Shuk ~ Episode 21 Review


Ok, that’s it … I am washing my hands off this one! This was pretty much the only thing I was watching with some modicum of interest these days and ab woh bhi gaya … Hot or not, Mr ‘Sham is such a wishy washy wimp that to see two otherwise sane ( ok that might be an exaggeration but you get my drift) ladies fighting over such a loser –  aur woh bhi itne josh se – is now turning into pure torture. Can we be done with this farce now, please ?!?!  Needless to say the past few of episodes of Shuk have proven to be a master class in how to take a potentially riveting plot and turn it into one of the most inane stories ever.

‘Sham, Sania, Sehrish –  where are the nuanced characters I enjoyed and who are these caricatures standing in their place? After this latest episode I feel personally let down by the entire team. If this is what Shuk had to come down to, two biwis duking it out over who gets to make chai/coffee/khana/nashta for their very un-heroic hubby, then why build up our hopes for a story where we met grey characters, all of whom were evolving with time. Now, those fifty shades of grey seem to be a thing of the past, and all we are left with is a tug of war between two looney tooney sautans and one seriously confused shohar sahab.

While I applaud Samira for giving us a story where at one time or the other we have felt every character’s struggles and seen things play out from various perspectives, this senseless stretching out has washed away every last bit of my empathy for of these characters and their self created problems. Similarly Yasir has done a commendable  job of taking the viewers on a suspense filled ride.  Today for instance, I really thought Sehrish had kidnapped Rumi, but  the problem now is that after watching so much of ‘Sham-Sehrish-Sania jhig jhig. when the other shoe dropped I could care less about Yasir’s skill in creating that suspense.  Aisha, Adeel, Sanam and Bilal were spot on as usual but even their stellar performances are not enough now to keep me watching. At this point all I can think of is how many episodes more for this one to end? How many more twists more in store for us? The way things stand now I think these three fully deserve each other. Laro maro jo karna hai karo…bas hamein bakhsh do!

There were some very real issues here – childlessness, post-natal depression, compromise vs love in a marriage, importance of trust, need for communication –  all of which were effectively sidelined in this need to provide one filmy twist after another. I know complaining is as good as bhains ke aagey been bajaana, but I hope that somewhere out there some wise soul will  eventually realize this trend of 20+ episodes is killing the art of story telling. Shuk is a perfect example of things gone seriously awry, this one could have been a great serial if it had ended last week. Sadly wishes are not horses ….

Written by SZ~


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  1. I agree that this should have ended last week. I fear it’s going to end bad which has been a big problem with our drama serials. They start good and interesting but then they end up with a bad ending. Let’s see what next week will hold for us.

    • @WKA: Yes, I too have zero hopes from this one now. Btw, at many points today didn’t it seem like nobody had any clue where the story was going? Everybody was so lost and seemed to be running around in circles… there are so many loose ends … I have no clue how Samira and Yasir are planning on cleaning this huge mess…

  2. Totally agree with you SZ. Had a lot of potential but is now just a farce…..
    Btw I’d love to have one husband who’s dying to make chai for me, let alone two 🙂

  3. I didnt even have the courage to watch yet after last weeks promo. I made so many justifications for these characters, and now they have gone totally crazy. So true that this is just being dragged now as it must have been doing well, maybe the producers have a hand in changing the story to make more cash, god knows what happens behind the scenes.

    • @SK: It is sad indeed and I’m sure you feel the most let down b/c you were the biggest supporter of this serial right from the get go… Perhaps it is for the best if you dont watch this crazy episode.. bekaar mein you will get worked up over nothing 😦

  4. @SZ: I watched the first 15 minutes and could not bring myself to even finish the episode. This has turned into a total farce with the oneupmanship between the whacko wives and Sham has veered so off track and out of character, I could not care less who wins him over.

    What once brought about passionate discussion and deep analysis now has me shaking my head in disbelief.

    I guess it’s one more serial down the toilet. 😦

    • @Nur: I hear you .. it has been beyond painful to watch this one spiral out of control, and so badly at that…
      Ab, I’m only waiting for Pehchan… and if that one disappoints then I think I will have no choice but to take a long sabbatical from these crazy dramas 😦

  5. I have forced myself to stop watching Shukk – literally, I played Bejewelled for hours to occupy myself! Now I am very glad I spared myself of the torture 😀

    • @DB: Hello! Loong time! Waisey kitni lambi umar hai tumhari! Just yesterday as I was watching this dragfest I was reminded of our KPKP Humsafar or even the DeS MeJ days when you and I would be literally rushing to write the reviews and share our excitement with everybody .. and ab yeh zamana aa gaya hai *sigh*

  6. WOW! Where do I start? This drama seems to have turned into a comedy, and NOT in a good way. Last nights episode was just unbearable to say the least.

    Ehtasham, for lack of a better word is just disgusting. Chocolates, coffee, pancakes from Sehrish? But he continues to lead Sania on “mein usko chor raha hoon, mein uska chor raha hoon” o give us a break. He will never leave Sehrish, ever. He is a terrible awful person. What are these to idiot women fighting over? Hes not a man, he is a spineless loser.

    And I dont blame Sania for the way she acted at dinner for Rumi, Sehrish is crazy. Yes, she was wrong only to say that she trust no one with her son (which included Ehthsham) because he loves to kid so much and is very caring towards him. Other then that one thing I dont see how she is wrong. How can she trust Sehrish with her child, given the way she is acting, and Ehtasham should have understood that. Woh bachi hai, woh na samaj hai, blah blah blah….. give it a rest already.

    Coming to the precap, Sehrish’s reaction was definitely fake.

    P.S a a source has told me the ending. Would you guys like to know it?

      • @ZK: Haha! I think we’ve all pretty much given up on this one, and so I personally wouldn’t mind it if you spill the beans … but lets hold on for a couple more days and see if there is anyone who has a strong objection to spoilers…

      • ZK i think you have already releaved the ending that Eihtasham will be loser in the end as both of ladies will leave him….

      • Yes please. I just cant watch anymore of this crap. Thank you SZ for this review, this is the only thing that has made me feel better after having watched the recent and the most painful installment of this mental torture!!

