Shuk ~ Episode 13 Review

ShukkSigh! Not that we didn’t expect it but it still was rough to see Ali reverting back to type. Gone was the understanding, open-minded spouse and back was the mashriqi hot-headed shohar. Forget about everything that was staring him in the face – Sania was a great mother, a devoted bahu and a supportive wife – all that mattered was his mardana ghairat aur mohaley waley kiya kahenge. Granted there was also the matter of those random texts and Amma khaoon khaoon’s ilzaams, but at the heart of it all lay Ali’s wounded ego – how dare Sania lie to him? How dare his wife rather confide in a child but not trust her husband? The unhappy result: Rumi is now left to wonder when if ever his mother would return.

Agar shuk dil mein aajaye 
bharose toot jaate hain ….

Much like Ali, Sehrish too is reeling under the realization that her beloved ‘Sham actually flat out lied to her. So far it had been her laying one unfounded accusation after another on him. But now that there is actual proof, that he did indeed keep the truth from her, she finds herself at a loss. Unlike Sania, who kept trying her best to tell her side of the story to Ali, ‘Sham is unwilling to indulge her. He explained himself once twice thrice… but there is a limit to how much he was willing to bend. The gauntlet has now been thrown. Where do Sehrish and ‘Sham go from here?

Bandhey hain kachi dori se
sabhi rishtey muhabbat key….

Much of the explosion we saw today had been building up steadily over the past few weeks. Maham and Atif’s insidious insinuations to an already vulnerable Sehrish had paved the way for everyday tiffs to grow into what are now beginning to look like irreconcilable differences. What Sehrish did today was inexcusable. Granted it was in the heat of the moment and she is now fearful of the consequences. But can words once spoken ever be taken back? Hopefully this will not be a case of say in haste and repent at leisure.

If Sehrish and ‘Sham had Atif and Maham then Sania and Ali had Amma khaoon khaoon. An adherent of the old school of thought, a saas‘ main aim life was to maintain a hold on her son through maligning her bahu, she left no stone unturned in blackening Sania’s name. For her part, given her past issues and insecurities, Sania was an easy victim. The twist however came when Ali refused to follow Amma ji’s game plan. Like Sehrish, Ali too has his share of insecurities. He was less qualified and jobless. For a mashriqi mard this is was a bitter pill to swallow. Rather than keeping her around as a constant reminder of his shortcomings, he has decided to cut her out of his life. While he’s done what he thought was the manly thing to do, it is Amma khaoon khaoon who, after Rumi, will be one to miss her bahu the most.

The seeds of Shuk have now taken root and grown into a sturdy plant. Will this plant now grow unchecked into a poisonous tree is up to the four people involved. No, actually not just four – there is fifth party here – Rumi. An unwitting victim of the painful games adults play. Is it too late for either of the couples to overlook their heat of the moment arguments, put aside hurt egos, and start afresh? If not for their sake then Rumi ki khatir

So far Yasir and Samira are doing a great job in keeping us interested in the going-ons here. I just hope this latest twist, Sania at her uncle’s house, does not veer out of control. In an otherwise very somber installment, the funniest moment was when the police showed up at Sania’s house. Lagta hai Karachi ke haalat aur traffic ke saath saath police bhi kuch ziada hi efficient ho gayi hai!  And haan, can someone please please go buy some cough syrup for Amma ji??

Overall the episode was beautifully narrated, although I did feel some of those rona dhona moments could have been trimmed. Also continuity needs a little bit more attention. Ayesha Khan’s hairstyles seem to change at a second’s notice. Sanam, Ayesha, Adeel and Jibran all did really well today. I do wish though that Ayesha could tone down her makeup a bit. Of all the actors though, Bilal Khan was once again the hero of the moment. How cute was he when he was ready to leave with Sania, backpack n all?!! *Hugs*

Looking forward to next week!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Ehtesham yaar please divorce Sehrish & marry Sania!!

