Shuk ~ Episode 19 Review


Let me begin by applauding Yasir Nawaz for his on point direction – I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to an episode with this much anticipation and expectation. As the story played out I got annoyed, angry, frustrated, aggravated – you name it and I felt it – but majaal hai ke remote ko zara bhi takleef di ho … I was glued!

If a drama is meant to entertain then Shuk wins a gold medal. If  the purpose is to make us look beyond the obvious and push us out of our comfort zone then Shuk has achieved its goal. If it is meant to make us re-evaluate what we perceive in absolute terms then Shuk has passed the acid test. If the point is to get us to to reflect on contemporary society and social issues then Shuk has succeeded in generating a heated debate: Is falling in and out of love that easy? What does marriage mean in this day and age? What does fidelity mean? How important is it to trust your spouse? Can a marriage survive without trust?  How much strain can a marriage bear?  How much effort is a marriage worth?  When is a spouse justified in walking away from a marriage? How accepting are we of divorces? Is the sautan always in the wrong and the first wife always a sati savitriHow comfortable are we as a society with the notion of a divorced woman living on her own?  

For the past few weeks Shuk has had us all in a tizzy – whether we agree with Samira’s twists and turns, whether we find this scenario plausible or not, whether it mirrors our socio-cultural realities or not, aisa hota hai ke nahin aur agar hota hai to hamarey haan nahin hota  – all issues have been rendered immaterial. Such is the grip that Yasir has on Samira’s story that all of us are on the edge, waiting for a resolution. How are these three going to extricate themselves from this mess, where nobody is right but then nobody is wrong either. All have their own sets of justifications for their actions. For me this is no longer about Sham and Sania and Sehrish and who will divorce whom when …. this to me now more a story of three very fallible people who find themselves in an impossible situation. No matter which way they go somebody or the other is bound to get hurt. Simply put Shuk is an intimate study of ordinary everyday people, nary a hero or villain among them.

Echoing my earlier sentiments I don’t buy the story in and of itself. There are way too many loopholes in the overall logic. That said, what I am really appreciating here is the idea of Shuk as an analysis of human behavior. What we have here are inherently good people, nobody out to cause harm or make others’ lives difficult. But somehow despite the best of their intentions they end up in an utter mess, which is as much of their own making as it is not. Both ‘Sham and Ali have their mashriqi mardana egos. Among the women, Sehrish has her insecurities vis-à-vis her childlessness and Sania has her share of issues given the past circumstances of her life. Add in to the mix a bunch of trouble makers and you have the perfect recipe for making mountains out of molehills. We have seen this kind of a story play out in other serials too, but what makes this one stand out is how Samira has succeeded in showing us how different the same story looks from every character’s perspective. Even as we want to shake Sania or are aggravated with Sehrish or detest ‘Sham, we cannot but help empathize with them at the same time.

It is to Samira’s credit that as a writer she has not imposed her own judgement on any of the characters, allowing them instead to chart their own paths, mistakes and all. The implausible scenario has been delicately juxtaposed against the very relatable frailties of these characters. And here Yasir has done absolute justice to this very nuanced script. The tension has been pitch perfect as the inner pendulum of these characters swings from one end to another. As this episode progressed it was really hard to not feel for Sehrish, clutching desperately as she was at straws to save her flailing marriage, but earlier I wanted nothing more to put one of Rumi’s famous band aids across her mouth just to get her to zip it – the lady just wouldn’t stop with her stories of lasagnas and crepes and frittatas! Needless to say Aisha stole the show today. Not to be left behind Adeel rocked as ‘Sham and Sanam was great as Sania. And here, I must commend the technical crew for their editing and Naeem Mustafa, the DOP, for his fabulous camerawork. Great job team Shuk!

So far so good. Ab dekhtey hain aage kya hota hai!    

