Sannata ~ Episode 28 ~ Finale Review


Apne wujood ki taarikiyon and tanha bhatakti hui dayan…!!
Jaisey apne hi  zeest ki ujaar khandaron and qaid sisaskti hui koi afreeyat…

Banjar baharon mein khizan ki tarah ris ris kar gardish karti veeraan maazi ki tahon ko khurachti…

Apni vehshat-zada phati phati surkh magar zard aankhon se waqt ki rahdariyan tatolti…
Jaise rihaee talaash karti…
Kisi afreeyat ki manind woh achanak ojhal hoti tau kisi bujhi hui mash’al ki tarah yakaayak bharak uthti…

Daro mat…!! Woh meri dayan!!
Band kirchiyon and bikhri hui khoobsurat guriya ki tarah haseen dayan…
Woh meri Pari thi…!!
Jiske haseen paron ko taqdeer ki aanch ney jhulas kar isey manhoos dayan bana diya tha…
Magar woh phir bhi haseen thi…
Bohot haseen…
Meri aur apni gird aalood boseeda varqon mein bati kahani ki tarah ….


Woh mar gayi…

Kaisey yeh koi nahin janta…  sivaye meray…
Yun tau loag kayee tarah se martay hain magar mohabbat se bhi mar jaatay hain yeh main ne Pari ki maut se jaana…

Tamam umar woh Ruqqya ban-nay ki koshish karti rahi…
Woh keh jati, kar jati jo khud Ruqqaya bhi nahin kar sakti thi…
Magar sab tha Ruqqaya ka…

Apa bi sahi kehti theen…
Ruqqaya ka naam, Ruqqaya ki gurya, Ruqqaya ka dulha, Ruqqaya ka hasad aur phir Ruqqaya ki maut bhi…
Sab cheen liya Dayan ne…

Magar us ne meri perchhai nahin chhori…
Ussay murjha kar bhi murjhana nahin aaya…
Husna khala ki kokh se phoot kar woh meri goad mein aayi thi…
Is baar woh phir se phoot nikli… meri kokh se…
Moajaza ban kar… meri beti… meri Pari… Meri Dayan


Stunningly bookended between these two narrations (opening and closing) was the story of Sannata, an iDream Entertainment offering that ended its twenty-eight week run a few days ago. As far as can be from our routine gharelu dramas, this serial offered a fascinating exploration of that which resides in the deepest, hidden recesses of the soul. An absolute stillness which deafened with its silence, a darkness so complete it made black look grey, a desire so all-consuming nothing was allowed to stand in its way, such was the Sannata which gave birth to the intricately entangled story of two cousins, Ruqqaiya and Pari.

Pari was542257_1381527275416357_380456963_n the one deemed mentally unstable right from the get go. The tragedy that stemmed from her mother Husna’s elopement, her subsequent return to the haveli,  her death during childbirth, Apa Bi’s subsequent ill-treatment of the young Pari, all justified the general assessment that Pari needed help. The young girl had issues, read severe issues, particularly when it came to sharing her beloved Apa. For Pari, Ruqqaiya represented the only anchor in her otherwise stormy life. Her clinging to Ruqqaiya was a serious cause of concern for others in the family, all of whom foresaw that no good was going to come out of such an unhealthy relationship. As feared, things came to a head when Azam entered the sheltered inner domain of the dilapidated haveli. As things panned out, while the adults were proved correct in their concerns, vis-à-vis the girls’ relationship, surprisingly it was Ruqqaiya, rather than Pari, who began to unravel at the first sign of stress in her bond with Pari.

So far we had seen Pari as the taker but as was later seen, rather than classic parent-child bond, where Ruqqaiya was the one doling out affection, their’s was  more of a codependent photo1relationship. Far from being the benevolent, altruistic giver, consciously, perhaps more so unconsciously, Ruqqaiya needed Pari and depended on her just as much if not more so.  We had seen the obvious shortcomings in Pari’s life and made accommodations for her wayward behavior, but what about Ruqqaiya? Here was another child who had grown with a depressed mother, a taciturn grandmother, a kindly but busy housekeeper. Where were her peers? She did not attend school, had no friends, played with hand-me-down toys, and then at an age where she was barely able to take care of herself, she took on the responsibility of another living being! The years when she should have been happily playing mommy to her dolls she ended up being a surrogate mother for the newborn Pari. Just because she appeared more controlled and pulled together did not mean that Ruqqaiya wasn’t just as broken on the inside as the younger girl was on the outside? The question that then lay at the heart of the matter: Was it Pari’s darkness that engulfed Ruqqaiya’s life or was it the deafening silence of Ruqqaiya’s lost childhood that swallowed Pari’s  repeated cries for help. Everybody knew Pari needed help, why then did her treatment become a useful hand which Ruqqaiya played whenever she found herself in a tight spot? Who was the dayan here?  Was Pari becoming Ruqqaiya or was Ruqqaiya allowing her deepest darkest desires to be played out and actualized in Pari’s person? If Pari was mad then was Ruqqaiya stable?

sannata-640x360Even as we grappled with these philosophical/psychological questions, Sannata was not merely a story of these two girls. Rather, Ruqqiaya and Pari’s stories in fact served to frame Naseeban, Shauki and Babban’s stories, all of which were rooted in the past but looped back to the present, adding context and texture to the larger narrative. While I found this an interesting story-telling device and loved Naseeban and Shauki’s stories and how these were woven into the main track, unfortunately by the time we got around to the last one, Babban’s story, I was suffering from a severe case of viewer fatigue.

No matter how fabulous a story, seven months is way too long. I don’t know about you all, but I had started off as an ardent supporter, but by episode 15 or so my attention started to lag and I could never find myself motivated enough to tune in as a rule. I infact enjoyed it so much more when I took a month or so off and then caught up with the rest in one go. There were many long-winded scenes that seemed to move at a snail’s pace. Shauki and Pari’s never-ending search for Babban in andaroon shehr, Babban’s torture in the police station, the entire Pari at the dabba peer’s dargah track, to cite a few sequences, could have been  edited tighter, helping the pace considerably. And on dragging bits, the entire Ambar Wajid and Shabbir Jan track in their ugly house was beyond painful to watch. Shabbir Jan is a fine actor, but by now he’s done so many of these roles that it is hard to distinguish between his various characters. As for Amber Wajid, let’s just say that I don’t think acting is her thing.

Another thing which was  huge turn off was the way the background score was utilized here. I523530_1382997731935978_288076157_n loved the qawwali, Amir Khusraw’s  words were very apt, but the western/fusion instrumentation spoiled the ambiance for me. Played as it was against the backdrop of a rural shrine and the galis of andaroon shehr, the “foreign” elements stood out like a sore thumb. The blaring music, the constant alaap spoiled the feel of many a scene. Another huge beef I had throughout this serial was with the horrible get ups.  The naqli peer’s wig looked even more fake than he was. Naseeban’s stainless steel colored wig, the problems with the get ups and accents in her back story, Apa Bi’s beautifully tied sarees even after her stroke, Salma’s raccoon eyed look, Ruqqaiya’s fully made up face and perfect hair throughout, particularly in the last scene even after her fall from the stairs, though minor details in and of themselves took a lot away from an otherwise very well done serial.

1237094_1378577249044693_660553819_nBack to what I did like, I thoroughly enjoyed Saji Gul’s  exposition on the manifold manifestations of love, the good the bad and ugly of it all. I also appreciated how the two dargahs and the two peers were compared and contrasted. My problem here was that naqli peer track went on for too long. Shauki’s death sequence, though long again, was beautifully done. The actors, almost all of them fit their characters very well. Simi Raheal and  Samina  Ahmed were an absolute delight. Nadia Afgan wa1383225_1382997718602646_2089917737_ns great as was Nargis Rasheed. Adnan Shah Tipu was a rockstar, he was Shauki to a Tee.
To often we take character actors for granted, but here Tipu deserves a huge round of applause. While I did not much care for the Babban track, I did enjoy watch Salim Mairaj slip so easily into the skin of yet another character so effortlessly. Danish Taimoor did an adequate job, but I was never really able to warm up to his Azam.  His pairing with Saba left a lot to be desired, I was never convinced that theirs was a great love affair. Saba Qamar was good, her voiceovers were fabulous. I just wish our actresses could do without makeup and let their hair go once in a while. Sajal has the same issues as far as make up and hair goes. Throughout her seemingly never ending dargah track her clothes never got dirty, the dupatta was never creased and she always looked fresh, a far cry from how Pari was supposedly feeling. That said, Sajal was the shining star of Sannata. She was magnificent!

photo5Coming to the behind the scenes people, Rashid Abbas the DOP did a magnificent job bringing Sannata to life. The shots in the haveli were spectacular as were the exterior shots , particularly the Naseeban and the tree man sequences and the nighttime/fog scenes with the dayan. Mehar Bano has never looked as stunning as she did here. The director Kashif Nisar did a fabulous job in narrating this very complex and nuanced story. And yes, a round of applause for Saji Gul, the writer whose story invited so much discussion and opened up so many avenues of thoughts. Not just the story, but his words, the narrations, the tree-man dialogues, the mannat wali chirya lines, Azam and Ruqqaiya’s  taqrar over the nature and meaning of muhabbat, all were a delight to hear, read, savor, and discuss – a rare treat in this age of stock phrases and trite lines.

