Shuk ~ Episode 14 Review


Loved, loved, loved this latest episode! Now this is what I call drama and full on entertainment – Yasir, Samira and the cast and crew, take a bow!

Much of what happened today was not unexpected, but the way it transpired and sensitivity with which each character’s dilemma was highlighted was truly applause worthy. Unlike what we see on our screens these days Shuk is not a one note black or white damnation of characters, rather the way Samira and Yasir have played it here, we see not only the black and white but are also privy to all the various shades of gray that make up a relationship. We knew ‘Sham was less than thrilled with Sehrish’ outburst at Ali’s house, but the heated exchanges between this once loving couple were something else entirely. There was no resort to OTT screaming or the same old tired typical dialogues. ‘Sham made his anger and disillusionment known in no uncertain terms, and Sehrish…. well …. lets just say that Sehrish is now left to try and figure out how to clean this mess of her own making.

While I am just as annoyed with Sehrish as ‘Sham is, it is to Samira, Yasir and but of course Ayesha Khan’s credit, that even as you wanna hate her, you also feel for this woman. For someone who lived a golden life and had always gotten what she wanted, her initial inability to bear a child and later her unfortunate  miscarriage were two very bitter pills to swallow. These insecurities blinded her to such an extent that eventually all rationale was left behind. That her actions would ruin Sania’s marriage was something that did not even figure in Sehrish’ convoluted thought process, and is very telling of Sehrish’ state of mind. All that mattered to her was to protect her turf from a perceived threat. The very basic fact that Sania was never a threat to her marriage was something that never entered her mind or rather so fluently was she played by her BFF from hell that everything else ceased to matter. Now that ‘Sham has actually voiced her worst fears will she find the wherewithal to face up to the havoc her selfish, unthinking actions have caused? More importantly, even if everything were to be fixed, will her relationship with ‘Sham ever go back to being the way it used to be?

At the other end from Sehrish is Sania. While Sehrish was fighting tooth and nail to save her relationship (in her own mind) Sania just walked away from it all with barely a protest – arrey yaar, bete ki khaatir hi stand ley leti!  Though her behavior was in keeping with what we have seen of Sania so far, I would’ve liked to have seen her stand and ground and refuse to leave … or at least waited till the next day. But then that is Sania for you.. her hurt is as palpable as is her naivete. Every time I watch I alternate between wanting to give her a huge hug and wanting to give her a hard shake. What I love about Sania as a character is that a slight misstep here or there and she could have easily turned into yet another roti dhoti, kismat ki maari mazloom aurat, but Yasir and Sanam have kept this character tightly in check and kudos to them for bringing this very complex character to life ever so beautifully.  

Like the chalk and cheese ladies, we also have two very different male characters. While Ali is quick to bluster and is the kind who acts first and thinks later, ‘Sham was the one who thought first and reacted later. But the events of the past few episodes seemed to have turned ‘Sham inside out as well. The more Sehrish goaded him, the more he pushed back. Gone was that laid back husband who could easily overlook his wife’s irrationality. What is interesting here is that while Sehrish is the obvious culprit in this situation, unknowingly ‘Sham too has played a part in messing up not only Sania’s life but his life as well. Adeel is magnificent as Ehtesham – again applause for Yasir and his actor for keeping ‘Sham from becoming a screaming caricature. For his part, Jibran seems to be have the most uni-dimensional character of all, but I’m hoping that like we saw earlier, Ali will surprise us once again.

Moving forward, the big question is where do these couples go from here. Ali has been to visit the lawyers, Sania seems to have accepted the status quo and is already thinking of a new life with Rumi, and Sehrish and ‘Sham’s relationship seems to have reached a point of no return…. Looking forward to seeing what the writer/director duo has in store for us next.

Whether they stay together or break up, there is no doubt that these four will move on with their lives… but what about the unwitting victim of this whole story – Rumi. Bilal Khan as Rumi is undoubtedly the star of the show. Love the chemistry he enjoys with all his co-actors and all his scenes are a joy to watch.

Looking forward to next week I hope we see less of Aqeel Bhai’s family and more of this consistently coherent storytelling

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ mmm ok this week my take is slightly different to yours.. for me it was more of a mixed bag..

    The way the episode started, with SS’s khoon khoon and jharoo pocha, and Sehrish’s turn around, her zameen par sona and then Rumi’s sleeping outside, I wasnt sure if I was gonna like the rest of whats to come.. It looked like we r gonna get the typical rona dhona, zulm waghera and i was actually not looking forward to what’s to come.. So yes I didnt like that bit at all….

    but I am glad to say that all that changed as the episode progressed.. and then i found myself getting back into it all.. loved how all the characters esp Sehrish turned once again.. got to see zameen pe sona wasnt just being the ”good wife” thing but was more to do with her guilt.. & those confrontations were really good once again!..

    And then all the action kicking in with rumi.. loved it!! I think Bilal is def the star of the show.. Beta!! u’ve beaten AH to it here lol.. Honestly this kid is too good! loved all his dialogues and then even small things like the way he was resisting against Ali (scene by the wall),.. not many kids can add so much expression on screen.. even while he was sleeping.. and i think yes Yasir deserves alot of credit here too!!

    btw was that Atif eating instant noodles while Maham was cooking??.. now this jori is seriously crazy!! lol

    To start off with i thought we were going down the same old same old.. but im glad to see we r back to square one..not knowing what’s to expect favourites here, nobody is any better that the next.. seeing we are only what half way through?, difficult to predict anything! and thats what im enjoying the most!! but Saania yaar pls foran se peshtar jao Lahore..I honestly cant take any more of this hosts from hell family!!!


