Shuk ~ Episode 15 Review


Every storm is followed by a period of eerie calm, where everything seems deathly calm. Look closer and there are signs galore all is not as quiet as it appears at first glance. Minor cracks widening into irreparable craters and flying sparks transforming into raging  fires  – the aftereffects causing more damage than the storm itself.  Sehrish’s accusations were intended to hurt Sania and somehow remove her from ‘Sham’s life, what happened though was that it was not just Sania, ‘Sham, Ali, his mother, and Rumi who suffered, but Sehrish herself as well. Today, while Sania still has Rumi, his hugs keeping her warm at night, Sehrish finds herself standing on the outside, alone and cold. ‘Sham has made his intentions very clear – he wants to have nothing to do with a home wrecker.

This latest episode zoomed in to offer a more detailed look at Sania’s life as she struggles to put her life together after Ali cuts her out of his life. While Sania is obviously suffering, Ali too is begining to feel the heat – his mother is upset and Rumi refuses to have anything to do with him.  Much like Sehrish, he too acted in the heat of the moment and now the import of his rashness is gradually dawning on him. Caught between these two adults is Rumi. While it is now impossible for his wish to come true – that his mother and father be together. One can only wonder what lies in store for this little munchkin – mom or dad? Why does life ask such difficult questions?

While Sehrish and Ali take the cake for getting caught up in the heat of the moment and allowing themselves to be swayed by others, she by Maham and Atif and he by his mother, ‘Sham too is thinking with his heart not his head. Yes, he’s furious with Sehrish, but then what is he accomplishing by tailing Sania? As a newly divorced woman, nothing is more precious to Sania then her reputation and her son, and ‘Sham’s present actions are bound to fan gossip rather than allying rumors of their alleged affair. Has he stopped even for a minute consider the repercussions of his impulsive behavior? It is high time that cooler heads prevailed all around and everybody stopped pointing fingers and take a good hard look at themselves. There might be a difference in degrees but all are guilty... is hamam main sab nangey hain

It is to Samira’s credit for creating characters and situations which resonate with viewers. Yasir and his talented cast and crew bring this fictional tale to life with such verve that it is easy to recognize the Mahams, Atifs, Sehrishs, Sanias, Alis and ‘Shams who live in and around us. While Maham seems to have disappeared after lagao-ing the first teeli, Atif did make a brief appearance today. Just that one scene was enough to remind me why I hate this couple so much – uff! They’d better notcross my path anytime soon. High time ‘Sham stopped acting like a stalker and refocused one his work. Aisa na ho ke shaadi ke saath saath naukri bhi khatam ho jaye!  Adeel, Sanam, Ayesha, Jibran, Vajdaan, and the rockstar Bilal, all have been fabulous! 

As a story Shuk has come into its own. Fifteen episodes in and we still have no clue where these two couples are going to end up. That said, unlike the thrill ride of the past few weeks, this was a much slower episode, with some very long scenes. While the closeup look into Sania’s personal nightmare kept me interested, I would have liked to have seen less of bechari Sania and more of Sehrish. Ali too remains closed off to us a character. It is very hard to look behind the taciturn, gruff man we see in front of us. Surely there is more to him than this? Where are the moments when he reflects? What does he think? Wish we could’ve been privy to some of his private thoughts. 

Overall, so far so good…but where do these four people go from hereon forward? Your thoughts?