As I wrap up, a well-deserved pat on the back for iDream Productions for bringing us such meaningful stories. I look forward to many more Sannatas and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahins from this production house. Thank you also to ARY for airing this one – hope this is not the last of of its kind as the saasbahu brigades seem to have taken over that channel. So yeah, some brickbats and quite a few bouquets for one of the most intense dramas in recent times.

Finally, as we close the book on Sannata a huge shout out to the dedicated commentators on this thread – we were a handful but our intense conversations more than made up for the lack of numbers. All your discussions made the Sannata ride that much more meaningful and enjoyable  – thanks guys!


Written by SZ~

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    • @SZ.. Awww I’m flying in air.. Bundles of thanks.. However thanks is a very very very minor word but.. I have no words for you.. Jitna finale review ka wait kiya us se double khushi hoi 🙂
      Review ka comment tou udhaar hai cuz mujhy nonstop bolna hai aakhir 7 months ki journey thi 😉
      So this first comment is only for You.. You’re such a pure person among very few in the world.. You always take a good care of your fans n this make us to miss you jb koi review nhi ata.. May Allah Almighty bless you a good health n peaceful life and give you such energy to give such bombastic and fantastic reviews.. Ameen 🙂 lots of love n prayers for you…


      • @Ayesha: Helloo!!! Ab neechey aa jao 😉 Waiting to read your thoughts on the finale and the past episodes!! And no need to thank me at all… it was my pleasure .. so much fun to have you on board and it was due to Sannata that I met you and @RJ and @Atty .. so yeah this one will remain special 🙂


  1. @ Ayesha: Awww Ayesha kitna unique aur kitna piyara gift mila hai shadi kaa 🙂 bohat Mubarak ho aur bilkul main jab kabhi sannata ko yaad karoon gi aap kaa hawala zaroor shamil ho gaa aur meri mazay-daar journey aur oos main aap ki support mujhay kabhi nahi bhoolay gi aur hamari fun discussions 😉 …sannata aur baaton k ilawa mere nazdeek is liay bhi special hai k ye is blog per first drama tha jis per main nay comment kia aur phir ye silsila nahi ruka aur isi doraan ek pari say mulaqaat hoi..meri Ayesha meri pari 😉


    • @RJ: hahaha lol shukar hai apnea ye nai kaha.. Meri Ayesha meri pari meri dayan 😀 haha.. Awww ap kitni zada sweet ho itna Sara pyaar apk pas ayaa kahan se BTW??? 😉
      Ye gift tou waqai amaar ho gaya :p
      Aur jitna apne enjoy kiya I have enjoyed trillion times more than it.. Ufffhh that crazzy debates.. Sannata blog apk anay se like complete ho gaya tha..
      I think I have spent my memorable time of comments for any review and this wasn’t possible without you and @FA.. You both are really awesome..
      @FA.. To you too.. Miss all the days jb hum un conversations ki pori pori diwaan likha karty thy..


  2. Ayesha! Tmharay tau mazay ho gaye. Whatta treat!
    SZ! U never leave anything to comment.. As soon as i started reading, i wanted to point out few drawbacks in this otherwise MASTERPIECE, But u already pointed them out.. Everyone is not dedicated as Ayesha, so those haryali bibi draggings were beyond limits, infact Babban’s story was also unneccasirily dragged.. Aur saba Q ka hair style.. Pata nae haveli me reh kr b itna stylish haircut kon kr k deta tha unhe.. She should take it easy now. Bht achi actress hai, ab modeling pe km concentrate karen tau acha ho


    • @Atty: Thank you for reading and enjoying the review 🙂 Again so glad ke because of Sannata you came on board and we met.. ab IA hamari baat cheet chalti rahegi 🙂 I agree with you totally, Sannata was fab but the Haryali Bibi track was really stretched.. and same goes for Babban, although I enjoyed his story, But yeah after 15 weeks, I think I was just wanting to see how it wrapped up and phir har acha khasa track bhi seemed like a drag 😦
      Hain na! That hair cut and makeup did not jive with the rural surroundings.. but us se bhi ziada funny .. don’t know if you noticed but when R was supposedly dead Salma shook her so badly and all I could think was wow! waisey marey na marey par ab tau marey gi hi .. how her neck didnt suffer any injuries was beyond me!


      • That is so sweet of U. Honestly ap k warm welcome se jo apnaiyat mehsoos hoti hai, us ka jawab nae.. IA zarur chalti rahay gi baat cheet, yahan b aur fb pe b..


        • IA, zaroor chalti rahegi 🙂 How are you liking Aaghaz-e Safar… dekha? I’m tempted to write on it but don’t know how many are watching or would be interested in reading about it…


          • 1st episode dekhi. Baqi b meri watch-list pe hain.. It is awsome yar! Boht acha lga k sirf masail discuss nae kiye unho ne, balkay un k solutions pe b baat ki..
            I think apko zarur review krna chahye. Agr ap k review ki waja se koi ek b motivate ho gya tau achievement ho gi


  3. BUT these drawbacks should be taken as positive criticism. V want to c more dramas like these.. I just felt k agr is drama ko 10 episodes k baad concise rakha jata tau shaed ziada logo ko attract krta. As i know ppl who left watching this play coz of unneccassiry dragging, which hurt me as a fan…
    At the end, Sannatta introduced me to Ayesha, and Ayesha introduced me to SZ.. And i m thankful to her, as ur reviews r always brilliant.. Bs thorha ziada likha karen. Tishnagi reh jati hai…


    • @Atty: Agreed! Our critique is not meant to demean anybody or criticize for the sake of finding faults but to honestly share our views and write what worked and what didn’t, at least for us.
      Thank you for enjoying the reviews, I know I should write more, but bas ek tau Im all over the place with other stuff and usse bhi bari baat ke dramey hi ajeeb se hain .. 99 % of them are so predictable and boring ke you know exactly who’s going to say what and what what’s happening next .. ab aise me kya review likha jai? Hopefully this next lot will have something more interesting. I am reviewing Pehchan regularly baqi dekhtey hain 🙂


      • I m waiting for few episodes of Pehchan to pile up, phr dekhna start karun gi aur ap k reviews b parhun gi…
        Have u seen promos of Adhoora milan? Maine kuch pics dekhi. Samina pirzada aur faisal rehman brhay diffrnt get ups me lg rahay hain, pata nae plot kia hai? Iffat umar hai us me b


        • @Atty: Will wait for you on the Pehchan thread Seems like opinions are split so it’ll be interesting to read your take on it 🙂
          Haan, dekhey promos and pics and like you I too as intrigued. The actors are good, but more than that the fact that NoorulHuda Shah has written Adhura Milan has me really interested, so will def check it out and share my thoughts.


  4. By sharing those opening Lines of Sanata.. You actually made me recall the very first episode and how i watched starting 4 episodes in a row on your suggestion 🙂 and i so really enjoyed watching this drama that Thursday became a most awaited day after Silvatein… I loved sannata till epi 15 after which i got so bored to limit that have to left in middle so have no idea abt how shoki track ended or other tracks…

    But oh well i can definitely share the amazing things i liked.. Firstly it was Naseeban bi track.. The way it was written and presented.. Simply outclass and brilliant.. The bg score the ambiance and acting all used to take to that world … Hasna track and how younger Ruqaiya took care of pari… Beautiful yet strong dialogues.. Multi layered lines.. First half of drama was blockbuster indeed 😀

    Talking about last episode.. As much as i liked the ending and the meaning behind it.. The presentation was sooo poor… I was like wth yaar.. And what’s going on ajkal ki heriones ” meri qurbani zaya mat hone do ” or ” meri qurbani zaya hojaye gi” yahan ruqaiya wahan shukk me sania… Ladies go get a life… Qurbani de he tou atleast don’t jatoofy.. Who asked you to become bali ki bakri :p

    Still All is well that ends well 😀 and ohoo apki tareef tou reh gayee.. Hehe bohat aala review likha.. Maza agaya parh ke.. Jeeti rahaye khush rahaye


    • @Rehmat: LOL @ bali ki bakri! You’re to funny! Seems like many of us got turned off by the length – 7 months is a long time! I actually found that rather than watching it weekly, it was easier to watch it one go, many things made more sense when watching in go, and so much of the symbolism also made more sense then, and ofcourse ffwding at will always helps! 😉


  5. Salaams SZ, beautifully written review, your deeper exploration on Ruqqaiya and the responsibility of a baby put on her while she herself was young was profound.

