can say why is Kuku crying so much on such a small matter but then I understood that a honeymoon is part of one’s married life and that event didn’t exist in Kuku’s married life. However, this is what I don’t get- why didn’t Mansoor talk to his mother about wanting to marry Kuku? Was it because of the mother’s pressure on Mansoor?
    I really want Kuku to get a divorce from Khurram, stop thinking of Mansoor and find another man who can keep her happy.

      • Agree with u Ash totally.. But our society just cant leave them alone.. One has to be really strong enough to ignore fuzool baatein ppl do

        • well Ash the reality is that a woman desires to have a healthy marital life instead of living with a crazy man like Khurram; although it’s also a good idea to live alone with a strong will and positivity

    • @Aisha: Wasalam 🙂 Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying the serial and my reviews. Yes Iffat was fab in that scene, I really felt my heart breaking for her as she was trying to explain her issue to Khurram. Waisey as I was looking at Khurram’s expressions, and his explanation about her early arrival and his breakfast plan etc, I did wonder if Kuku’s melancholy was also aggravated by Khurram’s dimwitted-ness.. I would have been so aggravated by him and his non stop chatter at that time! Yes! I too would like Kuku to get rid of Khurram, but lets see .. we are only in the first quarter of the serial, so plenty more to go. Also, I am sure there is a lot more yet to be revealed abt Kuku and Mansoor’s relationship, or for that matter even Kuku and Khurram so lets see what the next ep holds in store for us 🙂

  4. Hi SZ you writes so nicely that I can understand the detail of the play. This episod was like you are reading a lovely book that you donot want to put down. And I read everybody’s input . I am enjoying this drama A big Thank you to writer and the director. Tall tan handsome man is very selfish ( mansoor) but convincing. Kuku ‘ s expressions are so good . Everybody is doing great job . What I will do without Mrs. Khan? Thanks for explains about stairs ,SZ you are amazing writer god bless you!

    • @Ranjan: Indeed, what a well-put analogy! Indeed watching Pehchan is like reading a lovely book, an illustrated one at that. It is such a treat to watch this one.. the setting, the story, the acting, the background score, everything comes together really well. Yes, Iffa and Sohail Sameer are very good as is Alishba, Laila. And yes! Mrs Khan is the best!! I need a friend like her! 🙂 Its a credit to the writer director when every character has a place in the narrative and here so far we have not seen even one extra person around. There is a reason for everybody’s being there and they all contribute equally to the story, which is sadly becoming increasingly rare these days. And thank you for the kind words. I;m glad that my review helps enhance your appreciation of this serial.

      Lets see what next week holds in store for us!

  5. A review written ever so eloquently! My sentiments exactly. Enjoyed the episode in terms of story. But this drama is def not for the everyday crowd. People who are used to the same story told ten different ways will have a difficult time trying to understand this drama and put in the time and effort to understand the depth. I guess for that we can thank your review! 🙂

    Some things I enjoyed: The visual effects, the beautiful Murri. Laila’s wardrobe, well the shawls more then wardrobe, the red roses that fell after stupid Mansoor pushed her, her yellow / mustard heels in the first scene, although not sure if they went well w her outfit.

    Things that need to go: Khurrum, Khurrum Khurrum, He is really a pain to watch. His annoying “baby” dialogues. His ugly plaid shirts. Mansoor’s conniving mother, Mansoor’s hot and cold attitude towards his wife, especially when she was clearly asking for his attention all dolled up and he didn’t even bother to turn around. I am sure it broke her heart a lil, just like when the roses fell out of her hand when he so carelessly pushed her to the side.

    The back and forth between the two women, was a bit hard to swallow. Why must Laila’s mother suck up to Mansoor’s mom so much, ke it all seems so fake. Just for the sake of her daughter’s happiness? Has nothing at all changed for a married woman in Pakistan. She’s just been married a few weeks and her mom is already talking about offsprings and that too have a son first to make things fall into place at your in laws! Is this all for real??? If they continuously show this stuff on tv, how will the ordinary person move on from them?

    Mrs. Khan says all the right words. Life is indeed a joke, and the only truth is death, and that too with a great big smile and a pastry in her hand! She surely has the recipe for a happy life. Careless husband, evil in laws, who the heck really cares right! Kudos to Mrs. Khan.

    I still cannot figure out Kuku, and why she cannot leave her cuckoo husband behind and move on….

    • @Ash: enjoyed reading your comment n totally agree with u.. Exactly laila has been married a few weeks and mother asks tumhe kab se horaha he.. Goodness lady ur clearly more desperate than laila in everything.. Marriage/children and her wah wah of larke wale puts me so down :/

  6. Amazing review SZ.. Jitni achi episode utna acha review..

    I dont know why but i like every new episode more than previous one.. This latest installment served all the ingredients of full on entertainment.. Starting with Laila getting happy on her pictures being clicked.. Showed how actually she gets content on small little things.. One could highly relate to of the most realistic characters i have seen.. The way that oh so called samajhdar mansoor carelessly moved her to side and how she was unable to talk to his baba specially.. It moved me even to tears.. Wanted to give her big hug and A big punch to that idiot..

    I agree how they have shown both couples life simultaneously is applause worthy… The small things that make us want to do after marriage, sharing small things, being appreciated by husband, giving all updates after returning from some event, these all were something Laila wanted to do but in return she had to do unwanted… I think laila also needs mrs.khan food of thoughts.. It will help her big time 🙂

    Like they are helping kuko in some way or other.. Kuku who feels so lonely and depressed… And to add more michain on her zakhms are khuram irritating acts.. Goodness he is indeed a joker.. But i could feel there is more to him beside just making plans and khiyali pulao.. kuku’s tears made me go like haath paon phuull jaana..

