Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai ~ Episode 5 Review


Candy floss. A fluffy confection, too sweet, colorful, fun, attractive but ultimately insubstantial. You know it’s no good but you still enjoy it. And that’s precisely how I felt about this latest episode. Kaafi mehnat karni pari but the deed is now done. Ab no analyses. No sawaals about yeh aisa kyon hai aur woh waisi kyon hai. No hand wringing about yeh stereotype and woh kaala neela peela -pan. No  wondering about what our world class tharki  hero sees in our more-of-a-gaaye-than-a-gaaye heroine. Done with sochna aur samjhna … just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying this no-brainer.

On no-brainers, there is no questioning the fact that Aliya is the hero of the serial so far. She is why I tune in week after week, and the reason why I walk away with a smile on my face. Aliya ko na koi dar hai na khauf. Considering that she is a part of a society where landing a good rishta is the be all and end all of  a woman’s existence, I love how she is totally bindaas when threatening her fiance that should would have no problems breaking off their engagement. Her adaas and nakhras and eye rolls when on the phone with Nabeel were fabulous. Sad afsoos ke baas wasn’t there in person, warna tau kahan ki gaaye aur kaisi gaaye, he would’ve offered Aliya his heart on a platter right there and then. But sigh! Their meeting was not be and apni Romaisa maidaan maar gayee. Khair Aliya beta fikar not. I hear Lollywood is making a comeback and jab filmain banengi tau naye chehron ki tau zaroorat hogi hi … bas phir kiya …kahan ki Mahira aur kidhar ki Sonam…. Aliya, my friend, you will be the one running around trees and singing songs in the rain with the biggest baas of them all – Fawad Khan! Do I need to add that I adore Mansha as Aliya?!

If Aliya is acting in films, do you think khala ji will be left behind? Naa! Baby ki Mummy ji will be right behind. I can already picture her ordering assistants around: baby ko joos do, baby ko dhoop lag rahi hai, baby thak gayee hai…. Like her daughter, khala too is full on filmy. Though what she does to Romaisa is all wrong it is so much fun to watch her. Loved how she argued the case for handing her niece her old joras. The best thing about khala is that she’s an equal opportunity scolder. So its not just Romaisa, her oldest daughter too gets danto-ed with just as much abandon – how dare she bring up that old story about cut-piece waley joray! Had karti hai larki … maa ko sharminda kar rahi hai! Badtameez na ho tau!

I remember Farah Shah as the glamour girl in Landa Bazar and never did I think then that a day would come when I would be loving her as this middle-aged, loud and overbearing OTT khala. Kudos to Farah Shah for acting out of her skin and to Sakina, the director, for bringing out these performances from Mansha and Farah. I am already dreading the time when khala and her tabbar exit the scene. Zeeshan/Adeel, you’d better be there by then to take up the slack!

While Aliya is a sure shot shoo-in for Fawad ki heroine ka role, hamari gaaye ka tau door door tak aisa koi chance nahin hai.  But I guess us ko zaroorat bhi kiya hai … vacuous or not she has managed to snare the most eligible bachelor in town. The long winded lunch scene proved that functioning brains are over-rated, particularly in a woman. All is cool as long as she can look beautiful and make the man feel like a million bucks … and Romaisa ke aagey tau even a 5 year old kid would seem like Arastoo ki auladIt is interesting to see that even as Romaisa is gradually taking shape as a character Sanam is flailing as actress. That whole lunch scene would’ve been something else if she could have reacted to her tailor-made cues, but all we got were blank stares. Unlike his costar though, Mikaal is now in his element as the laid back charmer. 

Laid back though he maybe, Nabeel is no pushover as we saw when he informed his parents of his decision to marry Romaisa. While an important moment in the story, as a scene it felt very flat. The mother resorted to the same old lines that we all know verbatim by now and the father just looked totally out of it. I don’t know about you all but I found that scene so boring that all I could think about was the humidity level in that room, and  wonder about this latest trend to turn indoor pools into fully furnished lounging areas. On that note, why does Nabeel conduct all his phone conversations by the pool? Naeem Sahab, Annie Zaidi and Mikaal, all three seemed totally listless there.

Phone calls remind me that I thought it very weird that even as we saw everybody’s reactions, we saw/heard nothing from Zeeshan. We know the two brothers are very close, so I was unable to understand why Nabeel hadn’t broken the news to him first.  And yes, I admit I missed Adeel in this episode; why not drop us a crumb or two? Was it that necessary for us to sit through Nabeel and Nayab’s  movie/shopping outing? Their conversation in the car has to be the lamest ever! No wonder he bought her that blingy clutch and dumped her. If this twit and her inane chatter were what was in store for him, then he may as well marry a mute bovine! With his choice now public, Nabeel is all set to move to the next phase of his mission manao gaaye.

On Nabeel’s side of the tracks, all the bellyaching about the used car is now a thing of the past. Ab, its all about his ghatiya choice. In Romaisa’s family, the mehenga fon is so far holding center-stage, but by next week it will be all about the fon dene wala bass. Lets see how long it takes for Romaisa to give in to Nabeel’s  relentless advances. More than Romaisa response, I am interested Aliya and khala’s reaction to this bum blast of a khabar.  So yes, call me simple minded if you will but I enjoyed this one enough to look forward to next week. What about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Somebody pls hand me a box of kleenex!!! OMG!! now thats what I call entertainment!!! ufff!!! @SZ this is getting better and better..

    a big ROFL@ the filmy twist!! I mean i am looking out for the twists in this adaptation but the twist here is just out of this world!!!

    Now you have us thinking of FK.. FK and MP.. FK abb aa jao back.. we have found ur heroine!!.. seriously, Sonam kapoor should be worried!!!!!

    And I was literally laughing out loud @ baby ko joos do… uff thats too good!! not mentioning any names here but I can just imagine the filmy amma beti on the set!!!

    Honestly FS and MP are saving the grace here MSKSH..
    The first scene was just fab.. MP on the phone was just too good!!!.. I even saw our gayee with an expression or two and she actually talked some scense.. wo mera boss hai!!!.. unfortunately by lunch time she had forgotten this and was dishing out her card to the boss ji to load.. !!??! lagta hai aqal bhi phone ke saath saath aaliya ke paas rakwa aati hai.. lol

    the lunch scene.. well line maar maar ke geometry ka poora lesson tayyar kar dya!!! uff that N is soo sleazy! i would’ve hated the scene if our A didnt show up here too!! Samosa emergency!

    and btw how long was that laahol !!!??!!

    overkill of the pool and then everkill of mama, daddy , nabeel in one pool scene.. that scene seemed to go on and on!! it actually became boring.. then we same the rest of the khanans’s …

    like u @SZ im def not looking forward to R’s shadi.. N’s khandan will kill me!! honestly they r seriously getting on my nerves big time!!!! yep the two guys really need to pull their socks up soon!!! and yes soo disappointed.. why deprive us of Z once again!!?? Life is so not fair!

    btw uff someone needs to tell R she has serious hoarding issues.. she can make a good candidate for these self-help, clear out ur mess type shows!!.. uff kia kia jama kia hua hai uss trunk mein!!!??!!! and no wonder she cant sleep at night, there’s no feng shui with all that junk under her bed!!!

    Waise N’s taste is really bad too.. or he seriously needs to visit specsavers.. gayee, not so sure abt some of his shirts..then the bling-bling clutch yuk!! . btw jitna khaya hai aaj gaye ka muqable pe hai.. (ok that was a bad joke!)

    btw whats so objectionable abt keeping ghoras?? along with all of N’s buraiyyan, why did R mention horses??! but A’s response abt her fiance ke wo tou khud gadha hai cracked me up!!!

    anyway over all i enjoyed this episode..if only we saw less of n’s khandan and bit more expression from our gayee..

    Now Im well & truly looking forward to FK and MP together..hahahah.. Kashaf ko choro yaar.. saali kamal hai lol!!! Aur haan Amtul ki behen, khala ji is totally filmy material!.. Pakistan’s got talent! FK abb wapas aajo!!! lol.. ok thats sounding cheap!.. but hey!