    Scene of the episode is a flashback, mother child relationship is mind blowing! I heart Rumi n his innocence. Nazar.e.bad door.


  2. Now how cute is this kid!!! Rumi stole the episode for me!.. harr scene mein he was just tooo toooo cute!!

    Yes we all predicted that, Ali’s understanding shohar-pana was too good to be true and it was the calm before the storm.. and the mardana ego is back..but itni ljaldi talaq ki dhamki, i wasnt ready for that one!!! so, really good to see we didnt see the issue lingering on for next 2 eps.. Story has moved on quickly, which i really like!

    lol@ karachi ki police.. abb thora docs ko patient confidentiality ka aik aadh lesson mil jae tou Karachi may as well be utopia hahaha.. (oh haan minus Atif and maham ofcourse lol)
    our crazy jori was not as crazy today.. hope we see more of this entertaining couple in future episodes.. sanias uncles family would be too boring to handle!! But why didnt Saania’s amma suspect anything?? I’d have thought mom’s radar signals r the strongest when it comes to things like these.. no?!

    Ammaa khoon khoon learnt her lesson the hard way.. Abb she might just bring saania back somehow.. yes someone please get her some cough syrup!!

    AH and AK were good too!.. Abb im waiting to find out what will Sham do when he finds out abt Saania?..He’d already threatened sehrish,.. kia karain ge mian shham!

    bharose toot gaye, gharane bhi toot rahe hain! great review @SZ

    I just hope we dont end up going down the mazloom aurat route with saania now..
    Looking forward to the next ep..


    • @FA, hahaha enjoyed the idea of utopia land, and the suggestions for doctors but without Atif and Maham lol 😀 they don’t deserve utopia exactly!! 😉

      haha Mum’s radar signals I think like her voice the signals were weak otherwise Saniaa’s bheegi hoi roi hoi awaaz were enough to show that she’s in some crises.. btw why Sania did’nt go to Sehrish and slap her/?? urrrrgghhhh.. bs ab shaam ko pata chal gaya tou pata nhi kia he’ll do with sehrish :/
      but m not seeing Saniaa’s healthy future at uncle’s house.. I think she would be shift to any hostel.. but i can’t understand why she had demanded only 1 or 2 months??


    • @FA: Haina! Rumi/Bilal is so so cute .. and his big round eyes MA!
      Yes, that talaaq ki dhamki was a bit of a lightning bolt .. aisa bhi kiya 360 wala about turn .. all in a span of less than 24 hours! And haan those doctors and nurses divulging everything was weird .. but theek hai I guess alongwith everything else, this too would fall under dramatic license, no? I guess as long as the story is moving fwd and making senses in a broader sense I am ok with overlooking things here and there .. but give me a gaaye and I lose it totally!
      And yes I have my fingers and toes crossed ke Sania does no go down the mazloom aurat route. As it is her walking out of the house so easily was in character but still did nothing to appease my urge to shake her by the shoulders and ask her to stand her ground. Lets see what transpires next week…


      • @SZ def yeh the dramatic license of course! Totally with you that so long as the story keeps moving fwd nicely I can forgive and forget..I was actually pleasantly surprised at the talaaq ki dhamki coming so quickly.. (btw this is soo unlike our Azam’s premature dhamki who also made me loose my calm totally his week lol )
        lol @ give me a gaaye and I lose it… & urge to shake her by the shoulders and ask her to stand her ground.. Abb if she could do that tou kia hi baat hoti!! Seemed like she could barely wait to walk out of those doors lol.. Rumi ke liye hi thora stand le leti Khuda ki bandi!


    • @FA: amaa ji ki khaon khaon se i got impressed LOL.. She does it so naturally yaar 😀 and i was day dreaming in filmy style sania will become stronger and confident and will fight back, and will set sehr and ali straight along with amaa ji 😉 Kaisa !!!!