    • @FA: Agree.. when it started I to went ugh … no not again .. but next scene on I was hooked… and I usually find it difficult to sit through an episode in one go, but I sat through it here without getting up even once.. so I was pretty into it LOL!

      Btw, it wsa pretty clear Sania has never done any jharoo before in her life .. who starts off by cleaning a room from the middle and that too by candlelight?!

      Hahaha @ the noodles … kiya hain yeh dono bhi …. I wonder if these were meant for the absent bacha .. if so one more -ve mark against them for feeding their absent baccha junk!

      And so true about the best part being ke we have no clue where this goes next – amen to that!!!


    • @FA – Ahhh Rumi is such a cutie! His expressions, dialogues, sab kuch is on point! Asa lagta hi nahi ke he’s acting, its all so natural!

      Sania needs to go back to Lahore and also needs a new wardrobe. Kya yaar, achi bali nokri hai, she’s living with some a-hole family friends, why not stay in a hotel for a few days, its better then having to deal with jerks and having to clean that disgusting room, full of bugs and birds???

      Atif was eating maggi noodles! lol. Those two are a trip for sure!

      I am not quite sure if Sehrish feels any sort of guilt or not. She is just worried ke Shaam will leave her if something happens to Sania bc of his last threat. All of a sudden she woke up is now trying to fix things. She should have thought about that before running off to Ali’s house.

      The best was when Shaam went off and said “haan mai use mohabat karta hoon etc……”


      • @Ash oh yes she need a revamp!!! lol

        re sehrish: i felt that she was feeling guilty when she found out abt what happenned to Sania..but obviously her prority is her own ghar and hunky hubby.. so as soon as she sees him stand up for Sania she feels threatened.. and who wouldnt after that dhamki after dhamki of sham!!!


  2. @SZ ROFL @ feeding their baccha junk food.. that just reminded me of hareem from humsafar.. uss ko bhi wohi khane ko milta tha wo bhi itni beemari mein!!! lol

    and btw why did sham take the most khatara taxi in karachi?? radio cab hi bulwa li hoti?.. and btw didnt they also have a driver last week??

    lol@ sania doing jharoo.. no wonder agle din phir ita kachra nikla!! btw that naukar was kamal ka too.. bas kaha safai ka saman le ao and she got everything she needed.. no list no nothing! kia baat hai!


    • @FA.. Hello..
      Itny lamby comment me hello is liye that I haven’t watched it yet but loved review n Usk bad apka comment obviously.. Kal after watching I’ll also take out Daliyaa n noodles riddle 😛


    • Shaam was in a rush and couldn’t think on his feet, so he hailed the first taxi in site. At first, I was wondering why didn’t he drive his own car but then rem’ed the poor guy only has one arm to work with ATM.

      haha @ Sania! List toh di thi na usne..she said jharoo , and umm i guess thats all i really remember but she said 3 – 4 things.
      Second time around I thought the host from hell would take her bakery goods.


      • @Ash kahan list di thi yaar.. wallet se paise diye aur kaha safi ki cheezein mangwani thi.. thats what made laugh so much!!
        uff those hosts!! less said the better…


        • okay you’re right. went back to check! she says “safai ka saman and do-teen bulb mangwanay hai”.. safai ka saman means jharoo, balti, aur lysol wipes! LOL


          • @ash hahaha.. waise i wish we could all get such great telepathy!! Ab yeh hai Utopia-land indeed! lol
            waise itni telepathy Ali ke saath hoti tou faida bhi hota! lol


  3. This episode was brilliant. The Sehrish/Ehtisham confrontations were amazing. You can feel the intensity. And when Rumi was sleeping outside my heart! Another scene I enjoyed was the Ehtisham and Ali confrontation; it was the firat time we see them have a proper convo and the intensity! I ALSO found Ehtisham’s and Rumi’s relationshup to be super cute. It was just awesome. The first bored me but when the second half came I was at the edge of my seat. Just brilliant. I wished Sania wouldn’t brush of Ehtisham like that though. Also Ali’s mom just makes me laugh everytime.she.appears.


    • @Noor – Ali’s mom is such a character I swear! She just needs Sania around to do her chores. Warna toh she can careless where she goes..

      The confrontations are intense for sure! Love AH all worked up and punching walls. He plays the aggravated, angry man so well. Reminds of him in Mora Piya. He has surely come along way..


    • I was wondering the same thing. I think that green file was the divorce. Unless he hasn’t signed it yet?? Lets see what happens. Even the pre caps didn’t disclose anything about that.


  4. Sounds REALLY interesting! Missed out on today’s episode, but definitely going to load it up. No doubt, it’s going to a completely different level. Lets see where the current turns! Hats off to the story teller and the executioner


  5. Hey! Fabulous review!
    Really enjoying Shuk! Sham and Sania are awesome together! But the real show stealer is Roomi! What a smart boy!, and so adorable as well. Love his chemistry with Sham…

    Sehrish had this coming so she should pay for it. She caused so much trouble in Sania’s life and made life equally difficult for Sham all because of the two idiots, Atif and Maham, who walked away clean. Well Sham always knew they were manipulators but it was really funny to see them brush Sehrish off like that after they led her on and fed her all the lies. What’s even funnier is we may hate Maham and Atif but they are your every day people. Sehrish got what she deserved, after having suspicions about such a caring, loving husband.

