Shuk ~ Episode 18 Review


Whoa! Yeh kya tha?! Never  have I watched an episode with such conflicting emotions. Even as my head was going no! no! no! my heart was going yes! yes! yes! So ab if this review sounds kooky crazy, don’t shuk my sanity – its not me…. bas yeh episode hi kuch aisa tha

OK, so on to what set my head spinning: Where and how do I begin with all that upset me in this episode?  This whole Sania and ‘Sham’s pyaar and shaadi ka chakar …. sorry, couldn’t swallow that one bit. Many people tell me aisa hota haiwaisa hota hai …. and theek hai, I’m not disagreeing that one part or other of this entire drama might have happened to various people at various times at various places, but to have a whole bunch of aisa hota hais strung together and have it all happen to one couple – nope, not buying in to it.  The fact that a woman like Sania, who still bears scars from an ages old broken engagement, could allow herself to be so easily persuaded to marry another woman’s husband is just mind boggling to me. Rather than merely mouthing platitudes, why not go make a phone call to Sehrish and tell her to come home and talk it out with her husband. Surely a woman who has just recently suffered through a broken marriage wouldn’t/couldn’t be a willing participant in breaking up another woman’s home? In four months, rather than playing happy houses with ‘Sham, why not look out for alternative places to live and find work? And then when he proposed to her, she pretended to be surprised?  One evening to think what she couldn’t think in four months? Really? I also cannot help wondering how she explained her living arrangements to her mother. Surely, by now even if Sania hadn’t, some well-meaning rishtedar or the other would’ve informed Aunty ji about her beti’s state of affairs? If so, didn’t the mother suggest another place to live? The whys hows whats are never ending here for me. Suffice it to say that Sania’s unquestioning acceptance of this whole situation was a huge washout for me. 

Even as I am dumbfounded with Sania’s behavior, it is ‘Sham for whom I reserve my greatest ire. Where the heck has this man lost his brain?! Please, somebody help him find it ASAP! Aur agar kahin na miley, just turn to Rumi for advice. The kid has more brains than all the adults put together. How, just how could ‘Sham marry a second time without bothering to inform his first wife? Yes, I get it that his very fragile mardana ego was hurt, but boo hoo…. so much for all this much vaunted mardana pan and mardangi … underneath the sophisticated charming veneer he is exactly like Ali … kya farq hai donon mein? What is the value of a wife to them? As long as she is acquiescent and goes along with her husband’s plans life is good, but the minute she does something to upset the apple cart, bas phir kiya .. either the erring wife is handed a divorce or has to walk in on her hubby romancing his new wife. Wah! Kiya baat hai!  On that note, if Sania were to upset ‘Sham  any time in the future (horror of horrors stop preparing a lunch tiffin for him perhaps? ) will he dump her as well and go find himself a third wife?? 

The redeeming quality of this story so far has been that all characters are equally culpable … so even as I am thoroughly ticked off at ‘Sham and Sania, madam Sehrish cannot be forgiven either. Though my heart did go out to her when she walked in on her hubby and his new wife, lets not forget Sehrish’s part in this whole mess. But, no matter what she did, I for one do not think she deserved this. Yes, she was demanding, spoiled, pampered and what not, but again such personalities do not develop in a void. Along with her parents, ‘Sham was equally implicated in nurturing such behavior. More than anybody else he knew her insecurities. Given the way this whole state of affairs has now played out, perhaps she was right to be insecure about her childlessness. We have seen how Rumi held ‘Sham hostage to his whims. One phone call from this child and the man was willing to drop everything and come do his bidding. Would it have been just as easy for ‘Sham to walk away from Sehrish if they had had a child together? Surely a marriage of over seven years deserve a little more consideration than the ease with which ‘Sham dismissed it.

While I was aggravated as heck with all that transpired, I have to say I enjoyed this episode. I hated the whole ‘Sham and Sania track, but loved, loved watching Adeel and Sanam. Most of what they said to each other made zero sense to me, but the sincerity with which they said all those lines made total sense. Similarly, annoyed as I was Sehrish for her past bakwases, I felt for her today. The play of emotions on Aisha’s face, when Sehrish saw ‘Sham and Sania together, was fabulous.  In terms of writing, I am disappointed in the way Samira has handled a potentially fantastic story. I had much more hope from Sania and ‘Sham. That said, Yasir Nawaz must get credit for keeping me hooked with the way this implausible scenario played out today. There were some editing issues but overall the narrative flowed well. Rumi’s qubool hai scene was super sweet. It bears reiterating that most of this flimsy premise would have fallen flat on its face if the Bilal hadn’t come through big time. Kudos to Yasir for his able handling of his actors.

At this point I am merely watching this one for Adeel, Sania, Aisha and Bilal. As for ‘Sham, Sania and Sehrish, well lets just say that I am done caring about what happens to them from here on forward.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Wow I think you summed my feelings up, I kept thinking this is so cute, and how sizzling is this, and didn’t we want Adeel and Sanam as a pair and they looking so good, and then am like Omg the guy is not even divorced yet!!! Wth are they doing????
    So even though I have justifications to a certain extent for their characters eventual link up, this was not the way to go, very rash and cowardly. Definitely these things do happen though I guess or there would be no break ups, rebounds or affairs going on in the world. I also agree they are all culpable and not just one is good or bad and what is still very interesting for me is that they have all made huge mistakes.
    To be honest though Shsm if not interested in making up which it seemed in all his convos , he said she was out of his life so why did they not see a lawyer?? I mean Sehrish also said she wanted a divorce, so what happened??
    There is really no justification from Sanias side, she should have been more firm in moving out and letting them resolve it.
    I think the only thing I can think of is Rumis bond with Sham weakened her, she has had a horrible 5 years, and probably got weak and sucked in by Shams confessions of his marriage is over. How many times do we hear that, and the other woman carries on seeing the married man… Nothing new. My point is we can hate what happened, but it’s surprising how people lose all sense in real life too when it comes to feeling sorry for themselves and thinking they deserve some happiness and justifying it to themselves even st the expense if hurting others.
    Great review though SZ, I also could not stop watching, the acting was fab!!!


    • @SK and Ferwa B Naqvi RE:Rumi’s bond with ahtesham I think yai wo cover hai jo sania nay apnay aur sham kay relation ko justify kernay kay liay banaya hai. ager rumi ka itna khayal tha to sirf ye soch leti rumi nay sari umer bacha nahi rehna kabhi bara bhi hona hai. aur baray ho ker jab yai pata chalay ga kay oos kay parents ki divorce ka reason kia tha. aur oos reason ko sach hota dekh oos ka kia reaction ho ga. kia wo maan lay ga yai sirf shuck tha. aur ager maan bhi lay society ko kaisay face karey ga. aisi bohat si baton ko as a responsible mother sania ko consider kerna chahiay tha. mager aisa nahi hoa sehrish ki tra yai sania ki selfishness thi jo oos ko kabhi bohat pasand tha jis ki usay khawahish thi aur jo usay nahi mila tha. ab oos ko mil raha raha tha. wo kiun kufraan e naimat kreay this is as simple as that. plz rumi ghareeb ko to is main mat ghaseeto a humble request 🙂


  2. wow! brilliant review..
    i m new to the forum, and surely u have got a fan…
    From the very first episode i am watching this drama for Adeel, sanam and bilal. Name of the drama clearly projected that a stupid SHUKK is going to mess up everyone’s life with some out of the track happy ending, and the topic never attracted me…


    • @Atty: Hello! Welcome aboard .. good to hear from a new friend 🙂
      I too think the actors are doing a fab job … and I think this has been a huge selling point of an otherwise controversial story line …. I don’t think we would’ve gotten half as involved as we are if the actors hadnt been doing a great job. And, yes the lead actors, including Bilal have been acing it..


      • hey! thanx for the warm welcome by u and RJ.. is dramay ki storyline pe main comment nae karun gi. i m least bothered about story here, just enjoying the acting of leads. Afterall i tolerated Maham and atif for them , tau story ka kia hai 😉 lol


      • i wish shamz lov for sehrish is revived [though he has wronged her the max]n she gets another child qte soon…n sania should move out of their lives…for me this is the only sane solution…


    • @Rima: Hey! At this point whether we love it or hate or are somewhere in between I dont think any of us are going anywhere .. we’re all together in our anxiety to know how this one plays out! 🙂


  3. Just had to comment on this one. Superb review, you spoke my mind! There were so many wth moments. The last two episodes were off track but this one was….whoa.
    What sort of family, what sort of ‘Pakistani’ family, leaves their daughter tan tanha in the big, bad world? Why in hell didn’t Sania’s mother come for her? And ok, even if it was so vital for Sham and Sania to get married, they could’ve made it more…I dunno, digestable by tweaking the circumstances a bit? Maybe the typical reason that Sania bibi needed protection and Rumi needed baap ka pyar or something like that. The sudden romance was too much, it was unbelievable. And I’m surprised how it easy it was for Sham to spew poison about his wife he loved so dearly and had broken off his engagement with Sania (the very lady he has now ‘fallen for’) just to marry Sehrish. I admired Sham’s character so much! He was my favourite of all (after Rumi of course) and now….is ‘ada’ se nazroun se gir gaye hain Sham sahab. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Sehrish. I wanted to bust in the nikkah scene, yelling nahiiiiiii!!! This is wrong! Call me crazy.
    Despite all that, I love love love Adeel and Sanam’s chemistry! All four of the actors are amazing. This is the first time I actually found a kid in a drama adorable, Bilal is a really good actor.


