Qudrat ~ Episodes 1-2 Review


There are serials you watch because they intrigue you and keep you hooked;  they have that indefinable something that keeps you from switching channels or walking away, something that makes you think about them throughout the week. On the other hand there are those that are no more than a mishmash of everything you’ve seen before and the story belongs to the been-there-done-that category, so much so that ten fifteen minutes in and you walk away knowing you’re never coming back to that one again. Falling in between these two extremes are the majority of dramas airing these days – nothing wow worthy, nothing memorable, nothing you lose sleep over, nothing you think about for even a minutes after it ends… pure time pass and that too a mindless one.

Written by Batool Bhojani and directed by Barkat Sidiki, the new drama serial Qudrat is interesting because while its not wow worthy, its not same-old-same-old either. As a concept it promises much, differentiating between those who are god-gifted and have the ability to help others get through difficult times vis-à-vis individuals who are out to scam people by playing their weaknesses against them. The problem, however, is what must’ve sounded good on paper does not transition well on to the screen and after two episodes what we have is a gobbledygook of way too many tracks, a plethora of caricatures, sermons in lieu of dialogues, and quite a few really OTT performances. 

After a long-winded preface the story opened with an introduction to Zulfiqar, an astrologer, or rather a seer, his wife, who also seems to be blessed with an extra sensory ability to perceive change, and their children. Zulfiqar is very conscious about his gifts and tries to use them sparingly to help people. While his family is onboard with his abilities, Sukaina, his son Momin’s love interest, questions the family’s faith in this matter. Now if the story had just revolved around Mr. & Mrs. Zulfiqar, their children and their partners, and their trials and tribulations, burdened as they are with their ability to portend future events, it would have made for a great watch.

Unfortunately this track is not deemed interesting enough on its own merit so we have more stuff thrown in – a quasi-retired qawwali singer and his messed up family dynamics. And just when you thought you had enough on your plate with these two families, we also get a neighboring family’s nand bhabhi saga thrown in for good measure. But wait… this is not all …. we also have a bad (read really bad) pir who routinely indulges in black magic, voodoo dolls and all. And, no not done yet…. pretty much every character here is involved in some way shape or form with future events, lucky numbers, qismat ka haal, aap ka din kaisey guzray ga, nahoosat, etc., leading to quite a few long talking scenes and some really loud screeching and screaming.

So far, as we waded through the innumerable characters and their significant others, two deaths, a constant reiteration of how manhoos Zehra was, and really loud background score, the only moments that stood out were the Hina Bayat and Nadeem moments – there is a special sense of calm about them, a particular thehrao about this pair as their eyes look out to beyond what we can see. Apart from their scenes, everything else was a washout. I had looked forward to seeing Talat Hussain sahab, but his character is in severe need of cough medicine in order to be remotely effective. Ahsan Khan is in so many serial these days that it is well nigh impossible to keep track of what character he’s playing where. Sajal Ali also needs to cut down on the number of serials she is doing and focus more on her acting rather than her pal pal har pal changing hairstyles and makeup. Moomal Shaikh is another one who is well on her way to turning into the female Ahsan Khan, har serial main maujood.

At this point, despite the fact that I am mildly curious about Hina -Nadeem sahab’s track, I’m not sure if I can sit through Sukaina and Momin’s lackluster romance and long debates, Zehra and her step family and their gharelu chik chik, the parosi nand and her Romeo, and pir sahab’s track… so dekhtey hain

What about you all? Did anybody else watch this one? What did you all think?

Written by SZ~

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  1. I absolutely love how u write, so descriptive and makes one want to watch the episode. Thank you for keeping alive our interest.


    • @No-name: Thank you for your very gracious words – much appreciated! Are you watching anything on Pak TV at the moment? Would love to hear more from you on the serials you are enjoying these days..


  2. U r right SZ, timepass hee hai,same ol ghisipiti stories.
    but i like Nadeem and talat H so watched both epis.
    u have summed it up very well,
    i wish someone would do Moomals makeup nicely,she always looks so washed out.
    the stepmothers screeching was painful !!!


  3. @SZ lol OMG!! What possessed me to whatch this??!!! Did I really watch this thing?!! And after watching it mere dimagh ki batti abhi tak gul nahin hui I am amazed hAhaha..,

    First scene in and I knew this isnt for me. But then I saw HB! I am a HB fan and thought if she is in it must be a decent project…so decided to sit through and torture myself through the first ep. I pbbly couldnt believe how bad it was so decided to give it another go and do a sanity check! And OMG! The second ep was even worse!!