    • Sighhh! Kiya yaad dila diya! There literally is NO drama serial on air now that would make me want to write a review. I am so put off even by the ones I watch…

      • @DB: This was the only I was currently reviewing, but ab yeh bhi gaya … haven’t yet caught up on sannata, but will probably review that now thats its close to ending …but you know I think more than any other factor its this dragging and the 25+ episode deal that is really messing up all the dramas. They should really go back to the 13-15 or even 18 ep serial times.

    • @ ZK I definitely would like to know.. Cant handle surprises / suspense lol.. But since its public forum better keep it secret 😉

  7. I cannot continue with this show; these chatacters are totally something else now. When you watch one of the earlier episodes and the.episodes now you have to remind yourself that this is the same show. Its become ridiculous. Anywayss dropping this one.

    Totally off topic.but has anyone watched Mata e Jaan? That show had me crying for 3 episodes. I have never cried for a drama. That was a brilliant drama. A little slow but still awesome.

    • @Noor: Yes, me too… it was sheer torture to sit through the bakwas back and forth between the two ladies. I will probably do a finale review if I can make myself sit through it warna this it for this one… As @DB says there are plenty of other fish to fry….

      Yes! I loved MeJ … the first few eps were a slow go because of Hania and her totally of characterization as a second generation American but once we got over those hiccups the story was lovely. Wasn’t Hina B absolutely fabulous.. for me she was the heart and soul of the serial – loved her as Hajra!

    • @Noor: yes i have watched.. Its amazing 🙂 last few episodes make me cry even.. Agree with @ SZ .. Hina Bayat was show stealer all the way.. I liked the part when story shifts to Pakistan ..

    • @Noor – back and forth and wohi chaar dialogues. how does one not get sick of repeating the same thing over and over again….

      MEJ like the ladies said, was a great watch. Aabi was awesome. That was when dramas were actually good and one would wait for the next episodes. The good ol days! I dk if you are watching for Adeel Hussain but if you are, he was great in Daam and Mera Naseeb also, if you haven’t seen them, must check those out.

    • @noor @SZ here we go again! MeJ.. kia yaad dila diya! .. now those were the days! i have watched that loads of times and i cry more and more each time… love it!.. def, for me the drama was all abt Hajira.. HB at her best!! my absolute fav.. i think everyone knows that by now lol..

  8. This time i waited for your review and according to that thought to make my mind whether to watch or skip.. After reading i thought ” khudaya itni bakwass episode.. Na not watching “.. But then thought phir bhi dare to karon akhir he kya 😉 And seriously WTH was this.. This is no more about Sham loving sania or vice versa.. Its all about to pamper their Egoes..

    Watching shuk makes me remind of Silvatein.. No matter how annoyed i used to get after watching epi.. Next week it was same me wondering akhir end kaise karainge.. And they ended in last 2 episodes with such rush .. And somewhere i think Shuk going same route.. Yahan tou bilion ki jang hie nh khatm hone ko arahi.. :p

    I dont want to miss my only single entertainment these days..ab ye bhi agr dekhna chor dy tou baqi bacha kya 😦

    • This is what happens when you have high expectations.. Even that single entertainment eventually becomes a part of the mix of the horrible shows.

      Ekhtishaam is lucky he’s hot. If it were anyone else , woulda hopped off this wagon along time ago.

      • @FA: hey..:D it was indeed torture but ye torture bhi gawara mujhe 😉 i still haven’t reached that saturation point na.. LOL

  9. Bus end k intezar main hoon chalo 2 weeks han phir ye torture bhi khatam jan chootnay hi wali hai dil ko kuch sakoon ho raha hai

  10. the award for most nerve wrecking serial can goto shukk…ehtasham should get the most heartless,unfaithful husband award n sania should get the sugarcoated devious n wile intruder…both of them r being tremely insensitive towards sehrish….cant bear to see sehrish in so much pain….i wish sham should soon realize wat hs he done…xchanged dust for gold….i dont knw y do i watch this serial….n i m amazed at the creulty n unfairness of those who think sham had a right to do wat he had….hate him to hell…

  11. Haha. I lovee your review.
    “two biwis duking it out over who gets to make chai/coffee/khana/nashta for their very un-heroic hubby” > waqai me. This was going theek thaak acha qisam ka but ab its just plain sokan-game.
    But wo larren marrenge, hamen nahi bakhshengy. I think mae bhi nahi bhakshungi because I do want to see how this ends, like Rehmat says. 😛

  12. Ahhh!! this drama is such a headache, I swear! All three of them need to go their seperate ways.

    Actually all four of them. Why is Rumi all of a sudden obsessed with Bandage wali Aunty and he keeps going back and forth with Baba and Uncle. The kid is also just as indecisive as the rest of them.

    Sehrish needs professional help, as does Shaam. do do biwion ka maza so he can’t seem to let Sehrish go either. I think since Sania is shown as the “mature samajdar” woman she should get up and walk out. and let Shaam and Sehrish live a pathetic life.

    Whenever you feel ke okay there is finally somethign worth watching, they turn that into a mess as well. Shukk being the perfect example!

    Do i even care to know whats gonna end up happening….

    • @Ash: obsessed with bandage wali aunty and mama is like dadi.. Wow.. This kiddo is over smart also lol..
      I totally agree with you yaar., they leave no stone un-turned to make it a mess :/

      • You’re right. The kid has started to annoy the hell our of me. Intahai badtameez aur stupid bacha hai and needs a good beating.

    • @Ash lol @ rumi ias just as indecisive.. haina!!
      i dont think sania sahiba is gonna show any samjhdari.. jate jate ruk gain.. One min she is going.. next min main nahin ja rahi..main kion jaoon.. then use mat choro.. next use foran talaq do.. i mean WTH??!! waise dragging ki bhi hadd hoti hai yaar!