    • @Farwa B Naqvi lol @ who leaves their daughter tanha in the big bad world? Looks like jo Utopia se bahir gya woh whain ka hi ho ke reh gya lol.. Just look at Shams mum.. Lagta hai paidal aa rahi thin lol.. Seems like the only good parent around these days is Sania , and now Sham has joined the ranks too, who earnt extra credits by lending his brains to the bachcha lol
      lol @ busting in the nikah scene.. if only we could say yeh shadi nahin ho sakti!!!


    • @Farwa: LOL! Isnt it crazy how involved we are with one? I was loving and hating all the characters at the same time .. and I think for this Samira and Yasir deserve credit for their even handedness in dealing with the characters .. We’ve been saying it all along that there are no heroes and villains here, just a whole bunch of flawed characters … but yeah, Im with you in that I find the situations in which these characters find themselves contrived.. but hey as our new friend @M pointed out this is what makes for a good drama where the story is unpredictable .. so lets go wit the flow and see ke kon kahan pohonchta hai ….
      Yes, Bilal is a cutie 🙂 The naturalness of his performance is really applause worthy… have you seen Talkhiyan? In many ways he reminds me of Sabeen and Sagar, two other child stars who did fabulously well.


  4. I think Sehrish is a very foolish and immature person who has hastily made all the decisions in her life. If she had come back in Sham’s life and supported him in helping Sania and Rumi, none of this would have happened. But she was stubborn. The next episode’s preview, we can see she is saying to Sham that she has come to accept Sania, but too late. Can’t wait to see how all this plays out.


    • @WKA: you are right Sehrish didnt acted maturely at any point.. Though she should have behaved in much more mature way..but even sham and sania were no less :/


    • @WKA: Thanks for sharing the preview! Could you elaborate please? I have no clue why they decide to cut off the previews in the online versions! So annoying 😦


  5. First we hated Maham n Atif, then we dis-liked Sehrish and Ali & now it s Sania aur Ehteshaam ke turn!! Nobody is perfect every time, we all do mistakes at some point of our lives. ….Mujhe laga writer saheba yahe batana chah rahe hain. 🙂

    Aur Sania kay dil mai chor tu tha he na ..she humaisha say likes Ehteshamm but humaisha say he hiding her True feelings. They way she got jhun-jhalaat whenever she saw Sehrish/Ehteshaam. If any of you remember that grocery wala scene jab Sania Ehteshaam ke mom say milte hai, what she was trying to do?
    Anyways after all these twists n turns…. just wait for another week… kiya pata koe aur bara surprise ho! And again Sania aur Ehteshaam phir say heroes ban jaen 🙂

    SZ you are awesome! 😀


    • @SanamSaeed_FP: lol at sham and sania being hated and nobody is perfect wala message 😀 so true

      U know what even i thought the same that living with sham was sania’s guilt pleasure 😉 after all he was one she started liking., the very first man in her life.. lOL


    • @SanamSaeed_FP: LOL! Ab aur kitne twists chahiyen? 😉 But yes, definitely all characters have flip flopped around quite a bit and this unpredictability makes it an engaging watch.


  6. I so loved how you put up head v/s heart .. Seriously same was the case with me.. My heart pushed me to watch Adeel-Sanam sizzling scenes more than once.. They were so freaking wow.. Regardless of how story was moving i was just in trance of their magic LOL 😀

    It was for a while that i was in that mode but then my brain started to work and all the time i was actually like ohh goodness what are they doing, no dont you dare,stupid people.. Specially the time when Sham was giving those romantic looks to sania and she was reciprocating them..ek chammat maarne ka dil karaha tha :p This Ehtisham who once hated sania like anything.. Use dekh kar maathe per bal aajate the and who used to say to Sehr k ur only one in my thoughts and my life.. After sania made some recommendations in project and using her presence of mind while he was shot.. He started changing his thoughts about her and started defending her and interfering in her life and then saying ‘ Humdardi bohat buri / khtrnak cheez hoti he ‘. Tou kis ne kaha tha itna humdard banane ko.. How pathetic like seriously..

    Sania ka bhi goes same.. First literally insults him and ab ye haal k he says dont go tou she is more than happy with that.. Weird character totally.. She have her mother and brother for goodness sake.. What is making her stop contacting them.. Fine got that she has lack of confidence but that doesn’t mean she is also a senseless lady.. have done BBA., she is so intelligent but na bhayee rehna tou mujhe sham k saath hai.. :@

    I might be in minority who is not feeling bad for sehrish at all.. Infact ab tou teeno per gussa araa he.. All had their great amount of share in this MESS.. Thanks to sehr’s dream that she thought to go back and forget everything.. Agr khuwab nahin aata phir…???? After 7 years of marriage.. She cant trust her husband fully.. Because of her insecurity and anyone can take advantage of that.. Her careless attitude of proving her point and not listening to sham.. Made them loose their baby… She is mature enough to think about all this..

    Romi is one cutoo bacha… Love him 🙂 no matter how much disappointed i am with shuk.. But like silvatein who kept me engaged till last episode despite of its storyline going drain.. This drama too is making me to watch next episode 😀


    • @Rehmat lol @ agar khwab na aata phir?.. so true.. but im glad she did.. call me whatever but i loved the scene when she returns!! I think it was a fantastic end to the ep.


      • @FA: indeed that was great scene.. A perfect twist to that happily married couple life.. And the way it was shot.. That was brilliant too 🙂


    • @Rehmat You are not alone, I also am mad at Sehrish, but people seemed to have forgotten the huge fiasco she kept making worse by not trusting her husband, all four made serious blunders and these two have just made it a million times worse!


  7. Just laughed my head out after watching the episode…and I knew one sizzling review coming from my dearest SZ!!! I did say ” Aisa hota hai ” but ” Ab itna bhi Aisa nahi hota ” …I came across some one who married a lady with a child after helping them for months and at the end married her , despite having a family …but the circumstances was not that dramatic . I enjoyed the episode as I wanted to see how far they would go to make this acha khaasa serial a typical serial …pity as it has all the ingredients of a relatable and realistic serial. But hey! Adeel and Sanam are just super say upar together…I so want to see them in a hustaa muskurata serial …Sanam Saeed has all the abilities to surprise us , she is getting better and better, thankfully her dialect is getting better , still not there but chalta hai … Eik hum hain who is not going to Karachi with kids Kay ” halaat kharab hain ” and eik Saania ke family hai !!! Lol ….I really loved the way the story was unfolding , great screen play and equally great direction during the initial episodes and now this below average twist … Doesn’t make sense to me.. But one thing for sure the actors are giving there best performances in every episode. Bilal is just super de duper…Allah Bachay ko nazaray budd say bachaay… And if some one is reading who make dramas, please please, give a comedy , light hearted serial to Sanam and Adeel. Want to see them in a stress free serial …


    • @Sheema: Haan, Im joining you in this petition:

      “And if some one is reading who make dramas, please please, give a comedy , light hearted serial to Sanam and Adeel. Want to see them in a stress free serial …”


  8. C’mon guys give the writer a break pleaaase. If they had taken the story to show Shaam getting a divorce – it would have been another two episodes of rona dhona. Sometime one should watch these shows for the entertainment value & not do a “reality check” at every step.

    I loved the episode. Loved, loved the chemistry between Sania & Shaam. Loved the whole “turramshah?” dialog from Shaam. Loved how Shaam declared his love to Sania. We all have been secretly rooting for Sania & Shaam so let’s not pretend not like it when secretly we all are LOVING THE EPISODE. LOL. Anyway their happiness is short lived because Sherish is baaaack.

    Adeel is amazing actor. How come he is not that popular?


    • I couldn’t agree more especially about doing reality checks! I for one am loving it. The scene when he declared his love was ao romantic. Sanam and Adeel need to another series as opposites. Cant get enough of them.