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  1. I am totally hooked to Shukk, because I have personally seen this happening In front my eyes, honestly the character of Maham and her husband are more real then any other character, they come in different shapes and forms…I have recommended this drama serials to many I know who would benefit from it, to see what could go really wrong, what would your HAMDARDI to one can cause lethal to other, that’s why as a Muslim when ever we hear Hadith on backbiting, slandering we should REALLY try to look inside , kahin Aaisa toh nahi we are are doing it with out giving it a thought… Imagine the wrath of Allah (SWT) on people like Maham and her husband… faith and trust are the two main thing which keeps all sorts of relationship alive, wether it’s between God and us, or parents with children , or friends with friends or wife and husband, faith on there love for us and trust that love. Shukk is I must say one of the best among the bests in quite few years… Sanam Saeed is just … amazing, for me her performance as Sania is way better and more convincing then Kashaf, I am not comparing the characters just comparing her own standard of acting …Adeel Hussain is a very good actor among all the heroes of this time and period. Yasir Nawaz has done a very good job in keeping the suspense alive , as just like in life nothing is predictable and anything is possible , I hope he keeps it that way and don’t make a DRAMAAI ANDAAZ Wala end. Badar Khalil is amazing as her khaaoon khaaoon sounds so real !! Lol ..kahin asal Mai toh Beemar nahi thee….
    My eyes fills with tear every time Bilal asks Sanam,s questions …he is a natural, Sanam has to word hard to keep up with this little star … Just amazing …
    And finally SZ your review is once again heart warming, I am sorry lately I am not that active to comment on reviews but I read them regularly .


    • @Sheema! Lovely comment! Like I said in my last week’s comment as well, i agree with you entirely about Maham and Atif. They are your everyday people. The most real characters in the entire show. Sab kuch kar ke they walk away clean. And that’s exactly how it happens in real life as well.

      People don’t realize what they are doing unless they see someone else doing it or a similar situation in which they realize they are no different from them. Many people can benefit from watching this and seeing the Mahum and Atif inside of them.

      Rumi is indeed brilliant! The best actor on the show. He matches Sanam and Adeel in every scene and in just one word answers he seems so real and into the character. Not even once, does it look like bachay na apni lines rati wi hain and in one go says them all. Perfect expressions and dialogue deliveries.

      The suspense is what is keeping us all hooked. Like you, wish it remains till the end! 🙂


      • @Ash @Sheema u guys so right abt people don’t realize what they are doing unless they see someone else doing it… but its not just maham And Atif .. What about Sehrish doubting her hubby, and what abt Sham keeping secrets which affirmed Sehrish’s doubts, and then we got Sania’s silly secrets which confirmed Ali’s Shukk.. These hide & seek games are also everyday stories.. But an error becomes a problem when its not handled properly.. blown out of context & more importantly where there is lack of communication.. So yes a lot of learning opportunity but not just from maham and Atif…. 🙂


  2. Excellent review hamesha ki tra first of all main to divorce expect hi nahi ker rahi thi is liay sania jitna shock mujhay bhi laga secondly ali ki mom ne ali k samnay sania k character ki gawahi di thi aur aisay laga tha k ye misunderstanding khatam ho jaye gi lekin ali ka apni mom ki bat ko ignore ker k divorce jaisa extreme step lena… obviously reason us ki ego hai I think apnay dil main wo janta hai k sania aisy nahi lekin sirf apna point proof kernay k liay ye sab ker raha hai if u remember sehrish ne bhi isi waja say apna baby khoya aur ali ne bhi sirf apni ego ki waja say apnay sath sath sania aur rumi ki life bhi destroy ker di lekin ab dekhna hai story main new turn kia ata hai kis direction main agay jaa rahi hai I think is situation ki responsibility sab say ziada ali per hai kiun k dunya kuch bhi kahay ap ko apni wife per trust hona chahiay aur ahtesham bhi.. us ko apni wife ka pta tha k wo emotional hai immediately react kerti hai phir bhi her cheez ko bohat lightly lia thik hai A k liay ho sakti thi lekin hamari society main aurton k liay bohat problems ho jati hain specially working ladies k liay ab her cheez ki responsibility sehrish per daal ker khud kiun alag hona chahta hai aur ye help kernay say kia ho ga aur problems hi laye ga sania k liay sab say bari help ye hi ha sania aur rumi ko us k haal per chor day ek baat jo strange lagi k sanaia k sath itni bari tragedy hoi ab to apni mom ko inform ker day sania bhi batan chupa ker apnay liay problems khari kerti hai aisay time family support bohat imp hoti hai aur wo hi best way main ap ko guide ker saktay han ye larki phir musibat ko dawat day rahi hai is drama ki actual beauty is k characters han grey and close to the life lekin sab say brilliant rumi hai ek bachay k character ko itni nafasat say likha hai us k emotions thoughts fear desires her cheez ko bohat achi tra observe kia hai usually dramas main bachay bohat heavy aur mature batan kertay dekhtay han lekin yahan aisa nahi hai aur rock star yess bilkul sahi kaha is child star ne sab ko peechay chor dia hai now ques of the day agay kia ho ga kia ahtesham aur sania…. end main sania ko sirf rumi k sath dekhna chahti hoon baki sab bhaag jyn heroine to bus rumi hi deserve kerta hai sab say brave sab say confident and above all sab say mature 🙂


