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“All roads lead to home,” says Mrs Khan to Kuku.  Mrs. Khan is not wrong. All roads, not matter how impassable they might seem, no matter how potholed they might be, do eventually lead home.  No matter how far or how long the the journey we always return home. Home is not the stone and mortar building, nor an address where strangers reside. Home is where we belong, where memories are made. photo12Home is about sharing and celebrating moments of pleasure and pain, laughter and tears, joys and sorrows. Home is what shareek-e hayats make out of a house. A marriage unites two strangers, but shareek-e hayats are not merely a couple sharing a bed, bills and bacchas. Shareek-e hayats are soul mates, equal partners, humsafars. It is their love  and respect for each other that breathes life into a soulless structure, transforming a khaali makaan into hamara ghar.  For innumerable couples all roads do indeed lead home, but what about women like Kuku and Laila? Or for that matter, even Mrs. Khan? Where do their roads lead? Where is a place they can call their own? Where is their home?

Kuku is a realist. A pragmatist, she has seen a lot and been through a lot to believe in happily ever afters. She and Khurram might have reconciled, but she knows that this togetherness is no more than a facade. They are merely roommates in a house. photo3 (2)Khurram might be her husband in the eyes of the law but he is not her shareek-e hayat. That kind of an equal partnership requires more than a patronizing pat on the head: “Bohot progress kar rahi ho baby. I am so proud of you. Isi tarah mehnat karti raho baby. Well done!” A soul mate would not lie about paying bills nor would he be happily dancing to loud music while his wife labored to pay for his non-existent business ventures. Forget about easing her burden or sharing her worries, this husband sits back and adds insult to injury: “Aurton ko tum se sabaq seekhna chahiye, kaisa zabardast business set kar liya tum ne apna.. zindagi chala rahi ho… aiwein aurtein shor machati rehti hain yeh nahin ho raha woh nahin ho raha.. you are a  role model, Kuku! A role model!” Forget about making a home with him, this man is not even worthy of sharing a house! Aarghh!!! Kuku!! Dump him jaldi sey, warna woh meray haathon mara jaayega!!

Unlike Kuku, this is Laila’s first brush with the bitter side of life. An only daughter, pampered by her adoring father and raised under the eagle-eye of her firm but well-intentioned mother, photo13Laila had seen life through rose- colored glasses. A simple girl, she was  easily pleased – spending time with her beloved father, long drives, eating bhuttas by the wayside, enjoying poetry. The only thing she had asked of her parents was a chance to study abroad, to spread her wings. While her dreams, to study abroad, were easily swept aside by her mother’s socially conditioned logic – saheeh umar, khandani izzat, shareef larka, bara ghar, ameer log –  little did she realize that marriage would entail not only giving up her ambitions but also ask her to leave her simple pleasures behind. Where was the joy in a long drive if her partner did not even acknowledge her presence?  Was this what her mother meant when she said that marriage would complete her life? Why is it that a marriage to tameezdar mature photo14mard seems to have robbed her of a home? As Mrs. Mansoor she is an honored guest in her parent’s house and as a newlywed Laila is unsure of her place in her in-laws’ house. Her husband wants her to move out of the frame when he’s taking pictures, would such a man allow for her to move in to his life? Though willing herself to believe otherwise, Laila cannot help but question whether this patently disinterested man is her shareek-e hayat? Why do her roads not seem to lead home? Why does she feel homeless? Where is her apna ghar?

At this point Laila is ill-equipped to be a wife to a man as complicated as Mansoor. Time though is a great teacher and our young bride too will learn: either we will see her  evolve and become a force to reckon with or she will give in, accept life as it is and convince herself of her happiness. photo10 (2)Perhaps like Mrs Khan? Here we have another woman in a marriage that diminishes her, leaves her unsatisfied, makes her insecure, but rather than weeping her eyes out, Mrs Khan talks about pruning and snipping off dead weight. While she is happy to part ways with the unpleasant relatives, the root cause of her unhappiness, her husband, remains firmly ensconced in her life. He is not going anywhere and he never will. Losing him would be akin to Mrs Khan losing herself. Mrs Khan derives her pehchan from him. We don’t even know her first name! Even as she shows Kuku her way, I wonder when if ever will Mrs Khan realize she too is travelling in the wrong direction. All homes are houses but not all houses are homes.

While these three ladies will take a while to pehchano their way home this serial has definitely found a permanent ghar – in my heart! Though we are only four episodes in I have no qualms in admitting that I am in love. I had goosebumps while watching and that happens only rarely. photo7 (2)Bee Gul, its been a few hours since I watched the episode and am still mesmerized by your words. Khalid Sahab you have created magic. The fluency with which you tell this story is a joy to behold as we adroitly move from the present to the past, from Kuku’s house to Mansoor’s house. Naveed Malik’s visuals add yet another layer to the narrative. How beautifully was Khurram and Kuku’s rocky marriage contrasted with the cold relationship between Laila and Mansoor.

I have seen all these actors do very good work before, but this outing has to photo1 (2)be counted among their career best. Iffat and Alishba are outstanding. Alishba in particular is a revelation. Sohail Sameer is perfect as Mansoor. Fawad Khan makes me wanna to do some real harm to the loser Khurram. Anita Camphor is so very good as Mrs Khan, loved her hair cutting scene. Parveen Malik was great as a mother totally oblivious to her daughter’s inner turmoil and Qazi Wajid was simply fabulous. The locations are fabulous and each and every scene has reason and meaning – not an extra word or frame. Brilliant stuff Team Pehchan!

Written by SZ~ 

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Written by SZ~


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  1. SZ, I agree with you, Alishba is amazing, i really like her,
    where did kuku find that loser of a husband??? he is lame beyond belief.
    the father -daughter bond is really sweet.
    loved the snow scenery

    • @Deeba: LOL! Khurram is indeed quite hopeless! As for where Kuku found him and why shes holding on to him, I think we’ll get more of an insight into their relationship as we go along. Yes!Laila and her dad were very sweet .. but can you imagine how aggravating he must be for the mom?