    Best scene has to be as always between mrs khan and kuku… How right mrs khan is… Life is literally a joke.. And as u say SZ pata nh mrs khan hain bhi ya nhn.. 😉

    The samdhies scene was so refreshing.. Liked those fake talks between lol.. Have witnessed such things happening in real life too.. 😀

    • @Rehmat: beautiful analysis 🙂 ..mujhay be-hud acha laga kitni minute details bhi aap nay notice ker k share keen..bilkul laila k baray main sahi observe kia ..choti choti cheezein oos ko khushi deti hain 🙂 jo baat last epi main me keh rahi thi lekin is baar khud bhool gai ab aap k kehnay per main nay bhi oos scene k actual meaning ko samjha hai tou pics aur shawl sharing say ye hi explain kernay ki koshish ki gai thi …bilkul mujhay bhi lagta hai kukoo ki tra laila bhi mrs khan ki advisory service say bohut jald mustafeed hona wali hai 🙂 aur hona bhi chahiay oosay zaroorat bhi hai bulk humein bhi mrs khan ko thora aur dekhnay ki khahish hai 😉 …aur shadi k baad couples ki life main sharing ki kitni importance hai.. bohut hi valid point raise kia hai thanks tou poori epi main nay review aur comments ki help say samjhi hai 🙂 ..pta nahi is baar dimagh kahan tha lekin mujhay acha laga k kis tra sub k different POVs mil ker over all understanding main izafa kertay hain

      • @RJ: yaar apne tou sharminda kardya itni tareef karke 🙂 but seriously thank you so much.coming from such amazing commentator it means alot 🙂

    • @Rehmat Yesss!! that phone call.. i felt for Laila.. i could feel a knot in my own throat too! poor laila.. shes the only innocent party in this mess..
      re the samdhan talk: i could just hear them both thinking aisi bhi koi khaas shawl nahin hai.. lol.. that makhkhanbazi!!! but what was most interesting was the daddy ji joining in too, going all haan haan and ji ji!!!
      i also think theres more to him.. the laptop scene where he announces his khiyali palo yet again, u can almost see deflate at kuku’s zero reaction… no? he thinks he is playing a joker to make kuku smile but even that doesn’t make her happy anymore.. not that he deserves mumch sympathy after all the bill ke paise harap karna and all the rest, i couldnt help but thinking about his fears… he is just as lonely as kuku…come to think of it, arent they both dishonest ti each other one way or the other…(khurram and money, kuku with Mansoor).. uff i cant believe itni hamdardi kahan se umand umand ke aa rah hai mujh mein lol.

      • @FA: u know what ur point abt khurram all happy abt being joker for kuku has stuck a chord with me… N this makes me to know more abt him… How he feels and what he thinks…
        Hahaha at daddy joining in… It seemed he was enjoying his biryani more 😉

  7. I have managed to watch 5 episodes and this drama is just not holding my attention and I was really looking for the return of the Talkiyaan team (which was a brilliant brilliant drama).

    I just find it too slow and I know it’s slowness has been appreciated but I am constantly forwarding it, I think I will keep reading the reviews and if it picks up may give it another shot.

    • @Salma: 😦 I has been hoping you would be joining us on this ride, but yeah I hear you. I am loving it, but a couple of other friends, who also loved Talkhiyan, found this too slow for their liking.Thanks though for sharing your thoughts..I’ll have to tell my friends there are others who feel similarly 🙂
      Yes, that’s a great idea, please do keep reading and perhaps give it a shot in another few weeks. Maybe if you watched a few eps together it might hold your interest better.

  8. SZ.What brilliant review.I must confess as much as I look forward to the next episode( I know I have acted in it and know the story but watching it on air has it’s own magic) I look forward to your review and all the comments.It’s such a pleasure to have intelligent viewers,And you all are dot on about the feelings,intricacies and unsaid messages.

    • HI Ms. Omar that was nice of you to appreciate the viewers . You are wonderful actress , in this drama you really remind me of Shabana Aazmi . Say big thank you to PAHECHAN TEAM. Thanks.

    • @Iffat Omar: thank you so much for also acknowledging us commentators 🙂 no one could have played kuku as brilliantly as you are portraying … Keep it up the good work and very best of luck 🙂

    • @Iffat: Thank you for reading and commenting! Now I’ll be walking around with a smile the whole day long 🙂 Its such a pleasure to watch and share my thoughts about this serial. Love Bee Gul’s script, Khalid Sb’s direction and then you guys… all of you have made the characters come alive. so beautifully that its hard not to feel their pain and frustration and share their joys. Kuku is so complicated but you’ve done a fabulous job with her. It would be so easy to see Kuku as a driven, self-centered, or an immoral woman but you play her with such dignity and grace that its hard to not feel for her. She has a spine of steel but then its balanced out by a palpable sense of fragility which keeps her from turning into a bitter hard woman. All these character traits are probably easier to write than perform so full marks to you for playing her so well. You and Bee Gul and Khali Sb make a great team. Looking forward to seeing more of Kuku’s story unfold.

      It is to the credit of the entire Pehchan team that though we are only five eps in it seems like we’ve known these ppl forever. As you can see we have already formed some very strong opinions about all the characters LOL!

      And since we here love behind the scenes stories, if you have time we would be delighted if you could join in our discussions, share some fun stories with us, any memorable incidents or anything in particular that you love about your character, etc.

