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A momentary slip in her otherwise mazboot hold on her emotions, one chink in her seemingly unflappable persona, an inadvertent unveiling of her inner turmoil  …. just once…. and Kuku gets it from all sides. photo2 (5)From her lover, the one who claims to love her but is marrying another woman: “Are you crazy? Apni zindagi ko tamasha mat banao, Kuku! Cheezon ko itna mushkil mat karo yaar! Main pehley hi bohot mushkil se in cheezon ko face kar raha hoon….” How dare Kuku inconvenience Mansoor, dragging him away from his wedding festivities…how thoughtless of her! From the otherwise benign photo2 (3)Mrs. Khan she heard: “Hamari zindagi bhi kitni khoobsurat aur qeemti hai lekin hum us ka aisa khayal nahin rakhtey… bewaqoof hota hai insaan...” Seemingly kind words but delivered just so, making her unvoiced disapproval very clear.  Yes, Mrs. Khan had gotten the salacious details from their mutual paaniwala, and what better time than this to walk in with a box of donuts and offer muft mashwarey. After all it was not everyday that her otherwise self-contained hairstylist tripped up. Usually it was the husband-pleasing Mrs Khan who felt inadequate in comparison, but today the shoe was on the other foot.  Today Mrs. Khan felt she had the upper hand and this was her time to dole out advice.

photo1 (2)The other person of note in Kuku’s life, Khurram, her husband, surprised her by sparing her a how-could-you-do-this-to-yourself lecture. But hold on … no, he wasn’t holding back out of concern for her well-being or because he was a sensitive man. No, quite the contrary. He is perhaps the coldest of ’em all. Not even a polite inquiry about her health, a question about her bandaged wrist. It is still all about him. With nary a penny to his name and good-time friends bailing out on him, who else was he to turn to? All said and done he was/is Kuku’s husband and wasn’t it her wifely duty to offer him emotional and financial support? What totally escaped him is the irony that he who had failed to build a home with is wife was making grandiose plans to build houses for the world at large.

10261835_10152811080098662_1204715017_nMuch as she may wish it otherwise, her thoughtlessness, her bewaqoofi, cannot be erased from life as easily as she cleans the bloodied floor of her terrace. Yes, she let her emotions get the best of her. She had thought she could deal with Mansoor’s marriage but as she now knows decisions which might seem easy in theory are very difficult to put into practice. Much as she is a mazboot aurat, at the end of the day this is not about being mazloom nor mazboot…or even an aurat for that matter. She, like every other human being feels pain when hurt. Her “suicide attempt” was no more than an outlet for her inner agitation. Her biggest mistake here, one that she probably will never be able to live down, was allowing her private grief to become a subject of public speculation, as essayed by Mrs. Khan’s visit.

Even as she is realizing the full extent of her folly, life and its problems are not easily fixed as a broken cellphone. Ignoring Mansoor’s texts and calls, photo1 (3)trying to forget he was ever in her life is not an easy task. Much as she may try to wipe away his presence from her life, with just as much vigor as she does the mirror, he won’t allow her to forget him. This man will not go so easily, not till it is a time of his choosing. How cruel is he when he walks in to her saloon, dressed as a groom. “You don’t hang up on me, Kuku!” he orders. Amping it higher: “Main kal raat se tumhen text kar raha hoon, tum ne jawab dena kyon band kar diya? Ainda aisa kabhi mat karna!” And the final blow: “Zara jaldi main hoon, magar jaldi aaoonga… apna khayal rakhna.” All I will say is ke I’d better not run into this guy on the street any time soon!

From Kuku’s house Mansoor joins his young bride, Laila, for their wedding photo shoot. How stunning did Alishba lookphoto10 here?! The demure, somewhat confused, slightly nervous bride meeting her handsome groom for the first time. This was a beautifully done sequence. Mansoor’s disinterest and Laila’s shy hesitation were imbued with that more meaning as scenes of their photo shoot were interspersed with clips from Khurram and Kuku’s stilted conversation. Much as Mansoor may have decided to ignore his bride, that one glance, an involuntary smile, a glimmer of interest suggests that Mr. Mansoor’s may soon have to rethink his easy breezy I-make-my-own-rules lifestyle. For now though, he talks to his new wife just as callously as he does with Kuku: “Kafi khel liya yeh shaadi shaadi….” Laila is yet to speak, but the way she tamped down her instinctive call to Mansoor, to help her with the heavy jewelry, spoke volumes about this new entrant and her steely strength of character. This one is no Allah miyan ki gaye and thank the Lord for that!