  13. I just caught up with last two eps.. and i’m fuming!!!.. Yeh kia ho raha hai bhai?? !!
    I thought i was watching masterchef!!! chai, nashta, cofee, pancake, prawn, mash ki daal, soup… muqabla hai sakht!! …i mean kuch reh gya peeche??
    Aur the judge sahab, sham ji, ke tou maze ain.. baat karne ja rahe hain divorce ki and then getting the wife to make the coffee.. ”coffee banane mein jitna khush ho gi meri baton se nahin!!!”.. i mean i dont think ive seen a bigger loser!!!
    i kinda gave up when Sham married Sania.. i knew this pathetic sautan rivalry is coming our way.. but it would be this lame.. i didnt picture that!!
    Honestly sham if u wanna divorce her, just stop beating abt the bush.. jo karna hai karo.. chutti karo! I cant take this silliness any more!
    Honestly.. sub bakwas hai!!
    @Sz I agree credit goes to the all the actors and def to Yasir.. magar i think its time to wrap it up! .. infact we have gone way past th\at point!.. U r so right.. the 20+ ep trend is def sinking the ship! The producers seriously need to re-think this strategy.. They need to keep it short & sweet… keep it focussed

    • @FA: you see they are following this phrase k mard k pait ka raasta us ke dil se hokar jaata he 😛 hahaha… Sham must be thinking how duffer they can be both.. Larti marti rahen atleast i am having best food 😉

      • haha @ FA / @ Rehmat : Well Sehrish did call him out on being a paitu! I guess he’s really into breakfast. Kabhi pancakes, kabhi eggs…

        • @Rehmat @Ash honestly yaar.. yeh kia jahil aurton ki tarah lar rahi hain donon!
          agar koi sensible larai hoti tou phir bhi guzara ho jata! this was just pure trash!.. iss se acha masterchef dekh leti.. atleast recipes tou mil jatin sath sath lol..
          and btw sham seriously needs to reconsider the chocs.. Rumi ke sath sath Sehrish ko bhi chocs.. This household has some serious issues!.. childlessness, post-natal depression, compromise vs love, etc inn issues se public ko kia bore karna!…khao piyo mauj urao.. lol..
          sorry guys! u can pbbly see how this has affected me..i’ve completely lost the plot! lol

          • Walk out of while you still can go.. Try your luck on the food network! lol

            Totally forgot the choc giving scene to Sehrish. Was fortunate enough to miss that scene, bc unki chai chai competition mujhe apni chai ki zaroorat par gai thi! 😀

            • Hahahahaa… And sham kk itni khidmatein dekh mujhe Pakistan and wahan k maze yaad arahe the 😉

            • @Ash hahaha u know before i got into pak dramas I was actually hooked on Food Network.. but sehet pe kafi bure asrat ho rahe the lol.. so decided to ditch that in favour of our dramas.. but yahan bhi ab wahi kuch mil raha hai lol .. seriously reconsidering now! lol

            • @FA – The food network is a very popular channel in my house. I enjoy watching it in Ramadan. lol

              But i can give you a list of other tv shows to watch, bc quite honestly Pakistani dramas are no longer worth our time anymore. 😦

  14. Usually directors tend to want you to think one thing but the other happens…I think he’s not going to end up leaving sehrish…If anything he’s going to leave her house and so is sanam but he won’t divorce sehrish. They’ll just live under differ roofs…and one day sehrish will have a kid with adeel he’ll live with sanam saeed and occasionally pop in to see sehrish

    either that or sehrish should live in her house by herself.

  15. All three of them must die and Roomi must go back to his dad. Jaan chhoro ab hamari. Thanks for having ruined my 3 weekends in a row.

  16. I wasn’t gonna care about this show but there is a surprise that will make me tune in….Shaam’s mother is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk.

    Need to see if any sane character is left.

  17. @SZ.. Thank you sooooo much for this review.. Thandd pay gai.. Such a bad condition of this drama.. I remember how we all were used to discuss and commented it but.. Eeeeehhhh.. WTH story have gone 😦 but honestly speaking this drama deserve to be now off review.. I don’t know why its still continue..
    Thanks to Allah u have stopped reviewing it..
    Plz with a humble request.. Start reviewing sannata again I think finale is near.. So it would be an immense pleasure to discuss the climax..

  18. Dearest SZ aap kahan haaaaaaaaaaan…..missing u like anythiny 😦 😦 :(……allah kray sab thik ho dhairon duayan aap k liay…..aap ki khidmat main arz hai
    “aar-zooay chush-maaiy kouser nahin……….tishna lab hoon sherbet-e-deedaar ka ”
    review nahi kerna naa kren apni khairiyat ki khaber tou day dan

      • @ Ayesha : Wasalam kaisi ho? kahan ho? ek huggi tou do { } thanks…… sab gum ho gaye han 😦
        chalo phir say personal batein kertay han 😉 shayed SZ phir say humain dant-nay aa jyn hehe…..uff main kitna miss ker rahi hoon wo sari discussions jo hum kertay thay kitna acha time guzra hamara …bus literally kuch aur likha tou ro paroon gi main waqai bohut udaas hoon waisay bari pather dil hoon lekin jab ye kehti hoon k kisi ko miss ker rahi hoon tou mera dil janta kia feelings hoti han fellow commenters main ap ko kaha tha aur reviewers main sirf SZ ko….”Pehchaan” start ho gaya hai mager meri zid hai review perh ker hi epi dekhoon gi werna koi faida nahi….let’s pray sab thik ho SZ ka health issue bhi hai khuda kher kray ameen

        • RJ: awww thank u solo much for such love n concern.. I’m simplysomewhat rized that how loving you are.. Hugs foru too****
          Bs yaar Zindage ka sb se biggest change aa gaya hai 😉 is liye somewhat busy but me check karti rehti the yahan koi hota he nhi tha. I too miss all those long convos n continuous laughters.. But be happy now we’re back 🙂 don’t be sad. May Allah bless you always.!!

            • @Ayesha: Is your khabar what I think it is? If so then bohot bohot mubarak!! News confirm karo so we can all give you proper duas and mubaraks 😉 And yeh kya khaali khuli khabar? Ek tau bulaya nahin and ab mithai bhi nahin? Aisey kaisey kaam chalega?!

          • @ayesha hey!! Mubaraks yaar!! Like @SZ said confirm karo take theek se dil khol ke mubarakbads de sakain! Waise jo bhi ho best wishes for everything!

            • @SZ..@FA thanksss a lot both of u.. For these greetings..
              @SZ.. Lol me pichli daant bilkul nhi bhooli is liye munh phaar k nhi bataya tha 😉 ab what you guys are thinking I think is plausible.. Confirm kiya karun n kesy karun don’t know but yeah bulaany n mithai khilany wali baat bilkul theek hai so let it confirm 😉 chalen ab ap log dil khool k Mubarak’s dijye 😀

            • @Ayesha… Heyyy larki 😀 even i was waiting for confirmation 😉 lol… Bohat boht mubarak dear.. Wish u best of best for life ahead 🙂

            • @Ayesha: Maaf kijeya ga aap ke liye appropriate gift dhoondtey dhoondtey der ho gayi ..
              Acha ji, so this goes out to you from the DRNR gang … hope you enjoy it !! 🙂

              For friends in PK, my apologies, couldnt find a Dailymotion verson of this .. perhaps spotflux?