      Looking to forward to hearing more from you as we continue our journey with Pehchan 🙂

    • @Iffat Omar lovely to hear from you. Its nice to know that you join in with us waiting for the next episode. I have heard from some actors who never watch the play on-screen when its aired. Next time i’m watching ill know u r there watching it with us!
      We will be looking forward to hearing more behind the scenes stories and insight. btw id love to hear from u how much fun u had shooting those silly dance routines with khurram and his never ending plea.. they were irritating us as audience like mad, i wonder how u managed to keep a straight face lol.. woh bhi itna serious, with all the pain and frustration thats bottled up inside kuku…You were fab!

  9. “nazzaa-ray ne bhi kam kiya vaan naqab ka
    masti se har nigah tere rukh per bikhar gai”

    Husen dekhnay wali aankh ko kheera ker daita hai matlab baaz dafa husn apni tamaam ter hasher samaaniyon k sath kuch is tra jalwa ger hota hai k dekhnay walon say oon ki dekhnay ki ability hi cheen laita hai ..basaa-rut oos ki aab-o tab k agay haar jati hai iss ki sab say aala aur arfaa tareen misaal tou koh-e toor per hazrat mousa (A.S) kaa jalwa-e khuda ki taab naa laa ker be-housh ho jana tha….lekin dunya main aam insaanon k dermiyaan bhi aisay maam-laat hotay rehtay hain aur ye hi mazmoon ghalib nay is sher main pesh kia hai k nazzara hi naqab yaani perda ban gaya kiun mehboob k chehray per perhnay wali nigaah husn ki tapish say split ho ker ek naqaab (veil) ki soorat mehboob k chehray per bikher gai..yaani ashiq ki aankh basarut say mehroom ho gai (sher difficult tha socha explain ker doon 🙂

    ji nahi main kisi ghalat fehmi kaa shikaar nahi mujhay maaloom hai ye “Pechaan thread” hai koi poetry related site/page nahi..phir ye sub kiunk likh rahi hoon?..bataati hoon aur ab aap say humderdi ki talab gaar bhi hoon oos zulm k khilaaf jo mujh per hoa hai…ji haan mere dekhnay ki nahi sochnay ki ability (jis mere liay “kabhi” ba-isay fakher aur “akser” ba-isay shermindagi ban jati hai) ..sulb ho gai..ghaib ho gai..gum ho black out hai…aur last 3 days say ye hi haal hai “jab” say ye review perha hai

    Plzzz SZ ji itna acha mut likha kren k hum jaisay naa-tawan berdaasht hi naa ker sakein..mera mind bilkul khaali hai aur bilkul ghalib k is sher wali halut hai aur aap k liay kia kahoon abhi is sher ko lihtay hoay main ye ghazal hi pernay beth gai (meri fav hai 😉 tou is kaa pehla sher mujhay is review aur aap k style k hawalay say be-hud munasib laga
    “Dil se teri nigah jigar tak utar gai
    donon ko ik ada mein razamand kar gai”
    ji aap ek hi ada main dil dimagh sab ko khush ker deti hain sab satisfied hotay hain emotional level per bhi aur logically bhi 🙂 jahan main aap k style ko enjoy kerti hoon wahin aap k words/lines itnay meaings itni depth liay hoay hotay hain jo meri soch samajh main izafa tou kertay hain lekin sath sath in per ghor-o fiker be-hud painful realities ko samnay lata hai bus kia kahoon is baar aap nay rulaa dia aur ager aap mujhay personally jantin tou samajhtin k ye kaam kitna mushkil hai…”tou ghum ro parha aur khushi ki aankhon main aansoo aa gai” is waqt bhi aankhein bhari hoi hain bus aur kuch nahi kehna chahti….

    is review k introduction main uthaiy janay walay sawalaat ..main nay apni life kaa bara hissa in hi sawalaat k jawab dhoond-nay main laga dia lekin in say main kisi ka jawab hasil naa ker saki sirf ye samajh aye “baaz hotay hain sawal aisay jin kaa hota nahi jawab koi “..yaa khaatir khaa jawab nahin hota jo dil aur dimagh dono ko satisfied ker day shayed yahan say hi practical aur idealist logon k raastay juda hotay hain..practical log laila ki maan jaisay aur adershi oos k baba jaisay…lekin aap nay last time bhi kaha tha k laila ki upbringing bohat balanced hai kiunk is main dono tra k rung miltay hain..per main aap say disagree karoon gi (finally ..yaahoooo 😉 ..aap ek waqt main ek hi tra kaa insaan ban saktay hain jaisay is waqt ho raha hai ..shadi say pehlay laila idealism yaa apnay khaabon ki baat kerti thi ab practical honay ki koshish ker rahi hai wo kabhi bhi dono kaam ek sath nahi ker rahi thi isi tra kukoo pehlay practical aur ab oosi per nadim aur pachtaway ka shikaar..tou hum jo balance ki baat kertay hain kia ye bhi practical hai yaa ye bhi ek tra ki aadershi soch hai?

    Pehchaan her epi k sath behter say behter ho raha hai (such kahoon tou mera dil nahi hai is epi per baat kernay ko….bus lagta hai k aap nay is tasveer ko jaisay pesh kia hai mere liay itni complete aur perfect hai k main apni terf say kuch izafa karoon gi tou is ki khoob soorati main ferq aa jye gaa..phir bhi ye soch ker k baaz dafa humara sath bhi dosray k liay hoslay aur himmat kaa sabab hota hai main thora bohat likh rahi hoon 🙂 umeed hai samjhein gi k artists wala dimagh hai matlab moody aur zubaan journalists wali aur dil shairon wala 😉

