Ru Baru ~ Episodes 1-4 Review


Rubaru – face to face – opens as a story of two friends Sarmad and Tipu, college buddies who are returning home to Pakistan after finishing their college stint in Turkey. From here the story moves rapidly as it takes just one look for Sarmad to fall hook line and sinker for his friend’s cousin, Shabeeh. So adamant is Sarmad upon marrying this girl that even though Shabeeh is already engaged he refuses to take no for an answer. The fact that he is very eligible, young, handsome, rich and sans the usual rishtedaron ki toli, makes it easy as pie for the elderly naani to break off her granddaughter’s engagement and give the green light to Sarmad’s proposal.

With this proposal life seemed to have made a 360° turn for the bechari orphan heroine; after all who would’ve thunk that a Prince Charming would come in and rescue her from getting married off to an older, unsuitable guy, a hurriedly arranged match by the  not-so benevolent members of her extended family. Included among these is her first cousin Kiran, who is engaged to be married to their cousin Tipu. Kiran is the anithesis of Shabeeh. Whereas Shabeeh is compliant and quiet natured, Kiran is everything but that. Though she wants for nothing in life, this girl is nevertheless mean, spiteful, insecure and short-tempered. Weirdly enough though, none of her shortcomings seem to make a dent in Tipu’s blind affection for his longtime mangetar. In short order the two couples are married off. 

From hereon the narrative slows down considerably as these marriage brings to light a darker side to Kiran and Sarmad, catching Tipu and Shabeeh off guard. Kiran shows her true colors as a jealous, insecure wife, and Sarmad reveals a sinister aspect of his personality. Though he seems completely normal in his everyday dealings something seems to snaps within Sarmad every time he comes rubaru with Shabeeh. So far we have seen him torturing her in many ways, but what is interesting here is that he shows remorse after every such act. For sure Sarmad has psychological issues, but the exact nature of his ailment is yet to be revealed.

Though not the next best thing after sliced bread, Rubaru started off on an intriguing note. The story so far has thrown up several questions I look forward to being answered: What happened to Sarmad’s parents? Why was Shabeeh’s mother disinherited from her share of the family property? What is wrong with Sarmad? Why did Sarmad break off his engagement to the stunning Neha to marry Shabeeh? Why is Kiran so insecure about her relationship with Tipu?

While the story holds out promise, I cannot but be peeved by the characterizations. I get that Shabeeh has not had an easy life, causing her to retreat within herself, but where does it say that she has to be turned into a gaaye bigger than our other gaaye of a heroine? Why is being quiet and introverted equated with dumbness in our recent spate of dramas? Surely any girl with half a mind would question her husband’s rough treatment on their wedding night. Why doesn’t she look into the reason for his quicksilver mood changes rather than fixing his breakfast and asking about her husband’s deceased parents as she roamed around this darkened mausoleum and wondering about its previous owners? In this latest episode Shabeeh did not even bat an eyelid when they returned home to find Neha waiting outside their house… not even one question??

Kiran is another one who seems to be huffing and puffing in a more than an OTT way. The whole getting up in the middle of the night to check on Tipu’s calls and her obsession with his phone was ridiculous. I hope there is a valid reason for this couple’s continued presence in the story, because at this point their scenes seem long winded and quite pointless. A lot of this has to do with the actress playing Kiran, I wish there was a more experienced actress playing this part. Among others, I am a Syra fan but so far I find her lackluster here. I hope we see a livelier Syra in the later part. Tipu, Saba Faisal and Behroze Sabzwari are unremarkable. Salim Mairaj is a fabulous actor but so far he’s had nothing to do here. I hope he has more to do here than just play the creepy caretaker with the chalky grey hair. Though it is a pleasure to see Sultana Zafar back after a while I do wish naani did more than a groan endlessly and spout of stereotypical lines. Of all the actors we have seen so far, we saw glimpses of Mehwish and Adnan is yet to make an appearance, I am enjoying Faizan Khawaja’s portrayal of Sarmad the most. The brooding intensity he brings to this character makes for a great watch.

