Shuk ~ Episodes 16 -17 Review


And here we go …. once again Salma Agha to the rescue…. dil ke armaan aansoo-on mein beh gaye ….

Kiya yaar! Is it too much to ask for at least one drama serial to stay the course and not go haywire?! I was quite on board till the fifteenth episode, but since the past week, for me at least, Shuk has lost its claim to being one of the more realistic and relatable serials airing these days. Gone are the grey characters I appreciated and standing in their stead are the stark black and white caricatures I so detest. Much as I am loving the overall look and feel of the serial and the acting of the lead trio – Adeel, Sanam and Bilal – the story and the direction its taking has lost its charm for me.

When we last left off we were hotly debating the various scenarios under which it would be possible for the estranged couple to reconcile and arguing the pros and cons of whether Sania should go back to Ali, but as it turned out hum log hi pagal they taking it all so seriously. In the episode that followed the story took a crazy twist: kahan tau Ali was going all nutso trying to keep Sania away from Rumi and kahan almost overnight he decided ke bas bohot ho gaya and he was done playing mommy to his son and nursemaid to his mother so chalo ji in less than 24 hours all taiyyaris were done. Poor Aunty khaoon khaoon was left to shed tears in an old home, Rumi conveniently dropped off at Sania’s house and our Ali sahab yeh ja woh jawah! Just a tad bit OTT, no?

And as if this was not enough, in this latest episode, our stalker seems to think ke since our bechari heroine does not have enough on her plate already tau chalo lets make her  life even more difficult. I am sorry but today’s episode had one too many contrived situations for me. We have previously seen Sania and ‘Sham texting like there’s no tomorrow, so why would he now decide to leave her that note is beyond me. I get it ke dramatic license hota hai, but aisa bhi kiya…. And then but of course that note flew off ever so conveniently and all the ensued was as typical as it could get. Though Sania is really annoying me with her mazloomiyat, Sanam is fabulous. I just wish Sania had more going for her. Will this woman ever manage to stand up for herself??

But khair, whether I sympathize with her or not, ‘Sham certainly does. The fact that now Sania has moved bag and baggage into Ehtisham’s house is beyond comprehension. From this point on I am only watching to see how Samira and Yasir manage to tie up the loose ends. With the spotlight squarely trained on to Sania and ‘Sham, poor Sehrish, not that she deserves any sympathy either, has been relegated to the margins. Though I am annoyed with pretty much everybody in this serial now, to be fair I have to say I appreciate the sensitivity with which Samira has portrayed ‘Sham and Sehrish’s relationship at this point. The scene where after initially hesitating, ‘Sham ran after a departing Sehrish was beautifully done.

That said, given today’s developments I don’t think any wife, even she had blind faith in her hubby, would ever believe that ‘Sham and Sania are “just friends.” Hello, even a blind person would have no problems sensing the smoking hot chemistry between ‘Sham and Sania. Adeel makes ‘Sham very believable even though I don’t get who died and left Mr Ehtisham in charge. Adeel and Sanam are so so good together – can we please see them as a proper pair? Humsafar redux?

While I was annoyed as heck at the developments, apney hero, Rumi sahab tau bohot khush they ….it is great that the kid, Bilal, is doing phenomenally well and is cute as heck, otherwise this whole scenario, a 4/5 year old doing all that he has managed to do and continues to do, would have fallen flat on it face a long time ago. Huge props to Yasir for getting such a great performance out of such a young child. Much as Rumi aggravates me, Bilal is beyond adorable and shares a fantastic chemistry with both Sanam and Adeel.

Its a good thing that the actors are fabulous and play their roles with such conviction that one feels for their characters, ’cause otherwise all these twists and turns are kinda difficult to digest. Finally, call me a nitpick if you may, but in a city like Karachi, where people don’t even spare manhole covers, how is it that Sania’s two suitcases were left untouched by the gate?