    @SZ thanks for such a fun hatke review!!
    btw abb cast tou tayyar story bhi likh dalo yaar!

    ps: oh haan btw hamian FK ki heroine mil gai hai ki mubaraks ke baad aik aur mubarak!! this was a car-talk free episode!!! chalo phone-talk i can take.. Aliya aur baby ki mummyji aa jati hai tou khair hai!


    • @Fa: Hey! Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂 I loved your Feng Shui comment .. so so funny!! LOL@ N’s shirts … what were those striped shirts all about?!?


  2. Oh my dear Lord! I don’t want to be rude, I don’t want to sound like an intellectual, I don’t want to sound like kill joy, I like Sakina Sammo very much , I think Umera Ahmed is a good writer , I like Mansha Pasha ,s acting,I think Farha is acting really good, ……but why do I feel like saying ..what the …. I am really really sorry , this serial is irritating me now, it’s not the serial it’s me …yes it’s me ..yeh mera he qasoor hai….serial ke koi galati nahi …. SZ,s I am feeling so chid chidee , kind of like hero,s sister that even your very well sarcastically written review is not cooling me down, even love and respect for Sakina Samoo is not enough to not forward almost all of the episode, apart from Aliya Bhai and Khalaa ,s scenes … Heroine is not Gayeee….she is the Real Silence of The Lamb ……..I can’t watch it anymore and I am very very sorry , it’s me and it’s my fault …


    • @Sheema: Awww! You need a teddy hug! Its not just you .. we all have the same issues …but aftre crying about them week after week it seems pointless to keep harping on them … so now Ive decided to stop killing grey cells and just watch it with zero expectations. ROfL @ “Heroine is not Gayeee….she is the Real Silence of The Lamb” too too good!!!!


  3. I was laughing out loud in real sense during half of the episode, even Romaisa’s bongyan wasnt making me furious.. This lighter part is so much fun.. Umera can write funny stuff so very well and to top of it director and actor brilliance..Baas ji you are loosing a chance by not taking our Aliya seriously.. 😀 Mannn aliya is rockstar..never thought this additional character will put so much jaan in romaisa’s pre marriage part and along with her, khala’s character also..
    See today even Nayab said romaisa a gadhi 😉 ab tou hence proved hogaya k she is indeed that..LOL

    Meekal was actually a charmer in last scene.. Enjoyed that one only because of him.. Lunch scene was strictly ok and wow she dont even know how to load the card or dont know how to use phone.. Goodness.. Thats height of dumbness :/ and height of flat expressions :S

    Pool scene was dragged to limit.. For every argument of his parents, he was only saying vo bohat achi he, me use pasand karta hoon.. Gosh nabeel and his parents were seriously pakaoo that time..

    FK and MP.. U made me miss those fun interactions between two during ZGH.. They were just too good 😀 and on this note i really liked this halka phulka mast review!


    • @Rehmat: You know its so funny, I actually forgot abt MP and FK together in ZGH!! LOL!! Kiya yaad dila diya! Remember how Sidra would never stop giggling every time Z was around and how she pretty much never called him bhai .. hahaha now Im gonna go and watch some Sidra and Z scenes 🙂


  4. @Sheema ROFL @Silence of The Lamb..
    no its not u!! its so not u!! its sooo not just u!! its me too!!!!! hahahaha
    i think we will just love to rant abt this one lol


  5. Loved the episode for the laughs! MP is still the show stealer for me , missed Zeeshan and definitely looking forward to further wooing by Mikaal on his manaao gaaye mission.
    Will I be watching next week? Yes indeed.


  6. HI SZ happy new year!!!! Came back from warmer place to frigid cold. But I am reading your review in my warm bed and enjoying it. thanks for reviewing this MSKSH . I love MP . I look forward the next episod because of her.she is so care free.
    What is the meaning of Arastoo ki aulad ? Thanks again hope to hear from you .


    • @Ranjan: Awww! A very warm hug from me to you to warm you up!
      Re: Arastoo ki aulad: Arastoo is the Urdu-ized version of Aristotle and aulad means children, so basically saying that R would even make a 5 yr old look like they’re Aristotle’s next of kin… just me being facetious 😉


  7. After reading your review SZ I am tempted to watch it for Alia and Khala but it seems sitting through the whole episode will be too much of a pain, I know my sugar level is down but it is better to have less than too much.

    Incase any of you are watching something different you can recommend as the only other serial I am watching from Pakistan is Aseer Zadi and oh yes SZ incase you happen to watch Dedh Ishqya the Bollywood film of Madhuri and Naseeruddin, would love to read your review as I am planning to watch it, it has fantastic Urdu dialogues it seems, even though I will not understand them fully I love the sound of Urdu being spoken….


    • @Tinni: LOL@ Blood sugar being low… ok, then dont watch the entire ep, just check out the first scene of this episode, when MP is on the phone with baas …thats fab! And then if you like you can ffwd to watch only MP and khala scenes… the rest is skippable….
      I love Sannata … very dark and different and deep .. you can check out the first episode to see if its your cup of tea. Shuk is another one Im enjoying these days ….not a brand new story, but a different take on marital relationships. To be very honest I couldn’t get into it for the first few weeks but its now shaping up to be quite the story. It has Sanam Saeed and Adeel and Ayesha Khan. Many are liking Pyare Afzal, but I havent yet gotten around to checking it out.

      Re: Derh Ishqiya.. yes, on my to-watch list … will leave you a msg here on this thread when I watch and we can discuss it then 🙂


  8. Yawn!! This serial is boring me!! Sorry but Sanam is doing a horrible job. I think I would have liked Sanam Baloch better in this role or even Mahira Khan. If the girl is mute at least show her beautiful or graceful so we can understand why our hero falls for this mute dumb girl!


  9. koi tou bachao, koi tou roko, koi tou samjaho, koi hai jo mujhe batayee ye kia tha?? 😦 Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh.. kahan jaon meeee.. no no nooooo.. noooooo.. BIG NO…!!

    @SZ, ye drama dedicated just to U..! if Im still able to watch it the first reason is U, then Aliyaa..!
    but..!! eeeeeeeeehhhh.. hai koi mera dard samajhny wala??? ahhhhhhh plz koi Romaissa ki karoohshiya border wali chaddar change karwao >___< but ohhh.. still hopes 😦 As umeed pe duniya qaaim hai aur apk review per drama dekhny ki himmat qaaem haii!!!


  10. Salaams SZ, I had this drama in my list but I accidentally read the story of it on facebook which was unfortunately too detailed:( But when I read the story, I was happy to read it because the story is nothing special)

    I recently finished Sanjha and love your reviews on it. Totally agree with your conclusions. This drama was interesting only til the scenes of Mumtaz and her confrontations with the girls of her brothel. Too good acting from Resham and Imran Aslam. I felt they were the stars of Sanjha. Sohaee for me was average as she is unable to show the grief one would feel after one’s sister dies. Her crying was only for some minutes and that’s it.

    I got so angry when the drama started to focus only on Sanjha, Seth, and his wife. The pace was so boring and was stretched out.

    After what Weeda does with Sanjha, she shouldn’t have gone to him, Dr. Ammar proposed her so sweetly (how could anyone reject him:(

    It also didn’t make sense to give such an ugly turn in the lovely Sanjha -Weeda affair. And what happens to Mumtaz’s brothel? I think it closes down as Mumtaz in her last scene. After killing Shabo, she might have has given up on the brothel, Samira should have shown that Mumtaz frees her girls and becomes a better person.

    But the scene when Seth brings Sanjha to the brothel and she remembers herself dancing and the other girls are looking at her and also when it shows Mumtaz looking out, these scenes made me really sad.

    However, its ost is very soulful:)


  11. Hey SZ, one more thing, what about Badal, the guy who is either engaged to Sanjha but I am sure they both like each other, after meeting Weeda, she totally forgets him and so does Samira.


  12. Personally am waiting for Zeeshan to be more on focus cause Nabeel and Romaisa’s relationship is irritating! I love Aliya ❤


  13. Khoda pahar, nikla choha. That’s how I feel about this play. A man like Nabeel who meets plenty of girls everyday, is smitten by Romaisa. A girl who can’t operate a phone, and doesn’t know how to load a card, yet received fantastic distinction on her exams?? I don’t know if this is how the character was written, or is she being dumbed out for the play? How does a man like Nabeel, who apparently has refined tastes such as changing cars every 3 months, and horses, and a brand new well planned out house, want to fall for a girl who has zero personality, has absolutely no tastes, likes/dislikes. Jo de diya wo kha liya, jo keh diya wo pehan liya, jo bol diya woh kar diya.