          • @Ayesha: jo chahay qasam lay lo mager mere dil main literally ye hi baat thi 😉 ap k “ghaib” honay k peechay kia raaz hai mujhay ye hi lag raha tha mager poochtay hoay hesitate ker gai kuch acha nahi laga tha …..hmmm akelay hi akelay haan LOL thanks to allah aj kitni achi achi khabrain mili han 🙂 ok ji ab tou main samander jitni khush :)….bohaaaaaaat Mubarak aur bohaaaaaaat duayan aap k liay 🙂 thik hai ab hum shikayat nahi kren gay khoob enjoy karo ye time phir nahi aye gaa
            aur lerki daant ki kia baat ki hai? apnon ki daant main bhi piyaar hota hai aur wo daant nahi halki si serzinush (warning) thi oos ka bhi kuch reason tha bus bhool jao …haan bhai apnay baray honay ka faida utha ker ustani tou main banoon gi aj main waisay hi bari khush hoon 🙂 chalo meri terf say khud ko jadoo ki jhapi do aur mere hissay ki mithai bhi tum hi khaa lo aur haan rus-gulla khana mujhay bohut pasand hai 🙂
            typos k liay kia sorry kerna ba-qoul perveen shakir “zubaan koi bhi ho mohabat ki bhali hi ho gi” khush raho 🙂

            • RJ: thanks a lot for your true n sincere prayers.. I’m honoured with it..
              Hahaha kasam na bhi dain cuz I trust u 🙂

  19. Dear All:

    My sincerest apologies for having gone MIA ek dam se baghair bataye. Just wasn’t well and had way too much stuff going on on the home and work front – hence the absence. Thank you so much for all the emails, messages, tweets and these comments – I am beyond touched and humbled by your concern and well-wishes. I am much better AH and things are falling more into a routine now, so ab raavi chayn hi chayn likhta hai ….

    Khair, yeh tau ho gaye meri baat … how have you all been? Sab khairiyat? Theek thaak? Trust me, its not just you guys, I too have missed all our serious but fun convos and discussions and am looking forward to getting things back in top gear again. A huge virtual hug going out to all of you 🙂

    Acha ji ab khair aafiyat ke baad let’s talk about dramas … yaaro dosto yeh kiya ho raha hai?? I checked out some of the dramas that have started in the past couple of weeks and I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t sit through much of anything 😦 What are you all watching? In naye walon main se koi acha laga?

    @Ayesha @Pino @Habiba: Mujhe Sannata bilkul yaad hai … I had fallen way behind, so am now catching up … If I am not mistaken last week is the finale, so IA I will share my views on that and would love to hear what you all thought of this one.

    @Habiba: Yaar, I gave up on MSKSH 😦 It was way too painful to watch and not even my fave Adeel Husain coan make up for the inanity that is being churned out week after week.

    @Noor: Yes, can definitely do an overview of MeJ. Just bear with me and give me some time 🙂

    As for Shuk, I will do a finale review, IA.

    @RJ: Pehchan abhi shuru nahin hua. I know the channel had advertised a 31st March start date, but apparently it was a “mistake” on their part. I have checked with the producers and they tell me that 17th April is the new tentative date, ab dekheye kab shuru hota hai. I will keep you all posted through the FB page.

    Chalo, enough rambling from me.. looking forward to hearing from you all 🙂

    • SZ: a biggest thanks to Allah that youre ok now.. May Allah swt bless you complete health n removes all illness.. Ameen..
      Really missed u a lot.. Ainda plz humein itny din k liye mat chor k jayye ga I get sad 😦
      Sannata ka grand finale coming Thursday ko hai m soon excited 😀 jaisy me writer hun 😉 lol..
      Kheir new dramas me tou maximum dumb hain 😦 MSKS is blank.. Shakk also.. Izteerab was sounding good but I missed the first episode.. Have to watch yet..
      N yessss I’m also excited about hum TV awards 😛 jesy mujhe koi award milna ho lol 😀

      • @Ayesha: Aww.. thank you! I’m honestly very touched.. please dua’on main yaad rakhye ga.
        Aur bhai ab Sannata ka kuch karo .. yeh to shaitan ki aant tarha lamba hi hota jaa raha hai … ab khabar hai ke agle haftey khatam hoga .. so I guess I’ll hold off till next week and do one comprehensive review. Waisey bhai had hoti hai khainchne ki aur viewers ki himmat ka imtehan leni ki! With Shukk and Sannata ARY is certainly re-defining the meaning of drag-fest. In this digital age seven months is a long long time to keep track of one serial.. ajkal to shaadiyan bhi itni nahin chaltin jitne lambe yeh serial chalte hain!

        Re: Izteraab: Don’t know if you happened to catch up with it but if you did, do share what you thought. I for one was very very disappointed. It is a remake of the Hollywood movie Step Mom which was later remade by Karan Johar as We Are Family. And just in case you didnt know both of these movies the Izteraab FB page has the whole story happily laid out for you! I had expected more of Amna Mufti, particularly after UBFN. But here all we have is endless talk of thin round roti, chais and chutneys and not much beyond that ….Clearly the message these days is that desi men are actually looking for a cook when they talk about getting married. For your sake, I hope ke aap ko Kashmiri chai or gol patli rotis banana aati hongi! 😉

    • @SZ: welcome welcome… Ek song yaad araha tha ap ka reply dekh k… ‘Tum ayye tou aaya mujhe yaad gali me aaj chand nikla’ Hahahahaa ok that was cheesiest thing 😀

      But maaann missed u so glad. To know that You are all set to rock n roll 😉

      About dramas i agree with u completely.. Nothing is worth coming on channels.. Purane drame dekh dekh kar khush horahi hoon.. I just Few epi of BM, UYM n raima n minahil ki kahaani.. N Iztaraab.. Tauba it was so painful.. Have left watching MSKS.. Waiting for zeeshan marriage n Shuk tou bhayee Faateha parhli ab 😀 watched sanata after so many weeks n i was like WHAT.. Parii is still saying mujhe azam chahiyae me ruqaiya hoon.. :O LOL

      • @Rehmat: Nawazish karam shukriya 🙂 Waisey agli baar poora kaam karo.. where is the link for the song? Couldnt find it 😦

        LOL! I am quite ready and happy to rock and roll but where is the party??? Sab ek se ek daba dramas. Don’t know if you checked out some new ones: Bhabhi, Maryam Kaise Jiye, Marasim, Koi Nahin Apna, Mang … bas ab kiya kahein … all one upping the other in retelling the same old ghisi pitti stories, and not elegantly at that. And if you think these are bad check out these upcoming ones….