photo1Yes, I am totally into Bee Gul’s Pehchan – this is her story and every scene bears the stamp of her particular artistic vision. Along with Bee Gul, Pehchan owes just as much to Khalid Ahmed’s keen directorial eye and aesthetic sensibility. Each line, every frame is laden with meaning, the text and the subtext are a delight to behold and analyze. The scenes are beautifully lit up, Naveed Malik’s cinematography is top notch, the editors are doing a great job, and the background music is beautifully placed to enhance the feel of every scene. Among the actors, Iffat Umar is the perfect Kuku. She might look delicate but Kuku is no delicate darling, the strength in her eyes and her body language is a delight to watch. Sohail Sameer is a fine actor and a good choice for Mansoor. He was fabulous as he came striding in to the saloon demanding to know why he was being ignored, his earlier scenes with Iffat were great as well, and he was effortless in his scenes with Alishba. All this is good, but I do find myself cringing every time he speaks English… this not his comfort zone and it shows. Fawad Khan made more of an impression this time around, although I’m not quite sure when and how his hair went grey. Anita Camphor is hitting the right notes as Mrs. Khan. Alishba did not have much to say but her body language was fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the coming episodes.

My only complaint, if I may call it that, has to do with the subpar picture quality. Talkhiyan’s success had a lot to do with the way it appeared on screen, it was an absolute treat to watch it. Given that I watch this online, I am not sure how it appears on live TV, but speaking on behalf of those of us who follow it online I would request APLUS to upload original HD quality videos on their FB page/YouTube channel, allowing us to fully enjoy and appreciate all the hard work and effort put in by the producers and the creative team, their attention to detail, that went into making this one a visual delight.

Written by SZ~

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  1. mera poora comment post hotay hotay ghaib ho gaya 😦

    Awesome awesome awesome 🙂 1one epi k liay….second wala review aur last SZ k liay 😉
    Mrs khan” …..aaj bhi crisp edge per ye meri pehli appointment tou nahi…per kuch badal saa gaya hai …jaisay aaj kuch ho gaya hai kukoo ko…yun lag raha hai jaisay aaj meri kukoo say ye PEHLI MULAQAAT ho”
    Kukoo “…aaj oon ki pehli appointment tou nahi…per jaisay kuch badal saa gaya hai…yun lag raha hai jaisay aaj meri mrs khan say ye AKHIRI MULAQAAT ho”

    first epi main in do characters k monlogues ki in lines nay mujhay sab say ziada apni terf attract kia yun laga jaisay ye future main in dono characters ki destiny ko predict kernay ki koshish hai

    “pehli” aur “akhiri” mulaqaat …kisi hud tak tou nazer aya humein…in characters ki body language say lay ker in ki guftagu her cheez main ek “change” halka saa hi sahi nazer aya jo shayed coming epi main ziada obvious ho ye dono apnay roles ek doosray say switch ker rahi hain kia in ki transition ka process start ho chukka hai is sawal kaa jawab abhi tou nahi milay gaa per is per ghor kernay ki zaroorat hai

    aj mrs khan kaa confidence deedni tha …khud kisi actress k style ko copy kernay ki bjaiy apnay husband ko Richard gere (aaah my teenage crush 😉 ki tra kaa style banay ki suggestion dena ye jaantay k wo bald hai I think bohat kuch show kerta hai khud ko beautiful aur husband ko insecure kehna …phir kukoo say jis tra aur jo baat ki wo alg dikhta hai aj kukoo say apnay baray main pooch ker satisfaction hasil kernay waki khud oos ko advice day rahi hai…kia waqai kukoo thik thi k last epi main oos ki aur mrs khan ki akhiri mulaqaat thi
    ok itna yaad tha baaqi yaad ker k likhoon gi


    • @RJ i had also found those lines very intriguing.. im totally with u.. i also got the feeling ke she was there to check up on her and cheer her up.. i loved how she dropped the purpose of her visit casually without coming down as a ton of bricks lol
      and her confidence.. i think she pbbly got some of that from kukus statement ” u look like urself ”.


    • @RJ: Hawwww! Im so sorry! This has happened to me so many times as well ke I’ve now learned to either type it in word first or send it to myself as an email or copy the text before hitting reply…

      Loved reading the way you connected the dots for us here. Now looking fwd to part 2 🙂