    We have more namoonas here than Numm.. Infact Numm was a masterpeice compared to this!!! Atleast most of the namoonas werent the main cast!! Here everyone is an aik se barh ke aik!! The only good scenes were HB scenes and even Nadeem seemed too filmy!!

    BGS was too loud too filmy! And cinematography too! We got the star plus type zooming ins and outs with the wierd sound effect!

    Half the times i thought i was in the middle of a really bad 80s lollywood film!

    I an so glad i didnt have my headphones on otherwise i would endured some serious damage to my hearing along with my sanity! As if the bgs wasnt loud enough we had the OTT step-mom! Now The word OTT is also sharma-ing here!! Lol

    There so many tracks ke i lost count.. There are also the bfs and gfs of all the characters..

    Now the whole city seems to know abt zehras nahoosat!! And how lame is this office! And even the techie guy who comes to work in cricket kit seems to know it all!

    Everyone starts their day with a daily doze of horoscope! This is def a parellel world.. Mars or venus perhaps! Def not earth!!

    AKs glasses r way too big and makes him look like a goofy uncle, And not an intellgent youngish guy.. The jori with moomal is as flat as can be… And previews show sajjal as his wife.. That jori is also so ghisipiti ke bas!

    Now here is another one of my rants.. Why do we see the same actors in all the dramas at one point.. This season is really bad like that! We have AK and MS, but theres also Saba Qamar, danish taimoor, sajjal, even Mansha Pasha in every other serial this season!! They all look so similar that i cant tell which one is which! This everload cant b healthy!

    @SZ if the plot was focussed on the astrologer sahabs family and not include all the characters from planet X then it could have made an interesting watch.
    The only thing going for this was HB but is that enough for me to come back and hack this insanity twice a week? I think ill give it a pass.. Its not even time-pass worthy for me lol

    Honestly i havent seen anything as bad as this in a long long time! Lol

    One last thing: a humble request to HB if u r out there reading this.. Please refrain from such caricature, ghisa pita type projects. I could count on u to tell if a drama is worth a watch..


    • @FA: LOL!! Bas meri ghalati… and ab jab ghalati kar hi li thee then I thought might as well share it with you all 😉 And, no, no …. not doing this ghalati again unlees and until one of our readers comes back with tareefon ke dher, otherwise I’m done… no more qudrat in my horoscope for the near future!


      • @SZ, Thanks God you’re not going to continue its reviewing otherwise would have to bear another Sajal’s ”koi mujhse pyaar nhi karta koi bhi nhi”.. 😛 eeeehhhh.. arryy yaar koi is bichari ko bhi loveable role dy do ab tou mujhe drama industry ki step he lagny lag gai hai :/ har play me rona dhona and laments.. give a break Sajal plzzzzzzzzzzz!!


  4. Oh haan btw forgot to mention the hospital scene feom the first ep!
    The almost dead bahu was really bad. If Nadeem wasnt enough with his filmy lectures the polka dot shirt of the son def was a dejavu from the 70s lollywood era! And the crying after death, uffffff!!!!… And after the bahus death everything is back to normal in the house jaise kuch hua hi nahin! That bahu mustve been really bad!! Lol


    • @FA.. Sajal again in a lamentable character… Eeeeeehhh.. Mujhse koi pyar nhi karta koi bhi nhi…
      I think its now Sajal’s slogan k mujhe koi pyar nhi karta.. Yahan kismat se family mil gai tou half sooteli.. God she’s spoiling her image..
      But I love Hina bayat m also her big fan.. Three reasons would be to watch it.. HB.. Palmistry interest and review :p
      Ufhhh Sajal mourning style..
      Not easy to endure 😦


    • @FA: yaar your first comment was hilarious.. And to tell u i was watching drama with my heaphones on.. And i was like ALLAH ki bandi cheekh kyn rahi he.. Pass wale kamre me tou he.. Rofl at OTT sharmaying 😀

      I think that lady who diec was not their bahu.. She was momin’s friend wife, whom he was calling bhabhi and this makes Zulifqar sahab having two children.. 🙂