        Jaaney Kyun:

        Behnein Aisi Bhi Hoti Hain


        Bahu Begum (this one had me cracking up at how the ghararas are replacing the sarees here! )

        Ab batlao ke hum batlayen kiya?

        • @SZ.. Hahaha i was finding hard enough to write even one line of song and kahan u saying link share karti … Wahh matlab apko meri jurrat buri nh lagi 🙂

          Oh goodness.. How bad are titles only.. I saw koi nh apna.. That was sheer disaster.. So much was fake n plastic right from acting to screenplay..ekdum pheeka n bakwas.. Saw teaser of bahu begum.. Haha ur spot on with gararas (y) wonder they wanted to create fusion of old and modernized things :p .. Baqi maraaim,bhabhi, bhenain.. Inke lye tou Bismillah parh ke apne app pe phoonk her phr dekhne chahiyae..Worst period of dramas !!!

    • @SZ great to see back yaar!! Abb pls koi dhang ki cheez dhoond ge do!!!! Honestly this has gotta be the worst of times as far as pakistani dramas r concerned.. Roz aik naya drama aur roz aik nai disappointment!
      Weve been looking fwd to hum tv in europe for soooo long but ayya bhi tou kis time pe.. When theres nothing worth watching!
      Caught up with sannata.. I think after story going totally haywire its finally back on track., ready to be wrapped up.. Which btw should have happenned abt 10 eps ago!
      Shukk.. Ive given up.. Esp after the extra 10 eps news..
      But pls yaar bring something interesting to the table. We r missing u!

      • @FA: Hello Hello ji 🙂 Yaar, where do I go find these dramas?? Ab lagta hai ke apni production company khol kar khud hi script likh kar khud hi direct karna hoga .. aur phir kisi trusted channel ko dena hoga .. because after seeing the hashar nashar they have made out of sensible stories is really painful. Look at Shuk and Sannata. Never in a million years did i imagine ke these two would run for seven months!!! Yes, for those who didn’t know Shuk will finally come to an end next week, and the final ep of Sannata too will air next week.

        Yes, absolutely with you on that….I too think this is the worst time ever for Pk dramas. It was bad enough first time around when it originally happened, but to see these channels going down the same old trodden path again is beyond comprehension. Didn’t they/we suffer enough the first time around? Hum is rightly credited with the revival of PK dramas and after their Humsafar a whole new global audience was introduced to our plays … but ab dekho…it seems like all channels are in a race to see who can sink lower. I know so many friends both in PK and abroad who have once again happily given up on these dramas and gone back to watching the latest season of House of Cards, Good Wife, Suits, Criminal Minds, Law n Order SVU, Revenge, Downton Abbey, and so many other shows of that ilk. Their logic is very simple: Why bear this torture of watching gharelu masley masa’il for 6-7 months when you can walk into a Bollywood movie, get your fix and be in and out in two-three hours. As it is majority of our dramas these days can barely make the claim anymore that there is any essential Pakistaniyat in them or that they are representing contemporary Pk society. And after watching the recent sob-fests and drag-fests I have to say I agree with these friends of mine. There is barely anything on these days that you can watch right from the get-go and follow to the bitter end. Most of them can be picked up and dropped off every month and a half. And here, rather than blaming audiences, as industry professionals do, I think channel heads and programming incharges do need to self evaluate. Just a look at some of the trailer links I posted above makes the problem self-evident.

        My apologies if I am coming across as a Debbie downer but after writing and talking about the same old same old – formulas, stereotypes, cliches, repetitions, drag-fests, sob-fests, channel politics – for what seems like forever, I am finding it increasingly difficult to muster energy to even rant … raving to door ki baat hai! Lets all hope and pray ke there is at least one good drama waiting out there for us that can help restore our faith in Pk dramas again!

        • @SZ I think we are all in the same boat.
          It feels like the same old stories have been recycled over and over again now, with new faces and some hera pheri..has the industry really run out of fresh ideas?? just looking at the promos links u shared above says it all.. like u said even Bollywood moved on…. like abt 10 yrs ago… lol
          We will all be looking forward to ur play 🙂 … and seems like real hard work will be convincing the producers.
          in the meanwhile ive gone back to some of the shows u mentioned above.. now what a difference life beyond the gharelo jagras, kashmiri chais and perfect rotis and even fried and boiled ande
          btw not feeling quite well so pardon me if nothing above makes any sense. 😦

          • @FA n SZ. Totally agree with you both.. Its so much depressing to watch such dramas… Dont v watch them to get refreshed na k zehn aur dil dono khrab hojaayen… I am literally finding it hard to find out any other entertainment.. 😦

    • @SZ: “Shehr e dil main aj Christmas hai ” 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Dil tou chah raha tha pori nazam likhoon LOL
      RE:wasn’t well…. hmmm tou mera dil thik keh raha tha naa.. chalo shuker ab sab thik hai allah kray bilkul thik ho jye amen…. baaz dafa mujhay bohat ajeeb lagta hai hum sab ek dosray ko bilkul nahi jantay even naam tak say waqif nahi sirf ek cheez dramas reviews discussions humain ek dosray say connect kertay han lekin inhi discussions k doran humari apis main itni emotional attachment ho jati hai k koi zara saa manzer say ghaib ho jye preshani k maray bura haal hota hai meri sisters 2-2 months telephone na kren main kabhi tension nahi laity LOL mager yahan pta nai kiun……

      Dramas: Umeed hai ye silsila phir say jari ho jye ga bhai mujhay jo maza yahan ata hai aur kahin nahi ata yahan aa ker aisa lagta hai jaisay koi insaan apnay gher main aa jye no formalities bus jo mun main aya likh dia kiunk janti hoon ye “SZ” ki blog hai jin k zerf ki main dil say mout-rif (acknowledged) hoon (ap ko itni mushkil Urdu samajh aa jati hai naa I am sure ati hai main nay aap ko baray aduq(difficult) words use kertay dekha hai 🙂