    • @RR2: Hey! Fab to hear from you 🙂 Hahaha! Adeel’s pretty popular.. take it from a huge fan girl 😉 Its just that he is quite selective about his projects and tends to keep away from playing the typical chocolate hero type of roles… If you haven’t, then you must check out Daam, Mora Piya, Mera Naseeb, and Mata-e Jaan.
      And, yes totally agree the actors are making this so much fun to watch and Sanam and Adeel have fantastic chemistry.. so yeah, watching and enjoying with heart not head 😉


  9. thank you so much SZ ek baar phir aap nay hamaray dil o dimagh main mojood ek ek khayal ahsaas ko lafzon ko zubaan di hai. wo bhi itni perfectly kay “dekhna taqreer ki lazat kay jo oos nay kaha….mein nay yai jana kay Goya yai bhi mere dil main hai”. episode dekhnay say pehlay main bohat reasons ki waja say upset thi. episode kay baad ek reason ka aur izafa ho gaya. is waqt mera mood itna kharab hai kay main drama kay baray main even baat bhi nahi kerna chahti. dil chahta aap kay review per ek review likh doon. jo ziada deserving aur mere waqt ka ziada behter masraf sabit ho gaa.
    last time main nay zarorat say ziada optimism dekha ker end main such bol hi diya tha kay 17th episode per chor nahi sakti. main isay kisi bhi soorat main complete kerna chahti hoon. lekin kia yaar ab kitna dhokay main rahay insaan. jab farar ka rasta na ho aur her cheez khud samnay aa jye kia banda khud ko jhootay dilasay day. mera mood waqai bohat kharab hai. ghussa aur frustration pta nahi kia kia feel ho raha hai. jab ek potentially strong serial after 15 episode tak viewers ko entertain ker kay is tra berbaad ho jye. to oos waqt jo feeling hoti hai lafzon main bayan kerna mushkil hai. aur main to AH SS ki acting/chemistry jo bhi hai enjoy nahi ker pa rahi. sayed mera self control itna nahi kay characters ko ignore ker kay sirf actors ko enjoy ker sakoon. ab do batan han end kia ho gaa. honestly main bilkul interested nahi kon kab kia kahan kaisay ho ga. ab jo merzi ker lan mujhay jahan disappoint hona tha ho chuki. end kuch bhi ho mujhay koi ferq nahi perta. next question jis main waqqi interested hoon kia main isay continue karoon gi seriously mujhay nahi pata. drama main to koi aisi cheez nahi rahi jo mujhay is say connect kiay rakhay. let’s see suna hai jahan dawa say kaam na chalay dua ka sahara lena chahiay. to main bhi isi ki terf jati hoon. allah mujhay itni strength patience aur mere self control main itna izafa ker day kay ye drama end tak dekh loon.
    aur aap sab ko jerk club kay new member ki amad bohat Mubarak ho. ji haan adeel salman ansar aur bohat son kay baad taza taza entry humaray hero ahtashaam sahib ki hai. kabhi nahi socha tha ye naam yahan likhon gi. lekin sach hai zindagi surprises ka dosra naam hai. aur ye kehnay ki zarorat nahi ye kaisa surprise tha


      • @Atty:hahaha bohat shukria is dukhay hoay dil ko zara aram to mila 🙂 nahi waqas kay janay ka dukh hai ghusa nahi. aur mujhay jahan ghusa ho waheen nikalti hoon. hadeeqa kay baray main mere comments perhan hon gay. anyways main nay kal episode dekhi thi aj sara din aur almost adhi raat tak wait kia taa kay zara jazbaat control ho jyn to comment karoon. ji haan main ghusay main hoon kiun kay main disappoint hoi hoon oon say jin say bohat expectations thin jo mere most fav han… why samira ji why after vasl yai kia aur kiun kia


        • @RJ.. hello.. lol.. waqas ka rishta Shakk se nikal lijye koi na koi lol 😛 suna hai ap mujhe yaad farma rahin the 😉 buhat shukriya for being careful about my absence.. I’m all ok Allhamdulilah.. bs kuch comments k liye zada time nhi mil paata ab even i haven’t visited blog since last many days.. this one’s ONLY for YOU 🙂


    • @RJ: LOL! Arrey bhai itna ghussa?! Like @RR2 (btw missing @RR1’s take on these latest developments 🙂 ) @FA @Rehmat @Farwa I too am watching this one for the fab acting and seeing where it goes. This is not to say I dont have my issues with the story, I do! But to be honest, after the recent cow duck fiasco I have almost zero expectations of any of our dramas these days .. and to give this one its fair due it does have a coherent story line and yes though the characters have gone ahead and done the unexpected but for most part over the course of the serial they remained relatable … For instance even now though I have my share of issues with Sehrish’ behavior I am still able to see where her insecurities are coming from … and for that alone I think this one stands above so many other serials that are airing and which I cannot watch even in ffwd mode 😦


      • Heyyyy @Ayesha long time no see kia mujhay kehna chahiay definitely kehna chahiay array lerki kahan ghaib thin busy thin chota sa message hi chor dena tha..ji bilkul main preshan thi yaani k sahi wala preshan her blog drama site per talash kia aap ki facebook per bhi check kia LOL paki jasoosi ki phir atty nay aap ka ziker to oos say pocha..ap ki kheriat mili to sakoon hoa thanks to allah 🙂
        I hope ab ap free hon gi to humain bhi time den gi aur jo reviews miss hoay han oon main say “women and Pakistani dramas today” main ap ko recommend karon gi zaroor perhan kamal article hai aur oos per bohat meaningful aur thought provoking discussion hoi thi main nay ap ko bohat miss kia ab ap kay opinion ka intezaar rahay ga 🙂


        • @RJ: too busy these days that’s why m not continuously reading n commenting reviews.. How are you n your father now? Missed sannata’s review n convos.. 😦
          @SZ.. Hope that we’ll get the finale review on sannata very soon 😉


      • @SZ:LOL ghussa…shayed lekin mere khayal say to ye pendulum ki to and fro movement ki tra mere mood swings han..ab kuch waqt guzernay per mujhay samajh aa gya hai mere sath hoa kia hai actually my father had an accident last faraday aur hospital kay room main yai episode dekhi jo k nahi dekhni chahiay thi ab ahsaas hoa hai 🙂 is liay acting romance etc kisi cheez per ghor nahi kia aur ghussa be-had o be-hisab aya waisay mujhay ghussa der say ata hai lekin bohat ata hai ap ko yad hai na MK per main kaisay bersi thi baad main mujhay afsos hoa tha..hopefully next episode main khoob enjoy karoon gi LOL main wapis usi optimism per aa gayi hon yes picture abhi baqi hai mere dost 😉


        • @RJ: Oh no! Very soory to hear abt your father’s accident …. hope he didn’t get hurt much and is better now, IA…
          Haan.. waqai yeh drama aisi situation mein dekhne wala nahin tha.. ab Sat ko just enjoy anbd go wit the flow … waisey precap ka sun kar Im not too happy but oh well lets see …


  10. The moral story of Shuk: All you women out there that have any shuk, suck it up, and even if we hid MAJOR things from you…you can’t doubt us on ANYTHING, take our words for granted even if our actions demonstrate else wise, or you’re asking for a sautan! Ridiculous, I think Yasir Nawaz took this script on b/c he knows nida yasir is a shuky mizaaj wife so he’s letting her know that this may happen if she keeps following sehrish’s footsteps :/


  11. I was seriously worried!!! I had to keep stopping for my sanity check.. why was I loving this totally pointless episode??? and then i read ur review and it all made sense.. phew! im not that insane yet, or atleast not the only one around!! lol
    As much I was hating everything that was happening.. my heart was saying let the bygones be bygones.. abb aa hi gai hai sania tou jane do.. kia jata hai… seriously abb mein age kia bolun.. Im still in a daze!.. so yes full marks (and extra credites lol) to Yasir for keeping us all hanging in there while knowing fully well how absurd the entire affair was…

    @SZ you and everyone else have highlighted all the reasons why it was so absurd.. I just wanna go back to what hit me today & @SZ also pointed out about Sehrish’s insecurities abt her being aulad-less. (btw Hey! we hear Sehrish talking abt her ilaaj!!) At the end of the day secretly, Sania and sham were both longing for a child, and the miscarriage was the first thing drifted them apart. And in this ep we hear Sham ask Sania not to take Rumi away (before he went all romeo on It was the cupid ji indeed who actually brought them together, litereally!!.. So bachcha was the big deal!

    @SZ totally with u abt Sham’s character..him and ali – kia farq reh gia.. & Aik ko chor ke doosri, doosri ko chor ke pehli… Bibi Sania u shouldn’t get too comfy! lol
    btw uffffff that tiffin!!!!!! that reminded me of Aunn and his mummyji’s tiffin.. i just couldnt help but laughing out loud!
    re sehrish: Ive been the one feeling for Sehrish all along.. I felt for her even more today.. But please Sehrish U just need to stop right there & let him go!!!.. unless..?
    Now, not much hope in the story.. but I really hope we r spared the sutan rivalry.. last thing id wanna see is Sehrish turn into a typical sutan playing all kinda dirty tricks under the sun to win Sham back.. That would seriously put me right off!!
    once again loved the ep but loved loved loved the review.. thanks alot for helping me get through my sanity check lol


    • @FA: These actors are fab hai na!
      Isn’t it annoying ke we cant see the precap … I hope someone who has seen it will share the precap so that we can at least prepare ourselves for what is about to happen…


  12. Thanks for the review! I am actually loving this twist in the storyline. I am so sick of watching Pakistani dramas making one person the scapegoat of all relationship problems and the mian/biwi patching things up like nothing ever transpired(humsafar/dil e muztar). for once we are seeing a story that shows the point of no return in a relationship( whatever that maybe) without going to the extreme of depicting the characters as black and white (evil wife drove hubby insane hence relationship fell through).