      • @Rehmat Oh my! i hope ur ok! I was even struggling with my headphones off!!! lol
        Re bahu: oh acha chalo thanx for pointing that out..now i can sleep in peace thinking HB wasn’t playing a typical zalim saas, not even bahaa-ing a single aansoo on elder bahu’s death lol


    • haha! that hospital scene was pathetic!! and the husband , wow how he turned around and started crying i could not stop laughing…Such terrible acting. seemed he was more happy about it then upset.. It was such a bad scene.. Polka dot shirt wala! lol

      They all looked like they were in misery in that scene. . so so bad


  5. Oh main ne socha bhi nahi tha ap isay review kren gi kher ab to mushkil main daal diya lekin main dekhon gi ager ap ne continue kia aur sab say positive response aya to phir ek try doon gi by the way roo-baroo kaisa hai ek review us per bhi ker dan ager different hai to zra idea ho jye ga (big fan of adnan siddiqui aur syra bhi kafi cute hai)


  6. When i say your reviews tempt me to comment.. I actually mean reviews for all kind of dramas good or bad and After reading this one.. I was so laughing the way you put up that literally wanted to watch this one and comment about my experience LOL 😀

    Good part is obviously Nadeem, HB and TH are on board, having such Ilm and using it properly indeed sounds interesting idea but like you said its not been shown so nicely.. WTH was Zulifqar telling before hand about laiba’s death.. Of all the things this is not we call help.. Misuse of ilm.. And daughter coming in asking will i pass.. Tauba.. HB was really nice.. Her scenes with nadeem were nice too.. But it just felt some things were repeated like anything..

    I must say these senior actors cough so well.. SS in numm, BK in Shuk and TH here..:D i was waiting through all 2 epi k we will get to know the reason for zahra’s manhosyat.. And reason was totally Jugaar :/ howcome office ppl know she is manhoos..talk about lack of logic.. Sighh..Parosi track is useless to T.. Isnt that stepmom n daughter thingy is enough to torture that now nand-bhabhi..

    Ahsan khan, Moomal sheikh and Sajal .. A lethal combo to test your patience.. I so disliked sajal hairstyle. :/

    I want to see how zulifqar sahab treat that girl but that will be most probably end for me.. Until you write one more review 😉


  7. Can’t believe i sat through well 1 and 1/2 episodes of this. I couldn’t get myself to finish the second ep. This drama is such a punishment.
    Other actors I don’t really care about, but i would seriously like to know what got Hina Bayat to sign up for this one. What was she thinking..

    Way too many tracks going on ke its actually hard to keep up and it all seems very fake since the actors are doing a horrible job..
    No surprise here, that i am not on board with this one.


    • @Ash: Aww! I think all of us who watched these two episodes should now get together for a group hug LOL! It was an experience indeed! By the way according to their FB page they made it to the top ten with the first two episodes.. go figure!


  8. Bohat hosla hai aap mein 🙂 Didn’t hear about this one and don’t care for it either for the reasons you stated above – Ahsan Khan in his 13th drama in the past 3 months – oh bhai aik 13 episode ka drama bana lo and you can be in EVERY scene and please give us a break. And then Sajal, who was being very selective initially, is now a staple along with Maya and Ayeza in every other drama. Uff larkiyon cooking classes join karlo 8-5 wali please so we don’t have to see your mazloom shakals on every channel. Honestly you open dramasonline.com and all see are their mazloom faces on the front page and you can’t help but roll your eyes. Saba Hameed said it well on Tuc this week that right now the growth of the drama industry is like a mushroom cloud and she hopes things finally settle down.

    These days the only dramas worth forwarding are Subah sitara, Rubaru, and Asmano per likha – require no brain cells when watching plus you get a good laugh or two at the retardedness of the stories. 45 minutes and you are done!
    I tried watching Shukk because of the cute kid like you recommended but oh dear lord could not sit through even one episode. The only saving grace it looked like was Adeel’s character…baaqi sub ranged from one extreme to the other.
    Tuc has been a fun watch these past 2 weeks.


    • haha! Thats some nice advice. Doubt anyone will take it serously though. Ayza, Maya and Ahsan Khan oh and Agha Ali! All four of them have signed every single script on every single channel.
      It’s gotten so bad, that my mom was wondering ke where is Hamayun Saeed ajkal..and once upon a time it was he who was in every other drama…

      Haven’t been following Aasmaon pe Likha from the list of three you mentioned, whats that one about?