    • Ali ki mom ab bohut innocent ban rahi hai, but in the beginning she was just horrible as well. She made Sania’s life a living hell and never let her talk to her husband while he was away.

      And even now she can careless she just wants her caretaker back who served her lunch at exactly 1:30pm. and not a minute later. Poor old lady.


  3. Shuk is making saturdays worth the wait..a bit calmer episode but equally engaging..seems like for both couples its no turning back specially from men side which is so unfortunate and sad. At times it feels that Sham really have good intent to help sania but then i also have a feeling that he does this to punish sehrish (i really hope im wrong on this one)… Totally agree with you @SZ that Ehtesham is listening to his heart and not mind.. And creating more problems in already messed up life of these 5 people..

    Rumi’s questions were so innocent and distrubing, he want confirm assurity from his mama, which his mama is unable to give him sadly 😦 it is his loss totally without being part of it. All actors are doing simply fabulous job and to match them at every point is our tiny Bilal khan 🙂

    Next episode seems like showing some sparks, lets see how it goes from here. And thank you SZ for another nice review!


  4. Kudos to Sham for being so upfront, honest, and willing to help Sania at any cost. I was impressed by the reason [Agay meri bewi ki wajeh se …..]. I like & respect him even moo0o0ore. Sehrish got served but I can’t wait till she sees the true faces of Maham & her husband.

    My inner bollywood corrupted self tells me that Ali is doing this to teach Sania & his mother a lesson. But then I am thinking that he has already given divorce paper….Jeez! I feel Undecided & Excited for the next episode.

    As always, wonderfully written review!

    – Rima


    • Agree with you Rima! I was also impressed by Sham’s reason – Agar meri biw ki wajeh she unka ghar barbaad hua hai … – it was almost like him saying to Sehrish – I don’t like you very much, but I am responsible for you and your actions – and since you have messed everything up, I have to take care of it.


  5. Can’t believe Ali actually divorced her. What an idiot move. And now he finally realizes what a stress his mother is and Sania never complained about it even once. He is getting what he deserved.

    Shaam is a sweetheart for looking out for Sania’s and Rumi’s wellbeing but sadly it might give people even more ideas and topics to discuss. It is entirely his wife’s fault that Sania is in this situation but for him to now be stalking them is not such a great look either.

    I just wish the idaat ends soon enough, and he marries her. Even Rumi is very fond of Shaam. 😀

    Call me a cold person, but my heart does not go out to Sehrish. I just cannot feel bad for her after all the crap she believed and stirred up, trying to, well succeeding in breaking Sania’s marriage. Shaam’s behavior is totally understandable towards her.

    I am just excited to see what happens next. Ekthishaam rocks!!! Ahhhh my favorite scene was when he yelled at that idiot Atif and told him to get lost. Some nerve he has, stealing his project and then trying to take over his office. The baldy needs to be fired!