    Kukoo yaar is husband numa clown kaa kaa room hi change ker do…touba is hud tak koi be-zaar ker sakta hai mera nahi khayal ..kukoo meds lay rahi thi mera dil chaah raha tha main bhi 2 pain killer khaa loon oos ki constant bakwaas say mera khoon ubel raha tha lekin yahan main fawad khan ko credit doon gi shuru main mujhay ye koi khaas nahi lagay thay per ab ager is character mere ander nafrat/ghussa/be-zaari jaisay reactions paida kernay main kaam yaab hai tou definitely writer k sath actor kaa bhi is main bohar bara hath hai ab koi shikayut nahi aur end wala scene tou waqai mazay kaa tha ..a perfect clown kia baat hai

    question of the day..laila aur mansoor ko mothers k muqabilay main winner kon ho gaa .last time M’ ami jaan ka palla bhari tha tou is baar laila ki mom nay sari kaser poori ker di….ye na ho in ki takraar main qazi sahib baazi lay jyn…lekin dono characters ko perfectly likha aur pesh kia gaya hai ek lerkay ki maan ka gharoor nakhra tun-tana aur leki ki maan ki khushamed /baat sambhalna /mouqay ki nazakut ko dekh ker baat badalna ..perfect..full marks 🙂

    alishba bhai kamal ker dia..jis tra ek newly wed lerki ko oos k tamaam emotions/feelings/fears/confusions k sath show kia hai amazing aur fone call scene awaz main anso-oon ka bohat mushkil hai aisa role kerna jis main dialogues say ziada body language aur expressions k zeriay acting kerni hai kahoon aap ko..aap k liay aurat ek khilona hai is liay jab mood hoa khel lia aur jab dil jhatuk dia..isi liay laila bhi confuse hai…kukoo k kehnay per chor denay kaa maqsed kia ek phir ye ishara hai k all roads lead to home ..aurat kahin bhi jye wapis palut ker wahin ati hain jo oos ka thikana hai is case main jahan oos k dil ka thikana hai tou mansoor ko maaloom hai k ye ek din mere paas hi aye gi…lekin kukoo k janay per bhi oos ka khayal mansoor k dil say nahi gaya .aur wo sari frustration laila per nilkli

    kukoo kia chahti hai? kia oosay umeed thi k oos k kehnay per waqai ansoor oos ko janay day gaa? ya oos ko rokay gaa mera khayal hai k abhi kukoo ye hi chahti hai k mansoor oos k paas baar baar aye wo os ko reject kerti rahay shayed isi tra wo apni zakhmi ego ko kisi hud tak satisfied ker sakay..lekin iffat was so good..kukoo k sense of loss/ depression/frustration/sadness/loneliness ek ek emotion ko iffat nay be-hud kamal k sath pesh kia hai..iffat apnay ek scene main hi aisa tasur chorh daiti hain k epi k baad bhi wo zehun main der tak qaim rehta hai aur end main jis tra mrs khan ko dekha uff itni cute bilkul gulehri lag rahi thin innocent 🙂

    sab say best scene ek baar phir mrs khan ayr kukoo k dermiyan k scenes na sirf achay likhay gai hain bulk iffat aur anita ji ki onscreen chemistry ki jitni bhi tareef ki jye kum hai..khaas tor per anita camphor …mere paas lafz nahi hain is character/actor dono k liay 🙂 ek side role ko itna amazingly perform kia hai ek scene bhi poori epi per bhaari perh jata hai apnay tasur k hawalay say…mrs khan my most fav character ..ek baar phir oosi wisdom k sath ayn aur kukoo ko guide kia…I think zindagi qeemti hai matlab k isay dosron k liay waste mat kren aur sanjeeda nahi hai matlab is main anay wali problems ko ziada seriously mut lein kiunk ek waqt humein jo problems bohar bari nazer ati hain kuch arsay baad hum khud apnay ooper hunstay hain k wo bhi koi baat thi jis k liay hum itnay preshaan thay aur ye is liay kiunk in ki jaga ziada bari problems nay li hoti hai aur ye cycle isi tra chalta rehta hai..jaisay kisi k liay wazum kum kerna hi sahjeeda tareen baat hai lekin kisi dosry k liay koi aur..phir isi main kertay kertay mout aa jati hai tou pta chalta hai asal haqeeqat tou ye thi aur baqi sab fazool batein… jin k peechay sari life guzaar di ek dum be-wuqat lagti hain…jo bhi hai mrs khan bari mazay-daar cheez hain..hamesha fresh lagti hain aur fresh tareen mushwaron k sath hazir hotin hain

    ok ji isi main epi khatum..ab comments ki baari..phir miltay hain..sorry SZ phir late ho gai 🙂 ..ab tou aap adi ho jyn ..class main bhi hamesha late jati thi bus ek min pehlay…berson purani adat hai ab chorni mushkil hai 🙂

    • @RJ re kuku kia chahti hai? why did she turn him away? I dont think it was just to satisfy her own ego. She was trying to forget him, move on and get on with her life..but seeing him once again, (woh bhi apparently happily married, on his honeymoon, while she is bardasht-ing khurram) brought her back to square one. She realized she had failed in forgetting him… I think along with the immense hurt, it was also this sense of failure and her helplessness in this matter that frustrated her, and this triggered that reaction. she didnt have time to think about her ego, she just wanted him gone so she could quickly hide back in her shell, where she was trying to get back on her feet, going back to being ‘mazboot’ again. Seeing him again had made her feel kamzor within, and she didnt want that to surface once again either..
      Re mansoor toying with kuku and laila: waise isnt kuku doing the same to khurram?…thanda garam, taking out mansoors frustrations on khurram.. woh aur baat hai hamare khurram sahab apne khyali pulao mein itne magan hain ke in ko shayad kuch itna zyada pata hi nahin lagta, or atleast he doesnt let it surface lol…And this made me question myself.. Are we (yes, including me lol) sympathising with kuku because kuku is a likable character? does khurram deserve this? if we can turn a blind eye to kuku, why cant we do the same for mansoor? And if we r mad at mansoor, why is kuku getting away with it? is it because unlike kuku, mansoor is hurting another likeable character, laila? does it really matter who is the mazloom / getting hurt? isnt it the action/zulm that matters? do we have double standards? r we biased? why?