  2. ok i was the last one on the last ep, but first one here lol
    i thought the first ep was brill at setting up the scene. its gotta be one of the best openers.. and after watching this latest ep now im well and truly hooked!
    like u said this is not the story of mazboot or mazloom aurat.. its abt the human factor within that mazboot aurat. her insecurities, her mistakes, moments of weakness,.. loved ur take on her trying to erase her bewaqoofi vs cleaning the blood off the floor.
    now how lame r the two men in her life!!! husband, who didnt even bother abt asking haal ahwal/ the bandaged wrist.. and the lover who had the himmat to turn up in his shadi jora to boss her around… but having said that atleast the husband chose their marriage over the investment.. then again he pbbly knows shes the sone ka anda dene wali murghi..
    now mrs khan.. i found ur take on her very interesting. As much as it feels like the dunya walas with their muft mashwaras, I thought she was actually genuine. I think she felt for her the prev day when she narrated that that it felt like she was meeting kuku for the first time (after kuku had reassured her by saying ‘u look like urself”).. I felt as if mrs khan was there to check up on kuku and cheer her up. i guess her dancing away to the song smile/lets start a brand new story kinda spelt that out for me.. i also enjoyed the richard geare/ hubby now ganja convo leading upto him going sanki, underlining his insecurities/ ‘i’m still beautiful’.. this i’m still beautiful was also nicely linked to their initial connection the prev day… i might be completely wrong with my theory here lol
    btw i had loved the monologues by kuku and mrs khan (first ep) and what they had thought abt each other. Exactly the same but totally opposite! much like the two women themselves ..
    Alishba was looking stunning and the whole seq was done beautifully. but honestly what a moron of a hubby she got! Amma aap ki pasand se shadi karoon ga.. aap ki pasand meri pasand lara lappa to his mummy ji.. and then dropping the shadi shadi khelna line to his bride..
    looking at the preview alishba/ laila has her own backstory… and judging by the main image its just as much if not more of a story of laila as it is of kuku. i also wanna see how this apparently madly in love moron of a guy agreed to someone else in the first place.. aik taraf tou he is saying kuku needs him and cant leave her to dunya etc..although we did see him casually mazaq mazaq main dropping the i dont marry u because ur not sughar line to kuku, but idk im still not satisfied lol… i suspect kuch aur bhi hua hoga…
    soooo looking fwd to the next ep..


    • LOL! Am I the only one who was seeing more than met the eye in Mrs. Khan’s visit?

      Agree with you @RJ and @FA: those lines did set this visit up beautifully…and yes as @RJ says her confidence was a sight to behold.. but unlike @FA I dont see this as a confidence on account of Kuku’s kindly words, rather this was an attitude borne out of the circumstances of the visit..

      Would love to hear more from others on this .. and of course the best part is that this being an original script we have absolutely no clue where this is going .. we can of course all hazard educated guesses following the tantalizing trail of clues left for us by Bee Gul but pata tau akhir main hi chalega ….

      It is so fabulous to have finally gotten a delicious drama with juicy characters just waiting to be savored.. I’m loving it!


      • @SZ as i said my theory might be totally wrong here lol
        btw i didnt mean ke confidence was all to do with kukus words.. but i think they def hit the right notes for her to start opening up to kuku with that confidence. As far as i remember we heard her monologue after she detected something in her reply. they pbby never had this kinda open convo before this. this was pbbly start of something new.
        either way, like u said finally we have something to discuss and dissect something meaningful lol


    • @Sadia: I watched bits of the first ep and wasn’t impressed enoug to continue. Let me try to give this one more shot and if I can make it through the two eps then will def write it up. Ab dekh lein, if I write tau phir you will have to comment – karen gi? 🙂


  3. A much better episode than last week. At least it kept me more engaged and I didn’t fall a sleep. The wedding shoot was superbly handled and I loved that we got to see Alishba when Mansoor saw her! Iffat Umar fits her character like a glove. Her husband on the other hand I think is there for comic relief – what was he wearing lol
    Still not sold on the story yet. I think we have lamented on about showing men as weak and women either being weaker or feeling incomplete without them. I was hoping for something different here bit don’t think I’ll get to see any atypical characters here. Khair watching this for the visual imagery for now.


    • @Annie – It’s kind of hard to tell with just two episodes in, but i feel this story will have a lot more to offer. Talkhiyan worked the same way. it was a bit slow but then it really took off, I honestly was hooked, although I wasn’t fully onboard in the beginning. (Using Talkhiyan as an example, because its the same team)

      I also think with Alishba’s character there will be a lot more to the story, as her character seems to have her own backstory. Lets see how it connects with the rest of the cast.
      Kuku’s husband needs to be gone. He is bringing nothing to the table, he’s seemed to age in just two episodes. Thought he was younger then Kuku…grey hair?!


  4. Why doesn’t Kuku get a divorce from her cuckoo husband, and if Mansoor loved her so much why not marry her instead of blindly marrying a girl of his mother’s choice?
    If you doesn’t want a divorce she should quit agreeing to give him money. I fail to understand.

    Mansoor is a really big loser, just like all the drama men. Want to have everything their way. A wife and a girlfriend, and dono par apni marzi chalana. So irritating..

    The drama is very interesting. A lot more then every other play on tv. Although both dramas are not related in anyway it really does remind me of Talkhiyan. because of the dark , depressed character.

    Looking forward to seeing what Alishba’s character has to add to the play.