    Thank you again for a wonderfully written review! 🙂


  6. @Sz spot on review!! I watched this ep at an odd hour and was wondering if Im feeling the drag because I was tired myself.. but ur review echoed all my thoughts..

    The most frustrating thing in today’s ep was the halo.. I mean I can see where Sham is coming from but no need to become the guardian angel!!! I think that whole thing went on a bit too much.. Yes @ SZ thats def stalking! lol .. it kept reminding me of AH stalking SY (esp the scenes outside her college gate) in mera naseeb lol..

    Anyway I think what he told Sehrish was fine and a couple of supporting scenes to show he meant what he had said would’ve been enough.. I too would have preferred to have seen some more of Sehrish’s reaction here.. Was there only one scene with Sehrish today?

    the doc scene also seemed too long..

    Btw why was this the best day in Sania’s life? A good day, a great day.. but best? how? Am I missing something here?

    TRENDING NOW:- In our drama world the latest fashion seems to be dropping the preachy talk when u least expect it!!.. And in this ep we heard the preachy preachy iddat dialogues thrown in much like the men & gold talk in MSKSH the other day.. But there’s got to be a more subtle/not thrown-right-in-ones-face version for adapting this trend…right?

    Enjoyed Sham-Atif scene.. I have a feeling we have more in store from the crazy jori.. Atif won’t just sit back after Shams giraiban pakrna and all.. or will he?..waise kia dheet cheez hai Atif.. lol @SZ lol@naukri bhi jae.. this could be the next waar?

    But this scene also goes to show how much this darar has hurt him. He has anger for Sehrish for what she did, but he also has regrets… His rawayya could also be a way to punish himself along with Sehrish.. no? Don’t you think he is hiding behind Sehrish here?? I mean he is the one who broke the mangni, kept secrets, confided in Atif instead, knowing well what maham was like…

    Yet again the show stealer is Bilal..Loved the thapk-ing the mama, and his full of expressions cute batein… & poor Rumi, he seems to be centre stage right now..

    Also really liked the shot of hopscotch & stone..

    Looking at the precap, looks like Sham will now b equally guilty, if not more, for Sania’s deteriorating halaat… & saania actually spelling it out to him…where will they all go from here..

    Overall although it was slow, enjoyed the episode.. could’ve been better if we were spared some of the fazool details. but either way loving this anything can happen scenario.. Just hope they don’t beat about the bush now and get on with the story..


    • @fa I don’t agree that is was so preachy. It is totally plausible that some typical women like to gossip and say dont go out in your iddat, I have seen it myself and am glad Sania have her that answer , coz she was right! It’s not as preachy line some shows that’s for sure:)


      • @SK u r right that ppl gossip etc, but unless there is a perfectly valid reason to bring up iddat in a big way (like u mentioned in ur other comment ie leading up to the nullifying the divorce or some other connection), I felt the whole emphasis on iddat period and iddat talk was more of a time filler than anything else.. Thats why I said it felt out of place.


  7. Why do I get this feeling that the divorce papers arent signed like he forgot or something. We never see her open up the paper. If this happens, it’ll be quite ridiculous. I am glad Sania isnt with Ali. She deserves to live a peaceful life. Ali needs to let Rumi go woth his mother. Rumi doesn’t like him and Ali can’t take care him either.


    • I do not think they are divorced either even though Ali has sent the intent and the papers , a woman is not pfficially divorced until she completes her iddat which is 3 menstrual cycles, so in that period Allah has still given the chance to reconcile until the iddat is over. This prevents rash decisions, as in exacyly how Ali acted That is the Islamic ruling, but don’t know how it will play out here.
      But SZ you right a slower episode but I think it had to be after the explosive last few!! Loved Roomi again, what a find!


      • @SK interesting.. Somehow I can’t see this play going down that route..Although, so far we’ve seen all kinds of twists and turns.. but they were mainly characters tossing and turning rather that the story..but i guess anything is mumkin..