Written by SZ~


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  1. I have to admit after last week’s melodrama i had to force myself to tune in this week.. It was a huge improvement but for me this show has now lost its charm..
    As much as I love Bilal and his acting, Rumi is really beginning to get on my nerves!! This kid needs to be on a leash!! Aunty Sehrish ki khabar and chocs ki farmaish, the uniform, pick and drop request, wanna live in shams house forever and then abba!!!??!!! I mean this kid doesnt ask for much, does he?? Lol..
    Exactly! Why on earth does sania have to live in shams house!!??!!… Kahan hota hai aisa?? And Abb if sehrish finds out, would we blame her if she totally loses it..? Kon biwi bardasht kare gi yeh sub esp after all thats gone on…

    Lol @ suitcases… Remember this is utopia minus the ghareloo masale masail and shukk lol.. Karachi is indeed very safe so long as ur kid doesnt call random uncles and disappears with him all for his school uniform shopping lol

    Yes! Loved the shams running to catch sehrish scene…
    I also enjoyed sehrish deciding to go away and waiting for him to return to her.. I am actually enjoying sham and sehrish track more than sham and sania right now…I am enjoying the emotional play here, and its def more relatable.. Whereas although AH abd SS look great together, their whole track has gone totally haywire…
    sehrish and sham do still have something… But its interesting to see how their egos are hurt. And how these two are dealing with it. I liked how Sehrish accepts that if Sham doesnt come back ultimately she would have to leave him. But at the same time she is running away because she doesnt want to accept it.
    @SZ yes! Drooling over AH lol but unfortunately the whole story including shams character has gone down the drain! I am so not liking this mr stalker who has leased his thinking power to rumi for the time-being! Lol

    • @FA – haha! Rumi sure is a riot! The new Cupid in town. The baba calling was a bit much.. He disliked his own dad so much and this uncle has now become his baba.
      I was hoping that Sehrish was still there when Shaam ran down, but i guess she ran faster then he did and was gone. I get that he’s mad at her for ruining the other woman’s life, but Sehrish seems pretty miserable now.

      • @ash lol @ the new cupid in town.. Gosh if this was a valentine ep it soooo went wrong lol
        Re : miserable can we blame her really?? After maham and atif the cupid not doing her any favours either…

        • @FA: Naa ..Valentine wala episode next week… abhi to Master Cupid has just strung his bow LOL…. but seriously so beyond disappointed.. kya tha agar they had ended by episode 17 or so?? 😦

          • @SZ lol haan!! Ufff chalo ji dekhte hain abb Master Cupid ka nishana kahan lagta hai!!!
            Probably a minority here, but I dont wanna see Sham and Sania married! .. why cant they all part their own ways as good friends instead of happy (or not so happy) families?
            I was watching Dil hai chota sa this weekend and was thinking exact same thing.. Why can’t we have short & sweet 13-15 ep dramas any more. They r so much more focussed and gripping.. This elastic formula also needs addressing!

  2. & yes ufff that chitt!! What on earth was that?!
    On a positive note hopefully we wont be seeing any more of the unbarable. & inhospitable family.,.,
    I wonder if shams mum will turn up now!!? Any thoughts?

  3. Even I think that this serial is now being dragged like all others 😦 ‘Sham uss ke peechay kyun laga hua hai? let her live her own life please and Sania bechaari mazloom, can’t she do anything on her own? can’t she say NO to Ehtishaam for once? I hope this serial ends up quickly otherwise it’s loosing it’s charm already. I agree with that the actors are really good and brilliantly doing their job but the story is being dragged too much. oh and Bilal! he’s such a cutie. He’s our HERO 🙂 Would love to see Adeel and Sanam together in some serial. and the last line 😀 Karachi main tou ghar se cheezain le jaate hain aur road par itne bare suitcases kisi ko nazar nahin aaye :p

    • @Abeer – I think Sania has tried to say no a few times but Shaam just won’t hear it and then ofc Saania gives in every time. So much for wanting to make it on her own. Shes not even working and has no where to go why can she not just go to her mom’s in Aussy for a while till she figures out what she wants to do. Rumi cannot be dictating her life, rather she should be making the right choices for both of them.
      Sanam and Adeel are both sizzling on screen but their relationship is pretty much nothing in this drama.

