Uff … Yeh Muhabbat ~ Episode 1 Review


Uff … Yeh Muhabbat, written by Faiza Iftikhar and directed by Amin Iqbal, is the latest offering from A&B Productions. Starring Mehar Bano, Goher Mumtaz, Hina Bayat, Manzoor Qureshi, Juggan Kazim, Fahad Sheikh, and a host of other actors, this is the story of  Dilkush ,a bratty, high-spirited teenager, and Sameer, a  khuddar  30+ yr old, who would rather teach music than practice what he’s actually studied – psychiatry. Added in to the mix are Ghazal and Ali. Ghazal  is a school teacher in love with Sameer. Unfortunately though, Ghazal’s parents are less than impressed by their daughter’s yateem and jobless suitor and reject his proposal of marriage.  Also shot down is Ali who professes to be romantically interested in his first cousin Dilkush. Our heroine, however, claims to harbor no such feelings and sees Ali merely as a good friend.  

In addition to being a story about the younger generation, Uff … Yeh Muhabbat is also a story of the older generation. Firdous is Dilkush’s doting single mother, and lives in a palatial house with her widowed father. Firdous’ brother and bhabhi, Ali’s parents, live in Australia. From what we saw there seems to be bad blood between Firdous and her brother. Overall, the first episode established the very contrasting personalities and social backgrounds of our lead protagonists, and ably set up the premise for Sameer and Dilkush’s first takra

That so much  was conveyed so coherently in the space of one episode speaks to the pacing of the narrative and the skill of the storytellers, Faiza and Amin Iqbal. The fact that Goher is doing so much better here, as compared to his forgettable outing in Tanhai, speaks to Amin’s ability to get his actors to perform. I only wish the director had spent as much time with Fahad Sheikh… his Ali was mediocre at best. After having seen Mehar Bano as the mazloom chaar bachiyon ki amma, it is a delight to see her play an age appropriate character. That said, though she is playing a high on life girl, there were places where Bano’s performance could have done with quite a bit of reigning in, read controlled the shrieking. She has an author-backed role so there is no reason to play it so over the top. Its been a while since I have seen Juggan perform and even though she didn’t have much to do it was good to see her.  Hina Bayat and Manzoor Qureshi were their immaculate selves, and I look forward to seeing their characters fleshed out as we go along.

So far so good. Ordinarily, I would be signing off at this point, saying this was a good introduction and I looked forward to more. Unfortunately though, even with the pluses highlighted above, this installment fell way short of my expectations. To begin with the background score was all over the place. The continuous loud, not to mention jarring, music did not make for a great viewing experience. In many places it didn’t match the onscreen narrative and then to make matter worse the OST was cut into the score at various places and used almost like dialogue. Editors, please, please, note that we the audiences may not be as smart as you guys, but we do get what the actors are conveying through their expressions and dialogues. Much like what happened with Numm, here too the OST is used to the point of redundancy. Sameer and Ghazal’s walk in the park was one of those scenes that I had no choice but to watch on mute. I have no clue what went on in that never ending scene, the music pretty much drowned out all the words. And yes, I did say never ending – quite a few scenes were rendered ineffective because of sloppy editing.

Not only were there aural issues, but aesthetically too this episode was a mess – purple walls, red lampshades and strings of beads all over  a single 30+ yr old bachelor’s apartment?! That psychedelic apartment, those jaunty puffs of cologne, the red helmet and the motorbike, all seemed to point to a much younger, carefree man.  Given these pointers, the conversation that followed, between Sameer and Ghazal’s parents, about his yateemi n all, and the later efforts to establish Sameer as a deep, thinking man, seemed out of place. Even if I check my brains at the door, I still can’t get over the fact that tutions take place in bedrooms, high-school/college students are expected to learn music by passively listening to their be-suri teachers, a psychiatrist can teach music, or that the said psychiatrist obliquely acknowledges that his prospective patients are pagal – so much for clearing up that dated misconception! Many of the scenes that should have been funny did not come across as such. Granted the music teacher was pathetic but I did not find the firecracker scene amusing. Neither did I find Dilkush’s joke, about her mother’s alleged past, funny. 