    • @Noor i kept getting that feeling.. but like u said if after all this observing iddat and all, we find out there was no divorce in the first place, it will be a ridiculous twist/ turn back to the story.. I really hope they r not going down that route.. I was all up for saving the marriage but not in this dramai manner!

      btw If somehow Sham and Sania do end up together, they would have to move.. It was bad enough living to an ex mangetar, how awkward will it be to be living next to ur ex husband.. lol


    • What if she finds out they are not signed after her iddat period is over. Does the divorce still take place or what.

      How funny would that be if they aren’t signed though.


      • @ash lol i dint think i will find that funny at all.. that will be reducilous!! They better have some better reason for introducong the iddat issue.. Otherwise it just seems a drag medium


  8. @all
    I am reading alot of hope Ali lets Rumi go etc… i think ‘Rumi ka kia ho ga?’ is also turning out to be an interesting track.. i don’t think Ali will be doing that in a hurry.. Personally I wanna see an amicable solution here, where both parties will have access to the child.. It’s not that Rumi doesn’t like Ali, he just loves his mama more. He was yearning for that father figure in his life when Ali was away..We saw a more settled, a happy Rumi when we saw him bonding with Ali. Now we are seeing the old, rather disturbed Rumi again. I think he needs both his mum and dad in his life, even if they r not together..

    I like the fact that so far we haven’t seen either of them trying to brain wash Rumi against the other. I even liked how Ali decided to leave Rumi for a couple of days and not do zabardasti. But maybe its just a matter of time before Ali starts showing his true colours.. ??

    would love to hear what everyone else thinks about this.


    • @FA: yes you are so right, just for rumi sake both parents can live together.. I too like the fact that they are not brainwashing.. Atleast sania is keeping rumi very positive about his father. And the scene where talks about orientation day.. It was good to see ali listening it with out hanging up the call.. He is impulsive and idiot but seems like he will be back to his good persona soon.. *hope so*


      • @Rehmat I’m not sure if they can live together if the divorce has actually gone through.. but they can come up to some amicable arrangement..

        @noor I dont want Sania to go back to Ali either if he has divorced her, but for Rumi’s sake i want them to act like sensible parents. And they can both still try and be responsible parents, even if they move on and remarry etc.. no?

        btw can any arrangement be ever enough for a child from a broken family?


        • @FA: yes but you see sania haven’t signed the divorce papers yet so still its in pending and they can sort out issues..
          It will be so awkward for sania and ehtesham to get married, no??


          • @Rehmat as far as i know back in PK if a husband has signed the divorce papers then its as good as samjho done..
            will it be awkward? I think yes.. it wont be a straight forward fall in love and live happily ever after for sure..But it will make an interesting watch for sure! lol.. how will they deal with Sehrish, and how will Sehrish deal with this. but most importantly will Sania forgive and forget Sham for all that had gone on in her life because of Sham? and then Rumi.. Will Rumi accept him as his father? Will he be able to fill that gap? where will Ali stand in all this?
            well, it will be more interesting than her watching her selling her zewar while Sham is stalking her, and the uncles jis family getting on our nerves and Sania edging over to win the mazloom aurat medal lol


            • @FA: i see, right.. Didnt knew about that
              Hahahaha haan better tou hoga and visual treat bhi to see AH and SS as a pair lol 😀


            • Just wow If that is what people do in pakistAn. That is just totally the wrong way and the iddat has been talked about here, so there is a reason why people have iddat. To either reconcile it the wife may be pregnant, so it would not be shocking but more true to life, as just sending papers does not get you a divorce until the time period has elapsed


  9. I know I am in the minority here but I dont want Sania to go back to Ali. Ehtisham has shown he can be a great father figure. Rumi has always been fond of him too.

    At this point Sehrish still believes what she thinks is true. I dont know how her shukk is going to be diminished without it looking like it came from left field.