    • @Abeer: Hai na?? Why why is it ke har show starts disappointing …remember Silvatein? How much we all loved it and then like this one that too went haywire 😦

  4. LOLs… SZ yahe tu masla ho gya hai aaj kal they drag the story for no good reason & in that dragging it lost its charm!!

    Coming up daikh kar lagta hai Ssherish nay haseen draOna Khuwaab daikh liya hai 😀

    & i really had a big laugh what said about bags on road n Main-Holes cover thing !! Karachi phir bhe Karachi hai 😉

    Directors & Producers say ziada our Rumi (a.k.a chocolaty hero) got some good sense of pairing. He knows how goood they both look together and trying his best hook up


    • Hey! Arrey, you saw the promos for the next ep? What happens? The online vdos all cut out the promos so I have no clue.. please do share!
      And yeah.. Rumi as the casting director from now on! LOL!

      • Sorry I didn’t find video link as well… in one scene of promo… Adeel Sanam were in the car ( again 🙂 ) adeel dont remember ussay kuch kahta hai & then they were looking in other eyes 😀 … in very next scene they were sitting in registrar office with chocolaty boy signing Nikah’nama… smiling like a happy family! ! Aur us kay foran baaad sehrish apnii mama kay sath… scene mai…. hysterically …. ammi mujhe janay dain agar aisa kuch ho gya tu [Scene cut] …tu awamm bhut khush ho jae ge !!

        saw this promo in late night repeat telecast!

        • Aur itna clearly Nikah scene dikhanay say lagta nahe kay aisa ho gaa! Junaid ( Daam ) ke tarhaan Sham bay charay ko bhe taiiz se biwi kay sath rehna paray ga! All sympathies with Adeel… please God is bay charay ko real life ache wife dena!

          • @SanamSaeed_FP: You know its weird I was just watching Daam again this past week, and for those of you who might’ve forgotten it, do check out ep 15 (?) where Junaid and Zara meet up in the mall after 7 yrs and Fizza walks in on their meeting and LOL!! talk about a Shuk deja vu .. and that scene where Sehrishflips out after watching Sania and Sham in the mall … only this time around the shoe was on the other foot and Sanam Saeed was now in Sanam Baloch’s place and Ayesha Khan playing the psychotic Fizza .. I dont think either Adeel or Sanam follow this blog, but I would love to know if that mall scene reminded them of Daam?!

            • Array haan na jab mai nay play daikha tu I was like… sehrish go inside…. go……. so that Daamm wala scene repeat ho jae 😉 LOL ! Wasie Fizza was tooo irritating, No? sehrish is pretty better thn her

    • I am LOVING the direction this drama is headed. When i first started watching it, i thought this was a standard story of suspicion and mis-communication that would conclude with everyone learning some sort of a lesson and going back to their respective spouse. but it’s so much more than that. If my guess is right, adeel and sanam will end up together.

      In my mind this is samira’s attempt at defending the “homewrecker” and showing her side of the story. but because this is such a sensitive topic, she’s gone to great lengths to get buy-in from our conservative audience and avoid them having “shak” on the two leads. What’s she’s shown is that the two were NOT having an affair and were drawn close due to circumstances which made the allegations a self-fulfilling prophecy.
      I completely agree that some situations have been very contrived including the bag snatching/shooting of adeel, adeel chasing after sanam coz of his guilt, the parchi flying ala dil-hai-ke-manta-nahi but i think it was necessary to achieve three things 1) get audience to believe that the two were neither having an affair nor wanted an affair 2) have them empathize with sanam saeed and her single mother situation 3) have them root for sanam and adeel.

      I personally never liked sehrish’s character. She always did everything on a whim without regard for anyone’s feelings and was unbearingly immature and stubborn. Even now she feels no remorse and continues to disbelieve anything her husband says. The basis of any relationship is trust and respect and I don’t see either of these in her relationship with sham. I for one am rooting for sanam and adeel. I hope this latest situation brings them closer together and they show the courage to be together and not wuss out because “log kia kahain” gay.