Overall, I would say this was a below average opening. A promising begining, a great OST and a fresh pairing, all rendered pretty much ineffective because of sloppy editing, horrible sound and poor production design. I have no clue why production companies feel the need to churn out one serial after another in such quick succession. A serial like this one would have greatly benefited from some more effort put into the post-production process. As it stands now with so many rough edges I am not sure if I would want to follow this one on a weekly basis. How about you all? How many watched this first episode? Did you guys enjoy it? Looking forward to reading your take!

Written by SZ~


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  1. I miss your sannata reviews 🙂 Although I must admit it has lately become very disappointing, such a classy beginning but lost it’s touch. Also I recently watched a few episodes of Mera Raqueeb drama from APlus. Extremely interesting 🙂 You may like it!

    • @Pino: I thought I was taking a break of a week or so from Sannata but somehow or the other I just completely lost track 😦 Am definitely gonna catch up – and then will look forward to your comments there 🙂
      Acha .. thanks for the heads up abt Mera Raqeeb .. Will give that a shot.. To be very honest I am so disappointed with the majority of the stuff these days that I am not even motivated to try new serials … ab you’re telling me Sannata is also boring .. kya yaar! I cannot remember it being this bad ever before 😦

      • Sannata is not at all boring IMO. I am HOOKED though it has gotten so creepy it gives me nightmares. But man, what excellent portrayal of Mazars and the way women refuse to see what is happening in front of their very eyes. Brilliant stuff!

        • Ya but I think they have gone off topic. Since last 4 episodes, pari is at that creepy mazar and ruqaya is crying and depressed, the story has not progressed 1 bit. Such stretched out scenes of women at mazar that has no connection with story. Should have kept mazar 2 episodes max to show Pari’s journey to meet her father but now there is no journey but a stale mazar. I’m so disappointed in this serial.

      • Going to try UYM, yeah sannata was good in the first 4 episodes and it is so boring now; also, Mera Raqeeb-super boring, recommend that u don’t try it because only the first episode was a little interesting but the rest of the episodes fall out flat- NOTHING at all has happened in the story, is it really pathetic to see that Faisal Rehman is trying to look young by colored hair and no beard or mustache which ultimately makes him look really bad and old and on top of that, he’s trying to romance with Sajal Ali- don’t try it.

        • I liked the twist in Mera Raqueeb (don’t want to reveal too much). Turns out its not the typical Cheating spouses story or the rhona dhona aurat… That is why I like it…

  2. I was looking forward to this serial as another light-hearted one from Faiza Iftikhar… Honestly, I am so sick of all depressing serials that this one stood out among them. That said, I wasn’t very impressed with this particular episode. Agree with you on all points SZ. The scenes were too long and honestly, why the heck have they given Ghazal such a nerdy look? To contrast her with Dilkush? The scene I really enjoyed was Sameer back answering Ghazal’s parents and grabbing a handful of biscuits on his way out. LOL! I will still watch this serial though (I LOVE the promos!) Let’s hope the editing does not spoil it.

    • @DB: Me too! I too am so looking forward to one good lighthearted one … ab lets hope this is the one…keeping my fingers crossed although I said above editing and bgs are a huge turnoff!
      Yes, that whole Ghazal thing was messed up … Also, though he said he wanted to marry her Sameer seemed to have difficulty in moving on with life .. so much for love!

      Btw, have you seen the promos for yet another Faiza Iftikhar rom com – Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki? It is supposed to start on 25th Feb, on HUM this time

      • Haha honestly – it seemed Ghazal was more into him than the other way round…
        No, I didn’t see the promo for this new drama. I am so totally out of the drama scene these days…
        Will check out the promos!

  3. hey SZ, good review as always.
    uff the background music was horrible !!!!! it just ruined every scene.
    Ali has a very girly voice which is such a downer.
    the yateem scene was really odd .
    looking forward to raima and manahil drama,promo was quite funny

    • @Deeba: Yes, I too am looking fwd to that one ..hopefully that will not disappoint.
      Re: Ali/Fahad Sheikh: he’s actually a singer and doesnt sound quite as bad when singing… seems like that what he should stick to ..check this out

  4. RJ k andaaz main kahoon to aakhir Pyare Afzal ka kusoor kia hai jo aap sub kuch new try ker rahe ho bt woh nahi???
    Aaj kal ka Best Drama toh aap dekh hi nahi rahe phir aap kehte ho tv per kuch acha nahi aaraha aaj kal….
    Kab se m waiting k ab aaya review ,tab aaya review… bura bhi laga toh review toh likho..itna toh hakk hai uska…

    • @Aiman hey! Im watching PA. Have to admit it started off really well.. But im not liking the whole Afzal bhai going into zombie mode every now and then. That puts me right off.. Then there r other bits im not so sure about.., But im finding PA funny. Im not that into Aiza but i would admit if we were to compare that and this first ep, PA is far more entertaining. The editing there is well done.. Short and snappy lines /scenes r comical.. I hope this one picks up..
      Waise abb looks like this is also turning out to be a season of romcoms.. With that promo that SZ just shared..