    With a name like Sakina Samo – I was expecting something else. SMH.
    That said, Mansha Pasha is such a terrific find. This girl will go far, and I hope she does a lot more than just supportive roles.

    /rant over.


    • @Samoo idk when i read it i didnt get a numbo dumbo feel for this character.. yes she is weak, yes she’s a push-over and yes defo she’s mazloomiat ki intiha but not what we are getting here.. now i wonder if thats the writer’s addition for the screenplay, or the directors vision, or SJ’s straight face, but its def not working here..
      Now how N has fallen for this girl with zero personality.. all i can say (and Aliya would second me on this) life is so not fair!!! lol


      • A lot of men like simple innocent girls which she is… I dont know why everyone is after her. She has lived forever like this. She has no backing whatsoever. For all her life she has lived being remote co trolled by her cousins and aunt who can go to any extreme for their benefit. Has anyone of us experienced such circumstances. Not everyone is so strong to cope with that. Especially when she has nowhere to go and no support whatsoever. I have seen such a lady myself who was brought up by her mean stepmom. She was exactly like her. Nabeel falling for her is obvious. He has seen all sorts of girls but this is rare.


        • @rubiyya.. we just are commenting on that Romaissa is’nt suitable here.. As far as such girls are concerned, we are not condemning them on their nature and qualities.. and moreover, we don’t wanna see such ”mazloom-o-miskeen” heroine anymore, who’s B.A passed and even don’t know about LCD, she don’t know how to operate a cell phone, like her khala khala ka kalma..
          and the far Nabeel’s falling for Romaissa, here we just are highlighting the off vision of his Romantic expression which are not to be noticed even for a single second..
          and we just make fun here, otherwise what would be our benefit to condemn Romaissa.. 🙂
          So, don’t take our comments seriously..!! pleasure to have U here..!! 🙂


  14. SZ , your review is hilarious !!!
    If Romaisa g3ts maeried to nabeel , his ghar waley will eat her up alive , shes such a budhoo
    It would fun if nabeel married Aliya , imagine , he goes to R’s house to propose
    and falls for aliya !
    Aliya will break off her magni in a second ! Lol !


  15. @ FA:Bakra eid LoL!!@sz: Agree with you. This episode was candy floss and we will leave it at that . But I just loved your write up. Hilarious review sz! Loved the filmi angle to it. FK and MP hmmmm! Now what would the story be??? Why don’t you suggest a story line? What character would you give to MP and what sort of a hero would FK be? And would our ‘Gaye’ have any role in it?? What about AH? You are not going to ignore him I hope?? Gunah karo to khul kay karo!! If you are going to write a story then you better have eye candy.So why not two Heroes?? Waiting anxiously for the plot! So don’t keep us waiting please:)


    • @ yf lol
      and yes lets have that eye candy galore! AH and FK together!! uff I really dont think i can wait now! lol
      FK & MP with what abt AH & MK!??!.. (We wanted to see those two togther right??!!.. golden chance!).. And FS with ???…
      @SZ abb story bhi reveal kar dain yaar!!


      • @yf and FA: ROFL! Yaar aap khawateen tau serious hi ho gayeen 😉 Waisey rest assured if ever there was such a film to be made, then AH would def not be forgotten! Aisa ho hi nahin sakta! Waisey bhi triangles are in fashion and chhapon ka zamana hai so who are we to argue.. and aur kuch ho na ho gaaye tau def nahin hogi.


  16. @ sz: Don’t chicken out now! I am sure you have a plot hidden away somewhere in your brain. Aisa to ho naheen sakta kay someone who has so much interest and knowledge of Drama and writes so well has not thought of writing a play ever? Chalo come on… give us a beginning and our friends here can take it forward. We had written a whole script for ‘Numm’, had we not ? So, what are the mumkinaats here???


  17. @Sz haan bhai thora plot reveal karein.. we can all pitch in.. Geo ka 25 ep drama nahin tou 3 hrs movie tou likh hi sakte hain hahaha


  18. @SZ jaldi se reveal kar dein plz FK’s fan is being too much anxious for him 😀 @FA, dekhein me ne apki sifaarsih kar di 😀


    • Ok so here we go … meri film ka skeletal plot .. looking forward to seeing what masalas you all add in 😉

      Lets begin wit hwhat we have: MP as Aliya .. just as rangeen and as OTT as she is … no mazloomiyat ka bukhaar and no pangs of an over active conscience ..she is a go-getter .. knows what she wants and goes for it …

      The we have Mr Mangetar … a total sarak chaap.. the kind who eyes every girl who happens to pass by his shop… though he is oopar se chaloo, andar se in true filmi ishtyle he has a heart of gold and truly truly loves A .. ab aadat se majboor hai tau bechara kiya karey .. larkiyon ko dekh kar automatically seeti nikal hi jaati hai ….

      The one big diff b/w our Aliya and the TV wali Aliya is that hamari A is the one who gets the pandra hazaar wali naukri and it is she who the baas falls for ….

      N is the baas: Unlike the TV N (who is a loser and falls for a gaaye) hamara N actually is a smart guy. He’s seen the world had his share of girlfriends and is actually quite jaded and is not erally looking to get married. But all that changes when he meets A (much after shes hired). He knows shes no doodh ki dhuli hui mazloom gaaye, and sees her for the street smart girl she is .. but is still falls for her b/c quite unlike all the moonh paye kuch aur peeth peeche kuch Rabias, Kaukabs, and Nayyabas inhabiting his rarified world, he finds A’s honesty refreshing. So what if shes laalchi .. atleast she’s not a hypocrite .. he finds her sharp tongue and her no hold barred telling him like it is attitude refreshing. He is so charmed by her that he sets out to woo her. The one hitch is that he knows that she would never fit in his world the way she is now, so even as he is wooing her he is also consciously trying to “fix” her up… because as he sees it with just a little work A would in perfectly in his world. So the question is: Is he really in love with A.. or is the potential of A as THE woman of his dreams that attract him to her..

      So now A has two choices in front of her … a guy who is promising her the world she always wanted, but at a price – she has to change and possibly lose herself in the process. On the other hand, there is the sarak chap Romeo, her mangetar.. who cannot offer her the glitz and glamor but loves her as she is .. Who do you think she should/will go with? Dil ya dimagh?

      And here’s the twist: FK as the sarak chhap hero and AH as the baas N!

      Let the mumkins roll in .. looking fwd!!


      • hahahaha wah kia start hai!!

        first of all let me take my bharas out!!!! hai!!! Kia luck pai hai bibi A ne!!! FK and AH both drooling over her now!!!! I need to recover from this before i can think of anything else!! once again.. life is so not fair!!! hahahaha

        Btw baby ki mummy ji kahan gain? joos bhi mangwana hai!

        OMG Im dying of laughter!!! hahahaha


      • Hahahahah kya tou story plot he SZ.. Upar se heroes bhi kasmey aise mast lyae hain .. Too good!

        Pehli baat i thought mr mangetar would be AH 😉 but FK chichora mangetar zyada hot lagega…

        I so want mr. Mangetar to win.. As he loves her the way she is.. And thats the biggest reason!

        Typically ending tou yahi hoti k she chose mangetar sahab bug koi twist aana chahiyae..

        Mumkin he she uses her brain in bombastic way and mangetar sahab k bhi din badal jaayain hahaha..


        • @rehmat acha.. as soon as i read chichora mangetar i was like FK kia fit lage ga yahan.. remember zaroon?? lol bass sarak chap bana hai lol… i just cant see AH as sarak chap or chichora.. he seems too serious for that.. So N type was perfect role for him! lol


          • @FA: lol i know but kynke i wanted mangetar sahab to get our full on bindas aaliya tou i gave preference to AH.. Im biased towards AH u see 😉 Hahaha
            But about character being played yes definitely FK will ace in chichora mangetar 😉


      • acha ill drop in some twists and turns.. Ab my problem is i cant think in an organized coherent way like @SZ so here goes:

        1. first things first: Aliya thinks if Sania from shukk can get1 lakh wali jaab with zero experience then why only 15000 for her?? and she needs instant increment & instant upgrade to iphone …or samsung galaxy..latesht maadel u know! N has fallen for her tou itna tou haq banta hai naa hamari sherni kaa!! lol.. while she is still considering the proposal, these issues need to be dealt with asap!