Rubaru started off on a strong note but the past two episodes have been relatively slow. Couple the erratic pacing with Shabeeh’s flat-lining and Kiran’s shuk, and I’m not as gung ho as I was after the first episode aired. Hopefully director Saife Hasan can keep the narrative in check and help his characters find their stride sooner rather than later.

What about you all? How many have checked this one out? Looking forward to reading your take!

Rubaru ~ OST

Written by SZ~

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    • @SZ: Awww that’s so sweet… you’re such a sweet heart..a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiigg hug from me to u 🙂 review dekh ker hi itni khush hoi thi but RJ yea aap k liye dekh ker to …bus bata nahi sakti… hmmm ap ko dil jeetna ata hai.. haan 🙂 atleast 50 times perhi hai ye line aur her bar thread ko close ker k phir open ker k…jee han itni hi pagal hoon 🙂
      alright ab zra serious hoti hoon first of all review hamesha ki tra jaan-dar shan-dar dhamak-e-dar aur maz-e-dar review say drama k baray main jo bhi idea milta ab main ne dekhna zaror tha is so I watched it aur pta nahi main kitna reasonable sound ker rahi hoon but despite all the flaws mujhay roo-baroo ki first 4 episodes over hyped MSKSH ki first 7 episodes say million times better lagin (ye 7 epi kal hi dekhi han aur ye dhukh bhari dastan k mujh per kia beeti ye MSKSH thread per hi sunaon gi) atleast yahan main ne bohat enjoy kia ek bar bhi mujhay time check nahi kerna para k epi end kab ho gi (actually main forward nahi kerti) zero expectation say dekhna shroo kia aur jis k liay specially dekh rahi thi means adnan sidiqui in ki entry to baki hai phir bhi bore nahi hoi
      Thanks to SZ mujhay heroine ka correct name pta chal gya kiun k drama main is ko koi bhi thik tra pronounce nahi ker raha ya mere kaanon ka qasoor anyways I thought its shabby to main sochti rahi ye nick name hai real name bhi to bta den 4 episodes main kisi ne ek bar bhi real name say nahi bulaya strange…chalo ji ab pta chala its shabeeehh oh what a pretty name zalimon ne is ka hasher ker diya 😦 aur story say bhi is ki relevance hai good choice by writer
      characterization k baray main ap ne jo kaha 100 % agree kerti hoon phir ye drama average aur good k dermian kahin hai to kuch extraordinary expect bhi nai kerna chahiay is ki specialty is ki story hai main ne kisi drama page per perhi thi aur achi different story hai atleast on paper depend kerta hai screen per kaisay nazar ati hai saf e hasan bohat achay director han to hopefully acha result dan gay secondly actors bhi achay han to wo bhi ek strong point ban jaye gaa yess epi 4 filler epi thi slow pace is drama ka sab say bara problem hai hope fully story yahin na ruk jaye werna boring ho jaye ga
      In short main definitely continue karon gi atleast 10th epi tak dekhon gi aur haan ye gaaye MSKSH wali gaaye say better hai aur cute to hai hi 🙂


      • @RJ: ufffhh MSKSH ki gayee num 1 hai even k ghussa feel karany wali gayee hai :/ warna gayees buht common hain na aj kal industry me but har ik per ghussa nhi ataa 😛
        btw Syra is indeed veryyyyyy cute.. I wish AS wouldn’t be here tou me bhi buht dil se dekhti khair gonna watch it for the review aur apka comment parhny k bad.. me too if able to watch MSKS tou not a big deal to watch it 😉


          • @SZ acha hai na ab baqra eid pe zada mehngaai nhi hoge 😀 lol just kidding.. But yaar seriously m fed up of khirad’s.. Sila.. Romaissa n shabeeh type gayees heroines :/ I wanna see Aliyaa type chirya heroine jiski qurbaani bhi nhi ho sakti 😀 pata tou chaly koi bol raha hai ye sb loori deti hain 😛


      • @Ayesha: LOL main ne SZ say request ki thi is dirama ko review kernay ki jo unhon ne kamal meherbani say accept ker li 🙂 ap bhi kuch suggest kren dekhen kia hota hai 🙂
        RE:MSBKSH well I don’t know in do dramas main comparison hona bhi chaiay ya nahi but UA is a great writer aur in jaisay caliber walay writer say aisay blunders acceptable nahi aur hoor shumail comparatively new han is liay main bohat expect bhi nahi ker rahi thi aur ab bohat ziada strictly criticize bhi nahi ker rahi acha time pass type drama hai bus ye mind main rakh ker dekhan hopefully you’ll enjoy it 😉