Written by SZ~


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  1. excellent review…shukk has disappointed me beyond limits…how can a husband who loved his wife so v much forget her so easily n start despising her….for another woman whom once he disliked….sehrish suspected him coz she loved him n he abondoned her when she had lost the baby…making her allthemore insecure…never for once did he take her into confidence n massured abt his lov foe her…its always sehrish who returns to him…he has never made an effort to put the things right…for him the only solution was to shout at his wife….though sehrish made a teibly wrong move by informing sanias husband that resulted in evil consequences not only for sania but for herself too…but she did it out of inasecurity given to her by her husband,instigation by her wvil friend n due to her own depression ….now she has returned back at her hubby’s term n ha noobjection to sania n rumistaying thr…adeel is dismoissing her attempts only coz he has someone else in is mind n heart…now its not her faiult due to which he s ehaving ths way,but its his own change of heart that mke him devalue so much n he is even thinking of getting rid of her…proving himself s the most disgruntled n unfaithfull husband,even worse than ali….i dont understand even after such inslt wats keepinhg sehrish to lov him n stay with him…does she hav no selfrespect?though i want sham to realise his misrakes n accept her as she was his beloved wife…the scee whr she professed she missed her house n reclled the day he broughther here ws qte ironic…that the hose so lovingly bought for sehrishonce,the house she has owned so much might nt b hers anymore if he leaves her…sehrish is not only ilov wd him but everything related to himhis huse,his room everything]n that evokes pity for her….i wsh she has another baby soon n things wd b o.k bwn tem n ali should cme bck n take sania n rumi along…..aisha khanz performance ws far abvthe mark,shes ann icon….she was perfect as insecure,ready to accomodate,v much inlove wife….but i hate ehtasham for hating sehrish whom he once claied to lov more thn anythng else…n v audience also had fallen in lov with the amazing chemistry between the two… heart aches to see them falling apart…

  2. Great review. I felt for Sehrish, but I agree that all her talk about cooking etc. like it was just normal was annoying. She realized too late that she was wrong. I don’t think a marriage works if there is no trust. I don’t want Shaam to leave Sania now that Sehrish has apologized. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

    • I also lament the way Sehrish is being cheated.ehtasham’s love for her which we all enjoyed so much,was a mere illusion.the strangest part is even wafted doing her so wrong he still desnt feel guilty.he has never cared for her feelings,never listened,to her,never tried to reassure politely.n now he has fogotten his 7 year old relationship with her and is more than ready to kick her out for another woman.Shukk has taught us that true love is non existent in th is world.definition for love according to Shukk is a mere illusion,an eyewash n a never changing feeling….the passion remains the same,only the beloved changes.another message put across by Shukk is that a childless woman is always insecure n can b kickedout without a second thought.