        AH/N is thinking is this girl for real? he’d only ever gone out with girls like haaniya and Sehrish who would do anything to have him.. He even tried his luck with a girl called romaisa who would agree to anything anyone would say.. but A is actually putting down conditions wo bhi itni materialistic!!!???!!! Thats gotta be the first.. but then after some probing uss ko yaad aata hai this is precisely he’s fallen for her.. She is one of a kind!!!!

        And mummy ji hears this tou she orders: ”hai koi baby ko joos pilao” aaj maarka maar ke aai hai meri baby!! lol itna bara kaam tou khud mummy ji had never even dreamed of doing herself!!!
        @SZ i just love ur mummiji lines I had to add em somewhere..

        Sarak chaap FK (whats his name btw? ko pata laga tou he pulls out his diary..A ne tou kuch sunna nahin tha… He had seen Kashaf & zaroon on TV once doing that and that had solved all their issues tou he thought he’d give it a go.. Bechare ke paas laptop nahin tha warna Zaroon ki tarah wohi use karta.. anyway.. .. He struggles to write kion ke kuch likhne ki aadat thi hi nahin.. sari baat tou fone pe hoti thi! – ziada se ziada sms likhta tha.. mobile aur easy load ka zamana u know! (ok this might be a filler scene lol).. he struggles with diary.. that didnt work.. tou decided to write a letter.. Khirad’s letter had saved her tou this might just save his love!

        As soon as he starts writing … flashback time: the patao time..the song they sang in the trees and the rain..

        soo looking forward to everyone else’s storis and additions


        • Uff larkiyo! Meri itni serious morals bhari story, which was addressing so many social issues, us ka kiya mazaaq bana diya tum logon ne .. sirf eye candy ke chakron mein you are ignoring the serious philosophical questions I am raising here! tsk tsk 😉 😉


          • @SZ: ROFL on eye candy k chakron me…way too good.. Koi nhn hume itni serious morals nhn.. Light si romantic movie chahiyae 😉 😉


          • @SZ bhai kaha tha na first things first.. abhi morals pe aa jain ge.. shuru halka phulka ho ga typical desi style.. lol
            Abhi eye candy or A ke mizaaj ka tou maza le lein.. lol then we will get into the fimly and the item number then akhir mein we will think about the morals.. hahahaha


        • @FA: Mangetar’s name is Bilal aka Billo aka mummy jaani ka Bubloo… and HB playing his tel wali choti wali aama jaani.. and she is quite a character in her own right … can you imagine her tu tu main mains with baby ki mummy?!

          @Rehmat: You think A will go back to her mangetar? Really? Kyon.. why cant she be a path breaker in terms of our heroines and choose N and get him to ultimately realize that he was chasing after a dream .. he tries to mold her but realizes that he is turning her into a lifeless puppet .. so he goes and begs her forgiveness ….ala Ashar going to get Khirad from Hyd..

          Meanwhile Bilo who was ready to commit suicide and was already to lay down on the train track to commit suicide, magar suddenly hears screams a bechari rich girl is being dragged along the road side by baddies.. bas phir kiya suicide and kahan ka suicide he mans up and saves her … turns out shes a rich guy’s daughter and her dad is so thankful ke he not only hands over his business to him but also marries of his daughter to him … so basically Billo cleans up and ban gaya bara sahab .. and guess what I am sure we could rope in MK to play his heroine there! 😀


          • No i meant typical ending or usual ending yahi hoti na k mangetar ko milti aaliya hehe… And i dont think A will go back to bilal 😉 ( although i wanted that :p because i like chichora mangetar ka character islye LOL )

            She will use her sharp brain na… And wah kya tou story progress ki he.. Hahahaha Bilal and MK as rich girl hayee dreamy thought..


  19. I wish @PG @RR @Tinni @yf #deeba would join in … also our other mumkin gang @YBM @SM @Nur @db @Annie @SK @Afia @Ash @AK …lol calling out everybody .. koi reh gaya tau apologies and old friends please all feel free to jump in!!


  20. OMG this is so much fun!! UA, FI, SF, SG, BG sub hoshyar ho jao!!! We r in business hahahahahaha

    UFF HB and FS ki takrar kiya baat hai!!.. Acha When amma jani finds out then she goes over to Aliya’s huse and then we ”creates a scene”.. abb Aik ki kamar pe dopatta tou aik ke sarr pe lol…

    At the end they settle the matter: Agar kabhi billo N jaisa hua tou only then mummy ji can consider Billo’s rishta.. otherwise he can kiss A goodbye!

    Obviously bolli hamara ghamgeen.. he remembers Wali bukht the bad bakht.. someone had told him he looks like him.. abb ehsas hua uss ke bakht bhi waise hi the…gun to thi nahin so then we have the train scene.. (FK also said hes not using the gun.. last time @SZ ke blog pe bari besti hui thi!!! lol)

    Bass baki tou aap ne keh diya..
    Mk ki entry.. aha-aha- aha!!! lolol
    Mk ne daddy ji ke iss faisley se inkar karr diya! daddy yeh aap kiya keh rahe hain??.. daddy yeh aap kiya keh rahe hain??…daddy yeh aap kiya keh rahe hain??…
    Mk aur abba kai takrar.. but aap ne shadi kara di hai FK aur MK ki phir se… tou new phase : MK will play hard to get and Fk will show full time sarak chhap chichora shtyle, which drives her away even further.. but in reality our FK still loves A.. When billo is caught in the rain with MK (now trying to patao MK), he remembers the flashback song with Aaliya..
    btw Who is the daddy ji here? And whats MK callled?

    Acha let me add another twist in the tale : MK actually loves N from high school times.. secret crush and all..


    • Oh haan Billo bara sahab bann gya hai, but he cant leave MK..There was a catch..Everything is in MK’s name… hence all the patao business with MK.. So he can somehow get hold hold of all the property and business in his name..

      Btw yeh suggession bhi A ne diya tha.. she wants to be in both boats.. abhi tak N A ke jawab ka muntazar hai! A is waiting to see how things work out with Billo before she says yes to N.. She doesnt want to change, and certainly didnt like the condition business.. She obviously loves Billo, but loves the money more.. hahaha


    • Here are our characters so far .. along with actors’ names:
      MP: Aliya
      AH: Nabeel
      FK: Bilal aka Billo aka amma ka babloo jaani
      FS: mummy … Khairunnissa
      HB: amma jaani… Fakhra
      MK: Nain Tara aka Natty (appropriately upper class 😉 )
      Javed Sheikh/JS: Mk’s dad … Habib Sahab
      Seemi Pasha/SP: Natty’s mom: Taranumm aka Tammy


      • Sorry i keep blabbing on.. But i thought id bring the story to ur suggested point..

        Carrying on with ur story: Btw after billoo ki shadi along with billoo Billoo ki
        Amma jani has also moved in the defence wali kothi ..i wanna see HB in typical saas material for a we see alot of ‘natty jani!! babloo jani ko joos do!’ But of course our natty is least bothered..
        Amma jani can see babloo janis pain and hurt caused by A..his broken heart.. She had never really liked A but her anokha ladlas pasand could not be ignored. Although she is enjoying the high life here sometimes she wishes ke kaash A babloo jani ko mil gai hoti..

        So Babloo jani ki amma jani decides to to do some showing off in the purana mohalla..hoping to impress kh and A… So she goes to aliyas house in the car which btw Babloo jani got as salami.. (Aaj kal car ke zikr bohot in hai dramon mein tou why not here!)
        Khairunnisa bibi ki tou ankhein phati ki phati reh gain! Aaj to fakhra ke liye bhi joos lao! Lol
        Anyway.. Plan sara Ulta ho gya and Pressure is now on.. Mummy ji is on aliyas case jaldi shadi karro N se.. She needs the big car too and needs to move out of the mohalla asap!