        • @RJ: let’s hope that I’ll enjoy it.. 🙂
          hahaha lol I was just kidding with @SZ.. warna meri tou ONE n ONLY farmaaish hai samajh tou aap gayin hon ge na.. aur wo pori ho jati hai.. yeahhhh.. only Sannata 😉


          • @SZ: well in ka naam bohat familiar lagta hai aur main 100% sure thi k main ne in ka koi kaam dekha ya perha hai ap k pochnay per mujhay yaad nahi tho phir main ne google kia ta k previous dramas ya jo bhi koi kaam hai pta chal jye lekin rubaru k siwa koi result nahi aya to phir kia ye in ka debut hai ager kisi ne in ka koi drama dekha hai to bta day aur ager ye digest writer han to popular fiction pernay walay hi help ker saktay han


  1. SZ: Once again thank you an excellent review covering all the main characters. I had started watching this drama but was put off mainly for the same reasons that you have covered in your review. Hopefully going forward, some of the questions will be answered to make this drama worth watching.


    • @Nargis: Thanks as always for taking the time to read and comment … yes fingers crossed indeed.. Waisey isnt it disappointing how boring/predictable/repetitive our dramas have become… I so wish our channel heads would focus on quality rather than quantity … Dont you think it would be better to watch one or two good dramas per week, rather than 50 boring ones throughout the week?


  2. yess! It did start of with a good note but it has slowed down now. the questions which you’ve mentioned might be answered in the next episodes. looking forward to them. among all the actors Faizan Khwaja is doing exremely well. I am also a Syra fan but she has no expressions in situations where she should react.


    • @Abeer.. haan.. lets see ab where the story goes from hereon… I seriously hope it picks up and not get stretched out just to fit some arbitrary quota of 25-26 eps


  3. @SZ, loved the intrigue in the first couple of episodes but then felt let down. What sort of stupid girl does not ask her husband why he hates her? She was more interested to know, how did his parents die but had no interest in knowing why he wants to kill her.
    Probably they are trying to show her as a paragon of virtue who will sudharo him… and what is up with Kiran and her and her mom’s weird expressions. Why does she not trust her husband? Or is it just a way of prolonging the drama.
    Lets hope the story picks up from this week onwards.


    • @PG: hey! glad to know you’re trial-ing this one as well 🙂 Yea, right there with you on hoping it doesnt go off track …
      Re: Shabeeh… I winder if shes acting so blah b/c they are trying to portray her as an abused wife? Or someone who g=has sort of gone thru life always going by what others have told her,.. but regardless of that I dont think there was any need to play Shabeeh so flat .. shes almost sleepwalking in some scenes!
      It is entirely possible they may go the route you suggest, or they might show her as someone trying to escape from an abusive hubby and making a new life for herself .. although going by her gaaye routine so far, I dont see her putting together any such escape plan together ..
      And yeah dont like the entire Kiran track at all .. a huge waste of time so far.. I am interested to see their greater purpose in this story, if they have any that is!


  4. You summed up my thoughts in your review so well. I haven’t seen Faizan Khwaja since Cinderella so wanted to catch him here a bit and see what it was all about. Same with Syra, her other drama was such a washout that I thought chalo iss ko try kartay hain. The first couple of epis seemed intriguing but this last one did not move the story along and like you said the ex- shows up at your door and nobody cares?? what the heck was that all about. The Tipu+annoying girl track is pointless and I forward through their scenes. Naani and her re re is unbearable and easily forwardable. And yes why do the mom and the annoying girl make all these faces and are so jealous of Shabeeh – it makes ZERO sense!
    They have done a good job with Syra’s extensions in the Shabeeh role. At first I thought it was an older drama since Syra has short hair but then saw the promo and realized she has the Amreekan role and the Desi role here. I do wish they hadn’t done whatever they did with her eyebrows in the desi role. I do hope the bhoot naukar has a bigger role to play since he’s a good actor. So far the only intriguing bit is Sarmad’s role. Let’s hope they don’t ruin this one by dragging it out…ugh (story of our drama lives these days!)