  3. brilliant review ek mujhay yai baat samajh nahi ati ap kaisay mera mind perr laity han wo bhi itni door say 🙂 after episode main nay jitney comments dekhay mostly viewers keh rahay thay drama theme shakk hai ….aur main oon say keh rahi thi sirf shakk nahi is main bohat say issues ko highlight kia gaya hai and here comes ap nay first para main hi itni precisely briefly aur brilliantly oon sab issues ko cover ker diya hai wow 🙂 chalan ab isay quote ker doon gi jahan zarorat ho gi 🙂
    hasb e adat hasb e sabiq main review say completely agree kert hoon ab to tang aa gayi hoon agree ker ker kay 🙂 kia hum dono same wave length per sochtay han ya ap ki convincing abilty ka kamal hai again wow 🙂 ab ap ko andaza ho gaya hai kay mera mood kitna khushgawar hai ji han main nay ye episode khoob enjoy ki actually ab mujhay samajh aa gayi hai is drama ko dekhna kaisay hai is liay ravi sab chain likh raha hai 🙂
    coming back to shukk is baar drama say ziada viewers/readers ki psyche nay mujhay hairan preshan bul k dukh dia almost 80% viewers sham sania ko full support aur sehrish ko PUNISH kernay ki baat ker rahay han ab main team sania sham say kuch swal kerna chahti hoon
    1-sehrish nay maham apni “reliable friend” ki baton main aa ker sham per shakk kia ali nay ek stranger/neighbor ki baat sun ker sania per shakk kia lekin ali ko kia saza mili kia sabaq mila wo mazay say is sab main say nikal gaya kia yai society main mojood oon double standards ki terf ishara nahi kay kisi tragedy k baad aurat merd say ziada suffer kerti hai aur mujhay afsos is baat ka hai kay sehrish ko bura kehnay walay ali ki baat hi nahi ker rahay
    2-sania ki divorce k baad sehrish ki divorce ki demand kerna kitna reasonable hai sania ali ka relation sehrish sham say totally different tha sania ki koi mental emotional attachment nahi thi apnay husband say. bohat say issues thay sehrish nay to akhri Dhaka diya is girti hoi deewar ko. sania ki to jaan chooty hai oon pagal maan beta say khush ho. is divorce ka complete onus sehrish per dalna kitna fair hai aur ali kitna deserve kerta tha sania ko. on the other hand sehrish sham ki “misali mohabat” thi is relation k khatam honay ka aser sehrish per sania say kahin ziada ho ga kiun k koi bacha bhi nahi hai sham sehrish ka sab kuch hai aur aisay “unusual” relation main aurtan normally behave nahi kertin sham ko apni wife ko understand kerna chahiay tha
    3-sham equally responsible hai sania ki divorce ka lekin is ko sabaq milnay ki baat koi kiun nahi kerta shaam nay hamesha sehrish ko indirectly provoke/encourage kia wo outspoken thi mger sham sahib to biwi ki is ada per qurban hotay thay kabhi oos ko mana kia k in herkaton ki waja say dangerous consequences ka samna kerna perr sakta hai ulta sania ko samjhaya rehnay dan meri biwi ko shoq hai to pora ker lanay dan naa kia ho jy gaa ziada say ziada aap ki MIL ap ka jeena haram ker day gi lekin jab yai apnay sath hoa tab takleef hoi actually engagement tornay ka gulit aur sania ka gher totnay say ziada apni zaat per sehrish ka shakk nay sham ko sania ki terf attract kia I mean wo apni waja say ye sab ker raha hai aur blame sehrish per daal ker khud kiun alag hona chahta hai to wo ali say ziada selfish self centered egoistic hai meri nazron main
    4-mohabat kia hai kaisay hoti hai kaisay qaim rehti hai seriously main to ab bohat confuse hoon ya ye sab bakwaas hai shakk dekhnay k baad yai hi thik lagta hai ek lerki jis say mohabat hoi shadi ki 7 saal is mohabat kay gumaan main rahnay k baad oos aurat ki ek ghalti aur sari mohabat compatibility care understanding sab khatam koi regret dukh kuch nahi koi pet mer jye koi bohat piyari cheez gum jye oos ka dukh hota hai kia sehrish ki itni jaga bhi nahi sham ki life main ab wo hi “mohabat” kisi aur say ho gayi ab is mohabat ki credibility kia hai jo insaan 7 saal k relation ko kuch na samjhay ab is nai naweli mohabat ki kia jaga ho gi oos ki nazer main. kia sania ko nahi sochna chahiay tha is baray main aurat ki second marriage mazaq nahi hoti hamari society main
    5-jin reasons ki bunyaad per sham nay sehrish ko chor ker sania main interest lia kia hamari society yai azadi ek aurat ko bhi deti hai k ek relation main hotay hoay ap kisi dosray main interested hon jyn chahay ap k spouse say ap ka ap k hazar ikhtalafat hon aisi aurat ko to society main sangsaar ker diya jata hai lekin merd “religion” k naam per yai sab ker sakta hai kia yai religion ka sahi istemal hai
    6-religion main ek merd at a time ko 4 marriages ker sakta hai lekin oos ki bhi kuch terms and conditions han kia sham nay oon ko pora ker k sania say shadi ki sehrish laaaakh buri sahi kia yea sab deserve kerti thi ek aurat 7 saal say ap k achay buray waqt ki sathi hai chalo jo bhi reasons ab ap k dil say uter gayi lekin kia oos ka itna bhi right nahi k oos ko ek “respectful aur dignified way” main “rukhsat” kia jye kia islam sirf 4 shadiyon per khatam ho jata hai sham ko yai to pta hai k divorce deni hai kiun k ab sehrish oos ki biwi rehnay k qabil nahi yai nahi pta divorce kis tra deni hai tum move on kernay say pehlay apnay previous relation ko to khtam ker lo chalo oos ko inform to karo main second marriage ker raha hon kia itna bhi haq nahi raha sehrish ka morality bhi koi cheez hai forget morality insaniyat k natay hi sahi yahan religion bhool gaiy mujhay sab say ziada dukh yahan hoa hai main nay ek jaga perha tha “judaiyon main bhi waqar hona chahiay” yai baat tab say mere dil per naqash hai yahan sham apni ex-wife ex-beloved say kitnay dignified way main juda hoa hai hum sab nay dekh lia hai
    7- phir ager sham sania move on kerna chahtay han to why not sehrish oos ko bhi to right do wo bhi apni life kisi aur k sath start kerna chahay to kray lekin yai sab to divorce k baad ho sakta hai kia yai shurah ka mazaq nahi k mujhay to khuda nay permission di hai k bina shadi khatam kiay apni new life start ker loon tum bethi raho aur jo shikwa kerna hai allah say karo jis nay yai haq tumhan nahi diya hamari society main 80% percent yai hi hota hai merd forum dosri shadi ker laita hai aurat bethi rehti hai
    ok abhi complete nahi hoa thora rehta hai baad main karon gi abhi jana hai