    • Can someone tell me, es drama me Alishba apny husband ko akk Nazam(Poem) sunati hai.. “aee Mery shareek-e-hayat”. mujhy wo chaheay, please can someone help me?

      • Hello @ Erum,
        I don’t know who penned the poem etc, but I did transcribe the poem in the previous episode review,( if you needed the words .. if you need more detailed info, let me know and I’ll check in with Bee Gul.

  2. @SZ
    So i m gonna start from begining..
    Firstly the actors.. Everyone is doing fabulous job..
    Iffat omar: officially she was back with Tarang telefilm Anjuman, and i adored her as Maa jaisi bhabi. Scene where she went to meet sarah loren was my most favorite scene of my most favrit Tarang film… I m glad that she is doing more work now..
    Sohail sameer: i m so happy to c a “Tall dark handsome” kind of male lead after long time, as m fed up of goray chittay babu with some putting layers of make up to look like that.. And he is doing superb as Selfish Mansoor…
    Alishba: her expressions r very cute as innocent, loving and confused newly wed girl.. Bus i m not liking short shirts and ghair wali shalwars fashion again.. Plus i feel her make up is not done well…

    • @Atty:bohat khushi hoi aap kaa tafseeli tabsara dekh ker ..ok main apna comment ker k aap k comments ki terf ati hoon 🙂

    • @Atty ROFL@goray chittay babus with make up..
      im not a fan of the choti kameez, but im loving Alishbas kapre here.. esp loved the ivory with the kashmiri kaam, very classy!! she loved it so much ke she was still in it when she came back from her maika.. lol .. btw her shalwars r not the ghair walis, I think thats why it seems more elegant..

      • I noticed that too, there was no ghaira on the shalwars. Something I picked up on all too quickly growing up with women all around me. Do you think the less-ghaira shalwar makes it elegant, FA? No, na, I think it’s because Alishba carries it off really, really well. Ivory piece with firouzi embroidery was classic if a bit too crisp and shiny, in time things will come for our new bride and for the costume designer. :p

        • @Filmistani journeys:khush aamdeed 🙂 be-hud khushi hoi aap ko is thread per dekh ker 🙂 ..umeed hai ye aana jaana laga rahay gaa ..RR

      • Even i loved that dress of hers.. It looked beauty.. Not at all fan of short shirts but have to agree that Alishba carried it so effortlessly and gracefully

        • @Rehmat yes Alishba carried it to perfection..dunno why but It reminded me of the classic PIA uniform and Benazirs signature silhouette with those regular (no extra ghair wali) shalwars … No?

          • @FA: now u have said tou yes definitely agree with you… Benazir’s was absolute beauty…and it had that resemblance..

      • @FA: Yes, loving her look too.. and going by the way our designers are pushing the shorter kameezs I wont be surprised if they are back soon… As for the shalwars … I love these “regular” shalwars and cant wait for them to come back.. quite bored with the straight pant and churidars..

    • @Atty: Enjoyed reading your detailed comments 🙂 Yes, you are absolutely correct, Iffat was in Anjuman and many loved her in it but somehow her character didn’t make much of an impression on me. It was a good character but that was that, there was nothing complex about the sweet bhabhi. Here, in sharp contrast, Kuku is a very complicated woman Iffat does a fabulous job and makes a very strong impression. She owns the role such that it is almost impossible to think of anybody else as Kuku. And yes, agree with you .. glad to see her doing more work 🙂

      LOL @ the tall dark and handsome.. so true!! And yes, SS is great as Mansoor… as is Alishba … all of them are doing an excellent job.

  3. Now about Drama itself.. I must say i m loving it more than Talkiyaan, infact much more.. V r only 4 episodes down and characters have already grown on me.. I can empathise with them.. While i watched Talkiyan on Ayesha’s recommendation, apart from scenery i truly started enjoying every character from 10 episodes onwards…
    One other thing: personally, i disagree to ur intro on episode 1… For me Mazboot aurat is not head-strong, un-compromising, working women who NEVER CRIES.. If u ask me my favorite mazboot aurat , i’ll straight away say Seemi from Daam… I cried with her, i smiled with her, i celebrated her marriage, i wanted to give her jadoo ki japphi at times..
    So i m not going to drop Kukku from my list of mazboot aurats even if she cries her heart out ever, or if she tried to cut her wrist… Allah kisi aurat ko aisa CHEF na dey. Ameen

    • @Atty me too! im enjoying this way more than talkhiyan! Its an original story so adds that extra bit of unpredictability.. and the mumkinat..(numm coming back to me yet
      did u go through our discussion on the mazboot vs mazloom aurat? and how even a mazboot aurat is still inssan and she can have her own set of fears.. biggest of them might be of that mazboot visage ka toot jana… how bee gul is exploring this is amazing..

    • @Atty: Haha at kisi ko aisa Chef na de.. How true 😀
      Simi from Daam was indeed an awesome character.. What i perceive of mazboot women is that they do know their weakness, they cry but they know where they stand and know how to make a point..

    • @Atty: Re: my take on the mazboot vs mazloom: Perhaps I wasn’t clear .. I was not talking abt Kuku as not being mazboot. I was talking abt the audiences’ conditioned response that every time a woman sheds tears she is labelled as mazloom and a woman who doesnt is called strong. By contrast I was calling to go beyond the mazloom and mazboot binary and evaluate each character on its merit.. allow a woman to shed tears and make mistakes without attaching labels, thus making our female characters more realistic and relatable… just like women like o yes, going by that defn Kuku is definitely real and relatable .. Hope that makes more sense now 🙂
      ROFL @ ” Allah kisi aurat ko aisa CHEF na dey.: Ameen Sum Ameen! 😀

  4. Mansoor is a self-centred person, who loves others for his own sake… If he really loved kukku, y dint he try to help her get divorce from her nalaeq husband.?? But wait! Did kukku ever discuss her marital problems with mansoor?? If not, then what kind of relation they both shared? It can not b called friendship or love.. Mansoor se ziada tau Mrs.khan close hui na kukku se..