      So please take this story with more than a grain of salt (probably a few TBS) but appreciate what samira has tried to do here. If you read comments on fb/dramasonline, so many ppl have commented that they know of someone who went through something similar, whether it was being labeled a homewrecker for marrying a divorcee whom they knew before the divorce, or someone NOT marrying the love of their life because they didn’t want to be labeled as the cause of divorce, or a wife driving her hubby away due to her non stop suspicions and into the arms of another woman. This story has struck a cord with the audience and the reason is because while the situations are contrived, the story is very real and resonates with ppl.

      • @Somia: Hey! Lovely to hear from you …fab to read your detailed take on this serial. I’m glad to know you are still on board with this one, and if you would’ve asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would’ve agreed with you wholeheartedly, but these latest twists have put me off … Ab lets see where Samira and Yasir are headed with this one…

  5. Totally agree with “Dil ke armaan aansoo mein beh gaye” Arre yaar, itne din humari Sania kya kar rahi thi, and why hasn’t she told her mother about divorce. Ali ka chapter to khatam ho gaya and like you said it seemed like ” tumhe bas itne hi episode ke paise milenge, chalo niklo”.
    Hope they wrap it up in a couple of episodes , as such the story seems to be dragging. A perfect end would probably be, Sham and Sania remaining friends and few days later Shehrish realizing ti and coming back to her home.
    But doen’t seem likely. Did anyone see Sanam on Tuc the lighter… in that she said on AH’s photo, “My love interest in shukk..” So maybe the story is going to take another turn and we may see a filmy twist where Sham is forced to marry Sania thus proving everyone’s Shukk. Or as my husband was pointing out, by linking them up again and again, they were pushed towards each other and then actually do fall in love with each other.
    Still looking forward to see, how it ends and who ends up with whom.

    • I personally think that is what is going to happen (what your husband said) in this situation. both Ehtisham and Sania didnt have anyone to turn too. If Ehtisham marries Sania than it will be out of guilted obligation which than turns to love. I am thinking that Sehrish is going to walk out of the marriage after she realizes her side of the mistake.

      Ehtisham stalking Sania has gotten a bit to much but half its reason is linked to Rumi. I feel that Sania should be stronger.

      I have question, where could Ehtisham have taken Sania when she has no one to go too?

      • Should they really get married after all this? Will Sania agree?
        Shaam could have taken her anywhere, a hotel or some such, why his own house? Why not the place he was planning to go live at..
        So weird.

      • Given that sania has no one in the city, his own home makes sense. Hotels are not safe for women at all especially if they’ll have male visitors. A friend of mine went through a terrible situation once because a colleague of her visited her at a hotel she was staying at for work :S so hotel is a complete no no.

        If sehrish wasn’t such a complete IDIOT, she would have actually gone out of her way to help sania/rumi including inviting them to stay at their place or even at her mom’s place. That would’ve put an end to the rumors and helped sania while she got onto her feet or got a visa to be with her mom. But she being the stubborn cow that she is not only refuses to acknowledge her mistake but has essentially created a situation where AH and SS are being being drawn to one another. matlub apnay pair pay khud kulhaaree.

    • @PG: Yes! Did see that TUC show and wondered just like you … but much as I would love to AH and SS together as a pair, I sincerely hope they dont go that route here .. but as you say, or rather your hubby says, the story does seem to be gravitating towards that end ..khair ab tau like you I too am watching to see who when how … but overall disappointed that another show has flattered to deceive :/

    • @PG lol @ ”tumhe bas itne hi episode ke paise milenge, chalo niklo”.
      @Pg @Ash yes id like to see them as friends. If they do get married, that will be one wierd shadi with way too many complications, some serious baggage and more grounded shukk.. albeit there will be an in-house Master Cupid handy at all times working wonders…lol.. no I’m not looking forward to that!!

  6. What to say except ” mat dhaiknay do , salaaa eik hee drama I watch uss ko bhi stupid bana do ” … But hats off yet again to Sanam, Adeel and Bilal .. Baqi what ever director and producers marzi ..

