Shuk ~ Episode 27 Review


It’s been a while, six weeks to be precise, since I checked up on my once favorite serial so I thought ke its gonna end next week tau chalo dekhtey hain ke yeh Qissa Chahar Dervish kahan pohoncha… did the four loonies ( three adults plus one equally ghanchakar child) figure out ke who will sleep in whose bedroom, who loves whom the most, who is going to stay with whom, and so on and so forth …

Then: As if on a loop we heard these lines over n over n over n over n over n over n over again….


Now: Even the actors seem fed up with this farce….

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 3.03.24 PM

 ‘Nuff said!!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Salam SZ. 🙂 hahaha these comics are too good. It’s been four consecutive weeks now that I haven’t been able to catch this serial on tv. And I’m sure it hasn’t been much of a loss either. 😛 the drama is still stuck there and I don’t even get if Sham loves Sania or Sehrish!?!! :-/ khair, I hope last episode mein confusion dur ho jaye. Bechara Sham tou railu-katta ban k reh gaya hai 😛
    Btw I read this post on a fb page saying that the drama was actually extended on audience demand, for being popular. This was a while back. But is this true?
    Since I’ve not been following any drama properly recently I hardly read your reviews. And I miss your numm reviews and the conversation that ensued. 😦 Wishing that we get another BLOCKBUSTER drama like Numm where we can get along again 😛 I miss you. Bye :’)

    • @Fizza: Wasalam! Aww miss you too! How have you been? FK kiya hamein chhor kar gaya aap bhi us ke saath hi ghayab ho gayeen 😦 So good to hear from you and know that you are doing well!

      Re: Shukk, chado yaar mitti pao …. kuch ajeeb sa hi mazaq bana diya is serial ka …Yes, I too saw that post… ab whether they actually added the extra ten episodes or not is something the channel people would know, but after the last ten episodes it is quite evident that the story has been extended beyond its expiry date so its stinking pretty badly …

      Re: Missing Numm, LOL @ Numm being a BLOCKBUSTER! But yes, I hear you … it was a lot of fun discussing those crazy numm-oonas … the dramas these days are so boring ke they don’t even inspire a rant forget about a rave … that said, I have to say I am very hopeful about Pehchan. Have you checked that one out?

      • I’ve been good ALLAH ka shukar 🙂 hahaha Fawad janaab tou khair lamba hi ghayab hi ho gayay India ja k. :-/
        Anyways, nae I haven’t watched Pehchan as yet but I think it has just started, right? Aren’t you catching up with Pyaaray Afzal? It’s interesting. Hamaray ‘Pyaaray Afzal’ tou ghayab hi ho gayay socha isi se guzara chala lain. :-p lol Jokes apart, but no I think the dialogue content of the drama is very strong. And I like the fact that the dialogues are eloquent despite being in ‘Saqeel Urdu’ and they do not sound awkward at all. Thumbs up for the writer here. I reckon it’s the most popular drama running on television nowadays.

        • @Fizza: Poori FK ban gayi ho tum tau, right to the Allah ka shukar – wah kya baat hai tumhari! 😉 Haan, ab to bhaijan Bollywood havaley ho gaye, what with ads with Anushhka Sharma and a second film with Kareena Kapoor. For Pakistan, he has that one one ad coming up with Iman Ali ( I’m sure you’ve already seen all the pics 😉 )
          Haan Pehchan started last week, so next ep this Thursday, very diff from our routine gharelu dramas. I havent seen Pyare Afzal properly. Tried to watch it a couple of times, but somehow couldn’t get into it at all. The one big thing that stood out immediately was the cinematography and the lovely interior visuals. Baqi nothing really gripped my attention. Perhaps once after it has all ended I will sit down and watch it with the ffwd button handy. But yes, heard many good things about it and KRehman sahab is an experienced senior writer so I would expect his dialogues to be classy. But apart from the occasional good stuff, 99% of the stuff is so mediocre ke I can hardly sit through a complete episode :/