    Laila is sucha sweet soul.. He loves me! He loves me Not.. Dear! We love u!
    I wanted to slap her Mom when she changed Laila’s room into study… Ye kia baat hui.. Ab Laila haalaat se kaisay larhay gi jb k vo janti hai k sb kashtiyaan jal chuki hain?

    • @Atty re: did kuku discuss her problems with mansoor?… She had asked for his help to move out, no? and i dont think she has discussed it with mrs khan either. Mrs khan has found stuff out and then put two and two together.. it is mainly mrs khan who talks and speaks her heart out, and she speaks for kuku half the time.. no? i think she wouldn’t open up to anyone for she fears for her mazboot aurat perception.. I think the only person for whom she had lowered her guard / asked for help was mansoor, but he let her down. Thats why she broke down so badly..
      but on the other hand mrs khan will eventually get her to open up…and lead her to pehchan-ing herself… (and vice versa)..
      btw im just throwing another mumkin here.. what if mrs khan has no hubby etc.. she might be just playing it out.. she might want to create a perception for herself.. what if she is just saying all of this to get through to kuku / mentor kuku?.. (pata nahin yeh khayal kahan se aa gya.. lol)

      • @FA: lol at ur mumkin.. It could be and if that happens it would be so interesting to see how this follow up

        • @FA: LOL! I was waiting for your mumkinats to roll out 😉 I;m with you on that there is an air of mystery surrounding Mr Khan ,, but here’s what I’m thinking: Do we really need to see him? Does it really matter who/what he is? Rather than him and what he says, isnt more about how Mrs Khan perceives him and how she hands over her individuality to him, allowing him to rule her life. Imagine, she doesnt have a name? Even Kuku, her long time hairdresser only knows her by her husband’s name. I’m sure husbands dont go around telling their wives to stop using their own name, and i dont think most of these wives even realize that over time they lose their own identity ( Actually this phenomenon of women being known as Mrs XYZ in Pak really amuses me, even at a Dr’s office you are Mrs so and so ) It is in connection to Mrs Khan and her marriage that I think Laila’s story will become very interesting because I think like Mr Khan Mansoor takes his young bride pretty much for granted, expecting her to spend a life time catering to him (Mrs Khan mode) rather than questioning him about his life style. Its when she starts asking questions, or starts befriending other men that sparks will fly and our Mr Mansoor will have to re-think his mashriqi biwi …

          • @SZ well thats whats so good abt an orignal plot.. the mumkinat! lol
            oh yeah! i really dont think we need to see the ganja mr khan afterall.. lol.. and he obviously doesn’t need a haircut so he wont be troubling Kuku.. lol.. but i still think theres more (or less 🙂 ) to him and his never ending stories that meet the eye.. what if there was mr khan once and now she just lives in that time capsule..??!
            Yes thats so true..mrs xyz in pak losing their own identities.. And mrs khan is pbbly one of those..
            btw i saw a clip (in the ost) i think where laila and mr khan are walking together and mrs khan is pushing the pram.. so yes, mrs khans marriage does make that whole scenario very interesting… (btw i wonder if its lailas baby in the pram.. or judging by mrs khans mysterious character it could b yes my imagination gone on walkies once again lol…)

            • @FA: Khaufnak in the pram lol!!! Lady, Pehchan has certainly gotten your attention! What would we do without you and your mumkinaats?! And seems like you and @Atty are going to make this one a memorable ride 🙂

            • @SZ lol re grabbing my attention..i know!!! its such good fun though..
              re khofnak in the pram: idk i just got this image in my head out of nowhere while i was typing earlier.. it was so silly and absurd that i just had to share it lol

      • @FA sorry I forgot that.. watched ep 1 again and yes she asked for a mashwara, to which M said “he is a sick person.. u should leave him, but it will b solely ur decision, no one will force u”.. which clearly tells how weak a person Mansoor is.. he dint even assure her that he will b there for her if she leaves his husband and is alone

  5. @SZ loved the ep and loved the review even more! Loved how u compared the ‘rocky’ and ‘cold’ marriages! i never looked at it like that.. how u underlined the ‘home’.. it summarized the episode for me!.. thats what i love abt ur reviews, how u summarize, expand and explain all at the same time!

    yess!!! khurram mere hath se bhi pite ga!!!!! what an idiot!!!! kuku ka personal chef… ooper se he ditches the budhdha get up and replaces that with the shorts… dancing away in shorts!!??? kuku this guy needs some style cues!.. dire need of help! lost case.. harr lehaz se.. lol

    aur itna hi ghussa aaya mr mansoor pe!! competition of the biggest moron was very sakht but my vote goes to mansoor!! poor laila! abhi gari gai bhi nahin ke he is on the phone.. and how could he sleep through that poem! how rude!!! sawal puch ke formality door ki and didnt even bother listening to the jawab.. just what he is doing with his life. Formality ke liye shadi tou kar li magar uss ke taqaze poore karne se koi matlab nahin. loved ur take on ‘laila in the frame’. Sirf aik baat ki tasalli thi ke he didnt go back to kuku after her chup ki maar.. magara next week there is takra again!

