Shuk ~ Episode 20 Review


Wanting to have their cake and eating it too….

Never has this idiom sounded as true as it did while I watched  ‘Sham, Sania and Sehrish go completely nuts in this latest episode of Shuk.  Kiya tha bhai yeh? Teenon ek se ek barh kar ek … arrey yaar jis ko jis ke saath rehna hai raho … bas ab hamein bakhsh do! 

I had given up on finding any meaning in the story a few episodes ago, but after today’s installment I am ready to wash my hands of these characters as well. Up until last week I was quite on board with the very human frailties of these three very real and relatable people, but after this latest episode I think I am ready for this drama to come to an end. I have no clue where Samira is going with this story or how far Yasir intends to push the envelope here, but the rate at which things are progressing there seems to be no end to this pal mein tola pal mein masha change of heart that every character seems to be going through. Who loves whom and how much and who fell out of love when and who was with whom when and who held whose hand when and who will end up whom …. seriously, now my head is spinning and I can’t take it anymore!

Exasperated as I am with all the bleating that went on today – ab-tau-aadat-si-ho-gayi-hai-mujhe-har-do-minute- baad-Australia- jaaney-ki dhamki-deney-ki Sania, boo-hoo-I’m-such-a-baby-I-can’t-deal-with-life-without-holding-mommy’s-oops-a-conveniently-available-wife’s-hand ‘Sham, and I-couldn’t-live-with-my-husband-when-I-suspected-him-of-having-an-affair-but-now-that-I-know-of-his-second-marriage-I-can’t-live-without-him Sehrish – the reason I am still watching is largely due to Yasir & Samira’s handling of an implausible story line and the actors who are performing their roles ever so magnificently. The conviction with which Sania believes that she is the victim, the sincerity with which ‘Sham portrays himself as the victim as he explains his side of the story to Sehrish, or the unexpected spine that Sehrish shows when she decides to stop playing victim and put Sania in her place, all were beautifully executed sequences that would have fallen flat with less capable actors. The fact that we love these characters one week and hate them the very next episode speaks to the skill of these actors and kudos to Yasir for keeping all their performances tightly in check. Adeel Husain, Aisha Khan and Sanam Saeed all deserve a huge round of applause for making their now crazy characters come alive with so much nuance and texture.  

Where these three characters go from here is anybody’s guess, but jahan bhi jaana hai aur jis ki bhi saath jana hai, please jaldi jao …. don’t think I can put with three/four weeks more of their flipping flopping. Its been a fun ride so far, please do not spoil this by dragging it –  allow this one to end sooner rather than later. 

Written by SZ~


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    • Agreed. Sehrish has always been self centered,controlling and selfish with no real connection with her partner. She reminds me of sooooooooo many typical Pakistani women whose idea of a relationship is reducing their hubby to a well fed, clothed pet who is expected to cater to their every whim while they do raaj on the home. Even after all that’s transpired , she still doesn’t get it does she? He doesn’t need her mash daal/ sweaters, and he never really did. And he is like most Pakistani men who marry the first woman who woes them. They don’t think beyond the nakhraz and unreasonable demands and believe they are a sign of true love rather than a personality flaw. Over the years they become the obedient pet/servant who both despises and looks up to his master. A common friend of me and my hubby had this startling realization that his relationship with his wife was very dysfunctional after he began hanging out with normal couples and started observing relationship dynamics. Felt bad for both him and his ex wife when they ended things coz a kid was involved, but it was for the best.
      If I were Samira, I would have had sania leave for aussieland as soon as the visa arrived, and for sham to give sehrish another chance…only for both to realize they want different things in life,and THEN him and sania marrying.
      Because our audience would much rather see two biwis rather than a divorce,Samira has put the three in this weird situation. I suspect sehrish will make sania miserable, sham will end up siding with sehrish coz despite realizing her shulaakian. Sania will leave, sham will end up with sehrish and realize the true meaning of “you never tread the same waters twice”. The two will amicably divorce and sania/sham will end up together


  1. So right SZ- totally crazy flip flopping state of affairs (literally) but still hooked 😉
    In this fiasco Ehtasham is the biggest wimp around.
    Team Sehrish!!


  2. Ehtisham’s momma where you at man? Also can we get an update on Ali and the annoying duo?

    I don’t understand why he isn’t divorcing her unless he really hasn’t fallen out of love with her. :/

    Yeah these characters doing 180 half way through the episodes is quite confusing.

    Also from the preview Sania says something really low. I actually like that she isnt the complete mazloom and innocent typical character. If Sehrish has her lows than so does Sania.

    Ehtisham’s cowardice prevented him from saying no to the engagement and now it’s preventing him from taking an ultimate stand now between wives.