    • @annie i think shes afraid of being left alone. She mentioned this fear in the first ep aur isi darr se she is not leaving her loser of a hubby and has been giving into his stupid demands.
      Although they showed mansoors casual/loser attitude towards marrying kuku and ammi ji ka biba bacha jahan chahe shadi kara den attitude im not completely sold on this either. I hope they do explain the citcumstances that led up to his shadi.


    • @Ash: LOL! Yeah the two men are def not looking good here. Re: what hapened b/w Mansoor n Kuku and why Kuku has stuck with her losr hubby for as long as she has lets wait on and see some more to unfold … But glad to know you’re enjoying it so far and are in for the ride 🙂


  5. “yaad ki raah guzer….” …main apna wo comment jo kho gaya tha yaad kernay gai thi lekin aap sab jantay hein jab insaan ek baar yaad ki raah guzer per chal niklay tou “is per chaltay chaltay mudat-ein beet jati hein” aue sirf wo nahi yaad ata jo hum yaad kerna chahtay hein bulk bhoola bisraa undekha unsuna bohat kuch shayed sab kuch yaad aa jata hai

    ye tou aap ko nazer aa gaya k “pehchan” k seher nay mujhay kis hud tak apni girift main lay lia hai 🙂 ..after “sannata” ( I know SZ bus mujhay thora time day den main tou ye poora week sannata ko dedicate kerna chahonn gi 😀 bus yahan say nikal jaon ) “pehchaan” mere dil ki khushi hai 😉 aur wo bhi first epi k baad say hi … kiun?….bhai main ek nostalgic insaan hoon aur ost suntayy hi ye mere dil main gher ker gaya 🙂

    haan bhi gup baazi k bina tou main kaam ki baat per anay wali nahi …samjha kren zara maahol mood ko bannay main time lagta hai 🙂 …kher tou jo rum-zia guftagu first para main ki hai oos kaa matlab ye hai k jis waqt hum apna comment likhtay hein wo humari oos waqt ki soch feelings understanding k mutabiq hota hai aur ager ek baar jab wo kho jye tou oos ko der-yaaft kernay k chaker main hum per kai naye der waa (open) ho jatay hein aur cheezein ek naye perspective main samnay ati hai ye hi mere sath hoa tou ye comment previous comment ki continuation nahi bulk ek traa khud ek naya comment hai (koi faida tha bhala is fazool tamheed kaa sivaiy is k mere bolnay kaa shouq poora ho gaya 🙂

    apni baat shuru kernay say pehlay last week humari mazloom/ mazboot aurat discussion k conclusion per ana chahoon gi k ek aurat kuch honay say pehlay yaa kuch bhi honay k baad bhi “ek insaan” hai (thanks to SZ /FA) aur ek balanced insaan main dono traa ki qualities honi chahiay tou baat ghoon phir ker phir balance per aa gai 🙂 lekin ye balance kabhi kabhi kho deta hai insaan aur shayed pehchaan inhi kamzor lamhon ki daastan hai

    ji Kukoo bhi ek aisay hi kamzor lamhay main apni zaat kaa tawazun (balance) kho ker suicide jaisi extreme herkat ki koshish kerti hai yahan main ek baat zaroor kahoon gi jo reaction main nay epi k baad say viewers main dekha k ek “merd” k liay ..ek insaan k liay Kukoo jaisi aurat yaa kisi bhi aurat kaa suicide kerna bilkul ghalat / disappointing hai blah blah….aur main ye sab dekh perh ker apni aur aap ki last week wali discussion yaad ker rahi thi jis main hum mazboot aurat ko discuss kertay external factors/ society k role per roshni daal rahay thay k kis traa ye external factors hi ossay allow nahi kertay k wo apnay is “mazboot aurat” k hissar say bahir niklay aur aisi kisi koshish ko bari sakhti bulk be-derdi say kuchal dia jata hai …aur dekh lein sirf ek epi k baad hi Kukoo ki ek “kamzor herkat” aur “hum” viewers ka reaction dekh lein ..aina samnay hai aur aks bhi humarahi hai aur kaisa hai ye kehnay ki zaroorat nahi

    tou ye sirf Khuram Mansoor Mrs khan hi tou nahi jo apnay “muft mashwaron” say Kukoo ko Nawaz rahay hein hum viewers tou oon say bhi agay hein..last time jis cheez ko zor o shor say condemn ker k goody goody kaa label lagwa ker sirf ek week baad apna kaha bhool ker wo sab khud ker rahay hein