    Ali turned out to be a typical Pakistani man after all. I was surprised to see him so calm and understanding for the past 2 episodes. Just didn’t go well with his uptight, me myself and I, personality! And now he has divorced the poor woman.

    I really hope Sham ditches stupid Sehrish and marries Sania! phir maza Aayega! 🙂


    • @ Ash: Sham and Sania I feel.come together better. Their polar opposite personality is very intriguing. I love Rumi. HE IS SO cUTE MA. And he can act too!

      I find Mahum and Atif’s role might be finished. Now I think we have that lovely family to worry about. Where will she go if yhey kick


    • Ugh I accidentally pressed the reply buttonand left the other message unfinished.Anyways like I was saying… Where will Sania go now especially if the police might get involved? Also did Ehtisham threaten Sehrish about divorce?

      I feel for Sehrish but her behaviours now are making it very hard to side with her even though she is a victim too. And I feel my bias towards Sania play a huge factor. :p btw In the preview when he said “Mein uski hifazat karoongi, I couldnt help but think how sweet he is. Although his behaviour with Sehrish is not the way to settle the problem it’s understandable why he he is reacting the way he is.

      I love this show and the characterizations.<3


      • @noor exatly! I loved how the writer has made shaam say all that.. Which sounded wow and its great if u go by his intentions but its certainly not the way to go to save his own marriage.. Its only making sehrish more insecure! And its this precisely this humane/human factor that’s making shukk such a great watch for me!
        Btw did anyone watch tuc with AH.. Gosh that was one good watch!! Had loads of fun! Now this weekend was AH overload! Lol


        • @FA, kal shayd apne mera hello nhi suna.. tou again big HELLO 😛

          oh yaar I’ve watched just for AH’s sake.. he’s too much awesome.. even Sheharyaar was not too bad but my sara k sara focuss was on AH.. he’s really a gentle man all the guts to enjoy a huge fan following 😛 BTW I don’t like this kareena Depeekia option >_< eeehhh when our stars will realize that THEY are even toooooooooooooo better before them :/


        • @FA: hey.. Yes i watched that.. It was good but SM was spoiling the fun for me.. Dont know why :/ but i absolutely loved sensible answers of AH 🙂


      • @noor re police: haan! Uff i hope that doesnt mean that we will b lumbered with that family for longer!

        I kinda still suspect some craziness from the crazy jori.. But u r right i think they might just fade out.. Abb itna arsa bache ko neglect kia hai they might wanna spend some time with their kid!

        Btw where is the shaams mum? Abhi tak kuch ata pata nahin hai! By the time she comes back looks like she will have an even bigger mess to clean up!


    • @Ash: oh yes absolutely sham and sania are awesome together.. Their scenes really create magic.. And i like your idea of ditching sehrish and marrying sania 😉


  6. Just loved it! AH and Bilal khan are brilliant. I think AH has become very confident and hence his dialogue delivery and expressions are fantastic. The kid is a star and what a discovery! Yasir Nawaz and Samira Fazal have created a masterpiece. I just love the complex relationships and the repercussions of simple innocent steps that lead to complicated situations. A great concept and very well executed. Both Sania and Ayesha are doing justice to their roles and the actor playing Ali has also nailed it. Great show Yasir Nawaz!


  7. @SZ, as always Brilliant review.!!
    me too loved this instalment n the beauty here is RUMI.. awww the way he dial Sania’s num give me jerk 😛 God, btw if he’s able to call her from I-phone I think Bilal khan must have been a facebook Id.. I want to add him lol.. 😛 He’s too much awesome n cute.. mera FK wala claim me wapis leeti hun Rumi beta ao tou FK se bigger star ho..!

    the story is superbly going… I loved Shaam’s reaction to Sehrish.. though I felt a lot for Sehrish but.. she un-fortunately deserve such reaction.. uffhhh AH was exceptional in an Aashiq form.. the soyaa huwa Aashiq is wake up probably just to tease Sehrish.. but AH is too Good even Ayesha and Adeel are having a great chemistry..!!

    coming to Sania, as u said SZ that bety ki khaatir he stand ly leti tou roula he kiya tha.. if she could this, she even could stand before sehrish and prove herself, innocent but no… she just can’t.. I’m wondering for Ali’s reaction what he’ll make it off, that Rumi is with Sania just in the blink of an eye.. baba je ko pata nhi beta kb uncle k saath maa k pas pohanch gaya 😛 chalo je Mr.Ali now takes rest..!!

    I just wanna Slap Maham and dumb Aatif.. uffhhh that noodles were so much irritating and the way he raise his hands before Maham to refuse Sehrish.. eehhh.. are they seriously office workers?? :/ mujhe tou Anaari college uni fellows lag rahy thy donu.. chalo I just just just wish k Sehrish would gain some aqal khuda k liye.. but m sure she’ll again come with her “Maham’s tape” again..! eehhh so much stupid of her..!!

    I loved the way Rumi hugs Sania and she said ”Mamaa k paas rehna”.. ohhh these both are incomplete without eacother..!!

    I don’t know why the directors spoil side characters mostly.. I think 75% of side characters we go through, are always complete off to the situations.. this lil fact affects the charm as Aqeel bhai, his wife and sis are really not adjustable in this scenario as rest of others are perfect..!! Directors should take care off this aspect too that side characters must be good and to the point.. Even Sania’s mother was so robotic in uttering the dialogues..! when I watched such parts, I get ‘ohh ye acting kar rahy hain” but during perfection it never comes to mind.. just a bit diverting, makes the disturbance.. it’s not only Yasis Nawaaz, even Sultana siddique and kashif Nisaar also did the same mistake lots of time..!!