      • @FA and RJ and all Ladies, we should have these convos early on in the week or on the weekend so we have enough time to respond to all these interesting points being brought up.:) *note to self: get your act together and respond ASAP*

        @RJ I tend to agree with you on the issue that Kuku’s ego has been hurt, she would’ve liked nothing better to have seen Mansoor sulking or at the very least being visibly torn etc after his marriage, but that said I agree with @FA that is about her insecurities as well. She thought by bringing Khurram back into the pictue and by ignoring Mansoor, not responding to his calls and texts, she was over him, or atleast begining to get over him, but the sight of him standing there was a shock to her system, and the devastating realization that the false sense of comfort that she had lulled herself into believing was nothing more than a mere facade, One sight and all she wants to do is run back into his arms. So she is in a very bad spot here. Ab dekhtey hain .. lagta hai life is just about to get even more complicated for our protagonists here.

  10. @SZ!
    Painter ek tasveer paint krta hai, per us tasveer ko samajhnay aur appreciate krnay ki quality jb tak dekhnay walay me na ho us painting ka maza nahi rehta.. is k muqablay me ek kitaab ko parhna aur samjhna asan hota hai… Ap ka review parhtay huay hamesha ye ehsas hota hai k ap me na sirf tehreer-o-taqreer ko samajhnay ka hunar hai, balkay Paintings ko samajhnay ka bhi hai… the way u noticed use of stairs in this drama is mind blowing…
    Seriously u help us understand the drama even more..
    This episode in fact compared KUKU to Mansoor and Laila to khurram.. the way both Laila and khurram are trying to please their spouses, and how kuku and mansoor are avoiding them… Problem is mismatched weddings, one decided by the couple and other by parents… and team pehchan deserves real applause for beautifully portraying how small differences matter between partners, which no-one other than concerned parties can understand..

    • @Atty:loved your comment 🙂 ..aur tasweer aur book kaa comparison wow..aap ki baat nay mujhay apni terf khencha hai itna k main nay sz k response ka intezaar kiay bina hi apnay khayalaat kaa izhaar shuru ker dia hai 🙂 werna aam tor per main wait kerti hoon k wo pehlay apni baat kahein… aap nay ek bohat hi lateef paraiy main 2 different ways of communication kaa comparison kia hai..ek written/linguistic/ form doosri visual/non-verbal form..well is discussion kaa drama say koi link nahi lekin plz main in per baat kerna chahti hoon kiunk mujhay dono main be-hud interest hai 🙂

      jahan tak mera khayal hai amoomi tor per ye baat thik lagti hai tehreer ziada asaan zaeriya hai apni baat dosron tak pohun-chanay kaa aur is msg ko receive kerna bhi utna hi asaan hai as compared to the non-verbal/asthetic communications… lekin ager gehrai main jaa ker dekhain tou pta chalta hai ye important nahi k aap “kia” tareeqa istemaal ker rahay hain bulk important ye hai k “kis tra” istemaal ker rahay hain ..misaal k tor per ager main apni tehreer main aisi analogies/ metaphors/symbols use kerti hoon jo meri society yaa culture yaa language say nahi bulk kisi ajnabi /na-manoos society/culture/language say lia gaya hai tou bhalay hi main nay ek asan way of communication ko select kia hai lekin oos ko istemaal bohut mushkil tareeqay say kia hai ab perhnay walay ko pehlay oos back ground ko understand kerna ho ga jo meri tehreer k pas-e perda hai werna wo kabhi meri baat nahi samjhay gaa…isi tra tasveer yaa tamaam non-verbal ways of communication i-e images/paintings/dance/sculpture/music etc ko hum baaz dafa bohut easily understand ker laitay hain kiunk hum oos say relate kertay hain culturally/socially/morally most importantly aesthetically …tou is sense main ek difficult way of communication ko asaan bana ker use kia gaya hai..mera khayal hai in the end ye kehnay walay aur smajhnay walay per depend kerta hai

      ek baat aur mujhay lagti hai tasveer apnay tasur main ziada effective hoti hai kiunk is kaa impact sudden hota hai humaray dil-o dimagh per..jab k tehreeh ahista ahista reader ko apni grift main laity hai lekin kis kaa aser der-paa hota hai again ye oos piece or art ki quality per depend kerta hai main nay aisy pictures bhi dekhin hain jo kai saalon mere hafizay main mehfooz hain lekin aisi books bhi perhi hain jin k end tak pohun-chnay say pehlay starting bhool chuki thi 🙂 ..kher lekin aap kaa shukria k aap ki waja say aaj mujhay ek bohut hi different aur interesting topic per baat kernay kaa mouqa mila aur ye hi is forum ki khoobi hai k hum yahan dosron k views/thoughts/experiences/observations say bohut kuch learn kertay hain…SZ ji ager aap k paas time ho tou main off topic hi sahi lekin is per aap ki expert opinion janna chahoon gi 🙂 ye mera bohut fav topic hai 🙂

      Is epi k hawalay say aap ki observation bilkul sahi hai jaisa doosray friends nay bhi point out kia is epi main khurram aur laila kisi hud tak ek hi kashti k sawar nazer aye lekin ye hi pehchaan ki khoobi hai k ye saaray characters ek jaisay hain bhi aur nahi bhi..remember pehlay hum laila aur kukoo ka comparison ker rahay thay phir kukoo aur mansoor ka phir mansoor aur khurram ka aur aaj laila aur khurram kaa 🙂 ..kiunk ye sab human beings hain /real hain/with grey shades aur sab insaan apni tamaam per individuality k ba-wajood feelings/emotions main ek jaisay hotay hain is liay ye characters ek jaisay hain jab similar situations main similar reactions show keraty hain jo human nature k mutabiq hai lekin different bhi hain jab apni zaat ki infradiyut ko show kertay hain