    Poor laila!! honestly i really felt for her today! hubby sahab se tou koi umeed hai nahin, but yes, where is her house. how could the mummy ji change her room. abhi shadi ko kitne din hue hain? itni jaldi!!?? but one can see now how laila had a somewhat balanced upbrining… Dad who is pampering yet unrealist and mom who is caring but a realist. And i loved how laila leaps everytime she sees an umeed ki kiran, but she is dealing with the disappointment it with a realist approach.. no tears, no rona dhona.. just trying to analyse, read and understand her hubby. i enjoyed going back and forth in time with laila to understand her… & uff loves me, loves me not.. Bee gul’s lines and screen play is a delight!!

    but laila.. adventure or realism, in the beautiful snowy surrounding, the only thing that was bugging me was lailas heels!!!.. please yaar there is no need of them heels in the snow!!.. waise bhi agar girr gai tau uthane wala bhi koi nahin ho ga.. mansoor sahab is in his own thoughts!

    my fav scene was the haircut.. see i told u kuku and mrs khan are freinds now!! (unlike mansoor’s cut) she used a cape on her!!!! lol. but honestly how good was the whole trimming the branches.. not only was mrs khan doing this for herself, but i felt she was handing out another muft mashwara – mrs khan style – not spelling it out but getting her message across.. but yes ur right, the ”root” cause is the hubby..

    aur bohot kuch hai kehne ko.. magar already bohot kuch keh diya! will b back for more.. magar jate jate, all the actors r fab magar alishba is such a delight to watch! bee gul and khalid sahb have done a great job here and a big shout out to DOP! absolutely loving isloo.. and btw hai hai! the chhalli/ bhutta! craving that big time now!!!!! kia yaad dila diya!!…

    • @FA: Thank you 🙂 Your comment: “see i told u kuku and mrs khan are freinds now!! (unlike mansoor’s cut) she used a cape on her!!!!” had me in splits .. too too funny!! Haan, now that you put it that way tau I give in to your earlier comment abt Kuku and Mrs K being friends hahaha!

      LOL @ a competition for the biggest moron! Hmm.. Mansoor is a moron, no doubt, but yaar Khurram.. woh tau kuch ajeeb hi sample hai.. I wanted to wring his scrawny neck when he was going on and giving Kuku shabashi… All I can say is that Kuku is a bigger better person than I am …

      Laila’s heels, yes! what was going on with that.. reminded me of Yash Chopra and Switzerland and snow and his chiffon saree clad heroines serenading their warmly dressed heroes.. but jokes apart, Alishba is so good as Laila, my heart broke every time her hubby pulled yet another moronic harkat. But Laila ki himmat ko salaam.. her smile might be tremulous but its still there!

    • @FA Kukku’s heals were equally disturbing me where khurram was forcing her to dance with him aur vo ghussay me hath churha k stairs utarnay lagti hai.. Heels ki waja se jaldi jaldi utar bhi nahi sak rahi thi..

  6. oh btw forgot to mention.. khofnaak!! the dog…
    and the saas begum still going on and on.. vs the mom waiting to hear more from her.. lol
    and PoW..
    uff kiss kiss cheez pe wah wah karen!

  7. Salaams SZ, beautifully written review. What I usually find and love in your reviews, especially of Pechaan, is that you derive the special symbols and significant meanings of each episode. You don’t just write this is what happened and then your opinions of the episode. In this review, when you were talking about Laila’s sasural not being her own special home, I never thought about it while seeing the episode but Mrs. Khan’s dialogue that “All roads lead to home” connected to Laila’s marital life. As she has entered her sasural, her husband doesn’t give her the attention she hopes for (which is so rude) and her saas unfortunately is unable to see that Mansoor is lost in someone else’s thoughts.

    It was so sad and shocking to see how Laila’s mom just wanted Laila to get married. I agree with her logic that Laila might get really bad proposals if she decides to get married at a late age but packing and giving away the precious things from Laila’s room just didn’t make any sense – why doesn’t she have the mamta that all mothers should have?

    Also, why doesn’t Kuku divorce Khurram, I remember she even asked for it.

    Even in the cheerful moments between Kuku and Mrs. Khan, I can sense that there’s much gloom in Mrs. Khan’s life. Which by the way, Anita C. portrays flawlessly.

    (I hate the name Laila, it belongs more to a call girl or a model, Alishba Y. is shown to be reserved and has such a vibrance that her name should have been given a more fitting name to her character.) Lovely episode, but hope that action starts taking place.

    • @ Aisha LAILA is a very common name specially in Pathan families.. I don know what made u think that it belongs to call girl.. may be u have seen or read some character with this name which is stuck with u

      • I know in Dil ka Darwaza, the name of Neelam Muneer who plays a model, her name is Laila and just the sound of it fits the personality of such a profession. I didn’t know Laila was the name used in a lot of Pathan families. However, I wish Alishba’s name was some how more fitting to her character.

    • @Aisha: Waslaam. Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 I think many of your questions will be answered as the story progresses and we see more of these characters. Re: her mother being right about her not getting good rishtas as she gets older, I personally would take her concern a bit mire seriously if Lailas wasn’t as young as she was… And as far as her name was concerned, I have to agree with @Atty… not quite sure how names can be associated with a particular profession..Re: her mom giving her things away I think it was shown that way to make a point about how Laila’s susral was her “real” home now..
      Yes, really loving Anita Camphor here 🙂

      • I don’t always associate a name with a profession but wish Alishba was named somehow more fitting to her character. She has such a decency that any other name would have been okay. I know that Laila’s mom is more of the practical type but she could have atleast kept her things as her memories to remind the mom that she had spent half of her life there. Also, Laila is not that young that she can’t married although the mom went wrong in that she picked the wrong guy for her, that’s all. I know I have a cousin who didn’t want to get married at around 24/5 and now, she is rarely getting any rishtas.