    As the wife of a wonderful man who was once in a loveless marriage to someone else, you have no idea what joy this drama brings me. A guy does NOT have to be abusive, alcoholic or a womanizer to want his marriage to end. Yes sham is far from perfect with his zabardasti ki help,and stalkerish behavior, but he is not hitlers long lost off spring either. That in my mind is a step somewhat in the right direction.

    My only complaint is that Samira didn’t take this a step further and ended things with divorce before starting the new chapter in shams life. But I suppose Samira knows Pakistani audience all too well, divorce is prob worse than genocide (talking from experience here)unless either one of the spouse is completely unrefutably evil with no hints of grey. The mere fact that Samira has shown a relationship ending due to a realistic reason is a huge step. Showing sham actually utter those three words may have been too much for the audience. I suppose she has created a situation where the second marriage will trigger the divorce because, like it or not, polygamy is still more acceptable than divorce.

    Regarding the way the nikah happened, what’s to say sania didn’t break the news of her divorce to her mom in the months that passed in the last episode. And she may have also told her about shams proposal. Mom lives with older sister and dependent on bro in law. Maybe she couldn’t make the trip to Karachi to attend the nikah? Or maybe she’s ill or undergoing dialysis on a weekly basis. Who knows and who cares. it’s irrelevant to the storyline.


    • @Maham: Hello! Lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for sharing your story – glad to know you are in a happy marriage and are enjoying life with Mr. Right 🙂 .
      Agreed, so glad that we don’t have the typical good vs bad story, all are equally good and bad, and whether we agree with them or not they do have rationalizations for why they do what they do. That said, I am glad that you pointed out that more than the second marriage issue, it was the way it was handled it here which is a sticking point … we see divorces galore in these dramas, and here too we did see Sania’s divorce and its aftermath so it was not like the audiences are not used to it…but ‘Sham’s decision to go ahead and remarry without ever verbalizing that he was actually ending his relationship with Sehrish and not informing her was a bit weird… I think if that issue had been handled some other way or at least brought up before this episode it would have been less of a shock .. but the way it panned out here it was a bit weird, particularly considering that we had spent the last two episodes looking just at Sania’s divorce, whereas Sham was merely separated from his wife.
      Khair, all that is now water under the bridge .. any guesses as to where this story is going next?? Considering that most of our dramas typically run for 23-25 episodes seems like we have quite a bit more still left to go….
      Re: the mom being irrelevant to the story .. I agree, she hasn’t done much, but the fact that Sania had turned to her mom earlier after her divorce makes her silence now quite pronounced.


    • @Maham: And yes, forgot to add ke agree with you on that ke DeM was problematic.. I found it lacking in so many respects ke had nahin… Humsafar too was given happy ending for the sake of a happy ending – that one again we bought into the premise because of the way it was presented and the actors …


  13. I can see most of us r switched off from the story and will just go with the flow now.. but still I just cant help but wondering what should happen next..
    I dont wanna see Sehrish go all sobby and mazloom.. mujhe ghar ke aik kone mein pare rehne dou type phli biwi.. nor do i wanna see her playing an obsessed sautan.. and the threesome, living happily ever after will be so so unnatural…Should she give up? Will she leave Sham like she said earlier? will she be able to leave him after she has realized she can’t live without him?.. what will/should/shouldn’t happen.. any predictions??


    • @FA: u came up with interesting thing.. What i think is that sehrish herself can leave ehtisham after knowing atif-maham side of story.. Because i need proper closure of that couple.. Else i am thinking it could be all 4 living happily after ( which would be the worst ending)


    • @FA Yes Agree! She better not do any of that stuff, that would be so annoying!!! Well whatever that’s happened has definitely made me want to know what is gonna happen next. The ending indeed was shot brilliantly!


    • @FA: Where we go from now on is the million dollar question isn’t it….Like you I too dont want Sehrish to turn sobby, nor do I want to see ‘Sham stuck with two wives …. ab lets see … anybody else … any other possible directions for the story?


  14. All I hope is that we don’t get a dramatic ending – like Sania dying in childbirth, handing over the baby to Sehrish, and Sham and Sehrish living happily ever after. LOL! That would be the ultimate low.


    • @DB: ROFL!!! Dont know why but your comment brought to mind Mahjabeen being left behind to take care of Wali and Neelam’s child… Numm has scarred us for life hasn’t it!
      But coming back to your scenario I cant see Sehrish playing super nanny … she wants children for sure but somehow I dont think she realizes that that would entail diaper duty as well .. LOL! Can you picture her staying up nights and taking care of a baby … aur woh bhi sautan ka!


    • @DB @SZ ROFL@ the death in childbrth and Mj .. That was so funny! Abb jo na ho yahan kam hai! Shukk has gone every impossible route so far.. The good-riddance of amma khoon khoon woh bhi in an old home, sham ditching his day job for driving rumi around and stalking sania, then sham and sanias shadi.. (Dunno abt sania but our fantasies materialized for sure lol) . Abb yahan kuch bhi ‘mumkin’ hai!


  15. Great review @SZ.. as always.. though I wouldn’t be able to watch previous two episodes but from your review I got the terminal strings.. ohhhh So shaam n Sania 😦 Noo.. I really never wish that… kahan se kahan pohanch gai story wesy they aren’t too unjustified in doing so.. but.. I wished that Shaam and sehrish will remain together.. ahhh.. larty jhagarty he sahe 😦 still hoping


    • @Ayesha: hey! Long time! Kidhar ghaib? I hope all’s good at your end 🙂
      Ab is kahani main to itney twist aa gaye hain ke its very hard to predict where we go next.. lets see!


    • @ayesha hey! Nice to hear from u! Hope everything was ok.
      Uff bhai last two eps were really disappointing! Abb this latest one is totally out there with the new even more absurd twists but atleast we all seem to agree on one thing here ie how good AH and SS were.. (I cant say the same for sham and sania lol)


  16. Hi SZ, finally got such a time when I was free and the net was working :\
    Great review but I, like most of us here, hated the new twist….

    I for one blame Ehtasham for Sehrish’s insecurities. He should have told her of his mangni to Sania right from the start. Things might not have gotten so bad. Can’t blame sehrish for later being shukky.
    Hence I abhored his romance with Sania and felt icky at the confession!
    Sania too is to blame….

    1- why does she have to be all ‘mazloom’….?

    2- why does she have to live in E’s house? Horrors! and the she has the nerve to tell E to bring S home….khud wahan and calling S back? hadh hai.
    E shuld have put her in the club and stayed put in his house agar help karni hi thee.

    3- Playing cat and mouse with E- looking at him though windows, disappearing when he comes home and putting her child forward to do the needful :p, giving him tiffins of food- no wonder he fell for her….a mazloom aurat who feeds you! Aur kya chhiye??

    So yeah- I’m pretty mad at Sania and E….Sehrish should get over him fast and walk out….


    • Afia come on, all the characters have had flaws and been stupid. There’s nobody hier than thou or totally evil or we can all go with MSKSH which Has an abundance of it. Isn’t this what we look for in a drama,real people and I’m pretty sure worse goes on these days in pakistAn snd all over the world in marriages and relationships then what sham and Sania have just done.
      Samira has set up a very plausible plot where at some point we have liked and hated everybody, and she has also given them pretty solid reasons to act the way they have even though we may not agree with them.


      • Yes SK all the characters have some good ‘n bad and the plot is interesting , hence we’re all still watching it so kudos to Samira for that! But you can’t make me not dislike Sania and E for the foolish way in which this shadi happened….waise anything can happen in life …truth is stranger than fiction actually.


    • She had to be mazloom aka relatable to the average repressed pakistani woman. if she wasn’t mazloom, ppl would have hated her and sham. Her being her mazloom self helped gained the audience sympathy and conflicting emotions


    • @Afia: Hello ji 🙂 I was angry but at the same time really enjoyed it as well… the acting here has been fantastic.. and after seeing the cow duck heroines and the rich generous heroes I enjoyed the relatively “normal”, if I can call them that, characters… baqi tau ab dekhtain hain ke kya hota hai… I guess that would be one of the joys of such an unexpectedly twisted story .. hard to predict what will happen next!


  17. Hey guys, I’m a regular reader of this blog but I normally don’t comment. Today, however, I just can’t resist after seeing so many readers stating that they’ve become disenchanted with Shukk after the latest twist. Most people seem to be saying that why on earth are Shaam and Sania getting married… why is Sania leaving in Shaam’s house… why are the characters behaving so stupidly etc etc.