        Mummy ji aur N donon ka pressure barh raha hai Magar problem yeh hai ke apni A is still not ready to let go of herself!! Wot to do?… In the end she says yes to N… And N’s fixing A chore comes into action..shadi aik saal baad ho gi!
        But in that aik saal A is not herself any more, not happy and all…N realizes.. Says sorry and all… She is beginning to sound like R.. She has lost her confidence.. Like @sz said a lifeless puppet…he has realized he loved A for what she was. But can he bring her back? Can she be her happy self again? Will she forgive him?


  21. hahaha guys, wao.. too much fun going on!! Lol @SZ u forget to mention my NAME 😛

    btw, the story line too good my God, FK sarak chaap..!! heheh Indeed he have to do this role now.. career demanding u know..!!

    @FA, enjoyed a lot ur OWN story hahah kisi ko nhi chora even khirad k letter ko bhi nhi..!!

    @Rehmat, I knew that FK sarak chaap ho ya seeti baaz, he would be UR first choice..! lol lol..

    btw, what is ”baby ko joos lake do”?? plz guys reveal this to me 😛 my heart is kicking to thread a story hahaha..!!


  22. @SZ,FA and Rehmat: ROEL Ha ha ha I have tears running down my cheeks. Sitting here laughing all by myself in the room. Looking like a moron but Ha ha can’t stop laughing outloud. This is just crazy…Yaar so much fun! Yaar SZ your plot is amazing and the twists and dialogues by FA are just hilarious! This is just awesome. Everybody out there- do jump in. We are writing the script of a movie here. BTW sz chalo iss mein gaye ko HB ki beti ka kirdar hi de do ?? or you are sure you don’t want gaye at all???
    I think A will go along with N and try to mend her ways(‘ My fair lady ‘ style)-visit all the beauty parlours and boutiques, buy pretty clothes and jewellery (‘ Pretty woman’ ki deeda deleri say copy karo) and get fantastic shoes and heels- all the time pretending that she is trying to fit into N ‘s world …all the time knowing what she is doing and why- “Filhaal to mazay karlo -Saalay nay ziada tung kia to seedha seedha kahoon gi apna raasta naapo! FK aka babloo is drooling over me waisay bhi -mujhay kya parwah”


    • @yf chalo if u really want gayee can bring the joos and doodh.. Kion @SZ.. She can be a supporting role or even extra namoona role.. I think our A can do with a freind.. Freind are also in fashion lol
      Speaking of freinds what abt a peer manzar type freind?
      ROFL@ salay nei tang kia tou rasta napay hahaha .. Can u imagine our A visiting all the designers.. Her fav designer is Saima choudhry from faisalabad lol… But N takes her to sanya maskatya.. Not quite A style but N ki baat maanni hi pari.. And A gets a makeover… But that new look reminded N of someone he knew… Someone he has known from high school! Another song entry..this time N and A with Natty’s flashbacks.. Flashbacks are also in fashion.. Lol


  23. Oh haan.. magar Aliya ko lifeless or boring bhi to karna hey.. to chalo she meets with a minor accident- falls off the stairs or something. Gets up with total amnesia.
    Mein kon hoon? Kahan hoon? and here our Aliya becomes a clean slate. so now our N can do what he wants. Make her into what will fit into his world. But he is not happy- He wants the pehlay wali aaliya back”.Aliya tum waapis aajao – tum kahan kho gayee ho Aliya ,mein tumharay beghair nahin rehsakta”. He wakes up. It was just a bad dream!


    • @yf lol wah kia twist lain hain!! total filmy!! Amnesia! Reminds me of the undomestic goddess… And then the dream sequence! Wah! Hahahaha


      • hahaha, @yf, apne tou sahee ik hero bichary ko ik aadh bad dream dy he dia.. btw, really liked ur fairy-tales stylo haha visits every shop n botique.. Salee ne zada taang kiya tou seedha kar dun ge.. lol lo..

        @FA, I really loved ur ”papa ye aap ne kia kiya, papa” hahaha utters by Nain Taraa.. hahaha flash-backs fashion.. ROFL,.. @FA, I think 2014 will be flash-back time..!! 😀
        lol lol designer from faislabad, chalo usk liye faislabad buht hai.. lol


        • @ayesha have u seen bushra ansari playing saima choudry from faisalabad?? In the barat series? I think her and A have alot in common lol.. Thats why i brought up faisalabad otherwise if saima choudry was from defence tou bhi shes still the character !! Lol


          • lol, @FA, no I have’nt seen Bushra Ansari as Saima chauhdary.. but what they have in common??
            hahaha chalo defence aur faislabad ko mila dety hain.. defence of faislabad.. hahaha 😛


            • @ayesha uff u need to check her out.. Just see some clips from aazar ki ayegi barat or takay ki ayegi barat.. Ull know what i mean.. If ur up for some serious laughs its really good fun time-pass lol


            • hahaha my God, @FA, Azar ki ayee ge barat aur takay ki ayee ge barat.. I wonder aisy naam hon tou barat nhi aati hai… lol.. okie I’ll surely watch them out.. but were these telefilms?? only clips?? or where i can find these?? are these available on youtube??


            • @ayesha.. no these were serials.. theres also annie ki ayegi batart and dolly ki ayegi barat lol.. u dont need to watch the full series.. u can just watch some BA clips to get an idea of what this character is all abt.. then if u r up for this no-nonsense nonsense then do watch it.. i quite enjoyed it at the time.. its all on youtube..
              heres a link : check around 10:00 to see what what i mean


  24. hmmm.. tou here’s my story’s mumkinaat..!! sorry in advances if it would’nt be able to understand guys..

    acha tou our Aliyaa is in full form and thankx to Allah she’s not aa gayee but our colourful titlee.. the colourful titlee is very much off walk through her dimaagh more than her dil.. ab hota kiya hai k she’s attractive to her Baass at her office bcuz her baas is her prince charming.. tou Aliyaa is now in confusion but phir bhi she’s satisfied k abhi uski shaadi ki fikar nhi amma abba ko as she’s earning 15,000/ month. so relax.. Aliyaa after all still love her mangeetar..

    ab usk mangeetar ki laarkiyaan taarny ki adat. ufhh.. ahaha @SZ, haye bichari FK fans// chalo moving on.. one day MK comes to his shop, (apne nhi kaha k sarak chaap ghareeb hai tou me ne iski shop bana di) haha.. MK needs some dresses for the party she has to attend next weak. her aunty suggest her to went to this shop k bhaee larka jaisa bhi ho kaam buht alaa karta hai.. so, MK, nein taara, visit and she finds the shop wala more attractive than the dresses.. our FK, fully tries here to be a decent guy in front of an adorable customer so, after shopping, she also get an good opinion abut handsome shop wala..

    babloo ki amma is also not in hurry for babloo’s marriage so she passed her time by mohalla’s sun-gun all the time and etc.. so, babloo ko khuli chutti hai k jisko bhi taary but shaadi tou khandaan me he hoge.. ab yani k Aliyaa is her ammm.. khalaa zaad..!!

    finally after some time, chalo jee akhir kaar ye wqay aa he gaya k babloo thora buht kamany khany wala huwa and amma jan ko bhi bachy ko dulha banany k armaan jaag gaye.. she comes to her behan’s house for date fixing aur tb tk ALiyaa is fully attracted by her decent baas.. she starts comparing that whether who’ll be the better choice for her..