        • @Aisha: Liking or not liking a name is a matter of personal choice, but yes agree with you in that Alishba’s character is that of a very sweet girl. I think, and hope, that as the story unfolds we will see evolve from a naive youg girl into a woman with a strong sense of self and a spine of steel.
          Re: rishtas and ages, another topic that has no right or wrong answers and there is no magic age that can be called “correct.” And I;m sure Laila’s mother, like all other good mothers, did think she was finding the best possible match for her daughter.. but all this aside, so far the story is going well and I am looking forward to seeing where we go from hereon forward!

  8. Only u can do justice with such brilliant dramas through your @FA said loved how you noticed and pointed out rocky background and icy ones.. And give it a meaning .. Truly welldone …

    Agar ap khuram apke haathon se maara jaayega tou mansoor ke khoon se mere haath rangae gain.. This guy made my temper loose theek thak.. Specially when he removed laila out from the frame ( btw i loved ur sub context meaning here) and our poor darling laila srf ‘aime moi’ and ‘ m’aime pas’ karti rehgayi.. The outdoors are shot beautifully, i must say.. I so like the transition between present n past.. It was done so smoothly that i actually kept waiting for next flashback.. Qazi Wajid was super cool made me remember my baba 🙂 it was quite sad to see how her mum made her room to store and happily saying surprise..

    Kukoo and Mrs Khan scenes are most enjoyable.. Always give something to ponder on.. The hair cutting scene was lively.. Khuram jis tarah baby baby karaha tha .. I was actually praying aisa banda kisi dushman ko bhi na mile.. And khudaya that dance.. Uff… Shukar they ended there.. Nhn to bus nh chalraha tha screen se bahar nikal ka gardan mor doon..

    Precap is damn interesting.. All set for next thursday and i must say all actors are doing such natural and fantastic job that i am actually looking to them as characters and not actors..

    • @Remat: NIce comment barha maza aya…aur bahi @FA aur aap nay manssor ko lay lia SZ nay qurra khurram k naam nikala tou mere liay kia bacha 😦 …ab allah kray mrs khan k bald husband aa jyn phir mil ker apnay apnay “shikaar” say do do hath kren gay 😉

    • I know in Dil ka Darwaza, the name of Neelam Muneer who plays a model, her name is Laila and just the sound of it fits the personality of such a profession. I didn’t know Laila was the name used in a lot of Pathan families. However, I wish Alishba’s name was some how more fitting to her character.

    • @Rehmat: LOL! Pehchan is turning out to quite a serial! All of us are turning violent.. surrising considering how softly and subtly this story is playing out… Mansoor is as sophisticated as can be, he “respects” Laila, and never raises his voice, but still the impact of his polite behavior is as strong and deeply felt as if he had assaulted her. How beautifully are we being shown that abuse comes in so many ways.. sometimes unsaid words do so much more damage than spoken words can. Khalid Ahmed and BG are to be applauded for ably demonstrating that you can tell a very strong story without resorting to OTT tactics and using strong language.
      Yes, excellent point abt looking forward to the characters rather than the actors…

      • @SZ: 101% agreed!! The powerful duo must be applauded for showing everything so delicately.. And how true about abuse comes in different ways.. Not just physically, mentally and emotionally too..

  9. “Jab husn tha tou ainay nahi thay aur ab husn hai tou ainay kahan “……..Manto ..(Raakh)

    Lekin pehchaan ki is episode aur SZ k review k baad manto ki is baat say agree kernay ko dil nahi manta .yahan tou husn bhi hai apni poori aab o taab k sath jalwa numa hai aur is husn ko acknowledge aur appreciate kernay wala aina bhi hai…Team Pehchaan yaa iss jaisay deep, complexed, multi layered meaning rakhnay walay drama serials chahay wo maazi ki dastan hon yaa mustaqbil kaa qissa be-hud lucky hain k in ko SZ jaisi talented (bohat chota lafz hai aap k liay) reviewer mili hain main akser feel kerti hoon different dramas per likhay janay walay reviews ko perhtay hoay k ager kisi bhi drama ko aisa reviewer mil jye jo oos ko understand kernay k ilawa feel bhi kray jis kaa hath drama theme ki nabz (pulse) per ho jo oos drama k peechay mojood vision ko samjhay tou drama ki qismat ko chaar chand lag jatay hain kiunk ye fact hai k ye reviews bhi viewers /readers kaa zehun banana main important role play kertay hain tou honestly unbiased ho ker likhay janay walay reviews kaa readers per direct aser hota context main pehchaan be-hud lucky hai aur ye compliment ab hamesha k liay aap k liay mukhtus(reserved) ho gaya aaj k baad main ye kisi k liay use nahi karoon gi wo respect hai jo aap k liay mere dil main hai aur specially is review ki munaasibut say ye ek hudiya (gift) hai jo main aap ki khidmut main pesh ker rahi hoon 🙂

    SZ ….Is intro k liay literally standing ovation hai meri terf say… of the best introductions..bulk jitney khoob soorat, meaning full, related to the theme of the episode introductions aap likhti hain main nay kahin nahi dekhay jo ek sumaan baandh detay hain aur reader ko oos ki apni zahiri dunya say nikaal ker oos dunya main lay jatay hain jo aap apni tehreer say takhleeq kerti hain..phir jis tra aap pehchaan ko review ker rahi hain k aap k hath main is ki nabz hai..first epi say hi “crux of the story” per aap ki gehri nazer aur insight nay mujhay hairaan kia kiunk itni jaldi baat ki teh tak pohunch jana exceptional talent kaa saboot hai usually tou hum 4-5 epi tak wait hi kertay rehtay hain k story thori shape-up ho characters khul ker samnay ayn tou koi clear picture bunay lekin aap nay is khayal ko ghalat sabit ker dia..mazboot/mazloom aurat ho shreek-e hayat ka sahi matlab yaa ab home/house kaa difference k sath gher ki definition her baar aap oos root ko paker ker chalti hain jis say oos epi kaa poda nikalta hai…uff aaj mera dil nahi bher raha tareef ker ker k.. main kia karoon 😉 aur bhi likhnay ko dil chaah raha hai lekin ab bhaari dil say short kertay ye hi kahoon gi k aap kaa “review” perhtay hoay I had goose bumps aur ye aaj say pehlay kabhi nahi hoa