    Another thing is that Ehtisham and Sania have become so intertwined with one another it’ll be hard for them to go back to normal. For example Ali and Sehrish had like 3 interaction and only one meant something but Sania and Ehtisham scenes always had a more personal feel to them and they had a lot. I mean Ehtisham is telling the father of the child he can’t take his own child! (preview) Why? Because he made a promise to Sania. Wether this is guilt or care or both is beside the point. Fact is they have a deeper connection.

    Is what I think. :p


    • @Noor: I’m with you on this … to begin with like @RJ and others I too was surprised at the speed with which the divorce twist happened, but given that that has happened I would not want Ali and Sania back together again … why would a woman want to go back to a man who has humiliated her even before this whole divorce issue.. what is to say this wont happen again… after all he’s a grown man and not likely to change character traits at this point in his life…Infact just look at how easily he’s dumped her and the kid. We are yet to see him bothered for even a sec about the for instance how is Sania managing her financial affairs. We have seen her handing over her paychecks to Ali, so where does he think shes getting the money from to pay her rent and all? We’ve sen her selling her jewelry but how does it reflect on a man to throw his wife out like that .. he knows she has no family in town. If after all this, she goes to reconcile with him, I know I for one would be sorely disappointed. I know many would want them to reconcile for Rumi’s sake, but here’s my thing, the child is already against his father based on how he’s seen his dad behaving with his mom, so why do we think he will be better off living in a miserable situation like that again? Like @FA, I think it would be so much better for Rumi’s mental well-being if he grew up with two separate, but happy parents. Also why do we want to see Sania either with Ali or Sehrish? She is clearly unhappy with both men, both of whom have in their own ways used her as a rag doll and played with her at their own whim, no one stopping to ask for even a second as to what she wants. I know I am being provocative here, but just for once I would like to see a central character think outside the cliched box, and if not do it, then at least seriously contemplate (if even for a minute or two) a life on her own, where she is free to make her own life choices.

      PS. Apologies for the long and possibly incoherent ramble.. but aaj trying to clear the backlog of replies so please excuse! 🙂


  10. Okay, come on, if that were the case would Khirad go back to Ashar? If Ashar could come to terms with the situation, I’m sure Ali can as well, and that would lead a better relationship between husband and wife, which would then impact young Rumi. There are brief moments, like passing shadows, when Ali and Rumi really bond but obviously Rumi’s attachment with his mother is the sole defining criteria for all his relationships. Not necessarily healthy but still understadable given the domestic situation (badass dadi and somewhat indifferent husband). Moreover, not once have we seen Sania complain about Ali to Rumi, so a reconciliation shall surely not be that difficult for him to comprehend especially since Sania would want that (if only for Rumi’s sake). Ali’s actions seem quick and definitely in response to Seherish’s tirade, otherwise he would have thought over his decision to kick Sania to the curb. As for ‘Sham, I cannot understand his obsession with Sania. Why oh why would he put fat in the fire by stalking her? Although, I must admit, Adeel and Sanam sizzle on screen! Seeing them together would be amazing.


    • @Bollyqueer: LOL! Talk about comparing apples and oranges! Ashar was a tool of the first order no doubt about that, but this here is whole diff kettle of fish. I’m sure we all know the nitty griity details of Humsafar so no need to rehash them here again and list the number of differences that set these two couples apart.

      Just because we have not seen Sania poison her son’s ears about Ali, I dont see why we should take that to mean that she is ready for reconciliation. Remember that scene where after playing hopscotch with Rumi she tells him that was the best day of her life… Dont you think that is a very telling statement. What makes that the best day ever of her life? Doesn’t sound much like she was happy while she was living with her hubby does it?