      RE: mismatched couples….good point 🙂 ..agree with u

      • @RJ: Arrey no no, no takalluf please, apni hi blog hai LOL! Aap please itni formal na hon and go ahead and respond I’m coming.. but please dont hold back on my acct .. and yes, would love to read what you have to say to @FA’s comment 🙂

      • @RJ
        Re “kia” v/s “kis tarah” istamal: me apki baat se mutaffiq hun k musannif ya musavir ka kamal apni jaga hai, isi liye tau likhnay ya paint krnay ko “ART” kaha jata hai.. mere nazdeek na sirf ye art hai balkay in ko samajhna bhi ek “HUNAR” hai.. aur us me tasveer ko samajhnay ka hunar nisbatan kum logo k pas hota hai.. merey jaisay na-samajh log tasveer ka overview tau shaed samajh saktay hain, per tasveer me mojood her choti cheez ya expression ka matlab bhi samajhna shaed her ek k liye mumkin nahi hota.. us k liye deep observation ki zarurat hoti hai… 🙂

      • @RJ: No, not off topic, in fact an interesting point to discuss…loved reading your take, @Atty’s response and @Fa’s comment.. three diff points of view and all equally compelling .. now here are my two cents 🙂

        For me all forms of communication, be they verbal, visual,literal, performance based or any other mode, all are equally easy and equally difficult at the same time.If you are a writer, for instance, writing is the most natural and easiest way to communicate. I know writers who cannot string a coherent sentence together when they have to talk about themselves ir their work, You ask them about techniques, writing styles, etc, they would have no clue how to explain it .. it just happens. With time they can improve and sharpen their skills, but inherent style and ability is something that can never be taught, and it is that gift that touches the reader’s soul and makes an impact. Similarly we see with acting. It cannot be taught, but can def be improved and rough edges sharpened, For these natural actors acting is as natural to them as breathing air. Ask any of us to go act and we would have no clue where to begin. Painting is similar case as well… it is a difficult mode of communication, agreed, but only for those of us who are not naturally blessed with that gift. One of my nieces can draw anything, and she’s only six, ab ask me to draw a straight line without a ruler and I am lost.Music is the same way too.

        Whatever the mode of expression may be, these “texts” (using this for whatever is being produced, whether a book, painting, music, performance, etc) does not exist in a vacuum, they are produced within a specific context and and are a sign of the time they is created in. Coded into all these texts are various signifiers and symbols that hold meaning for the person creating that “text” and convey overt and covert messages to the intended audience. Once the “text” is presented to its audience, then it is no longer about the “author’s” msg or vision, rather it is now about the “readers.”
        The relationship between any “text” and its “reader” is an individual one. We take away as much as we want to, Nasir Turabi’s “Woh Humsafar Tha” was written about the fall of Dacca, but for millions of Humsafar fans it is an unforgettable tribute to the legend of Ashar and Khirad. Similarly paintings, I remember my study of Timurid miniatures introduced me to a whole new world of meanings. I had loved miniature paintings before and thought i understood what was going on for the most part, but as time progressed, I realized how little I knew. Similarly, I remember looking up all the paintings again after I had read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

        To respond to your point about a written piece taking a while to have an impact versus a painting that makes an immediate impact, I would say it depends entirely upon the indiv. If you are more exposed to reading, then you learn to savor the written word, exploring and analyzing the text and is subtext, but when you see a painting it is easy to appreciate and move on. But if you come from a visual background then I know people who can stand hours in front of a painting and then come back again and again to study it in greater detail. Having broken my back studying miniatures with a magnifying glass, I can tell you it is just as hard to say oh I understand this painting and I love it or hate it, as it is to say oh I love this book. You have to “read” both “texts” fully to arrive at an informed opinion. Baqi tau any layman can read War and Peace or an Aag Ka Darya in a day and say kya bore tareen kitabein theen, and an uninformed person like me has no problem in calling Mona Lisa a bakwas painting 🙂

        • @SZ ROFL @ Mona Lisa a bakwas painting.. it reminds me of the time when we visited louvre, and my kids were like ‘we came here for this??!!!?’..’but we’ve already seen this in mr Bean’s movie’.. and they were just as satisfied to have spotted the poster in the souvenir shop lol.. similarly my sister, who is an artist, can go on and on how great a painting is, where i cant see the woods for the trees lol!.. so yes it depends on the reader/ audience, what they can decipher and appreciate..

          • @FA: Bas tumhari batiyaan apni doosri khala par nahin, balke apni SZ khala par gayi hain… bohot samjhdar and knowing when to call a spade a spade!! 😉

    • @Atty i totally agree with you. What got me hooked on this blog and especially to SZ’s reviews was this…. It was a Numm review, when i stumbled across SZ’s review and I was impressed! I realized I had actually missed the entire point of the episode which happened to be the core of the entire plot…all coded in visual messages… @SZ remember the stormy night!!!.. just like so, here i had missed the staircase too but thanks to SZ for her explaination!
      @Atty @Rj interesting convo tehreer vs tasveer: I know im digressing here but i wanna just add my two pence here.. I firmly believe when it comes to decoding messages, it depends on person to person. There are ppl who are better at verbal reasoning and then there are others who are better at non verbal reasoning. From what I understand, we use different parts of our brain to deal with different problems/ decoding different messages. Many grammar schools measure intelligence of candidates by testing their verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasonings alongside other skills. Visual processing is also a vital component of iq tests. So where tasveer ko samajhna sab ke bass ki baat nahin, wahan tehreer ko samajhna bhi sab ke bass ki baat nahin… (@ SZ you are an all-rounder for sure!! lol)… And here is where Pehchan deserves a huge round of applause because it has something for everyone! its providing engagement as well as challenge with verbal as well as non verbal reasoning, jhinjor-ing our visual as well as auditory processing skills… (jo btw have gone pretty rusty these days.. thanks to recent lot of dramas lol)