    coming back to pehchaan..oh what a beauty…I loved it ..loved it…loved it..god itni minute details hain ek ek cheez main k ager her ek per baat kernay bethi tou ye comment pta nahi kahan say kahan chala jye …lekin itnay touchy scenes thay bohat choti choti be-hud maamooli batein lekin ye choti aam si cheezein mil ker baz dafa life ka real essence/meaning bun jati hain ..(main yahan comment kertay be-hud satisfied hoti hoon kiunk main jaisa bhi likhoon aap ko doosron k minds main penetrate kernay kaa huner ata hai 🙂 aur inhi choti choti be-maqsed maamooli cheezon say hasil honay wali khushi life ki asli khushi asli sakoon ban jata hai…jin ko hum qeemti cheezon asai-shon k ambaar aur barhay khaabon ki dhun main bhool jatay hain lekin dukh yaa takleef main ye hi humaray sab say ziada kaam ati hain

    ye hum nay dekha jab laila “barhay gher ameer lerka bhaari jorhon qeemti zewar aur naseeb khulnay ki naveed” k ba-wajood oon choti choti baton ko yaad kerti paai gai jin say oosay khushi hasil hoti thi yaa jin say mohabat aur apnaaiyut kaa izhaar hota tha..mohabat doosray ki khushi main khush honay kaa naam hai …laila aur oos k father k dermiyaan jo special bond hai oos ki bunyaad isi bat per liay bearish main nahana..pakwaan banana…serhuk say bhutay lena kitni aam maamooli cheezein aur in say hasil honay wali choti si khushiyaan lekin aaj apni unmarried life main say laila ko ager yaad kernay ko kuch hai ye hi kuch hai yaa oos ko ye hi yaad aa raha hai..

    Bee gul nay itna khoob soorat likha hai k lafz khatam hain oos k agay…kis tra shadi k baad ek lerhki kaa status change ho jata hai ek hi raat main..wo apnay oos gher main jahan ek ferd ki hasiyut main apni life kaa ek lamba hissa guzarti hai yuk dum mehmaan ban jati hai “special guest of honour” lekin guest…aur is kaa aser laila per bhi hota hai k ab oos kaa gher wo hai jo oos k husband kaa hai..I think yahan say hi “gher banana” wala process shuru hota hai jis main society asal kirdaar aurat ko deti hai aur sath hi ek naa khatam honay walay compromises ..wo apnay shouq apni pasand sab chorhnay lagti hai oos ki khushi ab in laws ki khushi say juri hai “baba ab tou main bari ho gai hoon naa ager main bachon jaisi herkatein karoon gi tou mummy ko aur sab tou acha nahi lagay gaa”..baba:”acha aur tumhein”…ye wo sawal hai jo shadi k naam per one sided compromises/sacrifices kernay wali aurat kabhi khud say nahi kerti..lekin ye sawal bee gul nay uthaya hai..”aray hutaao is dunya ko chahay ye dunya in pakorhon ki tra jul jye” …yess ye hoi naa baat 🙂

    main nay laila aur oos k baba k sabhi scenes be-hud enjoy kiay aur baar baar dekhay 🙂 qazi sahib ki brilliant acting k sath sath alishba ..oh god mera dil jeet lia..itni simple cute aur naturel acting..main laila k character k liay alishba k ilawa kisi doosri actress k baray main ab soch bhi nahi sakti ..outstanding performance aur ye bhi ahsaas hoa k kisi actor ki perfect role main casting say kitna ferq perhta hai ye wo alishba hai hi nahi jo TNC main me nay dekhi thi..mera ek aur fav scene”ajeeb baat hai susraal naa hoa torture cell ho gaya……..bus mere liay ye hi sahi hai baqi sab ghalat hai..aap mujhay spoil ker rahay hain..haan ye bhi sahi hai” ..beautiful..naa sirf kamal dialogues thay bulk acting main bhi dono actors nay in kaa poora huq ada kia..well done pehchaan team
    jaari hai

    • @RJ: Sorry, sorry, sorry!! Bas aap ka hi jawab rehta tha and before is key ki aap ghar aa kar daant lagaein main aap ko jaldi jaldi bata doon ke asal main aap ne itni dher sari tareef kar di tau phir main soch main par gayi aur laga ke ab zara soch samajh kar respond karoon, after all ab apni besti tau nahin kharab karni thi na 😉 No, but all kidding aside, I’m glad you’re enjoying the reviews and you feel my words do justice to the beauty of Pehchan – thank you!

      Yes, absolutely agree with you about the important of the little things, those words and gesture which might hold no meaning in and of themselves but when put together in context carry so much import. As we see here its not the big things that are hurting Laila, zahri taur par woh bohot “sukhi” or “khush” hai but its the little details which even if she were to share with anybody would seem so petty. As I had mentioned in a comment above, it is to Bee Gul and Khalid Sb’s credit that they are showing us how abuse comes in many shapes and forms. We talk about physical abuse, verbal abuse, but what about emotional abuse that stems out of benign neglect. Scars inflicted by physical abuse can heal but it is very hard to rebuild the confidence, the sense of self that is lost after being continually diminished by very people whose respect you want to earn. And we see that happening here in Laila’s case, and it is heart wrenching. Alishba is playing Laila so so fabulously. Sohail Sameer to is the perfect Mansoor, In his mind he is being “a good husband” happily unaware of the emotional havoc he is wreaking on his young wife.