    Point ye hai “suicide” ghalat cheez hai chahay wo kisi merd k liay ho yaa kisi bhi cheez k liay ..humein oosay comdemn kerna chahiay yaani oos amal ko naa k oos cause ko jo oos ki waja bana…..doosry baat Kukoo ek strong woman kaa aisa iqdaam kia oos k character k according hai ..I think BILKUL HAI …ye bilkul natural cheez hai jabhi bhi kisi strong insaan kaa breaking point ata hai oos kaa reaction extreme level kaa hota hai wo sirf ronay cheekh-nay tak nahi rehta kiunk kisi bhi sailaab (flood) ko roknay k liay banaiy gai bund jab toot-tay hein tou apnay sath sab kuch baha ker lay jatay hein …aisa insaan normaly react ker hi nahi sakta aur suicide jaisay inte-hai iqdaam aisay logon ki paida waar hein..normal log tou aisi kisi cheez k baray mein soch bhi nahi saktay aur soch lein tou oos per amal kernay ki himmat nahi rakhtay..tou Kukoo ko ye hi kerna tha ye oos k character ki demand tha

    ye tou last epi say juri kuch batein ab is latest installment ki terf ayn 🙂 …ab sawal ye hai k Kukoo chahti kia hai? ager oosay mansoor say shadi kerni thi tou ker laity nahi kerni thi tou janay deti…I think yahan phir oos kaa ego issue hai..last epi main bhi hum nay dekha k clearly wo khuram k sath khush nahi thi jis ki waja sy wo mansoor k qareeb hoiin in other words oos nay manssor ko allow kia k wo oos ki life main aa jye ..lekin ye sab kis traa hoa..mansoor kaaa maana tha ye sab oos ki waja say hoa kiunk oos nay Kukoo ko realize kerwaya k wo aur khuram ek doosray k liay nahi ..mujhay lagta hai Kukoo ye sab manssor say sunna chahti thi wo is ki responsibility khud nahi lena chahti thi …
    isi tra shadi issue..kukoo “isi liay tou main tum say shadi nahi kerti” indirectly oos ki khahish hai mansoor say shadi ki yaa aisa kuch mansoor say sunnay ki mager oos ki big big ego oosay ye kehnay nahi deti..ager wo mansoor main koi interest nahi hota tou M k kehnay per k jo rishtaa aya hai wahan shadi ker loon (kitchen say bahir aa ker)….tum say shadi kon kray gaa ek immediate reaction naa deti ab ball mansoor k court main hai ki shadi main actual ruka-vat kia thi ye compng epi main pta chalay gaa..lekin ho sakta hai kukoo k is tra k attitude say mansoorye hi samjha ho k on k dermiyaan shadi jaisay kisi rishtay ki zaroorat nahi jo jaisay hai thik hai aur is waja say ab kukoo ka siicide kerna oosay bhi shock main dalta hai kiunk wo aisi koi cheez oos say expect hi nahi ker raha tha bhi agay jaa ker pta chalay gaa
    baqi thori der main 🙂


      • @RJ: Yes, am with you on the way Mansoor and Kuku’s over inflated egos seem to have played a very big part in shaping their relationship .. chalo ab lemme see what happens in the 3 rd ep 🙂


      • @RJ: One last thing: LOL! Clearly not done here 😉 Re: your comment abt us as audiences and our varied reactions to Kuku’s suicide attempt, I actually think there are no wrong or right answers about how to read this story … and this to me is the beauty of Bee Gul’s open ended story. In sharp contrast to the other stories we usually see, where there is only one way of understanding the story, the writer’s way and the possibility of an alternative explanation does not arise, here Pehchan lends itself to myriads of interpretations…. and this is its greatest strength where it opens itself up, allowing us to read what we may into it, thus making us, the viewers, as much a part of the story as the other characters. If you look at it this way then it is no longer abt Kuku Mansoor, Mrs Khan, Laila etc, its about us and how and what we choose to read into it … makes sense? no?


  6. Pehli aur Akhiri mulaqaat
    ab mrs khan aur kukoo ki mulaqaat aur is say uthnay wala sawal mrs khan ki intension kia thi? meri 2 assessments hain 1-last epi ki lines ki roshni main mrs khan kaa confidence/visit/kind words/advice is kaa taluq oon ki apni zaat aur oos main anay walay change say tha (oon kaa dance yaani wo ander say khush thi ek free soul ki traa jis nay apna bojh utaar phenka ho) jis kaa kukoo k suicide attempt say koi wasta nahi ye sab wo apni waja say ker rahi thi is tra previous epi main kukoo k words “akhiri mulaqaat” ko justify ker saktay hain..even mrs khan k “pehli mulaqaat” walay bhi