    To see Sannata even till episode 15? I loved Sannata only till the 4th or 5th episode but once Azam made his entry, the story only revolved around Azam wanting to marry Ruqqaiya and that his family was against their marriage-this was dragged for most of the drama. All Azam does in this drama was to shout at his family members for degrading Ruqqaiya, shout at Ruqqaiya for always taking side of Pari and when Pari gets married to Azam, he starts shouting at Pari. Shabbir Jaan was put to waste. Saba Qamar is also put to waste as she is shown to listen to the taunts of her mother in law and say nothing at all.

    I still don’t get how Naseeban’s track fits into the story. There are only few episodes that show Naseeban attracted to a soul that lives on a tree. However, I remember the episode where Shauki I think kills Meher Bano, a well directed episode.
    Also, does only Pari die or both Pari and Ruqqaiya because in the end of the episode, it shows Ruqqaiya suddenly waking up.


    • Wasalaam Aisha, thank you for reading the review – glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂
      Re: the ending, there was an issue in that a couple of scenes were left out. For instance, this last narration that I have cited above. The story was supposed to have begun with the first narration in the first ep and ended with the last narration in the final episode. The final scene (not included in theaired version) is described thus by the writer, Saji Gul. :Ruqqya’s unconditional love for pari as an obsession stays with her for life… She keeps tellingher daughter Pari’s story all life… Eventually the girl starts identifying herself with pari… N hence turns into pari… But she is not mad but carries ruqqya n pari both in one body… Thats hers herself:”
      You can check out more by the writer on his FB page;


  6. I haven’t watched a single episode of this drama, but enjoyed reading your review so much, that I kinda wanna go back and check it out, even if i just skim through the episodes, although this is quite a lengthy serial.
    Seems I missed out on a good serial. =\. We sit and complain about the same ol saas bahu serials but when something innovative is out there, we happen to ignore those serials, bc it’s too “difficult to understand” or just “doesn’t click with us” =\

    Anyways ill be sure to check this one out, especially since I can come back to your reviews after each episode!! THANKS! 🙂


    • Yeah do watch it if u r tired of typical dramas.. It is lengthy, but now u can watch forwarding dragged parts, so u’ll enjoy it..
      I watched first 8 episodes together and was in complete “aww”, but later dragging started in drama and watching it after whole week was kinda boring.. Otherwise it was very good drama


  7. First thing first… i just watched the last episode.. and i feel cheated!! 😦 After such a drag in the middle why oh why wrap up in such a rush? the ending felt so abrupt!!! thanks @SZ for sharing the last narration shared by the writer.. parh ke kuch qarar mila!! lol
    will also check out the writers page u shared shayad kuch aur satisfaction mil jae..
    otherwise overall i’ve gone through hot and cold phases.. some really long juicy discussions (esp the takrar on takrar & our adabi mehfils with Ayesha lol)… like everyone else here for me the dragging became unbearable too…picked up in the last few eps but rushed at the very end..
    loved the overall story, how different aspects of love & sprituality were explored, superstitions vs normal & paranormal and the various very complex characters…some beautiful lines.. (i wish we got to hear the closing lines and the last scene.. that sounds amazing!) … so hats off to Saji Gul! looking forward to more of such good stuff from him..
    I had always pointed out abt the amazing DOP.. its a shame that got lost somewhere in the city…
    back stories were brilliant esp naseebans and shaukis track..
    if i start going into detail i think this will get too long.. ill leave the rest of the tabsira for my next comment lol


    • @FA: I agree with you ke we, the few who did actually hang on to this and sat through the dragfest in the middle, were indeed cheated out of a proper ending. I think I was not not quite as upset as you because I had read @Saji Gul’s note abt the ending on the Sannata FB page and the writer’s FB page, before I watched so I kind of knew what I was in for … that said, it is absolutely a rip off that the director, or whoever was responsible for this ending, chose to cut it off like this. That last narration, along with the opening one, was the crux of the story and to have that cut off is really lame. Coming from a team that had shown such sensitivity towards a very complicated script this was really mind boggling, and diluted the effect of what, despite all the glitches, remains of the more interesting stories we’ve seen in recent times. I do hope @Saji Gul drops by so that we can hear more about what went wrong where and also get some of his insights into a fascinating story.

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  8. ok.. im back with my tabsira.. i thought after our never ending discussions on sannata I cant justify not doing one last one of those…esp when theres so much to say after so many here goes..

    i know @Sz u said u werent too keen on DT’s Azam.. i gotta say i really felt for the poor guy towards the end.. i thought he was fab as a miskeen & frustrated hubby who was ”helplessly” trapped in his bedharak mohabbat..,and the imtihan that his lover had set for him…bechare ko kia kia karna para!!

    Aur R ne tou hadd hi karr di.. mian bechare ka sahih imtehan le liya lol… talk abt blackmail.. R used every harba under the belt!!.. waise She knew how to manipulate everyone, from azam to P, from her mother to apa bi, & even Ashfaq mian.. sub ko apni baat pe manwa chora..shadi karwane pe mana hi liya…. using their own weaknesses.. kafi theek thak tez thin Apni R apa!!! lol
    @Sz i loved reading ur take on R’s brought up and the question if she was stable? I found it really funny how she had shunned the idea of seeing to a psychologist when Azam brought it up when she was depressed, and accused A of thinking that she is mad lol.. For me R had to be the most annoying character in this play (sorry Ayesha 😦 ) … bechari pari tou badnaam ziadi thi lol

    As for the ending.. i initially thought pari died and somehow saved R which was not setting well with seemed like a very abrupt, unexplainable end to a very long, complicated story…however the narration and ending described by the writer r intriguing.. all the superstitions, paranormality, conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious states thats were explored were crammed into that rebirth of Pari/daughter. That would’ve been a treat to watch this complicated theory on its a pity that we got to see more of the too many dragged out scenes of who sleeps where and who makes the dinner and serves pani, than the stuff that really mattered.. this play deserved a decent wrap up 😦


    • Lol! Ur last lines made Sannata look like Shukk.. 😀 😀
      haina? Sucha rushed wrap up k narration hi nae dikhae jo k start aur end ko apas me jorh rae thi.. Editor of this drama deserves Worst editor award ever.. 27 episodes me se unneccessary scenes edit nae kiye, last episode k most imprtant ending scenes cut kr diye


      • @Atty lol @ shukk .. i gave up on that one ages ago.. i havent even bothered going back to that since the khana pina muqabla phase..
        honestly i was so annoyed with the rushed wrap on earth could they drop the key narration and the last scene??!!..i was searching the net looking for the missing part.. i honestly thought they had missed out the last part in the video i was watching lol..


        • Hahaha @FA.. Ap hamesja yehi sochti hain that you’ve missed some part 😛 I too am not satisfied with ending 😦 intezar he karti reh gained for ruqayya ki beti jisy wo story suna rahi the aur bs 😦 ye umeed na this director sir se :/ 28 episodes me ager 10 min aur dikha dety tou me sadqe waari ho jati 😛


          • @ayesha lol@ sadqe wari.. Only if!!
            And dont worry abt the typos.. I think ive gotta b the worst at that! Abb mein ne to sorry kehna bhi chor diya hai lol.


            • Hahaha nai @FA I think I’ll break your record in this.. Chao break nhi tou in competition zarur hun 😛


          • @Ayesha: Never worry abt typos … if you were ever to see my unedited drafts and comments you would be in shock.. so don’t worry nobody is judging .. hum sab ek hi kashti ke sawar hain 😉


    • @FA.. Haha seriously mera aur Ruqayya ka personally koi rishta nhi 😀
      Even in the last few eepisodes I also was in the state k ‘bs kar do bibi bs kar do mera sabar na azmao’.. >_< qurbaani qurbaabi qurbaani sun sun k mujhy eid nazar any lag gai the infront of my eyes 😛


      • @ayesha ROFL @ eid.. Uffff haina! Chalo if u also felt like that tou phir tou hamara ghussa justified hai!! Lol
        Waise bechare Azam mian ka dil barr ke imtehan liya madam ne.. Bechare ka keema air dimagh ki dahi nikal di!!… Abb Azam mian kp koi kahe joru ka ghulam tou they wont b wrong.. No wonder nafeesa didnt like R lol … Log mazloom aurat pe rote/ ghussa karte hain.. Apne azam mian tou un se bhi gae guzre the!!! Lol…


      • @Ayesha: ROFL @qurbani qurbani! Ab agar you too started bezar and thinking of Eid tau phir you can think what we all must’ve been feeling! Honestly I think a little bit of trimming here and there wouldve kept the freshness alive and as well as trimmed off at least 3 or so episodes.