    • Salaams SZ, great article. Wanted to know if u have seen Veena, an old drama of Fahad Mustafa aired in 2009, too good acting by Fahad who plays a transgender, there are 2-3 parts missing of only beginning few episodes but the rest of the drama is on this link if you haven’t seen it, few parts missing won’t matter:!…|cp:1

      Also, please do see Aashti when u get time:)

  7. Also, more focus in the drama Veena lies on other characters rather than the character of Veena which is what I hate because on the poster of this drama, one sees Veena’s two sides. His story is what makes this drama stand out, he plays a transgender who didn’t choose to become one by his will and thus still feels like a man. I love Fizza Jaffery, the writer of this drama, for writing on a such powerful, thought provoking and unique storyline- that a transgender is not necessarily what one views her as and can love someone. Please do discuss this drama when you complete it, thank you. (The poster of Veena is just wow, I have never seen such a powerful poster of any drama, it shows one side of Veena as the transgender and one side showing Murad. Fahad Mustafa’s name was Murad before he becomes a transgender).

    Also, please do see Aashti; again, Fahad and Faisal who play such cute brothers and excellent acting by them is too good. Here is the link for all episodes:

  8. The only drama that was worth watching has now gone haywire. How is this situation relatable at all. Shaam’s fault for getting them kicked out and Rumi the matchmaker needs to be slapped. Kya yaar thats a bit too much, he calls the guy to his rescue for every single thing and Uncle bhi bohut farigh hai, dore chalay aata ha..

    No Wonder Sehrish is losing her mind. Wonder what she’ll do when she finds out Saania is here to stay for good. Could he not dropped her off to a hotel or taken her to a realtor who would help her find an apt or some such. Jeesus.

    I was also wondering how her suitcases were still there for all those hours.. Log to ghar se aakhar cheesain le jete hain wahan, aur idhar to bahir pari wi cheese thi and no one bothered to touch it.. yea bc thats exactly what happens.
    Saania needs to go to Aussy and live w her mom for a while. Until she figures out what she wants to do in life. Ofc unless she really does wanna marry Shaam… hmm that would be interesting.

    I hope next ep is last, bc some of these situations and turns they are showing are a bit out there…

    • @lol haina!! I think u and me r on the same page with shukk.. I mean my oh my aisi bhi kia bechargi ke she couldnt go anywhere else in the whole wide world except the one house that happenned to be an absolute no go!

      Why not tell mummy dear? Now ali out if the picture completely, sitting in aussie-land kuch nahin tou she would have some comfort..

      And yes who is the parent around here??!! Sania or rumi? This kid a bit too pakka for his age lol and yes abt time sania starts making some grown-up sensible decisions!!

    • @Ash lol @ Farigh uncle.. Haina! Lagta hai Atif ka plan is working wonders.. With Sham hardly ever making an appearance at his workplace Atif must be seeing his job in his pocket lol..

      @Rehmat lol @ chota bomb bara dhamaka..
      re Maham & Atif clearing things up: that ain’t happening! This low-life couple would never own up to anything! If anything they will add fuel to the fire if they found out abt Sania.. And even if they do try and clear things up, do u think things can ever go back to how they were? I think the damage is done and there’s no going back!

      • @FA: yes indeed damage has been done what i meant was that Sehrish should know about their intentions and she should feel remorse for doubting Shaam .. This would be justified..

        • @Rehmat haan ur right there but here’s the question: why only Sehrish? why should she be the only one to feel remorse?.. Aren’t they all to blame? Sham for constantly lying and confirming and reconfirming her shukk time and time again… Why cant the hubby take the humble pie for once and jhukk ke try and make ammends?.. he had sussed Atif out.. instead of throwing his toys out of the pram he could’ve tried to work things out.. After all Sehrish did come back but Sham’s harkatein only drove her to the edge once again,..and Sania bibi ne tou khair abb hadd hi kar di sham ke ghar aa ke.. Abb realistically kon si biwi would take all this non-sense!!??..

          • @FA: Agreed that all are blamable.. But i believe sehrish is more on fault. I know its in her nature to react so impulsively and ok let me give her benefit of doubt, but still you wont cross that line which ruins other relations.. No..??
            I think now no damage control could be done.. It gave gotten worse..