    On the other hand, apart from all his thaarki pana, billoo is very happy as u said (pyaar tou apni mangeetar se bhi karta hai bs adat se majboor hai) tou ab he’s very happy.. he calls Aliyaa at date fix night and ask her about her feelings but she refused to talk, saying she’s having a headache ”offoice me kaam buht tha”.. babloo becomes very disturbed and subha subha usk ghar pohanch jataa hai.. he says aj tumhain office me drop karon ga. after nashta, Aliyaa sits him on his bike and billoo noticed her lil bit ukhry ukhry reactions.. ATM, when he dropped Aliyaa, AH as Nabeel?? (sorry, u have used N, so I thought Nabeel), he see Aliyaa with him.. Aliyaa also get a bit shocked and she enters the office in hurry.. in lucnh break, N calls her and asks about the guy, she honestly told that he was her fiancee as she’s ou bahadur n blunt heroine na.. chalo je.. baas get a shock.. but Aliyaa comforts him saying that she don’t like him any more.. ATM, they both accepts ”love”.. ahaha OMG, m getting mad.. (izhaar-e-mohabbat in office wo bhi lunch-break me) lol…

    After this, our blunt n out-spoken Aliyaa made a stand, and gets married to her prince charming, leaving her handsome fiance.. Billoo remains upset for some days, but atlast, he accepts and yes, re-alive her life.. then, after some days Naain taara again entered in his shop and noticed his utraa huwa chehra.. they both had an evening visit to some khamoosh park where babloo reveals off his bewafa mangeetar+khalaa zaad.. twist ye huwa, k the Baas, AH, was MK’s fiance to whom Mk get too much irritated by this ”decent” and ”wafaadaari”.. hahaha.. ab in donu ka falsafaa match kar jata hai and… don’t tell me no noooooo.. M not gonna make marry them.. they just need time to understand each other.. hahaha.. but billoo ko Naian taraa kiya mili he forgets Aliyaa.. Amma jan also again starts her mohalla’s chakkar and sun-gun after realizing that her billoo has caught a sparrow who’s rich and baary maa baap ki beeti tou buht sara jaheez bhi layee ge..! LOL..

    sorry sorry guys, it was only a fun for me and me tou khoub hansi on my boongi story.. hahaha @SZ, ab aap ne ager mera name mention nahi kiya tou apki ghalti nhi aisi story likhny se mera name kahen bhi mention nhi ho sakta.. lol lol..


    • @ayesha hahaha wah FK billoo handsome shop wala! Aur natty aur Billoo ke mizaj mil gae aha! But the best twist filmy style was seeing FK and MP on a bike!!! OMG thats too funny!! Shukk but our A being so bahadur.. Abb our Sham from shukk should learn a thing or two from A!! Lol


      • @FA, haha mizaaj mily nhi abhi raasty me hain yehi haal rha tou jaldd mil jayen gy.. lol

        hahaha shaam was also in the way with Saniaa, after the bullet, when he saw FK and MP together on a bike, and it reminds him off the past days with Serish when they were fiance.. hahaha ager our super hero can drive a car at that moment, he also can remember his past days (goolo tou sirf baaze me he lage the na) hahaha. lol.. laughterss hahahha..


        • @ayesha lol i meant Shaam should learn from A abt coming clean… Itni bagaduri dikhata (telling abt his past etc) tou aaj sehrish shukk naa karti


          • oh, hahaha me shayad supernaturalism ko gahsset laayi by Shaam on the road in his car.. lol..

            Aliyaa’s bahaduri was fab here na?? dekho larki hoke stand liya aur shaadi bhi kar li.. ab Imagine Romaisaa hoti tou kiya karti?? she’s in the looks of Aliyaa and shouting on khala that ”ap kon hoti hain mer zindage ka faisla karny wali, me shaadi wahan karun ge jahan me chahon ge ap chup kar k apny bety pe nazar rakhein jo mujh pe lie maarta hai aur mujhe pataany k chakkar me hai”.. hahahaa God, that was Indeed the Qayamaat’s moment in khala’s house.. hahaha

            Sehrish shakk na karti tou hum dekhty kiya?? lol.. wesy bhi jb tk Maham n Atif hain, aur kisi ki zarurat nhi Saania chali bhi jaye tou the couple will never sit calmly.. aur kisi ko dhoond lain gy for shaam’s affair n making shaakk in sehrish’s mind.. lol.. 😀


    • @FA, hahaha ohh yes I’ve watched it through, Saima chauhdary ki numaaish, ab tou log cheen se bhi ayeen gy dekhny.. lol.. ap wesy admit kar lo k aap expert hogai idhar udhar ki idhar udhar se joornay me.. lol 😛 really cool it is.. wesy this clip is of 3 hours 47 min..poori dekh lon kiya??


      • @ayesha context samajhna hai tou watch after 10:00.. Aur poora dekhni ki himmat tou why not!! Other parts are also on yt.. I liked the first part (azar ki ayegi barat the best.. Baqi jo sequels mein hota hai..)


        • @FA, himmat tou buhat hai but light saath nhi deti for 3 hours 😛
          chalo if u find Azaar’s barat interesting one, than I’ll def catch it up…!!
          Btw, I’m thinking for Numm, from tomorrow or the day next.. but himmat nhi ho paa rahi 😛 plz help me out I also want to be a part of ”fazooliyaat”.. haha I mean koi aisi tamheed bandho k me us chakkar me pory 18 episodes dekhun aur last per ja k wo na ho.. lol 😀


  25. Ok, I hereby give the story of the year award to ……………………..SZ, FA, Ayesha, YF, Rehmat for a brilliant original twist turn wali story. I am wondering why none of you have been snapped up by any of the channels. Dont worry, your next career change is just around the corner. The characterization and the imagination of you people is superb. I am sure none of us have been more entertained by any play as much as by this story.

    After watching the latest episode, i have been in a state of disbelief, In my mind the dialogues are going on like, N: “Woh mujhe bohat acchi lagti hai”, Mom/Dad: “Magar Kyon? , N: “Kyunki use mobile use karna nahin aata, Usne kabhi TV nahin dekha, usne kabhi film nahin dekhi, use kuchh nahin maloom, woh kabhi restaurant nahin gayi, use karele achhe banate aate hain, woh mujhe sabse bada lafanga samajhti hai”
    M/P : “Magar tummne aur usme kya common hai”, N: “Kuchh nahin, magar woh bohat acchi hai”
    M/P: “Usne tumhe paison ke liye phasa liya hai”, N: ” Aisi baat nahin hai, woh bohat acchi hai”

    Seeing the discussion between M/P and N and the various family members, I have become fan once again of ZGH where such scenes were handled with so much care. Even with all its flaws, ZGH seems almost like a masterpiece in retrospect.

    I have not read the book but I read the story on facebook, so there is a twist. Lets see how they take it forward. I am dreading the next two weeks as it may be where Khala and family may bid adieu to the serial. Oh God, what will we do then, No Aaliya to talk with the bass late night on the phone. I would love for her to bass around N to get something for her instead of our forever gumgeen gayee.

    Also I would love to see the reaction of Zeeshan on his brother’s choice.

    @SZ for you only, the mumkinaats, kaash aaliy ajaate jaate kuchh dimaag humari bholi bhali halal hone wali bakri ko bhi de jaaye
    Kaash, koi mujhe ye bata de Nabeel ko akhir R mein pasand kya aaya, Right now, it seems to be only idioticness
    Mumkin hai, Aaliya bhi R ke saath N ke ghar mein shift ho jaaye, naa sirf Aaliya magar dearest khalaji also. Woh donon milke ek haftte mein hi N ke poore Khanndan ko seedha kar dengi

    Mumkin hai, aap logon ki kahani ko ek din hum parde par dekhen. Aur aap logon ke khyalat yun hi badhte rahein…


    • hahahaha.. u can’t just hand-out the award and thats it! .. no! noo!! We wannna hear it from u 2! U always bring something fun to the table.. Abb baaad mein tou u will be handling the PR and social media for our project lol.. but we need ur input and ur twists in the story too..

      loving the convo! hahaha.. abb aisa kuch magic story mein bhi add ho jai!!


    • Hahaha hahaha @PG.. ROFL.. Die laughing for the convo. Romisaa mujhe achi lagti hai no sawaal no jawab.. Haha Aliyaa and Khala in Nabeel’s house.. Omg.. They really needs Khala to be insaan.. Waoooo.. Too much fun with u..
      But oh nooo. PlZ award is dying to be in ur hand for the yaadgaar Convo
      Oh God.. Getting fits of laughing.. Loved ur mumkinaats zone as much I enjoyed this zone by sweet and wonderful @FA..

      So plz with a humble request.. Take this award….:)

      Haha I wonder what u extract from my boongi story it was a full flop movie Lol Lil 😀


      • Ohhh BTW guys.. I forgot to add sighs of Fk.. Babloo.. When Aliyaa leaves him for bass..

        Babloo.. WO hamsafar tha magar us se hamnawai na the’ k dhoop chaon ka alaam raha judai na thee..

        Aliyaa.. Jaany WO kesy log thy jink.. Pyar ko pyar mila..him me tou bhaee paisa manga sath saas ka pyar milaa..

        Baas.. Zindage gulzaar hai.. Ye ishq ka darbaar hair.. Kisi k gham ko bantna he pyar hai..