    • @FA: LOL, yes I wasn’t a fan of DT’s Azam, To be fair to the actor I think he played his part well as far his individual scenes were concerned, but for me all his scenes with R were flat. I am sure none of us can forget that “memorable” wedding night scene by the the now infamous pool 😉 I think it was somewhere around that time, after his wedding to R, that Azam started losing all his charm for me, as all of his individuality started to fade away in the background and every time we saw him after that was whenever he was arguing with R about P. Talking about a couple who desperately needed to get a life! And haan he was played pretty badly by R. So yeah he was also a candidate for the miskeen shohar of the year award.
      Re: R, yes, though her character made for a fascinating study, again I think that constant takrar about Pari was really annoying … yaar Ruqaiyya, kabhi kabhi andey tamatoron ka bhi hisaab pooch liya karo! No wonder her mom in law was so bezar with her – I would be too! Waisey aapas ki baat hai now I’m worried about all the typical desi saas wali khoobis that I seem to discovering in my personality – yikes!!


  9. @SZ 😦 a biggest sorry to you from the core of my heart.. Ab pata chal raha hai k oont kesy pahaar k neechy aata hai.. Lol.. Seriously jitna mujhe shouq tha k koi review mujhy dedicate ho aur an ho gaya hai tou this susraali life 😦 sannata ko bhi abhi end hona tha I wish it might take one year more so I could spent some time on this.. But wahh ri kismat.. 😛
    Khair.. Simply loved your review’s starting and ending.. The first n last conversations are just fab.. I missed how the play starts with such a complex and deep meaning in which all the focus was on ‘dayan’.. This very word leads the whole threads of pari’s life in diff contexts.. @Saji Gul has simply amazed me at every step and character that how one word.. One feeling.. One home.. One thought.. One philosophy and one faith vary from person to person..
    Starting from husna’s life that under which circumstances she gave birth to pari.. Under which situation she lived with babban.. How she apology to appa bi.. This part has done beautifuly n perfectly.. Husna’s flashback is also something I was in love with.. Also I loved the work by DOP that how he managed the shades and coloures of husna and neelam’s past.. Plus I loved the windows and wall’s where gusna used to sit.. Husna was the key point and the tragedy of haveeli.. The writer has wrapped a very simple story of ‘elopement’ into a complex n highly psychological issue and its further effects to coming generations..

    This is only one character discussion and I have to do each character in sannata so it will take days to days SZ.. Hope you’ll not mind 😀
    N once again a big thanks to you that how you wrote such meaningful reviews and provide a platform to share our thoughts..!! Thanks a lot all kudos to you 🙂


    • Bari der ki mehrbaan aate aate! Mager shukr hai aap ain tou! Lol
      Mein yahi soch rahi thi ke bechari ayesha must be really busy ke she is gummshuda even after this much-awaited dedicated review!!
      Yes husna was the beginning of the story and turning point for the haveli. This reminded me of our discussion on waqt tham gya ..and that the haveli was trapped in her time zone.
      Looking fwd to ur review on other characters..
      And yes @SZ thanks for providing this platform for some very interesting discussions, letting out our dil ki bharas and being so patient with our never ending jhakk with all their tool o arz.. Lol…


      • @FA: Yaar ab aap tau sharminda na karen …all you guys make this so much fun and your observations always make me look at things from another perspective and haan thank you for always bringing in that much needed dose of levity to all our heavy duty discussions… warna tau Sannata ka sannata kaafi heavy duty sa tha. Shukar hai ke unlike the thama hua sa waqt in the haveli we always had a lively conversation going on 🙂


        • @SZ haan bhai with all that sannata and darkness we needed that lil bit of laugh! And at the end of the day eventually that made it palatable for me too.. warna tou like u said this was one very long, heavy duty safar! lol.. Again thanks to you and everyone else here for being such a great company on this journey and helping me keep hanging in there till the end.


    • @Ayesha : “kuch log ruth ker bhi lagtay hain kitnay piyaray”..waisay hi gana yaad aa gaya tha 😉 ..bus itna saa 😦 ….ye dil mangay more 😛


    • @Ayesha: absolutely no worries 🙂 Considering that I missed out on a whole bunch of reviews and then took time catching up, I would be the last person to rebuke you. That said, glad to see ke you are turning into a gharelu khatoon, complete with complaining abt susral etc 😉 LOL! Oh please! Much as I loved Sannata main to 28 eps main thak gayee! Dont think wouldve lasted through a year of Ms R and her bali ki bakri jaisi mazloomiyat.

      Re: reviews: Aww it was my absolute pleasure to write Sanata.. I don’t think my reviews could do even a iota of justice to @Saji Gul’s very intense story,nonetheless I enjoyed putting my two cents in and then our discussions brought in that much more depth to all our understanding of this fascinating story. So a huge thanks to you all for joining me on this journey. And of course thanks to Sannata met you and Atty and RJ so all good stuff! Ab I hope you will not disappear on us and will make time to join us here. Looking forward to many more convos!


        • @Ayesha: LOL! Ab jab susral aur susrali log type guftgoo karengi tau phir khatoon na kahoon tau aur kiya kahoon 😉 Btw, R bechari tau aap ke defense ke intezar main sookh hi gayee hogi …


  10. SZ k liay ..bohat mohabat k sath 🙂
    fantastic review SZ 🙂 …sab say pehlay tou Mubarak baad wasool kren k aap nay ek different difficult aur complicated drama ko (not only subject wise bulk presentation wise bhi) …naa sirf select kia bulk bohat khoob-soorati aur skillfully handle bhi kia aur is main kaamyaab rahin …is k baad kis ko lagay gaa aisay dramas review /understand kerna difficult hota hai ager aap jaisa talented insaan ho tou her cheez asaan hai..mujhay aap ki selection of dramas hamesha say pasand hai aur ab itnay arsay main aap nay readers per ye fact establish ker dia hai k SZ ki “nigaah e naaz” say jo muraad paa gaya wo viewers k dil tak zaroor pohunch jye gaa kiunk wo ye muqaam deserve kerta hai aur is kaa sab say pehla idraak apni fehum aur baseerat say SZ ker laity hain

    main is tareef ko routine main ki janay wali tareef /hosla afzai (jo hum her review k start main kertay hain ) say hut ker ek dosray level per jaa ker kerna chahti hoon ..reason… as a commenter meri aap k sath first journey thi 🙂 and what a beautiful and memorable journey it was ❤ …second reason bhai main jin ko pasand kerti hoon oon ki tareef kerna mujhay acha lagta hai ye meri fav hobby hai 😉 …I think aap k reviews ki sab say barhi aur bhaari khoobi (jo undoubtedly kisi aur reviewer main nahi ) "eejaaz" aur "ikhtisaar"….eejaz aisi khoobi hai jis kaa hasool bohat mushkil hai aur bohat kam writers ko naseeb hoti hai …tehreer main ek sath do khoobiyaan hon depth aur simplicity ..dekhnay main itni sada (style wise) ho k ek aam reader ko hardly 5 min lagain reading aur understanding main lekin intellectuals/thinking reders jo ghor o fiker kerna chahtay hain oon k liay sumander jitni depth ho ek ek lafz main.. yaani dono traa k readers k mental level per poora uterti tehreer.. dono satisfied hotay hain k haan hum nay completely understand kia hai ko ikhtissar yaani shortly briefly precisely bayan kerna k reader review ki lambaai k taa-nay baa-nay aur alfaaz k daa o pech main ulajh ker asal baat say door naa ho jye oos say bhi mushkil hai…kehnay sunnay main aasan aur aam si nazer anay wali ye do qualities kaa haasool be-hud mushkil hai jo log tehreer k fun say waqif hain achi traa jantay hain k "mushkil" likhna asaan hai aur "asaan" likhna "joo-aay sheer lanay k mutraadif" hai (ye paragraphs SZ k liay hain is liay mushkil lafz be-dharhak likh rahi hoon kiunk in ki Urdu bohat achi hai ..pasand main izafay kaa ek aur reason mil gaya 😀

    akhiri baat ..tanqeed hamesha kisi ki takhleeq per ki jati hai lekin behtareen "tanqeed" khud "takhleeq" k derjay main shamil ho jati hai …aur oos "tanqeed" per phir "tanqeed" hoti hai yaani analyze kia jata hai …mujhay ye baat kehnay main koi aar nahi k Sher e zaat Talkhiyaan k reviews isi category main faal kertay hain specially shere zaat k kuch reviews tou actual product say bhi kahin behter thay ..masterpieces ….main sannata ko bhi is list main zaroor shamil kerti lekin sab jantay hain reasons jo bhi rahi hon lekin regular basis per is k reviews nahi aye as compared to the other dramas lekin jitney bhi aye wo SZ ki tehreer ki tamaam khoobiyon k sath aye 🙂 aur is khaas drama ko mazeed khaas banana main oon kaa poora haath tha