      I think out of the lot the only one worth watching is Shukk, not sure why you weren’t able to enjoy but def give it another try. It does keep you hooked and there are no mazloom aurats. Just a bunch of trouble makers! 


      • @Ash: Hahahahaa at signing every single script.. Sadly though These bunch of actors just believe on quantity and not quality.. And that too without doing something different :/


    • @Annie: ROFL at retardness of stories.. Too good 😀 i swear they are like that.. Nothing worth nowadays so i am watching old classic plays and they are so good


    • @Annie: LOL! Rather than you salaaming me, I should be maraoing you a double salute .. APL!!! Wow! I couldnt sit beyond the first two eps .. even in ffwd mode!
      Re: Shukk, apart from Badar Khalil (who’s redefining OTT here) I am really enjoying this one, perhaps the only one I actually look fwd to in the week .. the rest all seem to blend into each other. And its not just the gals, even the guys need to go join a bowling league or some such… Agha Ali is everywhere, apna Ahsan to hai hi, aur tau aur even Nauman Ijaz is seemingly everywhere … in my opinion, the problem here is not the shortage of actors, rather a glut of dramas … why do we need 50,000 dramas in a week???


      • Ok I had totally forgotten about my comment 🙂 thank you ladies for responding! I think it’s both onslaught of productions and lack of actors but still people can try and be selective!
        @SZ I Ffwd thru APL and watch it in 15 mins max – it is sooooo bad it cracks me up. Better than watching a comedy. Ash stay away from it. It’s everything you don’t want a Pak drama to be and more. Stars a bunch of bad actors – Dentonic being one of them who is married to this creepy looking wannabe model who has really bad posture. The love interest is played by Sajal Ali who constantly wears fake eyelashes – I think they permanently glued it on her for the 30 episodes.


  9. FA, Ayesha, Ash and ofcourse SZ, I’m grateful for your critique as I am for your appreciation. Here’s why I agreed to do this project – I was approached by the writer and was tempted by the concept of ghaib ka ilm that is used as effectively for good as it is for evil. Zainab’s character was defined as one of piety and buzurgi – which is commonly refuted when it comes to women even though we have examples of female saints in our sufi history. The back story of Zainab’s origin in Kashmir connected her to Hiba Khatoon and her spirituality led her to meet and marry her soul mate a man 26 years older. She confined her knowledge to healing while her husband / mentor / teacher transgressed the limits allowed against her better judgement. But as the project got under way, the writer and director had a falling out, the script kept changing, voodoo elements were enhanced according to channel requirements and Zainab got lost!! However, a professional commitment had to be seen through and difficult as it was, I did! Many scenes with Zainab were also deleted as the project kept getting delayed and I really don’t know what all was added. To my viewers I can only say I’m sorry if I have disappointed you but I have tried to do justice to Zainab to the best of my ability. Do keep me in your prayers because sometimes what we sign up for doesn’t turn out as we had anticipated yet professional ethics do not allow us to walk away! Zabaan ka paas rakhna parta hai 😦


    • @Hina Khwaja Bayat Thank you for taking your time out to get back to us with all the insight and back-story.
      wow! This Zainab sounds so interesting!! It’s such a shame she got side-lined.. I’m actually quite amazed to see how an original pitch can be a complete contrast to the end result! That’s so misleading…From what I read it sounds like its just pot-luck..
      Best of wishes for your future projects & hope we get to see some good stuff soon!


    • @Hina: Thank you so much for coming back and responding to our comments on Qudrat …I think we were all in collective state of shock ke yeh kya tha .. and more importantly what were you doing there… but now it all makes so much sense. And yes, I echo @FA’s comments that it would have been a whole different serial if they had focused on one story – Zainab and Zulfiqar – and elaborated on it rather than getting lost in trying to spice up their stories. *Sigh*
      Interesting as it was to read about how a potentially interesting story went off track, it was fascinating to see how much of a roll of dice this whole business of drama making is .. we the viewers are unaware of all the compromises and additions/subtractions that go on behind the scenes, so really appreciate this insight!
      Hopefully there are better projects in the pipeline and we will soon see you in a role that does you justice.. fingers crossed!

      Also, thanks for the update on Dr. JahanAra’s telefilms … I was wondering what happened to those …. sad to see another interesting project shelved 😦


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