      Kon say dramas dekh rahi hoon?….hmmm mere views same ap jaisay han lekin kuch tou dekhna hai aap k pas US main honay ki waja say shayed choice ziada hai tou pk dramas ki bjaiy kuch aur try ker sakti han yahan tou koi option hi nahi hai ..indian dramas? well oon say tou jaan chura ker yahan aye thay ab wapis jana almost impossible hai ab kabhi sochti tou khud per hairat hoti hai k main kaisay wo khrafaat dekhti thi wo bhi mazay mazay lay lay ker LOL

      Kher tang aa ker main nay tou Turkish dramas say mustafeed honay ka faisla ker lia 🙂 ab jo dunya ko kehna hai kehti rahay pta nai ye patriotism ko dramas/art k sath kiun link ker dia gaya hai I mean sara din tex chori hera phery ker k guzaron gi lekin raat ko drama Pakistani dekhoon gi .. total jahalat…main tou itni narrow minded aur prejudiced nahi ho sakti kiunk mujhay khoob-sorati say piyaar hai aur art aur artists ki mere dil main bohat qader hai is liay jahan bhi ye 2 cheezain nazer ayn gi zaror tareef karoon gi isi liay ek try di mere jo friends Turkish dramas dekhtay han oon say apnay taste k mutabiq recommendations lin aur qur-raa Fatima GUL k naam nikla main nay almost 140 episodes dekhin and I loved it 🙂 aur main hairan hoi k log kiun itnay against Turkish dramas k matlab main kia kahoon bus ap khud dekhan aur faisla kren story direction screenplay acting locations technical aspects matlab kis kis cheez ki baat kray it was brilliant…aur humaray drama makers ko seriously beth ker sochna chahiay k viewers pagal nahi han ager TD ki popularity berh rahi hai tou is ka kuch solid reason hai ager oon say compete kerna hai tou oon say seekhan aur khud ko thik kren naa k hubul watni k teekay awam ko lagatay rahan….meri request hai ager ap k pas time ho tou zara in dramas ko check kren aur in per main ap k views jannay k liay bari be-tab hoon zaroori nahi ap acha kahan mager ap jab kisi ko ghalat bhi kehti han oos main bhi wazun hota hai is topic per koi article hi likh dan thanks

      PK Dramas: well ru-baru start kia tha after 5th epi ek dum thus ho gaya tou chor dia ab suna hai behter ho gaya hai per sochti hoon behter ho ker bhi kitna behter hoa ho gaa
      Is sadmay k baad pyaray afzal dekha (first 10 epi) well acha time pass hai lekin aisa nahi k insaan bohat exited ho jye main 3-5 epi k sets bana ker dekh rahi hoon is tra ziada maza ata hai story ek continuity main chalti rehti hai jis say interest qaim rehta hai
      Is k baad BILU ki qismat bhi khul hi gai 🙂 aur mere jaisa nadir o nayab viewer mil gaya oosay LOL well ager dekha jye tou baqi sab dramas say bohat behter laga kafi had tak mere mizaj k mutabiq aur aisa kuch nahi jo mujhay disturb ker k drama say bhaga day kafi enjoy kia ek plus ye bhi tha ek dosri blog per wahan k mere fav reviewer isay review ker rahay thay tou discussion etc ka bhi chance ban gaya in short acha experience tha aur main continue karoon gi ap nay dekha kaisa laga?

      Thehrain abhi kahani khatam nahi hoi sab say baray shahkaar ki baat hona abhi baqi hai Basher Momin….first two epi kisi nightmare say kam nahi thin meri tabiyat bohat kharab ho gai thi (bus kuch health issue hai tou her tra ki cheez nahi dekh sakti) 3rd epi thik thi ab ap sochan gi aisi kia museebat aa gai k BM dekhna zarori ho gaya bhai itniiiiiii dhoom thi details tou pta hon gi tou main nay socha main ye experience kiun miss karoon dosray mera dil say manna hai kisi cheez ko ghalat ya bura kehna hai tou sahi wajoo-haat ki bunyaad per kehna chahiay isi liay Fatima gul dekha aur ab is ko bhi ro dho ker 6-7 epi tak tou dekhon gi shayed behter ho jye ya humara taste kharab ho jye LOL

      baqi aur tou kuch nahi dekha shuk ka last 3 weeks say boycott ker dia hai kiunk ab had ki bhi had ho gai thi bus last epi dekh loon gi wo bhi ager ap ka review aya …..MSKSH saalon pehlay chor dia tha Sanata ki bhi last 5 epi rehti han ab jaldi say dekh loon gi kiunk “naveed” mili hai k jald is per review aye ga yaahoooo 🙂 Pehchan k baray main update kernay k liay shukria ok 17th ka intezaar rahay gaa

      Ek last baat ager aaj kul tv per kuch acha nahi tou old ptv classics main say kisi drama per review start ker lain ya over review… kia khayal hai ya kisi movie per ager ye is blog k format main shamil hai yaar the show must go on naa shaded boriyat ho rahi hai chalo yahan buknay jhuknay main time tou mazay ka pas hota hai naa 🙂

      ok ab khatam kerti hoon ander kafi halka ho gaya hai LOL bina sochay samjhay likha hai phir gher main gher walon k samnay soch ker bolta bhi kon hai 🙂 apna bohat khayal rakhan lots of prayers and love for u 🙂

      • @RJ: Zara nawazi hai aap ki! Kaisi hain aap? Aap ka itna pyar bhara jawab parh ke meri bhi tabiyat bagh bagh ho gayee 🙂 Ab kuch susti keh len aur kuch waqt ki kami bas jawab dene mein der ho gayee.. itne dinon ki unexpected chutti ne aadatein kharab kar di hain … hopefully we will soon be back to our regularly scheduled programming 🙂

        You are absolutely right, I too have also missed our regular discussions and convos, bas ab what to do .. Woh kehtey hain na ke kahan tak suno gay kahan tak sunaoon…Suffice it to say that I have been so blaah-ed out by these dramas ke I cannot sit through more than ten minutes of any given episode, forget about writing about them. You all will probably not believe this but I have adhey adhoorey reviews for at least 4 or 5 of the recently started dramas, but after writing a few lines I realized I was repeating myself over and over again. Call me what you may, but try as I could I found nothing remotely entertaining in Izteraab, Koi Nahin Apna, Marasim, Bhabhi, Bashar Momin…. as I wrote above, if I have to watch these kinds of wannabe dramas and ghisi pitti stories then I might as well watch an old circa ’80/’90s Bollywood movie and get it over with in three hours. Yes, even Bollywood has moved on from these saas bahu rotey dhotey cliches and stereotypes. Baqi Star Plus waghaira tau main ne kabhi ghaur se dekhey nahin .. seen a few episodes chalte phirtey but never sat through an entire serial but now seeing what is in store for us, I have no intentions of torturing myself with a Pakistani rendition of Ekta Kapoor’s take on gharelu politics.