  3. Salaams SZ, I had this drama in my list but didn’t find ‘shukk’ to be an interesting subject.

    I recently finished Sanjha and love your reviews on it. Totally agree with your conclusions. This drama was interesting only til the scenes of Mumtaz and her confrontations with the girls of her brothel. Too good acting from Resham and Imran Aslam. I felt they were the stars of Sanjha. Sohaee for me was average as she is unable to show the grief one would feel after one’s sister dies. Her crying was only for some minutes and that’s it.

    I got so angry when the drama started to focus only on Sanjha, Seth, and his wife. The pace was so boring and was stretched out.

    After what Weeda does with Sanjha, she shouldn’t have gone to him, Dr. Ammar proposed her so sweetly (how could anyone reject him:(

    It also didn’t make sense to give such an ugly turn in the lovely Sanjha -Weeda affair. And what happens to Mumtaz’s brothel? I think it closes down as Mumtaz in her last scene, after killing Shabo, she might have has given up on the brothel, Samira should have shown that Mumtaz frees her girls and becomes a better person.

    But the scene when Seth brings Sanjha to the brothel and she remembers herself dancing and the other girls are looking at her and also when it shows Mumtaz looking out, these scenes were really sad.

    One more thing, what about Badal, the guy who is either engaged to Sanjha but I am sure they both like each other. After meeting Weeda, she totally forgets him and so does Samira.

    However, its ost is very soulful:)


    • @Aisha: I too was not into Shuk in the begining but am enjoying it now 🙂
      Re: Sanjha: Thank yo for reading my older reviews and enjoying them. As you can tell from those I loved Sanjha and was one of its most vocal supporters. Sadly though, as you said after she leaves the kotha that whole story went haywire and we were left without answers. As for who went where, @Samira Fazal would be the best person to answer your queries. I am sure she will be happy to know that even after so much time people are still watching and enjoying her stuff…
      Yes, I too had enjoyed the OST a lot. Farhan Alam’s cinematography was brilliant and the bright images went so well with the music and poetry.


  4. I think this episode of Shakk was the most beautiful of all.. perfect instalment it was.. even for a while, I can’t feel anything weak in characters for their skills.. @SZ< great review but for the first time, I'm feeling this review, too much sad..!! 😦

    first, Loved loved loved and just loved Rumi.. he's a sweetheart baby.. like U, *Hugs* for him.. he was perfect in each n every clip especially I just wanna hug him tightly when he was sitting on Jayee namaz and hist toopi.. Awwwww :* Allah miyaan plej babaa mamaa ki dosti ho jaye.. hayee*** and when he was weeping at kitchen's door,, awww baby..** na na I was wrong, he's not future's FK, he's more than FK abhi se..! someone plz bring him to me, I wanna kidnap this baby.. 😀

    Ahhh.. now a big ohhhh's moment and sighs for Saania.. 😦 indeed she was a devoted and loving mother, wife and bahu but.. Alas.. I seriously cried with her when she was just asking Ali, for one chance.. is'nt she deserve a chance from Ali to whom she has given a child?? 7 precious years of her life?? Ali was totally here, a bewakof and stupid husband.. just his ego was shaken by sehrish, and oh yeah that he can't afford to have a wife, people talk about.. It is, however a bitter fact of our society.. Seedhi saadhi women like Saania who spent lots of years for theri husbands, make their houses, give them a generation, but poor women just beaten by situations.. 😥 On the other hand, Sehrish's type women phir bhi achi reh jaati hain, in spite of all her ghaltiyaan, shaam loves her and if it can be considered that he would divorced her, then she don't face this situation like ''dhakky kahan'' as Sanis is suffering.. 😥 the whole episode was brilliant.. I can't stop my tears still, Saania 😥
    but Ayesha khan was awesome in the clips when she was on Saania's home, AH, Ayesha khaan, Jibraan and Sania.. they all are flawless indeed!!