    • Ohhh! Looks whose finally back from the woodworks..where have you been woman.. Granted the dramas suck nowadays but its always fun discussing them or rather making fun of how horrible they are! 🙂

      For example, Rubaru, despite having a better cast (not the best, but at least its not the same people) the drama is still failing with the audience bc Shabeeh is such an idiot.
      How can she not question her husband’s rash behavior is beyond me. I mean shes not a total ditz because she went to college (i think) she paints for fun and i mean she seemed like a well-rounded person but I guess not.

      Uper se her jealous relatives, like you said jealous of what again??
      I am just interesting in knowing the reason behind her husband’s crazy behavior and what Adnan Siddiqui has to do with the story


    • @Annie: You know I was actually thinking of you and KPKP as I was watching this .. b/c somewhere along the line the story moves to Turkey .. ab to we’ve seen so much of Istanbul ke the major sites are as familiar as any in Pakistan LOL!
      Haan the bhhot naukar or a character from Adams family as @FA said really needs to do more to earn his keep .. aur kuch nahin tau he could at least remove the covers off of couches, open up a few windows and dump that ugly Mona Lisa painting!
      Amen to the not dragging … sadly though I think that is one wish that is not gonna come true 😦


  5. Been meaning to get back on this one, but been a bit busy..
    @SZ spot on review as always!
    The only reason I am hooked on this is Sarmad’s track.. Wanna know whats his problem, why he married this girl, seemed to have fallen for her the moment he saw her, desperate shadi, but then the 360 degree turn around.. but this time 360 degree turn around is intriguing rather than a turn off like we had in kankar… We know it’s to do with some psychological problem/trauma.. but wanna see whatever lead him to it… Got a feeling its got something to do with his mom (mehwish) who will be somehow assosiated with AS.. And then I wanna know how SY meets AS..

    My biggest problem is totally annoying Tipu & co.. I wish we didnt have to bear with them.. its such a punishment watching any scene with the either of the jori..Hope BS character has some significance otherwise at the moment it feels like another extra role… I do like the Nani though. She reminds me of my nan.. 🙂

    As for Shabeeh.. yes she seems like a gayee.. but I think she has more depth than the gayee senior from MSKSH.. Shabeeh ain’t no Cinderella.. She maybe yateem but she does have some ppl around her who do care for her, esp the Nani. We have seen her scenes with the bachcha (is he a cousin?.. still havent worked out kis ka bachcha hai woh?). She does have some some wits about her. She is an artist/ art student, so she does have some zauq-o-shauq, unlike R who doesn’t even know abt LCD, doesnt watch TV, movies or anything…But yes, her taking all the mar peet and then expecting some TLC was off, and no reaction on the mangetar entry was ajeeb! But I’m glad we saw her finally questioning him. Hopefully we will see a better, stronger emerge from now on..

    I think SY also struggles with She seemed to have that same flat expression through out.. Maybe they r trying to portray a character who is scared yet strong enough to not let all that surface? Someone who is in control of her emotions..Either way, whatever it is, it isn’t quite working.

    The creepy naukar reminds me of the Adam’s Family.. no? I guess he knows all the secrets.. So might end up being a significant character later on…

    I found there are major flaws in the play, but the sarmad track is intriguing enough for me to have me hooked for now. And yes i wanna find out how SY meets AS and so forth. I just hope we r spared Tipu & co scenes…


    • @FA: Agreed, Shabeeh does have more going for her as compared to “senior” gaye lol .. but if we are expected to take this seriously and stick with it then Shabeeh better get some vitamins in her and wake up ASAP!!
      And yeah from your lips to God’s ears .. no more TIpu/Kiran scenes please!!


  6. I cannot tell you how much I despise the stock characterisation. Wohi same tum mujhe jo marzi kahe lo, kar lo, lekin mein kuch nahi kahoon gi.