  4. Look at sehrish now “tum ne usay ghar me rakha hai tau kisi wajah se hi rakha ho ga na”. lady aisa ep 13 me soch lety tau baat yahan tak na pohnchti…
    aur sadqay jaun Sania k… “me australia ja rae hun” and as soon as Sham says i m falling in love with u “phir se kahen”…
    characters r confused more than us, per AISA HI HOTA HAI.. tough situation to be in

  5. ok ji I am back 🙂 jahan main nay baat khatam ki thee k yai perlay derjay ki kameengi hai jo hamari society k merdon main koot koot ker bhari hoi hai khud to forum dosri shadi ker lay gay lekin aurat ko latkaiy rakhan gay divorce day don ga day don ga kab do gay miyan aur aisi kon si afat aa gayi thi k iddat k baad ek din saber nahi hoa shadi ker k beth gaya ooper say yai to mera unstoppable love hai I think yai lust hai aisay choron ki tra shadi kernay say yai hi matlab samajh ata hai werna sari dunya k samnay dunkay ki chot per shadi kerta yani sham k dil main chor hai
    8-now the reason sehrish ko inform kiay bina shadi kernay ka ek hi matlab hai kahin na kahin sham ko idea tha k sehrish oos ko emotionally black mail ker k is shadi say rok sakti hai in other words itni himmat nahi thi sham main k sehrish ko apni life k u turn k baray main bata sakta aur ager oos ko wo confront kerti to sham thehar nahi sakta tha kiun k wo bhi ghalat hai ek biwi k ghalat honay ka yai matlab nahi k line main replacement tayyar ker k rakhi ho chalo tu na sahi aur sahi..main nay to her haal main set rehna hai phir is per koi baat kiun nahi kerta
    9- main sab say ziada hairan hon sham ki herkaton per sab itna casually keh rahay han merd aisay hi hotay han asani say move on kernay walay kuch khuda ka khof kran is ko justify kernay ki bajai condemn kren phir merd aisay hotay han to mostly aurtan bhi shakky hoti han to rona kis baat ka hai dono apni nature k accordingly behave ker rahay han lekin ghalat ko ghalat kehna chahiay merd ya aurat dono ki mistakes ko point out kerna chahiay aur jo aurtan sham ko defend ker rahi han sab ki sab apnay apnay husbands ko allow kran k life main oon say koi mistake ho wo gher chor jyn oon k husbands oon ko mananay ki bajaiy dosri shadi ker lan lekin hum sab jantay hum main say koi ye kehnay kernay ki jurrat nahi ker sakta to phir is doghlay pan ka sabot kiun diya ja raha hai apnay liay aur dosron k liay aur
    10-sania sham ki wife hai sehrish ki tra saray rights ab wo bhi rakhti hai log keh rahay han k wo kiun apologetic hai blah blah lekin chor derwazay say dakhil honay walay gher per qabza ker bhi lan to gher k malik nahi ban ek chor oon k dil main sada rehta hai
    11-abhi main aur bhi bohat kuch likh sakti hon lekin itnay point say yai fact establish kernay ki koshish hai k sehrish jitna buri hai sham bhi koi saint nahi phir wo kiun na suffer kray oos ko kiun na saza milay jo sabaq sehrish ko milna chahiay sham kiun is say bari ho ker mazay say apni life guzaray viewers ki thinking yahan society main mojood oon double standards ki terf ishara kerti hai jahan marital life ki failure/success ka complete onus sirf aurat per dala jata hai ab mujhay sz ka article about women and our dramas yaad aa raha hai wahan bhi hum yai hi discuss ker rahay thay
    12-last thing main sehrish ko defend nahi karon gi jo ali ko oos nay bataya jis say sania ka gher tabah hoa wo ghalat tha lekin viewers ka kehna sham oos ko saza day divorce day wo yai hi deserve kerti hai… kia hum insaan is qabil han k kisi dosray insaan ko oos ki mistakes k liay saza detay phiran jab k khud hamari chalni main hathiyon jitney baray baray sorakh hon kia allah nahi hai jo is mamlay main behter insaaf ker sakta hai aur chahay to oos insaan ko maaf ker day ager wo mafi mangay aur phir ek divorce honay say sehrish ko to oos k kiay ki”saza” mil gye gi ali sania sham in ko saza kab kaisay kon day ga kia yai sab dhood k dhulay han (abhi sania bibi reh gayi han ek session oon per bhi ho ga)
    in short viewers adeel sanam ki sizzling chemistry say pagal ho gaye han aur ghalat sahi ki tameez chor ker bus oon ko end main ek happy family ki tra dekhna chahtay han end of story lekin smira per mera faith joon ka toon qaim hai mujhay dekhna wo kia message deti han
    apnay comment ka end ek indian song say karon gi jis k end main hero heroine say kehta hai “kia tum mere in sab sawalon ka kuch to jawab do gi naa”