      • Lol @ zombie mode…itna CUTE lagta hai usmain b…
        Acha mjhe lagta hai har epi main behtar se behtreen hota ja raha hai….esp Afzal ka character..Hamza Ali Abbasi ne usko subka Pyara banadia hai…
        Aiza mjhe kuch khaas pasand nai bt hv to admit k apna role sahi se nibha rahi hai..bt bechaari ki kismat kharabh hai k bari mushkil se koi rone dhone wale role se kuch hattkeh mila bt wahan bhi Sana Javed/Lubna ne usse saari lime light cheen li..
        I like Lubna more thn Farah…bt saara masla yeh Afzal sahab ka hai..siwae inke kissi ko Farah pasand nai.. 囧

      • And ya agree..hum log yeh jo itna ro rahe the light dramas k liye..bt siwae PA k yeh sub Prime slot per nahi aainge i thnk….so basically 9 bje jo har channel per ya to koi serious drama laga hota tha like ullo barai frokht,kitni girhain etc ya turkish…ab inki jagah light dramas ko de di gai hai..jo mere jaison k liye bari khushi ki khabar hai…
        Uff yeh Muhabbat nai dekh rai main..cast,channel,director kuch b aisa nahi k try b karon…buss Faiza Iftikhar ka name hai..bt unki misal hit/miss wali hai..ya phir avg rehte hain inke dramas…

    • @Aiman: Aap ko kisi ke bhi andaaz men kehne ki zaroorat nahin hai.. aap ka apna andaaz hi theek hai 🙂

      Re: Pyare Afzal… the simple answer is ke Aiza Khan bores me to death.. she is in every second serial and always the same… so I stay away from her serials ..And when that first ep aired I was already reviewing a couple of other serials so didnt watch it for reviewing purposes. Ab I do hear a lot of tareefs about this one, but finding the chunk of time to catch up with 12 eps is a problem… forget about this one, I’m even behind on Sannata, which I was reviewing regularly.
      Its much easier to watch one ep of a new serial or keep up with one regular serial than to find the 6 or so hours required to catch up … bas itni si kahani hai .. not a matter of acha ya bura lagna… I just havent found the time to watch it

      Re: tv par kuch acha nahin aata .. I stand by that fully .. aap khud dekh lo hafte main kam az kam 25/30 dramay aatey hain ( all channels combined) and agar un sab main se only one or two are doing really welly then mathematically as well as logically you cannot say ke TV is showing good stuff….

      • @SZ u r not the only 1 jisko Aiza bore kerti hai..subka yehi haal hai trust me…bt in PA surprisingly uska role bhi kaafi diff hai aur look nahi toh atleast wardrobe toh diff hai hi…jiski waja se boriat thori kam ho gai hai…
        Bt ek Aiza ki waja se Hamza Ali Abbasi,Firdous Jamal,Sana Javed,Anoushey Abbasi,Saba Hameed etc ki itni zabaedast performances ko miss ker dena..unki Aala chem ko miss ker dena bht bari Bewakoofi hai..esp Hamza Ali Abbasi ko miss ker dena toh Gunah e Azeem hai!!
        Aur mera matlab tha k agar tv per siwae ek,do dramas k kuch acha nahi aaraha to atleasr un ek do dramas ko to dekho bajai udhar udhar time waste kerne k…
        Aur Pyare Afzal aap jab bhi start karengi…phir ruk nahi paaingi…

        • @Aiman:RE hamza ko miss kerna gunahe azeem hai ..aahum ahumm kuch ziada nahi ho gaya hai 🙂 my fav are firdos jamal sana javed umer naru so cute main ny kabhi nahi socha tha is actor ko main kabhi itna enjoy karon gi pta nahi ye actor ka kamal hai ya character hi itna mazay daar hai ya dono batan han well SZ ki choice bari aala hai to kuch nahi keh sakti unko kaisa lagay lekin undoubtedly shuck sanata(3 episodes pehlay tak) k baad PA ka number hai obviously in my humble opinion 🙂

      • @Sz Aiza also bores me a lot with all her mazloom no expression roles. But yeah as @ aiman saying, she has a very diff role here. It is pretty enjoyable and refreshing to watch the teo susters with no good sister bad sister saga lol and personally am liking the girl playing Lubna a lot.