  9. LOL @ again dil ke armaan.. So true.. The drama makers dont want us to have even good tiny miny expectations from any single drama.. Only Shukk i was watching seriously now a days and after this latest instalment i am feeling soo very much disappointed 😦

    Such senseless turns goodness gracious!!! Of all the things Sania dont have passport.. And all this time she just wants to go in australia seems like neighbouring city, you just wish to go and eventually with little money u can go there…making her mazloom so much k awww poor lady dont have even passport.. Next suitcases are safely waiting for their owners Wow :/
    Couldnt Shaam actually make her stay into some hotel and pay for her… And saying we dont have any option.. Heights of stupidity.. And taking her to his place and easily confirming Sehr’s shuk..why cant sania tell her mum about all this mess.. She can send her money, its not like she is Laa-waaris or what.. Rumi is chota bomb baraa dhamaka… Making phone calls and taking all decisions in this age :O

    As much as im enjoying their acting, i am disliking whats currently is going on.. Wonder maham and atif will make their entry or not.. They better do to clear things..

  10. Ehtisham bringing her to his house was the worst turn in this show. I was expecting her to be kicked out and Ehtisham being the one to help her from the way he was stalking her but I thought he would rent out her an apartment too. It would make sebse temporarily he brings her to his house to figure things out but to stay there…. Oh well. I am watching this for Adeel and Sanam’s chemistry now. Hopefully they come as a proper couple in another show. I did have some suspicion that Sania and Ehtisham could end up and there were ways to make it seem proper but hese turn of events are not it.

    I think the ideal ending would be everyone going there own seperate ways.

    • Can you really move into an apartment the day you get kicked out of your house, is it that easy ? Wouldn’t you stay somewhere temporaririly till you find something, this is what she is doing, she said it too that it is only for a short time, she has nobody else what is she supposed to do on that day ??

  11. yeah this episode was a total disappointment. This episode was totally far fetched in different ways like you have pointed out SZ.

    @Noor: i agree with you, the most realistic and practical situation would be they all depart in their own direction.