    2-zarooori nahi mrs khan nay kukoo say jo apnay husband k hawalay say conversation ki wo sach ho..ho sakta hai ye bhi ek cover ho mrs khan bhi doosri aurton ki tra mazboot honay ki bajay mazboot nazer anay ki policy per chal nikli hon is sense main mrs khan k visit kaa purpose bilkul opposite ho jata hai ab humderdi say ziada tamasha yaa merhum say ziada namak chirak-nay ki intension thi aur ye bhi natural hai main nay bohat logon ko ye ker k ek ajeeb traa ki satisfaction latay dekha hai jis traa dunya say apnai her takleef kaa badla lay lia ho
    dono surton main mujhay is baat kaa poora yaqeen hai k future main ye mushwaray ye visits ye attitude humain nazer anay wala hai aur haan kukoo kaa qadray sub-missive apologetic andaz bhi dekhnay ko milay gaa

    ab kuch choti choti cheezein…mrs khan ka dress(leopard print) kia oon k confidence ko symbolize kernay ki koshish thi ye sirf itefaaq…jis expensive piece ki baat mrs khan nay ki thi wo baad walay scene main oos jaga say remove ker dia gaya tha again itefaq yaa kukoo ki inner disturbance ko show kerta hai (aap kaa hairaan hona jaiz hai 😉 sawal hi paida nahi hota ye dono points main nay notice kiay hon LOL ye meri sis ki observation hai ab say pehchaan oos k sath dekhoon gi 🙂 ..fawad khan (uff is dil k tuk-rhay hoay hazar 😦 ka hair colour change hona aur manssor k is epi main spectacles say andaza hota hai flashbacks aur present main kafi time diff hai…one more thing khuram ki entry walay scene say hi andaza hota hai kukoo aur khuram kitnay diff personalities k malik hain kukoo ek nafees (mere jaisi 😀 aur khuram by nature shabby insaan hai


    • @RJ: Sorry! Got waylaid with other things, but have held off on watching this latest ep… your answer first 🙂

      Re: Mrs Khan and Kuku: Yes, Mrs Khan was in a totally new avatar, and you raise interesting possibilities with both scenarios, but I am leaning more towards the second one as I put out in my review. The reason why I tend to give less weight to option 1 is ’cause the change in Mrs Khan is not because of a change in herself or a new found confidence b/c of her appearance, we get a hint of that when she brings up the fact that her hubby didnt like her haircut and still holds the same opinion abt her. And unlike what she says, she is still as bothered by it as she was last week, otherwise that wouldn’t have been brought up by her. Her facial reaction, when she said her hubby still thinks she’s old, to me at least, indicated that he still had the power to hurt her and she was disappointed by his disapproval. Option 2 holds more weight for me cause I do see her convo abt Richard Gere as more of a bravado… her dancing, the liberated feeling she exudes is more due to the fact that perhaps this time around she feels more comfortable around Kuku… now she feels they are more equal (donon mard ki satayi hui) and that feeling empowers her to dole out advice, If this had really been an altruistic visit, or if she was really as upbeat as she was pretending,then she wouldn’t have made the comment abt the value of life … it almost seemed like more than telling Kuku she was perhaps reminding herself of that important lesson as well. And so then that raises another possibility, perhaps she wasn’t being intentionally hurtful, rather her glee was more due to the fact that chalo at least now I have a friend who can understand what I am going thu….
      Regardless of what the true intentions are, I am sure we will see more of Mrs Khan and Kuku, and yes as you say, the words of the first ep were foreshadowing what was to come… with her suicide attempt Kuku is no longer the person she was/or had thought that she was and thus change has altered the balance of her relationship with Mrs Khan … ab lets see what this week brings 🙂

      LOL @ the placement of that tacky showpiece .. it was actually not there earlier as well, when we saw Mansoor giving money to the paniwalla boy. So I would put that to continuity issues, but lets see 🙂

      Also spot on abt the differences b/w Kuku and her hubby… and I think that is the precise reason why this guy was chosen.. ke hum sab yehi sochen ke what would a woman like Kuku see in a guy like this .. there were nothing that would make anybody think of pairing them together, and I think thats exactly what we are supposed to think .. remember SeZ and Salman and Tabinda’s pair??


  7. ab mansoor miyaan..mujhay paka yaqeen hai ye marriage jaisay kisi relation per believe hi nahi kerta (typical merdana soch) isi liay kukoo say shadi naa kerna apni wedding night per barhay casually kukoo k salon ja ker baat kerna jaisay kuch nahi ho raha aur first night apni bride say shadi shadi khelna jaisay wiered dialogue isi terf ishara hai…

    ek cheez jis nay mujhay bohat chonkaya …manssor aur khuram ki same behavior tha dono apni wives ki help nahi kertay ..cell phone aur jewllery say ulajhti kukoo aur laila khud hi apni problem “fix” kerti nazer ayn aur dono nay apnay husbands say koi help nahi ye do ladies bhi ek jaisay charater rakhti hain…mansoor aur khuram dono possessive aur selfish insaan hain dono kukoo per apna haq chorna nahi chahtay bus andaz aur reasons diff hai …mujhay acha laga manssor ki shadi aur khuram kaa cukoo k paas lout ana ye dono side by side show kiay giay k ek rishtaa ban raha hai aur doosra toot raha hai (divorce aur fix it k words ek sath..oh it was a painful moment aur back ground main voilen ki awaz ufff very touchy)….lekin is k forum baad kukoo kaa apni inner delicate sensitive condition ki waja say khuram ki baation per believe ker k oos k agay surrender kerna aur mansoor kaa laila ko dekh ker oos ki beauty ki waja say oos ki terf attract hona gender diff aur oos ki priorities sirf ek scene say kaisay potray kia oh it was brilliant …scene of the epi for me 🙂 k dono ho reluctant hain lekin dono apnay partners k qareeb bhi ho rahay hain lagta hai future main ye story ye couples lay ker chalein gay
    ok ji ye tou khatam hoa ab dekhain agay kia hota hai …..ek baat confirm hai kukoo ki hysterical movements jab wo floor clean ker rahi thi dekh ker mere dil nay kaha I am in love with kukoooo ❤ ❤ ❤