    Also it seems like Sania has Shukk of Ehtisham now (like us). :p

    Anyways I am watching for the sake of watching. If/when these characters start making sense and go back to how they were personality-wise than I can enjoy this show as it was. I missed the old Ehtisham and Sania and Sehrish but I feel Sehrish is the only one that has kept somewhat some consistancy.

    I dunno what to make of this show anymore.


    • With that being said, all three actors are amazing. I don’t like Aisha that much but her acting was amazing in this and the last episode. Adeel has come far as an actor. Sanam is doing a splendid job as her previous works. And I will add that Adeel and Sanam share amazing chemistry on creen
      Someone cast them together in another show! With all this flip flopping I can’t enjoy their scenes anymore. 😦


      • @noor: waiting to read your thoughts on this latest turn of non-events… 🙂
        I think Mommy dearest is out of the pic and Ali and Atif and Maham too are done … socho if they were to now bring back these characters then the story would stretch out to another five six episodes.. and after today I dont think I can deal with more chai/khana/nashta/prawn allergy stories.


  3. Exactly SZ! it is such a mind-boggling story now :-p I have no clue how the drama will end. Will it end with Ehtisham living with both his wives? Will he divorce Sehrish? Or will Sania take the earliest possible flight to Australia in the last episode and never come back? (Note the irony here) So confusing, it is. Btw ab tou Sania seats bhi book karwa lay Australia ki tou phir bhi mjhay yaqeen nae aayay ga unless I see her boarding the plane and waving us goodbye. :-p


  4. shukk is a nerve wrecking serial…hate it n the injustices in it …fake declarations of lov for the wife…unfaithful husband with no guilt pangs…crafty sugarcoated knife sania …n ever fair n ever suffering sehrish….they all play havoc with the nrves…..the serial entails the concept that there never can exist true love in this world of fraud n hollowmen….how conviniently shaam needs to throw his wife out of his life n the house she has made…n how unjustly sania needs to take over everything..without thinking for once that this all belongs to sehrish not her…shes only an intruder…


  5. Totally with you on the crazy flip flopping and while I don’t care much about the story so much ,it’s a delight to watch some explosive performances !


  6. ROFL at your description on Sania, Sham and Sehrish behaviour in this episode, really enjoyed that 😀 Agree with you totally!

    I am done with story and its characters.. But direction and amazing performances are keeping so hooked. Cant pick anyone on other that she did well or he did.. All were equally awesome..though will be missing Rumi next week but still looking forward


  7. @SZ: Totally agree with your characterization of Sehrish! Jab affair ka shukk tha, toh aasaani se ghar ko chod diya, aur ab, woh ghar chod na hi nahi chaahti – kiya baat hai! But the acting is fabulous! So like others, I am hooked from that standpoint. Even though the story keeps going around in circles, somehow, I still care what happens 🙂


    • @Bsk: Late jawab but hopefully will be prompt from this week on 🙂 LOL! after this week can only say that even the superb acting is not helping this sinking ship … too many bekaar twists and turns 😦


  8. Couldn’t agree more with, “having your cake and eating it too” In this situation Ethistam is the one who is wrong. Before last nights episode I wouldn’t have had this, but now why is he stringing them both along. He needs to be man and take a stand, if he wants to leave Serish then he needs to do it already(and I think that he should leave her). Serish is the cause of all the problems in everyones lives, including her own.

    As far as Sania’s suddenly changed behavior, people seem to have a lot of issues with it, I personally find nothing wrong with it. When all is said and done she is his wife now, and he needs to take a stand, wether it is in favor of her or not, he needs to make up his mind.

    After watching todays episode, what to you guys think will be the ending of this drama?
    *NOT what do you WANT to happen, what do you THINK will happen!*

    After today and the pre cap for the next episode, I cant make any assumptions, because Ehtasham is acting so weird, neither here nor there. (of course for my vote is: Ethtasham/Sania all the way!)

    Awesome acting by everyone. And Sanam and Adeel should do a show together, their chemistry is amazing!


    • From the way Sehrish reacted in this episode and Sania and Ehtisham keep saying that she is capable of doing anything so from that I am gonna assume is going to try and cause Ehtisham and Sania to break apart by putting “SHUKK” in each others minds. But this is where the difference will lie. Sania OR Ehtisham wont react the way Sehrish did.Than she will realize her mistake and then leave. Sania isnt leaving. She cant be divorced twice in a show and not be with anyone. Unless Ali comes back and decideds to take her back. But that wuould be ridiculous flipflopping so I highly doubt it. I do want Sehrish to find soneone though. She needs to move oooonn.

      I want Ehtisham to realize his mistakes and apologize for it!


      • yes, its seems to be happening in the precap also, that Sania is going to start looking bad in Ehtasham’s eyes because of Serish’s scheming.