    • @Atty: Apologies for the delayed response but didnt want to get to this latest ep without acknowledging your very sweet words … much appreciated! I am happy to know that my reviews enhance your enjoyment of the episode. That said, it’s not just you who enjoys reading my take on the episode, but I too eagerly wait to read what you all thought. Its always great to read some many different perspectives on the same 38 min how. I loved how you compared Laila and Khurram. So true, they do seem similar, particularly in this episode. And this is what I love about Bee Gul’s screenplay that every scene is mirrored. So whatever is happening in one couple’s life is happening with the another couple as well, albeit in a different way. I saw this ep again yesterday and I noticed so much more of this mirroring effect, but it is to BG and Khalid sb’s credit that they make the narrative flow so smoothly that when we do notice the comparisons and contrasts we feel like we just noticed them, they are not in your face and never make you feel like this has been done purposefully. Lets see how many more parallels we come across in this latest ep… will be looking fwd to your thoughts!

      Btw, aap ki confusion clear ho gayi? Did you start MHMD? Would love to have you join us on that thread as well 🙂

      • @SZ
        no need for apology.. I will also b late in discussions for few weeks, as i m in Pakistan on vacations and busy with family…

        • @Atty: Yaar, mazey! Im sure you’re having a fab time with friends, family and great food .. meri taraf se bhi kuch do chaar acchi cheezain kha lena!Do keep in touch though and drop a line as and when you get time 🙂

        • @Hey! I was thinking ke iss hafte sab kahan ghaib ho gae!!!? Chalo yaar maze karo aur kuch aam hamari taraf se bhi please!!!

  11. @SZ: LOL ..nahi takalluf ki koi baat nahi..bilkul meri blog hai dil-o jaan say own kerti hoon isay 🙂 ..lekin main hamesha say aap k jawabaat kaa wait kerti hoon khud kuch kehnay say pehlay ..2 personal reasons ki waja say..1-ek tra say ye meri aap k liay respect hai ab mentor mana hai tou protocol ka khayal tou rakhna ho gaa naa 🙂 ..tou is ko aisay hi rehnay den…2-aap ki baat kabhi itni complete hoti hai k mere add kernay k liay kuch nahi rehta tou main sochnay say buch jati hoon 😉 aur kabhi kai naye sawal utha deti hai k oos per naye siray say ghor-o fiker kerna perhta hai liay mujhay lagta hai intezaar hi behter hai..mera ye matlab nahi tha k aap koi dictator hain jo apnay say pehlay kisi ko bolnay nahi detin aur naa hi apnay baad 🙂

    • @RJ: LOL! No no, mera yeh matlab bilkul nahin tha… ab aap meri wali baat na karen … main ne socha aap keh ley and ho sakta hai meri baat us main cover ho jaye tau phir merey sochney ki zaroorat hi nahin paregi 😉 And no baba no mentoring nothing, everybody brings something interesting, thought provoking and unique to the table so its all fun… why do i have to be the mentor and be the classroom monitor, much more fun to be one of the gang 😉

      • @SZ: mujhay achi tarah andaza hai aap kis tarah sochti hain yaa khush fehmi hai 🙂 …tou thik hai is baat ko aisay hi chorh ker agay chaltay hain kuch batein “unkahi” ….”unsuni” rahein tou fareeqain k liay ziada behter hota hai 🙂 per thori der main ati hoon…

        • @ Atty, RJ, FA and SZ: wow u guys are brilliant in discussing every topic.. Enjoyed going thru everyone pov regarding tahreer and tasveer 🙂

          • @Rehmat: Yaar, you’re an absolute sweetheart! Sorry, yours and Ash’s comment went unanswered this week, but this time around I will be prompt and you guys are at the top of my list 🙂
            Yes this was an interesting debate, Hum ne tau apni apni haank li abaap ka opinion kahan hai??? 😉

            • @SZ: oh cmon no problem at all.. as long as im getting to read some interesting stuff its all cool 🙂 i came abit late this time.. tou apne POV se maazrat.. since i know u must be gearing for epi 6 review tou lets carry on fun there 🙂

  12. Thanks for the reviews SZ, as true and complete as ever.
    Had seen the 1st ep and then got busy so saw the last 4 in the last couple of days….”unputdownable” 🙂 Loving it. You’ve all summed up everything so well. I just want to add that I love the songs playing here and there in the show. ’80s yaad aajate hain. Kudos to the team!

    • @Afia: Hey! Tum itna arsa ghayab ho gayi ke I thought you were off the bandwagon, but now glad to know ke you’re still with us 🙂 Yes, this one is so far managing to keep us hooked. Lets see whats happens in todays ep!

  13. Your reviews are a DELIGHT to read!! 🙂 I love reading them but as for the drama – don’t care so much. The acting and camera work is fabulous, but I really do not care for these characters. Kind of with Ash above – Kuku needs to run away ASAP from all the crazy men around her and find a better life for herself. For me the issue still stands of showing men as losers, hurtful, two-timing human beings. Just getting super tired with the stereotypes being presented over and over again. I was really hoping for a fresh take here but I’ll have to keep on waiting – maybe Jackson Heights will have men who are not spineless losers. Right now it’s only Afzal from Pyare Afzal who seems to be playing a man I can identify with. Baaqi sub bekaar.