    • @RJ: Yes, again agree with you in that both men are self-centered, and its not merely abt helping them, but about their complete oblivion to the fact that the two ladies needed any help whatsoever …
      Also, I would be very interested to see why Kuku appears to give in to Khurram’s cajoling.. no, she’s not a fool and has seen thru him, but I think here it ince again abt her ego .. if Mansoor can go and get married, she would be darned if she was going to appear like she was waiting around for him to come around… she would show Mansoor that if he play shaadi shaadi then she could too… so in that way there we see some interesting parallels, ke Kuku is using Khurram just as much as he is using her, and she is just as selfish as the two men around her …

      Yes, the floor cleaning scene was very powerful.. the lighting and the camerawork taking it to a whole other level .. and the other cleaning scene, the one in the saloon was equally interesting ..once again excellent use of every prop and making the setting a part of the narrative.


      • @ SZ : Thank u sooo much for you detailed response 🙂 meri pasand kaa ek bohat bara reason kiunk mujhay discussion bohat pasand hai and I really appreciate k jis tra aap just ek formality poori nahi kertin k review likha comments aye thanks kaha aur bus samate dia..nahi bilkul nahi bulk her comment per pooora ghor o fiker ker k oos main say wo points jin per mazeed discussion ho sakti hai nikaal ker apna POV dena aur commenter ko ek baar phir dawat dena k aao aur is discussion ko agay lay ker chalein aur kabhi koi be-zaari koi uktahut koi jald-baazi nahi kiunk hum jitna merzi detailed comment likhein humein ek baar likhna hota hai lekin aap ki dealing itnay commenters k sath hai lekin jo standard set kia hai oosay maintain kiay rakkhna boooohaat difficult hai ..aap k is passion dedication k liay mere paas words nahi hain..I am totally nishabed (speech less ..hindi word aaj hi seekha 😉 ..

        RE:audience’s reaction/Bee gul’s style etc…dekhein ek week guzer chukka hai jab main nay apna comment kia tha aur ab mera door/qareeb vision bohat clear ho gaya hai bulk is epi k baad phir viewers k reaction nay is main mujhay help di hai aur last week aap kaa jawab dekh ker umm mujhay samajh nahi aye thi sab kuch ooper ooper phir raha tha lekin ab main poori tra clear hoon k main kia kehna chahti hoon aur aap kia keh rahi hain ..actually mujhay ye lagta hai k ager pehchaan k characters k baray main judgmental honay ki bajaiy oon ko understand kernay ki koshish kren tou hum ziada behter tor per drama theme ko understand ker sakein liay ab mere liay kon victim hai kon nahi kon right kon wrong hai ziada maani nahi rakhta..bulk main oon situations oon feelings emotions ko understand kernay ko koshish karoon gi jis say ye characters guzrein gay….ye hi baat main last weel keh rahi thi k thik hai aap ko ghalat kehna hai suicide jaisay extreme amal ko ghalat kahein kiunk oos k ghalat honay per koi do rai nahi lekin character per main koi judgment paas kerna nahi chahti …kiunk ab mansoor ki shadi k baad ye issue khara ho gaa k kukoo ek married insaan k sath..laila hye bechari etc..per mere khayal say ye sab insaan hain koi hero villain nahi..ji ji main topic say hut chuki hoon aur ek sath kai topics per baat shuru ker di hai maaloom hai 🙂

        is sense main aap kaa kehna about different interpretations kafi wazen rakhta hai kiunk ager hum in characters ko understand kren tou hi diff interpretations ho sakti hain kiunk her insaan ki understanding doosray say diff hai ..lekin judgmental honay ki soorat main objectivity khatam ho jye gi kiun oos ka daar o madaar norms and values per hota hai tou bus shuru say akhir kukoo ghalat..that’s it..ek ghalat insaan say shadi ek ghalat insaan say mohabat ..suicide ghalat..aur ghalat hi ghalat hi ghalat ..yes ” it’s about us and how and what we choose to read into it “..definitely not making sense I know it