  2. Ha ha ha ! The comic strips just summed everything up, how can a serial going so well for first 10/11 episode could go down like that ….what was the director thinking ? The writer forgot the plot ? Actors I wouldn’t blame but give a free mashwara that next time listen and read the script from shrow say akhir tak , make a clause in the contract that if the script changes from what you lured me to then I would leave it in the middle …I do feel for these good actors’s totally totally totally BBAKKKWWWAAAAS drama now… Unbelievably bakwass, as usually bakwaas dramas has bakwaas cast and bakwaas director and writer …I am not going to bakwaas now on this bakwass

  3. I think this was the last episode, and what a lame one it was. I was still not over the ending of ‘Ru Baru’, and now this. What a waste of my time!

    • @WKA: I was actually quite confused … was this really the last ep? I thought ARY said second last episode…. can somebody confirm one way or the other?

  4. I am not sure but other websites are reporting it was the last episode. Anyways, there is nothing left. Maybe, Sehrish will have a change of heart and will finally realize she needs to go home to her mom. Then Shaam can go to Australia and surprise Sania and Rumi and live happily ever after. Oh well…we can all dream..can’t we?

    • @WKA: I just checked the “official” ARY Shukk FB page and they are calling this the second last one .. But, yeah doesn’t matter much either way, and after so much of stretching do we care who ends up with whom?

  5. On another note, SZ, please don’t disappear on us again. Love reading your reviews and looking forward to many more.

    • @WKA: Aww! Like you all I too missed our DRNR gang and the weekly convos … No, IA no more disappearing acts 🙂 Are you watching Pehchan?

  6. A Disaster! How can such a good drama, go so bad! I seriously get a headache every time i watch this crap. due to all the repetitive comments!

    Hilarious comics! Sums it all up quite well!

    Do i even wanna know how it ends. I am pretty sure we don’t really care anymore! (Yes, speaking for everyone out there! 🙂 )

  7. Success say Disaster tak ka safar !!

    all the sympathies with Actors. Feels like Yasir Nawaz say Gun-Point par aisa karaya gya hai, his previous projects were quite logical n sensible. And also Would like to hear Sanam and Adeel’s take on it.

    • @SanamSaeed Fan’s Page: Hahaha! Yes, would be great to hear from Sanam, Adeel, Aisha… kahan se chaley they aur kahan pohinch gaye!

  8. So sorry I ever started watching this bakwaas. Even I was thinking like you mentioned in the comics, keh these actors must be so sick of these dialogues….Not just a yawnfest but a bring-on-a-headache as well ;p

  9. Ep 27
    Finally…one wife left
    But a very good turning point, and ot
    Became unpredictable, i like it, its much more interesting to watch t now.
    I wonder when its gonna end.

  10. Wat after reading all the above comments,i dont even know if ep 27
    Was the last ep. So dumb…they shud at least tell people.
    The drama wasnt as bad…was slow but it shows the sham’s frustration with having two wives.
    Men should who think they can handle two wives should take this as a lesson.

    • @Annie: The ARY Shuk FB page confirmed that this Sat will be the last episode of the serial. Lets see where and with whom these three end up!

  11. Hi SZ, how are you? Its been a looong time! Really miss those Numm days! Sach me…aaj kal ke shows…kya dekhen, kya comment karen!!

    Shukk held so much promise and how it dissipated into such a sorry state! Have just about kept in touch with it, missing an episode here and there. Next episode is going to be the last one…how are they going to end it…dekhte hain! Loved your little comic strip. Waqai me ’nuff said!!

    Thanks for suggesting Pehchan and Tamasha merey… ! Will check them out and get back to you. Still waiting for something to reconnect all of us like Numm days!!