  5. Ufff yeh muhabbat!! … Ufff has got a whole new meaning here!!! Brill review as always.. Uve highlighted everything magar ohir bhi i need to let my steam out!
    Uff yeh bgs!! That bgs was so so bad! The sound editing needs to be fixed. This was supposed to b cute, funny and fresh but thanks to poors bgs and sound editing i was finding it irritable, odd and OTT… It felt unfinished and very rough!
    If the horrid bgs wasnt enough we got MBs screams and screetch… Hamare kanon pe rehm karein pls!!
    Whoever hired that music teacher must be fired!!!! Itni be-suri harmonium! No wonder students hate her.. I did too! Aur dunya mein kahan music aise sikhate hain bhai!!… Talk abt no practice!! Lol.. That was really really bad!
    Thanks for bringing up the aesthetics.. Its not just the guys house.. If im not wrong this is the same house from KPKP and waar.. Why oh why it looked gothic with no taste this time around? Whats with the tiny mona lisa? And the ugly drapes and the green lighting? Then we got the jharoo pocha thrown in the first scene! Talk about spoiling first impressions lol…Aur rahi sahi kasar nikal gai with HB’s wardrobe.. Uff that scarf and the chunky stripy top! That oufit was not flattering at all!! HB usually has a very classy wardrobe ..yahan kia ho gya??

    The whole yateem thing got on my nerves big time! .. And then we got the khuddari lecture too!

    Ok now most of my bharas out of the way, i can say i can still see some potential here if the editing issues can b sorted. For this to pull off as a rom com the bgs needs fixing and fine tuning… Although i had my reservations, I was looking forward to this after Hina’s reconmendation, but the first ep failed to impress. I hope it improves or we have another cant be bothered / chore to watch type drama here.. Unlike qudrat im willing to give this one another go… Fingers crossed!

    • Haha FA I was wondering where this drama has been shot – the house is definitely the one from KPKP so does this mean they are all in Turkey?

        • Ah, but the house is the same as KPKP, no? This only means “USA” was Lahore (and not even Turkey)? Shukr hai I didn’t know it at the time…

    • @FA: I hear you sister! Yes, thank you for reminding me about the Mona Lisa print.. what was that? and yes that green lighting on the exterior was not a good idea…Also agree about Hina’s unflattering top and the scarf … I sincerely hope it all settles down …

  6. Gotta give it to you for being able to sit through such a crappy first episode, that by the way I couldn’t even get myself to finish, it was that bad!

    Not a fan of Gohar at all. Seriously the guy should just stick to music, or not even that! But I liked Mehar Bano in Daagh, and there were a lot of talks of this play so figured I’ll give it a shot.

    I guess do not let promos fool you.
    Let’s see if it gets any better…..

    PS: Not a very original title either. Looks like this was a Bollywood movie back in 1997. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0271243/

  7. Its all in name that how we mostly found this episode Lol 😀 OST made me quite interested to watch this drama and then Mehrbano who is in totally different character.. Despite the fact that i found episode quite fast paced, there was something that was turnoff for me.. Like last ten minutes i was counting k kab hogi episode khtm..

    The scene where Sameer meets Ghazal’s parents was literally never ending..this serial needs good editors .. Actor playing Ali was such mehh :/ i am sure if any other actor would have played this character.. I definitely would have enjoyed dilkush and ali scenes.

    I might see second episode about how they both meet and interact..