        Naain Taara.. Yaar ko ham me ja Baja dekhaa.. Kahen zahir kahin chupa dekha..

        Hahaha @SZ.. @FA.. @Rehmat.. @PG.. @yf.. Guys this is songs addition to my story phase.. Lol 😀


  26. @FA , do not have an imagination like you all. Probably can add dialogues here and there.
    @Ayesha, loved the song additions, u simply nailed it.

    I can probably predict next week’s some dialogues. This is purely my imagination based on the promo I watched. So here it goes:
    Nabeel as usual calls in the night and as usual Aalia picks the call:
    N:”Main Rumaisa ka Bass bol raha hoon”
    A: “Oh lafangey Baas, mujhe to aapse baat karke bahot khushi hui, Rumaisa to aaj bhi bol rahi hai ki wo so gayi hai, Aap usse kal baat kar lena affice mein, abhi mujh se kar lein”
    N:”Toh aap hi bataa dein, aap kaisi hain. Phone to theek kaam kar raha hai”
    A:”Haan,phone to theek hai, agar aap chahen to Rumaisa ko ek laptop bhi de sakte hain, taaki aap usse yaani ke mujhse Skype par baat kar lein. Arre, kal meri behen ki shaadi hai, aap zaroor aana, main intezaar karoongi”

    R in her constipated look
    R: “Magar tumne unhe kyun bulaya, woh to gair mard hain”
    A:”Isiliye to bulayaa hai taaki zaada din tak gair na rahain”

    N at R’s house in the wedding
    N;”Hi, aap mujhe dekh ke dar kyun gayi, Main wahi aapka lafange bass hoon, koi bhoot nahin”
    R:”Isiliye to dar gayee”
    N:”aapki dress bahut sundar hai”
    R:”Accha, khala ki shadi ki hai, maine to aaj tak naye kapde hi nahin dekhe, aaj tak kisi tailor ki shop bhi nahin dekhi, boutique to mujhe pata hi nahin kya hota hai”
    N(looking deliriously happy “Kya aap sach bol rahin hain. aap bahut acchi hain”

    So finally Zeeshan comes to office after hearing from all family members about N’s latest marriage plans
    R:”Aap ki tareef”
    Z:”Main Nabeel ka bhai hoon, aur aap”
    R:”Aap to shakal aur akal se lafange nahin lagte unki tarah. To aap unke bhai kaise ho sakte hain”
    Z:”Kya aap hi Rumaisa hain”
    R( on the verge of crying) :”Aap meri shikayat mat karna. Mujhe aur meri khala ko in paison ki bahut zaroorat hai”

    Zeeshan finally enters Nabeel’s cabin
    Z:”Tum is ladki se shadi karna chahte ho”
    N:”Pasand aaye na, mujhe pata tha tumhe meri pasand zaroor pasand aayegi”
    Z:”Nabeel, woh ek bahut simple or bholi-bhali (that is what he syas but actually means stupid or idiot) ladki hai, tumne usme aakhir kya dekha?”
    N:”Woh kitni acchi hai” (With the idiotic grin)”Use kucch bhi nahin aata, use kuchh bhi nahin pata, woh kitni acchi hai. yahaan tak ki office mein sabse bekaar makeup karke aati hai”
    Z:”Bhai, apne dimag ka ilaaj karao”
    N:”Ab to bas dil ka ilaaj karana hai”

    N once again taking R for lunch/dinner/ Iftar
    N:”tum kitni acchi ho Rumaisa”
    R:”Main khala se pooch kar bataaongi, mujhe nahin pata ki main acchi hoon ya nahin”
    N:”Main tumse shaadi karna chahta hoon”
    R:”Kahal ko yeh baat pasand nahin hai, isliye unse pooch ke bataoongi”
    N:”Arre angoothi to rakh lo”
    R”Aap khala ko de dena, itni mehngi angoothi agar mujhse kho gayi to”

    Nabeel as usual calls in the night and as usual Aalia picks the call:
    N:”Kal mere maa-baap, aapke ghar aayenge”
    A”Ya Allah, main to kabse is din ka intezaar kar rahi thi ki kab apne bewakoof mangetar ko laat maar doon, aap nahin aayenge”
    N:”Nahin, nahin, main to R ke liye rishta bhej raha hoon”
    A:”Koi baat nahin, kya aapka koi bhai hai, main usi se kaam chala loongi, waise bhi saali to aadhi gharwali hoti hai”

    So feel free to add your interpretations and mumkinaats for next episode.


    • @PG omg thats way too funny!!!
      lol @ laptap and the constipated look, LMAO @ kuch nahin dekha ROFL@ khala ko angoothi de dain and saali adhi ghar wali..
      ufff!!! OMG im in stitches!! too too good!!! Ab agli ep dekh ke asal main tou anti-climax hi hoga..


  27. @FA and @SZ, one fazool character i feel should always be there in a play is our very own Doctor baaji from Numm. So If we are talking about a play or movie starring FK, we need to have doctor baaji around him. Just for fazooliyat purpose.


  28. hahaha @PG, gonna die laughters today.. pehly he I was totally mad after @FA’s story and now from your dialogues.. hahaha Romaissa se apki khaas dushmani lagti hai lol lol.. jokes..

    loved the last part of Aliyaa ”apka koi bhai hai main us se kaam chala lon ge”.. my God, just imagine Aliyaa with Zeeshaan.. lol.. Aliyaa’s volume in front of Zeeshan, he must need cotton for his yaers otherwise Aliyaa cheikh-o-pukaar will smash him..

    hahaha khala k kapre hain me ne tou aj tak nayee kapry nhi banaye.. OMG..!! u made the discussion.. and imagine khaala to Nabeel:

    khala:.. hayeee hayeee tum ne kuch khaya nhi Nabeel, Aye Romaissa khari khari munh kiya dekh rahi hai ja ja k wo wala gajar ka halwa laa jo me ne firde me chupa k rakh tha.. poryyyyyyyyy 300 ka ik kilo ayaa tha..
    R: je je khala.. meeeeeeee.. meeeeee.. (like R’s long me).. mee leke aatu hun khala..
    Khala: (after half sec) hayee hayee tu abhi tak khari hai ja jaldi jaa yahan se..
    N: aaann nhi khala.. Romaissa ko rehny dain ayehn per.. ye mujhe buht achi lagti hai (stole ur today’s term lol)

    khala: ayee hayee beta tujhe kiya lagy Romaissa se han?? dekh tou itna bara aadmi hai ayee is budhu ko tou nookri bari mushkil se mili..
    R: khaaaaaaalaaaaa… woooooooo.. meeeeee jaon yahan seeeeeeee?
    N: achaa ab ap ja he rahi hain tou phir gajar k halway k saath ik cup chaaye bhi bana layye ga..

    khala: ayeee chaeye tou meri Aliyaa banati hai aur wo bhi aisi k banda phir kabhi kisi aur k hath ki chaey na piye..
    R: magerrrrrrrrrrrrr khaaaaaaaaaaaaaallaaaaaaaaaaa.. wooooooooo.. chaey tou hamesha me he banatiiiiii..
    N: aaraay han han aap aisa karein ik cup apny hath ki, aur ik cup Aliyaa k hath ki chaaye bana layye me donu pee lon ga..

    khala: ayee beta tum khary qn ho beeth jao na ye kusri poryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 5,000 ki aayi the, jb hamara prize bond nikla tha (Romaissa wala) hahaha..
    R: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lijyeeeeeeeeeee… meeeeeeeeeeeeee chayeeeee ly karrr ai honnn..
    N: oh waooo.. apko chaey banani aati hai?? chalen apne meri kisi bat ko tou pora kiya..