    I just just just hope and pray that plz Ali don't divorce Sania.. 😦
    And Saaso maa je remembered afterwards that ''uska kirdaar ki gawaahi mein deti ho''.. uffhhhh.. unbelievable.. when Ali was asking she was informing k raaton ko bahir jaati the khier ab pta lagy ga Amma je ko akhir what Saania was..!

    Sehrish just need an anti-Maham's dose, someone plz bring it to her so the band qawaar of her aqaal-e-alaa would be open.. :/ even she was feeling guilty for what she had done, and apni divorce k laaly par gaye aur jo us bichaari ko hoi hayee 😥 aur Maham madam, Ahh what a classic dheet character she have… I must suggest to Ehteshaam that make an artificial statement of divorce for sehrish zara isko bhi pata lagy zamany ki oonch-neech..

    On the whole, All the cast has done a superb job, brilliant and excellent..!! Yasir Nawaz and Samira Fazal have really made saturdays..!! All actors are flawless and the story is perfectly going gradually..!! hoping for the more to come but plzz bs Saania k sath kuch bura na ho 😥 I can't bardaasht this zyaadti with her.. 😦


    • @Ayesha : Sorry for the sad review .. but ab kiya karen .. hard to find humor in a sad situation 😦
      What I am enjoying here is that all four are equally wronged, but at the same time equally responsible for this state of affairs. Nobody is deliberately doing anything to hurt the others sab apni apni jagah pareshan hain .. magar jaaney anjaaney main charon garbaren kartey jaa rahey hain .. The only person I really really feel for is Rumi… us becharey ka kiya qasoor hai .. and he is the one suffering the most. But funnily enough yeh sari museebat uski apni khari ki huyee hai .. na woh ghar se bhagta, na ball Sehrish ke ghar men phenkta and na yeh sab story chalti …. so I guess he’s not entirely blameless either…
      Indeed a very interesting look at relationships by @Samira .. no heroes or villains only humans …


      • @SZ, ye sorry ap qn kar rahin hain?? ohh no.. I think again i typed ulta pulta?? yaar this grief was for drama’s sadness not for the review but I don’t understand why I was so tensed after watching and the commenting on it 😦

        but I have sympathy for Sania as well as for Rumi.. don’t Sania deserve to love from her husband?? after all, she has given everything to her husband, then why women had to suffer always?? 😦

        N for the ball.. lol @SZ, aisy tou phir Sania ka he qasoor ho gaya usne ball ly kar he qn di, then shop waly ka why he had sale it and finally factory ka.. ye balls hony he nhi chahiyen 😛


    • @Ayesha: I know even i found rumi totally adorable in that dua scene and the way he said mama good girl he.. MashaAllah he is such an exceptional kiddo 🙂


      • @Rehmat, then what about my idea?? donu mil k isy kidnap na kar lain?? lol.. @FA wesy bhi statement dy chuki hain k then Ali and Saniaa will come together again like a filmy situation.. chalo inka ghar tou bach jayee ga Rumi se kheel veel k we returned him back to Shaak’s cast 😛


  5. @ayesha lol@ kidnap this baby.. Hai bechara’s family is broken aur abb aap kidnap karne ke chakkar meinhain?? lol … zulm ki intiha!!!.. but never know that kidnapping might just bring Sania and Ali back together.. filmy style lol

    waise I dunno, I dont feel that anger for Sehrish! She actually ”believes” she’s been cheated. And all the evidence does seem to go against Sham and Sania…And if you look from her perspective, one can see why she’s doing what she is doing..she could forgive & forget anything but disloyalty, like any sane wife wouldn’t.. Sham was silly enough to hide things and then lie to her & now she can’t trust Sham….So guilty parties everywhere…

    I felt for Sania, but she lied to her hubby again too..& i really don’t want her to see the dunya ki mari mazlooom aurat kahani…

    To be honest at this moment in time, I only feel for Rumi and for his sake I want Sania and Ali to get back.. and Sehrish and Sham back too.. I think Sham and Sehrish are in dire need of couples’ therapy and some marriage counselling sessions!! Abb Utopia land mein aisi cheezon ki zuroorat tou hoti nahin hai tou, we need Aunty ji from america back asap to do her magic! She might just knock some sense into Ali too! lol

    btw here is one mumkin: Ali doesn’t know where Sania is so he cant send divorce papers.. divorce will be delayed (atleast) for sure!!