    Overall, Samira Fazal has given a very lively and real characters infront of us who all are true to life and thoroughly enjoying them..! Hoping more better episodes ahead..!! Good luck shakk team!! Wishes..!!


  8. Excellent review! Can’t say I disagree with anything.

    I must say though that I am in love with Ehtesham and his handling of Sehrish. He was so caring at first and made sense of all that she did. However, a man can’t do this his entire life..especially when his spouse is so out of her mind. Loved it when he said the things that she was afraid of right to her face just to annoy her. He has been pushed over the limits and his response seems logical. The fact that he doesn’t resort to shouting makes me love him all the better. Why shout when you can fight this way? 😀

    By the way, did you check out Adeel’s interview with Mahira on that Tuc show? It’s one great watch. Adeel has to be one of the most entertaining and mature individuals in the industry!


    • @Moiz – Everyone loves Ekthisham after he put Sehrish in her place! 🙂

      Happened to watch The Lighter Side of Life show with Adeel Hussain and Shehryar in it. I must say that was by far the best episode yet. Adeel was very mature , and fun to watch compared to everyone else whose come so far.


  9. Enjoyed the review …. and the show- can’t wait to see what happens of this mess that human beings make, mostly due lack of communication and ego issues.


  10. And i loved your review along with episode 🙂

    Was very much looking forward to see Sham’s reaction on what happened with Sania and it turned out just excellent.. Adeel as Ehtesham was simply fabulous in portraying his anger, frustration, strive for making things better.. His scene with Rumi was cutest.. This kiddo really share great chemistry with every actor.

    Sehr have came so far in her blindness that she just dont want to listen anything from anyone.. Only way for her to realize what mess she created is that maham and atif spill the beans.. Else sehr and sham relationship dont actually seems like to br mended now :/

    I so wish sania could give a stern answer to Ali on that all those stupid allegations.. Really excited to know what happens next with things getting more complicated!


  11. I am so wowed by this drama, it has turned into a must watch every week!! I am so enjoying the sham sehr confrontations much more than when they were on good terms….the arguments are so natural and realistic and one is left speechless as they have been acted out so week. Adeel is just getting better and better as Sham!
    Rumi breathes even more life into this with his amazing acting, the kid is just totally adorable and perfect….love him!trol
    The thing is we really don’t know what will happen now, everyone is behaving in the way they think is best due to circumstances that seemed to haven just spiraled out of control, you really can’t say oh so and so is so evil maybe harsh or irrational but not evil. Ali is probably somewhat cruel, but Sania should have made more of an effort to convince him rather than just leave!
    Oh and Mahum, how shie conveniently just took a back step in all of it and blamed Sehr…wow all her meddling and conniving turned into I was just lending an ear…badtameez or what!!
    great review SZ, so glad we are all enjoying this onE! Really great work by the writer, director and all the actors!!


  12. Question to everyone here: What do you think the chances of Ehtisham and Sania being end pair now according to recent storyline twists? How would you feel about it? Can it be done without going against the themes of the show?
    I feel everyone forgiving one another and everybody going back to old times will be to simple and typical.

    I also feel that because this is a drama about SHUKK it should show the highest extents of damage that Shukk is able to people.

    At this point in time I dont know what to expect. I am usually able to tell the conclusion of a drama in the first 5-8 episodes. :p


    • @Noor: along with you i also feel forgiving will be typical end and after such disastrous mess it will be so hard to trust eachother.. And also it should show the consequences of Shuk, i agree with that..

      I dont think sham and sania will end being pair.. Very rare chances i feel.. Something very different should come up, my expectations are getting high week by week 😀


    • @Noor – good questions! I am not sure if they are going to end up together or not, but I really hope they do. It does seem like Ali has given the divorce, unless those papers in that file are not signed.
      But if Sania has an ounce of self respect in her she shouldn’t go back to him.
      The theme of the show is Shukk, about something that didn’t even exist, so now they should end up together, Sehrish ke yahi saza honi chahiye. Jeez i sound so

      I hope its not that same ol same ol typical forgive n forget ending. Rumi never got along with his father from day one, and i think there is a reason for that..

      If you are able tell the conclusion so early into the dramas and can’t for this one, goes to show you how good a story finally is! 🙂

      Lets see kya hota hai… I think there are quite a few more episodes to go..


      • @Ash.. Hahaha lol I also somet sometimes sounds same for sehrish k isk sath yehi hona chahiye but at the same time I feel for her like bichari pyar aur Maham ki satai hoi hai 😛


    • @Noor.. Lol I actually want to see shaam n saina as a pair but I think it won’t be happen.. Our sania will never accept shaam even if he would propose her as warna Shall prove ho jayee ga and on the other hand I think Rumi’s presence here will help out Sania n Ali to reunite tb tk shaam ka sudden wake up aasihq bhi so chuka hoga lol.. Surely that was just for sehrish..

      But I’m pretty sure that happy ending it will have only if Sehrish and Maham remain detach warna wo nhi bastaa dekh sakti Sehrish aur Sania ko.. :/ I don’t understand Atif’s bachkana behave seriously..


    • @Noor & @All very interesting conve going on here!..
      yes looking at our typical drama genre, we could say they it will be a forgive and forget and happy families with a miraculous turn in the last episode.. but Shukk has been different and the way we’ve seen these characters tossing over left right and centre anything can happen.