        Re: Turkish dramas: You know, it is funny but we are totally on the same page here. I haven’t yet started watching anything, but do intend to check them out .. I had never really been interested in them earlier because frankly speaking at the time when Ishq-e Mamun became a rage we had serials like TNS, CK, Talkhiyan playing on TV, even ZGH was airing around the same time so there seemed to be neither the need nor the time to watch to these dubbed serials. But now since PK serials have gone down the drain, I am going to try one .. and like you I too have decided on trying Fatima Gul. A friend on twitter recommended it just recently and another friend had also also suggested it earlier. Ab aap ne bhi endorse kar diya hai tau definitely will try to give it a shot. Mind you I am not promising .. isliye phir na kehna ke wada kar ke mukar gayee 😉 And yes, once I finish it or have watched enough to arrive at some conclusion then will definitely do a piece on this – thanks for the idea 🙂

        Re: BILU, I tried to watch it a couple of times when it started, but the few bits I saw did not impress me… also we have Saba Qamar in so many serials these days and I was watching her in Sannata, so there was nothing really must watch about it. Also, given that by now we are all pretty savvy about how our serials work, pata he ke episode 10 ke baad dip karey ga, phir will pick up then stretch out and then Allah Allak kar ke 23/24 episodes ke baad khatam hoga, so I decided to pass on that one for the time being and watch it all in one go once it ended, with a finger on ffwd button. I so wish that our TV channels had the foresight to see ke khud apne pairon par kulhari maar rahey hain yeh dramey drag kar ke. The are making money in the short term. but six months down the road when their audiences have abandoned them phir kiya karenge? How many times can Hum TV keep repeating Humsafar?

        Ab aatey hain aap ke fave Bashar Momin par… another one that I have a review started for, but cannot write it because that would mean actually sitting through an entire episode… and mera naazuk mizaj sar aur merey migraines is ki ijaazat nahi dete ke main Bashar sahab ki cheekh-o pukar 40 min tak seh sakoon. Your description of how we were made to feel is spot in: Bhai yeh drama agar nahin dekha tau samjho kuch nahin dekha … itni ziada publicity and then the wah wahs on their FB page after the first couple of eps, I was absolutely dumbfounded. All this hoopla actually reminded of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the fairy tale we all read way back when. Bas ab aur kya kahoon, aap khud samajhdaar hain. Strip it off all the so-called glitz and glamour and all you have is the same old wine in designer bottles. Even the much touted designer stuff has been less than impressive. As for the actors, there is no question FQ is a fantastic actor, but is he right for BM? IMO somebody like Shaan or Shamoon Abbasi would have fit the central role so much better… So yeah passing on that one too…. next please!

        Re your idea about reviewing older serials: Once again you are reading my mind 🙂 I was waiting on Shuk and Sannata to finish and check out what other stuff was begining before I started off a series of posts about some more recent serials that I couldn’t watch on account of time, or couldn’t review b/c I was already doing others, or some that I feel are worth discussing again, and some popular farmaishes 🙂 So yes, that’s on the way .. we will begin with MeJ.. just wait till after next week. Re: your idea about doing PTV serials: Here’s where I stand on this: I think in general we have a tendency to romanticize the dramas of that era. Yes, they were good undoubtedly, but then they were a product of a different era. As someone who remembers the PTV era, I remember watching dramas that I had zero interest in, just because they were the only thing that was airing that day. So we all ended up watching everything and remembering it all. Since then, its not like we’ve not had good stuff we did and do (though increasingly rare), but it is becoming harder by the day to separate the wheat from the chaff when we have six or seven dramas a day competing for our attention, more perhaps but definitely not less. So, if you remember what Sania Saeed had said in that post AseerZadi show, lets try and give some of the more recent stuff a second shot. Abhi socha tau yeh hai … dekhen kahan tak pohonchtey hain 🙂

        Chalo ji, ab poorey mahiney ka bukhar nikal gaya … ab hopefully we’ll back to reviews soon 🙂

        P.S. Ji, meri Urdu (mere khayal mein tau) theek hai … My only concern in this regard has always been to make sure that nobody feels left out so I try to keep the language as easily accessible as can be 🙂

      • @RJ how r u getting along with Fatima Gul?
        Turkish dramas in general: yes I found that the production quality is way way better. Their society is different to ours, but still they cover human factor so well in the stories… (from whatever ive seen so far)
        Fatima Gul : i think out of all the turkish dramas ive watched, storywise it had to be the best. Dubbing-wise pbbly not the greatest, but overall i really enjoyed it. i first watched it last yr on my holiday back home. My mum was hooked. Found it hillarious at first but by the time i left i was secretly hooked too lol. When i found out it had finally finished i finally took the plunge and watched all of it in one go.
        my only problem is they r just so so long!!! never ending!! i wanted to start mera sultan when it finished.. looks like there is fat chance of that lol.. and to watch 300+ eps in one go.. that will be too much for me i guess lol.. then again atleast i never got the this-is-being-dragged-for-no-reason feeling…