  12. SZ ji tussi baray mazakia ho 🙂 spot on review as always 🙂 dil k armano ki bat kren to drama jab say start hoa tha ye hi derr tha kay climax k baad khain ye ansoo-on main naa beh jyn lekin jo khuda ko manzoor qismat per kis ka zor chalta hai 😦 nahi samjhay chalo zara clearly likhti hoon actually main samira fazal ki bohat bariiiiii fan hoon aur “manay na ye dil” say bari closely in ko follow kerti a rahi hoon in my opinion aj ki tareekh main in say better screen play koi nahi likh sakta in k characters hamesha deep grey well defined well sketched hotay han in k idesa bohat different topics bohat mature and close to the real life hotay han undoubtedly ye aj ki haseena moin han kiunk apnay kaam main consistent han ye nahi ek do hit denay k bad bus khatam ab phool k sath kantay bhi hotay han in kay writing style main ek problem hamesha nazer ata hai climax kay bad anti climax tak jo period hota hai(end say pehlay) us main hamesha nahi to aksar in kay dramas derail ya off track ho jatay han aur main story ek jaga stuck ho jati hai in other words 23rd epi drama main after 16-17 epi drama apna rasta bhool ker kahin gum ho jata hai aur 21 epi main wapis apnay asli track per a jata hai e.g silvatain sanjha bari apa(to some extent) and my eternal love kpkpbt kuch aur nam bhi ho saktay han ab shuck k start hotay hi mere dil main ye derr tha k is k sath bhi aisa na ho well abhi hum sirf 17th epi per han to hopefully yahan aisa nahi ho ga let’s see and let’s hope for the best 🙂
    ab shuck per ayn almost sab ne sab kuch keh diya per wo hi bat jo last time bhi kahi thi aur isi waja say kahi k nazer a raha tha agay kia honay wala hai sania bibi apni family ko to inform ker do chalo mom ko nahi to sister ko bata do wo tumhan sahi guide kren gay k ab tum ne kia kerna hai kia Australia ja ker surprise do gi secondly chalo emergency main tum chali gayin apnay in irritating relatives k pas lekin wahan janay k bad sirf kehtay suna koi arrangement hotay hi chali jaon gi mager koi effort bhi to kerni thi I mean koi gher rent out ker lay wo to bohat easily 4-5 days main ho jata hai money issue hai to jewelry bank main thi locker tumharay nam tha us ko ali kabhi nahi lay sakta tha us ko sale ker lo nahi to apni family say koi bahana bana ker mangwalo kuch to karo main ker loon gi ker loon gi kab karo gi phir ek cheez ali ne divorce di lekin humain ye nahi bataya k haq maher aur dosray money related issues kaisay sort out hoay ya ali sahib gol ker gaye sab kuch
    ab hmaray REAL hero a.k.a savior sahib her dam hazir han khidmat k liay aur rumi miyan ap ki to main ne tareef ki thi last time k ap bachay han aur bachon jaisi batan aur kam kertay han bus ye sun ker ap ne ulti seedhi herkatan shuroo ker din dekho ab sab aunties kitna gussa ho rahi han ap per sudher jao sania ne bhi ek dafa rumi ko mana nahi kia hum gher main chotay bachon ko clear cut aur strictly instruction detay han k without your mom’s permission ap ne in k cell phone ko hath nahi lagana yahan sania ek bar bhi aisa kertay nahi dekhi gayi
    chalo kher ye sab to tayyari thi sania ko ahtasham k gher lanay ki yahan mujhay story k is twist per objection nahi kiun k kisi na kisi tra ko story ne agay jana tha lekin jis tra last three epi main diff incidents k zeriay is ko project kia gaya wo totally unacceptable aur predictable han aur us main kafi loop holes han I am glad k ali rumi track drag kernay ki bajaiy jaldi khatam ho gaya kiunk us say OTT sympathy mazlomiat factor a raha tha secondly last two epi bari easily ek epi main merge ho sakti thin ager ali aur sehrish ek hi epi main sania aur ahtesham ki life say jatay to ziada behter lagta aur yasir hamesha hi child stars ki selection aur un say best kam letay han remember thori si wafa chahiay
    lastly show k charm khatam honay ka ek reason to wo annoying lekin interesting jori ka ghaib ho jana hai main maham aur atif ki bat ker rahi hon naii?
    one more thing yahan ahtesham k non sense behavior aur sania ki unstoppable irritating mazloomiat ki bat ho rahi hai I think ye smira k dramas ki beauty hai sania ki divorce k bad sehrish total villain ban gayi thi samira k plays main koi definite hero villian nahi hota ek minute ap ek character say sympathize kertay dosray ko blame kertay han to next min game totally change ho jati hai yahan bhi ye hi hai ab focus sehrish say hat ker sania ahtesham per chala gaya hai to picture abhi baki hai mere dost and I am sure baki hai 🙂

    • @RJ: From your lips to God’s ears.. or rather @Samira and Yasir’s ears ke this drama is salvaged somehow…
      I agree with you about this fabulous quality of Samira’s writing, and Shuk had showcased this aspect of her writing so beautifully up till the last two episodes, ab jo bhi ho, after all the loopholes Shuk has lost my vote … I have not seen the promos for the next ep so have no clue… but the fact that Sania has allowed ‘Sham so much liberty to interfere in her life is something that is very hard to swallow … and no matter how cute the baccha is .. he has not been taught to respects any kinds of limits at all. You have pointed out the other shortcomings of this story at length as well … so ab is key baad whether Sehrish flips or Sania flips I honestly find both characters quite un relatable ….This was my problem with Silvatein as well… it started off really well… I loved it, despite the do behnen etc, but after around the episode 16/17 mark it got so weird ke had nahin .. and here too as soon as we reached ep 16 & 17 the story has taken a bizarre turn.. ab lets see .. but haan like you I too would like to see Atif and Maham back again… but even if they confess fully to their misdoings can these new hurts be that easily forgiven?

  13. SZ ji tussi baray zaalim wi ho LOL samjha kren na main ne is drama ko complete kerna hai sirf 2 dramas to dekh rahi hoon aur 17th epi per chor nahi sakti bus isi dhokay main reh ker k nai better ho jye ga end tak jana hai bus ek baar end honay dan phir koi kher nahi kerni

    • @RJ: LOL!! Oops sorry!!! 😉 Chalo at least you are watching two.. aajkal logon ko ek bhi follow karna mushkil ho raha hai ..