      • @noor: I like your idea – yes, now Sehrish will try to flip the “shukk” to Sania – this makes sense – but then, in this serial, if it makes sense, it is unlikely to happen, LOL.


    • @ZK: i think sehrish will eventually leave herself or sham will divorce.. Else i cant think of any other feasible ending..because agree with @noor that sania cant be divorced twice..


    • @ZK: Apologies for the late response … but I guess better late than never .. so a very warm welcome .. great to hear from you. I would responded differently if I had done so earlier but after this latest episodes have to say that it seems like even the makers are at a loss as to how to tie up the loose ends … will wait to read your thoughts on this latest episode 🙂


  9. @ZK: I am with you, ZK! I too am rooting for ‘Sham and Sania! Agree totally with your chemistry comment! Is it me, or is there a lot more PDA in this drama? (public display of affection is going a little far for a pakistani drama, so let’s just call it Pakistani Drama Affection?) ‘Sham seems to be holding Sania’s face – doing Sehrish’s hair, etc, etc. I’m not complaining – but it seems different than other serials I have seen.

    I have NO IDEA what will happen – it seems to me the longer everyone hangs around, the more bound ‘Sham is to get confused, especially, since now it seems that Sehrish is going to try and make Sania look bad in ‘Sham’s eyes.

    I missed Rumi too! I could watch that scene a thousand times where he says “Sign to sirf aap ne or mama ne kI thi, maine to kiya hi nahi” – so cute. And when he looks at Sanam before saying “Kabul hai!” – LOVE THAT KID!


    • Yes, there has been a lot of PDA between Ehtasham and Serish in this drama. Yes, I also feel that they will start showing Ehtasham all confused and stuff, and also make Sania look bad in his eyes, courtesy of Serish.


  10. Wow so true about head spinning and everyone flip flopping!!
    I did get a headache!!
    Still very watchable though due to the excellent acting and direction, somehow still care about the characters… Lol been through so much with them!!
    Ihtisham needs to grow a spine ASAP and so true about Sehrish not stating when she was supposed to to fix her marriage and now she is acting like nothing happened!!
    Sania should have stipulated divorce before she married him and now obviously she’s not just gonna walk away as he married her saying it was over between him and Sehrish even though I have heard mein toh Australia jah rahi thi a thousand timeS!!!
    This is all for ratings, otherwise there could have been better ways to have shown this that made more sense. No way will two wives continue to live like this, in reality Sham would have at least moved Sania somewhere else as it is Sehrishs home. People seem to enjoy two wives and cat fights, I was just kinda annoyed by the end of it all and the promo looks like more flip flopping!


    • Yes, Sania should have totally made him send divorce papers to Serish before she married him, even though he was saying that it is totally over between them, she should have made him make it a official. But, that ship has sailed at this point. Now, she should never walk away, she needs to fight for her battle too.


  11. BTW – what does getting news of a job having to do with telling Sehrish he wants a divorce? It’s not like Sehrish gave him a job in her company! She just gave him the letter. Uff! How frustrating!


      • @Rehmat: Exactly! I love how is tries to rationalize with Sania – Sehrish just gave me news of a job, how am I supposed to ask her for a divorce? It just doesn’t work that way….and I kept thinking, why doesn’t it work that way, Ehtisham? How are those two things even related? Aur Sania to itni samajhdar khatoon hai na? Why didn’t she ask? She just accepted it!

        BTW – that cardigan wasn’t all that 🙂 I mean, Adeel looks good in just about anything – but seriously, are we trying to make him into Mr. Rogers? 🙂


        • @BSK: LOL 😀 you are absolutely right about that cardigan but you see i am totally biased towards Adeel so no harm in making him Mr.Rogers 😉


  12. @SZ Lol at “Jahan bhi Jana hai or jis ke saath jaana hai jaldi jao” ..hahaa so true, about ready for this to end now…please decide already!


  13. Salam @SZ.. How are you?? Hahaha itna ghussa.. Uffhh this week I set myself to watch the episode with full form as I did before but… Ohhh nooo.. Ye kiya tha.. Totally boring n typical.. All charm gone n I was off to watch.. I assumed that next episode will be the last but no it wasn’t.. I think it should have an end soon..


    • @Ayesha: Wasalam! Kaisi hain aap? LOL you have no idea ke mujhe kitna ghussa aata hai yeh dekh kar .. and ab this latest episode tau was even worse .. kya yaar kiya garbar story bana di hai 😦 And yes totally ab bohot ho gaya.., bas ab khatam ho jana chahiye


    • @swirvey road: I’m trying my best to catch up with Sannata…. I have missed quite a few episodes so its taking time, but yes definitely will write it up as soon as I am done. And this time around I will be looking forward to your comments 🙂 .


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