  6. for me its only sehrish who is sincere n suffering…both sania n ehtasham r traitors…wat they ve done clearly shjows that sehrish ws not entirely wrong in her doubts….hate them bth when they present amorous displays…n sham is sucha shameless person that he has neither any guilt pangs for cheating his 7 years loving wife nor does he care the least to hurt her feeliongs by breaking the hideous secret…in my opinion the only thing sehrish is guiltly of is losing his baby…if thy had a baby,sham wd never evn had think of doing all this to his wife…

    • @Kiran You don’t think Sania suffered? 5 years with a horrible mother in law doing her khidmat, that is not sincere? Even Sehrish said age could never do that? On top of that you get wrongfully slandered for having an affair when you are not? Do you know how many times Sehrish humiliated her wrongfully? Forget what happened now but up till now it is Sania who has had the worse consequences How can you say only Sehrish has suffered? I do feel bad for Sehrish, but to go about wrongfully slandering people of adultery is a huge thing and without concrete proof , you can not just think it is so easy to do that and not suffer.

      • I agree. Sehrish has been wronged now but Sania has been fron the beginning.

        Sehrish doesn’t deserve this heartbreak, yes, but I feel Sania doesn’t deserve it more. If Ehtisham and Sania break it off, this will be third time she gets hurt especially because of the same peraon, Sehrish.

        I must say the car scene, phone scene and the final scene was so heartbreaking. You can feel the love the desperatation, the anxiousness, the hopelessness, the guilt, etc. Love the emotional rollercoaster!

        Btw great review!

  7. Dead on review! You’re so right about Shukk keeping us hooked on. Mein toh hoon hi sahi….even my 8 yr old daughter last night opted to watch this instead of Disney channel. I was busy with guests but noticed her watching Shukk so intently – she wouldn’t even change the channel during the commercial break!

  8. Superb review.and I totally agree that noboday is totallt right or wtong yet all three of them are in impossible situation.And again yes there are too many loopholes yet it has managed us to keep us glued.Aisha,Adeel,Sanam its impossible to choose who was better who wasnt.All were simply superb.The episode was all about Sham,Sehrish and Sania and each one fit to their respective ro,es perfectly.already waiting for saturday !

  9. Nice review. Sania back to being the compromising mashriqi aurat. ‘Mai Australia ja rahi hun.’ Jana hi tha to pehle chali jati! I feel so bad for Sehrish, she is trying so hard to make up for what she did not knowing what her beloved hubby has done after she left.
    As for Sham, sure men are allowed to marry more than once at the same time but they are also required to ASK their first wife before marrying another woman. Yahan to batane ki zehmat bhi nahi ki.
    All in all a good episode though, the actors were awesome. Ayesha was awesome! You are right, she stole the show.