    • @FA, chalo phir my idea must be grateful but I’ll give him back when halaat will be saazgaar lol..
      wesy this review pata nhi qn is very very sad for me 😦

      I also m not angry with Sehrish in such a way but now she have to understand duniyaa daari.. As I said earlier she just needs an anti-maham dose.. hai na??

      I agree with U, i was also thinking that why shaam is not revealing the truth?? why he’s lying with her?? bhaee mil beeth k bhi baat ho sakti hai but they love shouting on eachother..Ali and Saniya were talking about the divorce and their volumes were 90% low from Sehrish n shaam’d mamooli jhaagry..

      I want this divorce finished, not delayed 😦 ATM, Im totally in grief again 😥


    • @FA: your mumkin sounds good.. He cant send divorce papers or rather he doesn’t gets time to send as amaaji and rumi ke beech ghanchakar banjaye lol


  6. I am going on repeat mode k SZ you are a brilliant reviewer 🙂
    Shuk is going very interesting and only because the way it has been projected on screen.. Thrilling and exciting i must say.. Episode 13 has both of these elements, you cant predict what will be coming next and Sehr running out of car and telling each and everything to Ali.. And result was disastrously unexpected!

    I was wondering those messages werent that kind of somthing fishy fishy so why to take that as an evidence..or may be the lie was big enough that everything came into suspicion. First half of episode was so fast paced and happening that i had same expectations with later half.. But it was being repeated for no as such reason.. Like sania literally took ages to leave the home..

    I have to say i am just loving this flawed characters, all have pretty much goods and bads in them.. So i cant hate anyone.. All are justified for their actions/reactions according to their characteristics.. But the one who has risen above all very conveniently is Bilal Khan urf Romi.. Mannn this bacha i would say is actually a rare gem… He along with Meher Sagar and Sabreena Jabeen ( jugnu and zoyee) these three are beautiful findings 🙂 his all scenes were just amazing from baba ap mere lye nashta kyn nhn banate to his flashback..

    Sania going to relatives place is not giving a good feel to me also but i am too hoping it wont go down the drain.. Fingers are much crossed!!

    Since its original script tou its so much fun to wait for next saturday and see what happens next with no tiny idea at all 🙂


    • @Rehmat like u i am enyoing this unbalanced equilibrium of all these equally flawed characters.. i dont hate or like anyone more than anyone else.. thats what makes this story so interesting.. And thats why i dont want Sania to go down the mazloom aurat route. the sympathy factor will kill this balanced unbalance..(dunno if im making any sense


      • @FA: janab you are totally making sense 🙂 and very much right you are.. Precap seems interesting.. Lets see how it goes..


  7. Thr consistency in this drama is flawed. Besides minor things like change of clothes and hair being different in scenes that are related to one another, there are other things too that affect the story. For example, beginning of the episode Mahum asks if anyone was there with Ehtisham and she says no he was alone ( which made no sense to me because before she was telling Mahum everything) but later she calls Mahum and tells her about the dupatta and Mahum seems to know about it. Another flaw I picked up is when Sehrish is telling Ali that she convinced her husband to give Sania the job…when does she do that? Yasir sahab consistency!

    Also I do not like the introduction of these new characters. They seem so random.


  8. this agar shakh dil may ajaya is showing very bad for muslim women ie ali through back sania out side house like animal.ahtesham stay and act in house with sania non islamic way what is this shakh should remain shakh only you make it true this means women eather should leave husband to do any thing with any body or should kill him before he will proceed for any thing very v v v bad drama


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