      P.S. Abhi doosrey thread par aap ke comment abhi rehta hai, do chaar jawab wahan reh gaye hain . IA I’ll complete them tom 🙂

  14. Team sania+ sham!!

    I would have liked to see a more realistic arc for sania and sham such as inadvertently falling in love at work and him realizing he didn’t love Sehrish . But our audience would’ve ripped the story apart. But I am happy that our stories are moving away from depicting marriage as a black hole and only extremely evil ppl getting divorced. Kuddos to samira

  15. You know what crazier things happen in this dunya and in human relationships, then Sania moving into his house. They really probably would have had an affair by now the way they keep getting pushed together especially after what they have allbeen through, and it has actually been shown very realistically . Of course I do not think her living in shams house is appropriate but right now you have to put yourself in her shoes and anything is possible. She is newly divorced with a son to take care of, going through a huge trauma where she is not at fault, and she basically has no one to turn to. The way she was kicked out was not really contrived because they have been annoyed with her and have been wanting her out, and it’s true passports and visas are not so easy to get!! Is a hotel really a feasible place with a young son and all the issues going in Karachi? I mean this is not America or Europe, sometimes we fail to see this and try to compare what we would do. She has no government assistance or low income housing options, like here. We cannot be so harsh, you have to admit Pakistani women if they do get divorced, are gonna have a very hard time and if they have no family nearby even tougher. She can’t just suddenly turn into super woman and be so tough, she is still vulnerable emotionally, has no job and we expect her to suddenly become super woman and do it all. Although I do agree she should tell her mother soon, but again she probably is still dealing with it herself.
    Anyways I don’t think this arrangement will last long, I have not seen the preview but I think there will be some kind of twist that is waiting for us.

    • @SK: My problem is not really with Sania moving into Sham’s house – the way it has been shown so far, this seems like the logical thing to do – but rather my issue lies with what gave Sham the right to interfere in Sania’s issues with her relatives .. it was his interference that led to her being homeless …. the moment when Sham walked into her conversation wit her relatives is when she should have ordered him out of there .. wrong or right what gives him the right to speak on her behalf … and then when Rumi hands her the lost note (convenient how he knew exactly where it would be 😉 ) she just stops talking and walks off … If I were in her place I would still get upset with Sham, b/c note or no note, she had made it very clear to him earlier that she didnt want him to interfere in her life , so why does he come running at the child’s phone call… surely there has to be more weight given to Sania’s desires rather than Rumi’s desires? And this where my disappointment stems from … that Sania has not really learned anything – her character is not evolving – when will she learn? She’s already been played by Sham (when he broke of their engagement) then by Ali, and now even Rumi is running rings around her.. and via Rumi, Sham is back in her life again …. chalo if she could not find the courage to stand up to Ali and now Sham, she could at least have been firm with Rumi… many of us here are mothers … do we allow our children to undermine our authority like this? And then Sham is another one … chalo Rumi is a child, and he keeps calling him again n again, but where is Sham’s brain?

      Khair, ab lets see what Sat brings us! 🙂

      • but i think that’s realistic. ppl’s personalities don’t magically change. sania has been sheltered all her life and has only taken a stand on very few occasions. why would you expect her to change? additionally, she is a single mother, a role she was never prepared for and is clearly depressed. she’s asleep half the time which is a classic symptom of depression.

      • Lol SZ ab agar sania itna be strong hotee, would she have tolerated “khaon khaon” for 5 years without ever even getting angry, I just don’t think she’s really had it in her to confront people, and it’s hard for some people to change. I get where you are coming from though, let’s see what happens!,

  16. @RJ yes i agree they should’ve all gone their sep ways.. But now when sham is madly in love with sania bibi & rumi how will he let go of her? And why should sehrish be the only one to be left out. The game is evenly poised!!

    @ SZ Any idea how many more eps to go now?
    Somehow i dont think theres much to go.. I think it should be wrapped up now before we start feeling the drag.. The aankh macholi was great fun to watch this week but it better come to an end fast!!

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