        Mrs khan per aap k character analysis..i loved it ..well theory no 2 per mera khayal hai thik hai mrs khan kukoo k ander apna aks dekh ker oos say relate ker sakti hain lekin jis tra wo pretend ker rahin thin dancing/naseehats to kokuu etc ..wo ek alag tra ka msg day rahin thin jaisay pretend ker rahi hon k ab oon ko kisi ki perwaah nahi..tou ager ander say wo relaxed thin kukoo ko presence main lekin ye baat unhon nay kukoo say share nahi ki k look ab hum ek hi kashti k sawar yaa main understand kerti hoon kiunk main is sab say guzri hoon etc.tou yahansay koi conclusion nikaalna bohat difficult hai I think ager hum wait kren tou behter ho gaa

        aur jis traa aap nay in do losers ki kukoo ki life main anay ki wajoohaat per roshini dali ..brilliant aur kafi ghor ker k main bhi isi nateejay per pohunchi hoon …I am sorry mera jawab itna late ho gaya mujhay Munir niazi ki poem yaad aa rahi hai

        Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun Main

        Zaruri Bat Kahni Ho
        Koi Wada Nibhana Ho
        Use Awaz Deni Ho
        Use Wapas Bulana Ho
        Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun Main

        Madad Karni Ho Uski
        Yar Ki Dharas Bandhana Ho
        Bahut Derina Raston Par
        Kisi Se Milne Jana Ho
        Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun Main

        Badalte Mausamon Ki Sair Main
        Dil Ko Lagana Ho
        Kisi Ko Yad Rakhna Ho
        Kisi Ko Bhul Jana Ho
        Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun Main

        Kisi Ko Maut Se Pahle
        Kisi Gam Se Bachna Ho
        Haqiqat Aur Thi Kuch
        Us Ko Ja K Ye Batana Ho
        Hamesha Der Kar Deta Hun Main

        nahi drama say nahi mere adaat say taluq hai is kaa 😉 aur mujhay ye poem pasand bhi bohat hai ..ab ye nahi pta aap ko poetry pasand hai yaa nahi ager nahi tou main imagine ker sakti hoon k is waqt aap k dil per kia beet rahi hai 🙂


        • @RJ: Afsos ke mujhay waqt pe chand ghatiya shai’ron ke siwa kuch yaad nahi aata, magar I do love poetry so keep it coming 🙂


  8. OK, just finished watching episode 2 and wanted to share some comments 🙂 This is such a welcoming place you’ve got here SZ, many thanks for your generosity.

    These stood out for me in this episode:

    1. Kuku’s penchant for cleaning. Almost like she wants to get rid of the “daagh” of the suicide attempt.

    (Waisey, isn’t it strange that Kuku doesn’t have a house-help? Or even an assistant at the salon? Usually these are the people who might have gossiped about her suicide attempt, the paani wala guy was an unexpected touch. Also, how calm was he – when he saw Kuku sitting with blood collecting on the floor next to her, he didn’t just drop that water can, he slowly placed it next to him…)

    2. Both Mansoor and Khurram are using Kuku for their own selfish means. A strong, independent woman rattles different men in different ways – men like Mansoor want to “conquer” her, gloat in the superiority they feel when women like Kuku fall for them, while men like Khurram want to make use of what Kuku brings to the table – money, contacts…

    And it’s probably a fact of life that women like Kuku don’t want to let go of men like Mansoor and can’t let go of men like Khurram…

    3. I like how they are unravelling Mrs Khan one episode at a time. I see Mrs Khan as a representative of the awaam – the man on the street. Inkay khud kay maslay toh bohat hain, but they can’t resist the opportunity to give advice in matters that least concern them. I was as surprised as Kuku (and had warm feelings to boot) when Mrs Khan turned up with donuts. Turned out there was a mission behind the gesture. I read it like you did, SZ, that genuine concern for Kuku was not quite behind her visit. But you have the benefit of hindsight in knowing what Mrs K is like… To me, it felt like there was almost a relief (hence the dancing?) when Mrs K found out about Kuku. If she was genuinely concerned for Kuku’s welfare, wouldn’t she have come to meet Kuku last night itself? Why wait till the morning?

    Also, Mrs K talking about her husband in that tone and way – I think she meant to show Kuku that she (Mrs K) was in control of her life, nothing – not even Mr K could trouble her today…

    4. Again, the play with time – Kuku getting hurt in the past vs now, Kuku-Khurram vs Mansoor-new bride (we weren’t even told her name yet, unless I missed it?) scenes.

    5. The new bride taking off the jewels sequence was so well done. The way she got herself into a knot, the way Mansoor didn’t offer any help, the way she didn’t open her mouth to ask for help (although she would’ve definitely liked it if he’d offered help himself) and the way she decided to tackle the problem herself – am I reading too much here?

    So those are some thoughts on episode 2, looking forward to episode 3 soon. 🙂


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