    yahan sab k apnay apnay fav hain ho sakta hai kisi ko lagay ye khoobi tou fullaan main bhi hai yaa aap khud ye baat kisi aur ko keh rahi thin (ji ab tou mujh say ye interrogation bhi honay lagi hai k aap kahan kahan kia kia kehti phirti hain… readers kaa piyaar aur kia keh sakti hoon 🙂 …bilkul aisa hai k sab reviewers bohat achaa kaam ker rahay hain aur sab ki koi naa koi speciality hai mager tehreer ki itni khoobi-yon kaa ek sath jama ho jana aur meaning wise itni depth betwwen the lines read kernay ki umda tareen ability main nay kisi aur main nahi dekhi..isi liay SZ meri most fav reviewer hain.."art aur entertainment" kaa haseen imtizaaj hotay hain in k reviews..complete package …full time wasool type 😉

    ok ji ye comment tou thaa hi SZ k liay ❤ is main drama ki koi baat nahi honi thi..lekin ab sannata per thori der main ati hoon 🙂


    • @RJ: Yaar, ab aap ne tau meri bolti hi band kar di … main kiya kahoon except is ke as I kept reading I kept thinking ye itni bari bari baatein kis ke liye likhi hain ..kam az kam mere liye tau nahin ho sakteen kyon ke mujhe to apne likhey main siwaye typos ke kuch aur aisa khaas nazar nahin aata … but zarra nawazi hai aap ki .. can’t say anything more except to repeat what I have always maintained ke more than the writer it is to the readers’ credit as to how they read and understand the written word .. so ab aap ke lafz main aap and baqi sab readers ko hi lauta rahi hoon .. I feel privileged to have been blessed with an exceptional group of readers/friends: My reviews/rambles offer nothing more than a takeoff point for our discussions. The credit lies with you guys since it is you who make all the dots connect and shade in the colors, making for a complete picture. So yeah, a huge thank you to you all!


  11. Finally 🙂 …samajh tou gain hon gay aap..jab say ye review aya koi din aisa nahi gaya jab main is thread per nahi aye aur comment kernay k baray main nahi socha lekin confusion ye thi k aya jahan say chora tha wahin say continue karoon epi by epi imp points ko discuss karoon (jo bohat difficult aur lengthy ho jata) …yaa phir review k style per chaltay apna over all analysis doon ….lekin itnay din baad bhi faisla nahi ker saki tou ab likhna shuru ker dia hai bus jo jo dimagh main aa raha hai…

    sab say pehlay kuch kerhvi kuch khatee batein .. 😦
    mujhay sab say ziada jis cheez nay disturb kia wo heryaali bibi track thaa..main soch bhi nahi sakti thi k main sannata kaa koi scene forward bhi karoon gi ..but I confess main nay heryaali bibi k bohat scenes forward kiay aur jo dekhay wo enjoy bhi nahi kiay ..sab say ziada heryaali bibi k “alif laila-vee” get-up nay put off kia thik hai yaar wo fake peer hai lekin fakeness ko show kernay k liay get-up ko use kerna ek tou bohat purana idea hai doosray is drama ki serious /thoughtful feel k sath bhi nahi jaa raha tha suddenely ek funny element add ho gaya tha is l ilawa pehlay din say nazer aa raha tha wo aurat k bhase main merd hai no suspanse…phir is track ko shamil kernay kaa maqsad samajh nahi aya sivaiy ye k drama ko un-necessarily drag kia jaa sakay jis say drama ko bohat nuqsaan hoa …main review main likhi baat say agree keri hoon k writer nay ek picture ki do sides kaa contrast show kia hai per mere khayal main drama theme/subject say iss kaa koi taluq nahi tha ager ye track naa bhi hota koi ferq nahi perhta…phir society main bohat see ghalat cheezein hain aap sirf oon ki nishaan-dahi ker saktay hain jis kaa drama theme say koi link ho phir kerna bhi tha tou ek epi kafi thi aur 16 epi say baben track start ho jata tou aaj is ki soorat kuch aur hoti

    isi traa shouki track main murshid kaa character aur story main oon ki mojoodgi…shauki k sath oon ki Sufism per itni deep /terminological conversations kaa bhi koi tuk nahi nikla jab sauki ko is traa maarna tha ..thik hai is k past nay love aur lust k difference per roshini daali lekin present main murshid k sath oos ka taluq ishq e haqeeqi ki terf ishara ker raha tha lekin aisa kuch nahi hoa ..bulk ab mujhay Ayesha k sath apni discussion yaad aa rahi hai jis main hum is character ko create kernay ki waja deryaaft kertay hoay writer k perspective say sochnay ki koshish ker rahay thay aur tab bhi main nay kaha tha ager is character kaa kaam sirf itna tha k pari ko lhr pohn-chaa day tou ye maqsad poora ho gaya ab is character main kuch add nahi ho gaa ..secondly ager is kaa link drama theme ishq k sath hai tou ye agay jye gaa..Ayesha aur main bhi kisi hud tak doosri theory say agree kertay thay…mager hoa first theory k mutabiq

    honestly speaking epi 6-7 k baad say jab shauki kaa character introduce hoa aur pari ki mental un-stability kaa aghaz hoa …mujhay laga tha writer ek cheez ki bunyaad per do traa ki transitions show ker rahay hain …Pari normality say abnormality…aur shauki normality say super-normality ki terf jaa rahay hain ..ishq ki waja say yaani R kaa ishq aur gulmeena ki hawas say raasta banata hota khuda kaa ishq…..aur is theme ki uniqueness nay mujhay apni grift main liay rakha lekin jab shauki ki death is tra achanak ho gai tab mujhay laga naseeban ki traa yahan bhi viewers k sath cheating hoi hai..I mean ager is nay pari ki help k ilawa kuch nahi kerna tha tou itni museebat ki kia zaroorat thi ek sada saa banjara be-gher type character dikha detay ….

    baqi points ko review main brilliantly cover ker dia hai main repeat nahi kerna chahti ….


    • @RJ hamaisha ki tarah u brought some very valid points to the table.
      I personally thought that sannata wasn’t just a plot about the two sisters and a man. I think alongside exploring mumhabbat, it was also an effort to explore different aspects and perceptions of spirituality, paranormality & the unexplainable… preparing & justifying the viewer for the the ending at the same time. heres how i think they worked together:

      The main track: We see Pari’s condition, people’s perceptions and the scientific, explainable explanation.

      I felt Naseebans track was key because this sets the genre. Not only it was the first blast from the past, exploring love in another light & concepts of lust & hawas.. but it also set the notions of spirituality, paranormality and the possiblities of the impossible. and then it was used to justify R’s decision to accept A’s proposal, connecting it to the main narrative.

      Shauki’s track & the murshid: i thought, again, it was used to further explore the aspects of spirituality. and then to compare the dargahs and the peers – the possibilities.. It also explored the aqeeda and faith (belief): how one can make themselves believe in something that may not be the truth. Shauki’s belief of how he could attain redemption was what he had made himself believe in. he had mislead himself..

      Haryali bibi track: I agree it was way too dragged out and too boring. I like the idea of comparing the two peers, but this did go on for too long. In terms of connection to the main narrative, here not only we got more on mislead aqeeda and faith (this time, mislead by others/the peer himself), we were also introduced to the concept of a miracle.. ie the women who came there believing that they will see a miracle and they will somehow get what they wanted. (It had also set the stage for R-unable-to-bear-children track)

      And the last aspect that links all these tracks is the very end. The Muajza, the miracle.. The impossible. the unexplainable… how could a dead person be alive again? how Pari saved R and how R’s daughter became P? .. Now we as viewers are left with food for thought.. do miracles happen? whether it was really a miracle, or has R lost her mind etc…
      Had P reached some sort of spiritual state where, unlike shauki, she could redeem herself from her hawas & the khud-gharz muhabbat (ref betrayal / trying to kill R). Was this transition (pari to R and her daughter) similar to the tree-man in Naseeban’s track?…

      that is why i was so annoyed for not showing the very end, for that actually ties all the loose knots and the maqsad behind the most interesting parts of the serial – the flashbacks.

      i think the back-tracks brought-in layers and depth to the main narrative and theme, however some of them really needn’t be so long!
      kafi kuch ho gya.. hope its making some sense! lol