        • @FA I think TD k baray main hum dono kafi hud tak hum khayal han 🙂
          1-differennce of culture: well ab ye tou apni apni soch ki baat hai lekin ye bohat strong point hai jis ki base per TD ko oppose kia jata hai ho sakta hai kuch viewers sirf apnay culture etc say related stuff hi enjoy ker saktay hon per mere sath aisa koi problem nahi …phir mujhay samajh nahi ati Hollywood Bollywood kon saa humara culture show kertay han kon si similarity hai even language tak ek nahi isi tra literature kia hum sirf Urdu adab hi perhtay han ya music isi tra dosri art forms han mujhay gandhara art main be-hud interest hai kia wo mera culture mera religion hai phir hum oon ko dekh ker enjoy ker saktay han lekin yahan nahi is ki logic mujhay samajh nahi aye….relatable honay k liay jaisa ap nay kaha “human factor” imp hai kiunk feelings emotions her insaan chahay wo koi bhi ho ek jaisay hotay han aur is cheez ko bohat brilliantly cover kia hai

          2-main nay is topic per ek pk drama roag dekha tha aur kis qader depression hoa tha bta nahi sakti even ab osay yaad kertay bhi aur main ye hi sochti rahi ager koi aisi lerki jis k sath ye tragedy hoi ho gi wo ye drama dekh ker kia soch rahi ho gi kiunk sara zor bus “mazloomiat” per tha no hope no struggle nothing…yahan aisa nahi tha aur itna brilliantly handle kia her her aspect ko ..chahay emotional side ho ya psychological ya career ya education ya oos ki married life her cheez…aur wo actress baren sat I think ye hi naam hai she was amazing mujhay bohat impress kia oos nay aur kon saa glamour tha is role main jo ilzaam lagatay han TD per ek issue based story hai …total jhoot

          3-aur tou main nay koi TD nahi dekha haan mera sultan ki bhi bohat recommendations han lekin ap ki tra end honay ka wait ker rahi hoon phir mujhay historical dramas/movies main be-had interest hai tou bilkul mere type ka hai 🙂 yaad hai ptv per shaheen mohammad bin qasim aur ek aur drama tha naam bhool gai hoon …pta nahi aj aisay topics per dramas kiun nahi ban saktay

          4-dubbing issue per main thora disagree karoon gi main nay aj tak jitna dubbed content dekha hai oos main sab say best laga mera problem TD say sirf ye tha kiunk dubbed content nahi pasand kerti mujhay feel hota hai meri direct access nahi hai dermian main ek perda saa aa gaya hai…lekin dubbing achi tra aur translation bhi behter tor per ki gai hai kafi mehnat hoi hai jo nazer aye

          5-lentgh issue mere sath bhi tha lekin ye soups han tou phir ye tou hona hai….lekin ek sawal jo hamesha mere ander rehta tha aur bohat logon say poocha even sz say bhi is ka bohat achay say jawab mil gaya hai …jo ap nay bhi mention kia humaray dramas 20+ epi handle nahi ker saktay aur drama 15 epi k bad boring ya of track ho jata hai lekin yahan aisa nahi…bhai 200 hundred epi ko bhi jis tra handle kia hai majal hai viewer bore ho jye ya drama main interest khatam ho jye…tou humaray writers k sath kia problem hai simply lack of creativity hai…ager ab channels ki demand 20+ epi drama hai tou oos ko pora kren ager wo 200 epi handle ker saktay han tou ap kiun nahi..last main apni baat ek baar phir repeat karon gi humaray drama makers ko seriously beth ker sochna aur oon say seekhna chahiay ager oon say compete kerna hai kiunk chalo hum tou kisi ginti main nahi lekin ager sz jaisay viewers/drama lovers bhi pk dramas say disappoint ho ker TD ki terf janay ka soch rahay han tou phir ye waqai lamha e fikria hai

      • @RJ. Its good to read ur detail mazedaar comment 🙂 thankyou for mentioning turkish drama.. Because i could never think of those.. But since u have watched n liked if will certainly go n watch gul e fatima n will come back to discuss 😀

        • @Rehmat you are sweetheart 🙂 thanks for liking my comment….aap hamesha mere sath bohat kind rahin han :)….bilkul aap bhi Fatima gul ko ek try dan acha lagay na lagay chalo ek experience tou ho hi jata hai jis say insaan kuch na kuch gain kerta hai phir dekhan gay ager is blog per discussion ka mouqa mila tou zaoor why not 😉

  20. Good to see you SZ! as far as the drama concerned, I am thankful to the Pak drama for making me go back to the books for time pass, read quite a few books which was sitting in my kindle and on the shelf for quite a while. Non of the dramas now are worth watching ..we have now HUM TV in UK as they say Hum Jaisa Koi Nahi toh bhai such he hai Aap Jaisa such mai koi nahi, star plus ka Pakistani version, eik say badh kar eik pakao drama, over acting say bharpoor, sifarshi actors with no acting skills , dramas with no story and sitcom ….. good enough to show it in torture cells to really punish. I feel so so bad for our TV, and yet the directors have such a oonchi naak that they are not ready to take any criticism and keep on churning the same thing one channel after the other, same formula same actors. Aur kitna bolon, as you said earlier ” playing flute in front of a buffalo” , Shukk toh bayshukk ho gaya as koi shukk nahi raha kay its a goner ….pity on the actors..well at least they get paid , humara kia, ulta pay kar kay shukk mai pad gaye kay money well wasted….

    • @Sheema: Your comments are always so much fun to read and your sense of humor always cracks me up – spot on my friend! Talking of Star Plus check out the promos I posted above .. lagta hai abhi tak tau sirf trailer dekh rahey the .. picture to abhi baaqi thi .. God help us all! Yes, back to books it is!

    • @ Sheema: hahah awesome comment… Seriously even i have starting reading books and they are so much better than these pathetic dramas :/

  21. SZ thank god you are ok. I missed you . Even though I was not watching shuk , but I was looking for your comment . Nothing is good so I am reading book and spiritual lectures. So good that your are back

    • @Ranjan: Aww thank you so much for looking out for me – I am really touched and humbled. Likewise, it is lovely to hear from you. As @RJ put it so well above, though we know nothing about each other, but somehow our shared interests bring us so close that we feel the disconnect if somebody is gone for long, Like you all I too have missed our interactions here, but on the other hand when I started this blog I had promised myself that I would never write just for the sake of writing. I would write only when I felt I had something to say, something to bring to the table and open up a discussion. These days since I find nothing compelling enough to watch, write and share, like you I too have started reading reading big time.Here’s to hoping that we’ll soon have a new drama that brings us all back together again!
      Baqi I hope you are doing well and enjoying the warmer weather. Yesterday I heard the birds chirping for the first time this year!

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