  7. Interesting story! So Shaabi’s mother got involved with Sarmad’s father? Is that why Sarmad sees the woman destroying his parents marriage in Shaabi when he looks at her? He probably loved Neha but when he saw Shaabi and saw the resemblance he married her to take revenge?
    BUT I don’t like Shaabi’s acting, she is weird, not telling her family that she is marrid to a sick man and not even questioning her hubby and at least she should have asked that uncle of sermed questions about his parents, childhood etc.


    • @Pino: Yes, that’s my working theory as well… because that is the only thing that can explain why he decided to marry Shabeeh right away … and also explains Syras two looks in the serial…
      but no matter how the story goes like you I too wish that we dont have to put with Shabeeh’s blank looks and weird behavior for too long ..


  8. Salaams SZ, love Ru Baru, the pace is fast and unique story. Yes I do hate the fact that Shabbi is still living with her mentally unstable husband Sarmad and after what happened with her on her wedding night, either she should have told her family about it OR first show that she is really angry at Sarmad due to his actions and then try to find out why Sarmad hates Shabbi so much.

    However, this is a little off topic but I wanted to ask you if you have seen Masuri on PTV. It stars Faisal Qureshi and Fahad Mustafa and more. Faysal plays the character of a man who is in a journey of finding a woman who he sees in his dreams but Fahad in this drama is too good. He plays a step brother to Faisal and a Sindhi man who wants to go into the city part of Pakistan in order to live a successful life. But Fahad shines in his character, I just forwarded the Faysal parts.

    Also have u seen Wujood e Laraib? A big applause Faisal and Fahad; this drama is really slow and has many unnecessary moments but it is Fahad Mustafa and Faisal Qureshi who made this drama worth watching. Also, do give your feedback and if possible reviews on Aashti.

    (have you noticed that Fahad Mustafa and Faisal Qureshi have played brothers on screen many times (Masuri, Aashti, Ek Hatheli pe Hina Ek pe Lahoo( step brothers), Wujood E laraib- great chemistry:)


    • @Aisha ap ne SZ say poocha hai hopefully mere reply kernay ko mind nahi kren gi 🙂
      RE:AASHTI well ager aap FQ AUR FM fan han to enjoy kren gi main resham aur sajid hasan ki bariii fan hoon isi liay ye drama dekha but I didn’t like it at all bengoli language aur culture zarorat say ziada dominate ker raha hai drama ko itna k boring ho gaya hai main ne pk/Bangladesh topic ek drama “megh malhaar” dekha tha written by asgher nadim sayed wo best tha ager ap ko kahin say wo mil jye to zaror dekhan bohat hiiiii acha drama tha aur bengolies ko cast kia gya tha jo ziada original lag raha tha it was absolutely beautiful lekin ap isay bhi try ker lan you know apni apni choice hoti hai 🙂


      • Salaams RJ, thanks for seeing Aashti. How can you say you didn’t like Aashti? Seema Ghazal, the writer of this drama puts in continuous twists and excellent acting by the Bengali characters in this drama. In addition to FM and FQ, I also love Resham and Sajid Hasan is great too. Much of Aashti’s dialogues are in the bengali accent, there are only some places where some character will speak in Bengali. For me, Aashti was a breath of fresh air and is my top 3 list of fav. Pakistani dramas. I love how there are. continuous twists in the drama and the sweet and soulful chemistry between Fahad and Faisal is just wow. I know the drama is mostly in Bengali accent but what about the story, how could you not enjoy it?


    • @Aisha: Waslaam..
      Glad you are enjoying this one. No havent seen Masuri and neither had the time to watch Ashti, but do know now ke you are a huge fan 🙂
      Yes, there was indeed a time when they were pretty much in every drama and acted in a number of serials together.


  9. @Aisha:Wasalam I am glad k ap ne enjoy kia aur main ne to pehlay hi kaha tha apni apni choice hoti hai 🙂 mujhay kiun acha nahi laga ek reason to bta dia but actually mujhay khud bhi nahi pata aur honestly main ne kabhi ghor bhi nahi kia 🙂 twists and turns well promos say hi sari story pta chal gaye thi atleast mujhay writer ne kabhi bhi surprise nahi kia lastly ap ne online dekha hai main tv per weekly believe me is say bhi ferq perta hai anyways main ap k liay khush hoon 🙂


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