      Sham & Sania getting together is a possibility. If after this ever-growing shukk gets to the point where Sham ends up leaving Sehrish and where Sania is left with no other option then yes this could happen. With Sania’s no other option I mean, like someone else said, with the host family also doing shukk on E and Sania and so forth Sania gets to banami and bebasi ka uss point that nothing else matters, we might just see another Sania emerge!

      Yes I agree with the extent of shukk theory.. Even the OST suggests that!


  13. Yes I don’t think that Sham will end up with Sania, that would be too crazy for a Pakistani drama. Maybe if it was American yet hen yeah lol I’m sure both couples will patch up but how is the question, more wondering how sham and sehr will come back from here?


    • My thoughts exactly … want to see them together but don’t think it’ll happen .. but yeah don’t know how they come back from here … how can any of the four forgive and forget all that’s been said … Really hoping we are not let down after being led to this point of high expectations!


      • I also believe Ehtisham and Sania ending up together would be very unlikely but I do wonder what could happen from now on to mend the ways. Whatever the conclusion, I hope its worthwhile.


  14. Btw I have read somewhere that Fawad was suppose to be Ehtisham but wasnt casted due to high pay demands or something. Is this true?


          • @SK: You know more than Ehtisham I would’ve loved to have seen FK play Ali and see how he would’ve dealt with an anti hero kinda role .. Would’ve been fab to see him gradually soften up with Roomi (remember that ball scene) and just imagine him saying Sania main “ba-ghairat” nahin hoon…. main ab tumhen is ghar main nahin rakh sakta…LOL!!


            • LOL! Eye candy overdose and a smoking hot pair ! Although you guys are right Sanam and Adeel need to be a couple now, woulda been fun if Sanam and Ayesha had done the other opposite role lol Sanam seems to be getting typecast!


            • @SK – Agree! Would’ve been fun to see Sanam in Ayesha’s role . But i don’t think she is being typecast. Actually from Daam till now I think she’s done quite a few diverse roles; Daam, MeJ, Mera Naseeb, Talkhiyan etc etc….


            • @SZ: Too funny! I had remembered your comment about FK saying ba-ghairat in HS when Ali said it in Shukk!!! It’s hilarious the little things that stick with you!


            • Adeel is great but can he do an “Akbar” quite like FK? Aur Allah bhala kare Haissam Hussain ka jisne usse yeh karwa diya. doesn’t see like anyone is going to give a hatke role to FK now. And the people who might just can’t afford Fawad anymore :(. I seriously hope he starts charging keeping the producer’s pocket in mind n other factors.
              Apologies for turning Shukk blog into an FK one.


            • @All inetersting once again! We r discussing FK here.. @SZ Yes it would be nice to see FK play the anti-hero.. but when u look at it all the characters are so flawed that no one is a hero or anti-hero as such.. i think AH is doing fab as Sham, but if Ali was equally good it would have made it even more interesting!! btw Id love to see both AH and FK together in a play! Now that would be some serious eye candy & sugar rush! lol


          • @SK.. Agree Fk me kuch nhin buht baat hair.. BTW guys I’ve come to know that Fawad is busy these days in amar Bail’s shoot that’s going re-cast.. Fk playing as Umar and soon I hope we’ll see him for the first time in 2014..
            I’m not confirmed but as I read the news I thought to share it.. Let’s confirm from @SZ.
            Plzz SZ make all us happy with ur stamp on this info..


            • @ Ayesha:sadly this news is not true sakina samoon director of amer bail(previous one and remake) ne confirm ker diya hai k FK ye role nahi kren gay only rich producers can afford him not indies like us according to her “un k fans ne un ko itna pasand kia hai k producers k liay mamnoo ho gay han ” kisi ko chahnay ki aisi saza to pehly bar dekhi hai 🙂


            • @RJ: seriously?? Sakina sammo k liye bhi expensive ho gaya FK??
              But I’ve seen on Umeera’s official page and the admin has assured that FK would be Umar.. Ahhh I wish he would be 😦

              haha Lol ye saza tou waqai pehli baar deekhi k producers k liye mamnon ho gaye hero sahab ab isko 1,2 flops deny chahiyen ta k ghair-mamnoo ho saky lol 😛


            • @Ayesha: FK jab khoobsurat ki shooting k liay india main thay tab sakina Ma’am bohat positive thin k first preference FK hi hon gay lekin ab 2-3 days pehlay apnay twitter per update kia hai k fK affordable nahi rahay aur SS ko ap kia samajh rahi han un k dramas average budget k hotay han hamesha say aisa hi hai ap chaahan to un k twitter pe ja k sari conversation dekh salti han I mean detail main


        • @RJ: nhi nhi I believe U 😛 me kiya karon ge convo dekh k jo dukh milna tha abhi mil gaya 😦 than I don’t want k Amar Bail recast ho.. pehly he uska wo hashar kiya tha dil chahta tha ya cast ka ser phaar lun ya apna :/


          • @Ayesha: i know AB was such a beautiful novel and sara baira gharak kardya… Never thought Adnan sidiqui will play Umar.. Tauba.. yaheen se sab kuch galar hona shuru hua.. And who played aleezae :/ i just saw the promos and i was like kya kardya in logon ne novel ka 😦


            • @Rehmat.. Adnan Sddique Umar ka baap lagta tha mujhe :/ aur ab Fk nhi tou bs Amar bail ko koi huq nhi recast karny ka eeeehhh.. me ne Amar bail ki ik episode dekh k wo TOBHA ki the k kabhi ye channel he dobara nhi dekha :/ Alizeey ko dekh kar tou mera dil 8,8 wo bhi khoon k anso roya tha 😦


  15. @Nur: Hey!! LOL @ the baghairat.. hai na! Jibran sounded just like FK there!
    and great to hear from you .. long time! How are you liking this one? Would love to hear your take on these fab characters …


  16. So I find myself engrossed in this serial – it’s fun to have something on TV you actually look forward to watching!!

    Life’s gotten really busy, so popping onto DRnR and partaking in the discussion has really diminished, but I think part of the reason is also that nothing these days is quite compelling enough to elicit such passionate responses.