      • @FA: loved your analysis ..absolutely brilliant 🙂 ..jaldi jaldi ager is per baat karoon…
        Naseeban’s track: I think is kaa end result mohabat aur nafrat k dermiyaan jung aur oos main nafrat ki mout nafrat say mohabat say nahi. yaani jab mohabat nafrat kaa roop dhaar lay.dekhain ager nafrat ko mohabat nay nafrat say mara tou nafrat ki mout k sath wo khud bhi mer jye gi jaisa tree man nay kaha “afsos nafrat jeet gai” is kaa nateeja ye hoa k nafrat say kuch nahi photo-taa is ki extension/production nahi hai..lekin R aur P k case main P mer gai “yun tou log kai tra say mertay hain mager mohabat say bhi koi merta hai ye main nay P ki mout say seekha” saaf zahir hai P kaa jo love-hate relation R say tha jis main wo osay maarnay ki koshish bhi kerti hai wo nafrat R k liay P k dil main mojood oos mohabat say haar gai..jeet mohabat ki hoi..R bach gai aur is tra P k liay oos k dil main mojood mohabat bhi zinda rahi jis ki extension ki soorat main R ki beti yaani P nay janam lia ..ab ye sirf symbols/metaphors hain I don’t think so yahan writer re-birth k concept ko pesh ker rahay hain sirf R kaa khayal hai oos k zehun ki ikhtarah hai k ilawa P k mernay ka ek reason oos ki split personality bhi ho sakti hai….shayed oos waqt wo R k roop main ho ….yaa wo hi mannat ki chirhya wala concept k mannat ki chirhyaa azad honay say muraad poori hoti hai P k mernay yani azad honay say R k zindagi bach gai..well is main kisi bhi hutmi nateejay per pohuch jana bohat difficult hai aur ye hi is drama ki actual beauty hai… different interpretations…

        Shouki ‘s track : well mujhay lagta hai is main bhi cutting chopping hoi hai..writer k fb pay kuch deleted scenes main shouki k bhi thay jis say jo pic humain nazer aa rahi hai wo change ho jati hai..tou dekhtay hain book form main publish honay per hi sahi soorat-e haal kaa pta chalay gaa..mere nazdeek shouki ki kahani sirf love aur lust per roshini dalti hai deleted scene aur oos k past ko mud-e nazer rakhtay

        P’s sipiritual state?..nahi mera nahi khayal..kiunk wo sirf wo batein kerti thi jo oos nay heryali bibi ki dergaah per dekha suna..farah tufail(actor’s name) ki death nay oos ki mental condition ko aur bhi kharab ker dia tha jis ka ziker bhi psychiatrist nay kia tha isi liay oos ko sirf wo batein yaad thin jo dergaah say related thin kiun last time oos k dimagh nay jo exp kia wo oos main mehfooz tha..tou mujhay nahi lagta ye koi rooha-niyut thi ager hoti tou wo oon baton k ilawa kuch aur bhi baat kerti

        be-hud shukria mere comments perh ker oon per ghor kernay k say mujhay ek baar phir mouqa mila k cheezon ko naye siray say dekhoon aur clarity main izafa hoa 🙂 …umeed hai future main ye discussion chalti rahein gi kiunk drama k baad in kaa apna hi maza hai..aur sorry jawab itna late ho gaya


    • @RJ: Arrey yaar! Aap to bilkul meri behen nikleen.. main bhi bas sochtey sochtey itna sochti rahi ke ji jab hosh aaya to Sannata ke 13/14 episodes guzar chukay they and main wahin ep 14 par hi khari thee … ab tau aap ko samajh aa gaya hoga ke woh reviews kyon missing they LOL! 😉

      Ok, now back to Sannata, *serious mode on now*, yes, I think there is a universal agreement here that the Haryali bibi track was a pain.. And un ke get up ke tau kiya kehne! I think the get up person was a major fail here, be it Haryali bibi or Naseeban. Those wigs should be thrown out ASAP!

      I agree with @FA about the connection to the main track and why it needed to be there, but the way it was dragged out had no impact on the eventual turnout, except to pad the episode count. Instead of adding those extra scenes at the dargah and those women and their stories (an interesting story in and of itself but added no value to the over arching story) we should ve seen the final narration, a proper end to Naseeban’s story and perhaps a bit of an insight in Salma’s back story. She was the only character who was left without a story, in other words without a motive for her depression and sadness, and this was a surprising omission considering Salma’s “absent” presence impacted so much of the way R turned out to be. One can only wonder how different R would’ve grown up to be if Salma had been a strong personality who was not afraid to stand up to Apa Bi’s edicts on the one hand and deal more firmly with a young R on the other. Just imagine what a different story we would’ve had then!

      Re: Shauki’s connection to Pari’s instability, I think that happened much earlier, we could see symptoms right from her childhood. I would say Azam’s entry set the story rolling as far as Pari’s obvious instability. It was from this point onwards that P comes of age and is attracted towards Azam, not in a sexual way, but more like she has a crush on him … for the first time in her life she had met somebody who, apart from R, saw her a person on her own terms, not as a dayan who was Husna’s daughter. And interestingly enough, this also the point where R’s instability too makes itself known… not obvious as it becomes later, but if we now look back in hindsight its very much there, at least thats how I am reading it .. what do you all think?


    • @RJ Seriously yar! Haryali bibi ka 1st scene hi mujhe Sannata k track se hatanay k liye kafi tha. That get-up was intolerable for me.. Us get-up k kisi b insan pe koi kaisay yaqeen kr sakta hai chahay un-parh log hi hon…
      Us k baad me husna aur babban ka track b nae enjoy kr saki


      • @Atty: exactly mera bhi ye hi point tha k aisay fake bulk funny get-up per koi kaisay yaqeen kray gaa chahay illiterate jahil log hon..well babun aur husna track ki waja say main sannata per wapis ay werna tou good bye keh dia tha


  12. Ab meethi meethi batein 😀
    khushi ki baat ye hai hai k meetha bolnay k liay bohat kuch hai …first of all story telling/showing k liay jis style ki choose kia it waaaas brilliant i think sannata ki sab say bari khoobi ye hi thi past near past aur present k dermiyaan saans latay kuch characters aur oon ki lives per bunni gai kahani nay sannata ko ek alg rung dia
    Sannata….is k do matlab hain silence aur stillness (jaisa aap nay kaha) aur end main ye dono meanings humaray samnay atay hain end main jahan Pari “silent” ho jati hai wahin viewers ye dekh ker “still” yaani sannatay main aa gai..aisa tittle jo apnay different meanings ki waja say drama aur viewer ko connect ker day pehli baar dekha

    R aur P k relation/characters per aap k analysis say main totally agree kerti hoon …R kabhi normal nahi thi aur drama ye hi show kerta hai k ek complication say kai complications aue ek abnormality kis traa dosri kai abnormalities kaa reason banti hain …last 3-4 epi main R ki ye abnormal side khul ker samnay aa gai thi jo is say pehlay P ki abnormal side k peechay chup jati thi ab wo cover hut gaya tha jis ki waja say R expose ho gai thi lekin mujhay acha ye laga k ye characters inssan thay jin say mistakes hoin jin ko regret bhi hoa jinhon nay dosron k liay sacrifice /compromise bhi kiay …humain in say nafrat mohabat humderdi ghussa sab kuch mehsos hoa..I think ye writer aur sannata team ki bohat barhi kaam-yaabi hai…

    Sirf oon k liay jin ko apni zahanut per naaz hai 😉
    aap nay bilkul thik kaha ye ek “co-dependent” relation tha jo R aur P nay apnay survival k liay qaim ker lia tha….jaisay parasites hotay hain jo apni nutritional needs k liay dosray (apnay host) per dependent hota hai lekin is case main parasite kon tha aur host kon tha through out ye laga P wo parasite hai jo R apni host per pal raha hai aur end say bhi ye laga k jaisay hi oos kaa host R mer gai P bhi apnay aap khatam ho gai kiunk oos kaa apna koi wajood nahi tha ….phir R kon thi sirf host lekin phir ye co-dependent relation kaa kia hoa…..yahan is relation ki complexities samnay ati hain ye dono hosts thin mager dono parasites nahin thin…apnay survival k liay qaim kiay janay walay is relation main azam k anay k baad ek naya twist aya aur in dono main “stuggle for existence” shuru ho gai jis main “survival of the fittest” hota hai tou hum nay dekha P mer gai aur jeet R ki hoi….in a way P sirf parasite thi jo apni needs k liay host per dependent hota hai kabhi oos k liay problematic honay k ba-wajood oosay koi harm nahi pohnchata lekin R “parasite” nazer anay k ba-wajood “Parasitoid” hai yaa azam k anay k baad ban gai jo apni needs k liay apnay host per dependent hota hai lekin kabhi osay KILL bhi ker deta hai ….
    ye in characters ki scientific definition thi lekin fictional POV say dekhain tou “parasitoid” hi asal main “dayun” hai ..dayun kia hoti hai..ek invisible creature jo dosron k khoon per zinda rehti hai lekin urf yaa muha-waray main is kaa matlab hai “dosron ki khushiyon ko khaa janay wali “….R nay kabhi na-chahtay aur kabhi chahtay P ki tamam khushiyon ko apni jholi main daal lia tou is k baad R ko dayun kehna ghalat nahi hai (LOL main nay kitna ghuma phira ker kitnay dao pech khel ker R ko dayun kaha hai ..bhai seedhi si baat hai mere age group ki hai is liay jazbati saa lagao hai oo say ..saaf saaf dayun kehtay dil ko kuch ho raha tha 😉 …aur is parasitoid honay ki confirmation is say bhi ho jati hai jab P k mernay k baad apni beti ko P maan lena yaani ek aur wajood jo R ko sahara day sakay jis ki bunyad per wo zinda reh sakay isi terf ishara hai