    • @Annie: Chalo khair hai, if not into the serial you at least are enjoying the reviews – thanks for reading 🙂 I do agree with your larger point though that these days it is a reiteration of the same stories again and again, and ab it has gotten so tiresome that it is hard to sit through them even for timepass. I am not watching PA so cant comment on that, but this one I do think is different from the norm. Its not just men using and abusing, while the women cry away needlessly, rather its just a story about how men and women are both manipulators and use each other in diff ways. Laila may seem mazloom, but I think we will see her prove her mettle, Kuku is ostensibly mazboot but has a weak streak. Mansoor is supposedly a manipulative man, but is still unable to assert himself with his lover. She is resisting and defying him and that frustrates him. Similarly Khurram is a man, who supposedly is from the stronger sex but is playing a decidedly diff role in his relationship with Kuku, all this contextualized against a stringent social critique, so I am still onboard. Dekho, maybe a few more weeks in and you might get into it? In any case do keep reading and do share your thoughts, the good, the bad and the ugly. You know I’m a huge fan of your Annie-isms so keep those coming!

      Baqi, yes!! Jackson Heights pics are amazing and I am so looking fwd to that one. VC’s script, MJ’s direction and a to-die for cast, that one’d better not disappoint!

      • I hear you on Jackson Heights girl 🙂

        You put the synopsis of Phechan so wonderfully and eloquently (as always :)) That’s why it is so much fun to read your reviews! You take the episodes to a whole new level for us (still remember SeZ so fondly) This one I am watching off and on to see if I have an ‘a-ha’ moment. Abhi chances nazar nahi arahay. The strong female cast makes me coming back for a dekho now and then 🙂

  14. Once again a superb review for a superb episode! Giving words to the hidden meanings of some scenes which makes one to see the episode one more time after reading ur review 🙂
    Saw episodes 1-4 all in one go and wished to see more of it! The acting..the characters..the sceneries everything is perfect in it. Loving Laila’s confusion of a newly wed bride whther her husband loves her or not..shes seeking them in small small things…even Mansoor talking to her loving father makes her feel that mansoor loves him…
    Loving Mrs Khan character….and after reading ur review i too have started wondering ke whether she exists in real or not…loved it how when she said ke hum woh kiyun kertey hain jo humain nahi kerna chahiye and woh nahi kertey jo hum kerna chahtey hain and then grabbing the full creamed crunchy biscuit packet n taking another one from it proving the point that she wished to eat the sugar biscuit thus she did too but she should not as shes diabetic…
    The samdhis dinner scene was a great one too…typical larki waley n larkey walay attitude…the face mansoor’s mom made saying ke acha humain tou roz phone nahi kerti…the girl’s parents didnt even dare to say ke ji woh toh hum roz phone kertey hain and not her…foran ji huzoori, ke nahi nahi laila ko samjahingey ke aap se bhi baat karey!
    Though i dont dig Laila’s mom character…at one point shes instructing her daughter ke mansoor ka khayal rakha karo where as when her own husband cant find his blood pressure medicines and she damn cares and keeps on going moisturizing her hands n blabbering abt how “mahaan” she is !!
    Khurram is another character i dislike with his same repeatitive dialogues and very fake grey hair! Rofl the way u said hitting him with a frying pan that too a hot one! Made me literally LOL!
    Cant wait for the episode 6 today…the next episode scenes seemed interesting 🙂

    • @Xahra: lovely to read ur comment. And i can assure, you wil be great addition in discussing drama so efficiently 🙂

    • @Xahra: Hey 🙂 Didnt hear back from you so was wondering if we lost you and Pehchan did not make the cut for you … but glad to know you are enjoying it and have jumped on the bandwagon.

      You know when we talk to each other we kinda forget that others are reading our long convos and behas mubahisa and they must be thinking what a bunch of crazies, but good to know ke you are enjoying these discussions of all the minutest details haha! And now no more reading from the sidelines, you need to jump in as well. Loved your take on Mrs Khan’s convo and her eating the cream cookie… honestly I had totally forgotten abt her diabetes – great catch! Also your noticing the father looking for meds while mom jharo-ed he falsafa – excellent observation! Dekh lo, there is so much to observe and even after a week we are still discovering new stuff. Ab agli baar, zara jaldi comment, so that we are all reading and enjoying each others’ perspectives, Keep it coming!

  15. @Rehmat: pleasure is all mine..its fun going thru all comments and learn different aspects of small little things 🙂

  16. SZ, need some help with Pehchan videos – is there a good quality version of episode 5? The one I am watching is so jerky, my eyes hurt… thank you so much 🙂

    • @VZ: Good choice to catch up on Pehchan 🙂
      Here’s the link for the best quality ever! Infact check them for all APLus dramas ..

      Also was wondering yesterday if we’d hear from on the DeD thread 😉 I for one am all angered out and have no interest whatsoever in whats happening or will happen but what I do find fascinating is the rationalizing and explaining thats going on to justify the actions of our hero sahab …

      • Oh, thanks a lot for the link SZ. I was singing (it seems) “yaad ki raah guzar” – just this line (in all its variations), about 50 times, when my hubby intervened and said “can you please sing what comes next? I’m just curious”, lol.

        The TRPs are out and it seems our faithful TRP awaam likes all this stuff – looks like DeD is back in top 10. And almost all the reviewers and viewers (except a few souls) seem to be loving it too. Nothing like a bit of physical “love” to get things going, eh? Move over maturity and decorum… And almost everywhere, girls are swooning at our hero’s antics shantics. So win-win, eh? Who would want to say no to that?

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