    I think by rigorously listing ALL the mistakes and flaws of the characters, and then faulting the script on the basis of the character’s flaws is completely pointless. For a script to be realistic, the characters SHOULD have flaws and SHOULD make mistakes. If everyone were so perfect, and no one made mistakes, then wouldn’t that make for a boring drama? The most authentic characters in fiction are those that DO make mistakes and have flaws. So why is the script, story and foundation of Shukk being criticised because the characters are REAL?

    Another thing, I believe that good fiction challenges our current way of thinking by allowing to see situations in a completely different perspective. All of the characters are good AND bad. We get to see the usually notorious 2nd wife in a different light – one that was well intentioned but didn’t make all the right choices. We get to relate to the “cheating” husband. We get to even feel sorry for a woman who has ruined another woman’s home – a character that women usually love to hate. So of course we are going to experience conflicting emotions. And conflicting emotions about the character’s actions are a GOOD thing and the sign of a GOOD script – not a bad one. It means that maybe things aren’t so black and white after all – it means maybe we should reconsider things with a different perspective.

    I’m not saying that there are no problems with Shukk, Like, I agree that in the previous episode the whole Shaam sending Sania a note to say where Rumi was, was weird because they usually text.

    But apart from minor issues, I, all in all, want dramas to be like this. I want to think differently about usually notorious people. I want to experience conflicting emotions in a drama. I want to see characters in a drama that have mistakes and flaws. I want to see characters that behave stupidly sometimes (but not all the time). I want dramas to make me think. Basically, I like dramas like Shukk.

    But to each their own 🙂


    • I totally agree!!! Real people making stupid mistakes and wrong decisions, why is everyone do mad?? This is what makes the drama interesting


    • @M: Hey! Great to hear from a silent reader .. chalo good at least thanks to Shuk and its crazy twisted story we got to hear from you – welcome!
      Loved reading your very well articulated view point and agree with you on the nuanced characters and the way the script presents everybody as flawed.. as I had said last week I think, ke is hamam main sab nangey hain .. so all are equally complicit, nobody is holier than thou and thank the lord for that… my own issue has been that while the characters are real and relatable I find their situations contrived, particularly in the last two episodes … while I am glad that we didnt spend another two three episodes over Sehrish and Sham’s divorce, I would have liked it if I had seen the dissolution of that marriage handled with a bit more finesse .. but then again who is to say that that marriage has dissolved as yet … lets see where we go from here …
      I hope we will continue to hear more from you as we continue discussing this one 🙂


      • Hi SZ – good to hear from you. I’ve been a fan of your reviews for quite a while, so nice to finally talk with you 🙂 I can see why you’d think some of the situations in Shukk are contrived. I, too, first thought that it was a bit odd that Sania was so ok with living in Sham’s house after all that had transpired. But after I thought about it, her actions became easier to understand. I feel as though Sania was a little in love with Sham by the time she was thrown out of her relatives’ house. I think the writer tried to hint at her feelings through the scene where Sania and Sham are on the phone in the previous episode, and Sania hangs up wondering why she was talking to him the way she was. So my point is, maybe she agreed to live at Sham’s house because a part of her wanted to. She simply might have not wanted to live in a hotel or rent an apartment or something.

        I realise that a strong, independent woman would not have accepted help from Sham, but I feel as though Sania was never portrayed as a strong, independent woman in the first place. Basically, it seems to me that her actions are in line with her character, which is another reason why I don’t really see the latest twist as contrived. That’s just my two cents for the past couple of episodes, but I sure hope that Shukk doesn’t end up disappointing me in the future!


  18. LOL at SZ how much did we want Adeel and Sanam to be a pair??or now the circumstances just make it feel awkward, can’t even enjoy it whole heartedly!!!
    Yes I have loved this from the get go, the fabulous acting and direction the main reason. We always complain about the other black and white serials, so this is refreshing in that sense with somewhat normal characters. I am only watching this and Pyarey Afzal, I am so
    so sick of the other typical stuff.


    • @SK: So true … I am only watching this one at the present … Even Sannata has fallen by the way side.. I need to catch up on it as well.. but I am just so fed up these days with all these cow duck sheep dramas … Btw, tomorrow Mehar Bano’s and Gohar’s new serial Uff… Yeh Muhabbat starts .. remember the one with the OST you liked.. and the one that Hina recommended? I will give that a shot tomorrow to see hows that goes .. fingers crossed its not another bust :/


  19. Finally found the preview for ep 19 .. and boy am I glad ke I’m no longer taking this one seriously …
    Sham to Sehrish and her mom as he finally deigns to inform them of his second marriage.. prefacing his announcement with “aap logon ko zara bura tau lage ga” ??!! Zara bura??! Seriously?!


    • @SZ: haan na zara bura… Srf shadi tou ki hai :p big deal for both of them LOL.. Haan if sehrish have came 9 more months late tou zyada bura lagta 😉


    • Great! Two wives.. Sobby first wife.. And just check out the chill attitude from our dude! Jaise he is saying ‘oh haan btw just remembered i forgot to pick up the milk honey…’ zara bura tou lage ga…right!!?? Ooper se sehrish begging for some credits!! … Well no real hope!!


  20. Hi. I’ve been reading the comments since Saturday and man even if the reactions were varied and overwhelming to the episode, the common thread was that at least the drama elicited a passionate response no matter what side you fell on!

    I am quite conflicted about the episode and the direction the drama went, but to begrudgingly admit it, my immediate reaction was YES! The chemistry and deep rooted desire to see Sham and Sania together was fulfilled – yet, not under these circumstances. However, as everything sank in, it quickly turned to conflicting emotions that couldn’t quite accept the turn of events. I don’t have a problem with Sania accepting Sham’s proposal, but I wish Sham had divorced Sehrish and that Sania had not moved in with Sham. If she had maintained her own place and gotten a job (after all she is highly qualified with her BBA), and after a few months Sham had fallen for her, I would have been doing flips.
    What I feared most materialized, I did not want Sania to be a kept woman and ESPECIALLY not under his roof – but that’s what she “became”. I don’t know of any woman who would spend her iddat in the house of the man she was accused of having an affair with. WTH moment!!! Would that really fly in PK nowadays??? Despite all this, my take on Sania is a little different than most people are reading her, but I think I’ll write about that later.

    I was ok with Sehrish in the beginning (mostly because I liked the casually romantic bond she shared with her husband) but of course my disdain for her increased rapidly after the onset of her shukk. Even if I tried to sympathize with her as a victim of circumstance/manipulation/misinformation she lost me after she spilled everything to Ali with all her circumstantial proof and then wanted Sham to forgive her and forget about everything and move on. At the end of the day, she ruined another woman and her child’s life because of her suspicion. That’s why Sham’s statement that “uski adaa/[harkat] nay nazar sey giraadiya really rung true. You can’t pretend like everything is normal after causing such irreparable damage to someone else. Sehrish selfishly wanted Sham to forgive her, but she still never accepted his innocence – he was right when he said she would always think he was with Sania or helping her.

    I also find this sudden ‘khwaab ka daikh kar, kaaya palatnaa’ hard to hazam. I think I would have come to that realization a lot sooner and would have made steps at reconciliation much earlier. If you love/need someone so much you know it right away. I don’t think it takes 4 months to realize that “main Sham kay baghair nahin rehsaktee”. Of course this is a plot point to have both wives share the same house, after all what would the entertainment value be in Sham divorcing her and marrying Sania and living happily ever after. My sympathies for Sehrish have waned – I don’t think her relationship with Sham will be the same.

    The only flicker of sympathy that I have has simply to do with the fact that she is Sham’s first wife/love and that I can understand that losing him would be devastating. It is often stated among societies with a high divorce rate that people fall out of love, I have trouble with that, although logically speaking it could happen. The way I see it, Sehrish still loves Sham very much (which evokes sympathy, because that is a very strong and sometimes debilitating emotion). What happens when half of a couple fall out of love – do you ditch the marriage? Seems like a very bitter pill to swallow. Sehrish loves him dearly but she doesn’t trust him and perhaps this is why he has fallen out of love with her. She has a very big hand (as does Sham) in what has happened to her marriage. I wish she had given their marriage another chance sooner.


    • @Nur! Hey! So glad to hear from you on this ep 🙂 Conflicted is the word indeed!
      Yes, quite a few issues here with Sehrish, Sham and Sania’s behavior .. all three of them combined have managed to cook up quite a khichri here…

      I would love to hear what you think of Sania here, but before you do that let me just put this thought I had as I was re-reading all these responses …

      Many of us are annoyed with Sania for going down the mazloom aurat route.. but here’s my question: Has she really gone down that route? Is she really that mazloom/weak?
      My thought here is that rather than giving in to a moment of weakness do you think we can see this as a moment where Sania actually asserts herself – perhaps for the first time in her life? Previously she was afraid of the whole duniya and duniya waley bit, but now in marrying Sham hasnt she just flipped off the duniya and duniya walas? A weaker person would not have put herself in this kind of a messy situation where an ugly confrontation was sure to happen .. rather she would have given in to her insecurities and run away to Australia and hid behind mommy dearest.. but instead what we see her doing here is giving in to what she wants/her hearts desires, whether we think its wrong or right is a whole other question. Here, she shows her evolution and decides to go ahead and give in to her heart and marry Sham. even though she fully well knows that she is marrying another woman’s husband. We see her putting up resistance to his proposal, but its all very passive and token .. if she was really that concerned she would’ve put her foot down and gotten Sham and Sehrish to at least verbalize the dissolution of their marriage .. but she doesn’t do that .. or rather, we don’t see her doing that .. to me that indicates that she didn’t really want them to talk, b/c she does not want Sham to change his mind .. she wanted him .. and perhaps subconsciously thought she was entitled to this rishta .. after all she had been engaged to him once ….Though such a reading makes Sania look really bad, but it also makes her more human, to me atleast, and hence much more palatable than the hand-wringing typical mazloom bechari doormat of a heroine ….