    is main her character ki ek story hai ek past ek back ground hai chahay wo main ya side character ho say wo chotay chotay links bhi bohat imp ikhtiyaar ker letey hain aur story ko strong banana main full role play kertay hain…in side tracks main naseeban aur babun nay apni khaas jaga banai…is k ilawa azam ka past aur oos ki apni mom say itni nafrat kaa reason maaloom honay per main nay sukh kaa saans lia I mean phir oos k behavior justified tha oos say pehlay tou main sochti rahi k ek mom ka apnay bachay ko time naa dena itni bari ghalti nahi k azam itna disrespectful ho jye aur itna insulting remarks apni mom k liay paas kray..isi traa nafeesa (amber wajid) ka character end main jaa ker ek naya turn lia aur mujhay bohat touch kia is nay..ab ye wo chiezan thin jis per heryali bibi ki jaga ziada screen time datay kiunk ye sab characters apis main jurhay hoay thay ..saji gul nay nafeesa k character k through ek bohat hi sensitive aur thought full issue raise kia hai..afsos hum is per detail main baat naa ker sakay… isi traa babun aur ashfaq dono male characters aur apa bi (not bee 😉 aisay thay jo static nahi rahay bulk inhon nay apni journey complete ki …

    ost was fabulous aur qawali was great …ameer khusro my fav aur phir is ki composition singing sab kuch kamal…aur bhai mujhay tou maza ata raha is k zarorat say ziada istemaal ko bhi khoob enjoy kia …baqi aspects ko jitni behter tor per aap nay cover ker dia hai ab mere liay oos main kuch add kerna mumkin nahi

    lastly end jis traa kia gaya yaani itni imp narration jis nay drama theme ko explain kerna tha cut kernay kaa maqsad bilkul samajh nahi aya nay kis qader disappoint kia bata nahi sakti ..main drama end honay k half an hour baad tak bhi TV k samnay bethi rahi k nahi abhi ek final narration aye gi (ji mujhay bilkul yaqeen tha ) aur family k insist kernay per nahi lekin baad main dhakay daant khaa ker uth gai lekin shock khatam nahi ho raha tha …phir online version dekha k shayed time shortage ki waja say tv per nahi lekin is version main complete ending ho ..oos k baad kia halat thi ghussay say kitna bura haal tha bata nahi sakti 😦 …pta nahi is ki kia justification hai drama makers k paas…phir kashif nisaar be-hud talented director hain lekin UBFN aur SANNATA dono main 5-6 epi extra thin i mean dragging issue…ab ye channel hai production house hai jo bhi hai lekin kashif sahib say next time hum expect kren gay wo is shikayat ko door kren aur pehlay say clear ker den k wo apnay dramas ko bila waja drag ker k oos ko berbaad nahi kern gay

    so ye kuch cheeda cheeda points thay jo main aap say share kerna chahti thi ..end main tamam fellow commenters kaa be-hud shukria jin ki participation say is safer kaa lutaf do bala ho gaya aur jin k nit naye perspectives nay mujh per aaga-hee k naye der waa kiay 😉 aur jis tra khulay dil say aur gurm joshi say pehlay comment k baad hi mujhay welcome kia gaya wo main kabhi nahi bhool sakti Ayesha FA Rehmat kaa khas tor per shukria 🙂 ….aur end main dearest SZ kaa jin ki badolat hum is forum per ikathay hoay aur itna acha waqt guzarnay kaa mouqa mila 😀


    • @RJ: Arrey wah aap ne iktney sciencey aur literary, donon andaz main co-dependence ka explanation diya hai .. thank you for spelling out that term so beautifully and for providing the context for why you think R was the dayan … ab I’ll wait to hear from others as to what they think of that .. dekhtey hain @Ayesha kiya kehti hain is baarey main… bilkul seedha attack kiya hai aap ne un ki favorite pe … ab khud ko bachane ko intezam kar lijiye 😉

      I agree about the side tracks and how well the looped back to connect with the main one, but as I said above, I think 28 episodes was a bit too much and particularly for a complex story like this one… this was infact one of the main reasons behind the missed reviews .. I really enjoyed watching the second half of the serial in one go because then I could ffwd the annoying, read R and A’s seemingly repetitive scenes and the never ending Haryali track, parts.I will confess I was unable to enjoy the Babban track b/c by that time I really wanted to know what happened at the end. Re: Nafeesa’s track, uff I couldn’t appreciate it one bi, not because of the writing but b/c of Amber Wajid. I really wish they had found a better actress for this role. Watching her next to Simi Raheal’s effortless portrayal was a real task. Salaam hai aap ko ke aap ne sabar se dekha aur na sirf dekha balkey appreciate bhi kiya …


    • @ RJ, FA and SZ: such beautiful discussion and analysis you guys are doing over here… Very much pleasure to read and it helps in deeper understanding of Sannata.. I watched shoki track later on to see how it ended.. Was bit confused k kya maqsad tha but then one of my friend help me to understand… And now all u 3 have put more light towards it 🙂 thank you so much guys…


    • @RJ: its been always great to read ur analysis specially in sannata thread…:) so asal me its you who write so well and clearly..


    • @RJ: haye Allah ab data an tou mat kahen meri Ruqayya ko 😥 tou kiya huwa if always we find her hairs in bad condition and her kajal 😦 phir kiya huwa ager last 4 episodes me usne har bat qurbani se start kar k qurbaani pe end ki.. Its not a big deal k uusne pari ko itna ser charhaya 😉 hai tou wo Ruqayya appa 😉
      Loved how u explain parasite and codependent relationship but I have somewhat diff views on this context.. @SZ.. I’ll try my best to give my perspective on this ASAP..


  13. My final Good Bye to Sannata ….beautiful kalaam by Hazrat Ameer Khusro ❤

    This poem is written by Amir Khusro in Persian and Brij Bhasha. Brij Bhasha is a Dehaati Zabaan (country tongue) and a dialect of Hindi. In the first verse, the first line is in Persian, the second in Brij Bhasha, the third in Persian again, and the fourth in Brij Bhasha.

    Zehaal-e-miskeen makun taghaful,
    Duraye naina banaye batiyan.

    Do not overlook my misery,
    by blandishing your eyes and weaving tales,

    Ke taab-e-hijran nadaram ay jaan,
    Na leho kahe lagaye chatiyan.

    My patience has over-brimmed, O sweetheart!
    why do you not take me to your bosom.

    Shaban-e-hijran daraz chun zulf,
    Wa roz-e-waslat cho umer kotah.

    Long like curls in the night of separation
    short like life on the day of our union.

    Sakhi piya ko jo main na dekhun,
    To kaise kaTun andheri ratiyan.

    My dear, how will I pass the dark dungeon night
    without your face before.

    Yakayak az dil do chashm-e-jadu,
    Basad farebam baburd taskin.

    Suddenly, using a thousand tricks
    the enchanting eyes robbed me of my tranquil mind.

    Kisay pari hai jo ja sunave,
    Piyare pi ko hamari batiyan,

    Who would care to go and report
    this matter to my darling.

    Cho shama sozan cho zaraa hairan,
    Hamesha giryan be ishq an meh.

    Tossed and bewildered, like a flickering candle,
    I roam about in the fire of love.

    Na nind naina na ang chaina,
    Na aap aaven na bhejen patiyan,

    Sleepless eyes, restless body,
    neither comes she, nor any message.

    Ke daad mara gharib Khusro.

    In honour of the day I meet my beloved
    who has lured me so long, O Khusro!

    Sapet man ke varaye rakhun,
    Jo jaye pauN piya ke khatiyan.

    I shall keep my heart suppressed
    if ever I get a chance to get to her trick.



    • @RJ: thank you so v.much yaar for sharing this.. Always wanted to know the meaning of this Kalaam 🙂 jeeyo!!