  10. @SZ spot on review!!
    Absolutely loved it! Perfect entertainment package! I was super-glued throughout this episode!
    Now for an ep where the narrative didnt move forward one inch, goes to show yasir and samiras ability to keep us glued!
    Throughout i was like abb bataya ke tabb.. But they never bataya-ed.. As much as it agrravated me, i was loving it!
    Have to give credit to last weeks precap too.. We all thought bata dega.. Zara bura lage ga.. Sehrish going all mazloom aur willing to forgive the new shadi.. But what we got was none of that but way better lolz..
    Sham and sania r doing what they ve been doing all along.. Hiding the truth & lying.. They still havent learnt! Lol
    Sehrish on the other hand is trying very hard to not let her shukk surface. I love how she still feels the pang and her struggle to not let it show. How shes trying to be the shutr murgh..but also wants to know..

    I just loved the emotional roller coaster we r on, along with the characters…
    Now to watch this one has to accept jo ho gya wo ho gya.. Forget the absurd twists, but enjoy the emotinal drama within each of the characters!

    Btw i think jitna choana hai chup lo, rumi will drop the bomb eventually.. Mentioning the shadi signing and qubool hais etc.. Lol

  11. Excellent review!! Exactly how Im feeling watch all this play out. They have kept us glued with amazing performances and great direction. Feeling very bad for all the characters, and loved your part how the same story is seen differently by each character. Many mistakes have been made, the pain and emotional pendulum is definitely in full force now! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  12. Your review can actually make one to love or hate the episode… Which means brilliant review :)Totally agree with you on all parts.

    Rather then talking about sehr should have done this, Sham was wrong in doing that or Sania shouldnt have done that, I would like to take a back seat, enjoy this gripping drama with simply fabulous performances and excellent direction.. No matter how much i feel annoyed at Sehrish.. But Ayesha khan very easily made me feel about sehr.., the scenes where sham talked about sania, or even where sania was present.. Sehrish was so in control and trying her utmost best to mend the broken.. The way she was trying to ignore the awkwardness was so amazing to see.. When Roomi called sham as baba, her expressions and how she took that positive way, didnt let her inner turmoil affect her.. Specially the scene with Sania was bang on.. Both Sania and Sham heard that and reacted much sensibly.. Their last scene was one of the best…

    The car scene i actually saw two times..maaann they are soo good.. Absolutely loved how sania’s eyes twinkled when he admired her and expressed his love.. Showed how much this thing was lacking in her previous life.. She wants to live with this man but on other side thinking realistically that sehrish has more right.. She is stuck between mind and heart and this what is keeping me glued to wait for next saturday to know what will be the end result 🙂

    • @Rehmat: Kya karein, yaar – itni masroof thi, par Shukk ke liya to aana hi para 🙂

      How are you? I was thinking of you today, when I was listening to the Shukk OST – which I am totally in LOVE with …. and wanted to ask for your expert Urdu translation skills:

      Meanings for two words: Rifaqat and Gharonday? Shukriya in advance 😉

      • @BSK: i am very well 🙂 hahah trust me i am not expert in translation.. But as @Afia replied you.. You must have got the answer 🙂

  13. I think Sania will leave for Australia and leave Roomi behind with Sehrish and Ali. Ali being the chauvunist that he is, I think still loves Sehrish because in his hearts of heart, he knows she hasn’t really done anything wrong and does not deserve to be abandoned. I think one of the ways to reconcile the story is as I have suggested: Sania leaves for Australia, Ali and Sehrish resolve their issues andnget a child they already both love.

    • @Naureen ROFL @ sania will leave roomi and go to australia.. Why would she do that? I dont think she loves sham that much!!! Lol… Unless if she’s after the medal for being the most sacrificing, mazloom wife or the most stupid woman on the planet.. We had neelum in numm but we knew she had issues lol

      • @FA: in sab ki izzat is main hai k yai ab dignified way main ek dosray say alag ho jyn aur viewers bhi satisfied hon gay kiun k sham “the trophy” sania sehrish main say kisi ko nahi milay gi sab thunday ho jyn gay werna to cyber qatal ho jyn gay dono sides k viewers full force laga rahay han apnay apnay fav ko innocent aur dosray ko comp culprit show kernay main LOL