      Phew! Had to get that out of my system 🙂 Ab waiting to read what you guys think of this alternative to Sania as a mazloom aurat ….And Nur, yes waiting to read your take!


      • @SZ hahaha yep after this ep there is only one word for sania.. Ghunni!!!
        hiding behind the mazloom aurat she got what she really wanted!! kia class ka ghunnapan hai bhai! lol


      • @SZ btw yes we see a somewhat stronger sania but hold on! who gave her that strength? It was sham who was making all her decisions for her and she was just stringing along… I mean the woman couldnt even open an envelope on her own for heavens sake!! Lol abb jitni bhi empowered thi, it was the kamzor, mazloom woman sham ji fell for!!..No?


  21. Off and on Sehrish has been described as rich and spoilt but I have not seen any ‘spoilt’ behaviour from her….Some of us here have said that she’s used to getting her way but I again, don’t see where that’s been shown….
    To me she was just shown as a nice, loving person who really wanted kids. After she found out about E and S’s eng’ment, she got shukky (with a lot of help from that dreaded couple)…..where was she spoilt in all of this?


    • @afia im with u. I think sehrish has guts to go get what she wants but i wouldnt call her spoilt. Atleast she gets it danke ki chot pe, not ghunni like sania lol… Ive been feeling for sehrish from day dot. Yes she had made mistakes but she was driven to that point and her hubby was the main culprit. Atif and maham just added fuel to the fire. Sham had given her every possible excuse to react like she did.

      Like @aish said she was down, and rather than supporting his wife sham had abandoned her.

      As for shukk sham had lied to her so many times when it came to sania. How could she trust him?

      But as much as i liked the go-getter in sehrish, the newly emerged mazloom pehli biwi from the promo has put me off her.

      Btw im loving all these character analysis.. Reminds me of numm days


  22. Hello Ladies,

    commenting after a very long time! 🙂

    Afia, I agree with you completely here.The only character I really feel anything for is Sehrish. Her mistake was very very human, and she deserved a second chance. E and Sania got their second chance in spite of their not very innocent roles in this mess but what about Sehrish? Why is she the only one paying a hefty price? I havent been watching this drama religiously just on and off, but mostly because the character of E just completely turned me off.

    In every marriage, we swear to be by each other’s side through highs and lows , sickness and in health etc. So this time Sehrish, was sick, mentally, the thought of not giving her husband and their marriage what it deserved was eating her up inside. She was at her lowest of lows and insecurity got the better of her. Isnt this time for E to step back from everything else and really be there for his wife? So what if she went nuts, if he cant handle at her lowest why does he deserve this woman so loves him so very very much (enough to drive her crazy) at her best? In my mind, E let his wife (the first one) and his marriage down completely. Was it really so hard to walk away from Sania? Was it really so hard for Sania to stay away from them? Which man in his right mind will continue to meet that woman your wife hates ? How do you walk away from this woman who has been wonderful to your mom and given you her everything? I think he fell out of love with her a long time ago. Because for me when you love someone, you do what helps them when they are down. Not what brings them further down. Yes it is very human to want to give in to that desire to be with the woman who you love, but its also human to be able to find it in you to love who you are married to. Esp a woman like Sehrish. Heck people stay with their spouses in spite of being cheated on. Hers was only a suspicion.

    He drove her half mad. And then dumped her. How sad for Sehrish.


    • @aish agree with some of your points and that Sehrish does not deserve this although she did make some mistakes too, big ones. I also feel you should try to give it everything you can to save a marriage and maybe they both haven’t ffine that and it’s true that even spouses who cheat can be forgiven and nice on but please tell me how in this scenario for eg even if sham did not marry Sania how they would resolve their issue. The mahor problem is Sehrish is not willing to believe that sham did not have an affair and obviously he will not admit to something he did not do, you can only resolve and move on if you admit the problem and work at it but if you still have a mistrust issue how can they move on. I think that is what Sham realized that Sehrish would never believe him no matter what he did. Also Sehrish is the one who left the house , he did not tell her to go and she had gone for four months, and so he probably thinks its over and he obviously does not have the sane feelings he once did. Sometimes there is a point from which you cannot come back from, I have seen many couple who do stay together but constAntly fight about the past and fidelity issues and that us what sham was saying would keep happening with them if they did stay together. But again they should have dissolved it before he got married again and agree totally with @nur on her take on that


      • Sk, I agree with some your points. If Sehrish doesnt believe Sham, I wouldnt blame her, he lied umpteen number of times. To me, there was a point where he could have walked away from the whole mess and taken Sehrish with him. But he didnt, logically I think most men would do this in reality.

        I agree with everyone here, I dont think Sania fell in love with him till much much later on, and its very natural for a woman to like a man who is nice to her child. But she made mistakes too as much as the other two. Some of which were triggered by Ali.

        What I wanted was all 3 to be punished. Sham, doesnt deserve happiness in my opinion if sehrish doesnt. Call me sadistic, but I wanted them all to pay a price for it or nobody does. For me its not about resolving the issue because they have crossed that point. I don’t think Sham and Sania getting married is a solution either. A relation that came with so much darkness that it changed so many lives, how can marriage be a solution there? They should have all moved on to different lives. If at all he wanted to help, he should have found another way to do it. I think thats what is grating on my nerves here that none of them are innocent and in my POV least of all Sham, but he is not really paying for it. I mean he is looking for happiness so quickly without even mourning the loss of his first marriage.

        I agree with you that Sehrish may have never believed him about Sania, but if they had moved away and started fresh, there was a chance that she could have cleared her mind and seen things from his POV which she completely failed to do with Sania around. That was one of their biggest problems, she didnt get where he was coming from. But I dont think any woman can think clearly if the ‘other’ woman never leaves the couple alone. Just like Princess Di always said Camilla was the constant ghost in their marriage. Sham was nuts for expecting sehrish to see things his way when he never did the same for her as far as Sania was concerned. I think I might be wrong, but thats what I get from this, they all should have paid a price, but then I watch in FF mode randomly so I might be completely off 🙂

        Life is not always about doing things that make you happy and standing up for yourself etc, its also about doing what is right and facing consequences of mistakes made.

        If Sehrish never finds happiness can Sham ever be completely happy knowing that she is out there unhappy and it playing in the back of his mind always?


        • @Aish i agree with u. If one pays than all of them must pay.. Id also have liked to have seen all three of them going their own seperate ways. And i think that is what will happen at the end..
          I guess with sham and sania marrying sham might end up paying up.. Hadling two biwis not gonna b easy lol.. Ive got a feeling there will b more shukk… More torture… For all of them…But im not looking forward to that kinda punishment..
          I also agree if sham claims to be the guy with a concience that he is, sham was never gonna b happy knowing sehrish is alone and unhappy…
          Lets see what happens tonight.. However bakwas we thought the story had gone, we r def enjoying the discussions and the mumkinat!


          • Hi FA, I hope they all get separated and go their own way too. If nothing else, they have to acknowledge then that justice wasnt served and that life is unfair sometimes if only Sehrish pays the price. Let see. Havent watched the latest installment yet 🙂


  23. Finally back for more…

    @SZ: Your reply/analysis of Sania really hit home, I’m happy you considered the altenative, that she wasn’t quite the mazloom aurat – I think we can’t neatly label any of these characters with a single name as they are exhibiting various traits and emotions throughout. And after all, isn’t that human nature? Do we always respond the same way? I would say no, we all have lapses in judgment and moments of selfishness and other times where we show our strength and principles. That is why we have regrets and moments we would like to take back.

    On to Sania. I must be in a minority but I don’t think of her as mazloom aurat and especially not ghunni. I don’t think she wished this or even consciously encouraged Sham. However, I will say that her presence in his house and life was bound to have this result. Despite all our protestations of being able to resist someone, being in their orbit softens the heart and just like hamdardi, this can be a khatarnak emotion. I don’t think Sania was mooning over him in the window – she was observing the gentle, caring way Sham was dealing with her son. In the nightmare that her life had become it was nice to see someone put Rumi’s needs first, understand that taking his picture in his new uniform was an important milestone. I think the tiffin moments were contrived – yes showing that once was ok, but over and over again, made it seem like all Sham needed was someone to cook for him.