      • @Rehmat: you’re welcome 🙂 ..aur khushi hoi ye jaan ker k jo cheez main nay apni pasand ki waja say share ki thi oos main aap k liay dil-chus-pee kaa samman tha..aur ye aap k liay helpful sabit hoa..


  14. Aoa, itna lamba toa mein ne serial nhi likha jitna lamba yeh page hai including review n comments… Thank u so much for liking analysing and criticising Sannata in a constructive manner… Thank u all specially SZ for writing such beautiful reviews.. U pulled devout audience to sannata.. N provided us all the platform to interact….


    • @Saji Gul: Thank you so much for always taking the time to read the reviews and answer our queries ever so graciously. I know I speak for all of us here when I say that we have really appreciated your insights into the characters and their motivations. As you can see from our comments and discussions we loved discussing these very complex characters and tried to understand the reasoning behind their actions. Your words were eloquents and meaningful and it was pleasure to hear language utilized so skilfully. Sannata was def a one off and much as we might complain etc, our comments are more a reflection of our engagement with the story rather than a negative critique of the serial.

      I echo @FA’s questions as I too would love to hear more from you on the ending of Naseeban’s track.

      Also, if possible I would love to know your take on the real “dayan” here …Was it Ruqqaiya whose inner darkness was reflected in Pari’s persona? Should Pari’s actions be seen as a self-fulfilling prophecy? If so, then rather than R or P being designated as the dayan, shouldn’t our society – its antiquated notions izzat, nahoosat, khandani sharafat – be termed as the real dayan here? Isnt this society the dayan that ate up Apa Bi’s husband and son, forced Husna to elope and then be treated like a pariah by her own family? Wasnt it this notion of khandani izzat that drove Aoa Bi to reject Pari, which in turn compelled R to become a child-mother? Even though we neverheard Salma’s bavk story, but I have a feeling that somewhere there too social hypocrisies and double standards had a big hand in Salma’s depression, It is the duniya and their fear that caused Apa Bi, Salma, Naseeban, Ruqqaiya and Pari to live in the insular , very lonely world of the haveli, and why R and P are not allowed to go to school ….further along…. we see societal norms play out aJust my two cents … but would love to hear what @FA @RJ @Ayesha @Rehmat or any of our silent readers think of my rambling half baked theory .. 🙂


      • @SZ:kia baat hai aap ki 🙂 …”Dayun” ki ek interpretation samnay aa gai hai “society”…jahan tak mera khayal hai is main kisi bhi hutmi nateejay per kabhi bhi nahi pohunch saktay her insaan ki interpretation different ho gi jo oos ki understanding k hisaab say ho gi aur ye hi sannati ki actual beauty hai “objectivity” ..isi liay at least writer say nahi jaana chahoon gi k likhtay waqt oon k mind main kia tha k actual dayun kon hai ..jaisay kehtay hain kisi bhi sher ki “tashreeh” asan tareen aur mushkil tareen kaam hai kiunk sher ka hatmi matlab koi nahi hota ye sunnay walay per hai wo kia matlab laita hai tou mushkil hai asan is tra k jab hum :haqeeqi” aur “majazi” k maani main kisi sher ko jakerk datay hain jis say oos kaa matlab mehddod aur objectivity khatam ho jati hai..koi sher haqqeeqi majazi nahi hota sirf sunnay walay per hai..isi tra yahan hai lekin mere khayal say writer nay actual dayun P ko kaha hai end main R ki terf oon kaa jhukao saaf nazer aya hai (khush ho jao Ayesha 😛


  15. Whilw sannata was on , As a writer ive gone through conflicting phases of euphoria, extreme depression, joy n extreme sorrow… Throughout the play there were multiple reactions i received… It was a unique genre of storytelling so not everyone cud understand it… New kind of style go through phases of trial n error… So there must be parts of the story that cudnt reach as they shud hav…


    • Unlike drama the print formats offer a very short distance between the writer n audience… Drama itself is a altogether a different medium where there are alot of stages, production phases and ppl involved… Every step causes script a generation loss… So there r many questions that i leave to the dep. that were involved.. If u ask anything about the story.. Im here to answer


      • Saji bhae! What is the exact process of dramatization? Direction team continuously keep in touch with the writer during whole process? Or writer’s job is done once he hands over the script??
        Kuch din pehlay Haseena moin ka interview dekha. She said k hum puri tarah involve rehtay thay takay hum ne jaisa likha hai waisa hi character concieve ho


      • @Saji Gul Thank you for joining us here! It was lovely to interact with you earlier on in our discussions on your Sannata, and its a pleasure once again to hear from at the end of this journey.
        Re generation Gap: Its such a shame!.. I saw this with Numm earlier this year and now Sannata! Its so very disappointing for a viewer, I can just imagine your frustrations.
        Seeing your offer: I would love to hear the real ending to Naseebans story.. That was the most intriguing track for me! and would appreciate if you could share some more about the last scene.. What were we supposed to see and what it meant.. Shayad phir thora sukoon aa jae… The abrupt ending annoyed me to the limit!
        Otherwise thanks once again for giving us Sannata. Looking forward to seeing more original stuff like this from you in the future!


  16. Never have been that glad to read any review than this one! Thou I am a silent reader of this page since long and always wanted to jot down my thoughts but for some reason it never happened. Used to discuss your@SZ reviews with my cousin Rehmat and always praised your style. But now finally the “funny” situation made me comment here. Thru this review I got to know ke oh acha Sannata ended coz the way it was being dragged I had lost hope of it! After reading half the review thot let’s see the epi first and then come to review part. But when opened the link to watch episode got to know ke I had already seen this episode in bits n parts..mainly 30 mins out of 40mins but never realised ke it’s the last epi!! That’s how abrupt it was! So thanx to ur review I got to know wht it actually meant and still wondering how can they not show the main part?
    Keep up the good work! Because of your reviews on Pehchaan..I will start watching it now 🙂


    • @Xahra: xahraaaa i am so glad you finally commented 😀 you actually made me happy… Feeling so nice larki.. welcome… Trust me commenting is more fun than being silent reader 😉
      Hahahaha SZ ke reviews have helped me also in some way or other… I know the last lines which they edited were major part of last episode… Pooor editing..

      Pehchaan is awesome yaar… U will love it like anything… And oyee keep commenting now 🙂


    • @Xahra: Hey! Finally, you commented! Chalo at least one reason to be thankful for Sannata’s dragfest and the abrupt end 😉 No, but seriously thank you for being a regular reader ab hoping, no actually expecting you to be a regular commentator as well 🙂
      Yes, do check out Pehchan, as you can see many of us here are really into it … will look forward to reading your thoughts! Welcome aboard!


  17. Assalam Alaikum sannata fellows…!! how’re you all?? ohhh so finally after a long time im here.. @SZ: its too late but kiya karen bs zindage k bakheery he itny zada ho gaye hain :/
    the gap is so long that I’m still in confusion from where to start and what to discuss or comment first.. as if after a long time writer sits to write but find all his thoughts scattered 😦 same situation is going on.. so I’ve decided to read all the reviews again and than will continue with it.. bs all of you pray k ab continue ho jaye 😛 maamla zada iltawaa me bhi nhi parna chahiye na..!! 🙂


  18. AA

    SZ, Thank you for replying to me on the other thread…as requested here is my two cents on Sannata…I loved it!! All the characters had so much substance and these days if a drama still lingers in your mind after you’ve seen it a while back, it sure is a winner:D

    Like all other drama’s this drama despite its hatke story and apt direction was doomed due to the “let’s botch up the ending curse.” I had been very angry when Jackson Heights ended abruptly before Bhatti Saab could even reply to Salma. This time around I was confused, trying to figure out what had exactly happened. The way the drama had ended several things could have happened. On another forum someone had thought that Pari’s ruh had actually transferred to Ruqqaiya. I thought that was interesting. Then I found out about the missing ending and thought ok. I was not totally satisfied with this ending, I guess they tried to end the story on a ‘happy’ note, personally the way the drama had unfolded I was certain Ruqqaiya would die due to her own misery.

    Despite the opinions I’ve read, I thought Sannata was entertaining throughout its length, I am glad there was finally a drama which shows there are so many stories to tell.

    All the actors especially the female cast was superb. I would like to especially mention Nadia Afgan, her character was a supporting role to several other main characters such as Apa Bi and Ruqqaiya, despite this I thought the actress performed perfectly and we saw different sides of her throughout the length of the drama. After Pari’s disappearance and as Ruqqaiya started falling apart we saw a more stronger side of Salma. It was also interesting to see that Ruqqaiya became more like her mother once she lost Pari and that brought her closer to Salma as well.

    I was glad to finally see a drama after a while where all women had substance. Now thinking of starting Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin. 🙂 Although I also have Aun Zara on the list…Keep up the good work SZ


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