      • @FA: Oops ap ka comment shayed by mistake dosri jaga post ho gaya per koi nai main nay perr lia hehehe I think ali ki ek entry abhi baqi hai rumi ko sania ko hand over kertay oos nay clear cut warn kia tha ager tum nay sham say shadi ki to rumi ko tum say cheen loon ga to ho sakta hai ali k anay k baad sania khud sham say alag ho jye aur phir sham ko khoi hoi mohabat seher yaad aye ab meri wish aur pray hai k seher ek “laat” bul k “dolati” maar ker oos ko apni life say nikal day in sab main sab say ziada sham ko suffer kerta dekhna chahti hoon aur viewers ko kia ho gaya hai sham jaisay ghatiya admi k liay lerr lerr ker be-haal ho rahay han yaro kuch aqal karo sania aur seher dono apni jaga bari classy han sham ali jaisay admi in ko deserve nahi kertay

        • @RJ aray haan! Woh ali wali baat tou mein bhool hi gai thi! Good thinking!… That will be another absurd twist but Buhut mumkin hai!!!.. Bulke come to think of it buhut ziada mukin hai!.. What if hes regretting divorcing her, he might wanna take sania back too. Seeing her divorce was a quiet affair she might consider going back to him (halala tou jo jae ga if she leaves sham) That will be totally stupid but shukk has given us some stupid turns time and time again! Lol..i think im going bonkers with my wild imagination…Sorry
          Sorry abt the earlier msg.. Pata nahin wo kia hua tha!

    • SZ might give better translations but off the top of my head rifaqat means ‘friendship’ and gharonday means ‘bird’s nest’ – it’s used to indicate ‘home’.

  14. Really ? I thought u need to get permission from first wife .
    If not then that’s totally unfair andw wrong .
    Why don’t women get any favour or perks in this whole matrimony business ????

  15. @Deeba: islam main first wife say permission ki condition nahi hai lekin pk law main hai I think 3 months ki qaid aur may be one lac fine hai ek lawer say poocha tha kabhi ab exactly yaad nahi phir rules ya laws pk main kon follow kerta hai

  16. Loved the review!!
    Ahh the aggravation this episode brought, just drove me nuts. Sehrish is such a chatterbox. She walks in the house and cannot seem to shut up! As you rightly said in your review, Rumi needs to put a band aid on that!

    Why is Sania being such a coward. She is resorting to petty lies, I get it not to hurt Sehrish but she’s also jeopardizing her happiness in doing all this, and it’s just very annoying. Telling Rumi to play a long in their little “secret”. I always count on him for spilling the beans but this time around Sania had him on a very strong leash and wouldn’t let go. =\

    I guess lets wait another week to find out what happens, yet again…

    • @Ash haina rumi was on a tight leash today! Lol.. But i think hes the one who will eventually spill the beans.. Abb kitni der lage gi – lets see!

    • Re band aid: i agree it was frustrating but it goes to show how desperate she is. Shed rather talk abt crepes than to face the truth.. The real ostritch.. Burrying the real issue under crepes and aunty gossips and all sorts lol

  17. drama ending say ek baat yaad ay kay yasir (director) nay apnay ek aur popular drama serial “thori si wafa chahiay” ka end viewers ki demands k mutabiq change ker diya tha aur oonhon nay khud tv per aa ker admit kia tha last episode say pehlay hum nay voting kerwai thi end kia hona chahiay results oos end k opposite thay jo hum shoot ker chukay thay phir hum nay socha ye end bohat heavy ho jy ga to hum nay end change ker k viewers ki choice k accordingly ker diya even k last episode k promos on air ho chukay thay(pehli ending walay) phir unhon nay wo scene bhi dikhaya tha jo change kia
    now considering this mujhay kafi had tak lagta hai yahan bhi ye ho ga ya ho raha hai majority sham sania ko as a happy couple end main dekhna chahtay han aur koi dosra end in ko offend ker day ga to the extreme level phir pk qoum ki jazbatiat to aisa honay k chances han lekin sirf seher per her cheez ka malba daal dena mere liay highly unlikable honay k sath sath wrong msg bhi day ga kiun k already ye debate shuru ho gy hai k child less couple ya woman ki marital life successful nahi hoti etc

    • Hey @BSK! I don’t remember seeing a promo but I am pretty sure it’s not the last episode. Guess well find out in a few hours. 🙂

  18. Absolutely hated the ending of this serial!!
    my heart just went out for Sehrish . She deserved to be with Sham . Toward the end, I had started to hate both Sham and Sania.

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