    Aliyaa’s entry with a cup of tea..
    A:.. aarry Ap Romaissa k bass hain na ap tou shakal se buht sharrf lagty hain, O Romaissa, tu qn keh rahi the k mera baas lafanga hai??
    R: (screaming) magerrrr Aliyaaa.. me tou woooo…
    A: kiya me tou me tou?? aray tu ne he tou kaha tha aisa.. baas ap aisa karein k ap jo laptop Romaissa ko dain gy na usk sath sath ik Bara wala LCD zarur dijye ga Romaisaa ko LCD buht pasand hai..
    N: achaaa mager Romaisaa apne mujhe khud qn nhi kaha??
    R: Aliyaa LCD kia hotiiiiiiiiiiiii haiiiiiiiiiiiii?? wooooooo jooo hum ne shabana k ghar dekhi the jisk peechy dibba nhi tha Tv jesa??
    A: (Romaissa ko ghoorty huwe pas chali aati hai aur uska baazu pakar kr) hahah Romaissa tu bhi na.. itny serious mouqy pe aisy aisa jokasss (jokes)marny lagti hai..
    N: ager Romaissa kahy tou me tou isay subha ka sitara bhi toor kar la dun ga (hahhaa cheap filmy 😛 but I’ve taken from sitara)
    A: arayyyyyyyy lo bhala hum sitaary ka kiya karen gy?? bhala wahan se na paisy, naa gaari, na bangla, na laptop, na mobaaleee(cell), aur na he free ka balance..
    R: kiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappp waqaaiii mujheeee woooo sitara la kar dain gy??
    N: (excitement me khara ho gaya) arryyy han han aap keh kar tou dekhein me mazak nhi kar rha..
    R: magerrrr.. wo.. meee. tou yee…. kehhh rahi.. thee… k…. k…. k……..k….k..
    A: ayeee Romaissa ab bol bhi chuk kia ataak gai hai computer ki CD ki tarah..
    R: wo… sitara tou… khala nhi laany dain ge ghar me..

    ATM… curtains down.. hahaha.. @PG, its specially for U.. @FA, to u too..hahahaa noooo…. can’t believe what I’m doing lol..


    • @ayesha ROFL @ 300 ka gajar ka halwa and lcd.. Uff my ribs r hurting now! Too much laughing cant be bad right???!!!

      I wonder what team MSKSH will make out of of all this!!


      • hahaha @FA, I just wish that team MSKS must visit our comments to see the miqdaar of our mirch maslaah..

        lol Gajar ka halwa.. I though u would be more laughed on ”subha ka siatara toorna” that was actually for U 😀 and


  29. @Ayesha, simply loved Khala’s dialogues. Can totally imagine Khala, Aalia and rumaisa spouting these dialogues. Now if only they can be incorporated in the script in some way, it would make the drama more interesting. Waise seeing the mukammal khamoshi on this forum apart from the three or four of us, i think others have already given up on the drama.
    It is not that I hate Rumaisa but I simply love Aalia so much that I want her to be the heroine.. Kash aisa ho pata.
    Kash kisi drama mein to heroine mazloom aur bechari nahin hoti. Na hi adha dram ro rokar nikalti.
    Kash baarish ko sabhi drma se ban kar diya jaye. Baarish har drama ko Humsafar nahin bana sakti
    Kash Rumaisa mein shadi ke baad, Aalia ki aatma aa jaati. Phir wo sab lalchi or chichore rishtedaaron ko do din mein theeek kar deti

    Chichora reminds me of your story and FK’s role as chichora mangetar. O FK, where art thou? That dilphenk mangetar reminds me of Akbari Asghari. Imagine Aalia with Asghar. Wow, what a combination..


    • @PG haan looks that way!! Lol @ A and asghsr! Now thats match made in heaven lol.. I had forgotten all abt fk as a chochora sarak chaap!!

      @ayesha re numm: all i can say reviews aur comment will take u through this unique journey with all kinds of ups and downs!! No tamheed or dhakka can do anything what those reviews and comments can!! Lol.. Btw thanks for the sitara tourna just for me! Im so Touched!!


      • @FA, wahan Fk bhoolny waali cheez nhi tha wesy lol…hai na?? remember his beard and oil sunk hairs.. hahaha @PG, kiyaa yad dilaya..

        N ur warm welcome my Dear** ❤

        hahaha review n comments.. asal me if i would read na, it will be not possible for me to get in without my comments but ab wahan comments kiye tou kon parhy ga 😦 .. Awww I wish Numm itni jaldi khatam na hota 😦 Waali ne mera intizaar bhi nhi kiya 😦 hahaha OMG, today Im sounding like a complete 3rd class filminemia.. but I'll def read ik ik comment.. ab kahen kisi aur review per apko pakar liya for Numm tou phir mat sochna k isay tou mashwara dena he nhi chahiye tha 😀


      • O haannn @FA, U did’nt checked the song addition to my twisty story lol.. yaad he baad me ayaa warna I would share within the story.. but see, me ne kia maarka mara hai aaj 😀


        • @ayesha haan that was zabardast! Sorry firgot to mention earlier…

          Waise we have to fit two more songs bas bhai bas..and our salma agha number – dil ke armaan! Ab fk hai aur sz ka forum tou woh tou fit karne parin ge story main lol
          So bas bhai bas on A saying to FK..
          Aur dil ke armaan on FK jab A dumps him for N..

          Btw here r some more entries to be considered:
          Bolo bolo tum ne kiya dekha, gari dekha ya bangka dekha: on N singing to A

          Asan te jana Billoo de ghar : on Aliya..

          Natty: this is tough.. We dont know much abt her yet that weve agreed upon so ive dedicated ut to her ada and beauty..
          Afreen afreen
          Eh ada yeh naz yeh andaz apka
          Ashk hai ya phir ishq hai

          Ja ja mein tujh se nahin bolun

          Sona na chandi na koi mehal: fk on A or even Natty

          Item numbers:
          Chammak chhallo
          Aliya ki jawani


          • Hahaha @FA seriously today we have truly made movie here..
            Aliyaa ki jawani.. Ooppsss. Ye jawani hai diwaani..

            Haha Fk armaan answo me he qm behty hain hamesha.. But he gets good choiced girls.. Khirad kashaf and finally here natty..

            Haha loved it seriously!!!


    • @PG, hahaha lol itny saary ”kaash”.. mumkin tou kuch bhi ho sakta hai but jab itny saary ”kash” aa jayeen tou kiya kiya kuch ho sakta tha jo k nhi huwa..

      hahaha barish har dramy ko hamsafar nhi bana sakti but do u think k baarish har ”baandy ka hamsafar zarur bana sakti hai” lol..
      Romaissa me Aliyaa ki aatma aa jati tou Romaissa ka dimaagh phaat jata aur phir Nabeel asman me sitaraa he dhoondta reh jata lol..

      hahaha chichora mangeetar, wo bhi FK, on bike.. with MP.. another FK’s huge fan?? is it?? 😛

      haha Aliyaa with Asghar and Romaissa with Akbar (jodhaa Akbar wala nhi) wesy another option for Romaissa from me, Pasha aur Aghaa?? .. now thats what called, Rabb ne bana di joori.. bhugteen gy zameen waly.. ooo nhi nhi zameen waly nhi Drama industry waly.. Lol


  30. Really looking forward to this play week after week since it started. Loving Mansha, she’s truly the star of the show as Aliya, the way she said, ‘Romaisa ke bass?!”.. how hilarious was that? LOL Sanam as the seedhi saadhi Gaaye is doing a good job too. The entire setup of the play does not feel like one’s watching a UA show. Sakina Samo hasn’t disappointed so far, which is quite the relief.

    BTW, SZ you have to review Meray Apney. Mansha’s playing a negative role there and must say spot-on once again. Where has she been all this time??



  31. OMG you guys have started your very own film production company!!! It is going to take me like a week to read and catch up on all the plot and story.., I am gonna have to get back to you guys!!! But so glad to see FK as a Sarak chap!!! How awesome will he be:)
    Acha see you guys soon!!


  32. Rich Spoiled male, and Poor mazloom female. Some evil relatives, no place to go, and a rich guy falls in love w the mazloom girl, but since the girl has become a cash cow, evil relatives can’t let go.

    How is this any different from the other dramas we’ve seen in the past.. only worse thing about this one, is the mazloom actress in this one sucks, so its no fun to watch.

    In the latest episode, it was funny to see Nabeel’s parents relieved when the Khala said no to the rishta.

    Nothing interesting or different about this one… except the eye candy. 🙂


  33. sir nabeel…
    im a great fan of urs…
    bas jabse aapko dekha h is serial me tabse latt lag gayi h is serial ki or aapki….
    jab death scene dikhaya gya tabse har episode me aakho se aasu nikal aat hai…. plz plz ek bar mujhe aapse bat krni h… plz sir… ek email kr dijiyega plz…
    love u a lot sir


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