    @SZ: Despite being AWOL, I do read your reviews, even if I don’t have time to read or post comments. In fact, most of the time I read your review before I even watch the episode. It’s very affirming to read your take and realize that we see the same things unfold – I guess you can say without having direct feedback from the actual writer, it is validating to have someone else decode the same message and respond to the material the same way! So thank you for being the one that assures me that I am “getting the story” the way it was intended/plays out.

    I’ve seen Adeel in Daam, Mora Piya, parts of Mera Naseeb and Silvatein – and without a doubt I think this is his best performance so far. His dialogue delivery is terrific – fewer pauses, fewer deep breaths – it flows so much better. His Ehtishaam is so believable, from expressions, to dialogue to body language. Huge credit to Samira Fazal, for writing real, contemporary speech. They click with you – no dramaybaaziyan, no flowery language (not that I don’t love shaista urdu, but some of the soliloquies delivered by UA, albeit beautiful, just don’t ring true with current speech…. I LOVE Kashaf’s diary entries, and some of Kiran’s comments from Kankar – but really how many people speak like that?!)

    Sehrish/Ayesha Khan – although she is looking and acting very natural – is ok. My thanda saa response probably has a lot to do with not caring too much for the character and how she has progressed from the beginning. I really liked her dynamic with Shaam in the beginning, but i have a problem with khudsar and ziddi aurtein who don’t consider other people’s feelings. Sehrish has always been focused on ME, ME, ME! From her first meeting with Rumi, to befriending Sania, to yelling at her mil, to her friendship with Maham/Atif. She is impetuous and irresponsible and apparently always has been. From her admission of her dhuaandaar affair with Shaam, to her “mainay mangni turwaa kay dam liyaa” – she always looks out for number one! I don’t begrudge her marrying Shaam, that was her prerogative and it was Shaam’s fault for not being stronger and owning up to his relationship with Seher before his engagement to Sania – but it just proves that she has always gotten what she’s wanted.

    I really like Sania! Yes, I do have a weak spot for Sanam Saeed – but in all fairness, my bias towards her allows me to start her drama, but if I don’t like her acting/characterization/the drama I’ll call it quits. I think she is stellar as Sania – I think she was really good in this episode.

    Others have had a problem with her sometimes Kashaf avatar, but in all fairness, I don’t think she has channeled Kashaf, I think this is Sania, through and through! Since she is depicted as the more Eastern/Pakistani wife she shares certain similarities with Kashaf, but I think they are more in keeping with the class she comes from and her upbringing. I know some people didn’t like her initial coldness/jhiraknaa of Shaam, but I totally understood it on two levels – one being that she was the jilted mangaitar and the second that she comes from a family that while they may not wear burka and lambi chaadars are not baitakalluf with ghair mard. Some of this comes from parental/familial expectations of how to behave around strangers and the other part comes from her preserving her reputation in the absence of her husban. Yes, this plays into the fear of what others will say, thus the “kisi ko baat karnay ka mauqa na do.” Although, in our progressive societies, especially in the West, but also in those upper echelon DHA households, we have become more open to male-female interaction, there are scores of people for whom it is still not acceptable. Ironically, having people talk behind your back and “baatein banaana” is a problem in all classes. Just look at Maham and Atif!!


    • @Nur: hey 🙂 so good to see you… And completely agree with your character analysis, its always great to read your take!

      I second to your point on real and contemporary writing.. We can relate more to that as compare to that heavy dialogues.. They are good in listening, touch your heart but as you said who talk like that..

      Even i dont find sania similar to kashaf in anyway.. Circumstances are totally different.. I like both characters 🙂


      • @Rehmat: Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 Missed the gang too – but things have been hectic; plus we needed something big to draw us in again!

        I am enjoying this one – and thankfully, Sania isn’t just a roti-dhoti type (like Romaisa). I love that they showed that she was savvy about business – so much so that she knew Ali was being taken by his investors.

        For a “gharelu khatoon” they have added a few different dimensions to her. They showed her business savvy with Ali; she impressed Shaam and his team on his campaign. She was very active in teaching her son and tutoring him so that he was able to qualify for such an exclusive school; she ‘nibhaas’ all her gharelu zimidaarian. I think she was a very capable woman who was being pushed to her limits by a demanding saas and son.


    • @Nur: Girl, I hear you about their being a drought of good dramas and not much out there that is drop everything and watch material.. so yeah that way I’m really glad that Shuk, though a slow starter, is now really turning into a potboiler. Moreover, the fact that it is an original script means that we are all left guessing, which to my mind is one of the biggest plus points of this show so far, ’cause no matter how good a script maybe and no matter how well directed and acted it might be its still not the same.