      I’m with you in loving the father’s bond with his daughter and love how he gives her confidence, allowing her the luxury of being true to her self, but that said I love how we are shown that Laila’s father’s indulgences are balanced out by her mother’s practical advice. No matter what stage of life we are at, whether married or unmarried, in a joint family or not, with children or without, much as we would like it I dont think duniya is as easily dismissed as the jaley huey pakoray .. and this where I love the mother’s role. Man is a social animal, Aristotle tells us, and living with others, as we do, requires a constant balancing act. So I would disagree that it is only at marriage, we do this juggling act throughout our lives, The only thing that changes after marriage is our perception. What we call accommodation before marriage takes on a slightly pejorative turn after and is termed compromise. That said, whether we call it accommodation or compromise there are socially defined expectations and limits and when those are crossed that’s when trouble starts. And thats exactly what we see here. Laila opens up her heart to Mansoor and she expects him to do the same, something we expect to happen in a marriage, but that is not happening and my gut tells me Laila’s gonna hurt really bad before she emerges as a force to be reckoned with… yes, with you ladies, @RJ, @Rehmat @FA Mansoor is a douchebag!

      Yes, with you and @FA, each and every line was zabardast! I’ve watched this ep a couple times after the review and that is something that I havent done since Talkhiyan days, or SeZ before that .. there is hope yet for PK dramas 🙂

  10. HI SZ such a wonderful review . Love it, love it. I. Pehchan has a little place in my heart. Beautiful scenery , snow , corn all reminded me of my collage days oh!!!!!! I was lost. how come Laila is wearing high heel shoes in snow? She is doing fantastic job . I must say after long time I am seeing tall tan handsome man .( male lead) Soheil Sameer is doing fabulous job . I didn’t like her mother change the room . I never change my kids room .( strange mother)Hope to hear from you. Happy Mother’s day!!!!!

    • @Ranjan: Glad youre enjoying this one as much as we are 🙂 LOL! Yeah Laila’s heels did seem out of sync, but perhaps it was just her being young and trying to look pretty and not spoil her “look” by wearing clunky boots ..

      Re: the mom re-doing Laila’s room, I think it was to stress the point abt her husband’s home being her “real” home, at least thats how it appeared to me .. would love to read other interpretations 🙂
      Thanks! Hope you and the other mothers all had a lovely mothers day 🙂

  11. “meri kai ek dost hain jo is tama-niyat(satisfaction) say zindagi guzaar rahi hein jaisay sach much khush hain unhon nay khoob soorat tand-rust no-jawanon ko dekha aur oon say shaadiyaan ker lin.ab ager wo tasweerein bananay k liay beth-tin hain tou wo alag beth ker tambaakoo peetay hein aur dil main apni biwi ko kostay hein wo ager piyaano per beth-ti hain tou wo khaab-gaah kaa derwaza bund ker k beth jatay hain yaa ovaltine k liay chilatay hain wo apni nazum sunati hain tou oulo-oon ki tra dekhtay hain yaa gala phaarh phaarh ker hunstay hain ahista ahista wo asal zinadagi ko bhool jati hain aur phir kum-ter raaha-ton k liay oon ki terf raghib hoti hain wo oon say mohabat kerti hain kiunk wo unhain umda umda libaas khareed ker detay hain yaa door daraz muqa-maat per tafreeh k liay lay jatay hain yaa her saal naye car khareedtay hain yaa hil station-on per makaanaat taameer kertay hain oon ki zindagi ki sab say barhi assay-shein yaa muserat-ein hain jo oon k shoher oon k liay khareed saktay hain aur jin ki wo oon say tawa-qou rakhti hain wo khush hain k oon k bachay hain aur ek shukhs oon k bachon kaa baap hai aur oon kaa ek mukammal khaandan hai wo khush hain kiunk wo janti hi nahi k kisi aur k sath wo is say kahin behter tareeqay per zindagi guzaar sakti thin wo oon BIL-YON aur KHERGOSHON aur dosray PAALTOO JANWARON ki tra hain jo her oos shukhs say mohabat kernay lagtay hain jo oon ko khana khilata aur nehlata hai ”
    Udaas Naslein By Abdullah Hussain

    ye khoob soorat tareen lines mere fav novelist k novel say lin gain hain..I think ek aur tareeqay say ye shreek-e hayat ko define kerti hain …aaj manssor aur laila k jitney bhi scenes thay oon sab ko dekhtay mujhay ye lines hi yaad ati rahin..poem ko “ghaarhi shairi’ qaraar dena phir sunnay say pehlay so jana..honey moon k doraan constantly laila ko ignore kerna…hil station per lay jaa ker wahan k munaazir ko apni newly wed pretty wife per foqiyut dena (plz SZ hunsi-ay gaa mut shayed main thik nahi likh rahi ab) ye sab laila ko confuse ker raha hai aur wo yaqqen aur be-yaqeeni ki ke-fiyut main ghum hai…kia laila bhi manssor ki mohabat yaa tawajo ko chorh ker assay-shon aur cheezon ki waqti khushi main kho jye gi ye tou anay wali epi say pta chalay gaa
    ok ab main kukoo per kal aaon gi

    • @RJ: beautiful lines u shared…. Loved reading them..
      also totally agree with you, about wht u said for SZ.. 🙂 and such a nice comment of urs.. Worth reading..