    I don’t think Sania was plotting/planning this and I don’t think she was looking to sink her hook into Sehrish’s husband at all. Looking back, she tried to convince Sham at every step to talk to Sehrish and repair their marriage. Sham was the stubborn one. I don’t think Sania was jealous of Sehrish either like some have commented. I am sure that there were moments when she was dealing with her saas and her circumstances when she looked back and wondered what life would have been like, but we all do that when we consider the what ifs. If Samira wanted to show her jealousy on screen to establish that as her motivation she would have done so. Instead they showed Sania dealing with her own marriage and circumstances (pre-divorce) with dignity and sabr.
    As much as I loved Shameem Hilali’s character, I completely disagreed with her comment in the beginning that Sania was a “mein-to, mein-to” personality. When she met with her in the grocery store and Shameem Hilali mentioned her saasu khau-khau, I think Sania did the dignified and ikhlaaqi thing be defending her m-i-l and husband. She didn’t want to air her dirty laundry and I also think it was a matter of pride. Why would she show the woman whose son rejected her that she was miserable? Which she wasn’t – she was overworked and underappreciated, but at no point did she want out of her marriage. Then when she found out about Sehrish being pregnant, she was genuinely happy for her and wanted to congratulate her, but Ali stopped her.

    As depicted on screen SO FAR by Samira Fazal, I don’t think Sania is malicious, jealous or manipulative or the typical mazloom aurat. Now she has made her share of mistakes – a lot of them. First she lied to Ali about Sham’s accident, I think she was scared and the adrenaline was pumping, I don’t think she was evaluating things calmly and logically – she was nearly mugged and her boss/neighbor was shot in front of her while trying to help her. Sehrish was already suspicious, so I’m sure she was ruing the moment that she had sat in Sham’s car and the scary turn of events. So her lie was WRONG, but human. Another mistake was moving in with Sham. That one is the hardest for me to accept – I can only chock it up as a plot point to put both in each other’s periphery and to make Sehrish angry enough to move to Islamabad for four months.

    As far as her relying on Sham, I don’t think she was crying on his shoulder, and I don’t think she was confiding about her inner feelings, the details of her life with Ali, her dream guy, etc. I think they were sharing the happenings at work, her visa, how she planned on taking care of Rumi, maybe her dreams for her son. Casual things between friends. When she asked Sham to open up the envelope it was because this was a crucial moment in her life and she was scared – I mean how many times do we ask someone else to open our mail when we are expecting college acceptance, good news/bad news. To me that was a rather real moment and she was genuinely happy and relieved that her visa had come through – Sham threw a wrench in it when he disclosed his feelings. I think that was shocking for her!

    He essentially derailed her plans by admitting how he felt. I do think that in this period she was attracted to him, but it was never a real possibility or her endgame. I don’t think she considered marrying Sham until he said if you ever think of remarrying in the future, consider me. For the first time in her life, she was presented an option where she put her feelings first. And I don’t think it was easy, but I think as she thought it out, she realized that this man says his marriage is over and he can’t go back to feeling love for his first wife, he plans on living alone in this house and says this is where I’ll find him if I ever come back and he has fallen for me and now I am the only one in his heart and he is great to me and my son, so she had a very human reaction and chose what she thought would make her happy. If she were to marry someone else why not this man who is professing his love and who has demonstrated so much care and concern for her and her son. THE VOICE IN MY HEAD, keeps saying that she should have insisted he divorce Sehrish before she married him – but if she had insisted on their divorce, everybody would have blamed her for kicking out the first wife like a typical home wrecker. Still, I think they shouldn’t have married without a resolution to his first marriage, but then again how would the drama progress?There would be no conflict/climax/entertainment value, it would become merely transactional.

    All in all, I still sympathize with Sania, as I think she has suffered the most and will continue to do so. Unlike some predictions, I don’t think she will be the typical sautan to Sehrish, in fact I think Sehrish will put Sania down whenever she can and I think Sania will take it out of guilt.


    • @ Nur We definitely see things in the same light (pun intended ;p) This is how I understand Sania’s character as well. Do Ehtisham! I cannot put my thoughts in writing and make it sound coherent.


      • I actually typed this somewhere else. This is my take on Ehtisham. I add more later.

        We tend to usually focus on how hurt the female might be in a situation but we usually don’t seem to give justice to the males. Some of Ehtisham’s choices are extremely stupid yes, but most don’t stop to think why Ehtisham did what he did and how he feeling in this too. I feel sad for Sehrish but the same applies for Ehtisham.

        Why didn’t Ehtisham tell Sehrish about Sania? There were two reason: He didn’t think it was a big deal AND he didn’t want to tell Sehrish because he saw that she was happy being friends with Sania and didn’t want to ruin that by making things awkward. He was thinking about her in that decision but it ended up backfiring on him.

        She goes and has a miscarriage out of carelessness. But even than he wasn’t completely angry at her for the miscarriage. It’s what she said. She accused him of not feeling extreme sadness and this isn’t a big deal for him. She believes she is the only victim That’s insulting.

        Than she goes around and accuses him of something he would never do. When you love someone and than they accuse you of something as having a affair, it’s quite hurtful. Every time he was with ganja he would be talking about his wife or how to help her.

        But he is not blinded by his wife. He saw how innocent Sania was in this situation and he was not going to be unjust because his wife has problems in her head.

        The person you love and respect starts bad talking about your mother (who mind you is always thinking of Sehrish) wouldn’t you be hurt/angry?

        When you get shot and you are expecting the fullest support and affection in such a situation from the person you love dearly and that person goes and says being shot in the arm isn’t a big deal, wouldn’t that be hurtful? Also I would like to add Sania as a friend was more caring and kind to Ehtisham during this scene than Sehrish (his wife) was. He wouldn’t notice?

        Than she goes and destroys a girls house that he already feels guilty for hurting her once and who he does care for enough to take bullet for, so obviously he will get angry.

        He talked to her once and than he tried talking to her again but she refused to listen.

        Fast forward to current situation and he has taken this step.
        Why? He clearly said he doesn’t feel for her because she is no longer in his heart. So him marrying someone else after dealing with such BS is understandable.

        I feel Ehtisham is a needy character and wants love. And because Sehrish whom he loved dearly took that away from him he quickly and automatically connected with Rumi because of his own desire to have a child and later fell in love with Sania after seeing how caring and loving she is.

        Sehrish’s priority was and still is herself. Sania thought about others first than herself.

        I am not saying Sehrish is all at fault just like how Ehtisham and Sania aren’t either. That is why I am intrigued by this show. It doesn’t show the characters as black and white. They are completely grey.

        I feel the scenario’s between the character’s could be handled better but the characters I feel are quite interesting and real.


        • @ Noor: WOW! Not only do we share the same name, but the same thoughts? surreal 😉

          You hit the nail on the head – I agree with your entire assessment of Sham.

          He has pride, feelings, khuddaari – and as he told us “mard ki bhi izzat hoti hai”. He has had to pay a steep price for Sehrish’s shukk too! It cost him his relationship, his project/possibly his job, his respect amongst his peers (he is seen as a cheating husband), his peace of mind and also the marriage and home of this woman who he knows is innocent.

          Sehrish’s shukk destroyed Sania’s life and Sham couldn’t just go on with his life. His principles didn’t allow him to ignore/abandon Sania when she had nowhere to go, no money, and a son. He would have preferred to help her with Sehrish’s support. They could have helped find a resolution for Sania and then she could go on with her life as a single mother. Sehrish not only wanted to go on as if Sania didn’t exist, but she also would not accept that Sham was innocent. I might understand that she had her suspicions, but she should have said I’m not sure if I can trust you, let’s work at this and maybe I can work through my doubts and grow to trust you again.

          We see Sham getting upset with Sehrish and saying things like “haan main Sania say milkar aaraha hoon” or “main ussay mohabbat kartaa hoon” but all those comments were spewed in anger and it was obvious. And they were almost always in response to Sehrish’s very caustic accusations. They were BOTH at fault and again it was a very real human interaction. As emotional beings we do get angry and lash out and say things we want to take back. It is a rare couple who can keep their emotions in check during such battles/confrontations – so should we expect that Sehrish and Sham would remain rational and think through the longterm implications of their heat of the moment arguments?

          Sham has made PLENTY of mistakes too! Not telling Sehrish about his engagement – and I agree with Noor’s reasons and he also knew how wound-up his wife got about things, so he didn’t want to set her off. He had zero interest in Sania – look at all those khatoon references and how he defended Sehrish to Sania and found her behavior rude.

          He should not have been “stalking” Sania, but his ehsaas-e-zimidaari would not let him abandon a woman and her son who was in these circumstances due to his wife’s actions. As he put it, itni zillat main nay kabhi bhi bardasht nahin ki hai, but he put their needs above his ego. After all this is Karachi and the haalaat are not great for aam insaan, and yet here you have a newly-single mother with her son with no help whatsoever.