    • @RR: Heyyyyy!!! Long time indeed my friend! I wondered where you’d disappeared… arrey yaar even if there is no good drama you should’ve at least dropped in to say hi! (How’s that for some typical desi shikwa shikayat 😉 ) No, but seriously I totally hear you …. these past couple of months have been the worst ever in terms of useless dramas. It wasn’t just you even I stopped watching and reviewing.. there seemed no point!
      Haan, do check out Pehchan, after the second episode today I am totally hooked and it offers a heck of a lot of opportunity for discussion and debate, and like in the case of Numm since we don’t know the ending to this one there is the added maza of predicting and discussion the mumkinats … I do hope you and our other DRNR gang will join in. @PG @Tinni @DB @RR2 @Nur @Noor @Farwa @YBM @SM @BSK @Fizza @AK (my apologies if I forgot anybody) guys if you’re reading come on back! 🙂 More so than the drama it is the shared discussions that make it all so much more fun!

      And yes,Tamasha Meray Agey was another telefilm I really enjoyed… would love to hear your take on it!

      Re: Shukk: All I can say is Ashk haiiiiiii

  12. Hahahahaha SZ you have no doubt amazing sense of humor .. These comic strips are hilarious specially of Sehrish.. ‘Eat eggs’ ROFL 😀 cant believe they actually wasted 3 episodes on just khana peena and sona…

    Poor actors who are so visually delight to see unke charms bhi not helping.. But oh well all set to see the finale and discussions on your review 🙂

    • Lol SZ Hilarious!!! I didn’t even watch it last week but am sure it’s the same old crap.
      Just hope the finale has done redeeming qualities, although I doubt it coz of we even care anymore??
      I prob will watch it coz at one point I was so into this serial and it literally pains me to see what it has become!!

  13. guys!!! give the serial a break will ya! why do all you women follow suit with what one persons view is. you follow the shepherd like sheep!
    I love this serial, it has extended to show us truly what would happen in such a situation. love the actors, now i wanna see whether shaam will realise what he has done or become more clearer in what he wants and serish needs to come to terms with everything. this cannot be the last episode as we are all hanging in limbo.

    pls dont be soo mean guys : ~-. yes the comics made me laugh too. lol xxx

    • @Zara: hey! Glad to hear from you and know that you are enjoying this one.. Like you I was totally into Shuk till about 7-8 eps ago, from then on the story seems to be going round and round in circles. Khair ab today is the last episode so lets see how they end it and who gets to stay with whom. Any guesses?

  14. FINALLY!! This drama is finally over!! And what happened in the last episode?? Absolutely nothing! It was basically 2 last episodes. In one Sania leaves, and in the second, Sehrish leaves. And an another 40 minutes, of the same ol same ol dialogues! What was the point of it all anyway??
    Such great talent wasted away.. 😦

    • @Ash: Hahahahaa oh goodness so true yaar.. Matlab k it was all so obvious at the start of episode k sehrish has to leave… Sania bibi ab ek ghar me can live and is also doing job.. 10 episodes pehle kya musibat pargayi thi aisa karte.. Not at once sehrish felt some regret and sania and sham are mentals totally :@

  15. SZ, Mohabbat Subah ka Sitara hai is now in an interesting juncture, not that I have become fond of the female lead but her inner turmoil and Zeeshan ‘s accepting his brother wife’s etc etc…I think you should start its review once again for the sake of the story…..

    • @Tinni: Hey! Sure 🙂 I had checked in on it a few weeks ago and was really put off by the rona dhona and the greedy in-laws and all that good stuff. But now that you are saying it has moved on from there let me catch up.. give me a week or so. If I remember correctly it has 25/26 eps so we still have a ways to go…

  16. Ahahhahaa!! This has to be the most hilarious review of Shukk, which has just started to air in India. Omigod! The whole bawarchi bit is out of this world. Why do all of them seem SO confused?!
    By the way, I happened to stumble upon this website, and I’m definitely not looking back!

    • @Shreya: Hey! Happy you found us and great to hear from you!
      LOL! Shukk was and will always be a conundrum… how a serial that started off so well went so very wrong is something that is beyond all of us … and yes all that kitchen and cooking and who sleeps in whose bedroom bits were all crazy!

      Hope you’ll continue visiting and I hope tohear more from you on other threads as well… 🙂

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