  8. mera to koi irada nahi tha ye drama dekhnay ka aur ab to bil kul nahi is k liay sz aur ssab friends ka bohat bohat shukria jinhon nay episode dekhi aur detailed feed back diya hum jaisay log kia kren gay ager ap log na hon LOL yai ghaibi imdaad future main bhi jari rakhiay gaa 🙂 thanks in advance
    ab wo baat jis nay is comment k liay force kia hai @aimen nay PA ki kai dafa baat ki hai not only here but also on other forums main nay is ki first 7 episodes dekhin han aur waqai achi entertainment hai acting is drama ka strongest point hai aiza ka first drama dekha hai acting say ziada in k make up aur look nay mujhay distutb kia very sharp bright colours college going student to nahi lag rahi per yahan wahan kuch flaws k ba-wajood acha drama hai abhi main nay next 5 episodes dekhni han by the way bunty I love u kaisa hai Khalil ur rehman mere sis k fav writer han oon ka dramas ko ek chance dena perta hai oos say discussion kernay k liay 🙂

    • @RJ aap kia PA k reviews perhte ho? Bcuz main ek drama k review per dosre drama ka zikar nahi kerti…PA ki baat buss ussi k review per kerti hoon aur kissi forum/review per nahi…except k kabhi Fatima jee se main jo batain kerti hoon, aapne woh perhi hoon….woh na meri fav hain aur mera dil chahta hai main jo b drama dekhon uska review woh zaror karen…warna 3,4 reviews perh ker b ek tishnagi si reh jaati hai…issi liye ek dafa drama k start main unko kaha tha k dekhen..but woh Ranjish hi Sahi ko dekh rahi thi aur bht enjoy ker rahi thi jo k PA wale din yani tues ko hi dosre channel.per aata hai…uske baad abhi kuch din pehle kissi aur ne unko yeh drama suggest kia toh mene bhi discussion main hissa lia…warna toh kabhi nahi kaheen aur zikar bhi kia ho is drama ka..bcuz main har kissi ko pakar pakar k nahi kehti k m watching this to aap b dekho…sirf unko kehti hoon jinke views main janna chahti hoon….aur aapne bilkul sahi kaha SZ ko khush kerna bht mushkil hai…bakhoobi jaanti hoon main yeh baat..(zgh days se) issi liye inke khayal janne chahti hoon,ab takk to ek fard bhi nahi mila jisne PA ki burai ki ho bt kia pata wo ek shaks mustakkbil main SZ niklain. 😛
      Yahan b iss liye kia PA ka zikar bcuz mene SZ se twtr per kaha tha kuch weeks pehle tabb unhone kaha tha..already bht kuch dekh rahi hoon..PA jabb time milega tabb dekhoongi…bt phir inhone Qudrat ,Rubaru aur ab UYM ka re iew kia to i wz little disappointed k yaar yeh kia baat hai..Pakistani kissi b mulk main rahain..rahenge Pakistani…woh wada hi kia jo hum poora karen 😉 ..aur baari baat kerni thi jo twtr per nahi hosakti..majboran yahan zikar kerna para..
      Hahaha..@ Hamza+GunaaheAzeem…yaar m his HUGEEEEE FAN..bcuz woh na sirf industry k saare young actors main se BEST hai…bulkeh 1.5 ya 2 yrs main usne woh versatility dikhae hai jo kuch bht ziada Popular actors ne 10 ya 13 yrs main b nahi dikhae..chahe woh Mud house & Golden Doll (movie) ka Pagal Malang Baba ho ya Mere Dard ko jo Zuban Mile ka -ve character ya Main hoon Shahid Afridi (movie) ka Molvi ya Waar ka Officer Ehtesham ya Pyare Afzal ka Pyara,stupid aur cute sa afzal…even iski aur Sarwat gillani ki Eid Telefilm Ek tha Raja aur Ek thi Rani main iska character b diff tha iske dosre characters se…aur ab iski latest Telefilm jo saturday ko aai thi..main bhi iska character intehaai diff aur mazahiya hai……aur in saare characters ka isne hakk adaa kia hai,100% nahi bulkeh 200%….itna sub kuch kerne k baad yeh banda DESERVE kerta hai k iske die hard fans hoon mere jaise… B-)
      Aur BILY nahi dekh rahi yaar main…har drama amma k sath dekhti hoon..woh nahi dekh sakti o_O

  9. spot on review SZ…interesting but a bit hard to stomach…dekho kya hota hai aagay…might catch it on and off. These dramas are repeated 3 times or so on tv toh kabhi na kabhi nazar aahee jata hai.

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