          He should not have brought her home – again I will hold that that was Samira’s plot point. Although I have never lived in PK and my last visit was many years ago, I don’t see how in such a conservative country that has a rather significant mulla presence, a woman could live in the house of the man she was accused of committing adultery with.

          Now onto his proposal – I took his every word that led up to the proposal to be true, because he has been shown as honest. I don’t think he had ulterior motives. After his phone conversation with Sehrish when she discovers that they are living at his house, he says that Sehrish has lost his respect – “jis tarhaa koi adaa dil jeetlayti hai ussi tarha woh nazron say bhi giraadayti hai”. He loved Sehrish for her impulsiveness and spontaneity and her aggressiveness, but those very traits caused her to miscarry their child and ruin Sania’s house – it was lovable and endearing until it became harmful. He nails it when he says that Sehrish will never trust him again – she will always suspect he is with Sania or helping her, and he will always resent her for doubting him. This goes back to passing certain points of no return – not being able to go back to where they were.

          That is why, although I abhor the idea that someone casually falls out of love, under such stressful circumstances, I can understand that Sham doesn’t hold the same feelings for Sehrish that he once did. Our path is determined by our history and experiences, when some actions are set in motion there is simply no going back.

          Lastly, I know some found Sham’s casual indifference in the promo for the next episode. But, if he was true in that Sehrish doesn’t have a place in his heart then his tone of voice should not come as a surprise. She claims to still love him, but he has moved on. Now the million dollar question is: how will Samira handle the two wives? Technically, if Sham has no feelings for Sehrish he should simply divorce her, he shouldn’t let her live with them in some corner of the house as the rejected 1st wife who needs his name. True to character, Sham should say that he’ll divorce her and set her free. However, I highly doubt this will happen.

          Let’s see – I’m still watching with anticipation – though I much preferred the version I wrote in my post above 😉


      • @ Noor: Yay! So I did make sense to someone! 🙂 Let me see if I can write my take on Sham – of all the characters he is the most difficult!

        I think the most poignant thing in Samira’s writing tends to be that she writes human characters who love, laugh, cry, feel hurt, hurt others and make lots of mistakes! She is great at depicting human relationships, personalities (flaws and all) and the tug-of-war that is life. Where I think Samira falters, is in her plot development (remember Silvatein?) – she starts strong and real, and then somewhere she loses it I think in trying to make it overly dramatic and bollywoodish!

        I am so afraid that Sania will be pregnant and die in childbirth and reunite Sehrish with Sham, giving them Rumi and this new baby! Ugh – please don’t let that happen!


        • @Nur Yes 😀 Looking forward toit. And your he is very difficult to understand, but I feel the black and white depicted by most viewers is not true to hus character.

          I would.seriously hate that. I think Sehrish is going to walk out of their lives after realizing her faults. And I think her character development will end with her making someone else the priority before herself. But I want her to find happiness too!


          • @ Noor: I agree, I do want Sehrish to learn from her mistakes and find happiness with someone else. I don’t want her to have to share her husband with someone else. I find it very difficult for two women to coexist and be married to the same man, even if sharia says its possible – I think we as humans are not as enlightened or magnanimous to do such, I don’t think I could.


    • That is how I also see Sania, I really don’t think she was trying to get Sham as some people are saying. And so true about the window scene, that is exactly my take on what she was feeling!! Rumi is one of the major reasons that has brought them close, and I do not think she pushed rumi towards him, they both were already doing it without her help.
      Also loved your and Noors take on Ihtisham, agree with a lot of it.


  24. So don’t shoot me for posting again :{

    The way I think it should have played out:

    Sania should have gone to a hostel, modest flat (sell her jewelry/ask mom or bro for some financial help) and applied for her Australian visa. In the mean time she should have looked for work and picked up a job. Sham would be struggling at work with the whole affair accusation and he resigns and decides to start up his own agency. He asks Sania to work with him and in 3-5 years they become top in their industry, she is doing well and has moved her son in a decent home while he attends a good school, she has some help to take care of Rumi.

    Sehrish had returned home earlier and the two try to work things out, maybe even see a therapist (not the one from Kudurat), but Sehrish cannot let go of her shukk. After a year or two, they realize that they can’t save their marriage because the love and loyalty they felt has been replaced by doubt and resentment on both parts. This becomes a lesson in that our actions/feelings have life-altering consequences and feelings and emotions are delicate and fluid, if you damage them it is not always possible to recover or go back to what once was.

    Sania is successful, accomplished and much more confident. She has a lot of respect in the professional world and a few admirers and one of her clients proposes marriage to her and Sham finally admits that he has fallen for her and wants to marry her – she does a lot of soul searching and weighs the two proposals and then chooses to be with Sham because at the end of the day she trusts him and has grown to rely on him. As it unfolds we see her consider the effect on her reputation, on
    dunya kya kehegi”, and she realizes that she should not live in fear of the duniya because people enjoy scandals, love sensational stories and judge people without any thought to their own actions. She is strong enough to choose marrying Sham because it is what will make her and Rumi happy and to hell with the judgmental dunya that didn’t help her but only pointed fingers at her.She realizes she deserves happiness too and they marry and then they have another child as well. This would even demonstrate to the audience that women can marry beyond 30 and bear children and find happiness in a second marriage.


  25. Okay I am so very late to this party but a wonderful review and some serious discussions going on so it took forever to catch up! Better late than never I suppose.

    I loved this episode! ONLY because I was more into their chemistry then anything else! They may have got married the wrong way and with all the wrong things in mind but wow if you look that hot together then I guess one can forgive! :D.

    Waise bhi , I feel like Sania wanted this all along. It was her first love, and she finally got him 8 years (?) later.. She can careless what Sehrish thinks or wants. Shaam outright says that he no longer loves her, so Sania ko kya pareshani karne ki zaroorat hai.

    Except only in dramas can this actually happen. From their first meet as neighbors, and working together to finally moving in together, it was very evident that Sania really liked Shaam. Well can one blame her.

    You dug your grave now lie in it, Miss Sehrish. Had you been more mature in handling this situation things would have been different.
    How can she wake up one morning 4 months later and decide that okay I want to go back now. She is making all the decisions in this relationship leaving Shaam no other choice but to move on however it would make sense for them to see a lawyer if they mutually agreed on a divorce.

    Since she’s been out of the picture for so long, Shaam automatically assumes that she’s not coming back nor is she interested in him anymore so he moves on! 🙂

    Agree with all of you there is a lot of craziness going on, but the good thing is there is no mazloom aurat or a mazloom mard. They are all pretty much lost causes. If Sehrish has an ounce of self-respect left in her, she should get up and leave and let Shaam, Sania, Rumi and (I think Sania is preggers) so maybe they will have a new addition to the family! 😀

    But something tells me Sania is gonna be a goodie two shoes that she’s been tryna be all along and tell Shaam to forgive her… ugh kinda frustrating to wait around and see what’s gonna happen next!..


    • @ Ash: Ok, so I wasn’t a heel for actually enjoying their scenes and being pleased with their marriage 😉 Or at least pleased for about 1 minute until the logic took over and left me with conflicted feelings about HOW things went down. I have no problem with them together as a couple (married of course), but just wish it wasn’t so unresolved.

      I will humbly disagree with your opinion that Sania liked him all along. I think she was pleased with her engagement for the entire month that it lasted, but then she was hurt because she was rejected. As her neighbor she avoided him and actually was rude on a few occasions. And at work, she was initally accused of being like Kashaf for her cold shoulder towards him. Quite frankly, her job didn’t last long enough for he to even get comfortable with him at work, although I do think she was flattered when he appreciated her efforts and intelligence.

      But the one thing I will say about Sania is she is consistenlty very “mohtaat” – and she was careful and reserved around him all the way up to her divorce. I, for one, being raised by a very conservative mother, who always told me to watch my actions around others, really identified with Sania’s reserved personality even if it sometimes appeared cold/rude/old-fashioned. I think that was an intentional contrast drawn bewteen Sehrish and Sania. Sehrish was very open, forthcoming and comfortable around others and Sania was more reserved and cautious. Sehrish doggedly pursued this friendship with Sania even when Sham discouraged it. That was another example, of her following her own desires and not paying heed to Sham. The fact that he says in the last episode that Sania doesn’t do anything without asking him shows the difference in personalities between Sehrish and Sania. I don’t think Sania shares things with Sham because she is weak or unsure, I think she appreciates the input. I know I share everything with my husband (yes, yes, he wasn’t her husband, but then I don’t think she was consulting on intimate things with him either).

      I don’t think Sania’s pregnant, it seems to me that like in most Bollywood/western soap operas, Sehrish probably returned the day after their wedding. It would be so ironic if after being accused of an affair and then officially getting married the couple never even consummated their marriage!


    • @Ash: i liked the episode for exactly same reasons LOL 😀 and i seriously hope that this your something which is telling you that sania is gonna be goodie two shoes dont turn into reality 😉 lol


  26. @Nur and @Noor: i am literally enjoying your takes/character analyses on all three of good to read such perspectives 🙂


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