      As for ‘Sham stalking Sania, methinks its not just because of his anger at Sehrish’ harkats, he is also dogged by a measure of latent guilt, when he had unceremoniously dumped her so many years ago. He might have never thought about her in all these years, but now that she is back in his life, i think he is riddled by a measure of guilt and is trying to right that wrong in his own clunky way .. although I dont think stalking is the way to go about it and neither is buying the kid two whole boxes of candy. Did he ever stop to think what if the kid told his dad abt “uncle” who was buying him chocolates? And on the matter of chocolates, I love how for both of these men, chocolates seem to be the panacea for all problems – clearly none of them are thinking abt dentists’ bills!

      And yes, absolutely! Can someone please cast Sanam and Adeel together as a proper pair now .. they’ve been in so many serials together but abhi tak unke sitarey nahin mil sake hain…


      • @SZ lol @ two men, chocolates & dentist bills..
        and yes i was thinking of why that day was the best day in Sania’s life? and ur so right.. that makes perfect sense!
        re Vasl.. yes!!! id love to see Sania like that.. a strong woman who can stand up on her own for her child!… but with Ali still in Rumi’s life… infact i was actually thinking of that drama when I mentioned amicable solution earlier but couldn’t pinpoint..


      • @SZ I absolutely agree with the chocolates (and by extension dentist bills). Aapnay meray dil ki baat kahe di, even I thought Rumi was going to tell Ali about “uncle”, which would make matters even worse. Ali by no means is a good father and we’ve seen that in the past few episodes but I also am amazed that for Sania it’s okay to stand her ground, to leave her home, perhaps, even her child but when it comes to Khirad she should easily go back. This brings me to the comparison, I see why you say it’s apples and oranges, but in the larger scheme of things they are both women wrongly accused of adultery (Khirad by her ma-in-law and Sania by Seherish). Their lives take turns for the worse because of a daag on their character. Hindi mein ek lafaz hai that best described that daag called “kalinikini”. A kalankini is a woman shamed by her illicit affair. Sania and Khirad are at exactly the same juncture (albeit by different means).

        After such serious and grave allegations (false, might I add) I find it hard to believe that everyone is comfortable with Khirad going back to Ashar (because there was always love there… again, I personally find that questionable) while for Sania, who has a the most to lose – her home, her child, her honour, her reason to live (as she herself says she needs nothing other than Rumi) – it would be okay for her to abandon all that (?). What are the odds that Ali will let Rumi go with his mother? What are the odds that he might give her some money or find her a place to live?

        If it a question of happiness there is none to be found. Aagay kooan peachy khai as they say. Without Ali she has no Rumi, her sole reason to exist, and with Ali there is no happy married life (which is not true because they did develop an understanding over episodes 11-13). As much as I want Sania to be a strong character, I don’t want her to lose everything in the process, for that would be very unfair.

        @FA Yes! You’re Ashar never divorced Khirad, there’s that. But just because we don’t see Sania and Ali sharing emotional moments doesn’t mean there marriage cannot turn into a happy one especially since we saw Ali mellow down when Sania started working, showing nothing but complete trust in her judgment and her actions, it is only because of Seherish that he makes this decision. If anyone deserves to end up alone it is Seherish (and Maham and Atif deserve each other, such a lalchi, begayrat couple, haas hoti hai yaar, Khuda ko maano!).


    • @Bollyqueer I dont think we can compare the two couples at all..
      First of all Ashar had never divorced Khirad.. so there was that window..
      And secondly, This was a couple that was in love. Although Hareem was the reason to bring them back together, the reason why they ended up together was because their mohabbat khatam nahin hui thi balke kahin kho gai thi.. lol
      but Ali and Sania, their marrriage is more of a marriage of convenience.. duties and so forth..We never saw this couple sharing this emotional bond.. Ali enjoyed and to some extent respected Sania’s devotion to his household, and her duties etc.. And now they r divorced..(or atleast both parties know they r lol)…


  11. Actually, you know what this is all now reminding me of Samira’s earlier Vasl … I would maaro a huge salute to @Samira F if we were to see Sania standing her ground and speaking up for herself much like Ayesha Khan’s character did at the end of that serial.


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