      • @Rehmat:thanks…aap nay apna waqt dia ye hi bohat hai 🙂 novel ki ye lines mujhay be-hud pasand hain aur mujhay acha laga k aap nay bhi is excerpt ko pasand kia aur is say berh ker jo baat is main kahi gai wo aap tak pohunchi werna tou main der rahi thi k lo gi ab “attack” hoa mujh per “pati werta” wives ki terf say LOL

    • @RJ: Thank you for sharing these lovely lines 🙂 Yes, lets see which way our young bride goes – will she stay Laila or will she transform into Mrs Mansoor. And also lets see if by the end Mrs Khan finds the gumption to tear away her mask of “respectability” and rediscover herself. Lots to look forward to! 🙂

  12. Salam 🙂 ..ok ji I am back choti si break lambi ho gai…Kukoo k baray main jitna brilliantly SZ nay apnay review maincover ker dia hai honestly speaking mere paas mazeed kuch add kernay ko nahi..ek ek point oos k jitney bhi possible meanings ho sktay thay I think so wo sab review main cover ho chukay hain

    mera most fav scene kukoo aur mrs khan k dermiyaan tha…salon main..dekhnay main bohat light saa kisi hud tak funny lekin mere liay ye most heart wrenching bulk soul wrenching scene tha hulkay phulkay mazaq k ander chuppay takleef nay mujhay ander tak hila dia ..kaash hum sab bhi apnay baalon ki tra apni apni life say unwanted / unpleasant/ irritating logon yaa cheezon yaa memories ko nikaal saktay kaash is qism k unwanted bojh say azad hona itna asaan hota

    mrs khan mujhay be-hud pasand hain wo dekhnay main crazy yaa sunky lagti hain lekin in hi crazy baton aur herkaton k dermiyaan wo kai meaningful/philosophical batein keh jati hain jis say drama yaa oon kaa character heavy nahi lagta aur viewer bore nahi hota aisa lagta hai mrs khan nay apnay ird gird ek cover bana lia hai lekin ander kaa insaan abhi bhi oon ki guftagu main nazer ata hai kukoo aur mrs khan ki bonding bhi be-hud interesting aur gehri hoti jaa rahi hai..

    aap kaa sawal k in kaa gher kahan hai in ki pehchaan kia hai

    “hum mohabat kay khara-bon k makeen
    reg-e deeroz main khaabon k shajer botay rahay
    saya naa-paid tha saa-ey ki tamana k talay sotay rahay”…..noon meem rashid

    tou ye aur in jaisi saari aurtain isi sarab k saharay zindagi guzaar deti hain k oon ka ek gher (home) hai jab k wo makan(house) hota hai aur ager jaan bhi lein tou oos makan ko gher banana main sari life laga deti hain oon ki apni kabhi koi pehchaan nahi hoti wo hamesha apnay ird gird mojood rishton k hawalay say pehchani jati hain kiunk wo her waqt koi naa koi role play ker rahi hoti hain is sab responsibilities poora kertay kertay wo apni zaat kaa rasta bhool jati hain..insaan ki zaat bhi tou ek gher hai oos k ander bhi tou ek jahan abad hai… ye aurtein is “tamana k saaey talay soti rehti hain” k kaash in ka bhi ek gher ho shreek-e hayat ho jabk haqeeqat is k ber-aks hoti hai

    bohat hi behtareen drama aur aala epi..main bohat khush hoon Khalid sahib aur bee gul nay hamein disappoint nahi kia aur jo umeed oon say thi oos per ye poora utray……………..
    .chaltay chaltay ..kisi nay “o carol” kaa paki version suna hai nadeem aur kavita per filmaya gaya kaa naam mellow tha meri kafi fav movie thi
    “o mellow
    naa hona mujh say door
    lagay tu mujhay hoor”
    LOL..bara mazay kaa tha chalein ab o carol wali dhun per ye lines gyn bara maza ay gaa ;)..AH

    • @RJ: Lovely lovely lines by Noon Meem Rashid.. thank you for sharing them with all of us 🙂 They are so apt for the questions posed in this episode. Fingers crossed that by the time the end of serial rolls are around our three ladies will have pehchan-oed themselves enough to find their way home ..

    • Also, dont know if you were able to see the vdos I posted but thanks to you I have been singing this silly O Mello song for the past three days. Ab please jaldi se kuch aur suggest kar dein so that I can get this song out of my head – thank you 😀

      • @SZ: LOL…array aap ko tou 3 din hoay hain mujhay dekh lain almost 20 years pehlay ye movie dekhi thi ptv per aur ye song sun ker itna acha laga tha k ek baar sunnay main jo jitna jaisay yaad hoa ker lia aur aaj tak yaad hai..thanks aap nay correction ker di ji movie kaa naam mello nahi thori si be-wafai tha ..isi liay comment post kernay say pehlay main search kerti rahi taa k confirm ker loon meri yaad-dasht thik bta rahi hai lekin nakaam rahi kiunk movie ka naam hi ghalat likh rahi thi 🙂 …kher bhai ab tou suraagh mil gaya aur movie bhi mojood hai tou zaroor main dekhoon gi aur childhood memories ko phir say taza kren gay 🙂

        is k ilawa ek aur pk movie “nahi abhi nahi” bhi meri all time fav hai staring shabnam and faisal..aap zara is ka topic check kren I mean 80s main pk main aisi movie kaa banna jo youth/teen agers k problems per based was amazing..i am sure aap nay dekhi ho gi aur robin ghosh kaa music k 2 ganay mujhay be-hud pasand hain..”saman wo khaab saa saman” aur doosra tittlle song “nahi nahi bhai abhi nahi..abhi nahi kia kabhi main ek stanza hai”dil per laga naa phool jaisay chehray..daitay hain tujh ko payam..wo waqt tha purana ye hai naya zamana…” main apni teenage main lehra lehra k ye gana gaya kerti thi 😉 aur jab kabhi meri mom sun laitin..bus naa poochein phir kia hota tha LOL

  13. @All: Aap sab ki comments ka jawab thori der main deti hoon.. just had to share this song that @RJ brought up..” Mello” from Thori Si Bewafaii starring Nadeem and Kavita. It was so much fun to hear and watch – thank you @RJ! I am posting the yt links for both the Urdu and English versions.Enjoy!
    Apologies to those without YT access, couldn’t find these on dailymotion.

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