      Agree with you abt Samira’s use of everyday lingo and its being si much more true to life, real and relatable. I agree with your take on Sehrish and Sania, infact @ RR had provided us a very similar character sketch of these two very dissimilar ladies.. what I would like to add in here is that it is to Samira’s credit for making Sehrish real in that yes she’s ziddi and all that, but as you’ve pointed out that ‘Sham is to bear some blame for enabling her behaviour, by putting up with it, and similarly her mother-in-law as well, and though we haven’t seen much of them but her parents too. Add to that the fact that she was unable to bear children ( a huge shock for a woman who has never had anything denied to her before) and you see why shes so clingy. Sehrish’s inability is what makes Sania even more of a target for her, b/c she has a son. Ab, is saarey chakar men poor Sania is getting peeso-ed for no real fault of hers, except the fact that due to her past issues she is unable to stand up for herself or take a stand for her child.

      Re: Sanam channeling Kashaf, I don’t know abt others but I know I felt some of that in the earlier episodes.. yes it made sense within her character, but I think the fact that it was the same actor playing both characters made me think of Kashaf… But overall, Sanam is fab here, after a lackluster performance in EK Kasak and that weirdo Kadoorat, it is good to see her playing a well-written well directed character. I’m not a huge Ayesha fan, but liking her here.. she reminds of some her earlier serials here.. her more recent stuff has been largely unimpressive for me at least. And yes, AH keeps going from strength to strength… good to see him continually improving.


    • @Nur totally with u on the real speech! and def makes the characters click. Its all good listening to great literary lingo but so true: who talks like that in real life!

      Re Sanam & Sania vs Kashaf: I really like your analysis that the two characters share certain similarities that are more in keeping with the upbringing and the khandani values that prevails in many families regardless of the class they belong to. And I personally feel that’s where the overlap was and we saw the same in Ek kasak. And thats why I’m beginning to feel that we are seeing Sanam alot in that same familiar Kashaf avatar.


      • @FA, I agree.. Sanam, not only as Sania and kashaf, but also bibi in talkhiyaan.. they all are similar and it’s now becoming a slogan for Sanam as such characters but she do justice with them always..!!
        But I think Sanai’s is a bit diff as being Sania, she’s emotional ans sensitive, Bibi and kashaf were too harsh na..


        • @Ayesha mmm I think bibi was similar but she certainly didnt have the Kashaf avatar.
          I don’t think its the coldness & harshness bit , but it’s the khandani values & upbringing that are more Kashaf’s shadow here (in Sania) than anything else.
          Bibi’s family couldn’t be more different than Kashaf’s!!


  17. Last response got too long, so I thought I’d split it.

    I loved this last episode – pacing has been really good and I am LOVING the unexpected twists and turns! This has been the least predictable drama I have watched in recent memory!

    Kudos to @Samira Fazal. I hope you are reading and loving the positive response to the drama – I know we can sometimes be critical of the writer/director/producer – but it’s important to give credit where it is due!

    Again, Shaam stole the episode today, mostly because of his awesome dialogues – his confrontations with Sehrish were epic! Spine-tingling dialogues and suspense! Really begs the question – what happens next week?!?!

    Next week’s preview has me at the edge of my seat – the fact that Shaam would lay out his plan to Sehrish and her mother – I love that he is that bold and fearless. Do I think he is doing the right thing ? Jury’s out on that. Although he is technically trying to right a wrong – he will only add fuel to the allegations of infidelity, not only for Sehrish and Ali, but also, Adeel Bhai, Maham, Atif, the naukar, the doodhwala, the dhobi, etc. This move will rubber stamp the affair – and I worry that people will then think of Sania as a kept woman. The tragic irony is that Sania did not want any part of this – she and Rumi are truly victims. I think her biggest mistake was lying to Ali about the accident.


    • @Nur: LOL on naukar, dhoodwala, dhobi 😀 sham is trying to punish sehr in very dangerous way., that will effect sania too.. He is proving the point that since sehr messed up things, he will take care of it not knowing this will create even more misunderstandings.. Lets see how story shapes out from here


    • @Nur is Sham doing the right thing? It was great on screen but its def making things difficult for everyone along the way. As I said earlier, this is pushing the shukk to the dangerous limits! And yes def Sania is on the very edge of the ‘kept woman’ status. As I see things, that can be the only reason behind Sham and Shania ending up as a pair. Sham’s guilt factor will take over as ultimately he will be the reason behind her badnami. By this time he would’ve also seen the real Sania beneath her Kashaf avatar.


  18. General question – do you think any man or woman can prove their innocence against allegations of adultery/infidelity? I think this is the biggest problem in this whole serial and quite frankly in real life too. In most cases, you can only take someone’s word in their defense – there is rarely ever proof that someone wasn’t unfaithful. On the other hand you can prove betrayal through pictures/videos/recordings (although many are faked/circumstantial). It is virtually impossible to prove that someone hasn’t cheated.

    The only way Ali and/or Sehrish will believe them is by taking their word for it. Once such allegations are made it is near impossible to prove them wrong – unless Sania has a full account of her whereabouts every second, and Shaam could prove he had an alibi for every moment he wasn’t with Sania, there is always room for doubt for shukki people (Ali/Sehrish/nosy busybodies). The damage has already been done and Sania’s reputation has been sullied.

    Where do they go from here? Ali may or may not have divorced Sania – I think we will find out in next week’s episode. Shaam feels responsible and may be forced to take certain steps to make up for it – will he divorce Sehrish in turn? Will he marry Sania? Will Sania accept a proposal from Sham given that it will seal her “affair” in the eyes of Ali, and the people around her?

    If I stop to think about it, again Sania has lost the most in this situation – most paramount – her reputation – aakhir jo harf uskay izzat-o-ismat pay aayay hai, woh shaaid ab mit na sakay. If she has been proven guilty of this affair, maybe she should take Shaam’s help, kam az kam koi to uskaa saath dainay ko tayyaar hai. This would be atypical, but in some respects it would serve all parties right for crucifying these too, without giving them a chance to explain.

    I think Sehrish should face some steep consequences for her actions. For believing Maham and Atif, for not listening to her husband, for ruining Sania’s life, for selfishly praying to Allah to fix her marriage knowing that she cost Sania hers.

    I think the biggest obstacle to Sania and Shaam getting together – if in fact Ali has divorced her – will be Rumi. I am positive that Ali will not give them custody, nor will a court grant a mother custody after she is accused of adultery. And I don’t think Sania can live without Rumi. On top of which, Sania does resent Shaam, which I hope changes once she realizes the lengths he has gone to because of the fallout.

    I am loving this very different angle on the whole mian, biwi aur woh story!

    @Noor (nice name 😉 And if it isn’t clear from my novel above, although it will have serious repercussions, I hope Shaam and Sania get together too!


    • @Nur: very interesting question: i dont really think so man or woman can prove that easily which is sad though.. And specially in such cases when lot of damage has been done and no any benefit of doubt is given.. These kind of circumstances make things worse..

      Sham and sania if get married then you are right it will prove their so called love affair and sania wont ever think in her nightmare even such kind of thing..

      Even if they both try to prove by giving report of their each and every moment still then sehrish has gone so far in her shuk that she wont accept that.. Only way for her to find out is Maham/Atif doing their Iqbal e Jurm..

      Yes the whole execution of story is what makes it more appealing and exciting 🙂 we have simply no idea where the story is going..


    • @Nur: Hard question with even harder answers .. and here’s the thing suppose even if it is proven that a husband never cheated on his wife or vice versa and everything is cleared up…is it ever possible for a couple to move forward from that point on? While they might forgive, is it ever possible to forget? Though they might try to convince themselves that the past is behind them, can either of them ever trust each other fully after that? Can a couple really fall in love with each other again? That to me is the more interesting question and one which I dont think will be answered here, but nonetheless I would love to hear what everybody else thinks.


      • @Nur @SZ interesting questions.
        @Nur First of all i agree with Nur that the basis of their shukk (here) is so vague that it cant be proven otherwise.

        @SZ Is it ever possible for a couple to move forward after this point? In real world answer is no. They can move forward, but how far can they go, depends on their relationship.

        While they might forgive, is it ever possible to forget? again no. We’ve already seen Sehrish trying to forgive but as soon as she gets the next basis for her shukk its all gone down the drain.. She certailnly hasn’t forgotten!

        Though they might try to convince themselves that the past is behind them, can either of them ever trust each other fully after that? most probably, no.

        Can a couple really fall in love with each other again? now here’s the catch… !!!

        My question is: have they fallen out of love?

        here’s my theory: Sania’s and Ali’s marriage vs Sehrish & Eshtasham marriage .. And we see the the fundamental difference is love.

        S&A marriage: This marriage was actually based on loyalty and some trust. We did see A crumble here and there even on that front. There were some insecurities on both sides but we saw both of them work around them and get over them. But what we never saw was that binding and blinding love. The only thing that was common between them was Rumi. And he was at the core of their rishta, but unfortunately looks like even Rumi can’t save their marriage. With Sehrish accusing Sania, and Sania hiding things, it attacked the loyalty and trust that this marriage was standing upon. Hence we saw it crumble.

        S&E marriage: The basis of their marriage was love. And out of this love came the trust & loyalty. The only insecurity we saw was the children/baby issue. Now what was interesting is that even after Sehrish’s shukk, she still loves Ehtasham, and for that she was willing to drop all charges, forgive and forget and make amends. I think even Ehtasham might be angry as hell, but I think he still loves Sehrish. (And like Khirad said muhabbat khatam nahin hui kho gai hai lol). They might have lost that trust and bharosa, but underneath I think they still love each other, and that is why this marriage still has some hope.


        • Sorry hit post before finishing..
          Now @SZ coming back to your first question: Is it ever possible for a couple to move forward after this point? I’d say they can move forward, but how far can they go, depends on how long it takes to fall out of love!


  19. Excellent fabulous awesome review absoluyely agree with u
    Ahtesham please se sehrish ko divorce na dena sa sania ki tension main apna gher na khrab kro mature bano … Maham please is dunya k sakoon k liay tum Mars per chali jao 🙂 Rumi cutie pie show ki jaan mela baby muaaaah 🙂 bak baad main


  20. @Afia: Awwww!! You sound so sad! A huge teddy hug for you … Fikar not .. Im sure once he’s done playing Bollywood Bollywood waapas aa jaye ga …. Didn’t Imran do the same thing? Said he was done and took a break for a year and a half then came back and is now saying ke he’ll split time btw Bollywood and PK TV .. so acch umeed rakho 🙂 And LOL! No, I dont think anybody is talking abt AH replacing FK … both have their own strengths, not mention their own particular charm *sigh* 😉


  21. loved every bit of this episode. all the actors have done justice to their characters especially Adeel Hussain. and Rumi, he’s love. he’s definitely the star of the show.


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